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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 9, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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on for the person who shoved a man into the path of a muni train. we are learning of the investigation this morning. >> waiting for apple, the technical world has its eyes on cupertino's apple has they unveil new details on the new smart want. the information we are expected to learn in a few hours. what is going to happen to kaepernick? there are trade rumors surrounding kaepernick. >> good morning, everyone, at 6:00 am on monday. thanks for being here. we are all reality willed thing of frank gore leaving to the philadelphia eagles and cap any, -- and kaepernick although they deny deny deny. >> and we got less sleep. >> leyla and mike are here. it is foggy. >> absolutely. good morning everyone, we are half to quarter mile around napa
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and 1.25 in santa rosa and everyone else is cloudy this morning as we will have a very summer-like day. san rafael and hazy but not too foggy. clouds everywhere and mild this morning upper 40s to low 50s and at noon clouds at the coast keeping you in the mid-50s possibility of upper 60 to mid-70s away from the coast and by 7:00, enjoy the warmth and the sunshine with mid-50s at the coast and low-to-mid 50s elsewhere. >> it is possible to enjoy the commute? >> not particularly. we have plenty of traffic. it looks like everyone set the clock to the rise time. that is the macarthur maze. the fog is not affecting the commute in the north bay but we have clouds. it is a drag. coming in from berkeley toward 580. the drive is slow at the bay
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bridge toll plaza and you have a sea of headlights so the travels take in excess of 15 minutes to make it into san francisco. this morning apple will reveal new office what it hopes is the next big thing: the apple watch. the c.e.o. is getting ready. here is the tweet just sent with extra rest nor the event and slept in until 4:30. maybe he usually gets up at 3 pock. here is more on the event. good morning. the yerba buena center is lit up with the logo of apple on the front. a lost excitement of the spring warred event. technical insideers and apple fans are buzzing of what is instore and the star is expected to be the apple watch. it was first introduced six months ago and will go on sale in april. today we should find out more
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about the device such administration the final decision specifics with four models and watch apps and retail price. there are smart watches out there and consumer are anxious to see how this sizes up to the competitors. >> the thing is, it will be driven by the apps. >> if it has g.p.s. capability i will buy it. i don't know if it uses a 15 g.p.s. but if it does it is great for joggers. a lot is at stake for the c.e.o., the first apple product launched entirely under his team without the help of steve jobs. apple needs to be clear what sets. apple watch apart from the competitors. they are expected to make other product announcement and as always the event should be packed with surprises. if there are surprises you can tune in to abc7 where we
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will have coverage later this morning including tweeting from the event at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. san francisco police are looking for a man who pushed another man and the path of an oncoming muni train at 9:00 last night at the civic center station. police say the two men were fighting on the platform when one push the other two the train. officers state victim hit his head and rushed to the hospital and he is in stable condition. the suspect ran away. police closed the station and neighborhood to search for the man but they have not found him. >> a six-year old girl is in the hospital with life threatening injuries after being hit by a car in santa rosa and found lying in the street on petaluma hill road before 9:30 and walking with her family in the marked cross walking and she was hit. the 67-year-old driver pulled over right away and is cooperating with investigators. >> a university of oklahoma
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practice -- fraternity and facing major fallout over a youtube racist rant. [ inaudible ] >> hours of the clip being posted the sigma alpha epsilon headquarters announced they were closing the chapter and suspending the members. students came together for a prayer circle last night mostly saying they are appalled. >> it fakes anyone feel frustrated and disgusted. >> police are patrolling the practice turnty house tagged with graffiti overnight. the university is also investigating the video. growing racial tens in another american city after an unarmed black teen was shot and killed in madison business, by a white police officer who said the teen tried to attack him.
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what's his name? tony robinson. >> the college town of madison wisconsin, on edge this morning after roasts and warnings for 19-year-old we unarmed shot and killed by a white police officers 45-year-old matt kenny. >> he is up before the best people i knew. >> anyone dying in the community, this is not a black issue. this is not a white issue. this is a humanitarian issue. >> friday night officer kenny responded to multiple disturbances of robinson's behavior. tony hit a friend. >> officer forced his way into a home where the authorities say robinson assaulted him. he opened fire. >> test fire. test fire. >> he pled guilty to armed robbery last year. community leaders are trying to
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bring a divided city back together. >> do not pass judgments on the young map or law enforcement officials. the facts will come out. >> police chief remembered tone robinson over the weekend trying to avoid the missteps that caused anger in ferguson missouri. the sonoma county sheriff said 30 at lit -- converters have been stolen the past week mostly in windsor and sonoma valley areas. the converters contain precious metals so thieve try to tell them for scrap. recyclesser required to document sales in california. the stolen parts have not turned up locally so deputy think they are sold outside the area. 49ers general manager called media reports that the teach is shopping kaepernick as "ridiculous."
