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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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supply charges thrown out. -- charges thrown out. the firefighter accused of causing the crash is walking free. >> the judge happening down the decision today. with video evidence some are asking how this could happen. i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. this a story the eye team has been investigating for months. sergio is live in the newsroom. sergio, this was a surprising decision. >> reporter: ama, surprising because prosecutors have disturbing video of the crash and we are told video of the firefighter jugging -- chugging pitchers of water in a nearby restaurant after the crash in an apparent attempt to sober up. this is the graphic video of the crash. the motorcyclist has the green light and the fire truck driven by then firefighter
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michael quinn has emergency lights and sirens on, but he does president slow down to make sure the intersection is clear. the 32-ton ladder truck slams into frasier and his motorcycle and his body fly into the curb and hydrant. i tabbed with frasier's attorney by phone. >> i am extremely disappointed and angry. >> chuck is a lawyer who specializes in motorcycle accident cases and he is currently suing the city of san francisco and michael quinn who has since quit the fire department. quinn had been facing felony dui charges, but there were problems with the evidence. the judge dismissed breathalyzer tests given by quinn's fellow firefighters after the crash because the equipment was not properly calibrated and that mean police officers had no probable cause to arrest quinn and administer a blood test which itself was not useful in this case because blood was not drawn until six hours after the crash. frasier's attorney quickly questioned why quinn didn't face different charges. >> they never charged him with
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felony hit-and-run which to pea was a slam dunk. >> after the crash witnesses told the eye team that the chief ton bar and pub has videos of quinn being given lots of water, possibly by fellow firefighters. he didn't return to talk with police for two hours. the district attorney's office issued a short statement after today's dismissal. "we completely disagree with the decision and are exploring all all appellate options." quinn was out on bail and walked out of court today a free man. abc7 news. a south bay father has been arrested for murder after police say he ran over and killed his own stepdaughter in their driveway. campbell police say 60-year-old philip handle was drunk when it happened. abc7 news reporter katie is live with the reaction and a message from the family. >> reporter: the family is devastated, of course.
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the woman is dead and leaves her partner of 26 years and their 15-year-old son who is disabled and needs 24-hour care. her stair and her mother who is in jail and on top of everything else this family today should be celebrating the victim's 42nd birthday. >> i keep thinking maybe this is a nightmare. >> she is thought only reeling from the death of her daughter she is forced to see it over and over again in her mind because she witnessed it. >> i was right there where i saw her face. it was like, dad what are you doing? it haunts me. >> reporter: francis says her husband, philip handle, had been drinking all day when he left to go to a liquor store around the corner. when he got home before 5:00 on thursday evening leslie was in the driveway trying to guide him into a parking spot. the family says he hit the gas instead of the brake and ran over leslie. she died on the driveway at the hands of the man who raised her.
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>> he didn't mean to do it, but it is done and it can't be taken back. >> he was drunk and they arrested him on suspicion of second-degree murder. >> it was apparent that he understood the potential consequences of driving drunk. >> the only reason i am doing this is if someone thinks they can have one or two beers and pulling into their driveway without consequence think again. think again. >> leslie's family is planning a funeral instead of a birthday party. >> so sad. the bicyclist who was robbed after being hit by a truck is out of a coma and speaking. the 25-year-old suffered severe head trauma and had been comatosed since that accident happened. he emerged from the coma three weeks ago and yesterday started talking again. these photos from our media partner, the bay area news
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group show lowrey awake with his mother. it attracted widespread attention when he was pick pocketed while lying in the street critically injured. the driver who hit him was also robbed. >> the white house has no indication that isis was behind two deadly suicide bombings in yemen. they killed 137 people and left more than 350 others wounded. the islamic state claimed responsibility within hours posting an audio message saying this is the beginning of a, quote coming flood. the world's youngest nobel peace prize winner is coming to the silicon valley. she will speak at the san jose state event center. 234 october of 2012 the taliban tried killing her because she spoke in support of education for girls in her native pakistan. she survived the attack and has become a prominent human
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rights activist. there is a chance of much needed rain coming our way. it is perhaps a partially wet weekend. we will look outside from our exploratorium camera. we will see a few clouds and mostly clear. meteorologist sandhya patel is here with a look at live doppler 7hd. >> a few sprinkles have made it to santa rosa. let me show you live doppler 7hd. a couple of minutes ago here trace amounts reported. as i take you in closer you can see there is a lot of green on the screen and not all is hitting the ground. santa rosa airport did measure just about a trace. that's where the rain has been with success stem number one. this one can produce sprinkles going into your saturday. as far as your sunday plans are concerned i am keeping an eye on this system because this one is stronger and it will bring us some rain or spring showers. i will be back to let you know if this will affect your
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weekend plans. >> thank you. an uber driver was beaten and carjacked in san francisco's richmond district earlier this week. the driver was standing outside his car early wednesday morning at 10th avenue and gear reboulevard. he was surrounded by four men. one punched the driver in the face. the men stole his toyota corolla and crashed it a block away. the suspect was later arrested while waiting for an uber ride. two additional suspects have also been arrested. a shooting put an east bay school on lock down today. one person shot near el cerrito high school around 3:00 sending police on a house to house search. abc7 news reporter alan wang used cell 7 technology to report live from the scene as the search was happening and brings us this update. >> out of no where all you hear is pow pow pow. >> it happened as classes let out around 3:00 at el s el cerrito -- at el cerrito
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high. a man was shot twice right in front of the school. he overheard a security guard responding. >> he said i smell gun powder. i got more and more scared. i said, okay we are on lock down. >> two students were there when the gunfire erupted and both were detained for questioning. >> they are in a position to provide information about what did occur because our victim has been unwilling to provide us information as to how this altercation started. >> the victim refused aid and took himself to the hospital where police followed up with him. they are looking for two to four other young men still involved. >> nervous parents were reunited with their kids around 5:00. >> and late tonight police were still sorting out the details of the shooting. alan wang, abc7 news.
