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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  March 27, 2015 1:07am-1:41am PDT

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>> victimize initially i have been kidnapped then second time by being a suspect by the vallejo police department. >> denying it was a hoax. that was alleged abduction victim denise's lawyer just short time ago. >> just latest twist in an already bizarre kidnapping mystery. good evening. >> 29-year-old denise disappeared from vallejo on monday then turned up in southern california yesterday. vallejo police say the whole kidnapping claim was fake. >> l alan live in san francisco outside the lawyer's office
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tonight. alan? >>reporter: tonight denise's attorney says she was at vallejo police headquarters answering questions through most of the day. this is video of her leaving the police station around 6:00 o'clock tonight. her attorney says police investigators tarnish the clients name and he believes denice and her boyfriend will be exonerated. >> she's emotionally and physically broken. and the fact that she's been designated as a suspect only hurts her further. >> the attorney for alleged kidnap for run some victim lshd out at vallejo police. accuse out at vallejo police. accusing she and her boyfriend aaron quinn of orchestrating her abduction for an 8500 dollar ransom. >> very early on. she was accused of being a suspect in the case of a hoax rather than a victim of real crime. >>reporter: police say there is no evidence to substantiate their claim. but quinn
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attorney say police obtained e-mail messages to quinn from the alleged kidnapers. >> when they took the phone off airplane mode there were messages from the kidnapers. >>reporter: quinn attorney insist he was bond and drugged by 2 kidnapers who broke into his home early monday morning. >> he did voluntarily give a blood test so that the police could the confirm that the kidnapers drug. >>reporter: police say if the couple invent the kidnap story they could face state or local charges. thinks abc 7 news. >> honor jose police officer being hailed as hero tonight. officer doug wore a 16 year veteran returned fire and killed gunman scott dunham on tuesday night after respond to go call about armed man threatening suicide. the fire fight happened just moments after dunham shot and killed officer michael johnson. and tonight the community is coming together to mourn. 7 news reporter captured the emotional
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moment as the san jose police chef paid his respect at the memorial for officer johnson today. we are life from police headquarters. >> people have been come by all tonight long dropping off balloons and hours in and really paying their respects and this banner went up jaws few hours ago. it read end of watch. march 24th 2015. it's the night one officer did and another protected his community with a single shot. >>reporter: the sign post add police h headquarters describes exactly what officer doug did tuesday night. moments after he and officer michael johnson arrived at the scene police say scott dunham opened fire on them. fatally shooting officer johnson. his partner acted fast. >> duck and cover which not a lot of people would have blamed him but instead he about showed unbelieve unbelievable bravery. >> he fired a single shot at
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dunham killing him. >> he saved his life. he saved other people's lives that day. >>reporter: but for more than seven hours nobody knew dunham was dead. he had fallen backward and out of sight. so police evacuated nearby shopping center and dunham neighbors. unsure if dunham was still a threat. hostage negotiator came command set up and police prepared themselves for another possible attack. after taking down walls and window in neighbor canada 0to get a better vantage point police decided to move in. >> we decided to >> we decide we had to get him. >>reporter: he was dade near the balcony he shot officer johnson from the chief is angry. >> nobody wants to see anybody especially law enforcement officer lose their life responding to call the the there to help it's devastating. really is. >>reporter: officer has been on the force for 16 years.