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radio sports talk show host claimed the philadelphia eagles and bears talked with 49ers about kaepernick being available. three independent sources are said to have confirmed this. >> frank gore said he will sign with philadelphia eagles on tuesday. and will not return after 10 years with the team. he was offer add three year deal with $7.5 million guaranteed the first two year more than 49ers wanted to spend on a 32-year-old running back. he needs only 927 yards to become the 15 the running back to reach 12,000 yards. >> still very productive. >> he could do well in philadelphia's offend. >> now a look at the weather forecast. >> the warm temperatures are not slowing down 24 hour temperature change up to seven
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degrees warmer than we were this time yesterday and with the cloud cover that is going to spring board us to warm temperatures. low 50s through most of the south bay and the exception is sunnyvale and mountain view is 53 and santa teresa is 54 degrees and we have low 50's great novato and san pablo and to half moon bay at into and we see 40s where the clouds are coming in last at 46 at danville and lafayette and calistoga at 40 degrees. and 1280 at 17 in san jose you can see the marine layer clouds are all a over your neighbor and we will see sunshine, first, inland east bay is that is why you are going to be warmest at 75 and north bay at 69 and the coast is 2357 to 60 with pockets of sunshine and mostly sunny around the bay and not until the afternoon at 66 in san francisco and 68 in oakland and 70 in san jose. cooler tomorrow as we see the
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clouds increasing and chance of scattered light showers and low-to-mid 60s on wednesday and nearly record warmth this weekend. in san jose, 101, near 880, travel in the northbound direction with hold lights up to mineta san jose airport moving fine but 880 in the back ground shows delays with slowing near alum rock avenue at 25 minute and end i don't the nimitz you are good to go. to 80 it is clear but 880 southbound dipping down to 38 miles per hour and slow worry headed into campbell and highway 85 and 87 and 17 no delays in the northbound direction and up to the dumbarton bridge, top speed there the san mateo bridge traffic westbound direction is building but speaking of bridges, some inspections will take place this afternoon on the antioch bridge through thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. with one way
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traffic control. expect delays. >> isis and social networking coming up the silicon valley company supporters of terrorist group favor most. >> 14 hours in a river, incredible story of survival for a toddler and finally brought to safety. >> fallout facing hillary clinton after the mail controversy. the new criticism the potential presidential candidate is now facing from senior senator from california. >> more weather and traffic all morning long. stay tuned.
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>> covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning south bay, a look at 101 you can see traffic is moving well in both directions. that is good news. we have low clouds and foggy in some spots. the 18-month-old baby girl who survived a crash in utah that killed her mother is improving. she was riding with her mom on friday night and the car ask renned -- car went off the road
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and land upside down in a river beneath a bridge hid friend view and a fisher man stumbled on the crash 14 hours later. the mother, 25 years old did not wake it but she was found upside down inches away from rushing water and unresponsive but alive. >> i got up on the car and the baby was submillioned -- submerged and i pulled her identity of the water and tried to unbuckle the car seat with the other hand. >> she is in critical but stable condition and her family said the doctors are hoping she will recover. an account has been set up to pay for funeral experiences and medical care. so far more than $12,000 has been raised. >> supporters of isis appear toking fans of fan based twitter with a measure report fining that this are 46,000 twitter
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accounts belonging to isis supporters. most of the accounts are in syria and iraq. they have been traced to other countries including italy france u.k., spain and bell up. it is not clear if they are in the united states. some list washington or los angeles but it is more possible to give the appearance of a threat. >> cart senator feinstein said it is time that hillary clinton talked of had are decision to use a private e-mail account for government business. she is the first major democrat to urge clinton to share more details of the nongovernment account while the top diplomat. it is believed that silence will hurt clinton. >> she needs to step up and state exactly what the situation when some shadow of doubt is placed it will linger through the presidential campaign.