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bullets flying at a crowded airport next on abc7 news. >> i started swinging my suitcase at him and he runs the other way right into a tsa agent. >> the machete attack in a security line that left deputies no choice but to open fire. >> plus a make up mogul isn't backing down tonight. why her popular lipstick has some seeing red. >> and get ready for a workout, and i mean a real workout. i will take you in the bay area gym that literally takes the
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this is abc7 news. >> this guy comes running with a machete over his head and
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swinging it through security and then he hops the bench and comes toward my wife and i. >> pure panic at luis armstrong airport near new orleans. a man attacked one tsa agent with wasp spray and then cut another agent with a machete at a security gate. you can see the machete on the ground. both agents are expected to be okay. the sheriff deputy shot the suspect. another tsa agent was grazed by a bullet in all of the chaos. some passengers suffered minor cuts. the local sheriff identified him as richard white. white didn't pose a national security threat. white was undergoing surgery late tonight. the maker of a controversial lipstick maker is seeing red. some say the name of the lipstick called "underage red" brings to mind statutory rape and the degradation of young women. in a facebook post she said she should be offended because it reminds her of the color she wore when she was 16 and
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that's why she named it "underage red." if you want to get fit in a hurry, but no time for workouts, one gym may have the solution. >> they have a special room for high altitude training and as i learned firsthand oxygen is your hand. >> at first glance you might think this is an ordinary workout room at the quad fitness club in pleasanton. but it does not take long to discover even a gay who thinks he is -- a guy who thinks he is fit has a challenge. >> we have been working out for 13 minutes 14 minutes. >> so what exactly is going on here? it is a system called air fit. behind the scene the big compressor is actually succeeding the air out of the room and -- is actually sucking the air out of the room and into a filtration system. >> the machine adjusts the level of oxygen to simulate different altitudes.
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pleasanton is about 350 feet above sea level, but the people in the air fit room feel as though it is a mile high. the low-level of oxygen means your body has to work a lot harder. >> at first it was live and i felt light headed. the second time i thought i would get sick to my stomach and the third time i felt i could do everything. >> now it is my turn. instead of one mile high air fit expert set the room at double that. we are doing interval training. combining short bursts of high intensity. with periods of lighter activity. a monster is strapped to my chest. it transmits information to a computer. >> so we know how hard you are pushing. >> 93% right now. >> reporter: the 93 means i am working at 93% of my maximum heart rate. my heart rate goes down a little and it is back to the workout. >> 30 seconds to go.
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>> reporter: the makers say exercising at one or two miles high burns 30 to 40% more calories than exercising at sea level. so that means a shorter workout and less wear and tear on your body. yes, the workout may be fewer repetitions, but it is still intense. >> i don't know if we will be great friends after this. >> in all i worked out for about 20 minutes. dennis says only six minutes were really strenuous and i burn 343 calories. that's a great result and maybe next time i will do it with a little more style. >> stand up and you can breathe better. don't bend over. >> there is no bending over. >> we shot this awhile ago. >> is that sweat or tears? >> i am still sweating. they have the largest altitude training room. the first class is free and then you will pay $25. there are several packages available and it is cheaper if you buy more classes.
