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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 19, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good thursday morning. thanks for joining us. i am meteorologist mike nicco here -- i am matt keller here for eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze and sue hall is here as well. >> great day to watch the tournament or go outside and watch the sun. >> good morning, everyone a little bit of fog along the coast and otherwise we are off to a clear start and cool again. a little bit of haze out there too, with 46 to 56 and dress for the same type of temperatures you had yesterday during the commute. by noon we are looking at high clouds and sunshine 62 do 72 inland and consistent at 78 inland by 4:00, and it will be dry this evening at 56 at coast and a quick cooling, but, still 70s inland in the evening hours. >> a tournament is going open? really? >> would knew? >> a little madness. >> how is the madness on the road? >> not bad. if you have to be up at 5:00
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a.m. it is a great time to be on the roads, light this thursday morning, san jose the headlights are headed northbound direction are not too many people out there, just minor delay at the bay bridge if folks are paying cash in the left hand lanes and, still, road work to be pick up in the san leandro area northbound and southbound 880 between marina and davis. >> now the breaking news napa firefighters are at the scene of an overnight fire several families possibly burned out of their homes and aims >> firefighters went home to get some rest. you can see the crew still have the hose drawn just in case and they are watching it overnight to make sure that the fire they put out stays out. look at the flames doctor overnight, the apartment a building was up at 2:30 and no one was hurt, everyone get out
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okay. firefighters say part of the building was under construction and it looked like post earthquake construction and maybe doing some repairs or rebuilding from the august earthquake. we will ask those questions as the day progresses. right new firefighters say they are checking every hour to make sure that nothing flares up. they say that if they let it alone all might and came back in the morning they could find fire started back up and they don't know the cause of the fire but they will start that when the sun comes up. c.h.p. is investigating the cause of an accident in hayward after an s.u.v. hit a woman and her baby. the c.h.p. said that the woman pushing her one-year-old in a stroller was struck in the crosswalk by a white s.u.v. at 7:00 last night. she was trying to cross the northbound 880 on-ramp are vehicles speed up to get on the freeway. the woman and her baby are in critical condition with major
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head injuries. investigators say the streetlight was out which may have been a contributing factor. c.h.p. said the driver of the c.h.p. is cooperating. >> a san francisco zoo employee's union is calling tore an investigation over claims that employee radios were rigged to spy on private conversations^. the union positive zoo keepers say that radios blocking to the executive director and vice president of operations had a feature which allowed them to listen in on employee conversations. the zoo's executive director said it was designed to help in medical and safety emergencies and when she learned of the capability she had it disabled. the union said they learn about it from a non-union member of management. >> authorities are looking into death of a 5 a year old kayaker off the coast of marin. the body was found last night before can. crews raced to a distress call of two stranded kayakers. one made it to shore.
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police spotted the other kayaker's body on the beach. he was not wearing a life vote of. fatigue may have been a factor in the death. >> new details in an officer involved shooting that turns out that the woman shot and killed by san francisco police had a warrant out for her arrest. the san francisco chronicle said she had abandoned the most recent court mandated drug treatment program on monday a judge issue add warrant and we were this on tuesday after two plain clothes officers shot her at the chevron station on the corner of van ness and pine. police say she was driving erratically and sped toward them. her vehicle hit a building and went the wrong way down pine street before she was shot. >> developing news at least nine people have been arrested in a deadly terrorist attack at a museum in due any russia with four arrests related to the attack at the bardo museum and five others connected. the debt poll has risen to 23 people mostly tourists and two
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gunmen. two spanish tourists and a spanish security guard were found safe hide in the museum since the attack yesterday morning. >> this morning uc president janet napolitano is receiving criticism for eneconomies she probably thought was private. it happened during a student protest at yesterday's uc regent's meeting. >> could you hear that? she said "crap," and it was caught on the video streaming and students were protesting a land on tuition increases and jobs connected to a campus in richmond. some stripped down do their underwear to show they are lose thai showers paying for tuition. they are not ready for recommendations after talk on the budget. the governor wants the regents
