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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 12, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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him from moving in.
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>> sex offender next door. angry overflow crowd tonight fight to go keep a violent predator from moving that the enabled. >> not only upset about the potential danger but also who has to pay for it all. good evening. >> 51-year-old frasier smith was convicted of sexually assaulting 4 young women. he may be moving into a quiet fairfield community. alan live in fairfield with the story tonight. alan? >> as you can imagine, few homeowners are willing to rent to a newly released violent sex offender but one homeowner accepted the offer at taxpayer expense and that has a lot of people in this neighborhood extremely upset. >> rates of these villain should not take precedence over
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the rights of our community. our neighbors. our lives. >> nearly 200 fairfield resident trying to prevent a sexually violent predator from moving in the neighborhood on the drive hear. selected home right next door to martha. >> it's just been safe beautiful community. want to it stay that way. >>reporter: 51-year-old frasier smith convicted of sexually assaulting 4 young women. he's about to be rae leased from a mental hospital in liberty health care handles the transition. >> they have looked for the last 13 month and looked at more than 1700 hochls for possible location. >>reporter: liberty health care selected this 4 bedroom, 3 and a half bath home with a swimming pool that rents for more than 3000 dollars a month. >> i'm also a homeschool teacher as well as full-time teacher. i have students in my home on the drive every week. >>reporter: smith will have a gps ankle bracelet but alert goes to liberty health care first and they will call 911.
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the sheriff's department says it will asipe a deputy to the neighborhood and conduct weekly search of the home. but residents are still determined to stop a judge from aproving the home at march 27 hearing in solana county superior court. in fairfield, abc 7 news. >> deadly crash stopped traffic along westbound 24 just past the tunnel in oakland. car hit a pedestrians near highway 13 exit just after 9 tonight. police say man was seen walking on the freeway before the accident for some reason. rate now only the fast lane is open to traffic as the highway patrol investigates. >> oakland man is under arrest in the shooting death of an oakland mother who was trying to protect her children. 19 to protect her children. 19-year-old anthony sims charged with murder and vir us firearm counts today in alameda couldn't superior court. sims was injured in the shooting monday afternoon on chest nut street after argument escalated street
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after argument escalated. he was arrested at the hospital on tuesday. fv walking her children home from school here when the shooting happened. she was not involved and was killed trying to get her children to safety. we were there as authorities announce the arrest. >> the crime is every parent and every since worst nightmare and every since worst nightmare. >> hit special tell chord with not only the neighborhood but with the city. with a community. >> friends have set up a memorial for pierce in front of her home. they say she was a special person. >> she was beautiful inside and out. always nice. loved her kids. always put her kids first. >> the sims expected back in court tomorrow. police still looking for additional suspect. >> crime stoppers offering 3000 dollars for information leading to at the time arrest of this escapeden mate. this is carter escapeden
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mate. this is carter. tomorrow week since accused child molester got away from sheriff's deputy in san jose. over powered the deputy at doctor upon thement at the valley medical center. >> santa cruz police looking for peeping tom who tried to force his which into a woman home. 9:00 o'clock on tuesday night. 19-year-old victim was able to take a photo of the man this suspect opened her window and reached in. when she screamed the man ran to sliding glass door and again tried to get in the house. he ran off. >> veteran san francisco police officer now under investigation for allegedly taking kickback and other crimes. the story only on 7 news. >> officer resigned last month when supervisor first confronted him. i'll show you highway investigators found some important evidence on the google map street images. >> rodriguez is a that year vet rap of the san francisco police department. recently on the
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captain staff at bay view station. criminal case against rodriguez covers 2 issues. first he's accused of taking kickback for steering bits to towing company. after calling several times and getting no response i called rodriguez educates at his home on the peninsula. i need to talk to you. >> i can't. >>reporter: do you have an attorney i can talk to. >> captain talk. >>reporter: the president of the p o a, police officer association, also declined to be interviewed because it's app active open investigation. >> last nature police commission meeting chief confirmed rodriguez retired last month after the execution of kickback first surfaced. >> how sear husband i do you take an issue like that. obviously anything that affects character i don't think anybody missed my comments. there's in place in the san francisco police department and shouldn't be in any department for dishonest cop. >>reporter: former federal pros cawtor and legal amist
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told me today from new york rodriguez could face serious prison time if he's charged found guilty. >> the bribery statute that could potentially apply here imposes as many as 4 years in jail. in state prison. >> second part of the case involves the google car that take picture for on lean map. they caught an undercover car at rodriguez home white shouldn't have been. sources familiar with the case say he kept the car for permanent use since it was assigned bay view in october 2011 and parked it at the grocery store next to the station so fellow officers would not find out. >> what we are hearing is he hid from others. that he had the vehicle. what sort of crime is that exactly what is that. >> it's a form of embezzlement. using property that is owned by his employer for personal purposes. >>reporter: undercover car even shows up at rodriguez house house in the google satellite image. >> how does a guy use
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undercover car for 4 years without anybody knowing about it. >> that's good question that superiors have to answer as well. >>reporter: he tells me he's launching an awed to it make sure all department vehicle being used properly. i have asked the city for company records that shed more light on the case. i'll tell if you they show anything interesting when we come in. this is a tip from in the station and you can reach me at this site or call me at this number. stchlt effort to better secure pg&e sub station in south san jose almost finished. sniper attacked the power station in 2013 then last year thieves broke in. lisa is live to explain the upgrades. lisa? >>reporter: right now the lighting is already pwechlts more camera up. more barrier and even more security guards and by the end of this month
