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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 18, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm cheryl jennings. we start with the dramatic high-speed pursuit that spans four bay area counties. today we learn the driver that who took the highway patrol on this wild chase and crash is still in the hospital more than 24 hours later. and officers are now telling abc 7 news the safety steps they take when dangerous pursuits like this hit the streets. abc 7 news reporter david louie live from chp in vallejo. david? >> well, normally, when chp needs to stop a vehicle, such as yesterday's incident, they use a spike strip, and they normally work. in this case the chp believes the driver was under the influence of an unknown substance. he was not apparently aware he
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had lost at least two tires and that he was not truly in control of his vehicle. 24-year-old ramon had driven some 20 miles into contra costa, at speeds close to 90 miles per hour. he was still not pulling over for the chp officers in pursuit. it was decided to deploy a piece of equipment that deflates the tires to get him to stop. it's called a spike strip, like this one, it's with shark hallow spikes. the spikes penetrate the tread and allow air to escape. it usually causes suspects to pull over and give up within a minute or two. this is the spot along southbound 680 where he ran over the spike strip. this is south of pleasanton. >> they realize they don't have control to drive the vehicle. as you can see, the front of the vehicle disintegrates. it's so rare we see people who
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try to continue driving. >> he did keep driving ch he managed to keep the vehicles in the express lanes at speeds approaching 100 miles per hour. >> in this case the individual being impaired by some substance was not able to realize that he no longer had control of his vehicle. that he was putting everyone around him at risk. >> reporter: all the while two patrol officers were behind him along with a supervisor. other units focused on alerting other vehicles with sirens and lights to pull over and stay out of the way. >> we often times have the officer in the rear of the pursuit keeping traffic back so no one is around the pursuit so we have a visible presence. t people understand they should move to the right. out of the way f of the patrol vehicles and suspect vehicles. >> in the end, when he hit the median and his suv rolled over the front rims were gone with only the rotors left. officer hill said it appeared the seat belt kept him from serious injury. in vallejo, david louie abc 7
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news. -- boulevard is closed in both directions where a deadly crash shut it down several hours ago. sky 7 hd over the scene where two cars crashed before noon. police are not saying yet who was at fault. they do say, though that one person involved died. you can see both of those vehicles involved. they are heavily damaged. concord police have at the scene still investigating, and they estimate it will reopen within the next hour. the emergency crews rushed to 45-year-old woman and her 5-year-old daughter to a san francisco hospital this afternoon after an elderly woman driving this white suv hit them in a crosswalk. sky 7 hd was over the the mall when it happened this afternoon. police say the the child has life threatening injuries. her mother's are less severe. the 86-year-old driver stayed at the scene and also went to the hospital with unknown injuries. firefighters in santa clara
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put out a house fire today. they were on the scene just after 9:00 this morning. firefighters had to punch a hole in the attic to get rid of the flames. nobody was injured. the cause of the fire is under investigation. university of california students and their parents will not find out in time soon if they will pay a tuition increase next year. >> abc 7 news was at the meeting in san francisco today where several students stripped down to their underwear as they protested against a proposed 25% tuition increase. governor brown and uc president janet napolitano were there to give an up date on budget negotiations. the governor stood firm in controlling spending at uc campuses. >> we're going to spend a lot of money the question is to how to guest the most. at the end of the day my goal is to spend less than the people i'm talking to want.
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>> brown and napolitano will meet again in april. students may have to wait until june to learn if tuition will stay frozen or go up 5% in the fall. some of the most vocal in recent weeks over those possible tuition hikes have occurred at uc santa cruz. >> that's where we find our abc 7 news reporter with reaction. chris? >> reporter: many students that we spoke with especially freshmen, are anticipate some type of increase with their tuition. they say it's not really a matter of how much that increase will be and whether they'll be able to afford it. at the center of campus in santa cruz, concern from students over the future of the university of california system. >> it's really kind of tearing our student body apart. >> reporter: laeseslie is a first-year student worried about the cost of college going up. >> i may have to transfer somewhere cheaper to a state school or drop out.