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to cut funding and they wrap up these daze of meetings today. >> follow-up from a story great midday newscast year. the archdiocese of san francisco said it has dismantled the sprinkler system at the cathedral that was soaking hopeless people would left there and faced we criticism over the sprinkler system which were drinking the homeless. critics say they were used as a deterrent and opposed the use during the drought. the archdiocese apologized and said the intentions were misunderstood. >> track word is forcing bart to make major changes to weekend service for several months. starting april 5, tracks are closed between the coliseum and fruitvale stations on saturdays and sundays. this bart video shows. work they will do to replace 1,000 railroad ties and 3,000 feet of rail with a bus bridge provided for commuters and work is expected to be completed
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august 16 and construction will not affect service at or to the oakland airport. >> does it not sound like we will have many delays out of the bay area. >> should not. absolutely not. good morning, everyone pretty clear, and fog language the peninsula coast and temperatures all over the spectrum inland east bay from lows tram -- from antioch to livermore and 46 in dublin to correct check and concord and lafayette and livermore at 49 degrees. we have the same temperature in newark and foster city and half moon bay at 45 and that is what we are dealing where in novato and 49 in bodega, and 52 in milpitas. headed into the afternoon hours, we have total sunshine, a few high clouds here and there but a bright day where you will need the sunglasses or sunscreen the bay goes great 68 to 75 and
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69 in san francisco and 74 in oakland and 75 in san jose and inland around 72 in petaluma to brentwood at 81 and along the cost at 62 to 64. a light breeze crooning across the golden gate bridge with haze there, and a town of fog is possible this morning. through the weekend, a couple of chances of rain. that is coming up. >> the san mateo bridge has some sort of activity with an emergency vehicle, flashing lights in the westbound direction and picking up road work because that is my guess because we do not have reports of stalls or accidents in the when direction so give yourself extra time. in the eastbound direction they are out there working in 11 o'clock this morning and that is the non-commute direction. 280 with a few headlights southbound direction over 880 overcrossing here and very light conditions making your way from san jose interest cupertino. a look at the drive 580, not bad, tracy to dublin getting word of westbound 4 with an
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accident and the drive francisco to looking good. >> thank you sue. the warriors have the best record in the nba after last night. thompson did not play but barness scored a season high and picked up the slack. the wash -- warriors had a season high 29 assists and crew to 114-95 victory improving to 31-2 at home and >> target has a big change to the return policy to try to get you into the stores in america's money report. that is next. >> scientists say the love you feel for your dog is the real
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deal. >> and the battle to save a historic east bay post office. stay tuned.
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xfinity is perfect for people who love fast. don't miss furious 7 in theaters april 3rd. >> covering cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back at 5:12. honda is recalling an additional 105,000 vehicles because of problems with airbags. the recall affects 2008 pilot s.u.v.s and civics and accords. the driver side airbags can inflight and slowed with too much force. dealers will replace the airbag inflaters for free bringing the number of vehicles recalled for faulty airbags to 5.5 million across the nation. >> a lawsuit to stop the sale of the downtown berkeley post
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office will be determined if it can move forward. the post office wants the lawsuit dismissed. the city of berkeley filed lawsuits last year. according to the newspaper, berkeley said the sale was done without proper assessment required by the national environment protection agency and national historic preservation act saying the compliments are unaddressed by the postal service and lawsuits needed to move forward to prevent violations from happening in the future. >> the lack of snow is forcing another sierra ski resort to shut down earlier than issue. sugar bowl now will close for the season on sunday because of the ultra dry conditions this winter. this is video in the snowy times of the resort off interstate 80 and is the second resort to shut down this week. sierra-at-tahoe has suspended operations on monday if it does not re-open this year it will be the remainliest seasonal closing since the 19 70's.
