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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 25, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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rce. he came in contact with a lot of people who are in mourning for his death today, both in his work life and his personal life. abc 7 news reporter david louis has been putting together a look at this highly respected police officer. david, a real loss at so many levels. >> reporter: a deep loss very much so, dan. the johnson family, including his wife and his father, who live here in the san jose area, are in seclusion today. they have asked for privacy as they deal with their grief. but we were able to connect with other people who knew him quite well, and they call him one of the truely good guys. there are stories behind all these flowers people are leaving in memory of mike johnson. his long-time friend frank santiago, saw a side of him when they trained off and on for 13 years at a south san jose judo academy. johnson was a black belt in judo and jujitsu. >> the biggest heart that you can imagine.
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you know it's very sad that he's gone. >> reporter: santiago was worried for his friend when he learned of the shooting on senter road. >> i text him. i said hey are you okay, bro? i never got a response. you know i was hoping this morning i would see something, but, you know i never got that text. >> reporter: johnson was relatively new to the force when sergeant paul kelly was his supervisor. kelly is now the president of the san jose police officers association. >> through the years i saw mike continue to grow and in the field working in patrol, he did everything that a supervisor would wanting. >> reporter: casey came to show her respects. she knew officer johnson through her work in a victim witness program in san jose. >> officer johnson responded and he was incredibly professional and helpful. he will be missed. >> reporter: even officers who didn't know johnson brought flowers. now a captain in san leandro, ed tracy knows the pain. when he worked in oakland and four officers were killed.
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>> back in 2009 when those four officers were killed they were under my command, so this hits home. >> i told him that i was proud of him. i told him that time and time again because of what he did. you know he died what he loved doing, his job. >> reporter: san jose police are working with the family on funeral arrangements. >> our abc 7 news i-team has been digging into the background of the man who killed officer johnson. 57-year-old scott dunham and found a number of things. >> dunham worked from 1998 to 2012 as a grounds gardener and construction laborer at foothill deanza community college. vice chancellor for business services deadsaid dunham resigned for retirement purposes. >> he was arrested in 1996 for domestic violence. he choked and hit her in her home.
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>> she told officers he had an alcohol problem and he gets angry and violent after drinking. >> that warning about dunham's drinking sounds prophetic in light of what we have learned from police communications leading up to the shooting. it began with concerned family members asking officers to check on scott dunham. 20 minutes elapsed from the time officers received the call and when officer johnson was shot to death. >> a check at senter. mom called and said that he has a gun to his head. >> they used the code 10-51 to describe somebody who's intoxicated. 10-56 means suicidal. that call came in around 6:47 last night. >> she didn't believe -- that's going to be scott dunham. >> dunham's family told dispatchers this wasn't the first time he tried to kill himself. >> five or six years ago using pills. >> one officer then asked whether any guns were registered
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to dunham. >> there are no guns registered to this male. >> dispatchers warned officers about a history of mental problems. >> said the dad takes lots of meds. thinks the dad might be bipolar. >> officers learned more when they arrived on scene. [ indistinguishable ] >> officers kept a close eye on the apartment for several minutes. >> they saw some movement from the blinds. >> a male just came out onto the balcony. >> seconds later dunham opened fire. >> officer down. >> copy officer down officer down. control 8400, we have multiple shots being fired. >> then one officer used the worst radio code of all, signifying a fatality. >> 10-4, 10-4 officer is 10-55. >> well the death of officer johnson has touched so many people.