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two weeks ago student protesters blocked peers and staff from driving in and out for an entire day. this afternoon, the uc regents met again to discuss ways to fund higher education. administrators announcing it will not expand enrollment for freshmen and trensansfers unless more were appropriated. now at issue a proposal to raise fees by 5% each of the next five years that equates to a 20-year increase by 2019. fifth-year student and los angeles native says she's worried about what could happen next. >> i have a sister going to college pretty soon. these tuition increases will be affecting my family as well as my friends who are still part of this campus. >> reporter: student assembly officer max hough says more needs to be done to protect the system for generations to come. >> we get more of the same type of person and we don't see a goody verse student body. >> questioning whether the uc will be affordable and
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accessible for all. >> public education turning into something only for the elite? chris nguyen, abc 7 news. we know the identity of a woman shot and killed by san francisco police after driving recklessly on a san francisco police. nbc news after two plain clothed officers investigating reports of a stolen car spotted alice brown at the chevron statement on van ness. he sped towards the officers, hit the building and the officers fired when she starteded driving on the sidewalk, putting the lives of officers and pedestrians in danger. police don't have any suspects. three people died and one person wounded in a drive-by shooting just after 8:00 outside the madison market. the four men hospitalized are expected to survive. witnesses say they heard up to 40 gunshots. it's possible there were multiple shooters. police suspect that shooting was
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gang related. it was in a crime-filled area known for drug deals. an alert is going out in fremont after two rabid bats were discovered near an around niles elementary school. one was found on the campus. the other at a community center. aa third bat found yesterday is being tested for rabies. >> the more you know about rabies and people know about having their pets vaccinated for rabies and not to touch any or have interaction with wild animals, the better off we will be. experts say it's unusual to find three bats this early in the year. they can't control the bat population, so it's up to people to be proactive in protecting themselves as well as their pets. winter is almost over and it's ending on a warm note. >> i wasn't sure winter started. we have an accu weather update.
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i hope are ea leet from the pollen spencer. >> i'm hoping too. we do have lovely spring like weather near the end of winter. a little bit breezy where we are right now on the embarcadero. look how sunny it is. down to the south, areas of scattered showers in southern california mainly in the mountains and higher elevations enup in the sierra a couple of like anything bolts there. scattered thunderstorms there. meanwhile, things are calm. here's a look at the the western sky. it's 63 in san francisco, oakland, 67. low 70s in redwood san jose. morgan hill 57 at san jose. check out this view way off in the distance. you see thunderstorm cloud build-ups in the sierra, way off to the east. here in the bay area, it's sunny and calm. sunny and 74 in santa rosa. looking at the golden gate under blue sky, here's our first alert
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forecast. clear skies and breezy. cool in the inland areas overnight and early tomorrow morning. mild tomorrow afternoon under sunny skies. we'll see high temperatures inland, up around or just above 80 degrees. and that's on the final day of winter. what might spring bring? >> and still ahead at 4:00 a deadly day in the desert. the crime spree across arizona police are now investigating. and stop me if you've heard this before, the donald wants to run for president. this time he appears to be serious about it. the new step just taken by the real estate mogul. new at 4:30, plans to sell an east bay golf course land and the rough. the latest twist in the fairway fight. and a live check of the afternoon commute. this is interstate 680 in walnut creek. the oncoming traffic is northbound heading up to concord. slower at the top of the screen. southbound 680 moving nicely at this hour.
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police arrested a gunman suspected of a shooting spree across the phoenix suburb of mesa. police say he killed one person and wounded five others at three locations, including a restaurant and a hotel. the man who died and the suspect may have known each other. but police believe the locations of later shootings and a car jacking were random. one is a student at briefly on lock down. and mostly european tourists
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are dead after an attack outside a museum in north african country of tunisia. police officers tried to shield people as they ran for cover outside the national museum. men with assault rifles opened fire. officers shot and killed at least two of the attackers. two to three others escaped. at this point it's not clear who the attackers were. the violence is the worst in year on a tourist site in tunisia. that's where they are still struggling to solidify their young democracy. more trouble for uber. this type in europe. today a german court ruled uber violates the nation's taxi laws and has imposed a nationwide ban on the ride sharing service called uber pop. the court agreed with the taxi union's claim that the service is is illegal and unsafe because the drivers are not professional. it connects drivers with passengers via smart phone app at lower cost than the taxis.
