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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 5, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. thank you pore joining us on this thursday morning. >> we are here with leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco. yesterday i saw the moon. it was clear. it was cold. today, it felt warmer. the windshield was not fogged up. iced over. >> some areas are warmer. some are cooler. depends where you are. good morning everyone, live doppler hd shows we have dry air outside. we will look at the 12 hour day planner. you can get your day started off with 35-52.
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quite a spread. by noon we are 64 to 66 and not much much a video in the afternoon. 66 at the coast to 70 around the bay and inland and a wonderful evening at 56 to 60. if it was this time next week you could enjoy an extra hour but we have to wait for saturday for daylight savings. >> had to remind us. loss of an hour's sleep. >> worth it though. >> the traffic? >> delightful. this is a picture of the bay bridge the eastern span with light traffic to treasure island and san francisco. no accidents to report across the bay area but you can see barely any congestion and hardly a car is all you can see. right now we do have a couple of roths and congestion over the amount a pass. 5:301 in the news happening today to and from uc santa cruz
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could be a problem with a big protest over rising tuition and campus police tactics could block entrances and exits. our reporter is at uc santa cruz. there are a couple of people behind me where the groups have been gathering. we saw a group walk up the street. what they are planning to do is block exits and entrances to and from uc santa cruz. school officials are warning the protest could affect getting around campus today. this is video from tuesday when demonstrators linked arms along highway one and brought traffic to a halt. student protests are happening in other universities, as well, and this is part of 96 hours of action. for four days people are rallying for everything from tuition hikes to budgets to policing. the roast is just getting underway now and should last throughout the day. already we have seen quite a few police officers. we saw a few police cars and
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they are keeping an eye on things. people are being cautioned it could affect traffic, it could affect getting in and off the campus probably not just today but because of the 96 hours of action for a few days. city college of san francisco students from the civic center and campus are joined by a coalition of tenderloin organizations for a march to city hall demanding a temporary campus be provided. they want a timeline of when one campus will re-open that closed after being deemed "unsafe." another campus was closed for the same reason on goff. >> surgeons at california specific medical center in san francisco will form a six way kidney transplant involving 12 people. these today. three more scheduled tomorrow. they involve six back-to-back
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transplants lasting three hours each. six are donors six are recipients and the hospital performed a five way we transplant before but this is the first time they have done a six way procedure. four are from the bay area and two from central california. >> a county supervisor is hospitalized this morning awaiting his own transplant. he represented east and north contra costa county and in an e-mail glover said he needs a heart and kidney transplant and checked into the medical center on friday and is awaiting a donor. aides say the supervisor's office will remain open. >> an attempt to curb gun violence with the circuit court appeals up holding clips that can hold more than ten bullets. they rejectedded the arguments that the ban violated second amendment rights by the owners. the public safety concerns outweight the fed's concerns
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and the n.r.a. said a lawsuit is in the works. >> a 17-year-old miles is being charged with an adult approaching a woman with a bun and made her drive to another we location and associationually assaulted her and is held on $634 bail. >> the silicon valley technical executive suing the company for gender discrimination will take the witness stand today. testifying against venture capital clients say she was subjected to harassment and discrimination after ending a brief romantic relationship with a colleague. show said she was forced out because she complained of the alleged mistreatment and is asking for $630 million in damages. they say show was fired because of poor performance. the marin humane society hopes to fine home nor nine puppies who found them next to a
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box in san rafael. the veterinarian said the puppies increase good health and should be ready for adoption next week. the humane society is reminding people to get their animals spayed or neutered and assistance for those who cannot afford the procedure. >> the animal rescue is screening people to adopt three terrier puppies found sealed in a trash bag in january in good health and scheduled to be spayed and neutered today and ready for adopt after a week of recovery. authorities are still searching for the former owners of the puppies as they try to figure out who threw them away. >> a large part of the country is bracing for a round of bitter cold winter from texas to long island, snow and freezing rain are expected. thousands of flights have been cancel asked that number is expected to jump. our reporter has the latest. good morning, this is already a winter for the record becomes in the east and it is
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not over. >> winter's wrath looks like this in west virginia the swollen creek washing away a bridge and flooding and melting snow. >> look how fast. holy cow. >> now the rain is turning into another blast of snow. at least 24 states from texas up to massachusetts under winter weather alerts and thousands of delight cancellations and long delays. this is from a passenger in dallas showing the ice that left the plane stranded on the tarmac for hours with poor visibility and ice making treacherous conditions for drivers and six states bracing for another snow emergency. school closings could affect 500,000 students including those in washington, dc, where the government is also closed and resolution accidents are asked "stay home."
