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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 13, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> announcer: live, this is abc 7 news. >> good afternoon, i'm dan axley. >> a devastating blow tonight for victims of a san francisco fire. they thought they lost everything. >> that is until they returned to their burned out building and found that looters had taken what little was left. live on church street tonight with the story. >> really hard to believe that someone could be so heartless. the building behind me, one of three which burned last month it's been red tagged ever since, but sadly, fair game to vandals that broke in and lose the place, even a neighborhood store downstairs.
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>> reporter: usaf felage thought his bad luck was over. he just discovered his corner store was hit by looters. three buildings burned, displacing 19 people. >> what was your reaction when you got here and found that you had been ripped off. >> it was too bad. really bad. i work hard for it. >> he's owned the market for 15 years. he showed us where vandals backpack loaded with spray paint also left behind. fresh tagging has recently appeared on the side of the victorian. >> it's unbelievable. somebody taking advantage of somebody in the situation. the place is burned down. it's horrible. what's wrong with people? >> the tenant living upstairs, also looted. they made that discovery wearing face masks.
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everything that didn't burn was taken. bikes, jewelry, even a book of poems. >> investigators are combing over the building still off limits. cause to the fire? under investigation. usef is trying to move on. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> one of the zebra killers of racially motivated group of convicted serial killers from the 19d70s have died. an autopsy will determine how he died. simon and three other black men tar getted white victims between 1973 and '74, killing sh and injuring seven others. the three others are still serving life sentences.
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>> the recording industry of america was involved in this likely-involved pie rated music. they hold out boxes reportedly filled with illegal cds. all the boot leg material went into white vans and rental trucks on this whom on whiten avenue. a number of attempts to get more information from the fbi. but, so far, they are not commenting. >> the man accused in the fatal shooting that killed a 30-year-old mother will appear in court next week. sims was arraigned yesterday for the murder of sheneile pierce. she was rushing her children to safety. it's not clear if sims fired the fatal shot or are just in the gun battle. >> tomorrow, the parents of missing oregon hill teenager sierra lamar will lead the last organized zeshlg for her daughter.
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three years ago, since then, a dedicated group of volunteers has scowlered the land for her. he is so 0 for all of those who have volunteered their time and energy for the past tree years. >> timothy knew he had been captured so he tried to justify his actions. during the interview officers say hoe admitted to keeping several other crimes. the 19-year-old victim reached in. when she screamed, he ran through a slideingeing glass door and, again, tried to get into the house. he was e she was able to take a picture of him before he ran away. >> tomorrow the san jose mayor will deliver his first state of the city address.
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for the first time, it will not be held at a ritzy, downtown facility. ricardo said he wants anybodyone in the community to attend not just political insiders. the speech will to us efocus on income economy. >> that's right. our first look at our accuweather forecast. >> tomorrow is the big day the day we're more likely to see some record highs. we have mainly sunny skies with high clouds. they have not kept it from warming up. here's the view from our east bay hills camera. you can see it's currently 7 1e lyly 71 degrees in san francisco 59 in the half moon bay. clouds over the bay on a mild day from our tower camera. it's ees's currently 78.
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and one more live view from our rooftop camera looking out. this is our first forecast partly cloudy, tonight, with some patchy fog. sunrise occurs tomorrow morning at 7:23. warm tomorrow afternoon. in some places 15 degrees above the average high for tomorrow. we'll see temperatures in the mid to upper 80s in some locations. i'll give you the details a little later. >> an encouraging sign between san jose city leaders and the plirs association talks over pension and benefit reform could resume as early as next week. >> so what prompted it all? chris win has more. >> in san jose a potential breakthrough over measure base. >> the mayor and city council has willingness with a massive shift in the right direction. >> the mayor sent a letter to local unions this week, expressing the city's desire to go back to the bargaining table
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for negotiation. >> i'm looking forward to finding a way to ensure that the intent of the voters is fully protected at the same time that we find a way to settle all of these issues. >> measureby, which kriblgts more retirement, was approved by 70% of voters back in 2012. since then it's been involved in one legal battle after another. some say at a cost to public safety. a competitive disadvantage to look to neighboring agencies for better benefits. lunt lieutenant heather randall is promoting to a new roll. >> we have gone through some difficult times. but i can tell you, it's a great place to have something. we're very hopeful to be able to increase some really great officers, like the ones that we have here all along.
