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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 14, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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with live, breaking news. >> and that breaking news is in oakland this afternoon. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm ama daetz and we want to take you to a live view from sky 7-hd where police officers are clearing protesters off interstate 880 in oakland. you can see them now. they are at opd headquarters now. >> right. we want to give you a better idea of where a series of protests is taking place this afternoon. this one was along northbound 880 near the jackson street onramp and is not far from jack lunden square. it started in frank ogala plaza and demonstrates made their way
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through the city streets and a person rushed on to 880 and you can see here a little altercation with police officers and a few tense moments between the protesters and chp officers and obviously, the protester is holding his hands up and the police just want to try to get the protester off the street and get the traffic flowing once again. ama, we have somebody on the phone now who can shed more insight into this. >> we have a chp officer on the line with us. good afternoon. thank you for joining us officer. are you there? well it appears we do not have that at the moment and there are these protests going on and they had gotten on to 880 and blocked traffic. we saw them walking through the streets of oakland northbound 7th street and there's a transit bus trying to get through and we have a chp officer trying to give us more on that situation. thank you for joining us. >> not a problem. >> can you tell us first where you are?
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>> right now we're standing on the jackson onramp to northbound 880 which is the only roadway that we currently have blocked. beliefly we did have protesters get off to the mainland of northbound 808 and we were able to keep the number one and fast lane clear at all times and they did take over multiple lanes for just a few moments and that jammed up traffic pretty far southbound. right now all of 880 northbound and southbound is open for traffic and the only roadway closed that the time on the freeway is the jackson onramp for northbound 880 and people can expect to see a large police presence at this time, but the freeway is open. >> peaceful so far that you've been able to tell? >> you know, right now, whenever somebody gets on the freeway i'm not going to consider that a peaceful protest because at that point they're interfering with everyone else. although we haven't seen any violence they were up on the freeway and they're blocking the lanes. >> officer, we have several hours to go before nightfall.
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are you expecting a number of these when people rush back on to the freeway when the police presence disperses? how are you handling this? >> right now we do have extra officers that are here in the oakland area and we have officers from other chp jurisdictions that are nearby as well as we're getting assistance from the bart police department and the oakland police department is here on the onramp with me. we do have extra officers on scene here tonight to make sure that we can help keep the protesters off city streets and keep them peaceful where they're allowed to protest, but not on the freeway where they're endangering themselves and the public. >> all right. officer, thank you so much for giving us an update on the situation on the protesters that got on to 880. we'll let you get back to work. they were only out there for a moment and police responded quickly and this will be an ongoing situation throughout the night and protesters are out in san francisco. the mission district police substation and hundreds have been marching this afternoon and
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they've been moving around the city since the protests started and wayne freedman joins us now. >> reporter: good afternoon. moving is the key word. moving, moving and moving some more and this is folsom street between fifth and sixth. five, six minutes ago they were marching through here. the question was i asked a san francisco police officer where are they going? generally they're sushgelling around and the n location to stop will be the haul of justice at 850 bryant street. it may still be the hall of justice. we can't say. let's show you video from earlier today. this march began from about noon and this is video from sky 7 and second is 24th and mission in san francisco. this protest is against police locally and nationally for what they call shootings against minorities across the country. their first stop was the san francisco police department's
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mission statement and lots of bullhorns there and speeches where they pressed against the door of the station and the protesters wrote on the building and police emerged and eventually pushed them back into the street and on they went again. this time to san francisco city hall where they were as little as an hour ago. this time the protest did succeed in getting into the building through the front door and not past sheriff's deputies who kept them entering the building proper and going up the stairway. it was loud. it was purposeful and essentially, however it was peaceful. here are two of the protesters with more of the how and the why. >> all lives matter not just black or brown lives. everybody is a victim of police brutality. >> it's where the power is. the mayor appoints the police chief and they can stop the police violence any time and they don't do it. >> it's a crowd of oh, maybe 200 people. while we said they've been loud