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>> stock exchange are being pushed higher and retailers making drastic changes to the return policies. good morning everyone topping america's money the dow opens 227 points higher today on word that the federal reserve will not raise interest rates right away. target will pay $10 million for the huge data breach presented to a pearl judge this morning. >> anyone who can show harm can get up to $10,000. >> in target news they are extending the returns policy. customers have up to a year for bring back certain store brand items and those purchased from a gift registry. >> burger king is see a new whopper scented we perfume called "flame grill," my next odor. >> not bad, you smell flame broiled available in japan only
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starting april 1 and they say this is not an april fools joke. >> dog owners if you have wrong geared if your dog loves you as much as you love them, dogs really do love their owners back. according to australian researchers, it has to do with a love hormone linked to bonding and as little as three minutes of talking and petting your pup can raise his hormone levels to make it easier to bond. the more you interact with your dog, the more empathetic your dog will become. >> we are getting ready for puppy love at abc7. check out the photos of the bay area's finest pooches. we want did see photos of your favorite puppies gearing up for national puppy day, and instagram them with # puppieson7. we will have our puppy camera all morning at abc7 come to tell you how to take one home.
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>> that is the cutest show. ever. >> how many suckers are in the building? when you get around the puppies, you are live, well, maybe i should take it home. >> each friday with perfect pet everyone swarms after the show and we will have our perfect pet offers offering the beautiful and gorgeous and loving animals for your home. >> friends for life. >> a great day to walk the dog talk. >> absolutely. dog does not need sunscreen but maybe you do. >> our temperatures are land and ocean temperatures headed through december and into february and you can see it was cold with the blue and eastern two-thirds of the country and look where we are the western third in red and most of russia and europe in red as we had the warmest winters, ever, across the globe. at home, we will look at fog and we have it around half moon bay at four miles visibility and everyone is okay with a patch of
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fog around santa rosa and you could run into that traveling around 101. look at the east bay hills camera it is clear and calm begin this morning and the ferry ride is very, very mild. warm and sunny. the last day of winter. cooler air more clouds friday and saturday and sunday and a couple of fronts and the first brings us a chance of shower on friday and the rest of us a light shower on sunday evening into monday morning. walnut creek and into san ramon valley it is clear and everyone else has high amount of tree pollen today. we start to the south and we are nearly 80 in gilroy and everyone else is around 73 in milpitas and 77 in los gatos and sunny 74 in santa cruz and let 70 most of the peninsula and 69 in millbrae and low-to-mid 60 with afternoon sunshine along the coast and upper 60 nearly 70 degrees in downtown south san francisco and sausalito and bodega bay at
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low-to-mid 60s and mid-to-upper 70's through the north bay with 81 at cloverdale and 72 is the cool spot in petaluma and low-to-mid 70s along the east bay shoreline and nearly 80 degrees in our east bay valley. now, a quick look at what is going to happen on sunday, off the coast and moving through, especially the north bay sunday into monday a chance maybe .1" to .25" of rain. the seven 15 shows low-to-mid 60s along the coast and low-to-mid 70s for the bay and inland neighborhood through sunday and all of us in the 60 on monday with a chance rain and warm and dry on tuesday and wednesday. >> if your commute takes you in concord south on 680 to 24 you are looking good the tail lights are headed southbound beyond the north main and street boulevard and into the 24 junction, and 24 through the caldecott tunnel is looking nicest back to the bay bridge toll plaza where a few cars are
5:19 am
stacked up to pay cash and the left hand toll lanes everyone else is just breezing law and no metering lights and we are spending those in half an hour. now, we have reports of an accident westbound four at san marco in the bay point area, these cars are involved and left lane are clearing to the center divide as we speak and the sensors are not showing any slowing but usually it is slow from antioch and we see that already. american airlines is change their tune. >> that is the song you will hear when flying american targeting a younger demographic with indie music. the airlines said they got complains of the old music consisted of instrumentsal versions of pop songs. you can hear the tunes while boarding and inflight entertainment system.
