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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 22, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PST

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ic >> we'll see you, folk good morning, america. new this morning, super bowl scandal. the embattled patriots coach speaking out this morning as more cheating allegations emerge. >> he's going to get picked off at the 32! >> and what star quarterback tom brady said about deflating footballs that is raising more questions. will the nfl take action on the eve of the biggest game of the year? happening now, major winter storm, a nor'easter bearing down threatening to dump heavy snow and rain on millions as a five-alarm fire rages out of control. destroying a major apartment complex just outside new york city. schools closed and 1,000 people forced out of their homes. breaking his silence. prince andrew emerges. from hiding for the first time since the sex scandal allegations erupted. the woman at the center of it
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all. and he's the anchorman who makes the news -- makes up the news and doesn't just play one on tv. but what was will ferrell up to overnight that got him hauled head first out of a lakers game. what happened to keeping it classy? we'll tell you this morning. and we do say good morning, america. great to have george back from d.c. will ferrell. oh, come on. it was just a moment. just think hollywood, people. just hollywood. >> yeah, it is l.a. we'll have a lot more on that coming up. deflate-gate seems to be getting bigger and bigger. new reports now that the patriots may have used underinflated footballs in several other games this season. >> let me tell you, it is a story that has this whole studio buzzing right now talking there at home i'm sure as well. we'll talk to michael and jesse palmer here live just ahead.
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but first, abc's ryan smith is in the patriots hometown of foxborough with the latest. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, robin. just moments ago, patriots coach bill belichick addressed the media, he says he knows nothing about deflated footballs. that's one of the many questions being asked as the nfl investigation could wrap up soon. bill belichick finding himself on the hot seat this morning. >> i was shocked to learn of the news reports about the footballs, i had no knowledge whatsoever of the situation until monday morning. grilled as questions persist about whether or not the patriots may have tampered with footballs before. >> in my entire coaching career i have never talked to any player staff member about
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football air pressure. >> reporter: sources telling our sister network espn the indianapolis colts complained during this regular-season game on november 16th after colts safety mike adams intercepted two balls he thought were deflated. >> he's going to get picked off at the 32! >> reporter: tom brady talking about deflated footballs during this 2011 interview while joking about tight end rob gronkowski. league sources tell 11 of 12 footballs were unz inflated by two pounds per square inch. the balls were properly inspected and approved 2 hours and 15 minutes before the game. . the only time that the patriots could have deflated the game during kickoff or on the sideline. i wanted to see how long it could take to do just that.
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just like that. espn sports science tackling another question this morning, does an underinflated ball actually help? >> a typical nfl player whether throwing or receiving could apply 1.5% more force to the ball. >> reporter: around the country, the patriots have taken on the aura of an evil empire. headlines, the patriots should be disqualified from the super bowl. however, don't tell that to the people of boston. >> our teams are the best teams and for somebody to condemn the patriots they're idiots! brady successfully lobbied the nfl to let teams use their own footballs on offense. while many say 2 pounds of pressure isn't very much if they intentionally deflated balls, it's about plague the right way.
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>> okay, ryan. we'll bring in espn network football analyst jesse palmer, former quarterback in the nfl and, of course, with the florida gators, and our michael strahan. and look at our crew. they are waiting to weigh in. people are just can't get enough of it. jesse, as a qb, what real difference does it make? >> right, well, this is an inflated football and this is a deflated football and i think the biggest advantage in this game playing in cold weather, wet weather like in the afc title games allows the quarterback to squeeze it harder and gives you more control and accuracy when throwing downfield. this is much easier football to catch and i think it's also easier to carry for ball carriers. harder to fumble when you're carrying this football. those would be the advantages patriots may have had. >> every team -- people don't understand this, and thinking with respect to the colts playing with the same ball, no. >> the kickers have their own separate balls, as well. from a defensive standpoint, if i get a shot on you as a quarterback there is a
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great opportunity to strip the ball away unless you're able to really grip it a lot better. it does make a big difference and i think this is something that, when you look at just in the spirit of the game that if it was done, it's not in the spirit of the game. >> how would you feel? how would you feel if you're on the field and this happens? >> well, as a fan -- as a football observer, and as someone who covers the sport, i don't think the colts would have won the game anyway. as a fan it is -- it is -- it puts a damper on the win. it puts a damper on the patriots and this is somebody where the owner, who's one of the most revered owners in the league and the coach -- >> that's the thing. on the field i don't think this was that big of an advantage. they won the game, 45-7. it wasn't because of deflated footballs. they ran better and they tackled better and they blocked better. they were the better team. the bigger picture is ethics, cheating and keeping the integrity of the game. >> the colts said the same thing. this is when our studio jumps in. it does matter. it does matter. i mean, yes, it doesn't affect the outcome of the game but what -- hearing from a lot of parents especially mothers
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saying what kind of message does this send to kids? >> if you ain't cheating, you ain't trying. that's a terrible message. >> what happens to cheaters don't prosper? >> absolutely that's the problem with this thing right now. i think everybody loses in this. i think any time the integrity of cheating comes up, it's a black eye for the nfl, it's black eye for the new england patriots. what about the referees that never spotted the football? he touched the ball every play. if the football was really deflated this much, someone is spotting a football. you got to stop the game. that's never been brought up. the referees are at fault just as much as everyone else. >> let's let the every man -- >> what do you guys think? >> it's not right. >> it's not right. >> second time they caught. >> i could have won that game. >> the nfl says it's a $25,000 fee for altering a game ball fine so it's a misdemeanor, right? >> wait a minute. he's wearing a patriots sweatshirt. >> biased opinion. >> you know, it's funny. even in that piece, it's not a
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big deal. he's a patriots fan. i think in the spirit of the game it is a big deal. as we were saying earlier some people who say, well, why are they even playing? they should be out of it completely. i don't think that's going to happen but at some point there has to be kind of rules and standards set so this doesn't happen again. this cannot continue to happen especially with one team being accused of so much. >> that's right, michael, jesse. good to see you again. >> we've never cheated. >> no. because we were never trying. >> always good at that. george. >> cannot wait to see what the nfl does about this. we're going to turn now to that blast of winter dumping record snow in the south. more than a foot in some areas and a possible nor'easter targeting millions this weekend, ginger tracking it all. >> yeah, that's more than a foot in amarillo, texas, overnight. look at those trees just heavy with all that snow. we've got video, too. they had four inch per hour snowfall rates. that is incredible. they haven't had this much snow in almost two years. and it's almost three times their monthly average. so, yes, snow still falling in west texas but will start to
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become all rain from houston into new orleans. that's the heavy rain going into overnight or early friday and friday into saturday a wet one for atlanta up the coast and this is what we're watching. if it grabs enough cold air you may have some freezing rain and some snow mixed in. the track is the biggest issue and we will be tracking it for the coming days and giving you more detail especially tomorrow. but heavy rain i can promise you tallahassee back to houston. george. >> okay, ginger, thanks. we're going to turn to that navy captain just fired from his command at the naval base at guantanamo bay. officials say they lost confidence in captain jon nettleton as they investigate charges about an affair with an employee's husband who was found dead in the bay less than two weeks ago. abc's martha raddatz is tracking the story. good morning. >> reporter: this all began when the coast guard discovered the body of 42-year-old christopher tur, a civilian who worked at the navy exchange in the waters off the base. his wife, laura, had reported him missing the day before. it's unclear exactly how he died. but officials tell abc news that it was in the course of the
7:10 am
investigation they learned that laura tur was allegedly having an affair with captain john nettleton. nettleton has been commander of the base for more than two years. nettleton is a helicopter pilot by training who did a tour in iraq and numerous other deployments. laura tur is the director of the fleet and family services center at the base where she and her husband had lived, george, since 2011. >> okay, martha, thanks very much. a lot of questions still to answer. >> sure are. all right, george. now the latest on prince andrew fighting back against charges he had sex with an underage girl. new details directly from his accuser are coming out now in court documents as the prince makes his first public appearance since the scandal broke at a conversation in switzerland and terry moran is there with that story. >> reporter: this morning, here in davos, prince andrew surrounded by security, head down, making his first public appearance since this swirling sex scandal erupted. >> good morning, sir.