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travelers flying out of sfo are already feeling the impact. ten departures to dallas-ft. worth and chicago o'hare and newark and boston have been canceled and more are expected. oakland is reporting no cancellations and one american airlines flight great mineta san jose international airport to bfw is canceled and passengers are asked to check with carriers before leaving home. mine bring your pillow. you could be waiting? >> one of those days. you made a good observation it is warmer and i said a few spots but only a few that are not concord, one degree cooler and fairfield is four and everyone else is one or two or three degrees warmer but, we are still in the 30s especially in the san ramon valley. danville is 37. san ramon and dublin and leften at 38 degrees and livermore and walnut creek and lafayette at 40 and brentwood at 41 and pleasant hill is 42 and concord is 43 and antioch 44 and
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pittsburg at 45. 39 in fairfield. milpitas is 51. 42 across the santa clara valley and cupertino and 48 in redwood city and alameda and 39 in novato. this is how it looks in walnut creek a few stars no fog just chilly temperatures. as we head into the afternoon we will start the cost at 66 to 68 and very warm and warmer inland from the bay from 69 to 73. we have calm conditions across the golden gate bridge and no fog. we will have a lot of sun and above average temperatures through the weekend. the 70s are here for a while. leyla? >> we will start by looking at the 36 bart trains running on time and caltrain has no delays reported and ace train one is two minutes early and a look at oh we in san jose by 880 with 880 in the background and traffic is light so far and great conditions across the bay
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area with the exception of the altamont pass already building at 23 miles per hour as you leave tracy and jumps to barely 28 miles an hour. and hitting vasco the speeds pick up and you are clear into livermore and dublin and this is how long it takes you because of the altamont pass congestion, 47 minutes to get you there and 101 northbound you saw 12 minutes and daly city to san francisco is under ten minutes. >> stay tuned.
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>> covering cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. more witnesses will testify today in the trial of boston marathon bombing dzhakhar tsarnaev. yesterday, the prosecution released a new video that hasn't been made public before showing the april 2013 explosion from a camera near the finish line and officer need a marathon sports store. in the opening statement, tsarnaev defense attorneys toll the jury it was his client who carried out the bomb ensure but said it was his elder brother who master minded the attacks. the jury will decide if tsarnaev is guilty of 30 charges related to the attacks. he faces life in prison or the death penalty. >> we have new details on the case of the baby found dead near the sacramento river a week yolo county. the mother faces involuntary manslaughter and abuse.