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>> in san francisco, like it has never been seen before, photographer took to the night skies above the city to capture the amazing images and he used a helicopter and sophisticated camera to capture the growing city. he said it reminds him of microchips or trick or treat. we have a link to the video on our website. >> i saw someone on facebook say they printed one out to frame it. so wonderful. >> beautiful. >> state ahead, lucky people who got a sneak peek at the new season on abc. >> a long journey home two years after a cat disappeared. stay tuned. having it all?
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he are seven things to know before you go: number one breaking overnight if napa giant flames leaped from an apartment building that caught fire overnight. part of the building was under construction and possibly as a result of the napa earthquake. everyone made it out safely. >> two, authorities are looking into the cause of an accident after an s.u.v. hit a woman and her baby on an on-ramp in northbound 880. c.h.p. said the woman was pushing her one-year-old in a stroller in the crosswalk and she was struck around 7:00 last night. both are in critical condition with major head injuries. >> a san francisco zoo employees union is calling for an investigation into claims that employee radios were rigged to spy on private the executive director said you it was to help with medical emergencies.
5:24 am
>> apple is joining the dow replacing at&t. apple is the most valuable company in the world with a market capital of $736 billion. the company split the oakland in june and has been trading at an all-time high. >> a dare devil motorcyclist being chased by police decided that was a time for stunt work and stood on the seat of the motorcycle and balanced as he sped through san bernardino but they took him into custody at a gas station. >> six, welcome to the last day of winter with temperatures six to ten degrees above average. i do have a cooling trend and a couple of chances of light showers coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> seven happy thursday, your drive across the bay bridge is looking good at this hour, so far, so good we have an accident in bay point on highway 4, the highway delta highway we will update you in a couple of minutes. thank you, sue. game of thrones frenzy is in
5:25 am
full force in the u.k. fans and stars gathered at the tower of london for the world premiere of the 5th season and in the united states you have to wait u.n. a little bit the wildly popular hbo sears does -- series does not start to mid-april. it is so popular that it has been the most pirated show for the past three years. the tower of london location is appropriate: a lot of heads are chopped off in the series. >> every episode. >> kevin the scat had a long trip after being shipped back to south carolina after making it to southern california missing since 2013 and recently handed over to riverside county animal services. >> the cat has a microchip and we were able to call the company and get her information and call her and she let us know she had been missing kevin for a year
5:26 am
and a half. she was surprised. especially the fact he is in california. >> kevin hitched a ride in a u haul trailer but in arizona the inspector heard the cat and found him hiding and the woman had no idea she was towing a stowaway. the owner believes someone must have cared for him but what and how he got in the trailer are mysteries. >> we have another full 90's minutes of news including a controversy mounting in martinez and the future of a golf course has people taking sides and why their voices may never be her. >> the embarcadero in san francisco showing abc7 now to keep you up-to-date with
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good thursday morning. sue hall is sear for -- is here for leyla and matt keller is here. >> and meteorologist mike nicco is here. >> old man winter is about to say goodbye. the sky is cloud of clouds -- the sky is void of clouds. we are in the mid-40s to low 50s and a few high clouds but you need the sunglasses. 60 to 72 is the spread at noon, and 62 to 78 at 4:00, and enjoy a great encases we say goodbye to winter, 64 around the bay and 70 inland. sue, how is the commute looking? >> good. so far so good we have a trouble spot and we will highlight that in a moment. this is san rafael, and the tail lights are beyonded civic center southbound into central san
5:30 am
rafael and everyone and good. and golden gate bridge is clear when four a couple of cars got into it with left lane center divide and you can see usually out of antioch it is bunching up on thursday morning. >> fires in napa are videoing the cause of an apartment fire that broke out at a complex on brown near g street after 10:30 last night. dozens stood on the street watching the firefighters trying to get the fire under control. crews had did deal with large flames coming from the two story building which was construction possibly as a result the napa earthquake. amy hollyfield is gathering details on the scene. we will have a report at top of the hour. >> a spy scandal at the san francisco zoo with a news conference today after zookeepers discovered mandate may have been listening in on private conversations.