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>> reporter: and refusing to break his silence. he is the second son of queen elizabeth, fifth in line to the throne, the duke of york, a randy andy as the tabloids dubbed him long ago, but these are sordid allegations. in a sworn affidavit released wednesday, this woman, virginia roberts, alleges she had sex with the prince three times starting when she was 17. she says she met prince andrew who she calls andy in march of 2001 in london, the night this photo was taken in her affidavit. she says she engaged in sexual activities with him that same evening. roberts alleges two other sexual encounters with prince andrew, one in new york city that spring and another in the u.s. virgin islands when she was around 18. and she says it was prince andrew's former friend, billionaire jeffrey epstein convicted in 2008 of soliciting young girls for sex who trafficked her, forcing her into having sex with the prince and many other powerful men including politicians and business executives. >> this is probably a pr matter, rather than a legal matter.
7:12 am
but there are potential legal risks here for him. in the virgin islands, if you're under 18 and you have sex with someone more than five years older, that's considered statutory rape. >> reporter: buckingham palace continues to deny the claims telling abc news any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors is categorically untrue. >> whether these allegations are true or not, the chickens are coming home to roost. >> reporter: the royal family tries hard not to answer these kind of allegations in public but the longer it goes on the harder it will be for prince andrew to maintain his silence and to do things like this, represent britain around the world. robin. >> all right there, terry, thanks. we're going to turn now to new details this morning on airasia flight 8501, now reports of warning alarms screaming in the cockpit and important questions still out there about what exactly what went wrong. abc's david kerley reports from reagan national airport. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning,
7:13 am
george. we're just getting snippets and comments from the indonesians who had the black boxes for nearly ten days all as we try to piece together this puzzle of flight 8501. this morning, six more bodies have been recovered from the waters of the java sea, some still buckled into their seats. this morning still no indication whether it was the pilot or the plane's computer that may have contributed to this crash. >> we don't know if the computer in this airplane is involved or not, but if it is, this is unprecedented for the airbus a320 family. airbus stands to be concerned with what's happened in the case as do the indonesians, but i want to see an international consortium working on them, not just them. >> reporter: before all this wreckage chaos in the cockpit. at last report officials say only half the airasia cockpit recording has been transcribed because there's so many sounds and alarms blaring over the pilots' voices. an unnamed source quoted in the french press saying in the moments before the fatal crash, the jet was in essence screaming at the pilots. >> stall, stall. >> reporter: jetliners do alert pilots.
7:14 am
sounding the alarm when something is wrong. according to indonesian investigators the airasia airbus a320 was flying in severe weather and started climbing at an extreme rate three times faster than normal which could have caused it to lose lift and stall falling to earth. the alarm to pilots sounding something like this. >> stall, stall. >> reporter: and it all could have taken only 3 1/2 to 4 minutes full of terror to fall out of the sky. safety experts want to know as soon as possible on its computer system can be fixed. think about george, thousand of passengers will be flying on an a320 today, george. >> yeah, we need transparency there. okay, david, thanks very much. to amy with today's other top stories. a big fire in new york. that's right, it's still going, in fact, george.
7:15 am
good morning, everyone. and we begin with that state of emergency declared overnight as that massive fire engulfed a large apartment complex in new jersey. up to 1,000 people fleeing their homes. authorities closing nearby schools, hours later the fire still burning at this hour. abc's gio benitez on the scene. gio, good morning. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. there is still so much smoke here you can smell it all the way in manhattan. miles away across the hudson as we go look at these unbelievable images of that fire, we can tell you that hundreds of people are now homeless. fire crews had a really hard time because of the wind and cold overnight. so many people live in this massive complex, even the announcer for the new york yankees losing his home here, and cell phone video shot during the fire shows large sections of the building falling crashing to the ground. incredibly, and this is the headline, no one was hurt here. investigators are still looking into what started this fire. but nearby schools have been closed for the day because roads are just inaccessible here they're blocked off and crews,
7:16 am
as you can see behind me, crews are still dousing those hot spots, amy. no one was hurt. >> all right, incredible pictures there, gio, incredible everyone made it out safely. thank you. the former ferguson, missouri, police officer who shot and killed michael brown is expected to be cleared by the justice department. federal prosecutors are likely to recommend that no civil rights charges be filed against darren wilson but attorney general eric holder will have the final say. and new allegations of excessive force after another deadly police shooting, this one in new jersey during a traffic stop. officers ordering the passenger not to move, but he is later shot when he pushes the door open while apparently raising his hands. police say there was a gun in the car. well, the deadline is fast approaching in that hostage crisis overseas. isis militants are threatening to kill two japanese hostages unless japan pays $200 million by early tomorrow morning. japanese officials say they are trying to communicate with isis, but have heard nothing. and rebel fighters in yemen
7:17 am
have reached a peace deal with the american-backed government to end a violent standoff in the capital. the rebels had been holding yemen's president captive. jeb bush and mitt romney have reportedly agreed to meet privately this week. insiders tell "the new york times" the meeting raising the possibility that the meeting could mean they might not run against each other. and finally, what's gotten into will ferrell? during halftime in last night's lakers/pelicans game he slammed a basketball into a cheerleader's face and knocked her out. the crowd was in shock. security in their yellow jackets rushing in, grabbing the actor by the arm, sweeping him off the court. it was so dramatic and, of course, it was because it was all part of a shoot for ferrell's upcoming movie with mark wahlberg called "daddy's home." >> so that was a stuntwoman. >> yeah. >> i didn't know you were supposed to laugh at that.
7:18 am
>> you thought will maybe had gone off the deep end. >> when he punched the baby in "anchorman," it's like one step away from that. >> stuntwoman and underinflated basketball. >> oh, there you go, george. >> never, robin. >> never, never, never. oh, boy, this weather all around. >> you know, an inch or two around washington, d.c. and south jersey, now that storm has moved off. i wanted to give you an idea of what's happening here. that clipper gone but we are drying out and certainly staying cool behind it. at least dry for the next two days, remember saturday is the day that we're watching that potential nor'easter. 32 for pittsburgh today. buffalo goes to 28. detroit, 31, and grand rapids, at 32. you know who is warming up? everybody west of that storm. los angeles gets into the 80s for the weekend, denver goes from the 30s up to the 60s by the time we reach our sunday so things are looking up. back out to the southwest.
7:19 am
>> hello, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. after a colorful morning it will be sunny and mild this afternoon and fewer foggy spots to contend with in the morning and spring warmth and record highs are possible this weekend especially san jose south where we see 67 in morgan hill and 67 in oakland, the warm spots today. how about tonight? low-to-mid 40's inland and mid-to-upper 40's elsewhere and the seven-day forecast shows temperatures will top out sunday cooler weather next >> i have a big correction.