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currently on paid administrative leave n.san jose administrative leave n.san jose, lisa, abc 7 news. >> san jose police department tweeted out the picture today saying the department is eternally grateful to everyone showed their support for our brothers officer michael john soychbility campaign under way for san jose residents to burn blue bulb on porches and yard to honor michael chron son. san jose resident green wanted to participate because her husband is a santa clara county sheriff's deputy. >> these guy go out every single day and they newtown lives on the line so we are all safe and so we feel safe. >> least we can do. just to show gratitude and to honor them. >> blue light campaign week long event across the u.s. to honor officers killed in the line of duty. she plans to keep the blue light on 24 hours a day for the next week. >> number of fundraisers for the johnson family in the works the johnson family in the
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works. if spear heading one here co-owner. sister-in-law is an officer and raise as much money as possible. event all day and night next thursday at both san jose locations. mean time the san jose earthquake will hold an ester egg hunt following the match on april fifth. donation bin set up with proceeds going to the johnson family and police officer association is also accepting do naichlingts link with more information on all the fundraisers if you would like to get involved on our web site. >> death of officer johnson affected so many people. we want to thank the nearly 38,000 people for showing support by sharing the badge from our facebook page. >> moving on to other news. arrest made in the beating of teenager at san jose mall. 25 teenager at san jose mall. 25-year-old quinn was arrested today. he's accused of attacking christian has interat valley fair mall on march 11. police say he and another man were following him and confronted him outside the mall. police say they do not
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believe the attack was gang related. 7 news spoke with the father in. he woke up from a coma yesterday morning. he is responsive but still in intensive care. accident of damage is still not known. >> 11-year-old boy is expected to recover after stabbed by a 13-year-old classmate at school 13-year-old classmate at school. happened in the locker room at martinez junior high school this morning. police say it was an unprovoked attack say it was an unprovoked attack. 13-year-old was taken into custody without incident. another east bay student was stabbed today. this time just off campus near berkeley high school. police say the student was walking down the street during lunch break when man run up stabbed and punched the teen from behind. injury are not considered life threatening not considered life threatening. >> you are about to see some disturbing video. comes from the streets in berkeley and at the hand of one of the city so-called ambassador. he has been fired because of the you tube video we show you of a homeless man taking a beating. janet has the story.
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>>reporter: this video shows a berkeley ambassador punch ago homeless man in the back alley of cvs on schaad avenue. >> story the put to me that the the that the ambassador in the video if was defending himself. >>reporter: operation manager that employs the ambassador says the video tells a different story. incident happened week ago but it wasn't until now the you tube video surface. video clearly show am about his door throwing the first punch and then again and again while another ambassador sit nearby. that ambassador suspended. >> have a great evening. good evening. >>reporter: downtown berkeley association says it's ambassador are supposed to focus on hospitality and directing those in need to social services. >> we are not here for any law enforcement purpose let alone engaging in violent manner of
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that sort. >>reporter: police say they did arrest 2 homeless men shown in the video. >> at the time of the information we had the person was armed with a pole that a blade like knife attached to the end of it. >>reporter: they looked at the video and passed it along to the district attorney office for further review. in berkeley s abc 7 news. >> 7 news answers viewer concern about huge clouds of dust on the san m te'o pwrbling dust on the san m te'o pwrbling. kurt sent thus picture wanting to know if it is hazardous. workers grinding down the road surface to get it ready for repaving in may. cal-trans says there is no health risk and that it has been using street sweepers in the morning and evening to control the dust. tonight it's the last night of the grinding. >> the deliberately brought down. next on 7 news. investigators detail the terrifying final moments of the doomed german wings flit and man responsible for the crash. >> plus taking a stand why sales force employee are barred from going to indiana.
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>> fugitive monkey that put a hospital on high alert. >> sandhya, temperatures high enough to brick records today. but cooler weather is on the way. i'll ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> video tonight of the building explosion in new york. this is the initial explosion. aftermath that left 4 people in critical condition and 15 others hurt. second building was so damaged still at risk of falling tonight. officials say the initial explosion that led to the 7 alarm fir was caused by construction work on gas and plumbing lines. utility provider says it had inspected the work being being done early this morning and had failed inspection. >> developing now. german investigators are searching for clue trying to find out why a pilot crashed a plane into the french alp deliberately killing everyone on board. if marsha has new details on the investigation and what happened on board in those final moments on board in those final moments. >>reporter: the aftermath of what officials say was this man what officials say was this man's horrific decision still
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scattered in the french alp. investigators going through the home in germany trying to figure out why the co-pilot of german wings flight 9525 intentionally brought the plane down killing everyone on board. force to come to the inclusion that the flight was deliberately crashed. >>reporter: cockpit voice recorder capturing it all. investigators say as the plane hit cruising altitude the captain asked him to take control. stepping out of the cockpit presumably to use the restroom. 27-year-old co-pilot then switches the plane that auto pilot. setting off the nearly 10 minute long deadly descent. the pilot frantically banging on the locked reinforced door like this one pleading to be let back into the cockpit but there is no response. amidst the sound of screaming passengers he's breathing normally until the moment of impact.