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getting into this place should be harder than ever before. construction is in the final stage and security and power sub station. the work started in 2013. after sniper fired more than 100 rounds and knocked out 17 transformers. in a statement pg&e said quote we didn't wait for new legislation or new regulation to take action. but last year there was another security breach. thieves cut through that i know link fence and stole construction equipment i hope they do what they say they are going to did and they will complete security l. >>reporter: state senator hill cautiously optimistic and glad the work nearly completed in metcalf where a stone wall enclose the entire facility and security guards will patrol 24 security guards will patrol 24-7. if it weren't for hill new senate bill he admits he would be worried t.come july the bill will require the state public utility commission to
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oversee and establish security guide lanes for all utility guide lanes for all utilities. >> with pg&e it's challenging to expect them to do the right thing. >>reporter: pg&e promises to spend 100 million dollars securing it's sub station by 20 securing it's sub station by 2016. this is abc 7 news. >> if i don't know if you know this but he's kind of a big deal. next on abc 7 news. will ferrell the funny man behind the plate tonight. plus. >> hillary clinton new e-mail address? fight captain share the with you. i don't think she would want you to have it frankly. >> the president becomes the guest in chief tonight on kimmel. we have a preview. >> and the a list actor who made a a splash open the peninsula. how he helped a local troop of girl skoychlts i'm 7 news meteorologist sandhya warmer pat he were into the weekend. let you know what day flirts with
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>> warning tonight about 5 consists of hepatitis a in napa county. 2 of the cases involve workers at bank cafe and bar in the westin hotel. anyone who aided those 2 restaurants between february 9 and 26 may have been exposed. health officials said risk is low. hotel is sending notice out to gechlingt hepatitis a is liver infection. usually transmitted person to person comedian will ferrell play baseball all star for a day taking the field in every position. he played
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for 10 different team including the giants and the a's. he's catching for the giants they took on the dodgers in arizona during spring training. fans and even the players just loved having the actor on the field. we have the story. >> no. 19 at short stop will ferrell. >>reporter: the firing up the crowd at spring training. not exact lay spring chicken but today willis trading pro funny guy. >> kind of a big deal. >>reporter: pro ball player. >> clubhouse presence by presence i men 47-year-old flaby guy who doesn't know how to play. >>reporter: with the playing card to prove it he's taking the field or fields to play 5 games. 10 different positions. for 10 different teams. at this time possible to win a gold glove in spring training game. >>reporter: it's all part of a
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special with serious cause raising money to fight cancer. sometimes cheer leader race car driver of course anchor man the was reminded in arizona it's hot. so stay hi created. milk was a bad choice. >>reporter: farrell went down swinging at least once. l but with cause and the fans. >> really awesome. >>reporter: it was a home run. the become to you. >> he saved private ryan now lending a big hand to some local girl skoutsd. tom hanks surprise visit to los altos late last month and concerning to the town cryer not only did the bay area native buy 4 boxes of cookies from a trp along state street he tipped 20 dollars and sold more cookie. people started to asking to take picture with him he replied yes but only if you buy cookies from these young ladies cookies
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from these young ladies. hanks wasn't just there for the cookies. his son is a fresh map at stanford. >> sweet thing to do. that's great. >> about let's talk about the weekend weather forecast. >> zappedia weighs ahead. >> it's lacking sweet as wechlt i show you live doppler 7hd and we do have some patchy fog along with a lot of high cloud coverup above. show you the high clouds from where you live this is from the east bay hills camera and it was just absolutely spectacular when the sun was going down. you see more of those clouds as we head towards your friday so be aware of that. make for another colorful sunset and beautiful sunrise. if up early enough. temperatures rate here in the 50's and even some 60's hayward mountain view san jose antioch pretty mild out there right now. you look a at a live picture few patches of fog here in downtown san francisco that's what you see again
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tomorrow morning. mild warm again to. record high possible saturday. turning cooler sunday and monday. that's pacific satellite picture. high pressure building in. that's what brought us the warmth today and the warmer pattern will take us right on in to the start of your wean. show you what's going to happen overnight tonight. fog with us at the coast. it will be around tomorrow morning. so just be aware there might be some poor pockets of visibility some poor pockets of visibility. fog durns off. hay clouds increase throughout the day. won't stop the temperatures from going up a few more degrees over today's high pressure. they will peak on saturday. take a look at the temperature trend for livermore. average high 65. tomorrow 78. almost 20 degrees above normal on saturday. near record for livermore. 85 the previous record. so we definitely get closer to that then the temperature start to fall as we head towards the second half of the weekend and that next week. falling tomorrow morning mid 40's to low 50's. might want to dress
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in layers. tu will start out on the cool side for the afternoon short sleeve weather south bay. warm day in morgan hill. 77al with los gatos. 79 gilroy. 76 sap jose. sunny vail peninsula red wad city 70 here and filtered sunshine downtown san francisco daly city mid upper 60's and in the north bay 60's coast 70's for the rest of you well above where you should be this time of year. sonoma, santa rosa napa east bay 75 in oakland and hercules inland spots than joy the sun along with few high cloud. 75 walnut creek. william alaska weather 7 day forecast we take the temperatures up few more degree temperatures up few more degrees on saturday. beach weather with record low 70's to low 80's and then we cool it off a few degrees next week mid 60's to 70's. saint patty day i believe i will say only green and blue out there. >> perfect.