7:20 am
will ferrell didn't punch a baby in "anchorman." he punched a baby in "the campaign." >> there you go. >> glad you cleared that up. >> twitter, stand down. coming up, a millionaire businessman accused of killing his wife going on trial for the third time. his children standing by his side. and look at this real estate agent caught on camera. it looks like she's stealing prescription drug medicine. what you can do to protect your home. plus, courage under fire. an officer shot during a routine traffic stop speaking out for the first time. it's an abc news exclusive. and the games have begun but has the first super bowl commercial gone too far? has the first super bowl commercial gone too far?
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7:25 am
for why the footballs used in the championship game were deflated. belichick says the patriots will continue to cooperate with the investigation. tom brady will hold his own news conference to address the issue as well. here's a check on traffic. >> looks like you can see the traffic is building towards the poll plaza. we still have this that is causing delays on the northbound side of highway 17. three cars got tangled up and they had one lane blocked. when we come
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we're back and we're looking at some haze. low visibility, about four miles. it's a little pink and blue for your morning because of the high clouds. those will move away, but it kept the temperatures in the 40s in many areas. stepping out right now, hayward, 47. san francisco, 48. here's the seven-day forecast. mid- to upper 60s today with
7:29 am
7:30 am
good morning, america and right now, patriots coach bill belichick speaking out about that super scandal this morning as more allegations emerge. also right now, massive fire raging overnight destroying an apartment complex forcing a thousand people from their homes. and the albuquerque police officer shot during a traffic stop speaking out for the first time this morning about his terrifying ordeal. it's an abc news exclusive as we do say good morning, america, on this thursday morning as we like to say, friday eve. and we do have a lot to get to. now companies are jumping into the deflate-gate controversy. amy has that in "the speed feed" for us this morning. >> oh, yes, can't wait to bring that to you. people are very creative. >> i would imagine so. but we'll begin with a new york man going on trial for the third time for the murder of his
7:31 am
wife more than 13 years ago. the verdict was guilty in the first two trials but both convictions were thrown out. his children have been standing behind him throughout. abc's matt gutman has that story for us. >> reporter: on september 11th, 2001, the wife of millionaire businessman cal harris vanished. michele harris' van was found at the foot of the family's driveway but there was no trace of the mother of four. >> this is just an absolute living nightmare. nobody should have to go through this. >> reporter: but with the couple going through a nasty divorce, suspicion quickly fell on cal harris. >> i knew they were focusing on me. i had been completely cooperative with them. >> reporter: police scoured the family's 250-acre property in upstate new york but never found michele's body or a murder weapon. the investigation dragged on for four more years until 2005 when cal harris was arrested for the murder of his wife. >> it was a shock. we knew there wasn't any
7:32 am
evidence so we didn't know how they could possibly get an indictment. >> reporter: at his first trial prosecutors argue that tiny amounts of blood found in the harris home suggested michele had been attacked there by her husband. a jury found cal harris guilty of second degree murder but before he could be sentenced, a new witness came forward with new information. claiming to have seen michele arguing with a man who was not her husband on the day she disappeared. leading the judge to throw out that guilty verdict, and in the new trial, cal harris was again found guilty. and shockingly, that conviction was overturned, as well, by an appeals court. today 13 years later harris' third trial begins. did you kill michele? >> absolutely not. absolutely not. and the fact that i'm sitting here and having to go through this is just a horror show. >> reporter: but two juries have found you guilty. >> two juries that haven't gotten all the information. >> what the jury will say when
7:33 am
they take a look at the entire case is that the police investigation was wanting and that there were other leads that the police should have followed up. had they followed those leads, the case might actually be solved. >> reporter: standing by him, him and michele's four children who believe their father did not kill their mother. >> did you ever ask him what happened that day? >> no, absolutely not. >> why? >> we didn't have any doubt. he wasn't involved. >> reporter: for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, new york. >> okay, matt, thanks for that. we're going to turn to realtors behaving badly. one caught on camera taking things from a home she was supposed to be showing. not the first time we've seen this happen as linzie janis reports. >> reporter: she may look right at home, but police say the woman rifling through this pantry is actually virginia realtor sara reeves allegedly using her easy access to this upscale home to steal prescription drugs.
7:34 am
they say reeves takes the bottle into the kitchen pouring the pain medicine into her own container, then putting the bottle back. surveillance video also capturing this possible clue. reeves walks into the home wearing a coat and hat but only puts on those yellow gloves once she's inside. those gloves preventing fingerprints maybe but not preventing reeves from being caught red-handed by the homeowners. >> you trust the people that come into your house and it was just kind of shocking. >> reporter: randy and emma say they just installed cameras after some jewelry went missing during an open house. >> i called the police department and it was highly illegal activity that she was involved in. >> reporter: reeves now charged with felony possession of a narcotic and larceny and is not the only realtor accused of behaving badly. >> realtor accused of a despicable crime. >> stealing. >> stealing. >> stealing. >> reporter: these agents caught on camera stealing jewelry in arizona and pilfering, yep,
7:35 am
prescription drugs in florida. so how do you make sure your realtor is less like these guys and more like, well, "modern family's" phil dunphy. >> i've been in your house when you weren't home. no, i'm not a burglar. i'm a realtor. >> reporter: experts say check with other customers. were they happy then research online. look for recent reviews on zillow and yelp. but what about other realtors like reeves who wasn't the listing agent for the home? experts say consider asking your agent to be present at all showings. a trusted set of eyes to prevent a scene like this. for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> crazy. >> linzie had good suggestions. now, let's go to amy in the social square with "the speed feed." >> good morning. it's the story dominating
7:36 am
everyone's feed trending on twitter this morning, deflate-gate. even indianapolis colts cornerback darius butler tweeting nfl so we get to play the game again or nah? but beyond the players and fans there are some smart pr people out there, as well. now companies are joining in on the deflate-gate hashtag. take a look at some of our favorites, charmin shows us you don't have to deflate us to be more squeezable. here's the michelin man appropriately reminding us that inflation matters. krispy kreme notes its doughnuts are fully filled. tell us what's inflating your feeds this morning using the #socialsquare. another name out there for the patriots, the deflatriots. >> ooh, i like it. that's creative whether you agree with it or not. stand down, twitter. >> let's get another check of the weather with ginger and i love these pictures that you're always showing. >> oh, my goodness. this really takes you there, sequoia national park, central valley, california, looking towards fresno.
7:37 am
i love how diplomatic you are, lara. had to mention that but we wanted to go out to the northwest. there is a storm on the way for tonight and freezing fog advisory for pendleton, oregon, that's through this morning in some of the higher elevations in southern washington state but that warm front slips through, brings elevations and some convection over seattle, so you should see some rain showers. 37 for boise, a high today, 51 bend and 57 in medford. 78 for a high in miami. it's nice and mild in florida. same thing, tampa and orlando. tallahassee, 72 so mild ahead of that storm, remember, it gets really rainy tomorrow through tomorr good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco. it will be sunny and mild this afternoon with low-to-mid 60's in most neighborhoods and fog is less of an issue next couple of mornings and record highs still slated for the weekend. cooler weather >> all that weather brought to you by target. and i have to say belichick's been tough on meteorologists this year so the rain and all the stuff, i wasn't terribly
7:38 am
upset to see some controversy. >> you said miami was mild at 78. i'll take that. >> is it? >> wow. >> i heard too. >> that's warm, okay. i'm jealous, michael. >> i'm very jealous. >> all right, you guys. coming up, the surprising new report on the chemical found in plastic products and cans. why health concerns may be overblown. and the first shocking super bowl ad has arrived. why it's got so many people calling foul. ♪ ♪ save on the things you love for the people you love. get 5% off every single day with your debit or credit redcard.
