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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  March 14, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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it's saturday, march 14th. glad to have you with us this morning. i'm chris wynn. we can expect warm temperatures throughout the bay today. here's meteorologist lisa largen with more. 70s and 80s once again. and a good deal of moisture in the air. going up and over this dome of high pressure protecting the bay area is some moisture. so we're looking at some high clouds from time to time. and temperatures not feeling much like march. in fact, right now 6 to 7 degrees warmer than yesterday. santa rosa 8 degrees warmer. everyone is starting out in the 50s and 60s. san jose, partly cloudy with a low 70s on the coast from half-moon bay to stinson beach. santa cruz should hit 80 as well
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as oakland today. low 80s down around san jose. we'll talk about the particulars today and talk about perhaps a little bit of rain coming your way up in the north bay tomorrow. that's coming up. chris? lisa, thank you. a woman faces criminal charges after another security breach at a bay area airport. this time at sfo. police say the suspect even made it onto a runway. officers arrested this woman 42-year-old adrianna santos on wednesday evening. she's currently in jail and due to be tried on misdemeanor charges next month. investigators believe she's homeless and was living in a shelter when she tried to stowaway on a plane. police claim santos ran onto a runway waving her arms at a plane. she said she wanted to return to her home country of guatemala and hoped to sneak onto a plane. santos told police she got the idea from the teen who snuck into the wheel well of a plane from san jose to hawaii last april.
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15 the 15-year-old somehow survived that despite the cold temperatures. this worries passengers. >> after the whole 9/11 thing, everyone is a little bit leery of what can happen in the airport and on a plane. so that just shows that pretty much anything can happen. >> this latest inscident comes after marilyn hartman was caught trying to sneak on seven different flights at sfo and four other times at different airports. she was recommended for mental health treatment. now police want to serve a search warrant and instead ended up shooting a man to death. sergio thomas is here with more from napa. >> reporter: a couple hours after the shooting, a motorcycle was still lying in the middle of the street. a witness tells me off camera the man riding the bike sped away from this house just a few yards from the shooting scene. according to the napa city
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police chief officers were trying to serve a search warrant for drugs and weapons. >> they observe the subject of the search warrant who is a 41-year-old latino male. there is a contact made with him. the shooting ensues. >> reporter: napa's police chief steve potter says the officers found a handgun at the shooting scene but it is not yet clear if the suspect pulled the gun or fired a shot. we talked with a neighbor who was on her front porch when she heard the commotion. >> i was on a motorcycle so they were chasing him. i didn't see anything but i heard three shots. >> reporter: officers with the city of napa were involved in this shooting. so as part of standard procedure, investigators with the sheriff's department took over the investigation. the name of the person shot has not been released. reporting for abc 7 news. santa clara county deputies are reviewing their jail security one week after a suspected child molester overpowered a guard and escaped. janelle carter is still on the loose after he got away during a visit to a san jose medical
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center. carter was classified as a minimum security inmate. that means only one deputy was guarding him on the out of jail trip. crime stoppers have raised their reward to $6,000 for information leading to his arrest. this morning brings the last weekly organized search for a missing teenager in morgan hill. monday marks three years since sarah lemar disappeared. the 15-year-old vanished while walking to her school bus stop. this week her family on the advice of experts decided to only search when new tips come in. angel garcia torrez is in jail accused of her abduction and killing but her body has not been found. no trial date has been set. san jose police want to find the young people who beat and severely injured a teenager boy outside of a busy shopping mall. the victim remains sedated in a hospital as doctors try to figure out if he has permanent brain damage. abc 7 news reporter katie