5:14 am
she pleaded not guilt idea yesterday. she admitted she was high best baby died and the 20 day old justice rees may have died of drowning. though failed to show up for a family event and were reported missing. >> jim harbaugh is hailed a her roar after helping two crash victims on a icy michigan interstate on tuesday night in ann arbor. he saw an s.u.v. spin out hit the median and overturn. he kept the ejected driver warm with his coast until the emergency paramedics arrived. harbaugh is now the head coach at university of michigan. a major chicken change is coming to mcdonald's. here is america's money report. good morning changing the chicken at mcdonald's. >> in two years they will require chicken suppliers to stop using most anti
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>> the inventor of k cups does not use the pod because they are too expensive and create too much waste. green mountain the biggest maker said they will be completely recyclable in five years. >> peeps easter candy folks are offering peeps flavored in three flavors including marshmellow and chocolate and east milk. happening today an important vote to had ferry service from rich hand -- richmond to san francisco. the ferry service would be between richmond and san
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francisco and cost $45 million to build new ferry terminal in richmond and purchase two ferries. if approves the service will begin in 2018. >> the warriors are home after spending the month on the road. >> a him coming for bucks coach at the arena. he went to cal. green celebrated the 25th birthday by leading with 23 points, and 12 rebounds. it was tied in the 4th when steph curry took over and he drained three three pointers and the warriors beat the bucks improving 25-2 at home. tomorrow they face dallas. >> you can watch warriors play the clippers this sunday only right here with coverage starting at 12:30. >> we want to see your warriors
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pride featuring fan photos on air and abc.comwith photos or upload them using abc7 news app. you know you are in the zone. >> when you have a top shooter with an off night the fact they can still race the other team is nice. >> pageing michael jordan. >> that was cool. visions of him. that is fun. no better arena than oracle. >> now what is going on as far as weather. it is not so high flying as the warriors but temperatures are above average. next week we will get the fireworks possibly on wednesday and thursday and friday and hoping the medium-range models are correct this time with the
5:18 am
pattern change. they have had a bad time in the winter trying to hold on. visibility is unlimited with no fog. if you see any fog let us know so i can let our followers know and i will tell leyla and everyone who will forces her for the drive can learn ahead of time. light and variable winds to nonexistent this morning. >> right now the bay bridge is beautiful. sunny and warm. through the weekend. nights remain crisp and full of stars and the stormy pattern change is possible next week. now the temperatures, from 8 to 10 degrees above average. sunrise is 6 36. setting at 6:07.
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at the shark tank this is where we get our pollen very high, pine and oak and cedar and juniper with the mold. as far as the temperature today we go from 66 in bodega bay to 67 in half moon bay and everyone else is around 70 to 74 degrees with san jose 9 warm spot. tonight, a few 30s upper 30s around santa rosa and napa and other neighborhoods the low-to-mid 50s and upper 40s around richmond and oakland and 52 in san francisco. areas of high pressure one developing over land is bringing offshore breeze. that is why who are warmer today and tomorrow at coast. on wednesday into thursday, into friday of next week
5:20 am
rain dance whatever. warmest at the coast tomorrow. mid-60 the rest of the way and low-to-upper 70s for the rest of us. >> here is a look at walnut creek 680 southbound direction with tail lights we from treat boulevard to maine and the tail lights, the ribbon, closer to highway 24 is looking thicker and northbound traffic unimpeded by construction or congestion and see how it is looking to the south if you continue the drive through danville to the san ramon valley you are at top speeds in the 70s. slow down a little bit northbound traffic not finding any problems but we have a hiccup into dublin, westbound 580, that is where we have the big rig that probably hit metal debris and ruptured something own the truck so it is blocking the far right hand lane. be over on the left and slow down the speed. in the north bay, santa rosa
5:21 am
along 101 into rohnert park looking clear and accident free. into mill valley over the golden gate bridge no worries. matt? eric? >> thanks for showing us that "ribbon in the sky." >> seven things to know. >> new garage technology that could change how we find open parking spaces. >> how would you like to own a piece of movie history? you can. but there is a scratch. stay-- there is ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. don't miss yoplait's exciting new flavors -- creamy caramel and cookies
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new light & fit protein shakes. taste the power of satisfaction. ♪ dannon ♪ at chili's, fresh is now. now chicken smoked in-house, and no more waiting for the check. new smoked chicken quesadillas on chili's lunch combo menu, starting at 6 bucks. fresh is happening now. whether you are just joining us or headed out the door here are seven things to know. a rare six way kidney transplant is scheduled to take place starting today at california pacific medical center. the roar -- procedure involves 12 patients.
