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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  March 12, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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and found it in san jose and that is when a chase ensued from 280 to 8 a and ended up in sunnyvale adjacent to highway 85. they ran into a deadend and that when they jumped out and ran into a waters' way that runs parallel to 85 and into a culvert. a handgun was found. the lieutenant with san jose police department joins us. where do you believe the suspects are? >> they my be either in the culvert or densely brush creek area. >> how are you trying to get to them? we heard reports of manhole covers being removed. >> we think they could be in a piping culvert system so we are trying to find a safe way to fine the suspect or get them to surrender. >> this is a huge perimeter. if you drive in this area on 8 a of los altos or sunny side you will find law enforcement vehicle with the lights on and
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looking in the neighborhoods. any danger to residents? >> at this point we do not believe there is a danger but we do have a sizable perimeter and we hope we have the suspected contained. >> thank you, lieutenant. 8 a was closed down for a little bit early this morning for officers' safety but it is re-opened in all directions. you do not have to deal with problems in the area. there are a lot of law enforcement vehicles in the area. two police officers are hospitalized this morning after being shot during democrat vacations in ferguson, missouri. people gathered at the resignation of the police chief over the shooting of unarmed black teen michael brown. our reporter is in the newsroom with more. >> both officers are in serious
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condition one shot in the shoulder and one in the face. a witness captured the moments on their cell phone. look at this. the officers were shot outside the ferguson police department around midnight. they are not ferguson officers but from other agencies and were in town to assist with protests happening last night. hundreds gathered for the demonstrations after the police chief's resignation. the crowd was starting to break up and someone opened fire. >> they are conscious. however, those are very serious gunshot injuries to be able to be sustained in the upper torso and face. they are treated right now and family is with them. one of injured officers is with the st. louis county police department 41 and 14-year-old veteran. and the other is 31-year-old.
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>> the gunman is out there with no arrests. thank you. this afternoon two men suspected in the shooting debt of a security guard are scheduled to enter a plea in superior court. san jose police believe this man, richard crews and another suspect, hernandez killed we manny zuniga after he confronted men with stealing cigars from a liquor store next to where he worked. >> a break if a shoot out that killed a mother speeding her two children from gunfire. she was walking her seven-year-old son and nine-year-old daughter home from school when the gunfire erupted. the children were not hurt. police have detained and questioned several but in details have been released. a spokesman told abc7 no arrests have been made and investigators are conducting followup interviews with witnesses. >> authorities in fremont are warning of possible rabies exposure at park where a dead
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bat tested positive for the disease. the bat was found on night. any person or pet that may have touched the bat could have been, supposed to rabies. if you have concerns, contact vector control. rabies can be fail that is passed by touching an infected animal or being bitten by one. >> today, a big decision is expected in a sexual bias case against a power will silicon valley venture capital firm. the judge is set to decide on a request by kleiner perkins attorney to submit documents over the financial troubles of ellen pao who is suing for $16 million saying she was retaliated against after an affair with a senior colleague ended. a hedge fund filed by her husband went bankrupt. kleiner perkins is frying to show money is the real reason and she said this is over
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creating equal opportunity for women. >> two secret service agents are accused of driving a government vehicle while drunk and crashing it into a white house barricade. the two are senior members of the president's detail according to secret service official who confirmed the investigation to abc. officials say that the pair were celebrating a fellow agent's retirement and hit the barricade near the white house. they have been reassigned penned the investigation. the secret service has been under fire recently over a string of incidents including inappropriate behavior by agents and several white house breaches >> hundreds of people held a vigil last night for the service member on board a blackhawk helicopter that crashed on tuesday in florida. despite a grim outlook the national guard say search-and-rescue efforts continue for the seven marines and four soldiers. human remains and helicopter parts have been recovered and all are presumed dead. national guard officials say the crew had several thousand hours
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of flight experience. it went down in heavy fog during training. >> google is giving a pay raise to the bus drivers. they told a contractor starting next month drivers get a 30 percent race and better benefits. this will bring the average driver pay to $24 an hour and shift drivers get an extra 15 percent as they come under fire for not sharing their wealth with those who support the industry. the drivers for some companies have voted to unionize. now a check on the weather forecast. drew is here for mike. >> we have fog in local areas mainly the north bay. live doppler hd shows temperature wise you are waking up with 40s and 50s 54 in downtown san francisco and livermore is at 48. you can see the low clouds along
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the coast and the afternoon forecast plenty of sunshine warm inland spots and getting and the 70s along the coast and in the mid-60s and around the bay, mid-60s to lower 20 on the board. look at the three day forecast, it is sunny and mild today and this is the start of a big time warming trend over the next couple of days. by friday, ending the work and school week, 70s in a lost spots and as you get into saturdays look at this record warmth and mobile and 80's on board inland spots going for a high of 82 degrees around the bay and temperatures are warm a 80 degrees. that is the forecast. now here is the traffic. sue? >> good morning, everyone we are starting off with a sig-alert. first, road work eastbound 80 around powell street will be picked up in a few minutes and eastbound is busy from gate field to the maze may no metering lights so far. san jose transition is the problem spot from north 280 to
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southbound 87 an early accident blocking a lane of traffic and the car is still there the tow truck is en route and they have shut down the expire ramp so use an alternate north 280 and we will hurt you know when it is cleared. >> next giving the ultimate gift of life the man who risked his life to save his friend's son. >> going going just about carbon, the mystery powerball player who is about to see $1 him fortune vanish. >> early on thursday the bay bridge toll plaza is light and moving right along.