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marzuilo has more. >> he was clearly conscious. he moved his arms and legs. he struggled. he was clearly disoriented and in pain. >> reporter: once christian raznor is fully awake, doctors will term if he has permanent brain damage. his dad says he was beaten and his head slammed against the pavement by two young men in the bank of america parking lot near the westville valley mall in san jose. christian's friends say the men had been harassing them in the mall asking christian which gang he's in. christian is not in a gang. last year he made honor roll. >> the only thing preventing me from blaming myself is i want to be here for my son. >> reporter: police say they have surveillance cameras of the suspects in the mall but nothing in the parking lot. >> we all have kids and grandkids and always worry that something can happen to somebody that didn't deserve it. >> reporter: raznor has reason to believe his son is not the only victim. >> there's been some stories told around similar gang-related
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activities in the bay area at malls. i don't have any facts, but anecdotely i have heard that a couple times. >> reporter: he says young people should be vigilant at all times and tell mall security if anyone is bothering them. katie marzuilo, abc 7 news. and data shows water storage in the sacramento and san joaquin river basins will be gone in a year and the groundwater will also be gone soon. the state has to start mandatory water rationing and needs to speed up a ground water sustainability plan. if you're looking for ways to conserve water, national fix a leak week starts today. they are offering free diet tabs to see if toilets in your home are leaking water. you can pick up those dye tabs at 41 hardware stores across the
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east bay mud service area. toilets happen to be the most common source of water leaks in homes. and you'll see blue dye appear in the bowl if water is leaking from the toilet tank. wnchts a los angeles water agency is offering farmers $71 million for their water. rice farmers in the sacramento valley say the price offered is so high they can make more from selling water than from growing rice. nine irrigation districts have made tentative deals to ship a portion of their water to the metropolitan water district of southern california later this year. and it's almost go time for those participating in today's st. patrick's datay parade in san francisco. alyssa harrington is live along the parade route with details on today's festivities. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. st. patrick's day is not officially until tuesday but
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today is when the parade goes down market street in san francisco. a lot of work goes into making this a really special occasion. here's a look at some last-minute prep work. you're seeing dozens of volunteers who spent countless hours putting together the float here. there will be a band riding on top of it. also dancers on the ground around it. this float, in particular, is designed to look like an irish garden with a cottage and fishing boat. >> it takes one day of the year friday, to set up here and enjoy each other's company. and we're very proud to help out. >> and we are dedicated to fostering and preserving traditional irish music, song dance, language, storytelling and our objective is have u.s. to have fun.
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>> reporter: the irish piper is putting finishing touches on their routine. this group has been around since 1932. and it includes more than 30 bagpipers. so let's take a look at market street. we've seen some cleaners go through. they are getting it all prepared for today's big parade. the theme of this year's parade is technology linking the bay area to ireland. i'll talk a little more about that at 8:30. alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. and alyssa is looking good in the green coat. thank, see you soon. looking at the parade route going down market street to mcalister and polk and ends at pacific plaza. abc 7 is a proud sponsor of this year's san francisco st. patrick's day parade. michael finney will host the parade live here on abc 7 beginning today at noon. and you can catch it on the go using our free watch abc app.
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weatherwise, what can we expect for the parade, lisa? >> we'll have clouds from time to time, but the mid-07s. 57 degrees in downtown san francisco. we have 49 on the coast. and it's 60 in hayward. we'll talk about our spring-like, how about summer-like warmth, how long it's going to last and whether or not we'll see any rain drops with these clouds. that's straight ahead. lisa thank you. time now is 8:10 on your saturday morning. the uc berkeley student accused of sexually assaulting a fraternity brother. the new questions being asked over the way this case has been handled. plus a new biography out about apple co-founder steve jobs. what the book reveals about a rare compatibility between jobs and current ceo tim cook. why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience?
