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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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ve coverage on why police say her reported abductio
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abc7 news starts right now with live, breaking news. >> kidnapping hoax. the vallejo woman who vanished earlier this week only to mysteriously show up in southern california has disappeared again. >> police can't find her or her family and they say the whole thing was an orchestrated event. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. >> the turn of events happened a short time ago. >> alan wang is live in vallejo with the latest on this. >> dan and a ama police say there wasn't any evidence that could substantiate the claim. that could be because she refused to respond after the offer to fly her back on a private jet for questioning. >> as of right now we have not
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heard from ms. huskins. >> 29-year-old denise huskins turned up at her mother's house after claiming she was kidnapped. the ransom demand? $8500. this is video of huskins today in huntington beach. now vallejo police say she is refusing to talk to them and she hired an attorney. huskins' boyfriend said she was forcibly kidnapped from his home early monday morning. >> the statement he provided was such an incredible story that we initially had a hard time believing it. >> yesterday the san francisco chronicle received an anonymous e-mail saying the captors would release her if the authorities would thought pursue them. they also sent a voice recording verifying she was okay. and then around 9:30 this morning she called her father and said her captors dropped her off in huntington beach. we asked her uncle if he shot she was involved. >> no way.
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to me that way in the world. this was one of the most stable individuals i am around. >> now police say it was apparent that it was an orchestrated event with no evidence to support the claims and charges will likely be filed. in vallejo, alan wang abc7 news. >> of course we will have continuing coverage of the story. and now to our other top story, a fallen officer was honored in san jose. officer michael johnson was shot and killed after responding to a call. the san jose native was the first officer to lose his life in the line of duty in 14 years in san jose. they paid tribute as his body was moved to a los gatos funeral home. sky 7hd was overhead as fellow officers saluted as his body was placed in the herz. people waived american flags
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along the street and there is a growing memorial for johnson. cornell bernard is live in san jose where people were laying flowers and expressing condolences. >> ama the memorial is growing by the hour. flowers, candles and prayers for those they call a friend and a hero. >> greg williams and his wife came to the san jose police department to pay respects. they didn't know officer mike johnson, but feel like he was family. >> we owe him a debt. he gave his life. he was out here every day serving his community. >> officer johnson was shot and killed on tuesday in an apparent ambush while responding to a 9-1-1 call about an armed man threatening suicide. jesse lives nearby and he says johnson was brave to try and help someone in crisis.
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>> i would do the same thing especially for my own kid. >> hero? >> very much a hero. >> mike johnson was a hero in the world of martial arts. he was a black belt in jujitsu. he started coming to the jujitsu academy when he was 17. >> humble. big and strong, but humble and gentle. >> they say johnson was a great friend and an outstanding teacher who refused to be paid. >> he brought a lot of what he was as a police officer in here and what he was in here out to his job. >> some are leaving prayers and hope their condolence messages will reach the family. >> we are sorry for your loss and we appreciate everything he did for our community. >> a community's loss a grief shared by all. in san jose, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> the family of officer johnson released this statement "we appreciate all
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of the thoughts and the prayers we have received from the community both near and far. we love you mike. our husband son, brother uncle and hero." >> flags are at half staff at the police station and city hall as well in san jose. >> and we are learning more about the suspect involved in the deadly standoff. this is a picture of 57-year-old scott dunham. janet is live in san jose where dunham lived with more. janet? >> last night around this time people had evacuated their apartments. those same folks are back inside and trying to move on from this ordeal, but with the big mess inside it is another reminder of what happened and they are also learning more about a man who lived next door to them. supreme court documents show scott dunham had a history involving his common law wife and daughter in 1996.
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then she said he had a drinking problem that midhim angry. the 57-year-old worked at foothills deanza community college from 1998 to 2012 before he retired as a grounds gardener and construction laborer. >> i have encountered him a couple times. >> some neighbors say they didn't talk to dunham and he kept to himself. he is accused of shooting and killing officer michael johnson during a welfare check last night. dunham was found dead on his balcony after an hour long standoff. less than 24 hours after the standoff ended people trickled into their apartments to find a big mess. we saw people coming out of dunham's apart meant carrying a laundry basket. >> i have been living here a year and nothing happened. it is a quiet apartment. then a neighbor is shooting cops. >> in san jose, abc7 news. the death of officer johnson has affected so many people.