5:31 am
our reporter is at the zoo with more. >> a union representatives want a thorough investigation and plans to seek legal action if laws were broken. the union is accusing management of using microphones on their radios to ease drop claiming a feature was installed on the radios allowing them to listen in on private conversations of other workers. a remote control can turn on the microphone from a remote location. >> our employees carry their radios with them wherever they go all the time on their lunch breaks in the bathroom and when they step outside they have a survive conversation with their spouse. all the while, this feature was enabled and those two people could turn on the microphone on the radio and listen to it like a bug like they were being
5:32 am
bugged. >> >> the executive director denies the spying allegations saying that monitoring on the new radio system was a vendor feature designed to assist with medical and safety emergencies. when i was made aware of the radio's capability the feature was disabled. the union is holding a press conference later on today and they say the whistleblower was a non-union member of management. thank you developing news in hair a woman and her baby are in critical condition after they were hit by an s.u.v. the c.h.p. said the woman pushing her one-year-old in a stroller was struck in the crosswalk by a white s.u.v. at 7:00 last might and trying to cross the northbound 80 on-ramp where a vehicle speeds up to get on the freeway. the woman and her baby were rushed to the hospital with major head injuries. >> speed at this time is still
5:33 am
under investigation. we are looking for additional witnesses that may have been in the area. we will put those together with the driver's safety. >> the cause of the accident is under investigation but the street line that shines on the crosswalk was out and that may have been a contributing factor. the c.h.p. said the driver of the s.u.v. is cooperating and ruled out drugs or alcohol as factors. >> five-year-old girl is in the hospital with life threatening injuries after being hit by an s.u.v. at the galleria in san francisco. the girl and her mother were in the crosswalk. the 86-year-old s.u.v. driver is cooperating with police. >> today, one of the three suspects charged with murdering an oakland measure during a shoot out has a three hearing. police say the 19-year-old anthony simms admitted to being in the gun battle that killed a 30-year-old who parked her car
5:34 am
on chestnut and walking her kids he. she died while shielding her two children from the crossfire. two other suspects were arraigned on tuesday on homicide charges. the police chief is expected to attend a community meeting to discuss safety concerns in the wake of the shooting at the recreation center at 6:00 p.m. on union. >> san francisco supervisor is holding a hearing with the fire department and building inspectors to discuss recent fires in the mission district. after three huge fires in seven months inspectors checked buildings. "san francisco chronicle" reports the inspectors are asking the city to take legal action against three landlords in double for violations including nonworking smoke detectors and blocked fire escapes. the meeting is at 2:00 p.m. at city hall. >> safety officials are investigating an accident the construction site of the new apple complex in cupertino. the fire department said it happened after 3:00 yesterday
5:35 am
afternoon. a worker became trapped beneath a large building block with in word on extent of the injuries. the site will be apple's any headquarters opening in late 2016. >> a if new report fines the santa clara job growth is the strongest in 14 years. total jobs in santa clara are grow, as a rate of 5.2 percent. the clearly job growth for santa clara county is the best since january of 2001 when jobs were added at 5.4 percent rate. >> new details on plans to develop a privately owned golf course in martinez with the city council unanimously approving a measure to let voters decide what to do with the own old pine meadows golf course. voters decide whether to allow 100 homes to be the on 27 acre property approved in january or
5:36 am
reverse the zoning and turn it into open space. a group called friends of pine meadows gathered 3000 signatures for rather dumb -- referendums. >> our open pace and packs are essential to quality of life. we want to ask this city council to preserve our open space and not town it into housing. >> do i believe in open space? you bet. but i do not want it to get to the point the government or the people can come in and take my property. take my property tell me what i can and cannot do. >> the owners say they cannot hold on until next year's general election and will likely close the course by month's end. >> today, governor jerry brown will announce a $1 billion emergency plan to deal with the state's drought marking the second consecutive year which the leggure has actioned on emergency drought relief. in 2014 brown signed $687
