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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  March 31, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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thanks so much for joining us. "world news now" is next. i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm dan ashley. see you at 6:00. breaking news tonight, reports of a 15-second video, the final moments on board that jet that crashed into the alps. also tonight, the airline now admitting it knew about the co-pilot, that he suffered a bout of severe depression. how was he allowed to fly? armed and dangerous. the escaped prisoner, the fugitive and the wild chase. hiding in a woman's trunk, then carjacking her. landslide. the homes teetering on the edge tonight. plus, the breaking news, the images coming in right now of this wildfire dangerously close to homes. the high profile murder trial and the surprise witness today. the owner of the new england patriots called in to testify about what one of his star players told him. and jumping ship. the stunning video coming in of the rescue in the storm right
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off america's coastline. the man who jumps for his life. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. and we begin with two major developments in the case of that jet that crashed into the alps. tonight, the airline now acknowledging it knew of that young co-pilot's troubling medical history. they knew he suffered a severe bout of depression, even before they hired him. this new image of the pilot now emerging. in fact, they knew as far back as his training, overseas and then training that continued right here in the united states. the golden gate bridge there in the background. also tonight, there are now reports there could be a video from inside the plane capturing those final moments. and that's where abc's alex marquardt begins tonight. >> reporter: retrieved from the rubble of the shattered plane, a harrowing 15-second video reportedly found of the final moments of germanwings flight 9525. investigators won't confirm, but two european news organizations
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say they've watched it. the editor-in-chief of "paris match" telling abc news it's "the worst video" he's ever seen. this, on the day of a bombshell admission from the airline. lufthansa now revealing they knew andreas lubitz once suffered a serious depressive episode, but hired him anyway. lubitz joined lufthansa's intensive pilot training school in 2008. the very next year, he took a leave of absence. the airline today revealing that when he returned, lubitz e-mailed them medical records documenting his depression, but he was allowed to resume his training, some of it in the united states. and in 2013, he finally achieved his life-long dream of becoming a pilot. >> somewhere, someone allowed this pilot to continue on in his training even inspite of what he had told them is quite surprising. >> reporter: as investigators dig into lubitz's life, they've discovered that before he was a pilot, he was treated for
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suicidal tendencies. and that even as he flew passenger jets, doctors were issuing him notes exempting him from work. including one that he never submitted for the day of the crash. but up until now, lufthansa's ceo has defended the decision to let lubitz fly, saying he was fit in all areas, 100%. and even today, lufthansa insisting that when lubitz boarded that fatal flight, he was medically qualified to fly. david? >> alex marquardt leading us off tonight. alex, thank you. and back here at home this evening, and to the urgent manhunt that played out for much of this day. a fugitive, an alleged bank robber, escaping a hospital, stealing a gun from a guard he overpowered. well late today, we learned he spent hours hiding in the trunk of a woman's car, but this did not end there. is police on his trail, and abc's david kerley on the scene. >> reporter: a swarm of police, surrounding a washington area hospital, looking for this man. wossen assaye, a prisoner being
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treated after a suicide attempt who escapes with a gun. >> if you guys want to take a floor each and we'll clear the building. >> reporter: assaye is suspected of being the bicycle bandit, responsible for a dozen bank jobs, getting away on two wheels. today's escape starts at 3:00 a.m. assaye overpowers a female private security guard while a second guard is out of the room. he gets her gun. the second guard fires once in the hallway, but misses. >> after the initial shot was fired, he walked down the hallway with the female contract guard, sort of as a shield. >> reporter: wearing just his hospital gown, assaye flees to an adjacent apartment complex and is able to get into the trunk of a car, where he hides for nearly four hours. until the car owner, a woman, starts driving to work. a couple of miles down the road, he starts banging on the backseat. she's startled, runs right across this lawn and crashes into a car. the escapee carjacks the vehicle. with so many officers on high alert, when a truck refuses to
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stop for nearby police, officers respond aggressively, but this turns out not to be the armed suspect they're looking for. finally, eight and a half hours later, assaye is spotted by a passenger on a bus in d.c., ten miles away, and is arrested when he steps off. now that the escapee is back in federal custody, it is expected he will face a slew of additional serious charges. david? >> david kerley tonight. david, thank you. and now to the breaking news from the boston bombing trial tonight. accused bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev, his defense team resting their case after just six hours, calling just four witnesses. you'll remember his own team said at the very start, it was him. but what they're trying to do now is save his life. he faces the death penalty and the defense, sticking to its argument that the older brother, tamerlan tsarnaev, led the way. that his younger brother was influenced in every way by him. abc's tom llamas in boston again tonight. >> reporter: dzhokhar tsarnaev's life may now depend on how jurors interpret this video from the day of the bombing.