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a uc berkeley student faces charges of groping his fraternity brother. advocates say this latest sexual assault case is part of the ongoing problem on campuses across america. abc 7 news reporter janet oh has the story from berkeley. >> reporter: police say this happened at alpha epsilon of
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berkeley last month. >> we expect at that time he'll enter a not guilty plea. mr. sheer already passed a polygraph. one of the preimminent calligraphers in the area. we are just waiting for the evidence to play out and we expect him to be exonerated. >> reporter: cher's attorney says a lack of due process in handleding cher's case. this advocate says uc berkeley has been trying to help the accused and the victim. but they add more could be done. >> we have one advocate to 30,000 students. that ratio doesn't make sense for a whole campus. >> we were taken aback like the country was. >> reporter: kirby dick says universities nationwide do a poor job of handling sexual assault cases. >> it seems more sexual asaumt victims are here and survivors.
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>> reporter: this film is centered around infamous florida state rape case involving a star quarterback. >> most universities around the country are not dealing with this properly. their first impulse is to cover it up. and the reason they do that is because they are worried about their reputation. >> reporter: the film has resulted in more victims at berkeley and other campuses alike to speak out. >> the university completely botched my case. it was a serial assailant who assaulted me and three other women. >> reporter: one victim, one accused. both sides are calling on their school to protect their lives and to give them more transparency. 8:15 is the time. the man accused in the shooting death of a 30-year-old oakland mother is expected to be in court next week. yesterday 19-year-old anthony sims hired a private attorney. he's expected to enter a plea on thursday. sims was charged with the murder of shameel pierce. pierce was an innocent bystander trying to get her kids to safety when she got caught in the crossfire in front of their home. it is not clear if sims fired
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the fatal shot or was just involved in the gun battle. police are still looking for other suspects. a new biography of apple co-founder steve jobs revealed current apple ceo tim cook offered his boss a piece of his liver. according to the book "becoming steve jobs," tim cook offered a piece of his liver for steve jobs. jobs told cook i'll never let you do that. cook says steve only yelled at me four or five times during the 13 years i knew him and this was one of him. jobs recently received a liver transplant in 2011 but died later. a north bay gas station is getting attention after a picture showed the incredibly high prices. someone posted this photo on instagram yesterday morning from bridge way in south salido. the owner says he was tired of people complaining of his prices
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and keeps them a few cents higher than the station down the street. some people actually bought the gas for $8 and others said not a chance. >> it's clearly supply and demand. i don't know if there are any other gas stations in the area, because i'm on my bike, but it is ludicrous to think about filling up at this place. >> the gas station owner did end up lowering his price to a somewhat more reasonable $4.97 a gallon. when you hand over your keys for valet parking, you expect your car to be there when you return, right? a newport beach couple thought they were being pranked when a valet told them their car was given away. but it wasn't a prank. abc news reporter nick watt has more now on what can go wrong at the valet and how to protect yourself. >> reporter: the unbelievable just happened to this california valet stand. >> who gave it to him? >> the other guy who is not here anymore. >> wow. >> the valet came up and said sir, we don't know how to tell you this, but your car has been given away. we gave it to someone else.
8:18 am
>> reporter: josh's girlfriend who was having dinner with him filmed the aftermath on her cell phone. >> one of them was a large man. he had ohio state tattoos right here. >> reporter: they said they lost the ticket and the valet coughed up the keys. >> i'm freaked out about it. >> reporter: the parking company that runs this valet service says regrettably our policies and proceediers were not sfrol followed and we are actively working with the victim. >> who are you giving your keys to, really? it is more like valley parking roulette. >> reporter: after the officers saw the tattoo artist pull this stunt. stunt. that is not his car. >> why would you let someone do this! >> reporter: he returned the car after proving his point. the reason we parked a fancy car here with a hidden camera, the valet stole cash.
8:19 am
what can we do to try to win this game of roulette? >> start out by putting a tip on the dash. >> preemptive tipping? >> yes. what that does is helps to influence the level of care your car is about to receive. >> reporter: just get a car that's still missing. >> first thing we thought, there has to be a camera somewhere. this is a joke, right? >> the guy had a goatee. >> you just gave it to him? >> i didn't give it to him. >> nick watt abc news, los angeles. warm temps on the way. the clouds will stick around, right? >> yes especially in the north bay. more breaks in the east and south bay. right now we're partly cloudy to show a weak weather system well along the north coast. mount shasta could get showers. you tree eureka it is raining. we'll see a piece of this energy visit us tomorrow and that could spell maybe a light shower around santa rosa or clear lake. otherwise, north of the golden gate we'll have the cloud cover and the chance of a shower tomorrow.
