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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 20, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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gulen is back and meteorologist mike nicco has the perfect spring. >> 3:35 this afternoon for spring. we have clouds and cooler weather right now you can see them falling through our sky on live doppler hd. notice how calm the conditions are right now as we look at the ferry building, with winds picking up keeping our temperatures in check, with domestic violence hour day planner and only 60 to 68 at noon and 62 at coast and 72 by 4:00, and enjoy a wonderful evening, grab a light coat at 56 to 70s and it will be dry this evening. dry on the roads so that means, hopefully, a great friday commute. >> we do have one accident over the santa cruz mountains if you are traveling on 17 southbound near the summit that is where we have a possible injury accident blocking a lane but not in walnut creek. this is 680 headed in the southbound direction, tail lights as they make their way up to highway 24 looking at the richmond-san rafael toll plaza
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it is a ghost town and empty with one car making their way up to san rafael. a shocking murder-suicide at a senior housing fat. many questions remain including what sparked the violence. we are in palo alto with more. good morning there are still officers out here and they are trying to determine what led up to the shooting. this is video from yesterday shortly after it happened at 3:30 in the afternoon. police say a tenant in his 60 shot and killed another man inside the management office with a semi automatic handgun. he then turned the gun on himself. he was found dead in an elevator at the alta >> we are looking for additional witnesses, cameras or other additional information. >> police evacuated the building
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for determining it was a murder-suicide. the motive is not known. the names have not been released. police towed a car from the scene belonging to one of the dead men. we are learning chilling new details of the man accused of killing a federal investigator from oakland, the 56-year-old is accused of strangling a woman and leaving her body in a park. the sister of victim said show never knew of the long history and thinks her sister was too ashamed to tell her family of him. coke and show had a long romantic history and their daughter will take the stand on monday. the pregnant said he kid her because he was furious she got him arrested on a parole violation for stealing her car and taking her dog. today, former santa clara county supervisor shirakawa
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be sentences for benefiting san jose city council member and now served 15 months behind bars in an unrelated corruption case and could get a year in county jail. >> a man is in custody facing charges in connection with the sexual assault of a 10-year old boy in oakland. police arrested the 48-year-old miguel baraja and investigators believe he lured a boy and assaulted him near 98th and d on january 27th. >> we are hopeful we can put some of the children, parents, families at ease knowing there is one less child predator on the streets. >> you can see the area where the police say the sexual assault happened, and baraja is held at the jail in dublin. without bail. 26 people are dead and dozens injured after a passenger train derailed in northern india after overshooting the stop.
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gas cutters everyone used to find people who were trapped. 30 people are hurt. it is not clear if there was a technical (or if the train was going too fast. >> video showing the arrest of a 20-year-old junior at the university of virginia has sparked outrage and now his lawyer is speaking out. >> martese johnson was taken down by agents of virginia's alcoholic beverage criminal agency after being barred from entering a pub near campus. the student was arrested and charged with obstruction of justice without force and public swearing or intoxication. >> i am shocked my face was slammed into the bridge -- brick pavement. three officers pinned me to the ground pressing their knees in my back while blood flows from the gash to my head. >> his client vows to file the charges and the incident has sparked protests around the school.