5:37 am
million drought package that offered aid to communities facing severe water short averages and food and house assistance to people harmed by the drought. the new legislation includes money for upgrading farm equipment, and water supply projects and emergency food for farm workers out of work because of the drought. >> winter comes to an end and that is the end of our home for more rain. >> miracle march, did not expect it and we are not getting one. if you heading outside you can wear the same coat as temperatures. 46 in cupertino and 51 in mountain view and milpitas and san jose at 50 right now. 49 in san carlos and newark and 46 in danville is a cool spot and 48 in lafayette at 53. from our explore dorm, that is the backdrop through the
5:38 am
afternoon hours we have a few high clouds and the low clouds will leave and you will be operator but only 64. inland, 72 to 81. around the bay 68 in south san francisco to 74 in oakland and 75 in san jose. speaking of inland east bay here is the walnut creek camera showing you how clear it is now compares to this weekend, partly sunny to mostly cloudy stray shower on friday and better chance on sunday. if you travel southbound on the golden gate bridge heads up, use caution. c.h.p. reporting a big chunk of concrete in the left lane at the dolce gabbana and traffic here is moving nicely so hopefully they can get it out of there on their own without having to get some sort of a big rig in there. this is san jose north 101 beyond the 880 overcrossing and traffic is slowing nicely at the limit.
5:39 am
if your drive takes you in the northbound direction we have an accident in the bay point area westbound, the california delta highway partly blocking left lane center divide at least flee cars involved and c.h.p. is on the scene and they will get a tow truck to clear it out and we have slow traffic out of antioch at this hour. >> in the east bay a woman got quite a surprise wren she came home to find a dog on her roof. >> this guy was trap on the roof of a home. fireman with the fire protection district finally got the dog down and the local owner has in idea highway the mysterious dog got on the roof or who the dog belongs to. >> i have no doubt it is possible this could have been one of my dogs because they are mischievous and like to get out from time to time so i thought it could be but when i saw the
5:40 am
picture of the dog i thought that is not my dog. >> the woman is glad firefighters got the dog down before he got hurt. >> stealing great a clutch and even a preschool. sneaky way this woman did it. >> giants mascot and other celebrities will be bouncing off a san francisco high ride -- high-rise today. >> you are looking from san francisco with a gorgeous shot and weather and traffic through the entire commercial break with abc7 wow. sweet new subaru, huh mitch? yep. you're selling the mitchmobile!? man, we had a lot of good times in this baby. what's your dad want for it? a hundred and fifty grand, two hundred if they want that tape deck. you're not going to tell your dad about the time my hamster had babies in the backseat, are you?! that's just normal wear and tear, dude. (vo) subaru has the highest resale value of any brand... ...according to kelley blue book ...and mitch.
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covering daly city dublin los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 5:22. stay vigilant.
5:43 am
an antioch resident filmed his home when he saw two suspicious men go inside with two empty bags were the officer waits with gun drawn and runs after the men coming out of the house full of loot. one dropped to the ground and is arrested. the other, though, took off through the fence. >> a city official in cupertino is reminding the public to be vigilant as the city deals with a spike in burglaries. according to the santa clara county sheriff the city saw 42 burglaries in the month of january and february compared to less than 20 during the same time last year. officials say the formation of a burglary suppression unit allowed authorities to make a number of arrests and solve 20 theft cases. >> palo alto place say a woman not only stole money from a church but also, a preschool and several businesses. police arrested accident-year-old we ethel hayes in downtown palo alto after stealing from trinity church.