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22,000 people are showing tear support by sharing this badge from our abc7 news facebook page. in other news a huge clean up is underway in south san jose after a car plowed into a hearing aid store. a witness tells abc7 news that a car in the store's porking lot hit a car and went airborne. the store was closed at the time, but a security guard standing watch outside had to jump out of the way. all three people in the car escaped serious injury. a young female bear found hanging out in a tree tonight in tracy is expected to wake up from a heavily tranquilized nap anytime now. that's according to an earlier tweet from the department of fish and wildlife. officials have been looking for the bear since residents first spotted her wandering the city streets a few days ago. tonight she was in the tree for a couple of hours before officials showed up with tranquilizer darts and a tarp to catch her 35-foot fall.
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hundreds of onlookers stood by with cameras. the bear was not hurt. all went according to plan. her ear is tagged now which means she has been captured before. fish and wildlife is trying to find her a new home. it is not where she is currently. next on abc7 news at 11:00, a strange new development in the germanwings plane crash. why was a pilot locked out of the cockpit moments before impact? >> plus this is amazing. swallowed whole. the amazing stop this bus made caught on camera. >> and fighting to keep their favorite store open. how kids are taking matters into their own hands. >> i am meteorologist sandhya patel. the temperatures are trending higher today. we have records ahead for tomorrow. i'll be back w
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this is abc7 news. tonight there is a crucial new clue about the jet crash in the alps and the eight-minute dissent. the "new york times" reporting one of the pilots may have been locked out and trying to get back into the cockpit. investigators are making their way through very difficult terrain to reach the wreckage. >> search teams are scouring the steep remote crash scene in the french alps for the victims. the 150 people who were on board germanwings flight 9525 all presumed dead including three americans. two of them, a mother and daughter from virginia. yvonne and evelyn's family releasing a statement expressing their grief and calling them two wonderful
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caring, amazing people who meant so much to so many. >> we extend our deepest condolences. >> investigators are making progress and trying to figure out what caused the air bus a320 to suddenly drop 32,000 feet before slamming into a mountain yesterday. this mangled black box providing investigators with new information. >> we just succeeded in getting an audiophile which contains use believe sound and voices. >> according to the "new york times" a senior military official says the audio indicates one of the two pilots was outside the cockpit at the time of the crash. "the times" quotes this military official as saying you can hear he is trying to smash the door down. no response from the copilot inside. abc news has not been able to independently verify this report. the french president says the casing for the second black box was recovered, but the flight data recorder was not inside. >> in a severe impact it is
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not that hard for it to break free. >> abc news. >> at least one person is dead tonight after a series of powerful tornadoes touched down on the tulsa oklahoma area. this incredible video shows it cutting through several neighborhoods. the flashes of light are transformers exploding. the national weather service warned residents to seek shelter moments before the first tornado touched down. sphie new at 11:00, a strike that lasted nearly two months at the refinery in martinez finally comes to an end tomorrow. a majority of workers will return to work after a labor contract was ratified last night. the refinery has been shutdown after the work stoppage after the union employees started. the refinery officials warn it will be slow and tedious. jeffrey's toys has been at its market street location and served the greater bay area
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for 65 years. the owners say they have lost their lease and will have to move out at the end of the month. they say they will look for another market street location, but rent could go up to $40,000 a month. another struggling store is scheduled to close this saturday, but children are taking matters into their own tiny hands and donating their own money to keep the business open. lilian kim has the story. they came to the golden apple not to shop, but to give money away. >> we love the golden apple. it is so nice because i had my birthday there. >> the golden apple learning center has been selling toys and teaching material in pleasanton for 36 years. since work ran out the money has been trickling in. most kids taking money out of their piggy banks to keep it open. >> i didn't know if i should
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buy lunch or what. i thought let's see if we can gather enough money to open up again. the goal will be to relocating to downtown pleasanton. it will do better in an area with more foot traffic and customers are behind him all the way. 3-year-old chloe gave $50. >> it helps them think outside that the world is much more important than themselves. these are values every parent wants their children to have. >> so far mcdougal has to raise $5,000. he has a way to go. if it all works out he knows it is all because of the children. >> i will repay them with magic tricks and stories. >> if the golden apple raises the money they need the plan is to reopen june 1st. lilian kim abc7 news. >> if you would like information on how to help go to we have a link there. on to the weather and a spike in temperature.