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virginia's governor has ordered an investigation. authorities in mississippi are investigating the death of a man whose body was found hanging from a tree believed 54-year-old otis byrd reported missing this month. byrd was convicted of murdering a woman in 1980 and paroled in 2006, the f.b.i. and the justice department are conducting a separate investigation into possible civil rights violations. >> a former rap mogul knight will appear in hearing for murder and attempted murder after a hit-and-run accident that killed a man in january. the prosecution want his bail set at $25 million because he has a history of threatening others and using violence. the motion claims that knight has been involved in money laundering and extortion schemes. >> winemakers will voice opposition to a proposal to build a new casino. the preliminary agreement is established between a las vegas
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company and the scots valley band of indians seeking to establish a gaming enterprise in napa or sonoma. the winemakers say the casino could find a way around last use restrictions and threat were the preserve. >> the oakland city council will have a meeting about a come see medium complex over establishing an agreement between alameda county and the developers which involves a new oakland raiders stadium and a new ballpark for the as with parking facilities for both and commercial and residential development. >> the major league baseball has not already started and kristen would be excited about that and people here enjoy the baseball weather. >> absolutely. all that sunshine yesterday and temperatures in the 70 and 80's a fitting way to end a warmer-than-average astronomical winter. we have danville at 49 and san ramon at 46 and dublin at 47 and pleasanton at 49, and the cool spot is livermore at 45 and
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lafayette at 50 and mid-50s for pleasant hill and concord and pittsburg and antioch and brentwood and 54 in alameda and milpitas and redwood city at 54. financial district is 53. check out novato: 43 a cool spot. >> as we head through the afternoon we will see increasing high and mid-level clouds dimming our sunshine and the cold front is going to induce and ensure a breeze so it will not be so warm today but still, not bad around the bay at 56 to 74 and inland up to 75. look the coast, 60 to 64. we will continue the cooling trend tomorrow mid-60 at the coast and low 70s for the rest of us and sunday we have a chance of light showers in the morning and again, in the evening and hose will spill and mop's forecast and that where it is coolest low-to-mid 60 leyla? here is a look at the san mateo bridge, with cons there on
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both sides of the freeway if you are headed along in the westbound direction, flashing lights in the continue -- in the distance and the road work will be picked up soon causing a slight delay, slight tap on the break moving across the water do head to the peninsula. we have one accident in the santa cruz mountains traveling southbound on highway 17 you will find it at the summit if los gatos and now we are starting to see delays headed away from highway 85. expect to see the delays increasing just a little bit with one lane taken away, it is going to slow things down. if you are head the to the north, for san jose, we have construction that will be around until 6:00 and some kisses condition this morning because we have off-ramp, on-ramp, shut down with construction work and lanes on the main line northbound and southbound 880 between seven's -- creek boulevard.
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>> oakland running festival is this weekend and a 10-year old hopes to set a world record. the marathon goes from downtown to oakland hills and a half marathon is what elliott daniels from campbell has his sights set on setting a world record for ten-year-olds. >> he needs to run 13.1 miles if less than 1:30:10 which is 15 minutes. per mile. elliott runs because he is good add it and he enjoys it. >> 10,000 people will run on sunday and many in the city come out to clear on the runners and you can expect quite a few road closures throw the morning. >> the future deliveries from amazon may not arrive by truck. the america's money report is next. >> the lighting dispute that has some home owners calling a bay area college a bad neighborhood. >> with the water future looking great the major effort underway in the south bay to find new
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covering walnut creek, campbell burlingame by bay. >> we officially move into spring this afternoon and check out spring in maryland yes, they have snow. a big snowstorm is mitting the mid-atlantic, and the northeast and new york city will be hit and maryland is getting hit hard, as well, enjoy the temperatures in the 70s today here in the bay area. >> there is a later curfew the school after the shut off time was asked to move from 9:00 to 10:00 people to allow later practice times for students despite the protests, the school
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has not followed up with them about the glare and noise from the field. the city council unanimously approved the extended curfew but with some conditions and the college must replace a row of we lights on four poles and limit the number of days they use the bills to 305 days. >> the drought has water agencies working on long-range ways to get more reliable water supplies. >> we look at how a water district is trying to accelerate plans to resubcell water from your kitchen or the bathroom. >> this advanced water plant recycles wastewater from san jose homes and businesses which is then used in packs and golf courses and at industrial plants. it reduces the needs for fresh water by 8 million gallons a day. because of the success, the water district is pushing to expand the system by 2020 or sooner when fully deployed, then, it would be injected into the ground water base ins