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>> 323 calories for 20 minutes, that's awesome. >> it is good -- it is an economical use of your time but you have to get used to it when they suck the air out. >> and sandhya patel. >> i thought you were fit. i thought you were ripped. >> i thought i was fit and ripped too. >> lair raw and ama if you are going out for a run or walk tomorrow there may be a few sprinkles. we are watching a few sprinkles on live doppler 7hd. they are right around the north bay around santa rosa and a little showing up around jenner. you are looking at the sunset the first sunset of spring. 7:21 p.m. as spring came in you probably noticed a lot of cloud cover and the temperatures were 2 to 10 dries cooler. and now i want to show you the temperatures it with the cloud cover. the emeryville camera showing
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you low clouds as we look back toward the west. a few sprinkles overnight. a chance of rain sunday night into monday morning and it is turning warm late next week. here is the pacific satellite picture. it is producing a few sprinkles. a few more drops could fall into your saturday morning. and then the second system. this is what is going to bring us a chance of rain. it does have a little more moisture and we are going to get some of it moving into our area. here is how it all plays out. so your sunday morning 7:00 if you do have early plans the kids are getting ready for games and there could be a few isolated showers but very isolated. the rest of your sunday is fine. especially if you have outdoor activity. activities. the rain will move in and slide south as most are sleeping. it continues as we head toward the start of the monday morning commute. what are we going to get?
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not enough to make a dent but we will welcome it. san francisco san carlos a 10th almost in mountain view and 800 san jose and a 10th in oakland and .05 in fairfield. 8,000 foot elevation dropping to 6,000 feet. when you are coming back if you are going to tahoe you may see a few of the snowflakes which is great to see. mid40s to low 50s tomorrow morning. clouds and fog and you with i will see a few sprinkles. then for the afternoon it is going to be a mix of sun and clouds of 73 in san jose. if you have outdoor activities it will be nice. 71 redwood city. daly city 63 and downtown san francisco will call it partly to mostly cloudy and 66. and in the north bay low 70s for napa and santa rosa. out toward the east bay 69 newark and inland spots mild. 72 in concord and 74 in livermore. the first full weekend of spring will feature a few
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proof of a mother's instinct. nine puppies including their brave mom were found alive after rages forest fires devastated the area. look at that little one. apparently the mama dog saw the fire coming and knew the only way to save her litter was to dig and dig deep. they donated money and temporary housing. they are all expected to be okay. >> smart dog. delphi wants to move a driverless car can go the
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distance. it will leave on sunday and drive itself across country to fork city. three human engineers will ride inside ready to take the wheel if anything goes wrong. david louie went to see one and it has sensors to talk to other cars and slow down as well as speed up. >> that is incredible. >> very cool. the future is here. and so is rick quan. >> can we say the warriors are in the driver's seat? >> yeah. >> and it could be a first round preview the warriors took on new orleans. if that does happen it could be a very short series. golden s
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the warriors still had
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more than enough to take care of new orleans. the best player mr. unibrow was out with an ankle injury. he beat the first quarter buzzer with that three. barnes stepped up with another strong performance and he takes it to the hoop and the foul. barnes finished with a team high 22 points. he lays it up and in and the route was on. curry was 0 for 7 from three-point range. he had 16 points. the warriors route the pellicans 112-96. an icing on the cake and golden state now a league best 55 and 13. now to the ncaa tournament and uuc irvine was making their way. it featured the tallest player in the tourney. he had 12 points in the game, but he can't block everything.
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the floater and the foul. a chance to win but instead of going inside luke nelson puts up the long three pointer. the ant eaters with one last chance, but irvine turns it over and louisville squeaks by with a 57-55 victory. gonzaga ended north dakota's season. the zags with five steals and gary bell scwiewn yes, sir takes it the other way for two of his 13 points. the bisons hung around for awhile, but the zags are too much. gonzaga wins it 86-76. it will next face iowa. back 12 player of the year joseph young lead oregon with a game high 27. this duck can fly. 79-73. all pac-12 teams have survived the second round. next up wisconsin. the day's only upset dayton beating providence.
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then darrell davis from the outside for the three. providence head coach got so mad that he throws the chair. he received a technical foul. the fliers win it 66-53 and will now face oklahoma. the bay area got its first taste of march madness as the cal women played host. they take it all the way and second half action and gray is dominant in the paint. she finished with a team high 22. cal wins it 78-66.
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wow. sweet new subaru, huh mitch? yep. you're selling the mitchmobile!? man, we had a lot of good times in this baby. what's your dad want for it? a hundred and fifty grand, two hundred if they want that tape deck.
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all right.
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thanks for watching. have a great weekend. >> thanks for joining us next on ji >> dicky: from austin, texas, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- willie nelson. colin hanks. and music from edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros. with cleto and the cletones. and now, i reckon, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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