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banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can. and we're back now at 7:42 with the other super bowl, of course, we're talking about the competition to be the most talked about commercial that airs during the game and this morning we have the first over-the-top contender, this one from the hamburger chain carl's jr. and has some people wondering if too sexy really sells. abc's linsey davis is here with the story. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: hey, lara. it is the first shock ad of the super bowl season and it features a model just about baring it all and while the new ad is inciting a fiery reaction online, some question if viewers are losing their appetite for raunchy during the
7:43 am
big game. >> i love going all natural. >> reporter: it's not clear until 28 seconds into this 42-second commercial that it's actually an ad for karl's jr.'s new all-natural burger. >> grass-fed beef. >> reporter: karl's jr. releasing this super bowl ad wednesday on twitter and already people are talking. but not so much about the all beef patties, one person tweeted, setting feminism back four decades. >> the more controversy, the better. i don't think they really care one way or another about what women think about these ads. >> no added hormones. >> reporter: karl's jr. edgy multimillion-dollar super bowl campaigns regularly bank on the sex sells philosophy. ♪ >> reporter: previous commercials featuring kate upton, paris hilton and heidi klum so racy, they prompted critics to create #womenaremorethanmeat. while others have called foul on ads for being too sexy like this
7:44 am
calvin klein or this mercedes-benz ad from the same year, last year, the trend seemed to be turning more toward the cute. or clever. >> what's lte? is it contagious? >> a lot of advertisers have backed away from the sexy/raunchy advertising. >> reporter: this year's early roster shows some companies may be toning down the shock value. the new commercial for godaddy which displayed a nude danica patrick in 2011 is expected to show a tamer and fully clothed scene complete with this adorable puppy. >> the first ever in fast food. >> reporter: as for karl's jr., well, it seems they're sticking to the original recipe of more buns than burger. a representative from the parent company of karl jr.'s said they don't show anything you wouldn't see at the beach and that they don't cross the line but like to get right up to it and while it's estimated 46% of super bowl viewers are women, this ad reportedly targets the brand's core which is 18-year-old to
7:45 am
34-year-old hungry guy which apparently also includes michael strahan because his reaction there, he was all eyes. >> i see guys chipping ice and squirting water -- >> what beach do they go to? >> that was over the top. that kind of -- my jaw dropped on that one. >> they said they don't cross the line, really? they're like, whoa, whoa, whoa. >> linsey brought it all home with more buns than burger. >> that's the takeaway there. >> thank you. >> we'll be talking about that one. i'm guessing you will too. coming up, everybody, financial infidelity. how couples are hiding bank accounts and credit cards from each other. what can you do to stop those secrets. >> nobody would ever do that. and caught on camera. an albuquerque police officer shot during a routine traffic stop. he's speaking out for the first time this morning in an abc news exclusive. in an abc news exclusive.
7:46 am
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7:50 am
driver about to open fire. >> turn it off. >> when i opened the driver's door he spun sideways in his seat. he had a gun in his hand. >> reporter: this morning the 31-year veteran officer is speaking out for the first time about this near-fatal january 3rd traffic stop. every terrifying second captured by his police body camera. golson falls but quickly fires back. >> my biggest fear was he was going to get the vehicle started and run me over. >> reporter: but that fall breaks his wrist. he can't reload. the suspect runs. golson shot four times. >> it [ bleep ] hurts. >> reporter: keeps remarkably calm. >> you see any blood? >> just because you get shot doesn't mean you're going to die. >> reporter: the man who shot him christopher cook pleaded not guilty. >> did you have fun at school? >> reporter: this morning the married father of five is home and thankful his bulletproof vest worked stopping three of the four shots. >> you can actually see a little
7:51 am
bit of the casing of the bullet. >> reporter: one even piercing a police i.d. card kept in a pocket right over his heart. >> i can't think of another more honorable career you can choose. >> reporter: for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> we're glad he's okay. now, coming up, jennifer aniston opening up about her struggle with dyslexia. coming up, "good morning america's" "deals & steals" brought to you by bank of america. use your bankamericard cash rewards credit card for these deals and earn cash back. ing honey because i'm going to share a photo of my eggo waffle when it pops up. l'eggo my eggo l'eggo my eggo (answering machine) hey! leave a message. hi, i know you're there, 'cause i can see you. i'm calling you to tell you to l'eggo my eggo! anncr: some things are too delicious to share. golden crispy, warm and fluffy eggo waffles. l'eggo my eggo.
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good morning, i'm eric thomas. police were forced to kill one of two pitbulls yesterday morning. the dogs bit one woman and charged at several other people including a gardener. an officer eventually ran over the autoof control dogs killing one. the latest on the weather, here's mike. >> good morning, everybody. thought we'd take a look at the bay and show you how choppy it is. winds around 20 to 30 miles per hour. temperatures today the high clouds will go away is and we'll have sunshine and pretty much mid-60s. seven-day forecast still forecasting record highs this
7:57 am
weekend. 45 minutes to head from highway 85 up to highway 237 along 101. we have an accident at 10th street blocking one lane with bla delays. and this is in the
7:58 am
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all that and super-size "deals & steals" for your super bowl party as we say -- >> good morning, america! and a big crowd outside. some pom-poms and tory johnson getting into the super bowl spirit. with some great "steals & deals" all tied to the game. >> up to 60% off for your big game party. you don't want to miss out on these bargains. i'll tell you that. >> no, you don't. we have the workout giving new meaning to face-lift. our sara haines is putting those muscles to work this morning. yeah, look at that. getting the exercises that could make you look younger. i swear, he dropped five years right in front of us. >> unbelievable. when we come back you'll look 10. and, hey, everybody, get ready to break out the big balloons. katy perry helping one of her favorite bands roar again. how she's giving them some financial tlc.