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surgeons will perform the procedures back-to-back over two days. >> a protest is planned that could impede access at uc santa cruz. students will block entrances and exits to the university over protesting rising tuition and police tactics. more than 80 stipes later the ambassador to south psychiatry said he is okay following a frightening knife attack that least him wounded. mark lippert is a stanford graduate. his face and wrist was slashed. >> ringling brothers circus announced they are getting rid of the elephant act. the parent company said the public concern over how they are treated led to the decision. the 42 elephants 8 be phased out by 2018 and will live in care center in florida. >> san francisco has beat its own record for the highest
5:25 am
rental prices in the country. a search site said the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $3,400 a month in the east bay though are going up the fattest in the country. our temperatures are going up but not that fast. we could be near records headed through today into the weekend. i will show you when it is warmest at the coast if you want sunshine and warmer-than-average ocean water. >> seven here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. if you are not in fast track lanes you have a wait open your hands with clear conditions across the bay area and a couple remaining construction projects ahead. the 1981 is tricked tout look like the one in back to the future and it could be yours for future but there is a cash, the chicago cubs have to win the world series. like in the movie.
5:26 am
write that off. you will never see that car. the auto museum in illinois is visiting it away and anyone can win with entries through the end of the upcoming baseball season. if they do not make it to the series the museum will not let the winner go home empty handed they get a hover board prop. they last won the world series in 1908. >> i remember that series, it was interesting. >> we have all been driving around looking for a parking spot and you feel it will never end. >> disney is going high-tech and downtown disney in florida has a sensor registering how many spots are available in a row. >> as you drive around you look up you see the green light and you know, yes, i can park there as opposed to, is that a small car or has someone pulled in too
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this is an allen family production. and here's why we love chex. one, we love choices like chocolate, vanilla and honey nut. two, we don't love artificial colors or flavors. does anybody? and's gluten free. chex. full of what you love. free of what you don't. have you tried gluten free chex oatmeal and new chex granola mix? two more delicious reasons to love chex. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. i am met caller here for kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. leyla is here.
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meteorologist mike nicco is checking the weather forecast. back east, wow weather >> we are on the warm side and they are on the cold and wet and winter side with all weather we are missing out on. good morning, everyone, no fog. it is clear commute. you can see all the way over to the east bay hills from our sutro tower camera. 30s and 40s chilly but everyone is in the mid-60s by noon. in mid-60's at the coast while we make a run at 70 elsewhere and enjoy a delightful evening mid-60s to increasely 60 degrees. aeveryone is joelous of the weather. how about our traffic? >> it is busy. the roads are filling. the bay bridge toll plaza shows metering lights not turned on but both right and left are collecting plenty of cars. the san mateo bridge is busy
5:31 am
from hayward and the drive to foster city will take you nine minutes and eastbound direction there is construction lasting until 11 o'clock with more detail on morning commute in a few minutes. >> suns in san francisco will make medical history starting a series kidney transplants involving a dozen patients. amy hollyfield is at california pacific medical center. amy? yes, matt this came together because some people have a kind heart but the wrong kidney starting with a woman giving to a man who she does not know, he has a relative willing to donate but wasn't a match. that relative is willing to donate but give as kidney to someone she doesn't know and that patient has a relative who wasn't a match but is willing to give to someone else. et cetera. et cetera. 12 people, in aural -- in all
5:32 am
are involved. there was a press conference to explain the complexity. and to introduce the woman who started it trying to donate and it fell through and now she has decided she wants to help one person. >> i have had this in my head that i wanted to and i decided to go forward with it. i didn't know it was going to be this big. >> another crucial part of this is creating medical matches. reporting life in san francisco for abc news. it is 5:32.