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more than 22,000 are showing their support by sharing this badge from our abc 7 news facebook page. on to some other news, san francisco police have arrested two men accused of stealing a woman's car at gunpoint. sky 11 hd was over the scene as the carjacking of this red jeep cherokee ended. it started near the daly city b.a.r.t. station when two men stole the jeep from a woman driver. she was not hurt. sfpd spotted the vehicle about 1:30 in the afternoon in the bayview district, started the chase. one man got out and was arrested. the other was arrested after crashing. a santa clara deputy fired at a person who drove a car towards him. deputies received a report of drug-related activity this morning in the 3600 block of swygart road near san jose. the person involved drove away but deputies detained him later. they also arrested two other people in a separate car at the scene. a vallejo woman thought to
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be kidnapped and held for ransom has been found safe in southern california. denise huskins was seen walking with police outside an apartment building in huntington beach. wayne friedman joins us from vallejo right now. wayne? >> reporter: questions in huntington beach questions here in vallejo. police want to speak with her. they hope to do so as soon as tone. the kidnapping odyssey/mystery that began on monday ended in huntington beach this morning. in a voice mail to her father denise huskins said her kidnappers had set her free, that she was in good condition at her mother's house. her uncle told us how family members say they had a feeling this morning the case would break. >> at least my feeling was that we're dealing with a group of people who are losing their stomach for this whole thing and looking for a way out. >> reporter: denise huskins disappeared from this house in vallejo on monday. her boyfriend told police she had been abducted and the
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kidnappers demanded a ransom. he is not a suspect even though 11 hours elapsed. >> i've never heard a bad word about him. >> reporter: by last night the case had taken an onerous turn as they searched nearby waterways for a body. in fact the family knew of an e-mail and voice mail message from the kidnappers saying they wanted to ending this drama. >> from what i heard there was an e-mail to the chronicle indicating they had seen a lot of the coverage and they were desirous of letting her go and releasing her, but they didn't want to be pursued. >> reporter: as to who they are or their motives, at a presence conference this afternoon vallejo police still did not reveal much of what they know or don't know. >> a lot of the facts are still coming in. we have minimal facts we're still trying to figure out. but again we're confident we'll be able to piece together this puzzle and have a better picture of what really occurred, how it
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occurred and when it occurred once we speak to miss huskins. >> reporter: as to where that will be northern california or down south, still unknown. but vallejo police say they do expect it to be before the end of the day. in vallejo wayne friedman abc 7 news. and one more note on this story. in the middle of searching for denise huskins last night in vallejo, someone stole equipment from the salvation army's new mobile assistance vehicle. someone broke into the vehicle last night while it was parked. the salvation army says the vehicle was brand new and literally being used for the very first time. an emotional day of testimony in sacramento today where a bill was introduced that would allow terminally ill californians to end their lives with prescription medication. supporters included the family of brittany maynard, the woman who had to move to oregon to carry out her wish. laura anthony joins us from the state capital. >> reporter: hi cheryl. britney's family unveiled this
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new video aimed directly at lawmakers here in sacramento. and while she is seen calmly stating her case, this is certainly an issue that stirs deep emotion. >> i many aheartbroken that i had to leave behind my home my community and my friends in california. >> reporter: they are the words of a terminally ill young woman,ment to make a lasting impression long after her death. >> i am dying and i refuse to lose my dignity. i refuse to subject myself and my family to purposeless, prolonged pain and suffering at the hands of an incurable disease. >> reporter: this video testimony from brittany maynard was made 18 days before she chose to ending her her life, with medication prescribed for that purpose in oregon. >> she took a stand and she said, oh mama, i hope that other people will speak up when i'm gone. >> reporter: her mother and husband appeared in sacramento in support of senate bill 128, called the end of life option
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act. opponents testified the bill would basically sanction suicide. >> personally, i have an issue with a person deciding when they are going to end their life, and i think that we as a society should. >> brittany intentionally put this video together to be played to legislators the people who have the ability to influence change. >> reporter: if it clears the senate health committee, sb 128 will move on to the full senate. >> knowing that i can leave this life with dignity allows me to focus on living. >> reporter: in sacramento laura anthony abc 7 news. a lot more to come here. google goes to washington. as we continue it seems the social media company has very close ties to the white house. plus -- >> going to help me further my education. >> the keys to her future are right there and it's all thanks to san francisco mayor ed lee.
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i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. our warming trending that's under way today carries over into tomorrow, and we may see records. details are coming up. and safely getting into spring cleaning. 7 on your side's michael finney on making sure household products are doing good not
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a major development late today in the crash of germanwings flight 9525 over the french alps. "the new york times" is reporting one of the two pilots of the airbus a-320 was locked out of the cockpit and could not get back in. a french official told the "times" recordings from the cockpit voice recorder show the pilot knocking lightly on the door and loud noises are heard afterwards as if somebody is trying to break down the door.
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earlier today a u.s. state official confirmed three americans were on that flight, including a mother and her daughter from virginia. well, everyone knows that san francisco is just about the most expensive housing market in the nation. it can be tough for a lot of people to get into this market. but several affordable housing projects are in the pipeline. a taengt abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler has the story. >> i'd like to presenting you your keys. >> reporter: san francisco mayor ed lee says he likes to show up for house warmings to reflect the city's commitment to affordable housing. the young woman receiving the keys to this ocean apartment is carissa aaron. she spent years in the foster care system but is now attending college and says having stability will make a difference. >> this is permanent housing. it's going to help me further my education and really focus in to get my degree. >> reporter: a city report indicates san francisco needs at
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least 400 units of housing for youth like charisma. there are now 120 units open, including the 25 apartments in this building. here there are also units for families, with all of them paying 30% of their income for renting. the nonprofit developers received more than 5,000 applications. >> we used to feel like it was insane when we got 1,000 applications. now it's just stepped up. i believe hope is on the way for some folks. clearly buildings like this make a difference. >> this is in a line of housing that hasn't been built in an aggressive way for many years, but we have lots of needs and we have thousands of people on the waiting list. >> reporter: this project adds to the 5,000 affordable housing units the city hopes to create this year on its way to the goal of 30,000 by the year 2024. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news.