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president barack obama is challenging republican budget priorities saying they are based on economic theorys that don't work. speaking at the club of cleveland in ohio today. he talked about the current economic recovery as evidence his own have succeeded. president obama also toured a local whiskey manufacturing plant. to highlight the importance of american businesses, providing opportunities for employment. of course. senate republicans release their budget today and keeps the cap on defense spending and cuts trillions from the health and welfare programs. yesterday the house republicans released a $3.8 trillion budget that increases defense spending. president obama's target corporate taxes overseas, raises taxes on the rich and reverses cuts on defense and domestic spending. a couple of names familiar
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with the presidency are leading the way in the 2016 race for the white house. the poll shows hillary clinton and jeb bush out in front in a new nationwide survey. mr. bush has a slight lead over the gop field with wisconsin governor scott walker ranking second. as for the democrats, mrs. clinton leads vice president joe biden by 50 points. she's also leading all republican candidates by at least ten points in hypothetical general election match-ups. and here comes the donald. trump thinking seriously about joining the race for the presidency. the brash businessman announced he is forming a presidential exploratory committee. the move allows mr. trump to start raising money and start raising staff. he's hired political aides in iowa and south carolina. pope francis will address
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the annual u.n. general assembly during his first visit to the united states. plans are being made for pope francis to visit president obama at the white house. he is scheduled to address a joint meeting of congress on september 24th. his speech will mark the first time the head of the world's roman catholics will address concord. >> doctors say breast feeding may be the key to your child's success in the classroom and their career. >> and you may have more influence of your partner's exercise habits than you think. jane king has these stories and more. five drug makers are pulling $100 million to study the causes and cures for one of the most debilitating health problems of our time. the british government and companies are working to find a treatment for alzheimer's and dementia. partners in this effort will search for and invest in the most promising research in the field. breast feeding is linked to a higher i.q. in children. the research in brazil found those who breast-fed longer had
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higher i.q. scores as adults. experts say the results back current advice that babies should be breast fed forrics months. spouses influence each other's exercise habits for better or worse. single men and women exercise far more than married people. divorce can change that. men typically exercise more after a marriage ends. women, less. parenthood is found to be the greatest downward pull on planned exercise time. moms do more light activity like cooking, cleaning and running after toddlers than single people. can perm air purifiers keep cold and flu bugs away? # it's a go ahead idea to avoid touching your nose and mouth. i'm jane king. here's to your health.
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talk about with your husband for relief here. >> you have a decongestant. christian is joining us now. are you suffering now like many of us no i'm not. but i'm a lucky one. we have breezy conditions right now. which can stir it up in some cases, but blow them out if we get a nice frontal system coming through. that may happen in a few days. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. we have sunny and breezy conditions across the bay area and near the coastline. these are the forecast features, clear and cool overnight. near 80 tomorrow in the inland area. and cooler conditions on friday. interesting enough. as spring begins. here's the satellite image. big ridge of high pressure. we've seen this before. that's what we've had for weeks and weeks right now. temperatures will be on the rise tomorrow. storms continue moving generally to our north.
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but there's a chance of a little something working its way into the bay area by area. here's the long range outlook, starting sunday, march 22nd. this coming sunday. notice late sunday into early monday, a little bit of rain pushing into northern california. and if it stays on this current track, it looks like whatever rain we get will be mainly in the north bay. but it looks like with ef a chance of getting wet weather out of this. so maybe measurable rain. not nearly so much as we need. but, anything at this point is good. and late monday or early tuesday. overnight, look for mainly clear skies. we'll see mid to upper 40s and other inland locations and upper 40s to low 50s around the bay. tomorrow is sunny and warm. we'll see highs in the mid to upper 70s in the south bay. 75 at san jose. 74 at cupertino. low to mid 70s.
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6 breezy and pleasantly mild at the coast. 64 at half-moon bay. 62 at pacifica. downtown san francisco will top out at 69 tomorrow. up in the north bay, highs at 78 in santa rosa. 74 at fremont and castro valley, and the inland east bay will be nice and warm with highs up to 78 a piece at fairfield and livermore. 80 at antioch. here's the 7-day forecast. spring arrives friday afternoon. it will be a cooler day. still pleasantly milder with highs in the 70s away from the coast. and monday we get a few more clouds and the chance of rain, a little bit cooler by a few degrees on monday. then milder again on tuesday and wednesday. welcome spring and welcome allergy relief i hope. oh, please.