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they haven't been particularly destructive except for the writing on the wall of the mission station and that had several police officers fairly frustrated and back live at folsom street. this is the traffic. when the group goes by, traffic backs up for blocks but police need to keep them moving. where they go next is anyone's guess, where we're going next is anyone's guess. we're following them. live in san francisco, wayne freed freedman, nbc 7 news. >> thank you so much. a similar protest in new york city. officers try to hold the line as demonstrators head over the brooklyn bridge. police handcuffed two people who were blocking traffic on the bridge. activists began their protest in union scare and headed to city hall and there were several hundred thousand people at its peak. we'll keep you up-to-date on all of the protests and you can follow us on twitter on nbc 7 news bay area because it looks like it will be an ongoing situation throughout the evening and for a moment we'll take a
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break and talk about the forecast if you've been outside at all and it is very windy. >> here is a live picture from the abc 7 roofcam in san francisco. you can see the flags blowing and the winds will be sticking around and spencer christian is back here with the accuweather update. >> we do have sunny skies and it's relatively mild. it was a pleasant day, but brisk and here's live doppler 7 hd and we have sunny skies across the bay area and tonight it will be a cold night to the north and a frost advisory is to the north and a freeze warning in effect for inland areas north of cloverdale and it will be chilly in spots with the bay area. blue skies over the bay from the tower camera. current temperature reading and mid-60s in oakland, san carlos, san jossy and 55 in half moon bay and here's an afternoon of blue sky all over the region in the camera and we have current temperature readings of 65 and napa, and only 65 in petaluma
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and from the east bay hills, i don't know if you can really see any gray in the air there but if you've been sneezing lately this might be the reason and we have a high tree pollen count right now and weed pollen and in general are low and juniper, cedar, oak and olive are the trees of concern producing pollen, and we're hoping that, of course, things will normalize in the air over the next couple of days. >> i'll have a look at our weekend forecast in just a minute. larry and ama? >> cities are scrambling to enact ordinances to comply with the governor's and state conservation goals. >> the process is showing that not everyone is on the same page. nbc 7 david louie is live in explain. >> ama, the statewide goals reduce water usage by 25% while the local cities seem to be
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close to an agreement to watering the lawns two days a week and they're not in agreement how much of the water savings goal should be. >> what's confusing is different cities across the state have been given proposed cutbacks ranging from 20 to 35% to achieve the water board's overall conservation goal. san jose's number is 20%. the valley water district is urging 30%. san jose's proposed ordinance may split the difference at 25% according to those who have seen the draft. >> it's another area that makes it confusing when you get different goals from the state and your local water agency. our goal of 30% is based on the local water conditions that -- to prevent, subsidence to the sinking of the ground. we feel that 30% is the right number county wide. so we think that a 30% goal countywide should be applied consistently. >> so valley water has asked the state water board to allow local agencies set higher goals when there is conflict.
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another issue yet to be resolve side enforcement. local cities have that endorsement and valley water does not. they have an app to allow the water to report and it will be expanding the waterways inspectors from four to seven. the cities may not have the water to police water wasters, but enforcement will be necessary. >> they can get peace officers and do many things. there's also, maybe disabled police officers and why not bring them back and put them to work? >> people say they're not reluctant to blow the whistle on water wasters. >> it's the right thing to do because you're holding people accountable for what we are contributing to. >> san jose's water conservation ordinance will be on the agenda. in san jose, david louie abc 7 news. three, two, one. and liftoff. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, success and failure. what went right and what went wrong during today's space
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launch in florida. and security scheme, psa agents are accused of targeting the passengers they're supposed to protect. >> new at 4:30 showdown on the peninsula and neighbors try to save their mobile home park and get ready for what could be their last stand. >> taking a live look outside and this is sky 7 hd and live over protesters marching through the streets of oakland and they got on to 880 and now they're marching through the streets. we'll keep you up-to-date on the
