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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  March 10, 2015 1:07am-1:43am PDT

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if you're a man over 50, you're in a group most likely to develop skin cancer including melanoma. that's why your best shot is to check for a spot. follow through and check your skin. go to to find out how. >> right now. bomb squad raid >>
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right now. bomb squad raiding a north bay home after neighbors heard a loud explosion. >> it is the very same novato house where neighbors dangerous explosives were found just last month. good evening. >> that raid just started a short time ago. >> 7 news reporter cornell is live in novato with late details. cornell? >> the uc berkeley bomb squad believe it or not just arrived open the scene here on pacheco avenue. they are about to go inside the house. thinks the house that they have been inside before. deputy are waiting for a search warrant to go inside of the house. marin county sheriff's deputy say late this afternoon neighbors reported hearing a loud explosion. coming from the house. deputy arrived and detained 43-year-old lori mason. the same woman they arrested back on february 13. that's when they found more than 80 explosive devices and some bomb making ingredient in her bedroom. police say mason ignited some of the explosives
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to intimidate someone. they also charged her with child endangerment. her youngest daughter was inside at the time. as deputy prepare to search the house once again they are worried about what they can find inside. >> device found last time during the course of the search were equivalent to half stick quarter stick of dynamite so are they a threat? absolutely if those were left out in the street anywhere in the residential area any one of the neighborhood children were to pick it up, we have a problem. >> the now you better believe sheriff's deputy have lots of questions considering they search the house just weeks ago search the house just weeks ago. and if there are explosive devises independent they want to know y.the young daughter was not in the home today. we are live in novato tonight, abc 7 news. >> all right cornell thank you. >> tonight oakland police searching for gunman who opened fire at high land hospital. happened around 8 this evening near the ambulance bay. they picked up more than 2 dozen
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gunshots. nobody was hurt. >> there is a lot of anxiety in hayward tonight after student diagnosed with tuberculosis there. student attend the hay school. letter wept home with stunts today but nobody is sure who was in effected or whether they were exposed to that person. >> alan live at the high school with the latest tonight. alan? >> tuberculosis is not considered indemic so most students not vaccinated for it but now the school population has been exposed to tb. and nobody knows who the infected person is. letter from the hayward school district says 10 i son high school student tested positive for tuberculosis and may have infected others. but the infected student identity can not be released and causing a lot of anxiety here. >> i'm concerned that the person was in my class and i might have it. >> what happens if we get it. >> tuberculosis is a contagious airborne bacteria that damages the lungs and can be fatal. but it is treatable with
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antibiotics. >> they said if you have classes if with said person that contracted it that you will they will good to the class and they will tell you. if they are in that class. give you the tichlts health department says it's still trying to figure out the infected student class schedule so it can notify the student who were in chose contact. fight worried that about worried. friend or somebody close. >>reporter: health department with notify and test students staff in chose contact this week. soon after that they will be testing the rest of the school. >> in hayward this is abc 7 news. >> another san francisco forty-niner has been arrested today santa clare authorities announce full back miller was arrested last thursday on suspicion of spousal battery. number 49 has been with the team for 4 seasons. got engaged in august but police not said what happened. 11th player to be arrested since 20 player
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to be arrested since 2012. team release add statement saying the organization is aware of the matter involving bruce miller and disappointed to learn of the reports and we'll do our due diligence in collecting all relevant information. >> woman behind sexual discrimination lawsuit against venture capitol firm expected back on the stand again to. ellen testified today that a male colleague relent leslie pursued her and broke off the affair after he lied about his wife leaving him. powell claims she was passed over for a.p. board seat out on maternity leave and mentor didn't want to make her take on more work. she's seeking 16 million dollars in daniels from perfect this firm. >> state wide amber alert has been cancelled. missing child has since been found with his dad crossing into mexico. police say the man stabbed ex girlfriend boyfriend in san pedro then headed to mexico with the 1-year-old son. father is now in custody.