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tamerlan in the lead, dzhokhar following in his older brother's footsteps. it's the picture the defense painted, as they rested their case today. that tamerlan called the shots in the evil plan. their evidence? tamerlan's fingerprints, not dzhokhar's, on rolls of tape, a caulking gun, a soldering gun and a jar of nails. possibly bomb-making supplies, all found in the tsarnaev family home. tamerlan's prints also on this lid from the pressure cooker bomb in watertown. and tamerlan's computer, not dzhokhar's showing searches for "detonator," "fireworks firing system" and "boston marathon." on the younger brother's computer? typical teenage stuff. facebook and vk, the russian facebook. and it's that side of dzhokhar tsarnaev the defense will likely highlight, as they fight for his life in sentencing. the impressionable little brother, just two years out of high school. not the committed terrorist on a mission to murder. david, tsarnaev's lawyers only called four witnesses, compared
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to more than 90 by the prosecution. closing arguments start on monday. david? >> all right, thank you, tom. now, to pictures coming in at this hour in the west. a wildfire burning dangerously close to homes near san per that tee know california tonight. firefighters trying to beat back the flames closing in on that neighborhood right there. some families already forced to evacuate. the fire broke out around noon today. wind quickly spreading it across 60 acres now. smoke rising through the trees. the ground, of course, bone dry because of california's record drought that continues. and to the north in washington state tonight, a massive landslide outside seattle. homes teetering on the edge there. several homes have already been evacuated there, as well. abc's neal karlinsky this evening with one family whose home is right on the edge. >> reporter: it is a slow motion disaster. three homes, teetering on the edge of a bluff south of seattle, that's sliding away, chunk by chunk. that white piece of a deck about halfway down? that's part of gary williams'
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house. is it okay to be out here? >> sure. >> reporter: williams let us in during the few short hours he's been allowed back inside to pack up everything he owns, and get out. >> it started over here. and i could hear it rustling like a dog going through the brush. >> reporter: pictures of the bluff before and after give you a sense of how much earth has moved. three homes are now red tagged, meaning the owners can't stay here. you can see where the earth is pulling away. here and here, it's actually separating and down there in the green grass, you can see chunks just cracking away. it started friday night and hasn't settled yet. city officials say they'll be sending boats around over here to monitor the bluff. you can see where the bulk of the earth and trees have come pouring down here. the homes up top there, they are definitely a total loss. the question now is, will they come down this hillside, as well? david? >> neal karlinsky tonight from outside seattle. neal, thanks. the extreme weather causing problems elsewhere this evening. a dangerous commute for millions from texas to georgia in the storm zone, a blast of snow and hail.
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in fact, eight states under a severe thunderstorm watch. word out of alabama tonight, a woman rushed to the hospital, struck by lightning. and this is the scene from arkansas. listen to this. you don't want that on your car. hail hitting the windshield there. and to the north in pennsylvania tonight -- oh, unwelcome. whiteout conditions on i-80. so, let's get right to meteorologist rob marciano, who starts us off with the snow and rain mix. >> reporter: a very winter-like alberta clipper system as we wrap up the month of march. take a look at the radar. there's a lot of green on there, but some white. we mentioned the accumulating snows across pennsylvania and the severe weather threat across the south. severe thunderstorm watches from georgia all the way back to oklahoma. warnings will be ongoing. we've already had a report of baseball-sized hail. across parts of arkansas. tomorrow, the system that's in seattle now will emerge into the northern and central plains. this one could be a strong one. but a similar threat with severe thunderstorms, possibly some isolated tornadoes. that threat pushes east thursday and friday. first week of april certainly starting the way it should be. it's the severe weather month
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for us usually. >> rob, thank you. now, to a major development from indiana tonight. the governor now calling for a fix. he's calling for that new law to be amended amid the backlash. he has said it was a law protecting religious freedom. critics arguing it allows businesses to discriminate against gays. the front page of "the indianapolis star" today -- fix this now. and tonight, the governor who stood his ground right here on abc news now calling for new steps. abc's gio benitez from indiana. >> reporter: tonight, indiana's governor now saying he's asking for a fix after days of protests and anger over that controversial new indiana law. he says it protects religious freedom. critics say it's simply a cover for businesses to turn away gays and lesbians. >> george, look. we're not going to change the law. >> reporter: pressure building after indiana's governor appeared on abc's "this week." >> do you think it should be legal in the state of indiana to discriminate against gays or lesbians? >> george -- >> it's a yes or no question. >> come on. hoosiers don't believe in discrimination.