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representing 20 percent of the district's supply. >> that may not sound significant but given that we have the other resources when you add the 20 percent of the splay it helps enormously. it will help us from the year we bring the plans on line. >> a similar system has been pumping the water into orange county for seven years. the purpose is to counter salt water in the ground water but in the bay area it is mixed with ground water which would be dropped. it is safe for humans to drink but the state is working on regulations to allow it to be pumped into the water distribution system. a major obstacle is getting people to drink purified wastewater. >> why trust it. bottom line. it is filly. it is for plants and what not,
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okay. bee area officials have been exploring getting out the salt we of the seawater as a new source spending $3 million to do a technical city but four say environmental issues could be a concern. that was the case in san diego with 14 lawsuits and appeals trying to block a plant that would supply drink water to 300,000 homes when it goes online. >> we have steps you can take right new to conserve water. >> as we welcome spring today mine, we are seeing our dwindling rain chances. >> absolutely. we drop dramatically the next couple of months and the three month outlook is not showing promise of any mark miracle or april showers or -- we will still have may flowers far as sprinkles we have a chance on sunday morning and maybe light showers on sunday
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afternoon into monday. otherwise, we are starting off dry and cool and fog. three miles. napa is four miles and everyone else is doing okay and the winds are light and variable this morning and in fairfield they are at ten miles per hour, but they are blowing more onshore and that is why we cooler. the peninsula specifically, sfo where it is partly cloudy right now so keep our fingers crossed it will not cause delays. cooler breeze headed into the afternoon and it will it will be mild but no 80's. chance of light showers sunday into monday and a warming trend returns for wednesday and interest thursday of next week when the 80's come back. a look now at 680 at walnut creek into the 24 connection all way into the san ramon valley where it is clear mid-to-upper 40s this morning as we head into the afternoon, danville at 74 and that is seven degrees cooler than yesterday and the biggest drop is around san rafael dropping from 80 to 70
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and san francisco is from 72 to 65 and oakland great 78 to 70. now a look down san jose the 74 cupertino will match that and well unwarmer in gilroy at 73 and sunshine. millbrae the usual, at 68 and low-to-mid 60s along the coast into downtown and south san francisco across the golden gate bridge and up to bodega bay bridge and inland, 68 at petaluma to 72 in napa and cloverdale is the warm spot at 73 and today, upper 60's along most of the east bay shore and cracking 70s at oakland and union city and fremont and as we head inland we have low-to-mid 70s. today, you can see the clouds increasing and once in a while we get a brake as we head toward sunset and tomorrow we wake up with clouds and pockets of sunshine and dug the early morning hours a chance light showers, a break during the day and by 9:00 another chance of
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heavier showers and more widespread and looking at .1" to quarter of an inch and monday is the coolest day low-to-upper 60 and dry and warmer on wednesday and thursday next week. >> 101 and to san rafael pushing to 580 traffic is light. so far, it is friday lite, we have one accident though still blocking a lane in the santa cruz mountains with more information on that in the next report but we will continue south and head up to the golden gate bridge and when you are through the tunnels you are still at top speed as you make the drive from marin to san francisco, northbound traffic not fining any delays as you leave san francisco and when you come in from daly city along 280 you are at top speed and 101 looking clear with the exception of we construction that and being worked open right now on 280 at 101 so that will last until can this morning and we were seeing yellow here earlier and there is come and go
5:19 am
traffic. the rest of the drive along 101 away from brisbane and headed up to the sfo area the drive through burlingame is at top speeds along 101 and 280 and slow traffic is confined here to the altamont pass at 36 miles per hour leaving tracy and when you get to north gasoline road you are at top speeds interest dublin. >> a bay area high school year book knowturing a picture of steve jobs is up for auction on ebay and this is the 1972 book when he was a freshman and was friends with jobs sister with bid starting at $5,000. >> still a buyers market as mortgage rates drop. >> good morning everyone topping america's money low north rates for the we home
5:20 am
buying seminate $3.78 for 30 year and 3.306 for a 15 year mortgage. >> amazon agreeing to deliver packages do your door using drones has gotten a boost with permission to test drones we controlled by a pilot hoping to have a fleet of delivery drones. >> nothing sacred anymore? it was comfort food and now it is alcohol products that get nutritional labeling with the biggest drink company saying they will put the nutrition on labels of alcohol including vodka and whiskey. that is america's money. >> while interest rates may say it is a buy other's before buyer's market but in the bay area inventory makes it a