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te covering los amounts s onaltos,
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antioch petaluma, abc 7 news. >> and the falcon soars from its perch to the international space station. >> a space x nearly pulled off history today. the falcon 9 rocketed toward the international space station packed with food and supplies including an italianes espresso maker. space x tried to land the falcon 9's rocket on a foot and platform. ceo elan tweeted the falcon landed fine, but excess lateral velocity caused it to tip over. this is space x's third attempt to land a rocket and the california company can consistently land and reuse rockets, it can greatly reduce the cost of space travel. >> two security agents at denver international airport have been fired over allegations they've manipulated screening systems to allow one of them to grope male travelers. the tsa says the female screener worked with the male colleague to allow him to grope male passengers he thought were
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attractive. according to officials the female screener set up her computer to indicate a woman was being screened so the machine would find an anomaly in the general area requiring a patdown. the female screener had 11 such incidents and he called the alleged acts egregious and intolerable. today people across the nation are marking equal payday and they represent how far into this year women must work to earn what men earned last year for doing the same job. that's based on national figures. in california they were better making 84 cents to every dollar that men earned. equal payday has been an important discussion on social media. arianna huffington tweeted it is 2015 and on average women make 85 cents to a man's dollar. equal pay for equal work. dianne feinstein tweeted critics are wrong. the wage gap isn't due to women's choices. women still make less than men
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working the exact same job. san francisco-based gap saying we are committed equal pay for equal work. >> nestle's making a major change to some of its most popular kids products. finally good news for those who work overnights. jane king has that and more in today's report. >> nestle is cutting some of the sugar from the nestle chocolate and strawberry color and it's taking the artificial coloring out of the strawberry powder. it will get its pink coloring from beet juice instead of artificial colors. it will go on sale this month. being too slim in mid-life can boost the risk of dementia. people underwent in their 30s, 50s and 60s were 30% more likely to have dementia. the research is published in the lancet. exactly why being underweight is linked to dementia does need more investigation. toddler sleep problems could be tied to behavior issues later
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on. toddlers who slept less than ten hours a night or who woke frequently at night tended to have more emotional and behavioral problems at age 5. they noticed the link was strong and consistent and another study says night owls are more productive than early birds and nighttime workers aren't bombarded by emails, texts and phone calls and plus they feel more creative at night and show more entrepreneurial risk taking and from the nasdaq, i'm jane king and here's to your health. >> here's to our weather. >> and spencer christian, a breezy afternoon out there. >> it is indeed. we have gusty winds around but it is a pleasant one, though. here's live doppler 7 hd and we have sunny skies all across the bay area and it's hard to find a wisp of a cloud today and let's check out our current winds. they're gusty and right now 31 miles per hour and sfo, and novato, 22 miles per hour and 26 26-mile-per-hour wind across the bay at hayward. 23 mile per hour gusts i should say. here's a live view from the
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emoriville camera looking westward at a blue sky and it will be clear and cool overnight and chilly in some spots and warming trend begins tomorrow and we'll see inland temperatures by 90 degrees by friday and that's quite a warm-up. let's pull back and give you a look at the satellite image and that passed through overnight and it's clear and breezy behind the frontal system and the high pressure is building in behind the front and that will give us several sunny days ahead and the start to the warming trend tomorrow. let's take a look at wind speeds and see how wind direction changes overnight. it will still be breezy tomorrow, but the winds will shift direction to an offshore pattern and that will assist the warm-up that's coming our way and that warm-up will continue into the weekend. here's a look at projected high temperatures in san jose and notice the record high on friday's date is 92 degrees and it will reach 85, we're projecting and nowhere near record warmth coming our way and some warmth none the less and
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we'll see mid to upper 80s through thursday through saturday and maybe we'll get cooling next week. how about cooling overnight? we'll see chilly conditions in the north bay where low temperatures will drop to 37 in napa and 39 in santa rosa and we'll see low 40s and mid to upper 40s around the bay. tomorrow sunny and mild to warm and in the south bay we'll see highs of 76 and 77 at morgan hill and look for highs in the mid-70s and 75 at redwood city and palo alto and mountain view. low to mid-60s will be the highs on the coast and downtown san francisco will hit 70 tomorrow and look for upper 70s to near 80s and over in the east bay, 76 at oakland and 75 fremont and we'll see upper 70s to around 80 at antioch and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast and in the forecast period it will be friday when we see highs near 90 in larpd and high