8:02 am
>> a mystery there. okay, a lot coming up. news first from amy. good morning, everyone. we begin that cheating scandal surrounding the new england patriots. bill belichick speaking this morning saying he had quote, no explanation for what happened. he was shocked to learn about the accusations that the team deflated footballs to make them easier to handle. all eyes on quarterback tom brady who will address the media at 4:00 p.m. the nfl investigation is expected to wrap up by the end of the week. one other note from belichick's news conference the gillette stadium, included this ad flexball razor. as many as 1,000 people forced to flee their homes in new jersey just outside of new york city. fire crews hampered by heavy winds, declaring a state of emergency. even closing schools in the area
8:03 am
today. amazingly, no injuries have been reported. no word yet on the cause. >> the recent terror attacks in paris and terror race across europe. a new scandal in the u.s. military. the officer in charge of the u.s. naval base at guantanamo bay has been fired amid reports of an affair and a mysterious death. the navy says captain john nettleton was relieved of command due to a loss of confidence. his alleged affair with a civilian who worked at the base was uncovered when the woman's husband turned up dead in the waters nearby. well, we have been told to steer of chemical bpa, researchers say that chemical had unjustly been getting a bad rap. more now from abc's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: this morning, a controversial new report says bpa may not be bad for you after all. europe's food safety watchdog
8:04 am
finding people are not getting enough bpa in their systems to harm them saying "there is no health concern for any age group from dietary exposure or from aggregated exposure." bpa is used to firm up plastic containers, keep canned food fresh and even in some cash register receipts. >> we, as consumers, we are all exposed to bpa. we're exposed to bpa every day. >> reporter: fears about its safety have led to a broad bpa-free industry. voluntarily removed from many products and banned from baby bottles and toys. but responding to the european report, the fda agrees bpa is safe at low levels telling abc news in a statement, "the available information continues to support the safety of bpa for the currently approved uses in food containers and packaging." the new report does acknowledge more research is needed, especially when it comes to bpa absorbed into the skin from cash register receipts. >> bpa is a very difficult chemical to study, and so there's a lot of unanswered
8:05 am
questions right now. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to mara for that. jeff gordon is retiring word just coming in that this will be his final nascar season. sockcer star hope solo has been suts pended for 30 days. she said she's sorry. finally, thousands of people were holding their breath at a cricket match overseas. take a look at what happened. a player hits the ball and one unlucky seagull was in the wrong place at the wrong time. the ball striking a direct hit, white feathers were everywhere. players were just feeling awful about it. they picked up the bird's lifeless body and carried it to the sidelines. the crowd looking on with deep concern but then moments later a miracle. >> no way. >> there it is. the seagull is alive. the crowd goes wild and the seagull eventually flew away. >> i'm so, so glad.
8:06 am
>> like a disney movie. >> we were thinking, what is amy doing today? >> i thought the same thing. >> we have a had a couple of those close calls. >> you thought i was going to give you a bad ending, but, no, it was a miracle. >> yay! >> that was great. thank you. good save. "pop news" and weather coming up. now michael is over in the social square. >> oh, yes, i'm going to fly away with it. here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu" in the social square powered by samsung galaxy. in "pop news," what's got meghan trainor and harry styles going in one direction? plus, jennifer aniston -- you like that one -- opening up about her battle with dyslexia. how she hasn't let it slow her down. and financial infidelity. couples hiding money from each other. who would ever do that, but how you could end the double life if you're leading it. all that, plus super bowl "deals & steals," coming up live on "gma" here in times square. tory johnson got great deals for us. ♪ "gma's morning menu" is
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and 2% back at the grocery store. even before she got 3% back on gas all with no hoops to jump through. katie used her bankamericard cash rewards credit card to stay warm and toasty during the heat of competition. that's the comfort of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. after years of being treated like she was invisible it occurred to mindy she might actually be invisible. >> okay, guys, this is an exclusive super bowl sneak peek, mindy kaling, love her, it's her new ad for nationwide insurance she's experiencing what it feels like to be invisible. she had a great time coming up with all the different scenarios and there is a guy who walks up at the end, rumor has it, a huge, huge hollywood star. you want a clue? jimmy kimmel may be a little jealous --
8:12 am
>> i think i know. >> let the guessing games begin. >> so funny. >> all will be revealed on super bowl sunday. >> that is a fun concept to think about. just going through life and all the scenarios being invisible. >> she is perfect for that. >> what's up in "pop news"? >> let me tell you. thanks for asking. ♪ all about that bass ♪ ♪ bout that bass ♪ >> i guess it is all about that bass. meghan trainor's debut album to the top of the billboard charts this week, stealing the title and title would be the name of her album away from taylor swift after 11 weeks at the top. not bad, guys, for a 21-year-old from nantucket. and up next for meghan she is teaming up with one direction's harry styles to write a love song which i'm sure will be a hit. i know my daughter is probably already trying to download it. it's not written yet. they're working on it. hey, in other music news katy perry is just the coolest. after tlc appeared on "gma"
8:13 am
earlier this week talking about raising money for their new album, katy, a self-professed tlc fanatic, came roaring in donating $5,000 to the kickstarter campaign, and as she sings in her song "birthday," time to break out the big balloons. as of this morning they have exceeded their goal of $150,000 to get that album done. i'd love to think we were a teeny part. >> that same morning new kids on the block, they donated right on the spot too with them. that's great. >> if you're a big star you're a big fan and contribute. great. also in "pop news," if you were watching the show on monday, you know that ginger's beloved dog otis was hard at work as her assistant meteorologist. it was a long morning for otis. he's no spring chicken. he was doggone tired, so, ging, in case you were wondering what you can do for otis, may i recommend this. >> oh, my goodness.
8:14 am
>> we have named him fingers the ferret specializing in doggie deep tissue. happily giving his buddy a rubdown any time he needs it or not. according to his owner. not really sure what he's actually doing, if he's looking for food or, but it looked like a massage and i went with it. >> the dog doesn't mind. >> getting ready for weather, that one was for you. and finally, guys, remember chester, the cheetah who said it's not easy being cheesy. well, i wonder how he feels about being sweet. that's the new flavor cheetos has just released. we have flavors to try. these are the cinnamon sugar version of his famous snack and they're called sweetos available from february through early april. so, good? >> so good that amy -- >> parting gift. >> i like the def leppard though.
8:15 am
>> that was for you. >> i've been looking for a reason to get def leppard in there. always musical accompaniment because i like to see your dance moves. in the commercial break, we learned a new one robin has, the waterfall in honor of tlc. ♪ don't go chasing waterfalls ♪ remember that from the video. >> tlc now up to 500,000. >> they are putting up three albums now. >> that's "pop news." let's go back to ginger. >> thank you. hey, good morning, everybody. a couple of these folks, i love the ferret video, by the way. we definitely need to get otis one of those. happy birthday, my canadian sisters. how old? >> 60 years old. >> they said i could ask. >> so happy you're here. 60 and celebrating it. let's go ahead and get a forecast for you. in new york city a nice shot, lower manhattan. temperature right around the freezing mark. saw a few flurries. you might see a few more. most of that storm is out to sea. more than -- more than a foot of snow fell in amarillo.
8:16 am
now snowing around oklahoma city or south and west of there especially and watching that storm all rain in the southeast but by the time we reach the weekend, look, saturday night, it looks like a mix or snow in the higher elevations here in the northeast. so, if you guys are sticking around, there's something to look at. most of the rain, >> hello, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. after a colorful morning it will be sunny and mild this afternoon and fewer foggy spots to contend with in the morning and spring warmth and record highs are possible this weekend especially san jose south where we see 67 in morgan hill and 67 in oakland, the warm spots today. how about tonight? low-to-mid 40's inland and mid-to-upper 40's elsewhere and the seven-day forecast shows temperatures will top out sunday cooler weather next >> we want to say good morning and hey to maw-maw. that's how you say it? >> maw-maw. >> from spring garden, alabama.