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broth bowl from panera bread. that noise! panera broth bowls should be slurped with gusto! to explore further order online or visit your neighborhood panera bread. whether you are just joining us or headed out the door, palo alto police are investigating a murder-suicide yesterday at 3:30 in the afternoon at alta torrey apartments when a tenant in his 60s shot and killed another man with a handgun. the tenant then shot himself in the elevator. >> a court hearing takes place today to review a decision to house a sexually violent predator in a walnut creek neighborhood. the 71-year-old we moved into a home on walnut avenue in february. he was convicted in sexual assaults against children in the late 80's. >> japanese niece authorities have arrested a man suspected of
5:24 am
making death threats against ambassador caroline kennedy and made bomb threats against the united states embassy in tokyo and a military base. a total solar eclipse this morning. this is a look from the faro islands dark as the noon blocks the sun. the eclipse could be seen across europe russia and north africa taking several hours to unfold as the noon slowly covered the sun but lasted only a few minutes. >> many march madness hopes shattered and espn said 99 percent of the brackets submitted were broken after long shot victories yesterday between the panthers we and uab taking down iowa state only 87,000 of 11 million brackets remain. >> 273 are perfect out of 11 million. amazing. >> thanks, iowa state and inelse. >> good morning everyone, a dry live doppler hd shows it will be
5:25 am
active this weekend with a couple of cold prompts and a type table and how much to expect we to plan the weekend activities. >> we are tracking an accident in the santa cruz mountains blocking a lane and causing delays as you leave los gatos and here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and traffic is starting to build as you head in from the east bay and i will let you know how long it will take you in a couple of michigans. >> we love her, the story of little league pitching sensation monet davis is coming to disney channel "girl like mo," the 13-year-old who made history as the first girl to pitch a shut out in the little league world series. >> davis will consult on the film, and not the first time she had a high are file camera pointed in her direction. last year, spike lee made a "short," called "throw like a girl," and disney is our parent company. when little leaguers say "throw
5:26 am
like a girl," it is a compliment. >> a selfie is generating a buzz on social media. >> it lookings like supreme court justin ginsburg is not a selfie fan right and you can see with nancy pelosi the ladies of the supreme court at the women's history month reception and the justice sotomayor and kagan are smiles 82-year-old justice remains remarkably stone face. >> we have another 90 minutes of news including looking to hit a home run a new fan experience zone opens today near at&t park featureing hopefuls to keep giants fans coming back for more.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> happy friday. at 5:29. thank you for joining us. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am matt keller. leyla gulen is here. meteorologist mike nicco never left even with leyla gulen back. >> spring starts at 3:35 hours and 26 minutes of extra sun but up to ten degrees cooler this afternoon. four miles in visibility in napa and hose this morning a light breeze this morning, and the breeze picks up from the ocean inland and that is why we will be cooler today along with the dim sunshine and in the 60s at
5:30 am
noon and barely in the 70s away from the coast and drop quickly into the 60s and 50s at the coast. no need for an umbrella dead but, possibly, sunday i will show you that coming up. thank you light traffic? >> for most people. in the santa cruz mountains, and hopefully with the rain, we could get some snow. here is a look at the span of the bay bridge with the traffic loading up and maybe slowing down ever is slightly as you push to treasure island and all in all not too bad. here is san jose and that is 280 northbound traffic or headlights also, building, and 17 is in the back ground and perpendicular to the freeway and it and what is ahead in the santa cruz mountains causing the problems with more details in a couple of michigans. >> now the news, palo alto police are investigating the circumstances behind
5:31 am
murder-suicide behind a complex. good morning, the shootings happened in the management office on the bottom floor of this building, we are on fabian way in palo alto and this is video from yesterday, the alta torrey apartments a senior living facility. police were called at 3:30 when someone spot add man with a head wound in an elevator and called 9-1-1. they evacuated the 52 unit building and alerted a jew incommunity center next door and staff kept the kids inside and notified parents that police were investigating a crime in the neighbor. [ inaudible ] >> doesn't sound like there was a way to stop it. a mess. >> police found the bodies of two mens one in his 60 and the other in his 70s and both were
5:32 am
tenants here. it appears the shooter killed one man and then turned the gun on himself. the motive of the murder-suicide is not known and police towed a vehicle from the scene and there are officers here this morning and have been investigated for 14 hours. >> happening today a hearing takes place in san francisco court to review a decision to house a sexually violent predator if a walnut creek neighbor. 71-year-old charles crissman was convicted in a series of sexual assaults against children in the 80's and 90's and families were outrages and the district attorney who has filed a motion to rehear the placement hoping to move him out of the neighbor. >> one of the four officers implicated in the texting scandal has resigned.