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>> and there are also some recruits waiting in the wings. >> we have approximately 16 recruits right now in the program. they are with an aufrgs right now in full uniform awaiting to be released into a patrol beat structure. >> both sides eager to get back to negotiations as early as nerks week. >> we look forward to getting to the table, starting to do the very tough work of crafting what would be ill reel pension cost saves. >> hoping to come to the agreement for the betterment of this community. >> the largest ugs.s. refinery strikes finally agree on a contract. 12 refineries with a fifth of u.s. fining capacity have been hit with work stoppage which was completely shut down. the new contract still needs to be ratified by union members. >> a picture of an kpor bytive
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price is getting a lot of attention. >> someone soent this photo. no, you are not seeing things. that's $7.90 a gallon. >> we spoke toet owner. he says he raised the price yesterday because he was tired of people complaining his gas was a few cents higher than another station down the street. >> but, he says, believe it or not, some people bought his $8 gas yesterday. he lowered prices to a mere 4. $4.97 a gallon. abc 7 news was there in san francisco's youth services today to present a bill that would take the equivalence exam for free. the test itself would take about 50 50 50 $150 to take. >> soo it's just something that
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resonates with you. most of them know. they don't have money for food on a day-to-day basis let alone to take this exam. >> young people would have had to have their housing stats verified to wave the ged exam. about 70000 california high school students wr homeless during the 2012, 20 13e school year. the drop out rate is close to 75 pntd. >> a silicon valley student says he was in shock. a $150,000 scholarship identifying across the human gee gnome. >> he was one of three finalists from san jose and spoke to abc 7 news about 4iz plans for the future. >> i guess maybe 5-10 years down the road, i definitely want to both have biology, commutere computer
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science. >> jim wasn't the only bay area winner. congratulations to them. >> way to go. still ahead on abc e7 news at 4 cloek, a health warning in wine country. a hep tights a patient who may have exposed others to the disease. >> you'll hear the message he brought to the white house today. >> new, at 4:30, the embattled fraternity at the center of a racial scandal prepares a fight back. who they've enlisted to help them out.
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>> announcer: covering los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> this comes after a couple of employees came down with hepatitis a. and they are not the only ones. abc 7 news reporter amy holly field has the story. >> if you stayed or ate between february 9th and 26th, health department health authorities want you to monitor your health. >> there's a very small chance that they may have been exposed to hep tights a. >> both are restaurant employees. no customers are known to have contracted the virus. symptoms don't usually surface until a month after exposure.
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hepatitis a can be contracted through contaminated food and drink. >> we don't want people to overreact. on the other hand we don't want somebody who does have hempatitis a to think they have something else. >> reporter: current hotel guests tell us they were not told about the hepatitis cases, but they are not concerned. >> that's okay. i had my shot. >> i have kids. i get sick all of the time. >> there's been a total of five hepatitis a cases in the last two weeks. they do consider this a small outbreak. >> i've been here over ten years and the most we've ever had in a year was one and the last was five years ago. >> some worry about the visitors who were here douring the exposure time frame. >> i feel bad. >> and they're probably really scared. >> there's transmission on going since the end e end of january.