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but otherwise it's warm and we're looking at some pretty pictures this morning. here is lake tahoe where highs will be in the mid-60s. yeah, i know too warm for march. but today will be the coolest day or the warmest day out of the next seven. we'll cool down with overnight lows in the 30s and cool down locally as well. 52 in gilroy. 50 in half-moon bay. good morning san francisco, 57. closer to home in emeryville, you'll notice more sunshine here. 52 petaloma. the golden gate bridge, clouds around. and this is where we'll see more in the way of clouds. so mostly cloudy to partly cloudy today with a record temperature as yesterday. many records fell from solina to watsonville. today, the low to mid-80s forecasted for san jose. we could see records there as well. turning cooler tomorrow. more of an onshore push. and we have had all this moisture around to feel muggy out there. today, the same scenario.
8:21 am
first, this stays to the north. the summer-like temperatures today. and in fact, a heat wave in southern california. so throughout the next 24 to 36 hours, we will have the high clouds. that system riding well to the north. and at 9:00 tonight, the cloud cover keeps us mild. tomorrow afternoon, we're still in and out of the high clouds with partly cloudy conditions. but that cooling sea breeze will take temperatures down a good 10 degrees for your sunday afternoon. and the look ahead features more in the way of partly cloudy skies. today in the south bay look for about 83 in santa clara and san jose. 85 in gilroy. numbers range from the mid to upper 0770s from millbraid and areas around. look for the low 80s for santa rosa. maybe sprinkles here more likely tonight and tomorrow. 80 in napa. 78 in vallejo. a dry and warm afternoon, san
8:22 am
leandro, union city, 80. you head inland once again we'll see the low to mid-80s from pittsburgh to livermore today. 82 in san ramon. we'll ask you about the seven-day forecast, tomorrow, cooler, and we'll see partly cloudy conditions pretty much all next week. it's a weak weather system riding in northern california allowing temperatures to be in the 60s at the coast. low to mid-0770s around the bay. and next friday is the vernal equinox which is the official start of spring. you can see what is happening any time with the abc 7 news weather app. it is free on the abc google play store. it's beginning to look a lot like barbecue system. coming up jimmy kim el's favorite grill master stops by abc 7. the grilling
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with all the gorgeous weather we've been having, a lot of bay area foodies are starting to think barbecue. this week abc's jimmy kimmel sent his favorite grillmaster chef adam perry lane to abc 7 to share secrets. he said testing whole spices and grinding them up yourself helps to get the best flavor. and he suggested a great way to
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change-up traditional barbecue sauce with whiskey and honey. >> i'm just taking honey, cooking it down with the whiskey until it cooks off the alcohol and add your favorite barbecue sauce. so you can do a homemade one that is a great condiment that is different than off the shelf. >> lane is partnering with the george discoll whiskey company that has ideas for the spring cocktail. this combines whiskey with ginger beer lime and bitters. we posted the recipes on coming up, fire claimed nearly everything they own. but you'll never believe who decided to take the wrap. you'll see this story only on 7. plus, a celebration of a mathematical constant. the free event ha
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the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!! g approaching half past the hour on this saturday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm chris wynn. the sun is out with warm temperatures on the way. here's meteorologist lisa argin with a look at the forecast. good morning to you. hi, everyone. we're starting out in santa cruz with temperatures in the low 50s. yesterday it was near 80. once again many temperatures arounded the bay will be well above average. that's about 15 degrees above average. we could see records in oakland and san jose today. right now 57 in san jose. it's 53 in gilroy. 54 in oakland. from our sister tower cam you
8:30 am
can see the high clouds that will favor the north bay. but still, plenty of 80s today from napa to santa rosa. 55 in concord. and over the next several hours, we will have the high clouds thin out from time to time. but overall, it is filtered sunshine for the first part of your weekend. the second half of your weekend we're cooler. i'll have the details in a few minutes. chris? thank you so much. the annual st. patrick's day parade is just three hours away with thousands of people expected to pack the streets of san francisco. many are putting the finishing touches on their floats. we'll check in with abc 7 news reporter alyssa harrington who is live now along the parade route with details. hey, alyssa. >> reporter: well chris, this is a very special that commission san francisco. this is the oldest st. patrick's day parade west of the mississippi. it's been happening along market street more than 160 years. a lot of work goes into making it exciting starting with hours of rehearsals by the irish pipers.