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faces attempted murder charges. authorities are working to reunite the boy with his mother. >> look of affordable houseing in silicon valley took center stage at city hall tonight. hundreds of people gather to support residents of mobile home park in danger of closing. buena vista mobile home park located on this avenue off el camino real. the only one in the area. lil i don't know is live in palo alto city hall. lil i don't know the turn out was really huge. >> that's right dan. it was a great turn out and now residents of the mobile home park are hoping that they can keep this momentum going. >> fighting for their home. the neighbors are fighting alongside them. >> they know who we are. if they want to stay here in palo alto. >> 400 people who live at the buena vista mobile home park face eviction. residents say if they get kicked out they barely would be able to survive barely would be able to survive. cheapest apartment she can find is a one bedroom
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in sunnyvale for 1700 a month. >> if i want to starve or if i want to start going to food bank or something i might be able to do 1700. >> our students living in the mobile home park. >>reporter: residents and supporters pack the palo alto city council chamber urging their support. county already set aside 8 million dollars to help save the mobile home park. city council may do the same. >> could be a purchase could be a lease. could be non-profit. i think we don't know what is final answer is frankly for the duane vista. >> enough to give the residents and neighbors hope. >> community if can't be simply all one type of housing. not what we are in this country. >> stronger we are in the community the diverse we are. >> that propel us here day. community coming together to help those who need it most. in palo alto, lil i don't know kim abc 7 news. >> many bart riders had a nature mayor evening commute. started around 5:30 as police chase a robbery suspect in a
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tunnel at the glen park bart station san francisco. about an hour later 24th street station mechanical problem kept one train from running. at the same time just feet away on another train person had to be treated for a seizure. commuters system wide were delayed. >> new details tonight owner of care home in castro valley face charges tonight of elder abuse. manuel and edgar face 14 counts. state shut down the facility last october for quality of care violation. 2 accused of abandoning residents at the facility for three days. leaving 2 unpaid workers janitor and cook to take care of him. manuel arrested today at sfo. warrant issued for him at sfo. warrant issued for him. each face up to 17 years in prison if convicted. >> train crash caught on camera. 7 news what not to packed commuter train off the track. >> plus finding your perfect match for getting into shape.
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what fitness center have cooked up to keep you come back. >> you have heard of selfie. now get ready for this new trend making quite a stink on the web. >> this is sandhya live doppler 7 hd. watching a system that will bring us some late winter showers. i'll ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. don't miss yoplait's exciting new flavors -- creamy caramel and cookies 'n cream.
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flavor at full blast is. >> take a look. dramatic scene on train track in north carolina. everyone survived but at least 54 people were hurt when an amtrak train crashed that a tractor-trailer. the over sizes flatbed trailer hauling a modular building. state trappers say the truck couldn't and a half debit a turn across the track and unable to reverse off the track because traffic backed up on the road behind it. >> that is incredible to watch. >> let's turn to getting in shape. keeping americans fit is 22 billion dollar a year industry in this country and fastest growing segment is boutique fitness. >> larry joins us now for a look at some of the really creative ways exercise experts are keeping us coming back for more. >> i'm here to pump you up.
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all right. in the gym world boutique means smaller studio. smaller classes. plus individual instruction. now there's also a growing emphasis on making sure you don't get bored while do you get in shape bored while do you get in shape. you can try yoga on the water. surfing on the sand or defying gravity. as you work muscles you didn't even know you had. these are just a few of the huge range of fitness classes now visible all around the bay area. this class is potential in redwood city. studio began feature studio began featuring pole dancing which still draw as steady extreme of customers but now a growing number are here to exercise in the air upside down. >> wasn't scary for me. >> really different and fun. >> at first it started with just people who maybe had circus background and now it's people coming out of the cubicle natural student yoyshtion ann is a computer programmer.