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it's safe and it's fun and the weather is beautiful, as you can see. >> that's abc 7 news. the symptoms for hepatitis are liszed ed listed on our web site. >> president obama is back to washington right now after a two-day sweep through the southwest. president obama traveled to phoenix today where he visited the scandal plague in the medical center. the president held a round-table discussion with arizona senator john mccain. president obama began his trip for the fund raising event in los angeles and appearance on abc abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> the suspect pleaded guilty today to two charges. the army veteran and prosecutors and gonzalez's attorney greeed to a sentence in the ranges of
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12-18 months but a final decision will not come until june. >> governor jerry brown is meeting with officials on water, climate change and immigration. one of 14 states that filed a brief yesterday on executive actions in immigration. >> california has been very positive in recent years regarding to our immigrants. and those who are not documented. it's human rights. it's decent. it's christian. i just think some of these republican governors should be ashamed of themselves. >> last week a coalition of statings issued a lawsuit. the government misled a judge about work permits already used to -- issued to thousands of undocumented workers. >> new apartments are in the works near jack london's square. a report that san francisco-based is in contract to build a mid rise apartment
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complex with more than 300 units. the building would go on the block surrounded by jackson, madison, fourth and fifth streets. the headquarters would be torn down in the process. an environmental review is required before any building can begin. >> starting sunday, a bus rider can expect more frequent service that operates later into the night on a dozen ap transit routes. though go into effect on 18 routes. improving district finances has allowed them to roll back service cuts. some highlights include the addition of rapid weekend service from the coliseum to the oakland zoo. >> but, if you miss the bus, don't despair. it will be a nice day to walk. >> hi, spencer. >> hey, jazz. even today is a nice day to
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walk. i just walked four flights up to the roof. tomorrow is even nicer. we have less than high clouds around, but very bright skies. it's really mild right now. let's take a look at a current temperature reading. 7 h 74 across the bay. san jose, 80. tomorrow, even warmer. here's a great view down at ocean beach. more expected tonight as well as temperatures keep rising. mild overnight, it will be turning cooler and cloudier, though on sunday. that satellite image shows why we have the high clouds there. high clouds have been moving inside that ridge of high pressure. we call that a dirty ridge. record warmth tomorrow. they'll start out 7:00 this evening. high clouds come through and are only mixed with breaks in the clouds and we'll see stars and clouds tonight.
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and then, tomorrow, high clouds remain with us. some summer-like warmth, though. here's our temperature animation. temperatures starting out in the 60s. by midday we'll see 70s. 77 in morgan hill. by four e4:00 tomorrow afternoon, mid 80s at livermore and san jose. once again, record highs are possible. the week ahead in san francisco will produce a bit of a cooldown, but tech churmperatures remain above. temperatures will taper off gradually. that will be the pattern in all locations. we'll see a little bit of a cooldown on sunday. however, it will remain mild and it will be mild over night with lows in the mid 50s. tomorrow's highs, 83 in morgan hill. 85 in gill roy. low 80s.
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low to mid 70s. downtown temperatures, 74 tomorrow. eastbound high, the bay in liver mart. 82 walnut creek. here's the 7-day forecast. temperatures tlout, 6-8 degrees on sunday. still quite mild though, under partly cloudy skies. it will be partly cloudy, mild, remainder through all of next week. mid 60s on the coast. no hint of rain i'm sorry to say: next monday marks the official beginning of sprik e spring. >> coming up next, the student expelled for bullying. this bus monitor in a video that went viral may be at it again. we'll tell you why he's under investigation. >> closing cal's racial achievement gap.
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all the e. >> ringo star has cancelled his show tonight in san francisco because he's sick. the former beatle was scheduled
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to play at the masonic. ringo and his all-star band will perform october 1st and 6th. the 74-year-old drummer will release his 18th album called postcards from paradise later this month. >> dancing with the stars judges took a break from preparing for upcoming judges from kovrp tigs this afternoon. >> houb e how about that? the show is entering his e its 20th season. it's patty labell and michael will hit the stage monday night atle 8:00. >> cue the bag pipes, it's time to celebrate irish heritage in the bay area. >> kicked off the celebration, bag pipers heading dignitaries to the 54 et
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annual lunch of the high hibernion club. >> a traditional meal with concerned beef and cabbage. >> abc is7 is a proud sponsor. hosting the parade live here on abc beginning live at noon. >> yeah, tune, in, please. in our next half hour here a fraternity with a racially charged vid you prepares to fight back as new allegations involved another chapt i recall. >> and the latest america e e ebola patient arrives back in the u.s. treatment. >> then, later, the baseball team
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. >> san francisco last month received more bad news. looters broke into a store and apartment at 15 thd and church street stealingly kwor, jewelry, bikes and more. residents haven't been able to return to their homes during the investigation. from visitors to wine country, may have been exposed to hepatitis a.
4:30 pm
there have been five confirmed cases. do you know anyone who was at the restaurant in napa? they may have been exposed to hepatitis a. officials are investigating the source of theoutbreak. tonight, abc news had tweeted this. demonstrations in ferguson, missouri, remain civil. two officers were standing outside the police station when someone opened fire. both officers are respected to recover. today, there are new developmenteds in the unit of oklahoma scan kal. abc news reporter has more. >> days after the oklahoma university chapter of s.a.e. closed down, the fall out cons. the local chapter has retained prominent attorney steven jones and evicted the entire house.