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>> reporter: tonight, governor mike pence now saying it's time to amend the law. >> it would be helpful to move legislation this week that makes it clear that this law does not give businesses a right to deny services to anyone. >> reporter: saying there is no place for discrimination. should it be legal in the state of indiana to discriminate against gays and lesbians, what do you say now? >> i don't support discrimination against gays or lesbians or anyone else. >> reporter: so, no? >> no. >> reporter: and tonight, the white house weighing in, saying the law, as written, is not fair. after a chorus of high profile critics. the ncaa tonight weighing in on the eve of the final four, reacting to word of a possible fix. >> the proof is in the pudding. we'll have to wait and see what really transpires. >> reporter: but critics say a fix is not enough. they want the law repealed. meanwhile, in arkansas tonight, the legislature there just passed a similar religious freedom bill. it's now up to the governor to sign it into law. david? >> gio benitez tonight. gio, thank you. and now, overseas, to the developing headline from
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switzerland at this hour. the u.s. and those high stakes nuclear talks with iran. this evening, word from inside those meetings about tonight's deadline. abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran on whether there's any deal. terry? >> reporter: not tonight, david. and that means negotiators have failed to meet their deadline. and it feels like the wheels are coming off. the french are threatening to leave in the morning. so are the germans. but the americans are still at it. why? they feel they've come so far down the field here, they don't want to give up the progress they have made. and think about it -- americans and iranians haven't spoken to each other for decades, and they have been together for months and they're close. and they know critics in both countries want to kill these talks and they feel it may be their last chance. david? >> terry moran following this from switzerland tonight. terry, our thanks to you again this evening. and now to yemen, on the brink of collapse. saudi arabia leading air strikes of course against shiite rebels marching across the country. the u.s. has been providing some intel. yemen now saying one of the strikes killed at least 40 people at a refugee camp near the saudi border.
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the saudi-led coalition has been targeting rebels since last week now. back here at home tonight, and to a former nfl star on trial for murder. and today, a surprise witness. aaron hernandez played for the new england patriots, arrested and charged with murder. we have been following the case here, and today, in that courtroom with him, the man who gave him his break. new england patriots owner robert kraft, taking the stand, revealing one of their final conversations together. abc's ryan smith tonight. >> reporter: tonight, new england patriots owner robert kraft took center stage. while the owner and his star player were once close -- >> he would always hug and kiss me. >> reporter: kraft told prosecutors he heard rumors about hernandez's involvement in the killing of semi-pro football player odin lloyd, and confronted the talented tight end in the weight room. >> you asked aaron to look you in the eye, didn't you? >> yes. >> and he did, didn't he? >> yes. >> and you asked him if he was involved and he said no. >> that is correct. >> reporter: and in this trial,
5:44 pm
some of those closest to hernandez could be sealing his fate. his fiance shayana jenkins, may have bolstered prosecutors' claims of a coverup. they allege this surveillance video spokes how hernandez enlisted her to get rid of the gun the day after lloyd was killed. >> he told me to go downstairs in our storage room and remove a box from our home. >> reporter: jenkins testified she never looked inside to see what he asked her to throw out. >> and ryan is with us now. the big question tonight, will coach belichick be called next? >> reporter: well, he is on the prosecution witness list, so, in theory they could call him. now, they would likely do so soon since the prosecution is expected to wrap their case this week. >> ryan smith with us tonight. ryan, thank you. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. and you're about to hear the 911 call, the scared 12-year-old home alone, the operator giving him a secret code with that person inside. also developing tonight, the woman who said she kidnapped. police saying it was all made up. well now the new turn in what
5:45 pm
some were calling that "gone girl." case. the hockey player and the puck to his face. watch this. the puck gets stuck right there inside his helmet. and then coming in tonight, the rescue at sea. the dramatic pictures this evening. you can see the man jumping there, through rough waters, jumping to save his life. we'll be right back. i'm angela and i quit smoking with chantix. my children always wanted me to quit smoking but i resigned myself to the fact that it wasn't going to work. but chantix helped me do it. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it gave me the power to overcome the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some people had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix or history of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history
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next tonight, to the new twist in what some call the real-life "gone girl." police had labeled the kidnapping a hoax. tonight, her attorney saying the kidnappers have now reached out. here's abc's aditi roy. >> reporter: tonight, stunning new details about the alleged kidnappers who claim responsibility for the abduction of denise huskins, the case police are calling a hoax. a real-life disappearance reminiscent of the hollywood blockbuster, "gone girl." >> my wife, amy elliott dunne, disappeared three days ago. >> reporter: huskins allegedly went missing last week. according to police, hours later, her boyfriend, aaron
5:48 pm
quinn, calls 911, reporting that she was kidnapped from his home. now, denise huskins' attorney says he has proof his client isn't a liar, but a victim. >> i have come to receive a 15-page single spaced e-mail from the kidnappers. >> reporter: "the san francisco chronicle" receiving four e-mails from the purported kidnappers who describe themselves as a sort of "ocean's 11" gentleman criminals. >> i've been the recipient of all the e-mails. they are saying, don't underestimate us. we are the ones who are responsible. the vallejo police better apologize and it's unbelievable what has happened. >> reporter: do you think we'll ever know if it was a hoax or not? >> it's possible. only time will tell. this case changes by the hour. >> reporter: investigators, including the fbi now, searching for the answer tonight. aditi roy, abc news vallejo, california. when we come back here, the frightened 12-year-old's 911 call. the operator giving him a secret code. you'll hear it. also, mcdonald's with a bold new move tonight. and the one in a million shot.