5:33 am
oakland police are still searching this only for at least two suspects following a highway shooting that led to a traffic nightmare for commuters. the shooting happened at 4:00 yesterday on eastbound 580 near the highway 24 interchange in oakland with six bullets hitting an acura before two cars crashed into east other. the witness saw two men jump from a chevrolet that was a rental car and the driver of the acura was wounded and the passenger was detained at scene. c.h.p. said a third was was damaged in the wreck but was able to drive off. sky 7 was over a traffic snarl in berkeley that was the result of a rush hour police chase and drivers surrendered to officers at gun point at interstate 80 after pursuit that began when they tried to stop for car pool violation. the driver was stuck in traffic and the arrest was memorable. >> it was bizarre. we tried to get him out the
5:34 am
vehicle and he held on to an energy drink and smoking and did not want to let go. >> the driver is 22 years old from brentwood and has an outstanding fm any warrant for parole violation. >> officials at uc santa cruz are warning of a roast that could impede access. groups have warned they will block entrance and exits to the university in profit of rising tuition and police tactics. on tuesday there was a block around along highway one. traffic was snarled for hours during the protest. today the demonstration started an hour ago and will last throughout the day. >> a story you will only see on abc7 a family is getting help after their son was beaten unconscious by another student allowed to return to school after only a few days. the parents and grandparents of
5:35 am
nathan ferrise pleaded with the unify school board at a meeting held at the middle schooling. nathan has not been back to class in a month and a half and the familiar said the ten-year-old who sent nathan for the hospital with severe concussion was suspended only five days. he attacked nathan a day before with only a one-day suspension. after hearing the story a school board member call for an investigation. >> they are talking about concerns and investigating this and make sure we have the right support for programs if their students so he can return to school and have the education he deserves and be supported in a school. >> i am excited. i really want to go back-to-school. people are home sick? i am school sick! >> unanimous than misses -- nathan misses his friends. >> dramatic video after the bloody attack that last the ambassador to south korea badly
5:36 am
hurt. our i need an ambulance. fast. get me to the hospital. >> mark lippert was slashed in the face and hand by a man during a lecture in seoul. the media reports that this man shouted no to war training and attacked lippert with a knife. 9 united states and south korea are conducting joint military exercises. lippert got 9 masters in international studies and worked for senator feinstein. the man had two knives and he was carrying a smaller razor blade. lippert received 80 stitches to his face and tweeted he is doing well and in great spirits and eager to get back to work. >> former secretary of state hillary clinton is responding about the controversial personal e-mail she sent for the public job. she tweeted "i want the public to see my e-mails and i asked
5:37 am
state to release them and they will review them as soon as possible for release." a republican controlled house of representatives committee investigating 12 -- 2012 subpoenaed her e-mails pertinent to the benghazi probe n a violation of federal regulations she bypassed the state department e-mail system and ran through a private server at her home so the emergencies everyone not archived by the government. the aides say show did nothin wrong. >> another big city s texas to new york. at least 24 states from massachusetts are under winter weather alerts with poor visibility and ice creating treacherous conditions this morning. many businesses and schools are closed and half a dozen states are bracing for a snow emergency
5:38 am
as they have done so many times this winter. >> it is brutal. >> they are tired of it. the tennessee river valley through the ohio river valley up to boston and stretching further, the determine whose a footprint 2,800 miles in length from mexico to canada. we are missing it with high pressure keeping us cool this morning at 36 in petaluma and we have santa rosa and american canyon at 38 and guerneville is 37 and novato is 39 and san rafael and mill valley and napa and california oakland in the low-to-mid 40s and 44 in san jose and san carlos and newark and cool spots in san ramon and lafayette at 38 and 39. in san rafael northbound along 101 no need to wore about fog you need the sunglasses. 66 to 68 at the coast and around
5:39 am