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brentwood's liberty union high school district has decided to work removing feral cats. they replaced boards on gaps but activists say they trapped the cats already inside. they are working to seal building gaps with one-way doors and place food stations on school grounds to help lure the cats away. we have a development in the tragic shooting of a san jose police officer. sky 7 hd is live overhead of a procession about to begin to bring michael johnson, the murdered police officer's body, from the coroner's office to a funeral home in los gatos. you see police cars in official vehicles lining up. >> at this very emotional moment, we've been reporting officer johnson was gunned down last night when he was responding to a call of a suicidal man in an apartment
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building and that man sadly shot officer johnson from the balcony. let's move on to some consumer news. we'll stay on top of that, of course. almost all of us use household cleaners from spray-on glass cleansers to things for tougher jobs. >> michael finney has a look at household cleaning products. >> what you don't know about them can hurt you is what it comes down to. you may be ready to launch into spring cleaning but be careful. many common household cleaners contain hazardous chemicals. you might still wanting to use them but consumer reports says safer options exist. do you know what's inside the cleaner you use to wash windows and glass, kitchens and bathrooms? consumer reports says some ingredients are dangerous. the director of consumer safety and sustainability offers advice to help you choose the safest. >> regular household cleaning shouldn't require harsh chemicals. you should stay away from
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antibacterials. these chemicals may help promote antibiotic resistant bacteria. >> reporter: that harsh chemical can be found in scrubbing bubbles heavy duty all purpose cleaner and some types of clorox disinfecting wipes. better choices include clorox green works all purpose cleaner which did well in consumer reports tough mess test. also continue clorox health care bleach germ side wipes, a good option for occasional disinfecting like when there's a cold or flu around. as for your bathroom, be aware that toilet bowl cleaners can harbor some of the most dangerous chemicals in your house. lysol toilet bone complete clean contains hydrochloric acid which can burn your eyes and clean. select something like seventh generation natural toilet bowl clean are which did well in consumer reports tests. spring cleaning means washing windows and making glass sparkle, but be careful with
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ammonia, it can potentially damage your eyes or lungs. instead try a glass cleaner that's ammonia-free like staples sustainable herb glass cleaner. a better bet. we contacted two makers of the household cleaners mentioned for a response. clorox told us there are times when it's important to kill germs, like during cold and flu season and clorox disinfecting wipes are affect i've at -- effective at doing that. other times green works all purpose cleaner is a good choice. extensive product testing is used in terms of efficacy. scrubbing bubbles heavy duty all purpose cleaner has been proven highly effective, killing 99.9% of bacteria as it cleans, including odor-causing bacteria and viruses that cause the common cold and flu. >> we have so many of these
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things around the house. >> thank you michael. let's turn our attention now to the forecast. oh, i'm sorry, we do have some breaking news in tulsa, oklahoma, where there has been a tornado warning in effect much of the afternoon. you can see there are some tornados, at least two touching down there exploding transformers in their paths. springtime of course a very dangerous time of year in that part of the country. >> this is video taken just moments ago. you can see the transformers blowing up, one after the another, as the twisters move toward the left of the screen. a live look at that storm. tornados also reported in northwestern arkansas. >> no injuries were reported as the storms went through rural parts of the owezark mountains. but this time of year very treacherous for tornados and very turbulent weather in that part of the country. >> here at home it's beautiful outside. we just need some rain. >> we sure do but we're not going to get any. they still have severe thunderstorm watches out for them over there and for them tornado alley, this is normal
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for spring. for us this is what we typically see. take a look at our high temperatures so far. it is just so nice out here and mild. it was warm today. antioch warmed up to 80 degrees so far, cloverdale same thing, 70 in san francisco 76 oakland santa rosa 77 degrees san jose 74. half moon bay 63 degrees thanks to the sea breeze. as you take a look at live doppler 7 hd mainly clear skies across the bay area. a live look from our east bay hills camera showing you mt. diablo surrounded by blue skies. 63 in san francisco, it is in the upper 60s in oakland. 74 san jose morgan hill, half moon bay you're dropping. here's our view from our mt. tam cam. you can see a few low clouds starting to form near ocean beach in san francisco. santa rosa mid-70s, napa 72 near 80s still in concord and livermore. a lovely view from our golden gate bridge camera. the sea breeze is what's going to keep you comfortable at the coast if you don't like the warm