5:44 am
two times. cameras were set up and she was caught in the act. >> you are saddened someone takes money and breaks in. >> during a police sent of her home detectives found 80 keys allowing access to various businesses. they discovered stolen documents great a pre-school. after she was released on bail she was found trying to pawn two guitars in san francisco. police posted pictures on facebook page hoping to find the owner. >> a gun buyback event is held. officials are making the official announcement later today. it is held saturday at the community center from 9:00 to 1:00 o'clock p.m. and if you turn over firearms you receive $100 for handguns and $200 for assault weapons. the effort is to reduce violence. >> there is a theme reminiscent
5:45 am
of spiderman at lie immediate hodel in downtown san francisco, the sent annual outward bound city challenge. the giants and as mascot join in rappeling down the three story building hoping to get youngsters involved in outdoor learning activity. it starts today at 1:00 o'clock p.m. with a link to streaming video go to >> it is more difficult to rappel down in the mascot uniform but if you fall you are in a mascot uniform because it is a much softer landing. >> well padded. >> hope that doesn't happen. >> it look like fun and it will be a good day. >> it will be hot in uniforms. >> do they have them for men too? >> i will fan you matt.
5:46 am
>> i would love to see that we tweak, that? let me get my camera. forges developing around napa with three miles and four miles. lights and variable wind this morning and less than six miles per hour but for fairfield where it is ten. around 87 near the shark tank we are clear. in san jose, we will see a few high clouds this afternoon and it will be warm for the last day of winter. cooler air more clouds because of a couple of fronts tomorrow and on sunday and a chance of showers tomorrow night and sunday. notice, month fog as we look at 101 on san rafael south to the golden gate bridge and high ams of tree pollen if you have the medicine take it. mid-to-upper 70s in the south bay today with san jose in the middle at 75 degrees and low-to-mid 70s with 75 at redwood city and los altos warm
5:47 am
spots. low-to-mid 60s with afternoon sunshine along the coast to upper 60 to nearly 70 in downtown south san francisco and sausalito. bodega bay is low-to-mid 60s and petaluma is the out low-to-mid 70s at the east bay with fremont at 75, the warm spot and 76 in san ramon and concord to 80 in antioch and 81 in brentwood. the temperatures tonight are mid-40s to low 50s but for san francisco at 53 and a few high clouds lingering. >> we will have storm track to the north and the cold front will be close enough for a chance of a stray shower across the north bay friday night into saturday morning and a better chance for us to see light showers sunday into monday maybe a quarter-miler of an inch in the higher elevation in the
5:48 am
north bay. >> it will be cooler for everyone on friday through sunday and low-to-mid 70s but the coast is low-to-mid we 60s and the cool of the day is pond. >> if you travel southbound on the golden gate bridge, stay to the right. in the left hand lane of the toll plaza c.h.p. is reporting a large bit of concrete and that can only do damage to the car. they will get that out of the there. metering lights are turned on at 5:43 with a backup toward the macarthur maze and if you can, car pooling and a great way to go breezing through each morning while everyone is stacked up. you can now see the slowing take a look, at the yellow sensors slowing to 40 miles per hour and three cars partly blocking leader and tow truck is on john trying to get out of there and we have the slow traffic out of antioch westbound on 4, as well, and look at eastbound, we have road work 580, westbound is already
5:49 am
a grind out of the central valley up the altamont pass. thank you it is 5:48. dangers that can land your kid in the emergency room. >> at 6:00, two things you can change now to step up their safety. >> thinking of joining the electric car child? a special incentive pg&e wants to offer you. >> also, cringe up scientists are working to make wine healthy while getting rid of your hangovers in the process. >> you can keep tabs on weather and traffic with abc7 now a beautiful shot of the
5:50 am
5:51 am
good morning, a look at the bay bridge with a beautiful shot
5:52 am
this morning. it looks like we will have beautiful weather today for the last day officially of winter. >> a close call for one family in washington state after a boiler exploded through a wall into a playroom. a nanny camera caught the explosion that paragraphed steam and nails across the children's playroom. a land and his three-year-old were in the playroom minutes before. so lucky that they had left. boilers and hot water heaters are prone to explosion in pressure builds. the relief valves need to checked. >> new jersey governor has allowed the directs sale of less that in the state. the new law come as career after new jersey issued regulations requiring cars to be sole through dealerships. tesla markets cars directly to consumers and the c.e.o. protests the new jersey regulation last year. the new law requires company
5:53 am
selling cars to maintain a service facility and report sales figures to the state. >> if you own an electric car you may have another rebate coming your way. pg&e is proposing give one time rebates to customers with electric vehicles meaning a lot happy people in the bay area since 40 percent sales are here in california. the rebate could start next year with the amount to be determined. >> now a check with meteorologist mike nicco and the forecast. mike, how is it looking? >> clear over for with no words right now on arrival delays. we will be warm this last day of winter, six degrees warmer-than-average in san francisco, 69, and the mid-70s in san jose and napa and redwood city and concord and oakland, eight to ten degrees warmer than average and records are possible tying 64 in lake tahoe and 80 in the central valley and 64 in monterey and low-to-mid 60s san diego and los angeles.
