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passed them. as he went down 680, the driver -- the police were in pursuit. they took the hov lanes on the grade. the divided lanes kept the bulk of drivers also going southbound on 680 out of harm's way. surprisingly, no vehicles were hit, no vehicles collided in the confusion of the pursuit. now, as they were driving down towards san jose, they continued up to 80 where the freeways joined turning north up to peninsula. the pathfinder lost a couple of tires. that didn't stop the driver as the vehicle kept going on bare rims. the driver kept in the number one or fast lane as he left san jose towards los altos hills using the shoulder at times to pass drivers in the hov lanes. as he approached or just past the foothill expressway exit and approached magdalena, the driver hit the media on the pathfinder and it rolled over several times eventually rolling back upright. the driver eventually stepped out looking dazed.
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even looked up at sky 7 hd overhead to rub his arm at times which may have been been scraped as a result of the overturning vehicle. that's when officers handcuffed him and arrested him ending a pursuit that lasted about an hour and involved about 70 miles of driving around the bay. >> the speed was greater from 80 to 95. he was using the center median the entire time. it looked like his vehicle, he lost the front and rear axle. had no control or steering mechanism and lost control as he was traveling to the center median. >> the driver is now in the hospital being treated for his injuries. the chp tells us he's facing felony charges for what he did today causing a pursuit that went all the way around the bay or nearly around the bay down the east pay, 680 and up the 280 up the peninsula and we'll, of course, have more details as we get them including the identity
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of the driver as soon as that information is released. we're live in los altos hills david louie, abc 7 news. incredible, david. thank you so much. a controversy about the maintenance of a big rig that slammed into a restaurant in pittsburgh yesterday killing the driver. the highway patrol has a list of violations that suggest that deadly accident could have been prevented. company employees are talking about the problems exclusively with abc 7 news reporter wayne freed man. he joins us from pittsburgh with the latest. wayne? >> reporter: cheryl, it's more than a list. it's a stack of violations. this is only a partial stack of the violations which include all sorts of problems including driving a big rig in one case at least without a lug nut. these do not come as any surprise to the employees who contacted us. they spoke under the condition that we would disguise their identities. >> dangerous. >> he calls himself harvey and asked us to protect his identity because he works for the
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trucking company which owns the 18-wheeler that crashed into the pittsburgh restaurant killing the driver. the brakes failed. that's no surprise to harvey based on mechanical failures he has seen on trucks at the company. >> tires, brakes drums airlines water lines. >> we also heard today from a former office manager named tina. >> it was about money. it was always about money. it was never about safety. it wasn't about their drivers. it wasn't about the public. >> this is home base for roby trucking in vallejo. it was quiet today. not much in the way of comments today including this man who claimed to be an employee whose source is identified as the owners. >> we had calls from former employees who tells e. tell us that there have been serious issues with trucks. >> i got to go -- thank you. >> you want to talk about maintenance. >> talk to you later. thanks, sir. >> okay. he was not talking about.
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the california highway patrol introduced records indicating a long history of safety and maintenance issues at roby trucking. they include problems with brakes, steering and multiple other mechanical violations. a yard inspection last october the chp found roby to be unsatisfactory in all categories including record keeping. the most eye popping sigh lags, a roadside inspection that showed one rig overloaded by 16,000 pounds. >> in 42 years of working for trucking companies and being a driver, how does this company rank? >> the worst. >> i want to know why. the family of that man should know why. >> the owner of the business that was crashed should know why. the more people that almost died should know why. >> the answers appear to be coming. from vallejo wayne freedman abc 7 news. napa police want to find out more about the death of a man found inside a freezer in his
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home this afternoon. officers discovered the man after his brother-in-law called them asking them to check on him around 12:30 this afternoon. the man who called police said he had not heard from his relatives since the end of last month. he was getting worried. police found no signs that anyone broke into the home. they're working with the coroner to determine if someone killed the man or perhaps he committed suicide. today we're learning more about an apparent murder-suicide involving an investor and a winery owner. hearing more from the sheriff's office dispatchers. yesterday in napa robert dal met with someone to discuss a business agreement. their attorneys were on the phone. the two decided to talk privately without attorneys. several minutes later, there was a frantic 911 call saying he was being chased through grapevines and shots were being fired at him from an suv. >> we have a male saying help me, help me. he was shot. [ inaudible ] coming at him with his truck.