8:17 am
i'm going to practice. all right, robin. thank you, ginger. now to the "gma heat index." jennifer aniston revealing a secret struggle she's battled for years, telling "the hollywood reporter" she was diagnosed with dyslexia in her early 20s. abc's abbie boudreau has her story. >> reporter: she's hollywood's favorite "friend," jennifer aniston starring in the emotionally gripping new movie "cake." >> i am in a lot of pain. >> reporter: but it's her real-life struggle with dyslexia that the 45-year-old actress is now opening up about for the first time. >> she grew up thinking she was stupid and that's a horrible way to spend your upbringing. >> reporter: looking flawless on the february cover of "the hollywood reporter," the recent golden globes nominee said she went years wondering what was wrong with her telling the magazine "i thought i wasn't smart. i just couldn't retain anything." then she says in her early 20s she went to the doctor for
8:18 am
prescription glasses, explaining, "my eyes would jump four words and go back two words." that's when doctors told her she had dyslexia. jennifer says, "i felt like all of my childhood trauma-dies, tragedies, dramas were explained." dyslexia is a learning disorder where people have difficulty reading and struggle converting words into sounds. experts say it can often go undiagnosed until adulthood. but jen's not the only hollywood heavyweight with dyslexia. even her fiancee justin thoreau says he's dyslexic along with channing tatum, orlando bloom and whoopi goldberg who opened up about it on "gma" in 2013. >> i learned to read late because i'm dyslexic and reading was tough. so, once i learned to read, i just sort of drank it up. >> reporter: and despite it being tough, the "horrible bosses" star didn't let it hold her back. >> yet, it hasn't prevented her from making an extraordinary life for herself. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles.
8:19 am
>> and abc news chief health and medical editor dr. richard besser joins us with more on this. good to see you, rich. jen diagnosed in her 20s. that's not uncommon, is it? >> unfortunately, it's not but every time you hear one of these stories, it's really a tragedy because when a child doesn't learn that they're having -- that they have a learning difference, it can lead to problems with self-esteem. they can think that they're not smart but there's absolutely no connection between intelligence and dyslexia but that's not how children feel when they're not able to learn in the same way as other kids. >> it's got to be especially difficult for an actress that has to read and memorize descriptions. >> children develop coping mechanisms so oftentimes you'll see they're able to take in information that they hear and memorize it and spit it back but as you were saying, whoopi goldberg, a terrific actress, has dyslexia. tom cruise suffers from dyslexia. there are people in every single field who have dyslexia and
8:20 am
they've learned ways around that so that it doesn't hold them back. >> channing tatum, as well has it, he deals with it. >> a lot of people think of the switching of letters or reversing numbers but there are a lot more symptoms a parent should look for. >> there really are. as a pediatrician i'm always looking for learning disabilities because it can have such an impact on a child's life if you pick it up early but it is more than reversing letters so in preschool children, what you'll often see, a child can't learn nursery rhymes. they have trouble with rhyming. it's not that letter reversal it's how your brain processes information you're taking in for reading and for some reason rhyming is one of those things and then the next thing you'll see is trouble learning letters and reading out loud so much more than that. >> there's help out there for adults diagnosed later. >> exactly. don't put it off and say it's too late. you can learn coping mechanisms. ways to learn better for you and also understand why you didn't like school when other kids did and that could be very, very helpful. >> very helpful information. i'm glad she came out. >> i'm glad you're here too.
8:21 am
we're going to turn to "the morning stir." shocking results from a poll about family finances and shows millions of americans are hiding secret bank accounts or credit cards from their spouses. most of those doing the hiding turn out to be men, and abc's reena ninan has more on this financial infidelity. >> i got to go. >> so go. >> reporter: when it comes to cheating in a marriage, there's this kind heating up showtime's "the affair." and then there's this kind of affair, the financial kind. a new study by says millions of married americans are guilty of committing financial infidelity. according to this study some 7 million americans have secret bank or credit card accounts their spouses know nothing about. and the survey found men were more likely to be the ones doing the hiding. >> when he first came up with it, i was just shocked. >> reporter: robert nell of california has been a secret saver for nearly 20 years stashing overtime money he made behind his wife winnie's back.
8:22 am
>> winnie didn't know how much i was bringing home. i just told her, boy, the taxes are really tough. >> reporter: but winnie's been a secret spender herself. >> hi. >> reporter: her biggest hidden splurge, this furniture in their living room. >> i should have been more up front in saying, okay, what's our budget? >> reporter: financial expert kimberly foss says financial infidelity is more common than people think and, if anything, it's on the rise. >> red flags that i look for, missing or misdirected financial statements and, of course, the obvious one is if there's missing cash in the accounts. >> reporter: some couples have managed to make their money situation work, like matthew and stefanie albright of texas, who managed to stay honest about their finances, despite having separate bank accounts. their secret -- >> if you can't split accounts you just have to have good communication. >> i think it just comes down to we both have respect for each other. >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> and joining us now, rachel
8:23 am
cruze, personal financial expert best-selling author of "smart money, smart kids." fascinating issue. affects just about everyone. maybe it's because i'm a guy, but i was surprised most of the people who keep the secret accounts are men. >> yes, well, some men i think find power in money. for them it equals power so they want the control and be in control knowing they're taking care of their family and i find that money too, it's emotional, so when you're not doing as well financially, it's easier to go and have these secret accounts and hide purchases. >> we all know couples have to get together on the issue of money after really talking about it as that couple did. but isn't it a good idea if you can to have a little bit of wiggle room, a little bit of financial independence on each side? >> i want there to be a meeting of minds and combine accounts and do a budget together. i want you to tell your money where to go so that way your major financial decisions are already made in the budget. and the thing is, money is never just about money. so when you're agreeing on where your money is going, you're agreeing on your goals in life,
8:24 am
on your dreams, on your fears but, yes, you do want some fun, so the budget can equal fun so each person in the relationship needs some quote/unquote fun money. and this is allotted in the budget and you talk about it ahead of time. for some couples it can be $25 or for others 100 or more and have this amount so that, you know, if you need to buy hair spray, i don't have to call and ask for this. it's with your discretion to be able to use. >> if you discover the infidelity, what's the best way to rebuild trust? >> number one, combine those accounts. that'll force communication. do a budget together, and embrace your differences. with the budget there's always a nerd and free spirit. one enjoys it, one doesn't and forgive and move forward. >> great advice, rachel. thanks. >> let's go to michael. all right, thanks, george. and time now for a sneak peek at "deals & steals." all about your super bowl party. tory johnson, take it away. >> okay, so, we've got one deal we'll tell you about right now. you and i were talking. you love to grill. >> yes, i do.