5:33 am
an openly gay member has been where the department since 1992 and he and three others are investigating in connection with racist and homophobic tonight memorials am spokesman said that because he for longer works for the department he is no longer part of the special investigation and the supervisor said that his case is still need to be reviewed. >> disrespectful comment to african-americans, and we are talking about a large number of cases involving african americans. i have a real concern about that. >> the t was released by the federal prosecutor during a bail hearing last week for a former officer convicted of public core reduction much >> zoo managers are denying they used a microphone pictures to east drop on workers. the union representing the zoo workers say microphones on the radios are being remotely activated so managers can listen
5:34 am
in on private connections. the zoo economic testify director said that is not true. >> to my understanding this is no intentional eavesdropping of any employee at the zoo by this feature. >> this feature is more of a baby monitor. i could be on my lunch break with my radio and it could be recording my conversation. >> the zoo radios were upgraded six months ago after the we imteen uncovered serious safety flaws with the previous system. >> a devastating fire in san francisco's mission district has claimed another life. flames gutted an apartment on 24th and treat street march 11 and 13-year-old we suffered severe burns is died open -- on wednesday night. her dad 38-year-old mohamed shaibi died over the injuries caused by the fire. three surviving members have been treated and released.
5:35 am
>> governor brown will speak at a forum promoting hiring people who served time in jail. leaders will gather at the bay area forum to discuss the benefits of hiring trained former offenders. it is hosted by a number agencies including the department of corrections in alameda county sheriff. the forum is underway at 9:30 in oakland. today a parking lot near at&t park in san francisco will become a lot more crowds although there is no giants game. the yard opens today at noon in parking lot (a) and is a if you restaurant and retame center from recycled we shipping capers. you can shot and enjoy local food and drink and the space is used for community evens and is open rear -- open year >> there was a total solar eclipse this morning. the moon slowly covered the sun and it lasted only a few
5:36 am
minutes. it was not visible in the united states. people in europe russia and north africa saw the eclipse. the original places on land where it was total was the faro islands and a group of isles in norway. people were alerted to think twice before taking a selfie, though because a warning said that act of taking an eclipse selfie could put people's eyes in large's way. i have seen selfies that put opinion's eyes in harm's way. clips or no eclipse. amost selfies, tonight eclipse of the moon, makes you want to write a song. matt? ♪ total evening collins -- eclipse of the heart ♪ >> you can be backup. >> 41 in petaluma. 42 in row -- rohnert
5:37 am
60 in lafayette. in san rafael, not seeing any fog whatever on 101 southbound to the golden gate bridge is that is fog free. we will be mostly cloudy today and a lot of mid-to-upper cloud with limited sunshine were dropping the temperatures become to reasonable levels after being in the 80's yesterday. 68 to 75 and the coast is 60 to 63 and the bay is around 66 to 74. it is came this morning for the ferry and it will be breezy in the afternoon. saturday, partly sunny and the temperatures cool and sunday we have a chance of sprinkles in the morning and showers during the evening and that chance of showers lingers into monday and i will give you a timetable for that in the seven.
5:38 am
we have injuries accidents southbound highway 17 and this is by the summit so you can see we do have delays pulling away from the lexington reservoir northbound traffic though, is not affected. be prepared. from los gatos you will find delays. we are not sure when it will clear up. we further to the north in san jose northbound and southbound 880 between stevens creek and 280 we have construction until 6:00 and on-and-off ramps shut down until 7:00 this morning so plan ahead. expect delays. 10152 miles per hour to the nimitz and clear to cupertino. highway 85 has in delays. dozens of dogs raised to be sold as food if south korea new have a chance at a if you life here in the united states
5:39 am
>> >> we were this when the last 15 of the 57 rescue dogs arrived at the san francisco spca yesterday after 11 hours flying from seoul destined for a market where people buy meat and produce. >> primarily the older population calms the dog meat and most of the younger population is not consuming the meat and are not interested in consuming it. >> the dogs are now in the care of the spca and will be up for adoption after being spayed and knew >> stay tuned.