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>> sandhya pho -- patel has what is coming our way. >> live doppler 7hd is showing you some changes. the fog is starting to come in close to the coastline. half moon bay will be seeing it as well. look at the high temperatures for today. it was warmer 77 in santa rosa and napa. 70 in san francisco. a nice day. 76 oakland. up to 80 in antioch. moffett field santa cruz and the breeze held the temperature down at 63 degrees. it is mild outside, 50s and 60s at this hour and we are starting to see fog forming. looking at san francisco it is sparkling and the record highs are possible for the thursday. coastal cooling begins on friday and it will be cooler in all areas on saturday. with the warmth comes high tree pollen. if you are sneezing itchy,
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runny, nose eyes mulberry oak and sycamore are the culprits. high pressure will be the controlling factor for one more day. we will go with the temperatures peaking tomorrow and then they start to fall. here is a look at thursday's highs. we are looking at mid80s inland which is why we are looking at the possibility of records. 70s near the coastline. look what happens on friday. a cooling sea breeze comes in and the temperatures fall. you can feel it first at the coast and the bay and then the inland spots will get it as well. friday will belower in terms of the temperatures inland. tomorrow morning you will have to watch out after the coast here. the temperatures are in the upper 40s to the mid50s and then for the afternoon a pleasant day. the temperatures are high enough to tie records in gilroy and san jose. gilroy 87 and 84 san jose and sit 3 in santa clara and 85
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los gatos. 80 in mountain view and redwood city 77 san mateo. i would hang on to the extra layer around pacifica. mid60s and the same thing for daly city. same thing downtown san francisco. in the north bay 60s with fog along the coast. low 80s around santa rosa, calistoga, 81 napa and out toward the east bay. hayward, you will be 76 and berkeley 75 and 78 in oakland. inland spots warming you up, don't forget the sunscreen and it is the kind of weather where you could get away with sports. 84 livermore and 83 in press sen ton. the accu-weather seven-day forecast mid60s to mid80s and then it is downhill. friday a little cooling. saturday the sea breeze is in and the temperatures drop down to the 70s around the bay and inland. temperatures do come up for the second half of the weekend and then we just hold you within a few degrees next week. right now nothing showing up
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on the horizon at least not for the next week. >> thank you sandhya. next, this peninsula man gives a new meaning to the phrase no pain, no gain. >> how a
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we want to show you incredible video from south america. passengers aboard this bus in brazil got off in time before their ride was swallowed by a sinkhole and swept away by the floodwaters. there it goes. the bus was stuck on a road when it collapsed. the road kept giving way washing away entirely. good news everyone on board escaped unharmed. a pennsylvania man recoveringing from hernia surgery won a $700 million lottery ticket his father tuck need a get well card. he wanted to jump up and down, but he couldn't.
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instead the multimillionaire sent the winning ticket to his dad and a thank you. >> a big thank you. >> larry beil is here with the latest. >> that's the kind i like. >> how come you never get me a card? >> how will reggie bush fit in with the 49ers? and think of your most embarrassing moment dan and ama. you know
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good evening. with frank gore gone the tort 9ers have a gaping hole in their back field.
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is carlos hyde the back? is it a three headed monster with the newly acquired reggie bush? he addressed the media today at the nfl owner's meeting in phoenix. reggie bush has bounced around for nine years. now, he can catch the ball out of the back field. he sees bush as more than a third down back. >> it is well documented. he is a running back. he is not a gadget guy in my opinion. reggie book is a running back. i am real excited about that. >> winning three world series in five years has paid off handsomely for the san francisco giants. according to forbes the giants' value estimated has surged to $2 billion double from last year and fourth highest in baseball. in contrast you have the a's valued at $725 million. they are 27th out of 30
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teams in jar league baseball. cactus league action and a's and brewers and ike davis. high and deep and aloha means goodbye. two-run bomb for davis. a's were down 9-4 and they come back. he smacks his first homer of the spring and it ends in a 9-9 tie. the giants and rockies and tim had you hudson and then caboom. had you hade goes six innings allowing three runs. rockies win it 5-2. the ncaa tournament has been great advertising for uber. he is a 6-10 center for xavier and drives for uber in a big old car. >> it is a 2004 gold buick rendezvous. i describe it as the biggest
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oldest person you can have. it is big and tan and boxy. it its fits me in it and some passengers. it has been kicking for 190,000 miles now so it is good. >> when you begin broadcasting you learn quickly always assume your mic is on. nigel hayes of the wisconsin team learned it the hard way when he sat down for an ncaa news conference and spotted a pretty girl. >> owe could -- okay. gosh she's beautiful. did you hear that? all right so we will open it up to questions. >> oh that's sweet. >> wanna get away?
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that's our report.
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appreciate your time. >> right now on jimmy kimmle matthew perry. >> have a good night. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- matthew perry -- from the wwe, john cena -- and music from for king and country. with cleto and the cletones. and now, most likely, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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