5:54 am
our snow pack we did not get show yesterday and the percent drops down to 12. >> sue? >> all shaking their hid. >> mass transit is off to a great start on thursday morning with bart and muni and caltrain, all looking good with no reports of delays. back to the golden gate bridge toll plaza where we have reports of a bit of concrete in the left lane in the toll plaza. it is not affecting traffic. maybe it is cleared. great drive into san francisco but metering lights were turned on at 5:43 and it is backing up behind the tom toll, as well, and an accident to remind you of again westbound four at san marco. >> an ohio woman with a prosthetic leg got a rude note over handicap parking spot. ashley lost her leg in an accident last year and her apartment complex created a
5:55 am
handicap spot for her and she said to day after getting the spot, someone parked this with no sign and she left a float and got a nasty note in return. >> hate handicap. never place your hands on my car again. second -- i will cause trouble for you. give your struggles to someone who cares. >> her sister posted a picture on facebook that has been shared a thousand times. she has filed a grievance with the police and management of the apartment complex say they have yet to decide on a course of action. >> president obama is floating the idea of making it mandatory to vote. the president said it would counter act the influence of money in politics and said if everyone voted in the united states it would completely change the political map. less than 37 percent of eligible voters cast ballots in the mid-terms in november. >> prince charles and camilla are getting ready for another packed day in washington, dc.
5:56 am
today, the couple will meet with president obama at the white house before attending a number of other events. though had a busy day touring the capitol yesterday including a stop at the national mall. 10 years ago prince charles and camilla tied the knot and first visited the united states together as newlyweds. >> imagine a wine that is good for your health and cuts your chances for hangover. that is what researchers in illinois are working on, engineering a year to boost the chemical that lowers cholesterol and it would lower the toxins that cause a hangovers. do not look for it at the store scientists are still perfecting the process. new at 6:00 forget car pools, there is now an app for that the service forgetting your kids in school to soccer and how to make sure it is safe. >> "consumer reports" pans with "7 on your side" to reveal the mistakes to avoid so you can get more on your return.
5:57 am
the bay bridge toll plaza is not so pretty. keep tabs on weather and traffic through the entire commercial break. stay
5:58 am
5:59 am
wog wog working. >> flames rage in napa at an apartment building and what was being done that could be to blame. >> spying can israel at san francisco zoo. we expose how a safety feature for workers is now stirring talk of a privacy breach. >> dance moving landing a high school in hot water. some say the performance was racially fueled and left many feeling unwelcome. >> good morning leyla and meteorologist mike nicco and we are ready to do the
6:00 am
good bay dance to winter. >> thanks for not coming by except for one week in december. we will look at the extra moisture in the air this morning with three miles visibility in napa and four in half moon bay so fog is out there and most of us it is dry from the east bay hills at calm conditions this morning. 46 to 56 the same as we were this time yesterday morning. by noon a few high clouds mixing with sunshine and the low clouds along the coast are evaporating 62 to 72 4:00, 62 to 78 and you may need a light coat at 56 to 70s inland. sue, how is the commute on thursday morning. >> not bad, at 6:00 we have a couple accidents to tell you about, first to the san mateo bridge it is a nice drive from hayward to foster city westbound, the tail lights headed across the flat section and two hayward. here are a couple of hotspots in bay point westbound 4 an


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