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temperatures will gradually taper off through the weekend and not sharply. we'll get sharper cooling by tuesday of next week. not wednesday tuesday of next week and let's hope for some rain then. >> we continually hope for that. thank you, spencer and we hope for movement on the embarcadero and this is a live look of the 360 camera and we are on the embarcadero heading south. we looked about an hour ago and we only got to near folsom street. you can see we aren't even moving so let's take a look at -- oh you know what? it's not dragging for me right now, but you can see traffic isn't going anywhere. if you're southbound toward the embarcadero heading to the ballpark or trying to get on the bridge, not good at this point. >> the traffic isn't moving any more than the board is. from the farm to the big apple what had a stanford player playing putt-putt with the gm accrue. a california mountain lion with
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a taste for the finer things in life and the surprise they got this morning when they tried to coax him out of the luxury hiding space. we are following the breaking news sky 7 hd live over oakland and police protesters have been marching downtown. earlier they were on interstate 880 and a few of them got up on to 880 and the chp quickly removed them and we continue to follow this story o
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one of the great soul singers of the 1960s has died. percy sledge lost his battle with cancer today. the singer burst on to the charts in 1966 with his smash hit and it was the number one single "when a man loves a woman" he'd written the song years earlier but he never saw a dime from the song writing royalties. >> wow! sledge said he sometimes regretted that but learned to just live with it. the alabama native and a few other songs hit the charts and it was "take time to know her," percy sledge was 73 years old.
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actress rita wilson is recovering from a double mastectomy. the wife of tom hanks underwent the operation last week after recently being diagnosed with breast cancer. the 58-year-old actress told "people" magazine she's expected to make a full recovery because she caught it early and got a second opinion. wilson took leave from the play "a fish in the dark," her husband was by her side through it all. >> disney night was no fairytale for one bay area native on "dancing with the stars". >> suzanne and tony. ♪ ♪ the dance is over for actress suzanne somers. the "threes company" and thigh master star grew up in san bruno and was voted off after getting her feet tangled up in her dress and the night belonged to rheaumer willis refusing to dress like a princess and instead portraying the evil ursula instead and that won her the top spot.
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masters champion jordan spieth may be the most popular 21-year-old golfer on the planet, but he has some company. >> 21-year-old mariah stackhouse of stanford is poised for a great career on the lpga tour and she was on "good morning america" discussing her career at stanford as well as being named one of "glamour" magazine magazine's top ten and she ed krities her life to her parents. >> they said you'll never be just a golfer and never make that your whole world because they want me to be a well-rounded person and be great all around. >> mariah hopes to have a long career as a professional golfer, but she plans on finishing her education at stanford first. in case you were wondering she's the cousin of nba great stackhouse. >> great genetics and the warriors are moving forward with their new home in san francisco. the waterfront worries coming to this move to the other side of the bay. >> i'm running for president because i think that americans
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and their families need a champion, and i want to be that champion. >> and the presidential plea. hillary clinton's road trip arrives in a key swing state as the republican opposition gears up. palo alto mobile home park is now at the center of the fight
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>> abc 7 news starts right now
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with live breaking news. and that breaking news is in the east bay. sky 7 hd was over interstate 880 in the past hour when protesters marched out on to the freeway and the chp had to move them off the freeway person by person. today is a nationwide day of protest in response to the recent deadly police officer shootings. this is all part of a movement called black and brown lives matter. the highway patrol cleared the protesters and they have formed quite a sizeable force and they're going to be waiting there in case there's more trouble as the afternoon and evening continues. sky 7 hd still in oakland and police protesters are at franco gallo plaza and we'll have an update on abc 7 news at 5:00. they decide on rate hikes for customers as the drought continues. laura anthony was at the meeting and tweets the east bay brought -- the eb mud board declared a stage 4 drought.