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you don't think about how important breathing is until you can't. >> thank you, spencer. up just ahead the hills are alive. the sound of music is celebrating half a music of song. coming up next we give you a sneak peek at tonight ice prime time special. and new after 4:30 a commencement controversy involving a popular tv chef and a prestigious bay area university. what cal is now saying about rumors. and taking a look at traffic in central san rafael and marin county. ooooh... i can hear that sizzle. getting louder! and louder! philly cheesesteak and egg sizzling with prime rib and gooey cheese. i better (just) silence this sizzle! the new philly cheesesteak and egg skillet. denny's. welcome to america's diner.
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tonight in our prime time special, abc's diane sawyer takes a look back at the family and the lasting look at this treasured classic.
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♪ i must have done something good ♪ >> they were going to call it love song. and in fact, the two actors con if esz fessed a romance may have developed between julie andrews and christopher plumber? >> did you have a crush on him? >> yeah, we sort of did. we were never an item as they say. but now we are the best of friends. >> we should have had a huge affair. >> reporter: but andrews remembers herself being like maria, naive, unaware of her own romantic potential. and tonight she embarks on a journey back to those hills that house, and the music that lives on. >> you have your memories. >> i do. >> memories we know so well. >> he came up to me and said the little one doesn't swim. >> i said could you fall forward in the boat and get her as quickly as possible.
4:26 pm
>> i said yes, and of course, i fell backwards, not forward. >> and memories of the moments viewers never saw. >> we actually went up the mountains in big open carts pulled by oxen. >> tarp over your head. >> and they would hoist me up and up we would do. you won't believe the lengths they went to to get to that exact same spot. all right, abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. coming up next the wife of san francisco sheriff brings her story of scandal to the stage. she reveals why it's time to tell her side of the drama. but deal or no deal. a plan to sell the east bay golf course is in the rough, and who could have the final say.
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hey, gracie... you know how our family has... daddy and mommy... and me! yeah, that's right. pretty soon... you're going to have a baby brother. ♪ ♪ and... a puppy. ♪ ♪ [ chuckles ] deal. ♪ ♪ at 4:30 here is news making hadlines. headlines. a new insight to the wild police chase yesterday that spanned four bay area counties and lasted more than an hour. he tells abc 7 news it appeared
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after the suv rolled the driver tried to take off again not realizing spike strips took out the tires. abc news september out an update on twitter about a shooting ram pain in mesa, arizona saying the suspect was taken into custody. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman is on the story of a catholic church in san francisco that is accused of using a sprinkler system to keep the homeless away. now they're stuck between providing shelter and keeping the grounds safe for nearby school kids. you can catch the report coming up at abc 7 news at 5:00. public opposition is forcing the martinez city council to a recent plan to turn a golf course into a housing development. >> this meeting coming up at
4:31 pm
7:00 tonight. the owner says this is no game to her. it's about her family's livelihood. and private property rights are hijacked by others. >> i'm in complete limbo. i really cant do anything. >> christine is the owner of the pine meadow golf course. she says a misleading drive is pushing her family towards financial ruins. >> the petitioners would constantly say they were friends. nothing about this peation saves pine meadow. >> in january the martinez city council approved a plan to build 99 new homes on the 27 acres own ud by dean. it was a culmination of six years of planning and public meetings. and part of the final process, the the council amended the general plan and rezoned the property, residential. >> the issue with the golf course is it's not true up in space. it has pesticides and
4:32 pm
insecticides fertilizers. it's not considered true open space. that limits the funding. >> we're hoping this petition is successful. the rezoning prompted a petition drive organized by a group calling itself friends of pine meadow. they collected 3,000 signatures under the premise of saving the golf course or turning it into a park. >> i thought i was helping. >> but some who signed told us. the paid petition gathers misled them. >> i felt really bad. i felt like i let a friend down. >> the organizer of the petition drive did not return our calls for comment. but now they hold an expensive special election or wait until the next general election in november of 2016. the owner says she can't hold on that long and will likely close the course at the end of this month.