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>> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area
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this is abc7 news. in los angeles a suspect is dead and another critically injured after crashing the van into the back of a first truck during a pursuit. police encountered the suspect if a black van at 9:15 while responding to a reported shooting. the suspect led officers on a high speed chase and the van crashed into a fire truck and caught fire. firefighters were on a medical call when hit. a suspect was dead at the scene and the other taken to the hospital. two firefighters suffered non-life threatening injuries and were taken to the hospital. >> police are investigating a bizarre death after the discovery of a body between two walls in fresno. the property owner found police after finding a shattered window and a home in the watt -- was spotted. the man it is thought fell between the two builtings and
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was stuck. no word on how long he was there. >> a powdered alcohol intended to be mixed in drinks has gained federal approval called palcohol for backpackers and hikers coming in a pouch. you add water and it is an alcoholic drink. this is concern it will be used by minors and easy to sneak into public events. the founder said releasing a video calling the concerns "unfounded speculation." especially the fear that kids would snort the product. why would anyone spend an hour of pain and misery supporting this powder to get one drink if their system? >> i imagine it will be just another easier thing for the kids to sneak into the games at their desired affect? not so big or easy to spot as an alcoholic beverage now. >> several states have moved to ban powdered alcohol but
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california hasn't and hopes to have the product for sell by summer. >> two local families consider them a big family after a may san mateo correctional officer donate add kidney a colleague's son. the surgeries were perfect and will have boat whom by the end of the week. >> derrick starting getting sick at 18. he want waiting for a kidney since 18 and on the israel isis for a year. neither parent was able to donate but someone close to the family was. >> if that moment i knew it was something i wanted to do and i felt i would be a match. >> on tuesday he gave his kidney to garrett. the correctional officer works with his dad, but they were friends first. >> i have no idea what to say to
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him. i say i love him all the time and thank you so much and he gave me my son back. >> they are in the truest sense of the world really family now and i am just overwhelmed by not just what i have done but it has shown me that there are a lot of people out there that are willing to do stuff that is extraordinary. >> he will not admit it by garrett is one of those people. >> he is doing something he believes in and, yes, it makes us incredibly proud. >> no one is more grateful that are garrett. >> i keep thanking him and blessed. just really messed he wanted to do this and was able to do this. i feel reborn. >> he will go back to junior college in the fall studying to become a history teacher. the deadline is hours away right new for the winner of a $12 million powerball ticket to
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claim his or her prize. the california lottery has released surveillance video and it is a man, in the hopes of tracking him down before the 180-day deadline to collect the prize that expired at 5:00 p.m. the ticket matched five numbers was purchased at the supermarket in the greater los angeles area for september 13 powerball drawing. officials say if the winner does not claim the prize today every penny will be transferred to california public schools. as a parent i am thinking, maybe he just doesn't come forward. >> you think a parent has him tied up in a closet. >> many parents. >> both the as and the giants have a star player on their roster today. >> unusual star, will ferrell is playing for five different spring training games in arizona today. part of a new hbo special to raise money for cancer patients.
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he is honoring the historic feat by as great major leaguer to play every position in the same game. the first game is at 12:05 for both the as and the mariners and then playing for the giants and the white sox and the giants say he will play catcher with no word which position he will lay for the as and no word if buster posey is nervous. >> thank you is great video and great stuff but i am sorry, he was eating deep dish pizza. >> he was hungry! >> great day today for baseball. >> we are starting a warming trend, warm today and warmer by the weekend with records possible so prepare yourself, well above where we should be for this time of year.