accident to 74 degrees for the bay and inland neighbor and ferry ride is clear and calm again and not a brick ride whatever. depending how fast the ferry captain drives. temperatures are above average through the weekend. a change is coming up. >> in san jose, 897, beyond the tank this is where bob will perform tonight with conditions light and we have a couple of problems with a brand new accident in the eastbound direction of highway 24 and we have a solo trash in 9 center divider. in orinda we have delays through caldecott tunnel. through dublin westbound 580 we
5:40 am
still have a big rig taking up one lane because it hit debris in the road and new we have delays pulling away from pleasanton soen prepared. the drive over the altamont pass is busy with the details on how long it will take in a few minutes. next, ground zoe in the -- zero in the battle over affordable housing. >> the big reveal for the most expensive cars around the super spending ride and tell you why some people are still calling it a bargain at 500,000. >> stay tuned. ♪ ♪
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>> covering daly city, dublin los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> if los angeles, four more patients have been infected with the super bug linked to a taint the medical scope. it is happening at cedar cyanide medical center. 64 other people may have been exposed to the bacteria. two weeks ago a similar outbreak at ucla ronald reagan medical center killed two. the scopes used by the hospital were modified bit manufacturer without approval and the row design made them harder to decontaminate. >> battle over affordable housing in san francisco is pitting demonstrators against developers with a heated confrontation last night between those who want homes and those who want jobs. the proposed 10-story apparent and condo high-rise is at 16 there and mission and replaces walgreens and burger kick --
5:44 am
king. they propose building 300 market rate rental units at 41 middle class con zoes for sale to those making between $61,000 and $145,000 a year. >> we are clearest demands we are making: 100 percent affordable housing. >> no one can do this with the cot of construction and sterlings, there is no way. that is why we are talking about 31 percent affordable. >> the developers hope to begin construction in december and opponents will not let that happen. >> more americans are in support of recreational marijuanaening legalized. the survey done by the national opinion research center found half of those felt it was time to legalize marijuana and 51 percent in favor and 42 percent opposed. the rest were undecided. voters in four state and district of columbia have legal
5:45 am
ize the recreational marijuana. >> if it becomes legal across the country the makers of ben & jerry's ice cream hope to finalize and will consider selling a cannabis-infused flavor that makes sense to combine pleasures of ice cream and pot. i have the feeling those are already combined? >> a way to increase sales. >> that is what we all read in the magazine. >> we will focus on the ice cream. >> why not any flavor. until you gave it up for lent. >> in sweets. >> you gave up? >> no sugar for length. >> more salt and fat. >> just eating bacon >> now a look at live doppler hd you can see how quiet it is. sun is starting to brighten the
5:46 am
sky over san jose as we look at 101 and 880 and sunshine and warmer-than-average temperatures near records especially oakland and now through the weekend and the nights because of the dryness in the air and lack of wind and clouds are crisp and the pattern change is pole happening next month. the computers had a rough time during the kin step of -- during the winter of holding on to the changes. a changing of the guard color wise with the sun coming up, 8-10 degrees warmer-than-average. the record high in oakland is 75. we are close at 43. sun is secretary at 6:07. accident in san francisco and san rafael and everyone else around 71 to 73. 74 in san jose. bodega bay at 66 and half moon bay at 67 and pacifica and ocean
5:47 am
beach topping out at 68. cool weather tonight and inland and not so much around san francisco and san mateo and low 50s and upper 40s around richmond and oakland and inelse is in the upper 30s to mid-40s and the area of high pressure over the ocean is the steering mechanism keeping the storms to the north and now it is developed over land and brings us the offshore breeze the dry air and the warmer air. by tuesday next week they are moving off to the east opening the door. why don't you rain on us for a little bit headed to wednesday is thursday and friday? my seven-day forecast shows until that happens our warmest day is tomorrow at 70 and the rest of us in the local 70s through about tuesday.