4:31 pm
>> we tried to find a solution. >> there's more news of racially fuelled attorney incidents. a national spokesmen for s.a.e. tells abc news the orgization is investigating will that same chance was used at fraternities in the university of texas in austin and lae la tech university. and, overnight,at the university of washington are i believe vestinvest e are investigating while passing by the local sae house. they started shouting and saying you at ate why are you here? >> he insisted as they look sbroo an e-mail from a fraternity member at 14 months ago with racist and six eexually
4:32 pm
suggestive language. they've yet to say what type of rep realizationarations they seek. >> one of the -- the black student union is asking that the university make institutional changes to retrakt and retain more students of color. they're live with the story. leigh anne? >> well everyone here agrees that african american students at u.c.berkley are under-represented. now, how to retain and really take better care of the ones already here is what is lost. >> noticeabley know in numbers are african american students.
4:33 pm
>> you can go on campus and not see anyone for the whole day. that's really disheartening. >> leer's part of the break down edown e edown of students at ucb uc berkley. >> the black student union has discussed eded ways to retain more african american students. >> we get into berkley, juz to go to different schools, top yuchbs because they feel like they will be wetter welcomed. >> the krae kra voter approved proposition 209 and banned race-based emissions, as well as out reach. since then cal has seen the number of african americans decline. in this letter, the chancellor acknowledges broader representation is needed and outlines some of the goal to recruit and retain african american students. dan mogul is the uc berkley
4:34 pm
spokesperson. >> institutional change is coming. the detillails we need the work out, because we know we can't do this simply as a result of administrative dictates. >> one of the demands is to have a center where they can meet and socialize and invite potential stublts. right now they have a small office called the black recruitment and retention center. >> to have a sent center voted is still marginalized and excluded from campus. we can have faith-based. >> the citizens are also asking that they meet every semester with the chancellor, something this agrees is needed. >> an american health care worker who contracted ebola is back in the igs. they arrived at the national institutes of health hospital in maryland on a privately chartered plane.
4:35 pm
the patient's name, age and genter aren't being released. it's in condition and being treated inside a special izeize isolation yubt e unit. the person is the 11th treated in the u.s. >> there is a bay area-wide math challenge going on right now: some students from an east palo alto elementary school. they've been one of the top schools over the past month in the math challenge. learn storm. castano is supported by the 49ers academy. and today the 49esters foun dax, google and chrome gave them new sets of chrome books and six moment months months of wifi students. >> sh ethis is a day of recognition ffr for all of our hard work. >> it does, indeed, pay off.
4:36 pm
costano holds second place. keep it going. >> still ahead, showing off japan's defensive against mother nature. >> how these baa heap et walls will protect the coast when disaster strikes. >> just ahead e, i'm still taking your kwes on twitter and facebook, which means you can contact me at and on twitter. i'm going to annals questions here live. >> look at the clouds in the sky. but that's not the warm up. i'll have the forecast in
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>> a seawall is now underway in japan. the government there is spending $7 billion to con instruct 50-foot high walls along 236 miles of coastline. officials hope they'll protect the region. four years ago the disaster killed 15,00 people and demonstrated the fukushima nuclear plant. many residents are against the seawalls. they want more money spent on rebuilding homes in the community. >> here, at home, we are checking on some possibly record temperatures. >> it's going to be warm. nice outside. >> all right, dan, temperatures are rising.
4:40 pm
and, as you mentioned, possibly to record levels. we have a few high clouds around right now. otherwise, bright skies and mild conditions. statewide, tomorrow, we'll see high clouds passing through a good half with highs well into the 80s in our interim locations, low around the bay in some spots. again, some records are possible. and we'll see low 70s on the coast. and the forecast shows a cooldown of sorts on sunday. still mild, though. and mild weather will extend all the way through next week lead leading us up to next friday. the first day of spring begins officially 3:45 next friday. >> thank you. >> still ahead here on ab krerks 7 news at 4, a valet gave away a car to another driver.
4:41 pm
>> and google's big mix how the tech giant accidentally revealed the user information that was supposed to be private. >> how much of your credit card info do you need to give a local pizza parlor when you're simply ordering a pie over the phone. i'll have that answer and others. bulldog: oooh! mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale! television announcer: get a serta mattress any size for just $197 each piece when you buy the complete set. the $197 mattress sale... bulldog: oh boy! television announcer: ...ends sunday. ♪ mattress discounters ♪
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mt. hood was left off the list. so was the oregon coast, the columbia river gorge and the painted hills. smith rock and the wallowas are all missing. whoever named the seven wonders never set foot in oregon because even crater lake was left off their list. so we see your wonders world and raise you seven of our own. the seven wonders of oregon.