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>> listening to the breathing and considering that the pattern that they are hearing is consistent with somebody who is conscious, alert and doing something that they intend to do. >>reporter: horrifying realization for families of 0the 149 other people on board. among them 3 americans. robert oliver, the yvonne silk and her daughter emily. >> investigators still trying to figure out the co-pilot meet motive he had no known link to terrorism. this is abc news new york. >> san francisco base sales force firing back at indiana a new legislation that allow businesses to refuse service to gay lesbian customers. ceo tweeted today we are cancelling all programs requiring our customers and employees to travel to indiana to face discrimination. last year sales force acquired software company exact target. not said fit will move operation out of the state. indian a governor
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mike pence signed a bill today which allow businesses to turn away customers in the name of religious freedom. supporters say the law protect business from his having to provide services for things they don't support such as same sex marriage exploratorium mayor lee says he will also ban official city travel to i said i don't know a in a statement he said san francisco taxpayers will not subsidize legally sanction discrimination against lesbian bisexual transgender people. >> monkey undergoing rabies test after biting a guard outside a north carolina hospital. carter the if monkey finally caught after more than 24 hours of searching. charlotte police say the monkey got loose from the owner car yesterday bit a guard then ran off into the woods. conveniently his owner animal control staff were able to capture himself. carter owner was cited since it is illegal to have exotic pet within city limits. certainly driving around in the car with you. >> right. time to check on our weather. of really warm day. steamy in the city all over the
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bay area. sandhya is here with what's coming next. >> this is called a spring summer day here. cooler weather coming tomorrow you look from the emery ville camera. beautiful view of the eastern span of the bay bridge. recording setting day. sfo 79 degrees and all new records for today. oakland 83. san jose 85 degrees. up to 90, 90 degree ins gilroy. 89 in santa cruz. here's some of the other warm spots. 80 degree ins san francisco up to 83 santa rosa. 84 in nap a.out towards fairfield. 80 degrees 83 if fremont. really a warm day where were you except for half moon bay. 68 degrees. here's live doppler 7hd there's fog visibility in half machine bay down to quarter mile. i show you this time lapse from just a short time ago. golden gate bridge barely visible from the sutro cam due to the fog that's what you have to deal with for the morning commute.