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live doppler hd showing you no issues in terms of precipitation and we do have fog. visibility try now in the north bay is limited and petaluma is down to quarter-mile and santa rosa and at four miles and most rares are doing well as far as fog. outside, 54 in san francisco. 50 in concord. 55 in fairfield and san jose is now at 54. you can see the camera showing beautiful downtown san francisco and our forecast this morning is calling for the patchy areas of fog confined to the north bay. sunny skies on the way and mild air for thursday and here we go weekend record highs very likely. satellite and radar will show you high pressure now in control kicking the rain we had yesterday out of here and sunshine on the way and a few high clouds streaming in not out of the question but ample sunshine on the thursday. highs today, a lost 70s on the board and up to 71 in san mateo and the 74 is the high in palo
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alto and 7 a in concord and fairfield is 77 and downtown san francisco topping out at 69 this afternoon. tonight, a mix of stars and clouds and i mild and mid-40s to mid-50s across the pardon. dropping to 51 in san mateo and 49 in san jose and 45 in napa. the seven-day forecast shows sunny and mild today and the warming trend continues by friday upper 70s inland and mid-60s across the board in the bay and saturday records are possible interest sunday and the 80's are on the board and that and 15 degrees above where we should be this time of the year and the warm temperatures continue with monday and sunshine and mid-60s to 70 and little change on st. patrick's day and wednesday is cooler with temperatures in the my 60s to mid-70s. how is the traffic? >> good morning, everyone, walnut creek shows it is getting busy here with brake lights at the turn and south 680 at north maine and it picks up at the 24 junction and traveling 24
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westbound to the devil's slide caldecott tunnel no delays. marin ymca, at the limit in that area and in delays for san francisco and no fog in the golden gate bridge, either, we do have a sig-alert in affect in san jose, the transition from north 280 to south 87, one lane is now opened on that ramp and c.h.p. still is holding firm on the sig-alert and we will watch it with bird another alternate to get back to highway 87 and well keep this up to date when c.h.p. gives up their up-to-date information. >> thank you. apple is blaming an internal glitch for an outage that limited access to itunes and app stores. an apple outage no unusually long time yesterday. customer could not access itunes and app store with mail
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affect at times and apple apologized to the stores which are all back on line. google has opened the first retail location it is in london and the lineup of phones and tablets and laptops can be checked out and you can use digital spray cans to payment -- paint on the google wall. >> home low barbie is wi-fi connected and stores conversations. >> critics are are all over this because you can listen in and goes on sale this fall. >> coming up candlestick memories and you can get in on the last remaining memorabilia before it comes tumbling down. >> a a fair w photoshop
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opwith a through monster. stay@@
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>> president obama is returning to california to raise more money and make a tv appearance taking part in a democratic round table in los angeles. >> before that, the president will sit down with jimmy kimmel with the first appearance by satellite in june of 2008 turning -- during the initial campaign. sean penn will join the president tonight. the demolition work continues at candlestick park as the former home of the giants and the 49ers disappears ease by piece -- piece by piece. >> when it is demolished it will be a mixed residential and commercial space.
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here are things up for auction: a surveillance field fire alarm. it is so hot it triggers the fire alarm in our own studio. >> also this is year, if you look at this you can buy an i.d. holder from the whom time locker room at candlestick park. >> if jerry rice used montana audit -- autographed this going more for the steve young so there is competition. you have a week, folks. >> what are you going for drew? >> speaking of opening day, i tried. >> for the giants? >> a raffle. did not win.
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>> stubhub. >> exactly. 40s and 50s stepping outside, 50 in concord and 54 in downtown san francisco. 52 in appropriate and santa rosa at 46. we will warm up necessarily with a lost sunshine on way and into the 70s in most spots with the exception along the coast in the mid-60s. sue? >> good morning, we go to the san mateo bridge where we are eastbound with reports of a box truck blocking a lane of traffic and the traffic is moving okay here with the westbound direction the commute with the tail lights headed to the high-rise and no problems moving over to the foster city from san jose transition from 80 to 87, one lane opened only but c.h.p. is holding firm on the sig-alert. sue is he nor leyla. owner -- -- is here for leyla. >> now there is a life saving
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emergency anecdote nor drug overdoses with officers trained to administer the "lock zone," to counter effects of a drug overdose. deaths from oxycontin now outnumber deaths from heroin overdoses in san francisco. >> owners of a colorado my ask shot say there is a drive-thru window but not like this. >> a car plows through the front windows and hit as woman passing by and she helped up on the food and bounced right back and was not seriously hurt. according to witnesses the driver accidentally hit the we gas. workers at the pizza shop are glad the walking by is okay and thing is still standing. >> the career fewer from the black lagoon?
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>> a monster alligator that invaded a florida golf course posted on the golf club facebook page. some say this freak is a fake. it is too big. workers at the course say this alligator is for real and they sea gateers on the fair ways ought time but not one this size . >> i don't think that is any playbook but it appears vicious. we will see... hillary clinton's bay area surprise, her private appearance for a silicon valley tech company amid the e-mail scandal that will not go away. >> unusual eye in the sky a tool to fight parking lot crime when police are not around. stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is 5:00 a.m. on thursday morning. we are almost there. one more day. >> i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> sue and drew are here. >> one area of fog, petaluma is only issue. you can see visibility is down to quarter-mile and elsewhere visibility is great on this early thursday morning. the forecast calls for a lot of sunshine. warming nicely by the afternoon. a lot of places in the 70s and around the coast is i


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