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weather. the warmup continues tomorrow. record highs are possible for your thursday. coastal cooling begins friday and it will be cooler in all areas on saturday. here's a pacific satellite picture. high pressure is still our controlling factor with the temperatures peaking tomorrow. here is how it all plays out. so tomorrow afternoon records are possible. we're going to see mid-80s inland. of course by friday the cooling sea breeze starts to impact the coast and the bay so temperatures start to go down. inland areas will still manage to get up into the 80s, just not as warm as thursday. tomorrow morning mid-40s to mid-50s. a few patches of fog still possible. then for the afternoon, here are the areas likely to tie their records. gilroy if it reaches 87 that would be tying its previous record. 84 in san jose also expected to be a tie. 85 in los gatos, pretty warm in sandy cruz 80 degrees. same thing for milpitas mountain view redwood city 80. a little fog along the coast will hold your temperature in
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the mid-60s in pacifica, daly city. 74 downtown san francisco. in the north bay you'll see 60s along the coast, low 80s around santa rosa napa starting to look like those microclimates are showing up. 85 cloverdale. in the east bay 78 in oakland, 79 union city, 80 in fremont castro valley. inland spots, you'll be on the warm side, warmer than average. make sure you have your shades. 84 livermore 83 in walnut creek. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow will be the warmest of the next seven. we are looking at a potential for some records here in the bay area. cooling starts friday and continues on saturday. low 60s to low 80s on saturday. a slight bump-up for the second half of your weekend. what we're still missing in that accuweather seven-day forecast showers, raindrops. none as of right now. dan and cheryl. >> we may miss those for a long time. just ahead big changes for facebook.
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afghanistan's new president told congress today he is eager to build a strong partnership with the united states. for the second day in a row, the president thanked the american people for their sacrifices in his country. american troops will remain in afghanistan until the end of 2016 to help stabilize the country's economy. congresswoman nancy pelosi invited one of the bay area groups helping him rebuild the economy to that speech today. heidi kuhn met with pelosi after the speech. i visited afghanistan with heidi last month and became the first western journalist to interview him about his plan to develop the country's agricultural business. the search engine many use every day is also a regular part of president obama's administration. a new report from the "wall street journal" found google employees have visited the white house about 230 times since the president's time in office. that amounts to roughly once a week. google workers even met with white house officials during a
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federal trade commissioner investigation into its business practices. the ftc dropped the investigation after google agreed to voluntarily change its business practices. facebook founder mark zuckerberg unveiled several new features today during the start of the company's f-8 conference. zuckerberg kicked off the two-day event by announcing the next phase in the messenger app. it will be open to outside programmers so they can build new features for the service independent of facebook's news feed. for example, messenger will be able to display shipping information for your online orders by the end of april. some 2500 software developers are attending the event. just ahead at 6:00, reporter jonathan bloom takes a look at the announcements that had them all so excited. well social media has gone crazy over michelle obama's tv appearance on a popular game show. >> so is her reputation as a
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i'm ama daetz in the abc 7 newsroom. coming up new at 6:00 at long last the san francisco police department is finally getting a new home. tonight come along on a tour of the new $243 million command center. it is state-of-the-art. and the three major credit reporting bureaus are agreeing to be more consumer friendly. michael finney explains what that means for all of us. that's all coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> great, thanks. see you then. this is a huge buzz on social media today. the first lady's hair getting a lot of attention. some people say it's bad hair but you take a look you decide. >> take a look at michelle obama during her appearance on "jeopardy" last night. many people posted wondering if she was bald. >> and some wondered whether thegle or the lighting was to claim. >> it turns out she had not shaved her head and said her hair was just pulled back into a tight bun. >> she looks classy and elegant.
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>> she always does. >> that's it for us. thanks for joining us. i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm dan ashley. for all of us we appreciate tonight, the breaking developments. the army sergeant held prisoner for years by the taliban, now charged with desertion. after that dramatic handover the u.s. giving up five taliban members for bowe bergdahl tonight, he now faces life in prison. the jet crash. three americans on board. as we learn why they were on that flight. and now, the voices in the cockpit. captured on the black box. inside the terror attack. what we never saw until tonight. gunmen storming that museum. tourists unsure at first, as the attack begins to unfold. and then, the chaos. the breaking news at this hour. severe storms for millions across several states. the new and dramatic pictures as we come on in the west. ginger zee is right here. and you remember tom cruise singing it -- ♪ you never close your eyes ♪ >> name that tune. and the orig


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