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in martinez laura anthony, abc news. san jose's lieutenant officer is retiring. kor dell led for the charge for policy changes to increase the transparency of the police force. those changes include the use of body cameras by officers. kor cordell says she's a big proponent of the cameras which they will begin field testing in november. >> our officers pushed way back in 2010 and every year since then to have body worn cameras. it's finally happening. i'm glad it's happening while i'm still here. >> cordell says she's spend her retirement devoting more time to her creative side. she's an artist, pianist and vocalist as well as writing a book. her last day as police auditor will be july 3rd. a u.s. navy s.e.a.l. was killed in a sky diving accident in southern california. it happened after 9:00 this morning in an unincorporated area of paris in riverside
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county. they placed an american flag over the sailor's body. the navy said the sailor died from injuries during parachute jump training. now they haven't released his identity. he was a member of the navy's special warfare group. officials of louisiana say accused murder robert durst has been moved the to a state prison with a mental health unit, because now he's considered to be a suicide risk. durst is being held on a gun charge while he awaits to be held on gun charges since berman. a published report today says the father who vanished is asking the fbi to investigate durst again as a possible suspect. durst lives in san francisco at the time. detectives previously looked into him while he was on trial in texas, in 2003 apparently did not find enough evidence linking him. members of a suspended penn
4:35 pm
state from fraternity. the members are accused of posting pictures online of nude women who did not know they were being photographed. more than 100 people were invited to join a secret facebook page where the pictures were posted. police are urging anybody with more information to come forward. >> also would implore any potential witnesses to come forward. we also would ask that anybody that has graphic video or photos to please bring them to the police department. just last week the sigma alpha epsilon fraternity was -- officials at uc berkeley are busy trying to dispel rumors about the commencement speaker. they say fieri will not be addressing the students. there was an article in the fake newspaper.
4:36 pm
the university speaker has not been selected yet. last fall the university came under fire for selecting comedian bill maher as a commencement speaker following his controversial remarks on religion. >> up next, coffee and controversy. and first, a spectacular site in the skit. who sky. and the impact this storm is having on high-tech gadgets. >> great day for the beach. and we have more of this weather coming our way. my forecast is right around the corner. and here's a look at traffic at 4:36, this is the situation in san jose on interstate 280. it is backed up kind of heavy in the southbound direction. but moving nicely northbound. that's
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check out this spectacular view from space. it looks beautiful. it's a wonder to behold after a powerful solar storm created this amazing display of colorful lights. it looks like st. paddy's day, right? astronauts are enjoying this view up close and personal at the international space station. on earth look at this. this shows it near christ church new zealand.
4:40 pm
the storms are expected to last into today, and it could affect gps and mobile phones. no reports yet, though that it has. >> the pictures are spectacular aren't they? >> just magical. how about weather for earthlings? >> earlier you mentioned pollen count. i'm going to give you a look at the pollen condition right now. and we do have high tree pollen right now. those are the ones complicating the picture. but weed pollen grass pollen. other forms of pollution are low at the moment, on we go. live doppler 7 hd. blue skies over the bay area. tomorrow nationally chilly weather in the northeast some clouds through the central and southeastern parts of the country with showers in the southeast, and a few over the desert southwest as well. across the state of california, it will be mostly sunny and dry, and a few lingering scattered showers in the southernmost part of the state where showers were
4:41 pm
a bit more active today. we'll see a warm day tomorrow. and a warm day in the bay area certainly inland. breezy at the coast tomorrow, sunny skies. mid 60s and maybe a few upper 60s near the coast. low to mid 70s around the bay. inland we'll see high temperatures up around 80 degrees in places like antioch and cloverdale. so it's getting warmer as winter winds down. tomorrow will be the final full day of winter. spring begins at 3:45 on friday. and cooler on friday. >> good to know. spencer, thank you. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 brewing backlash. starbucks plans to start a national conversation on race relations hits a snag. imagine if that was your house. this was caught on camera. the family who escaped danger after a boiler
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nd all right, now to the brewing backlash no pun intended, against the coffee giant starbucks and the new plan to start a nshl conversation on
4:45 pm