8:31 am
the irish pipers are putting the finishing touches on their routines including 30 bagpipers and 20 drummers. >> the band was formed in 1932 by immigrants from ireland, most of them from cork. it was just slowly a group of paddy boys. all male now it's evolved and gone through a metamorphosis. we have descendants from africa and asia. we have children in the band, teenagers in the band and females in the band. and it's all about the passion. >> reporter: today's parade will celebrate irish history in culture and also irish links to technology in the tech-savvy bay area. expect to see some decorative floats on the parade route. dozens of volunteers work up until the very last minute to
8:32 am
create this float designed to look like an irish guard within a cottage and fishing boat. and this one will be hard to miss with dancers on the ground around it and a band riding on top playing music. the parade starts at 11:30 on second and market street. we will take you there live starting at noon. live in san francisco, alyssa harrington abc 7 news. alyssa thank you so much. time now is 8:32. we're taking a look at the parade route that starts at market and second. goes down market to mechanicaller and polk and ends at the civic center plaza. abc 7 is a proud sponsor of this year's st. patrick's day parade in san francisco. michael finney will host the parade live right here on abc 7 beginning today at noon. you can also catch it on the go using the free watch abc app. now to today's top news stories. first a fire forced residents from their homes and gutted a man's business in san francisco. now looters have broken in steal
8:33 am
what the flame didn't destroy. cornell barnard has more. >> reporter: this man thought his bad luck was over. he just discovered his corner store was hit by looters. the market at church and 15th has been closed since the fire on february 21st. three buildings burned displacing 19 people. what was your reaction when you got here and found that you have been ripped off? >> it's too bad. really bad. you know, i work hard for it. >> reporter: he has owned the market for 15 years and showed us where vandals broke in through the basement and packed a suitcase full of liquor bottles but left it. and a backpack loaded with school work and spray paint also left behind. fresh tagging recently has appeared on the side of the vick torn. >> it's unbelievable. i mean will be is taking advantage of the somebody in
8:34 am
this situation. their place has burned down, it's horrible. what's wrong with people? >> reporter: tenants living upstairs also looted. they made the discovery after being able to enter their unit wearing face masks. everything that didn't burn was taken. bikes, jewelry, even a book of poems. >> it is just too expensive to stay in the city. and then to have what you think you have taken. i really feel for them. >> reporter: insurance investigators are combing over the building still off limits. the cause of the fire is under investigation. usef is trying to move on. >> it has broken my heart. >> reporter: in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. a woman who called the firefighters after seeing a church go up in flames saw someone spreading the flames. the person who called 911 said someone was using paper to feed the fire before firefighters arrived. the fire reached the church's attic making it difficult to put out. we are told one firefighter was injured. police have joined the
8:35 am
investigation. dozens of people turned out for a prayer service at a san francisco park where two teens were killed earlier this week. >> knowing that my son was killed here -- >> the mother of 18-year-old kenyata butler joined hundreds of other people to remember her son and his friend 19-year-old danzell yang. they were killed on monday after sitting in a car near crocker amazon park. butler's grandmother says she wants the violence to stop and pleaded against any retaliation. 8:35 is our time. there's hope in san jose that talks over police pensions and benefits can resume next week. a ceremony to promote a dozen officers, new mayor sam licardo said it is time to pass measure b. city employees can contribute more pay toward their retirement. police unions say it causes potential applicants to look to neighboring agencies for better
8:36 am
benefits. but licardo says his office is looking at alternative strategies to implement pension reform. >> i'm looking forward to finding a way to ensure the intent of the voters is fully protected at the same time that we find a way to settle all of these issues. >> today licardo will deliver the stay of the city address for the first time as mayor being held at 10:00 a.m. as independent high school. generations of sportsmen have enjoyed san francisco's pacific rod and gun club for decades. but today members will start clearing out of the facility as it faces eviction from lake mers et. club members plan to hold the final shoot today. the club provides a place for skete shooting, but the clay is contaminated from clay pigeons. cleanup will cost $22 million paid for by san francisco water users. the 80-year-old club will close on april 8th. for all you number crunchers out there, a special day today.