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>> she has turned over all relevant e-mails totally 55,000 pages to the state department for review. in the south bay, we hit the sweet spot where it was mice and warm in the day and cool at night to cool down the house with no air conditioning or heat just enjoying the no power bill situation. >> who knows tax could go up next along with our water bills. it could be warmer-than-average by the end of the week and you may want to turn on the air conditioning. today we have a summer like pattern with fog. three-quarters in napa and 2.5 in santa rosa so it is on the move. watch out, it could be thicker than that. we do have 59-minute flight arrival delays at sfo including the peninsula. and sunshine and warm temperatures today away from the coast and that will be cloudy
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and cool and scattered light showers on wednesday and nearly record warmth on friday and saturday. as far as a clear spot, concord and walnut creek looking south into the san ramon valley with fog making it into the livermore valley and it is starting to top the east bay hills in certain areas and it will be the warmest this afternoon. tree pollen is high. grass and mold creeping up. compared to last week. still, low. pine and oak and pollen. by 1:00 o'clock or 2:00 the fog is eliminated from the bay but it stays stubborn with a few holes for sunshine with the clouds. up to 60 at half moon and up to 70 in palo alto. mid-to-upper 60s for the most part around the bay shore and low-to-mid 70's with the best
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chance of mid-70s being san jose and livermore and antioch and fairfield. the cloud cover comes back and the temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s and a few mid-40s around palo alto and napa and santa rosa. the cloud cover is join by high clouds tomorrow and temperatures are three to six degrees cooler because of the lack of sunshine. on wednesday best chance of anything falling from the sky across the north bay and it will be that way through lunch and we have a window from 6:00 until 11 o'clock for the rest of us to is scattered showers and maybe up to quarter inch of rain. temperatures in the low-to-mid 60 on wednesday considerably cooler and look at the run of 70 at the cost friday and saturday and nearly 80 for the rest of us. the traffic is no accidents at the macarthur
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maze or the toll plaza with plenty of cars. we have a couple of problems north of here. this is where the backups begin around university avenue at 54 miles per hour and then it guns up at emeryville. all the roads what funnel into the bridge along 580 i at 12 miles per hour and delays at northbound 880 approaching grant avenue and the overcrossing is busy and we have a new accident westbound 80, and 580 at avenue and one or two lanes blocked and heavy delays. the rest of the driver toward emeryville and oakland, highway 13 is clear along we highway 24 moving along fine through the caldecott tunnel and it becomes up closer to 980. coming up the world rallies around dancing man a victim of
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>> know a look at "good morning america" at 7:00. good morning, the firestorm brewing over the fatal police shooting of an african-american teen in madison wisconsin. the tribute to the victim and the latest on what we know of how the deadly encounter played out is on "good morning america" next. celebrities are now jumping into throw a fat shamed dancing man a party. photos making fun of the man for being overweight triggered outrage and the popular writer asked her 30,000 followers to help fine him because 2,000 women in loss -- in los angeles 2,000 women wanted to throw him a party. donations to throw a party have surpassed $36,000. >> people realize how easy it is to do something good.
6:25 am
i didn't leave my couch and look what happened. >> it gets better. pharrell williams wants an invite, and dancing man never be ashamed of yourself and another tweeted i offer deejay service for free for dancing man, no one should ever be ashamed about dancing. gift registries are not just for wedding baby showers more and more are creating them for their kids birthday parties. some say it is matter of convenience and it makes it easier for guests do shop for a present owes say it teaches kids to expect too much [ inaudible ] they appreciate knowing where to go. >> kids can become agreedy. make sure your child is grateful for whatever comes. >> not just small shops offer the service but amazon and toys 'r us are using wish list
6:26 am
programs. you want on get what you want, you don't want a million stuffed animal but you have to be grateful for what you get. >> well said. >> the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> arrested in walnut creek this man and woman are behind bars for a theft. >> boat fire on the bay, hear from the cousins hailed as heroes after rescuing a group of boaters. >> a man hit by a train at the civic center station improved. we have an update next. >> a summer like pattern with low clouds flight arrival delays in sfo and a 10-15 degree spread from the coast and inland. in the traffic center i am leyla gulen applying the brakes we are fining a last congestion
6:27 am
in several areas including the san mateo bridge with problems near the hoffman split.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news it is march 9. here is the san mateo bridge with people losing an hour of sleep over the weekend of the maybe a little groggy hitting the roads this morning. thanks for joining us. we will hope they are not groggy because that would not be safe. we will check now with mike and the weather forecast. >> we will throw the fog in there for a little more fund. half a mile in napa and 2.5 in santa rosa. san jose at 280 and 17, it is cloudy in the south bay. we temperatures are 44 to 52 so cool but not too bad this morning. the 12 hour day planner 56 at the coast and 60 at the coast and 70 inland. by 7:00 56 at the coast and a delightful 68 inland.