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the hockey player and where the puck got stuck.
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ask your doctor if... ...viagra is right for you. to the index, and to the brave 12-year-old, home alone in waltham, massachusetts, when a stranger breaks in. luke hiding calling 911, and the operator gives him a secret code so the intruder wouldn't hear him. >> luke, i'm going to have a bunch of police officers coming as we speak. >> i don't know if -- he's knocking on my door. >> okay, okay. all i want you to do is press
5:53 pm
either one for yes, two for no, okay? you don't have to talk. you're home alone? okay. i'm not going to hang up with you. i'm staying on the phone with you until the police get there. okay? you're doing an excellent job. i have at least four police cars coming. >> you can hear those police cars arriving. excellent job on both sides. authorities arriving on the scene, apprehending the intruder. luke using those numbers on the phone to communicate with the operator. next tonight, mcdonald's announcing they will test 24/7 breakfast in san diego. they will keep it on the menu all day long. if it goes well, they say they'll roll it out nationwide. and to that incredible moment on the ice. look at this. patrik nemeth of the dallas stars. when the hockey puck gets stuck under his visor. look at this. unbelievable. he actually laughed it off afterward. fans joking it looked like their hockey pirate. when we come back here tonight, the pictures coming in this evening of the rescue on the high seas, right off america's coastline. the crew -- look at that --
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ask your doctor about invokana®. finally tonight, the rescue at sea. trapped off the coast of new england, and abc's linsey davis with the daring jump. >> reporter: a gasp-inducing, daring, perhaps death-defying leap caught on camera. watch again. both boats rocking in choppy seas. winds blowing as much as 35 miles per hour, creating waves as high as ten feet, and yet this man nails the landing. was jumping his only hope? >> just literally moments, seconds before the boats were no more than two to three feet apart and they just separated
5:58 pm
and he was already midair. you can see he's quite the jumper. >> reporter: the coast guard's rescue mission of this replica pirate ship in peril en route to the caribbean, 57 miles off the coast of gloucester, massachusetts. >> we're coming home! >> reporter: the same unforgiving waters depicted in the movie "the perfect storm." adventures aboard this canadian ship are intended for tourists playing pirate games. adventures that were never supposed to end like this. >> whenever the next summer olympics are, sign that guy up. triple jump. >> reporter: linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> sign him up. thank you for tonight demands for kidnappers. apologize, or else. >> breaking news on an l.a. murder investigation. an heir to one of america's famous fortunes.
5:59 pm
>> what local lawmakers are asking you to do. >> and what the neighborhood is demanding from pg and e tonight. >> is this woman a subject of a kidnapping or was it a hoax? good evening i'm dan ashley. >> police say it was a hoax but the attorney claims he's received an e mail including a threat against police if if there is no apology. >> the threat came with a deadline. 12:00 noon. if police didn't say sorry a new
6:00 pm
e mail claims to be from her kidnappers who say don't blame the couple. a new turn in case. >> her attorney claims he's got proof his client is not a liar and kidnappers are still on the loose. . >> i have come to receive a 15-page e mail. >> it is called a stunning manifesto. two days after her boyfriend reported she was abducted from their home. >> they talked about what weapons to use he won't tell us how he got the e mail in it the group calling themselves college


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