race relations. >> abc 7 news reporter explains why not everybody is happy with that decision. >> reporter: did you order your morning coffee for for #racetogether. starbucks ceo asking baristas to write on the coffee cups. >> what if p we were to write #racetogether on every starbucks cup and that facilitated a conversation between you and our customers. >> i personally don't want to see it on my coffee cup. >> you don't? >> no. >> it's just a conversation. not driving it towards any direction. that sounds like a good idea to me. >> reporter: starbucks has never shied away from controversial issues like gun control, and this time this is boiling over. people who are had the time and training to facilitate discussions about race but they're not starbucks baristas. the vp for communications deleting his own twitter
4:46 pm
account, feeling he felt personally attacked. he knew the idea could land the company in hot water. >> some people said howard this is not a subject we can touch. i reject that completely. >> a daily show comedian tweeting before they where race together on cups, can starbucks just spell my name correctly. >> the company wants to make it clear that baristas are not required to write #racetogether on the cups. in los angeles for abc news. american express is ready to launch a new loyalty program that lets customers rack up points at one store and use them at another. here's a look at the announcement from american express express. you can see the retailers taking part in this. and mobile nationwide insurance, riteaid and hulu. you get points after you buy guess, you can use the points at mac's or rite aid. they are looking for new sources
4:47 pm
of revenue. video captures on a washington family's nanny cam is a reminder about the importance of home maintenance. that was the boiler blowing up in the basement of a home, 90 mile norths of seattle. the blast was so strong, the house bounceded off the foundation and split in half. fortunately no one inside was hurt. there was a newborn in there. a sleeping baby nearby. fire officials say heating and cool appliances should be inspected regularly. and staying on appliances. we all know how expensive they can be. how do you make them last longer? >> consumer reports partners with 7 on your side to reveal money-saving tips. here's michael. >> a nice refrigerator dishwasher and range can cost you around $2,000. if you want stainless steel it can be $7000. so you want to keep them running as long as you can. here's how.
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the appliances in your home are a big investment. you can avoid repairs, keep them running efficiently, and get them to last as long as possible using these tips from consumer reports. first, your refrigerator. it will stay colder run better and last longer if the cold air can circulate easily. so don't overstuff it with food. do the doors seal properly and keep the chill in? close the door on a slip of paper and tug on the paper. if it slides out, it's time to replace the gasket. so your fridge doesn't work as hard. compressor coils clog with dust can't release heat efficiently and make the fridge work harder, wearing it down. cleaning the toil with a brush and vacuum once a year will add years to the life of your fridge. your dishwasher will last if you clean it routinely with soap and water and take the time to move food debris regularly from the filter. >> much of the energy used by your dishwasher goes towards heating the water. so before you do a load run the
4:49 pm
water at the sink until it gets hot. that saves the dishwasher work and it will last longer. >> keep your range working its mess by keeping the burner torch clear, using a pipe cleaner, or paper clip. >> don't overwork your dryer. clean the lint filter before every use. use the auto dry setting. that will save energy and wear and tear on your clothes. clear the vent annually. >> overstuffing the washing machine strains the motor, transmission and other parts. you can fill it, but loosely. your laundry will come out cleaner and your machine will last longer. take good care of your vacuum cleaner, you want to change the bag frequently and keep the filters clean. also check the brush rollers before you start to vacuum. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. all good advice. you're heading out to the arena after this. >> traffic permitting.
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and that's in the west against the east and the beast. this is really -- it's impossible nba finals preview that nobody would have expected six months ago. the warriors will outplace thompson. and seth knows his teammates do have the ability to fill the void. march mad nks is under way. this morning president obama filled out his ncaa bracket. >> and here's who he picked to win the championship. >> and i'm putting kentucky in there. now. the fact of the matter is that since north carolina my first year in office i have not won the pool in any subsequent years. so the good news for all the teams out here. that may mean good things for you. >> the president is a huge hoops fan. kentucky is the overwhelming
4:51 pm
favorite to win it all. the the only undefeated team in men's college basketball. the only time mr. obama correctly picked a winner was in 2009. his first year in office. coming up next, the wife of san francisco sheriff takes the stage. but lopez wants the world to know about her story of domestic violence. >> i'm dan ashley in the abc 7 newsroom. coming up, bottled coffee organic snacks, cushioned seats. the new way to commute in the bay area. we have the story. plus diabetes cost $250 billion a year. now a silicone valley company is cutting costs and the time it takes to cope with that disease. th the volkswagen jetta is really fun-to-drive. go for it. okay. wow... woohoo! i'm dreaming... pinch me. no, not while you're driving.