6:31 am
you can now do all that yard work. that is what all the men at home want to hear. now, a look at walnut creek and the drive certainly is gumming up at this hour with busy traffic southbound. macarthur maze is packed up to 580. slowing right out of berkeley but we have troubles north of there at at hoffman >> san francisco police are looking for a man who push another into the path of an oncoming muni train during a fight suffer severe head injuries. >> the victim improved overflight and now is in stable condition. the police are still looking for
6:32 am
the man he got into a fight with. they did not make any arrest overnight. they shut down the station to look for the man but he got away. investigators say two men were fighting at 9:00 last night at the civic center station when the victim was pushed on to the tracks. police say he was hit in the head by a train. wants were interviewed and the station was searched and passengers say the platform was a crime scene. >> i come up the stairs and there is a window, someone took a sledgehammer to the window is how it looked. they were interviewing one and there were a bunch of cops. >> the victim was taken to the hospital with serious head injuries and now is in stable condition. the station re-opened but police are looking and if you have any information on who was involved or asking you please come forward. also developing, one person is dead two others are hurt after a coal mine collapse in
6:33 am
west virginia before 9:00 local time last night, the county emergency management director said the roof caved in and two injured workers are expected to be okay. investigators in west virginia work with the company that owns the mine to determine the cause of the accident. >> a story you will see only on abc7, a boat fire near angel island forced seven to abandon slip and two fishermen were credited for the rescue. smoke was pouring out of the 43' yacht and the passengers were the last to know. they were saved by two cousins of a passenger who was fishing nearby. they heard the call and raced to the burning yacht. >> people were waving and we were waving back not realizing though are saying this was smoke coming o.j. -- on board and we put on our life jackets. >> they coapts call and collected the entire time so i
6:34 am
griffith to them. it was not a panic situation. >> the boat sustained significant damage. the official cause is yet-to-be-determined but firefighters say it looks like it started in the engine compartment. >> police are sending for the driver who hit and killed a beloved east bay artist over the weekend, celeste jewell howell died after being run over in west oakland on saturday walking on pine street when the driver lost control, drove on to the sidewalk and hit her. the driver jumped out of the car and ran away. howell created custom jewelry and her long time partner is devastated over the loss. >> she is the must beautiful person in the world a practicing buddhist and would not hurt a fly. she was taken from us way too soon. >> brian mason said she always drove to work but decided to walk this time because the weather was nice. >> police continue to search for
6:35 am
an accused child me easter who escaped child molester who escaped we four days ago during an appointment on friday. he was being treated and overpower add deputy and escaped. carter is considered dangerous. call 9-1-1 if you see hip. >> police are searching for two people in assault and robbery at home depot. a woman stole several power tools and an officer stop her in the parking lot but the accomplice hit him with the car. they took off. the employee injured his knee and is expected to recover. walnut creek police have arrested two people accused stealing a purse from the front seat of a parked car. authorities took 43-year-old charles farmer and 31-year-old stehpanie nelson into custody at the countrywood shopping center reaching into the unlocked car and grabbed the purse. the husband tried to stop the get away. but the suspects hit him.
6:36 am
they were arrested. the purse was recovered. >> today, it is time for the apple watch and the cupertino company is finally expected to lift the secrecy surrounding the highly anticipated gadget. we have a preview. >> hundred drieds fight to keep their homes on the if peninsula the symbol of a need for affordable housing in s veal. >> a morning the toll plaza as we go to break. get weather and traffic during the commercial break.