8:25 am
>> but you hate to clean. >> even more. >> okay, so lift this up. it's the grillbot. once you clean you set this device right on to the grill and set a timer for anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes depending on just how much cleaning that -- >> how much you burned your food. >> and grillbot does the rest and you can pop off the brushes, dishwasher safe. normally $130. today only, grillbot reduced by 50%, 65 bucks. all of the links and codes at on yahoo! >> yep. you know what, i'm getting this one. coming up, more super "deals & steals" with tory and fitness for your face. give your face a workout. your face a workout.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning we have breaking news. the chps issued an alert for oakland. we are up over the redwood road which is closed after a tree fell across the road. you can take a look at the scene. obviously you can't get by right there. let's get the latest from lei la. >> you certainly want to avoid this northbound side of 13 at the carson off ramp. it's causing major backups as we pan to the traffic in the northbound direction. so you want to avoid it and take 580 instead. as we look at the maps we have one other vehicle accident. female announcer: it's time to make
8:28 am
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good morning, check out our temperatures in the 40s in many areas. upper 40s in concorde and san francisco. high clouds and the breeze is keeping our temperatures up this morning. you can see how fast the winds are blowing compared to yesterday. by. the time we get to the afternoon hours, high clouds almost gone and temperatures 5 to 8 degrees warmer than average through sunset. if you're haeding to the beach
8:30 am
this weekend temperatures in the 70s. sunday morning we'll have ♪ this is going to be the best day of my life ♪ i love sara haines. she can get people to do anything and she's doing it right now. she's got rich besser over there. they're all doing those facial exercises. she says experts say can keep your skin looking young having a lot of fun doing it. we'll learn a lot more. >> under here. >> always learn something new. >> squatting and brushing her teeth. >> oh yeah. >> at the same time. it's not easy, america. coming up who doesn't have a closet filled with a lot of stuff at home? we all are guilty as charged. this morning we'll show you how,
8:31 am
you know to clean the clutter and turn it into cash. he's waving that money around making it look real easy. jeffrey phillip, organizational expert has terrific ideas for all of us. we'll hear from melinda gates about her work right now to eradicate disease, help people out of poverty all over the world. the bill and melinda gates foundation with a very inspiring message for us all. they had their annual letter that is out. >> such good work. >> they do. >> looking forward to that. and then you'll want to see this. an exclusive with miley cyrus all on "gma" tomorrow only here. michael, in to you. >> we're back with tory johnson and "deals & steals." super bowl sunday tory's just 11 days away. and i know some of you out there are prepping for the big game parties for these great deals, be sure to go to on yahoo! for the information you need to get the bargains. tory what do we have. >> ready. first up we have a whole new display so you're ready to do
8:32 am
spinning act. >> yes. >> okay go ahead. >> gently spin it there you go. whoa. >> so from thermacell. work outdoors and do it in this freezing cold climate heated insoles that go right into your shoes athen there's a remote control that you use to adjust the heat. pretty cool adult sizes, small to xxl, they've been featured in oprah, "men's health." normally $135 slashed by 52%. $65. >> you know i needed those when i played. we played in green bay. we had nothing like that. technology. okay so these are personal creations. personalized mugs. i happen to be a fan of george's man cave right here. but we got something for everybody. no matter what it is that you're interested in or whatever your guy or girl -- these are men's names and women's names, you get to choose ginger robin, everybody covered big assortment of sizes and style, normally 20
8:33 am
to 30$30 all slashed in half 10 15 bucks today. >> a great deal. that's a really good deal. okay so bring some sweets to the big game. right. >> i'm not complaining. >> sherry's berries, nothing deflated about these, my friend. these are delicious hand dipped strawberry how good do they look? >> the crew is like hurry up and get through these so we can eat these. >> normally $45 also slashed in half 22.50. love those. delicious. and then so now we're bringing in the big guns. and i think robin was expecting to come into this one as well. >> come on in here robin. >> she's not waiting on the sidelines for nothing. so this is the ability to bring gourmet to your game from the company called the perfect bite. they make all of the appetizers for companies like neiman-marcus, williams-sonoma. all top end. isn't it good? the cool thing, you get 60
8:34 am
pieces so whether you get the gorgonzola mini burgers, hot dogs or the apple with bacon and cheddar or buffalo spring rolls, big assortment. the others you'll find 60 pieces normal lyly 45 -- yep, come on in here. slashed by 50% to 60%, so you'll get 60 pieces starting at 22.50. >> i like how you tried -- >> we tried. >> i know karen, you know hooks us up with these. amazing, delicious, right? i love it. >> mm-mm. >> i took a bite at the wrong time. >> that's all right. >> we got you covered. you can get the links and codes for these deals at on yahoo! >> she got both. >> amy, you enjoy these. >> oh, no. >> thank you, guys. looks so good. right? >> amy looked like a chipmunk. >> i believe that was double
8:35 am
fist. >> that was double fisting. >> a workout giving new meaning to the term face-lift. it's fitness for your face and some are saying this could be the secret to keeping your skin looking younger. sara haines is here and tried it out and joins us with the scoop. >> i sure did for as many hours as i've spent in the gym this is a muscle group i flat out ignored. authorized to put my best face forward it's time to work. >> these are for you. >> reporter: we've come a long way from the leg warmer wearing days of stepping our way to skinny. >> jumping jacks. >> reporter: today workouts look a bit more like this. >> go. >> reporter: with specialty classes for your core arms abs and booty. but what do we so often neglect? the face. and let's face it. when it cops to fitness, almost none of us think of dead-lives for eyebrows. >> one, two, three, go.
8:36 am
>> reporter: but at skin gym in new york city toning sculpting and treving your facial muscles is the goal. can you really call this a workout? >> yeah it's a workout but we do it for you. >> reporter: the face fitness workout is complete with a warm-up, interval resistance training and, uh-huh a cooldown. >> just like exercise for the body. so if you work out your body regularly and routinely you see positive benefits and the same principles apply to the muscles of the face. >> reporter: it starts with 15 minutes of circuit training at the face fit wall. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: then a 30-minute massage with some rather interesting moves. so is my face going to be skinnier or younger? >> well skinny in a different way. >> my cheeks carry a little extra heft if you know what i mean so if you could focus on the cheeks. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: okay so maybe i look a bit ridiculous. >> push down. >> down two.
8:37 am
good three. four. >> reporter: but let's not forget it's all in the name of fitness. >> oh. >> because i'm not going down alone. let me show my pretty ladies. put your hands and resist and try to nod down. no open it up a little more. that was a joke. >> i love a friend that trusts me. the whole point is getting your muscles stimulated because they rejuvenate with collagen. >> everything you -- you always -- >> it is. >> i feel like i'm creating wrinkles. >> getting blood in the face which yogis do when doing headstands. i'm an expert. >> i feel younger already. ginger is here. not only exercising our faces but with the weather. >> i learned all that. my dad does that all the time. >> show the >> another fun fact. >> morning, everybody. hello. nice chilly morning.
8:38 am
how about we check the forecast. social stream pictures that are very beautiful. we had to share. right there in the northwest, northern california and then of course this virginia this morning, that little bit of fog, that storm on the way for the weekend but warming up my goodness in the southwest. look at phoenix, the numbers head into the mid and upper 70s by the end of the weekend. good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco. it will be sunny and mild this afternoon with low-to-mid 60's in most neighborhoods and fog is less of an issue next couple of mornings and record highs still slated for the weekend. cooler weather and possibly >> and it's another cold morning here in times square. that's why we are so lucky to be enjoying some soup served from this wonderful soup cart. yes, this is a soup cart. in january, it's national soup month. our sponsor campbell's has just launched a new line. you guys are liking it? >> yes. >> brand-new line organic soups today we're trying organic
8:39 am
chicken noodle. get in there. we're staying warm. >> all i keep doing is no soup for you. all right. coming up everybody, melinda gates on how their foundation is improving the lives of so many. we'll be right back. "good morning america's" "deals & steals" is brought to you by bank of america. use your bankamericard cash rewards credit card for these deals and earn cash back.