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the subject was still shooting at him with a high-powered gun. he kept saying help me. >> he was found dead in a vineyard. he let deputies on a short chase losing him on a dirt road. you can see that from sky 7. deputies eventually found him dead in his suv. more than 1,000 people said goodbye today to a promising high school football player gunned down near his mother's home in oakland. many of davon ellis' teammates and classmates paid respects as they walked past his open casket. it was a tough day. oakland police say ellis was shot while wouk walking with a group of friends on february 28th along brookdale avenue. we should all be loving each other, no guns on the street. shouldn't be people killing each other for no reason. my son was a good kid, had a lot of love. i'm glad everybody came out and showed their support. >> police have arrested someone they describe as a person of interest in ellis' killing. crimestoppers is also offering a
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$20,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and a conviction in this case. two more men appeared in court for the murder of an oakland mother killed trying to protect her children during a gun battle. shelton mcdaniels and another man are charged with homicide. mcdaniels and harr bin exchanged gunfire during an argument on chestnut street. the 30-year-old was killed as she huddled over to shield her children telling them to run. investigators are waiting for ballistic tests to determine who fired the shot that killed her. new mandatory water conservation rules are on the books in california. they're going to affect about every single one of us. the state water resources control board approved the measures today. they include a ban at restaurants and bars unless you request it. a ban on watering lawns within 48 hours after measurable rain falls. cities counties and private lawn -- local water districts
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could issue fines up to $500 per violation. the new rules go into effect soon, april 15th. meantime, a warning from health officials now in alameda county. a second bat in fremont tested positive for rabies. the dog picked it up near niles elementary school last friday. health officials were investigating any other potential rabies danger. the dog was up to date on vaccinations and has been quarantined for 30 days as a precaution. 49ers linebacker chris borland today opened up about his stunning decision to retire. he spoke to espn's outside the lines about why he is stepping away to preserve his long-term health. >> i've lived the right way i've been healthy. never used performance enhancers. i don't abuse alcohol or drugs. maybe i would be fine. maybe i'm wrong and i could play for ten years and be completely healthy. however, i just don't think it's wise for me. >> the standout player was expected to be a key defensive player for the niners this
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coming season. folks in the sports world are quick to react. jerry rice tweets, chris borland, i commend you on your decision. when i played, we didn't have all the research. i think the game is so much safer now. we talked to high school coaches and players today who say borland's decision makes a lot of sense and could be part of a growing trend. abc 7 news reporter janet oh joins us with more on how the football game might change. janet? >> reporter: those changes and the trends, the growing trend could be that more players are retiring for the same reason as chris borland. everyone we talked to today cheryl, said that they hope that the game does continue to change. does continue to become safer. on top of the changes that have already been made. >> behind the line. >> for many of the students at the high school in san francisco, they grew up playing the game of football. >> it's kind of in my blood. it's fun to watch. it's fun to play.
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>> playing football even at the high school level can be dangerous. this student recalls a time he had a concussion. >> i took a knee to the head by a teammate. >> concussions and its long lasting effects on the brains has become a hot topic in the sports community. with the recent resignation of 49ers chris borland from pop warner to the nfl the controversy weighs on players, coaches and parents. we spoke with a former raiders player napolean kaufman who coaches at bish ol o'dell. he said there have been changes made. >> they would slam their head into another guy. guys are learning to tackle guys within the strike zone. from the top of your chest to right above the knee. >> we tried to teach football the right way. >> coach nguyen says they offer tackling rules. with more research and awareness, more athletes and parents have to decide if the benefits outweigh the risk.