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>> good morning at 6:39, winter "spare the air" season is behind us with the ban of wood burning that pollutes the air 20 alerts and six were unhealthy and 3,700 complaints and 155 tickets issues. the clouds show san francisco is only three degrees warmer than average because of the marine layer but the further you are away from the pay and the ocean the warmer you are. concord and san jose are nine degrees warmer-than-average. we will have money 70s through the central valley to los angeles and it and upper 70s and 89 in palm springs and 63 in lake, a record high temperature for today and this is possible more record high temperatures on friday and saturday nearly 70s
6:40 am
which is not right. >> we have breaking news caltrain on the peninsula a person is struck by a train in peel appeal and the crossing at churchill avenue is closed affecting northbound 3309 so expect some delays. a person has been struck south of palo alto and trains 3309, expect delays with more details in a little bit. right new we have san mateo bridge an accident at the high-rise soups like it is the center divider an ambulance and tow truck are on the way and we have best delayings after the crash is cleared, eastbound 580 at central avenue the drive approaching the hoffman split is stop-and-go adding minutes to the commute. trading is underway on wall street and we will go to the nasdaq for the money report including the economic costs of daylight savings time.
6:41 am
>> gas prices are creeping back up and what is sending them higher. firsts stay in the know with abc7 with a look at maze with the backup. stay tuned.
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>> minutes ago a tweet from the palo alto police department saying a person has been struck by a train at palo alto. the crossing at churchill is closed nine minutes ago. just if the last minute they gave a traffic update, regarding the train incident and we have re-open the i we crossing to traffic. leyla will have an update on what it means this morning for the commute. sky 7 is headed that way as well. >> we are watching your money, the technical world is launching apple to find out new details on the highly anticipated new gadget. >> is it the next big thing? they are getting set up and we have seem them wheel in equipment to the yerba buena center all lit up with the logo and check out that the fans are buzzing with rumors of what is in store and the star of the show is expected to be the apple watch introduced six months ago.
6:45 am
we were just given a tease. there are four models. today, apple will unveil the features, apps and price. it is on sale next month with a lot of excitement. there are big expectations. >> the biggest challenge is if it is so great i can't think of anything it does you cannot do on an iphone and who is the biggest customer? iphone users so we will see how that flies. >> this is the c.e.o. has had something special without steve jobs. there are potential big surprises including a new photo sharing service. we have coverage later this morning including live tweeting at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. tonight hundreds of community members will rally at
6:46 am
palo alto city hall plaza for 400 people facing eviction from a mobile home park. this is the last mobile home park in palo alto a community of mostly low income latino families with work in the neighbors around them with rough a third of the average in the area but one family would has own the mobile home park wants to sell the land because it could be worth for up to $30 million. >> everything you need suddenly will disappear. people will lose their jobs, the kids have to change schools. >> those who work in the community are part of our daily success. the city the the region runs on their labor. >> the santa clear county and palo alto city manager have society aside $8 million to presbyterian the land for affordable housing and the search is on for other partners to pay the owner of a fair price
6:47 am
>> daylight saving time is not the only problem with switching our clocks. >> gas prices go up even more. here is jane king with the money report. good morning to you. we are mixed to start off on monday. the dow and suspect are tasing modestly higher but the nasdaq turned lower with trading down three or four points and apple is sightly higher awaiting a big announcement. we are getting use to an hour less of sleep but it can impact our finances. a study at yale and uc santa barbara increased energy use by 1 percent adding up to millions in electricity costs and pollution. >> oil and gas prices could be headed higher, with the latest uptick because of refinery need maintenance so they shut them down. the gas prices are a dollar less than they were this time last
6:48 am
year open average. san francisco aa. a said the average rice is $3.48 and a year ago it was $3.96. chicken growers pay the price for the new program using nonantibiotic chicken raised without airport biotics take three to six days longer to reach their market weight. the farmers and chicken processors will feel the financial impact from the new mcdonald's policy. >> we have breaking news in palo alto and we will check with leyla gulen and what is going on. leyla? good morning everyone, we have sad news that caltrain has struck and killed a person in palo alto and that is northbound 309 now affected. that is north of churchill avenue in palo alto trains are not able to travel through the area.