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covering novato, oakland sunnyvale and all the bay area this is abc7 news. back with a look at candlestick and we can see how the demolition is going with a large part of the upper rim now gone. crews are tear down the former home in connections with the goal to be completely down by the end of the month with shopping and housing up in its place. >> the upper portion of the eastern span of the bay bridge will be gone by 2018. caltrain said they have accepted a $69 million bid to demolish the rest of the section. we were over the span showing you the work that still needs to be done and contractors will remove sections of the structure
5:43 am
and 13 steel towers next. the e.p.a. could top plans to build 12,000 homes in silicon valley with a big battle over the i land east of 101 in redwood city. environmentalists want to preserve and protect the area. our media partners report that the epa could limit the development if it fines the area falls under the protection of the clean water act. a decision is expected by early next year. in chinatown, there will be a huge transformation to help alleviate the sewer system of the city with crews installing planters to divert the storm water from drapes along the street and re-pave including new benches planned for the alley. >> $1 billion emergency plan to help california deal with our drought. >> only a third of the money goes to measures directly related to the drought and the rest to flood control low emission farm equipment and food
5:44 am
for those who lost their jobs because of drought much the governor said the most important thing is everyone needs to conserve. some in california have taken it upon themselves to do away with their lush green lawns and have sheet mulched their yards to make them more drought resistant, and east bay nursery said necessity have trip medical the amount of store space dead indicated to succulent plants that require little water. >> an easy way to save water is turn off your faucet when you brush teeth saving two gallons a minute. east minute you cut from the shower saves 2 1/2 gallons and installing air aerateors will save 2 1/2 gallons a minute.
5:45 am
>> last area the city -- of antioch is helping property homeowners to get loans to provide loans that borrowers repay through their property taxes for environmental purposes. >> we have spring coming to us at 3:00 and i assume you temperatures are going to warm up and it will be sun with blossoms. >> wait, it happened a month and a half ago. >> never had any winner so spring is coming today. fitting, right? >> if now from the climate prediction center we have highest category of having above average temperatures and that is coinciding where what we have had for winter so it will spill into early summer and below
5:46 am
normal pacific northwest and along the four corners region in the gulf coast above normal and equal chance of below or above average precipitation april may, june and each consecutive month our average rain is lower and lower so even if we are above average it will not reduce the golf. it could hold it off but it is not going to improve it. live doppler hd shows plenty of cloud cover and high clouds and gorgeous sunrise. if you see something break put it there the winds will pick up and blow inland and that is why we have cooler conditions today and this morning, it looks like glass with cooler breeze and chance of light showers on sunday into monday and the 80's return on wednesday into thursday. in san jose and 288 we have haze
5:47 am
and a few high clouds and that is it for the morning. redwood city and san jose six degrees cooler than yesterday and danville and san francisco at seven and 74 and oakland and san rafael 70 degrees eight or ten degrees cooler and we are in the low-to-mid 70s in the south bay and the low 70s on the bens low-to-mid 60 along the coast into downtown south san francisco, sauce least and all the way to bodega bay and upper 60 to nearly accident in the north bay valley and we will have low 70s to mid-70s inland east bay. let me show you what is going to happen today, the cloud cover is rolling in and tomorrow it will be partly sunny and sunday morning watch the sprinkles to light showers with a break during the day and cold front in the evening, stalls on top of us and we have a slight chance of showers. monday is the cool of the day and we are in the low-to-upper 60s and tuesday is dry with
5:48 am
sunshine and warmer weather wednesday and thursday. it is heating up in the traffic partner and the metering lights are turned on several minutes ago and we are looking at a ten point drive from the macarthur maze to san francisco. we have a two-car crash in the center divider and you could see delays beyond the metering lights but until then you have a wait up to the toll. we have a brand new crash, at the intersection define highway 101 and 680 so if you make the transition from northbound 101 to northbound 680 there is an (a) possibly blocking a lane and we are not seeing delays northbound 101 at 280 and 680 split but you are finding the heavy backups to the nimitz and the car fire southbound 85 at
5:49 am