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for jamari vasquez, he's made a decision to continue to play football for college after high school. >> the love on the field and in a battle with your brothers is one of the best feelings. >> in san francisco janet oh abc 7 news. a new partnership for california college students. >> i feel like that dream is so much closer. >> coming up, a new alliance for the country's largest college system for students to get guaranteed admission across the country. >> also ahead why microsoft is killing off internet explorer. a happy ending for a dog tossed out of a car window. i'm sandhya patel. spring starts on friday but the warmth is coming earlier. the details coming up. sandia thank you very much. how to make a bargain bottle of wine taste more
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california community colleges signed april major agreement with historically black colleges and universities. that could change the enrollment numbers of african-american students at four-year schools. abc 7 news reporter joins us in the newsroom with the details. this is a win-win for both california and the black colleges. here's why. getting into a public four-year college in california has become harder and harder. now, on the other hand these historically black colleges and universities that were once the only higher ed option for them are facing declining enrollment. this is a great way to keep them operating. the nine historically black colleges and universities promised to admit any student who has completed an associate
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degree in california and who is designated for transfer. a grade point average must be at least a 2.5. she teaches african-american studies at city college of san francisco. >> going outward and having a clear pathway is going to increase success among them if they have a goal. >> this is the list of the universities that reached a deal with the california community college system. all are private four-year colleges except for lincoln, which is public and will offer instate tuition and fees for california community college students. 500 students from the 112 two-year colleges in california will be ready to transfer to one of these nine institutions. brown used to think attending an hbcu was out of his reach until today. >> i felt like between achieving and transferring was too wide. with this recent announcement today, i feel like that dream is
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so much closer. >> african-american students represent 7% of the 2.3 million students in our community colleges. >> it's a very small population. going to a university like that with minds, beautiful minds who are very smart, everyone around you, it looks like you. it's a positive thing. >> noticeably absent from the list are spellman, howard and more house. these and others are expected to join them. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. a steep san francisco hill too much for a tour busy with lost control and slammed into a house, this is the tour bus after it slid in reverse down the hill on new hall street this morning. a person sleeping jumped out of bed from the impact. sounded like a bomb. the bus knocked over a stop sign and damaged the stucco and frame around the garage. there were no tourists on the bus. the driver was injured by the
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crash. you probably remember this. a dog thrown from a moving car. has a new home. beverly walked into the waiting arms of a waiting family over the weekend. the pin cher mix was put in a bag and threw them out of a dag. the mother dog chewed her way out and stayed with her puppies. the reward is out for $25,000 to find the person responsible. >> beverly will have a companion. the family has another dog. let's take to you breaking news in mountainview. sky 7 hd live over a train accident. one person hit on the tracks. again, these are live pictures from mountainview. southbound cal train hipt a person by san antonio station between mountainview and san antonio stations. >> we don't have word why the person was on the track or what the condition is. all of the cal train has been shut down while the investigation is under way. we'll stay on top of that. moving on to consumer news. many americans get their first credit card from a gasoline company.
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gas cards is an easy way to build credit. >> there are downsides. >> this is interesting. pretty good. gas credit cards have benefits like instant approval and discounts on gasoline. however, a new survey by bank found they don't offer the best deals. bank rate says gas cards do offer discounts that many bank cards offer more up to 5% cash back. also, gas cards come with a lot of rules like minimum spending and limited cash back. the survey also found gas cards, pardon me, offer meager sign-up bonuses when compared to bank cards. while handy for buying gas, do not expect big rewards. the biggest internet browsers on the market is about to slip into history. scrapping much maligned internet explorer. in its place, the company will launch a faster browser code named project spartan. the demise of explorer has long been rumored over the past 20
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years that it's been dogged by security flaws. it also faced stiff competition from google chrome and firefox. explorer will still exist in some machines and the new browser will soon take over. finally, we've got a secret to making bargain wine taste even more expensive. pay attention here. experts say inexpensive red wine will improve if you do one thing. swirl it in a blender. >> what? >> you've heard of letting wine breathe. the blender does it faster. wine shop owner marcy roth calls it hyper dee cannoting. >> decan'ting wine brings fort the interesting and aromatic flavors of the wine. >> how does it do on a taste test? >> a $7 bottle of wine ranked higher after being blended. a nice $89 vintage of red.
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next time you're at a friend's house, blend it, not blended? >> do you have a wine smoothie? >> oh no. thank you michael. let's talk about the weather forecast. sandhya patel outside. ouf got the jacket on. >> there is definitely a cool on-shore breeze here. you need a jacket. the flags swaying, the trees swaying. let me show you live doppler 7 hd. we'll talk about what's coming. right now just a few clouds. the rest of you enjoying sunshine on this st. patrick's day. it is breezy. gusting to about 24 miles an hour in half moon bay out of the northwest. good indication of why it was only in the upper 50s in pacifica and half moon bay today. that wind kicking up all the high tree pollen right now. mulberry, oak pine, sycamore. if you suffer from allergies and coughing and sneezing, this is not a good time for you. >> as we take a look at a live
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picture from the san jose cam. a few high thin wispy clouds. 60 in san francisco. oakland, san carlos mid 60s. half moon bay 57 degrees. some areas got up into the low to mid 70s in santa rosa livermore. nice day and lots of sunshine. 73 in santa rosa. 66 in napa. low 70s in fairfield, livermore. east bay hills camera showing you a few of the clouds over mt. diablo. they're harmless. cooler overnight tonight. a brief warmup for thursday and spring begins friday afternoon. here's a look at the pacific satellite picture. remember yesterday, there was so much cloud cover. most of the cloudiness is pushing out. the storm track, unfortunately is lifting north as high pressure briefly comes in and provides us with a warmup. take a look at the temperature trend for oakland the week ahead. 64 is the average high. wednesday 07 degrees. 73 on thursday.