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>> you get to be like pretty and sexy while doing exercise and then you actually use a lot of upper body strength. >>reporter: beginners start on continuous loop of fabric called a hammock. more advance students use aerial silk. and they learn to were themselves up so they don't fall. >> everybody body is different. so it's nice way for them to explore themselves. >>reporter: demand for new way to get people moving so strong to get people moving so strong 12,000 fitness professionals showed up at this convention in anaheim all looking for new ideas and the very latest equipment. wu one new apparatus hit in the bay area is surf set createed to simulate surfing on dry land. >> classes offered inside and out and this one is at chris field. >> the moment you step on a moving surface the heart rate increases. because the body is like what is going on. so great cardio work out. alsoen gaming your core muscles and
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little tiny stabilizer muscle. >> similar principal at work in the class in sausolito. lee teaches yoga on stand up paddle board. >> the brain is going to balance the boards. before you shift too far to one side. >> boards anchor so you won't float away but you mate attract an audience. >> pretty much anyone can do it >> pretty much anyone can do it. the learning curve is very quick on the paddle board. >> this group ranges from 11-year-old girl to 68-year-old retired teacher. >> it's just changed my life completely. i have better balance. i have better self-esteem. >> nobody fell on the water during this class but it does happen occasionally so non-swimmers have to wear a life jacket. >> all the boutique fitness does not come cheap. classes range from 15 to 35 dollars but you can save money with a service called class pass. 99 dollars a month buys you unlimited classes at 280 studio all over the bay area.
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>> pretty much every time >> pretty much every kind of work out you can think of make it easy for people to find the right thing for them. now with class pass you get to go to as many classes as you want. the only catch is you can't take more than 3 a month at any single venue. link to class pass and fitness activity we show you at our web site. issued point out it was agreed that in the interest of the of all parties involved that i discontinue the pole dancing. somebody was going to get hurt. the engage the core and get on with it. >> today in san francisco. apple announce the prizing of apple watch. basic model will run you 3 49 dlaivrments the gold watch that one will cost you between 10 and 17,000 dollars. apple battery will last about 18 hours. >> even the 10,000. >> water resistant but not
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water paragraph. pre-orders april 10. watch available april 24. apple showed up new extremely light and thin mack book and drop the price of apple tv. >> pretty snazzy. >> apple confirms that breaking news alert from 7 news will be available on the apple watch. >> you can get ready now by done loading the 43 news app. search for our web site in apple app store. more information at abc 7 slash app. >> all right our weather is quite strange right now. >> it is strange. sandhya is tracking it. maybe a little rain. >> we are waiting for the rain but in the mean time look at how warm it was today. ukiah 85 degrees. new record for today last record was 83 set back over 100 years ago. we had summer micro climate. 57 half moon bay where foggy all the way to 80 in antioch. 23 degree temperature difference. 69 in oak land. 63 san francisco. santa rosa san jose
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fremont all in the low 70's. now we take a look at live doppler 7 hd and you see that the fog is definitely hugging the coast pushing in towards the north bay and as you look from time lapse short time ago san francisco financial district a little hard to see from our exploratorium camera day to the fog. visibility dropped to mile half machine bay and petaluma. watch out during the morning commute. temperature wise 40's and 50's and here's another foggy view of san francisco. this is the kind of picture you expect to see in the summer time. as the fog rolls over market street. foggy area for the morning commute. scattered showers for wednesday. warmer pattern for the upcoming weekend. high pressure for one more day. will mean just high clouds tomorrow and the fog hanging around. then we switch up the pattern. light written manufactures in on wednesday with the city. it looks impressive. look like it's really going to dump but it's not. system will weaken considerably by the time it