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>> it's beautiful weather. >> oh, good. thank you. >> coming up next on 7 news. iron man lends an iron hand. >> how
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>> that's robert downey jr. as tony stark or iron man. the actor teamed up with a company to present a new robotic arm to 7-year-old alex spring. he was sfworn with partially developed right arm and he loves super hero and told his mom he was so quiet. well because he was freaking out inside. >> isn't that sweet. >> commander in chief stops by
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jimmy kimmel tonight. take a look at a preview. >> ty don't text. i e-mail. i still have a black berry because i can't, >> one guys with a black berry. >> one old guy. look. >> so 2 people with black berry >> so 2 people with black berry. president obama even takes to twitter and reads mean tweet about himself. hilarious seeing meant plus the interview tonight coming up at 11:30 and that is right after abc 7 news at at 11:00 o'clock if you are watching so it is coming up short time away. >> president landed late this afternoon at 4:30 and straight to kimmel then fundraiser tonight. >> a lot of sports to talk about. >> basketball fan. if don't look for any mogul team to be picked. coming up in sports. how cal and stanford did today in the basketball tournament
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>> stanford could earn a spot in the ncaa tournament winning. tonight they took on utah after making the game winning shot against washington, randall hoping for more magic. early on cardinals on the run. brown is there to clean up. poke the ball away and coast to coast here plus the foul. stanford good on 10 nothing run and take a 5 point half time lead. randall knock down the long 3. team high 22 but
11:29 pm
second half belong to utah. misses but wright is right there. for the put back scored 20 as they cruz to 80-56 victory. cardinals likely headed for the about mit. tray to slow down arizona. they play well for an half and wallace from the if team high 19 points. now cal on the break. matthews to wallace with the jam. things lacking okay but fifth rank arizonans. jefferson with authority. 60 half but never catch up. the he scores. nice pass inside to johnson. arizona pulls away to win 73-51 sought bears eliminated. shark play host to nashville tonight. san jose need every win to get to the my offs. the score in the first.
11:30 pm
officials wave it off for contact with the goalie. bad call. he was pushed in the back. hurdle would score in the second period. off the power play he puts it in with left goal of the season. time running out the shark add empty net. all alone for the 14th. san jose wins 2 nothing. if second time he shut out nashville this season. >> what a game tonight for the cavs. i have beening dropped 57 points on the spurs. time running out he nailed the 3 into over time. 11 more points if o c and no stomping him. cleveland wins. third and 57 points is the most nba this season. >> raider nation hoping to land this guy murray. but he has signed a 5 year from a million dollar deal with the eagles. last season with dallas he led the league with 1800 yards rushing you they made offers
11:31 pm
but murray chose the eagles to play in kelly spread offense and rae united with former oklahoma team mates quarterback sam bradford. raider fans still waiting for the big 43 agent signing. good players but no. >> the marquis play. >> sell the tickets. >> that's right thanks very much. >> 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook and on all the mobile did he vase with our 7 news app. >> female announcer: right now, at sleep train save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic. choose $300 in free gifts with tempur-pedic. even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale is on now at sleep train.
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>> well that is our report we appreciates always. >> for all of us here, thanks for joining us. right now on jimmy kimmel president obama. >> stay tune for the commander in chief. have a good evening.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight tonight, president barack obama. and sean penn. with cleto and the cletones. and now, take it easy, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show.


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