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that's the highest possible level. laural have a live report on abc 7 news at 5:00. reporter vic lee is talking to japanese-americans and he sent this tweet out saying japanese-americans want the auctioneer to stop sale of hundreds of world war ii internment memorabilia and vic, likewise, will have a live report coming up at 5:00. residents of a mobile home park in palo alto are going before the city council for the second night and they're trying to stop the owners from selling. chris nguyen is there tonight. >> it's actually a continuation as you said of a two-day hearing on the matter and as residents now continue to battle what's happening, they're wondering did they do enough to save their homes? >> at the buena vista mobile home park in palo alto, alex
4:31 pm
ponders the future for his family. >> i'm getting nervous because if they close this place i don't know where i can go. >> reporter: but staying in his home might not be possible for much longer. the proposed closure of the city's only mobile home park currently held up by an appeal from the residents association could be decided tonight at city hall. nearly 400 residents live here. more than a quarter of them are children who attend local schools. >> the down side for the kids is substantial if they don't have access to public schools like ours. >> reporter: camille townsend serves on the palo alto board of education. >> there is this commitment on the part of the staff the parents and the other students to help their classmates. >> parents like nancy, an education advocate who didn't want to see the park close. >> it's not just about helping the buena vista students. it's also about raising our children to understand that we're in a neighborhood that cares about each other at issue whether the family who owns the park has provided a fair
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relocation package for the residents and whether it meets guidelines set forth by the city. these pictures from the palo alto online newspapers shows the hundreds of residents who turned out to city hall last night, many simply saying the package isn't enough. >> i have two kids and they were born here in palo alto and i would like my kids to stay here and i would like them to go to that school. in the family attorney did not reply to our requests for comment. in palo alto, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. there's been another bad landing involving an asiana plane this time in japan. it skidded off the runway at hiroshima airport. 20 of the 74 passengers onboard were hurt. the flight originated in seoul, south korea. reports say the aircraft touched the runway during the landing causing some sparks and you'll recall this asiana aircraft crashed as it landed at sfo in 2013 killing three teenagers and injuring nearly 300 other pass
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earningers. alaska airlines is working on a plan to make sure it never has an accidental stowaway again. a contract worker fell asleep in the cargo hold on the flight from seattle to los angeles yesterday. passengers heard banging coming from the hold shortly after takeoff. the plane made an emergency landing back at sea-tac. the man was taken to the hospital where he passed a drug test and was allowed to go home. he was not injured and this was the third time suchance incident has happened in the u.s. since 2009. authorities are investigating a killing at a community college as a possible hate crime. kenneth stansell is accused of killing his supervisor in wayne community college in goldsboro. authorities arrested him there this morning. the man he kill head made unwanted sexual advances toward her son. authorities believe stansell carefully planned the shooting. president obama is removing cuba from a list of state sponsors of terrorism. the white house says the president made the final decision after a thorough state
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department review. the move comes after the president met with cuba's president raul castro over the weekend at the summit of the americas. president obama announced in december he would restore diplomatic relations with cuba. hillary clinton is officially on the stump in iowa. the former first lady u.s. senator and secretary of state is purposefully keeping it low key. in contrast florida senator marco rubio immediately went on to the offensive after announcing his bid pf karen travers has the latest from wash wab. it was a low-key start for hillary clinton. >> both your chai and maybe a glass of water too. >> her first appearance in iowa today came at a small town coffee shop. >> we were pleasantly surprised. >> she's got my vote? later she met with a small group of students and teachers at a community college. >> i want to stand up and fight for people so that they cannot just get by but they can get ahead and they can stay ahead.