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especially if it takes you across the coastal areas. temperatures really mild. numbers mostly in the 50's and 60's. half moon bay the coolest spot. not too cool at 53 degrees. murky morning ahead as you look at the bridge cam. foggy morning at the coast. temperatures rise again on sunday. here's pacific satellite picture. high pressure here really allow the temperatures to hit the peak today. downhill for tomorrow. temperatures will drop as cooler air mass starts to shift ridge of high pressure eastward and sow will notice some changes. first thing in the morning watch out for the fog it's soft along the coast around the bay upper 40's to mid 50's and then for the afternoon you will notice that the fog will pull away from the bay side areas but not the inland communities so excuse me inland community clear bay side but not the coast. 70's few 80's inlistened so it is a cooler one for your friday. specifically in the south by 80
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degree ins morgan hill. still warm. not as warm as today. 78 in san jose. 76 sunnyvale occasional high clouds on the peninsula. 65 in pacifica. fog will linger. same thing for daly city. 68 downtown san francisco. north bay upper 70's napa santa rosa. 67 in sausolito. out towards the east bay it's a mild season one after the morning fog. 72 newark. oakland inland spots warm side. 79 fairfield. 78 san ramone. step outside tomorrow morning if you washington out -- park out you might notice mist fog around in the early morning hours. we will feature cooler weather tomorrow cooling continues on saturday inland. it's a breezy couple of days. second half of the weekend temperatures do bounce right back up. mid 60's to mid 80's then drop the numbers few degrees back up again few degrees. up and down
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>> nearly 200 former north carolina tar heel basketball players getting this incredible gift in the mail from their former coach. it is a letter and check for 200 dollars from the iconic dean smith. smith died last month at the age of yes known for his love for his players he set up a trust for every letterman who mid under him at unc. letter reads enjoy daryn out compliments of coach smith. >> that's great. >> that's great. he was incredible incredible guy on so many levels. >> larry has mr. sports. you look at kentucky on march madness everybody else is playing for second place. kentucky is just too good. final score tonight in the sweet 16. r i have a cold with terrible chest congestion. i better take something.
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theraflu severe cold doesn't treat chest congestion. really? new alka-seltzer plus day powder rushes relief to your worst cold symptoms plus chest congestion. [breath of relief] oh, what a relief it is.
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hey! i found my true love livin' in a sweet dream. singin' my favorite song and it all starts with you. whoa-oh-oh-oh, all this goodness... what matters most should always come first. which is why whole grain is the first ingredient in every general
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mills big g cereal. and why we never use high fructose corn syrup. general mills. look for the big g. it means goodness first. [female narrator] foods rich in folic acid like white bread and leafy greens can help prevent some birth defects before you even know you're pregnant. if. >> good evening. bob had an 8 and 2 record coaching against john. life time heading in tonight sweet 16 game. but this wasn't the coach playing 1 on one. this was kentucky. mighty kentucky against west have and this game was all out destruction. kentucky no. 1 fan ashley judd. highly caffeinateded. the somebody needs to calm her down. tyler
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the marcus lee with authority there. kentucky mate as well have been playing the washington general. thinks absurd. doing the chen up on the rim. how about andrew harrison here. steal to the rim behind the become. kentucky the the mountaineer 78 kentucky the the mountaineer 78-39. double them up. on to the he let 8 where kentucky face noteer dim. good luck irish. taking on sixth seed at the staple center. shoyping showing up angry. tied at 28 at the half. davis. this is sweet. to the rack. the finance i are. build account financially solve the 1 free 1 zone lay. 13 in the second half and arizona impose on to win 68-60. aaron rodgers with girlfriend with fourth side
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north carolina. carolina tough first half jackson. about up 3 first half jackson. about up 3. the miss here and connecter with a monster game cleaning up with a monster game cleaning up. with 23 up. with 23. a list loving it. bamers down by as many as 7. 7 footer shoot 3 and which is condition sin a run. zack off the bench. coast to coast. wisconsin pull away to win 79 wisconsin pull away to win 79-72 and face arizona in the elite 8. that's really good game. some concern now for the giants. matt cain hassle bow soreness going on throughout spring training. cain coming back from elbow surgeryless season. so that could be problematic. giants and a's tonight in scottsdale. tim shakey. josh laces one to the gap in right center. 5 innings gap in right center. 5 innings. gave up 3 earned runs innings. gave up 3 earned runs. tied in the sixth. 2 on deep to right. play it off the
1:36 am
wall. clear the bases. triple for nerd power. 3 rbi and a's go on to win 6-4. shark try to stay alive. quest to make the play off. 10 in detroit. great start. 19 seconds in. if the shot and score. blue line and howard guess he never saw it. if shark up in the first. thomas deflect the shot 2-2. to the third. up 4-3. marlo to the wrist. snap shot. scored twice. shark hold off the red wing 6-4 staying alive staying alive barely staying
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