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melinda gates helps to run one of the largest nonprofits in the world focused on improving the lives of others. the bill and melinda gates foundation works to help people lift themselves out of poverty, improve their health get the best education possible and now the foundation it's hard to believe, celebrating its 15th birthday by setting some what might be considered ambitious goals but not to them. they're hungry to see major changes. it's always a pleasure to be in your presence. >> thanks for having me. >> you don't look at them as being lofty and ambitious. you want to do it and have set high goals you want to see accomplished in the next 15 years? >> absolutely. so the big bet that we made in the annual letter is saying that the lives of the poor can be improved more in the next 15 years than in any other time in history. and it's because of great innovations that we see that are coming and in health and agriculture and those are
8:43 am
actually being delivered on the ground thousand and they're transformative for families. >> setting a goal for yourselves and saying we've made great progress in the first 15 years, as you said and really wanting to move forward. how can people help you get there? >> well i think people holding our government accountable saying we care about other families. we want them to be able to lift themselves out of poverty and have a prosperous life but we have to make investments in health investments in farming, investments in mobile technology. >> there's a big old world out there. how are you able to determine what it is that you want to focus on? >> well we look first at health because outside the united states in these countries we're talking about in africa and southeast asia, health is a precursor to being able to have the life that you want. so solving things like malaria, making sure vaccines get out. making sure that mothers don't die during childbirth. that starts a family on the right path in life. >> it's about putting people in a situation to better where they
8:44 am
are and their circumstances, correct? >> absolutely. it's them lifting themselves out of poverty but you have to give them the tool. >> i've heard you from time to time refer to yourself and your husband as being impatient optimists. what are you most optimistic about and what are you so impatient about. >> i'm most optimistic that the fact that several diseases that we have on the planet can be eradicated. i'm optimistic we can bring childhood deaths down by half. that is absolutely doable in the next 15 years. what i'm most impatient about is getting more girls into secondary school because if that girl is educated it transforms everything she does in the next generation so she even is twice as likely to educate her daughter and then all the families i talk to on the ground in africa whenever you ask them what they want for their children, they want an education. >> where does this passion come from? what keeps you going? >> i have been so incredibly privileged to travel travel all over the world.
8:45 am
and i always go in and spend some time talking to mothers and fathers on the ground and when you do and they tell you what their lives are like you see where change is possible an you see these amazing needs they're going to to lift their families up and say i want to keep doing that and i want to do it not just for them but hundreds of millions of people because it's possible. >> are you as excited about your annual letter? >> i look forward to it of the it's a marker to look forward and back and this year for the first time we're sending people to the and say go up to our website, sign up to be a global citizen. learn from others. not only share stories but we're highlighting organizations that are doing incredibly work that we work with on the ground and that is a way to make sure that we take action individual action on behalf of so many others around the globe. >> that is the perfect place to end. melinda gates, thank you. >> thank you, robin. >> good to have you back from time to time to find out the work you are continuing to do. i know many feel that the
8:46 am
need is great right here in the u.s. and it is the gates foundation doesn't believe it's about helping the u.s. or other countries, but rather think about this, helping the u.s. and other countries and say get away from either/or and have it be global. >> i like the term she used global citizen. it's perfect. >> that we can individually we do that it is global like that. to learn more about the goals and connect to the organization to read their letter go to on yahoo! coming up, how to get rid of your closet clutter the how about those papers you've been
8:47 am
8:48 am
[bell chime] ting ♪ we are just a few weeks into the new year. hopefully a lot of you are keeping that resolution to cut down the clutter in your closet. that's a great place to start as we've discovered. thanks to our paula faris, shy has a ton of tips and tricks and how to score a little extra cash in the process.
8:49 am
>> reporter: the mission, operation declutter, the target debbie goldman's closet. hi. >> hi. >> reporter: debbie says this mountain of mess has been building for over ten years. you have to get so overwhelmed when you look at this. >> totally overwhelming. >> what do you want your closet to look like. >> like a dream closet in good morning. >> reporter: to tackle this project we called in organizational expert jeffrey phillip. >> oh, my. >> where does debbie start? >> little by little taking things out then we'll separate and sort. >> let's roll up our sleeves and get to work. we separate her items into piles. keep donate toss and sell. >> so that's a sell. random -- one cleat. >> one cleat. >> you didn't type the other one. >> oh. >> that's seen a better day. >> these are expired eight years ago. trash. >> trash. >> trash. >> we come across a special coat debbie can't part with. >> this was given to me by my mother and i never wear it but i
8:50 am
can't bring myself to get rid of it. >> it's totally normal when you hold the sent mental value so another option we can take that and turn it into a pillow. >> oh my gosh. >> so you can have it on your sofa. >> after more than three hours of sorting, the closet is now completely empty. are you a little overwhelmed. >> i can't even look at this mess. it's too much. it's overwhelming. >> i think we have just the trick. myra from task rabbit is here to help. here's how the task rabbit app works. specify what time you need help and what service you need and voila, a tasker shows up ready to work. another tip, for all of debbie's donation items we schedule a pickup with big brother big sister who come right to the house. now it's time to turn some clutter into cash. let's start with debbie's unwanted electronics. her old cds and dvds we use
8:51 am they'll give you a chick and gently used clothes we went to all you do is put your clothes in here seal it up drop it on your front porch. keep your eyes closed. after eye hours of work open your eyes. >> oh my god. i can't believe it. this is not my house anymore. >> remember all the paper and clutter and personal items, jeffrey uses individual bins with clear labels so everything has a place and on the right is just for coats. with even a little room to spare. >> gorgeous. unbelievably gorgeous. >> so how does she keep her closet organized. >> going to bring in the same sort of things that live in here now. not bring in holiday decorations that don't fit here. >> do you think i can do it. >> i especially think you can. >> go team. >> go. >> reporter: for "good morning america," paula faris, long island, new york. >> and i want to bring in expert organizer and designer jeffrey
8:52 am
phillip who just reveried to me you have been good at organizing since you were a little boy. >> yes. >> it's either in you or it's not. we have to learn some great tips in this piece including one we saw that coat that she just never wore but she had sentimental attachment to it. you turned it foo a pillow. what a great idea. >> thank you. we all have these sentimental items 1i9ing around take them out of the depths of your closet and turn them into something useful and decorative. >> i've had friends do that with old furs. their grandmother's or something and we all have this baskets and desks filled with paperwork and clutter. >> there's an app that i love. all you need to do is snap a picture of whatever document you want to upload and it digitizes it and then you have access to it wherever you have internet access. >> that's a way to save it forever. >> get rid of the paper and you have the digitized version. >> fair enough. then we saw there are apps to make a little bit of money.
8:53 am
we saw one for dvds. ooh. it's going down everybody. this is what happens in my house. whew. we're okay. dvds so how did she do? did she make money. >> so far she's made $30 from the clothing she sold and she's made $20 from the cds and dvds she sold on >> and counting. that's so far. much better than collecting dust. collect a little cash. >> never bad. >> great, great tips and jeffrey says start little. the junk drawer. great place to start. we'll be right back. than
8:54 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by mercedes-benz. experience truly great engineering today at your authorized dealer. tomorrow miley cyrus, plus "shark tank: your life." >> big friday. we're all ready for it. see you then. >> have a great one. mmmm. ring ring! ring ring! progresso. i forgive you. you do? it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmer vegetables and tender white meat chicken.
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good morning, let's check out your traffic. >> we're heading over here live over the border of the beach where a head-on collision took police between this vehicle on highway 1 at 14th street. if we can pull out there's also a garbage truck involved. both lanes of highway 1 are blocked. it's going to be shut down until further notice. we don't know when things are going to reopen. we have also a life flight that's headed over there to pick up one of the injured victims. so we have both sides shut down until further notice. no real way around this. good morning everybody. i know we have a lot of high clouds but we'll have a window of sunshine and above average temperatures. a lot of mid-60s.
9:00 am
if you're heading to the coast, watch out for high surf. 6:00 tomorrow morning to season >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today from the series "house of lies," don cheadle. and howard from the hit comedy "the big bang theory," simon helberg. plus, learn how to have a better night's sleep as we continue our kickstart the new year series. also, the co-hosts have a big announcement that you won't want to miss. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause]


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