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reaches us. so we are left with not whole lot. 11:00 p.m. tuesday night we are looking at cloud cover. as we head towards your wednesday morning commute scattered showers begin to develop and the showers were with us really right on through the lunch time hour. few more showers around 1 or 2:00 o'clock and then they move out so the evening commute looks just fine. as far as the rainfall most areas will get anywhere from about 500 to $1,500 of an inch. isolated spots like the hills could get up to quarter inch. tomorrow morning allow plenty of time the morning commute. the fog is going to make for a slow going commute and ferry ride murky if you take it across the bay. mid 40's low 50's grab light jacket or sweater this afternoon. it's mild in the south bay. 73 in san jose. 70 in milpitas. sunnyvale on the peninsula palo alto. 71 redwood city. fog holding the temperatures down near the coast. a lot like today. upper 50's. downtown san francisco 64 degrees and in the north bay. see the
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temperatures around 68 in santa rosa. no vat oshtion napa, rosa. no vat oshtion napa east bay. 68 berkeley. 69 oakland. inland spots pretty mild still sunny. not as warm as today. 72 in fairfield. 74 antioch. livermore. look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast the accu-weather 7 day forecast. tomorrow we have a mild one except near the coast and then you need to pull out umbrella and sweaters. cooler with some wet weather in the forecast. temperatures start to rise again on thursday. warming trend carries over right on through early part of the weekend. we look at beach weather by saturday. low 80's inland. >> sweater t
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>> check this out. father son created what they are calling the food united states of america. making each state out of food for the site food like pie idaho. new jerky here's kale california no. plans to stop. halfway done. >> you have heard of selfie sprel more smell faa. >> adam hills up loaded the fotd of him changing a diaper and in so doing to material some say disgusting but hill
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says he just wants to encourage more dads to change a diaper or 2. i don't know if that does it. >> right. >> time to turn to sports so much going on today. >> all feeling if. >> how is the core dan. >> we are feeling fit. >> always engaged. >> suck it in. >> feels like a maximum exodus from the frainers. big shot willis deciding it's time to walk away from the nfl. what
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ow >> good evening. warriors made a one night trip to the december near the phoenix tonight looking for the fourth straight victory more importantly 50th win of the season. how about bobby knight and tony court side. look in on that. warriors turned that a very stingy defensive squad. barns force ago turn the over. curry. thompson. 25 for clay. kid tied at the half. curry came out possessed in the second half. launch a 3. andrew question eric. splash. then from way downtown. 25 in the second half. 36 in the game. 3 minutes left. nail in
1:36 am
the coffin. corner 3. busy night of work. warriors now 50 and 12. vl shark host pittsburgh first period. chris to matt. in front. 1 nothing men in teal. no longer a kid. back hand. 1-1. somewhat out. he scores in round 8. he denies steve and sharks victorious. 2-1. nfl. been grit but patrick willis found a higher calling. heart of the forty-niner defense the past 8 years is expected to announce retirement tomorrow. seventh time pro bowl pick rehabing following this. completely unexpected. 30-year-old willis will apparently walk away from 7 million dollars in bay salary and base on the twitter feed seems to be heading to the miniindustry. expectation is defensive tackle smith will
1:37 am
retire as well. he's 35 really bang up the past cupers years. symbol of toughness on a defensive front. smith may make the final decision next week. officially 43 agency begins and new expectation that frank may sign with the colts. initially looked like the 9 earth's all time leading rusher was going to phillies but the lure of lining up hand luck and more money might be too tempt to go pass up. 3 time pro bowl mike bound for arizona. division rival of the nineers. not 100 percent early last year struggled to protect kaepernick but did improve as he got healthier. raiders they agree to a 5 year million dollar deal with hudson. 25 years old. becomes one of the highest paid center in the nfl. many needs and a brinks truck to spend. cactus league baseball. giants comingers return of matt cain coming back from elbow surgery and he looked very g2 perfect
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inning. threw 20 pitches. didn't allow a run or hit. no striking out either. 3 inning. struck out 4 but gave up the bomb and this game ends in a 5 bomb and this game ends in a ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. don't miss yoplait's exciting new flavors -- creamy caramel and cookies 'n cream.
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don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls... ...gets you there in just 60 seconds. go bold with flavors that kick. (humming) oh yeah. (humming) they're magically delicious. ha! very funny, kyle. >> we are out of time. >> all right. actress and singer bette
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