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see one, or better yet see them all. the u.s. marshal service is looking for this new york man accused of master minding a multi-billion dollar scheme to defraud facebook founder paul zuckerberg. he's now on the run with his wife and two young sons. he sued zuckerberg claiming he invested a thousand dollars in exchange for 50% of facebook. >> a google software problem may have exposed 280,00 people's personal information. it's the data base called who is. people who register for web sites pay for the data base to
4:45 pm
help keep their personal information private. google recently found out that there was a glitch in is software. google has notified everyone affected and says it has fixed the problem. >> a southern california cop given to the wrong person by a valet attendant in new york beach. watch the video she shot last saturday and she griel e grilled. the valet workers. one of them had given them to two men who claim he lost their ticks. >> that's the first guy that ever -- how long has the guy been working there. >> i'm not sure. >> i thought it was a joke. i honestly thought it was a joke. and i was laughing at first. and when you realized your car really wasn't there? >> i got super upset. >> the cops gave them different acounts of who left their vehicle.
4:46 pm
the parking company has apologized, paid to have the locks changed and provided him with two rental cars. but, so far, they were feuding to replace the suv. a broader look at this issue as well as the best way to deal with the valet. >> the team's manager says they've been getting this highly contagious infection every day. the team will have to figure out a new way to celebrate. >> there are recommendations on how older americans can prevent dementia. the government provides a plan to boost organic food. >> older people at ritz e risk of dementia who follow advice on healthy eating, advice and brain training can slow down cognitive decline. we found that two years of intensive guidance on those
4:47 pm
things led to some striking differences with executive function and processing. cases of old-timer's are expected to triple around 135 million world wide by 2050. >> here's a kid's cheese product that gains. craft singles is the first product to earn the seal from the group. kraft has come under fire from consumers to say the products are high in sodium. the white house is making available 6 $6 million in funding to help increase production for research and studies. more than a thent of fruits and vegetables are now classified as organic. the nursing home has implemented tai chi in its program and has said since that has fallen, it's dropped dramatically. there's millions in emergency
4:48 pm
room visits each year. from nasdaq, i'm jane king. here's to your health. >> not a good day yesterday for a southern california man. he saw himself buying a power baltic et 17 miles east of los angeles. lottery officials released a video because the ticket he purchased was a million dollar winner. he didn't have a ticket. no ticket, no money. to make matters worse, the deadline to claim the prize ran out yesterday. at least it goes to a good cause, but he's out the money. >> michael, the first one comes from arman bee who says we bought bamboo flooring from the store and want to return it. however, they charge a 20% restocking fee. is it legal even though it isn't opened? >> yeah, it absolutely is. a lot of electronic stores
4:49 pm
started this a while back when people would buy a big screen tv for the superbowl, watch it and return it. all of this is completely legal as long as they told you in advance. it can't come as a surprise. it's got to be purchased somewhere near the register. all the rules they can have they can make up almost anything that they want. >> brian when i called to order a pizza, they want every piece of information on my credit e credit card. why do they need the security number and the expiration date? >> that's how they identify you as the card in your hand and you didn't just somehow swipe the number on the internet or something. like the three-digit number at the end, the security number, that hasn't even kept anywhere. that just goes back and forth between the card company and the swiping mechanism. and so that's why they do it. make sure you are you and the card. >> on facebook does a reverse mortgage affect my credit score?
4:50 pm
>> this is the weirdest thing. or, at least it is to me. no, it doesn. it's as if it didn't happen. you don't owe the money not right now. and they don't keep track of how much money you have anyway. and the money is owed once your house is sold. and it could be plenty of money in the house. now, are you following this logic? i'm not sure i do. the rule that a reverse mortgage does not show up on your credit report does not mean it does not affect your credit score. >> a big birthday celebration for a baby girl. >> yeah, the gorilla, enjoyed a cake with her mom, 19-year-old amani. it was a big treat for joanne and she still incest e cystsists on a mother's note. >> she spent her first 11 days in the hospital with ammonia before being reunited with her mother. >> coming up next teamsters set
4:51 pm
their siets on a new group of bus drivers. >> not everyone is on board to organize. >> coming up new at 5:00 the pipeline explosion and the new, larger find, just proposed for pg&e. plus, west nile virus. where in the bay area it's been detected for the first time this year.