5:48 am
traffic at the bay bridge with metering lights on. we have a couple of problems across the bay area. i noticed slowing here in richmond. it is a system car crash westbound along 80 approaching carlton, you can see how the traffic is getting heavier and heavier as you leave san pablo to richmond. the drive along 680 is not affected and in san jose we have a hit-and-run accident southbound 85 offer -- over on the shoulder and slow down approaching highway 87 and the breeze continues up to highway 17 and over the altamont pass, 41 minutes on 580 in tracy to dublin highway four is building antioch to concord is 22 minutes and clear in the north bay. if you have a car lover in the house keep them away from the tv. >> ford is ready to release the
5:49 am
most expensive car in their history the new 2016 ford g.t. start at $400,000 the same price the the lamborghini. ford will make only 250 of them with a carbon seats only two. the vintage g.t.s are among the few that increase in value of modern cars that increase with age. >> a new mystery contestants on "dancing with the stars" is revealed. >> new health warning of the sugar in your diet and how much you may need to cut back. >> hbo without the pricey cable bill. >> we are looking at the bay bridge and the smooth and as
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
eeeee lot control and plowed into eight cars. the windshield falls out completely. in happened in obtain but police just released the video. the husband and the wife in the first car struck bit bus sustained serious injuries. only one passenger on bus stop okay. the 65-year-old bus driver is sorry for what happened and pleaded not guilty do a misdemeanor, a moving violation causing serious impairment. >> if you enjoyed beautiful light supply on the bay bridge,
5:53 am
the lights are coming down tomorrow. it is only temporary. tonight is the last night and to say goodbye for now celebration is underway in san francisco behind the water borrow restaurant on the embarcadero at 8:00. caltrain is removing the bay lights display to allow for maintenance on the cables and the lights are reinstalled in 2016 in time for a football game for super bowl 50 and then it is permanent. >> last night, with the rockets and the grizzlies was during a time out. a rockets fan got a half court shot to win $25,000! leyla, we want you to look at next you have a dancing background what about that? the little movement, i like that. >> that was an arabesq
5:54 am
houston lost to memphis, maybe not the most pretty dance move but the most valuable. >> did you play basketball in the jeans? >> always, with snow on the ground. >> in february we got the urge to play basketball with jeans and snow budgets. >> now, a look at san jose, good morning, everyone. in a dip california man or average march 69 to 48 to end, 25 and 87 are the extremes and the fourth wettest month. a ferry can be seen chugging with high pollen this afternoon and you cannot get away from it until you head to the mountains. low 70s through central veal and upper 70s in los angeles.
5:55 am
>> yes that was an to a slam dunk. >> now a look at moving to treasure island traveling in the eastbound direction, there are going to be a few cones blocking the lanes for a few more minutes and they are getting picked up. traveling out of san francisco southbound 280 we have construction causing delays the cones are being picked up. >> and the mush rooms is what that sounded like. >> new guidelines from the world health organization say people should slash daily intake of sugar to 6-12 teaspoons a day less than in one can of soda.
5:56 am
the guidelines do not apply to natural sugars like those in fruits and vegetables because that will comes with nutrients. >> check this out, tourists in africa got a laugh from this little guy acting all grown up protecting the herd. the baby elephant charges the vehicle, flares his ears and jumps on his hind legs and turns back to his group. all they could do was laugh and call it "adorable." >> bachelor fans would cannot get enough of "dancing with the stars" you are in for a treatment. >> the bachelor farmer is going to be the celebrity on new "dancing with the stars" season partnering with whitney scar -- carson but will profess love to a lucky lady on monday during "the bachelor." the new "dancing with the stars" season premieres in two weeks
5:57 am
right here. >> at 6:00 ben carson back tracks and responds to the backlash after making controversial commons about homosexuality. >> free credit scores sound great but michael finney and "consumer reports" say there are big concerns. >> as the sunrises in the east behind the berkeley hills a beautiful shot. we will
5:58 am
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and love. grocery outlet. bargain market live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. happening now at 6:00 a look at uc santa cruz where students are up early with two issues they are protesting and the wanting going out to staff. >> happening today medical history being made in the bay area. the san francisco hospital performing a six way kidney
6:00 am
transplant and the computer program making it all possible. >> winter that will not go away, a million children across the country forced to stay home today and another blast of cold hitting the eastern seaboard. i am matt keller here for kristen sze and i am here with leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco. >> i feel sorry for the parents on the east coast. >> having lived here county it is tough for parents pause you have to find someone to watch the kid. for the kids, so many things to do. when we were growing up there were three channels. that is it. >> and no weather channel. >> live doppler hd showing how dry it is this morning. we will


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