8:37 am
today is pi day as a celebration of the mathematical constant. it is extra special to be march 14, 2015. the first five digits of pi. that won't happen until the next century. pi day started 27 years ago at san francisco's exploratorium starting primarily with staffers and has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. and in honor of pi day, admission to the exploratorium is free today. the standard way of protecting your e-mail hacked. coming up abc 7's michael finney explains how ways to protect your account are changing. but first the time right now is 8:37. we're taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. nice conditions out there to start our saturday morning. lisa will break down the full accuweather forecast in just a few minutes.
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welcome back. the live time right now is 8:40. we are taking a live look from the emeryville camera it is a little cloudy out there right now. lisa argin will return in a little bit with the forecast. next time you set up an account online, you may not have to answer security questions. we'll tell you howyour security information is changing.
8:41 am
>> reporter: jeana is typical of many of us in the 21st century. she does all her banking join lean and as a real estate agent relies heavily on e-mail to conduct business. so a word that someone hacked into her gmail stunned her. >> i really don't know how to get back to it and how the hackers work. but it is very scary. >> reporter: hackers gain access through weak passwords. she kept getting messages from google that her password has been changed. >> it says your password was changed 19 hours ago. i didn't change my password. >> reporter: experts say you need a complex password. >> and if it is something so hard you need to write it down you're probably going in the right direction. >> reporter: the hackers took control of gela's e-mail and sent a malicious e-mail to all her contacts. the product manager says it uses a form of artificial intelligence to identify suspicious behavior.
8:42 am
>> if somebody tries to access an account in a way that is not the norm it's not the usual access pattern that puts us on higher alert. >> reporter: gela tried to access her gmail again through her security questions but could not because the hackers changed her questions, too. >> i just hit thele with a. there was no fixing. >> reporter: mark oversees the prevention of span and abuse at google and says the company is now phasing out the use of security questions. >> there's been problems where the security question was something that could be maybe researched online or even guessed. and so right now we favor a much more dynamic approach. >> reporter: the new approach is for you to give your e-mail provider an alternative way of contacting you. that could be a phone number or a secondary e-mail. google sent gela a link to recover her account to that secondary e-mail. but she said she never received it. >> i feel like a prisoner, like trapped. >> reporter: frustrated she
8:43 am
contacted 7 on your side. >> lucky me. thank you very much. i immediately got some response. >> reporter: google won't discuss gela's case but she's happy her account is finally restored. >> your people contacted google and got me some support. >> reporter: on our website we have links to security information for gmail, yahoo! and hotmail. to find them, go to and click on the sections tab. then select 7 on your side. all right. time now is 8:43. and weatherwise it's going to be warm out there today. >> warmer than yesterday. and it was 77 in concord, livermore right now is at 65. here's a look from the bay camera, we are going into the mid-80s today. so it's going to be even warmer, perhaps some records. but the cool down comes as soon as tomorrow. we'll have that forecast as well when we return. lisa thank you. the golden state warriors resting most of their starter last night in denver. so how did it work out for them?