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you'll fall on friday as the seasons officially change. tomorrow morning speaking of falling. it's going to get chilly. north bay valley down to the low 40s. inland east bay, you'll be in the mid to upper 40s. make sure you bundle up and the kids will need a light jacket or a sweater first thing in the morning. 50s in oakland and san francisco. afternoon highs, a lot like today. the breeze will keep your temperature down in half moon bay to 61 degrees. 66 in san francisco. 73 santa rosa. 70 in oakland. palo alto, 71 in san jose. ak wu weather seven machine day forecast. up to 80 degrees on thursday. we're getting a spring preview early. spring starts on friday in the afternoon. it will cool down leading us to the weekend. mid-60s to 70s for outdoor plans. there is a slight chance i should say of some showers on monday. so we're not giving up on the showers. could see spring showers around
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here. dan and cheryl. let's hope so. sandhya, thanks so much. we have recalls tonight. one is macaroni and cheese by craft. we'll tell you why coming up next. tonight at 6:00, you'll see what some older workers are doing these days to compete in a
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couple of recalls to know about. if you like mac and cheese, be aware of this. kraft foods is recalling nearly a quarter million cases of the original flavor. some boxes contain small pieces of metal. best buy dates ranging from september 18th through october 11th 2015 and have a code c 2. kraft says there's been eight incidents of metal inboxes. check out the label if you have it at home. trader joe's is recalling raw walnuts. they could be contaminated with salmonella. they found it during routine
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tests. trader joe's removed all walnuts from shells. they have not received any complaints. the pay feature is here. the social net york announced a new feeter from messenger. you can trade your sotheby's auction paddle for a mouse. e-bay and the auction house announced starting april 1st live auctions will be available on e-bay. the first auctions will be a themed new york sale and a photograph sale. while we're speaking of photographs. buzz aldrin may have taken the coolest picture at stonehenge. he tweeted this yesterday looking up to the sky in a superman pose saying he wanted to send a message to the cosmos. aldrin was the second man to walk on the moon. he's working to establish a manned settlement on mars. it feels like everybody is a little bit irish today. >> from san francisco to palo alto to 1600 pennsylvania
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avenue. >> we're going to show you how people celebra
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tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00 our reporter vic lee sits down with a police officer at the center of a texting scandal. he'll put those messages into context for us and explain why he's not -- >> michael finney follows up on a woman facing a rent increase. officials say if it's not illegal, it should be. we're going back to the spot where the 100 mile an hour police chase ended. for a look at the south bay traffic that resulted in this mess, all coming up at abc 7 news at 6:00. celebrating st. patrick's day in dublin, ireland. abc 7 news viewer lucky enough to be there sent us this video.
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reportedly the largest parade in dublin with more than 3,000 people taking part. >> how cool is that. >> the white house tweeted this picture out. the caption, president obama is ready for st. patrick's day. cute. >> palo alto police tweeted out this picture saying despite leprechaun traps being set, no reports of injuries. san francisco already had its st. patrick's day parade. >> but the celebration continues in the city. >> a live band was part of the festivities today at the irish bank restaurant and bar. events continue throughout the evening. >> for those celebrating with green beer or irish whiskey aaa is offering a service. be safe. have a great time. happy st. patrick's day. world news tonight is coming up next. i'm dan ashley, we'll see you again in half an hour. >> that would be michael
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o'finney, right? >> on this tuesday night, the millionaire murder suspect, robert durst, and the new charges. flashing that smile, the stunning audio, saying he, quote, killed them all. tonight, authorities now pointing to this evidence. the two pieces of handwriting. the breaking news. the u.s. air force veteran, tonight, charged with trying to join isis. pierre thomas standing by. the midair emergency. the man running for the cockpit, screaming, "jihadis in the cargo hold." you will see them tackle him. >> i'm sorry. the abc news exclusive. inside the nypd. retraining 35,000 officers after the eric garner case. and tonight, you'll see the new takedown. and the famous university and the images of young women, allegedly posted on facebook, sleeping, partially undressed. they had no idea.


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