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and, right now, you can get a one-thousand-dollar volkswagen credit bonus on jetta models. seriously, pinch me. it's not a dream. ow! it's the volkswagen stop dreaming, start driving event. stop dreaming, and test-drive one today. hurry in and you can get 0% apr plus a $1000 volkswagen credit bonus on 2015 jetta and passat models.
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here's a look at tonight's prime time lineup. at 8:00, it's "the middle requests. then "the goldbergs" at 8:30. at 10:00, join diane sawyer for her special "the untold story of the sound of music." then join us back here for abc 7
4:55 pm
news at 11:00. three years after the dples domestic violence case that rocked city hall, the scandal is now resurfacing. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler joining us from the newsroom now. >> well she and her hez and their son theo are stronger than ever, and now after two years of rioting, she inging -- writing, she and her brother have produced a play that she says tells her side of the story. >> what is the scandal? that's the title of the one-woman play. it's also the question iliana lopez is still asking more than three years after her husband, san francisco sheriff, was arrested on charges of domestic violence. the venezuelan born actress maintains it was not abuse. >> i never consider myself a
4:56 pm
victim. never. i think i'm a strong woman. >> i can't believe this is happening. >> but this unsettling video seemed to tell a different story, showing a crying and bruised lopez after an argument with her husband on new year's eve, 2011. the mayor suspended him without pay. they were in the headlines and then a majority of supervisors reinstateded the sheriff. >> my husband made a mistake. he apologized. he also did everything to fix that mistake. >> the play refocuses the spotlight on the scandal just after he gears up for a tough re-election campaign. the 39-year-old actress tells us this is not a political ploy to build sympathy. she says it's simply a chance to tell her side of the story. more than half a dozen characters based on real people
4:57 pm
including anti-domestic violence sad advocates who wanted her husband father. lopez hopes they'll come to the play. >> for some people, this was domestic violence. for other people this was a political witch hunt. what about if we have an honest conversation. >> we made several calls to anti-domestic violence activists, but no one was available for an on camera interview. one of the harshest critics says she wishes her well. in the newsroom caroline tyler, abc 7 news. >> thanks for joining us at 4:00, i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with dan and cheryl. >> we're sorry that our intentions have been misunderstood. >> an apology after a huge outcry. the san francisco arch diocese says it will stop dumping water on the homeless while they
4:58 pm
sleep. >> it's so rare we see people who try to continue driving. >> abc 7 news talks to the highway patrol for the inside story on yesterday's dramatic high speed chase. and also why students say uc regents are taking the shirts right off our backs. and the unexpected surprise for a family who lost everything in a fire. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. winter will end on a warm note. i'll have your temperatures coming up. >> the individual actions of this makes your head spin a bit. >> that's how a lot of people about st. mary's cathedral in san francisco. but tonight a stunning revelation about how the homeless are being treated. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm cheryl jennings. the church confessed a water incident involving the homeless was not a blessing. my goodness. churnls are usually places of safety and sanctuary. that's not how the homeless who
4:59 pm
took refuge there were treated. these pictures of st. mary's cathedral right now. the church took a harsh approach to chases off the homeless until the word got out today. wade friedman joins us now with the story. >> reporter: good afternoon cheryl. let's begin by showing you what we're talking about. over my shoulder you see an alcove. at the top is a dark spot. that's water coming out of what used to be a sprinkler. one might call this a sprinkling of not so holy water. and now a controversial splatter on the arch diocese of san francisco. >> most mornings the exterior of st. mary's catholic cathedral provides a contrast. they send a message of welcome and charity while the homeless sleeping outside reflect despair and desperation. now the church has come under fire for housew it tries to protect the grounds from some of the people. >> now we are sorry that our intentions have been misunderstood and recognized
5:00 pm
that the med was ill conceived. >> he stood before reporters and tried to explain these alcoves before the church. three times every night they have rained down upon and doused anyone who slept beneath them. mayor ed lee expressed disappointment. >> the individual actions of this is -- it kind of makes your head spin a bit as to why this would be done. >> the answers are easy to find. here's a crack pipe we found hidden in an alcove this morning. and drug paraphernalia. they're the reason the church installeded the sprinklers. to keep the bad element away. >> the purpose was to make the cathedral grounds as well as the homeless people who happen to be on the grounds safer. >> and the church says they worked for a while but not forever. today the church announced thatly turn the water off and look for another solution. >> and even for people who a lot for the


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