8:44 am
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♪ ♪ the goodness of nature in your bowl. 5 unique whole grains... ...with just enough sweetness. ...multi grain cheerios. an time right now is 8:46. we're taking a live look at downtown san jose. the access building to the right. no major traffic incidents to report throughout the bay area, but weatherwise we'll bring in our meteorologist, what can we
8:47 am
expect throughout the day? it was 78 yesterday. the average high is 67. and today we're going to higher. so now it is mild in the 50s. we're looking at live doppler 7 hd where, wouldn't it be nice to follow this coming our way? well, we could see a few light showers tomorrow or just say a shower in santa rosa. that's about it. the energy is staying well to the north. we get some high and mid-level clouds in the north bay. less in the way of cloud cover east and south. and really all week long there will be weak weather systems riding up to the north of us allowing for partly cloudy skies. here's santa cruz today. wow, it's going to be in the 80s here. 57 in san carlos. 52 in gilroy. 57 in san francisco. so we skipped over winter altogether. we went from spring to summer although the official start of spring is on friday. so, yeah, it makes a lot of sense, i know. 54 in pedaloma.
8:48 am
the 80s return there today. the 80s will be new for the east bay valley. you were in the 80s in the santa clara valley and this will continue throughout the day today. it looks like from the exploratorium camera with partly cloudy skies. high clouds with the 50s and 60s around. we're looking at record temperatures today from santa clara valley to the central coast. even oakland, san jose could see a record. san francisco will be in the mid-70s. the average is in the 60s. what is average about this entire year? turning cooler tomorrow but not where we should be in the upper 60s to upper 70s. we have a really long plume of moisture there offshore. you can see it but look what is overhead. a huge dome of high pressure. so the energy goes to the north. the rain goes to the north. we're getting some high clouds spilling into this ridge. so it's a dirty ridge of high pressure. but it is not inhibiting the warmth that is all over the state. look at a 93 in los angeles.
8:49 am
so the heat continues for southern california. 87 in san diego. and we'll look for numbers in the sierra nevada today. the warmest out of the next seven, 66 with cloud cover and wind tomorrow. 74 in monterey. this front is sagging to the south to spread showers from mount shas tata. for oakland, the week ahead today,80 could be ard wrote. 74 tomorrow. 71 on monday. then you notice temperatures will continue to drop but then they go back up. still could see partly cloudy skies with next weekend looking interesting. maybe we can squeeze out a few rain drops next weekend. for today, the st. patrick's day parade looking very comfortable with the mid-70s downtown. it should be a nice afternoon. you won't need the jacket. that onshore push is with us tomorrow. 79 in san mateo. 82 in palo alto with 83 in morgan hill. and the accuweather seven-day forecast with a cooler day coming tomorrow out of the weekend. then still slightly cooler
8:50 am
numbers monday and we'll stay that way tuesday and wednesday, 60s and 70s. then maybe some rain next weekend. i always look to the extended and then it doesn't happen. so here we go again. >> we'll just hope for the best. lisa, thank you. turning now to sports, the golden state warriors back home today to take on the knicks. but last night in denver they were down five of their minor mall rotation players. collin rush is here with that outcome in this morning's sports report. good morning. steve curr taking a page from the book of popavich resting clay thompson and andrew bogan. andre igadella also given the definition off. the definition of lumber. we are in march but in need of some rest for the rest of us. getting some run and taking advantage. look at this. justin halladay led the warriors from deep.