6:49 am
there is more information provided as it becomes available but if you are not clear as to where this is that is the overcrossing and now is open to traffic so palo alto have re-open the traffic 59 churchill avenue but again, train 309 northbound is not running because of a fatal strike. at sunol boulevard we have a sig-alert with an overturned pickup southbound 680 freeway with heavy traffic there through pleasanton. drive time traffic 580 tracy to dublin is 56 minutes and main minutes through the north bay southbound in san rafael to san francisco with the fog meteorologist mike nicco will tell us about that. good morning everyone thick around napa at three-quarters of a mile and two miles around santa rosa and the rest of us have marine layer clouds and summer like pattern
6:50 am
unfolding this afternoon. 48 in wood side and otherwise we are june to 52 degrees everywhere homogenizeed air mass and 52 at oakland and san jose and freeway and mountain view is 53. and areas that do not see clouds new concord at 48 and napa at 47 with the nicaragua and mill veal is 35. 280 and 17 you can see the cloud cover over san jose this morning with sunshine and warmer-than-average temperatures around bay and inland and the cost will be cool. light showers on wednesday and record warm on friday and saturday and one of the clear areas at walnut creek south at 680 into the san ramon valley tree pollen is high grass and mold is up but still slow and as far as the temperatures, they are influenced by the cloud deck
6:51 am
that pulls out of the inland neighborhood by 11 o'clock and by 1:00 o'clock or 2:00 all the clouds fade arrest from the bay shoreline and the coast is just a few holes in the cloud cover so you are anywhere from 56 in bodega to half moon bay at 60 and 66 in san francisco and upper 60s for the rest of the bay shoreline and palo alto and san jose, low-to-mid 70s and low 70s in santa rosa and napa and the best chance for low-to-mid 70s inland east bay with the sunshine first. tonight, cloud cover in all the neighborhood with mainly upper 40s to low 50s so a few exceptions in the mid-40s san ramon valley and north bay valley and the cloud cover the low clouds and high clouds shave three to six degrees off the highs for tomorrow and wednesday morning, still look at sonoma county coast through noon and eight at 6:00 through 11 o'clock in the evening hours we have a chance of scattered showers for
6:52 am
the rest of us and we quarter of an inch in the north bay mountain and the seven-day forecast low-to-mid 60 on wednesday and low 70s at the coast on friday and saturday and the rest of us flirt with mid-70s and 88 degrees. back with 15 things to know before you go and a look at the toll plaza backed up at 6:52 in the only and we will keep weather and traffic up so you will not miss a thing.
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> this is mount diabolo, a beautiful start to the morning. last week we did not have it so enjoy that. >> before go, police are looking for a man who pushed another man into the path of a muni train. officers say the two men were fighting at the civic center station in san francisco last night and one pushed the other into the oncoming train and ran away. the victim is if stable condition. >> survivors of a boat fire near angel island credit two fishermen for saving their lives a story you see only here. smoke was pouring from the yacht yesterday and two crash fishermen raced over to height. it took firefighters two hours to put out the fire.
6:55 am
>> dozens are gathering for a rally against racism in oak after a video showed members of the sigma alpha epsilon fraternity on a because chanting racial slurs against black students and the sigma alpha epsilon has been shut down. >> six patients have new kidneys because of six donors and surgeons in san francisco. a woman walked out of the medical center three daze after donating a kidney and is credited with kicking off the we largest donation chain in the history of the hospital. >> watching the watch, apple is expected to reveal details of the highly anticipated new watch in san francisco this morning happening at 10:00 a. and we will tweet live. follow us at twitter@abc7newsbayarea with the detail on the news at midday it look like june with marine layer clouds in most neighborhoods and
6:56 am
half moon half mile visibility and bart is mostly in the 50s and still some upper 40s in lafayette and pittsburg. this afternoon the clouds pull back and you will be near 60 and the rest of us in the 70s. sky seven is over palo alto where a person has been struck and killed at palo alto on the tracks northbound train 3309 is now stopped could you can expect some heavy delays. follow me on twitter for the details in the next couple of hours. you can see a lot of activity happens at the intersection and churchill avenue has been re-opened we are told to traffic so palo alto opened the traffic there and northbound is not affected. we continue online and facebook and all mobile
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"good good morning, america. happening now, flooding fears. millions of americans on alert and heavy rain in the south raising concerns about flash floods and rising temperatures about to trigger a big thaw in the northeast. breaking overnight. shut down, a top fraternity at the university of oklahoma closed after this video surfaced. its members using a racist chant. the backlash fierce overnight. its house vandalized. how will the school respond. speaking out. bill cosby with a new message to his fans, his first since that barrage of sexual assault allegations. the comedian fights back in an abc news exclusive. poison plot at the world's biggest dog show.


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