blossom hill road no delays so far. >> apple's new watch is on sale next month one of most anticipated features is the health care. >> we have an exclusive first look inside a secret laboratory one of the most advanced fitness laboratories in the world. machines of the apple team have been testing health technologies for the apple watch including a climate chamber. the goal is to test the period's response to different temperatures and levels of humidity. we have a reporter giving a full report on "good morning america" at 7:00 this morning. >> cool. >> secret to a long and health life: soda. a woman says her sweet teeth has helped her outsmart every doctor she ever had. >> and a tv commercial giving the east bay community national
5:50 am
attention. >> gators! >> gators! >> the little girl charged the fans in march madness stealing hearts before all the brackets got busted. stay tuned. wow. sweet new subaru, huh mitch? yep. you're selling the mitchmobile!? man, we had a lot of good times in this baby. what's your dad want for it? a hundred and fifty grand, two hundred if they want that tape deck. you're not going to tell your dad about the time my hamster had babies in the backseat, are you?! that's just normal wear and tear, dude. (vo) subaru has the highest resale value of any brand... ...according to kelley blue book ...and mitch. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still
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believes in savoring our food. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. new 00 an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free q
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>> welcome back, automaker fiat is using the bay area to promise note the newest vehicles in the lineup. the cheney's market
5:53 am
picked we mari island as the setting of the new early commercial which is vallejo's former navy shipyard used in a number of film shoots. >> the lure of a smoking deal on chanel hand bag is drawing thrills for shoppers shoppers in hong kong standing if line for showers after prices were cut because of a realignment in currency rates. one shopper got $5,000 bag for...$3,500. >> what a bargain! >> it is too surprisey for us but if you are in the market for us wow. >> the prices will remain stable in the united states and u.k. and canada. >> it is all relative, right? >> it is all relative. it is not how much you spend but
5:54 am
how much you saved. >> get what, honey i saved $1,500 on a purse. >> exactly. >> "national puppy day," on pond. check out the furry faces. send us a photo of your favorite puppy. >> # #puppiesonseven,"andwearestream i ngourcameraallmorningandtellyou h owyoucantakeoneofthemhome. >> justlike that. >> what a deal. >> yes. you saved? >> you saved two puppies? >> one puppy. >> tree pollen is hot with mulberry and oak and pine and well feature our "purr-fect" pet partners on monday mid-70s in chico and nearly 90 in palm springs. 12 percent snow pack and the
5:55 am
weekend forecast: absolutely nothing wet or frozen until possibly sunday night or monday. >> here is a look at the drive with good news the crash has cleared and this is southbound along highway 17 and we are still dealing with residual delays after the injury crashed so slow-and-go traffic as you make it law los gatos and in the east bay if you go to the benicia bridge northbound 680 we have a stalled vehicle blocking a lane and the drive from castro valley is at top speeds. thank you. there are more men than normal missing from work or school this morning, blame it on march madness. more men that ever are scheduling around the ncaa tournament to catch extra games while recovering on the couple. we are serious.
5:56 am
this is not new. more doctors are seeing more patients than ever scheduling their vasectomies. >> sounds like a terrible reason to get a vasectomy. >> march madness fever has no age limit. >> four-year-old from jacksonville showed off her reporter skills by interviewing college basketball lovers at the fanfest value. >> you are clearing -- for... >> yes cheering. >> she is cute. she was with her mom and little brother and jumped at a chance to play reporter taking in the march madness action. >> sounding good. >> at 6:00 eating healthy without making the grocery bill go through the ruth. we show you how to shop spark.
5:57 am
>> new warning on tanning beds which are more likely to get skin cancer trying to get a tan. the bay bridge toll plaza is pretty busy
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. a murder-suicide shocked a senior living facility in palo alto. the burning question that kept police on the scene is ahead. a long-range plan to recycle water to help california beat the drought that could change how your family uses water. a young boy with big ambition how the oakland marathon is the first step to a world record. good morning on this friday. i am kristen sze. >> i am matt keller here for eric thomas with leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco.
6:00 am
the oakland marathon sounds like it is perfect. >> runners like the cooler temperatures and it will be cooler today and through the weekend. the live doppler hd is showing an increase in the clouds dimming our sunshine. the cold front will indouse a non-shore breeze bringing not so warm temperatures today but 12-hour day planner is the same as yesterday at 46 to 56 and by noon we are only in the low-to-upper 60s cracking the upper 60 by action, and 56 at the coast and low-to-mid 60 for the rest of us. leyla are drivers keeping their cool? >> mostly. we had an accident in the santa cruz mountains that now is cleared. we have residual backup. san jose beyond julian street, the traffic is getting busy there and here is a look at the bay br


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