8:51 am
kenneth bareed, this is why they call him the animal. 24-17 for fareed. leandro barbosa there. look at this left hand with 16 points off the bench. fareed, forget it. randy boyd gets the three, ties it at 99. the nuggets close in on a 24-4 run. minus five of their nine normal rotation players the warriors fall on the road and host the knicks tonight at home. and this will not help the face of the franchise. joe thornton and doug wilson throwing verbal jabs at each other. thursday wilson spoke to 350 season ticketholders. when asked why he took the captain's seat away from thornton during the offseason, wilson said the stress and pressure made joe lash out at
8:52 am
people. yesterday the shark center responded talking to san jose mercury news saying thornton, doug needs to shut his mouth. all i've got to say if i've been here every day working hard. i haven't taken a sabbatical. he just needs to stop lying, shut his mouth. to which wilson responded if he's got an issue, he know where i am and he can talk to me about it. the sharks host the blackhawks today at 1:00. run dmc. he'll be running in big d next season. daren mcfaddon departs the team. he just never lived up to the high expectations. he'll be in dallas for two years with $6 million. mcfad don is leaving and christian ponder is coming to back up derek carr, the pick from minnesota in 2011. the raiders will likely cut matt
8:53 am
schaub. and this quarterback had a good 2014 campaign with the niners totaling 49 tackles and 4 interceptions. ernie els' iron versus the tree. the tree wins every time. the big easy with a 6-over 77 is now in yesterday's second round. he missed the cut. jonathan byrd adds another ace to his resumé. the par 3, 213 yards, it rolls in. cactus league action yesterday. the giants shut out by the rangers 3-0. the a's lose both games fanning 5-3 to the cubs. i'll collin rush, have a good day, everyone. 8:53 is the time. still to come what would it take for you to shave off all your hair? the cause that's helping some
8:54 am
8:55 am
♪turn around!♪ ♪every now and then i get a little bit hungry♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around♪ ♪turn around!♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired of living off the taste of the air.♪ ♪turn around barry!♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack!♪ now try fiber one protein bars with the great new taste of cookies and crème.
8:56 am
here are the winning numbers from last night's $33 million mega millions draw. 8, 22 30 35 and the mega number of 3. nobody picked all those numbers so the jackpot goes up. some are going bare today to raise money for the children's cancer research center at ucf's children's hospital. 200 people signed up to shave their heads and hope to raise a
8:57 am
quarter of a million dollars. but it's about more than just the money. doctors say the simple act of shaving really helps the young cancer patients. >> when our patients come up and they see their parents and their friends or their doctors and nurses shave their heads they feel such a connectedness to them and they feel that, you know, you understand. you understand just for a moment. >> this is the largest nongovernment donor of childhood cancer grants around the world. what a great cause. all right. final check of weather. >> well, it looks very warm out there today. but not the entire weekend. today is the warmest day. perhaps some records, 15 degrees above average for oakland and fremont today. 83 in san jose. 70 on the coast. but the high clouds favor the north bay. maybe a sprinkle there tomorrow. and we'll see partly cloudy skies throughout next week as well with 60s and 70s. above average. and the official start of spring is next friday. >> all right. thank you to you for spending
8:58 am
time with us here on the abc 7 saturday morning news. the news continues now online on twitter, facebook and on all our mobile devices. make sure to tune in to this year's st. patrick's day parade. we'll bring it to you live starting at noon. michael finney serves at this year's host. and if you're attending the parade, be sure to upload your pics on the abc 7 news app. abc 7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. i'm chris wynn. make it a great day, everybody.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hi, everyone, i'm jack hanna coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo and welcome to "wild countdown." boy, she's camouflaged good or something. hold it, there she is. people ask me all the time how i find all those incredible animals. today i'm going to show you. >> there it is. >> it's hidden right behind the mom. i couldn't even see it. >> yes. >> look at this. sometimes it takes high-tech gear... or good ole fashion know-how. >> you hear that chirp? that was the otter. >> yeah, sounds like a bird. >> it sounds like a bird chirp yeah. >> and a little luck always helps. >> all right, along that line there.


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