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here is your prime time line-up. then join us for abc 7 news atat at 11 sclok. pope francis reflected on his time as pope and said he doesn't believe he'll be pontiff for long. the 78-year-old said he often thinks about dying of old age. he says he has a feeling he'll only be pontiff for a couple more years. when asked if he likes being pope, francesis said he doesn't
4:55 pm
mind, but he would just like to go out one day without being recognized and get a pizza. >> in case you missed it last night, president obama had some fun with jimmy kimmel, reading aloud critical tweets of himself. he became the latest celebrity to star in the mean tweet section. >> rw surfer girl. i think that's a great idea. >> he eyou can always watch weeknights right after abc 7 news at 1:00. ewe onunions have their eyes on shuttle bus drivers for some of the biggest bay area tech drivers. they're meeting mixed reactions from drivers. abc 7 news reporter matt keller has the story. >> the teamsters hit the streets of san francisco for a rally. they're handing out union cards for the drivers with valid transportation.
4:56 pm
a company contracted to drive workers from a bay area tech company including cisco and google. they're looking to unionize with a goal of increasing wages and benefits. >> they're sitting, you know arranged 30, $35,000 a year and trying to live on that kind of money in the bay area, very sex tensive. it's a struggle. so they need rep zen tasresentation so that they can all get increases. >> the teamsters success would unionize at the end of february which contracts with several tech companies. drivers for transportation and facebook saw their benefits and wages increase by about $30,000 a year, after they joined the teamsters a few months ago. not every eteam is happy with the union. >> i'd just rather talk to the employees rather than go in front of clients.
4:57 pm
>> he takeyou won't see her complain. she likes her job. she's hopeful to see a raise in benefits like the drivers and facebook, you will e but she believes it would come without paying hundreds of dollars in union dues each year. >> everybody wants to make a little bit more money. in today's economy, i'm happy to have a job. >> the teamsters say they were harassed yesterday. looked to directly reach the workers. we reached out to bower transporation, but have not heard back. >> they can have a vote on unionization within 30 days. in san francisco, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> and thank you so much for joining us. for abc 7 news at 4 cloek:00. we begin with dan and cheryl. >> they hit him in the head a couple times and he webt down.
4:58 pm
>> a father and his son at the bhul mall when a night mare opened. >> why a student says sexual say sault cases should be put on trial. >> residents worry that cutting costs could lead to losing lives. >> plus how apple tried to save the life of his mentor, steve jobs. >> abc 7 meteorologist, it felt like spring today, but a taste of sum mer is on the way with record warmth possible sunday. blank wlank e . >> good evening. thanks for joining us. a south bay father says his son was in the wrong place at the wrong time. a teenager was beaten by two men in a parking lot. christian rasner is in the
4:59 pm
hospital this evening and in serious condition. his father and mother lir wants to know how someone could brutally attack him for no reason. abc i7 news reporter is live where this attack happened. vick? well dan christian's father told me that the doctors have placed him in an induced sleep. doctors told me when he wakes up, he will have no permanent brain damage. when he left home to go to the mall, his mother said, good-bye. and, as he always says, i love you. then, this terrible thing happened. >> he's going to have emotional trauma for the rest of his life. i can't as a father, imagine what he's going through. >> he was in many battles overseas as a marine. but nothing has been tougher than this fight. the fight to save the life of
5:00 pm
his teenage son christian who went through three hours of surgery for serious head injuries. >> they say hit him in the head a couple times. and he went down as a result, probably unconscious, hit his head severely on the back of his head. here at the bank of america parking lot, next to the westfield valley fair mall. the 17-year-old was hanging at the mall with his friend at about 6:30 when two young men approached them. >> notice the two males following them, all dressed in black. they tried to ask him what gang they were affiliated with. >> his son answered repeat dpliedly he was not in the gang. and then he and his friend walked out to the parking lot. the assail lantds followed. >> and then, for no apparent reason than other than being at the wrong police station atlace at the wrong time. >> the attackers ran back into the mall.


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