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>>. >> reporter: it's all part of her campaign strategy to make her more engaging and accessible. this time around she's taking no vote for granted. florida senator marco rubio is back to work today after launching his own bid for the white house last night. we he had to share the spotlight with clinton but he used it to his advantage. >> everyday americans need a champion and i want to be that champion. >> her ideas didn't help everyday americans and will not help everyday americans. >> and jeb bush isn't officially in the race yet, but he's looming large over the republican field especially rubio who considers the former florida governor to be a mentor. >> i'm not running against jeb bush, and i hope he's not running against me. we're competing for the same job. >> hillary clinton is at it tomorrow, touring a business outside des moines iowa and holding a roundtable. this is what her campaign will look like until she kicks off the traditional rallies some time next month. karen travers, abc news washington. a mountain lion is back in the wild in southern california after making a luxury home his
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personal den for a while. the big cat was spotted by work crews in the crawl space of this home near griffith park yesterday. wild life officials spent hours. they tried everything to get him to leave, they fired bean bags tennis balls and tried poking him with a stick but the cat refused to budge and they finally gave up around 1:00 and they came back after sun up and found the cat had taken off in the middle of the night. >> we cleared both rooms and we crawled in and there was no signal and the lion is not under this house. the cat was wearing a tracking collar whichevers put on him after he was first captured back in 2012. he became known by his tracking number of p-22 and was the subject of a national geographic special that heralded his exploits making him something of a local celebrity. he's a celebrity you don't want showing up on your front door. >> true. coming up bay area high school students beating the odds, this time with the help of a robot. >> but first, the flames
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erupting at a prestigious california university and the damage that was left behind. >> i'm spencer christian, and we're looking at blue skies once again and a lovely day around the bay area and now things will be heating up and i'll have the accuweather forecast in just a moment. >> taking a live look at our traffic at 4:37 in san francisco. the skies are looking pretty brutal and the right hand side is moving better as it usually does this time of day and that's the traffic toward 101 southbound and they're all jammed up trying to get to the
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>> a fire broke out inside the ucla school of dentistry today. these pictures show some of the damage there. more than a hundred firefighters responded to this early morning blaze that started inside a lab storage room. some windows were shattered in that seven-story building and several rooms sustained smoke and water damage. thankfully, nobody was injured. the cause of the fire not yet known. we want to continue to update you on the breaking news now that we've been following since the top of this newscast. this is a live shot from sky 7 hd in san francisco at 5th and brennan. as you can see the crowd of protesters has thickened to this point. earlier we only saw a few dozen protesters and this is all part of the group that is protesting against police brutality and it looks like right now we might have a couple hundred people in san francisco protesting and
4:41 pm
it's expected that the group will grow as nightfall comes. so far it has been peaceful. we also have similar protests going on throughout oakland right now at frank ogala plaza and as you can see, let's hold out on the shot at the top of the screen in san francisco. you can see a line of police officers. so they're going to try to keep things peaceful and in most cases they walk alongside the protesters to try to make sure that everything is peaceful. one more live look and we'll go to southern california and a feed from the sister station kabc in los angeles. this obviously a much smaller group, but they'd taken over an intersection in los angeles and you can see a ring of police officers and police cars around them and not sure the exact location at this point as this group just amassed right there and we will keep you posted on activity and here in the bay area as well as l.a. and follow us on twitter at abc 7 news bay area and let's get ia look at traffic and ama, the 360
4:42 pm
traffic. >> i am told we're still on the embarcadero trying to get on to the bridge and we're not going anywhere. we're stuck kind of like we were before and the nice big rig trying to turn the corner. you can see all of the cars backed up behind us and not looking good in your commute in san francisco. let's go to spencer for a check on the weather. >> things are moving better, that's for sure and mainly the wind. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd and skies across the bay area right now and it will be warming up over the next several days and this evening at at&t park and baseball the second home game of the giants taking on the rockies at 7:15 and it will be breezy and cool at game time and that's baseball weather in san francisco. tomorrow look for thunderstorms from ohio down to tennessee, kentucky and the carolinas, georgia, florida and most of the western two-thirds of the nation will be dry except for snow falling over the higher elevations of wyoming. on to california we'll see sunny skies from top to bottom upper
4:43 pm
70s at chico, 80 in los angeles and 86 palm springs and here in the bay area, we'll have sunny skies tomorrow and upper 70s to near 80 inland and it will get hotter than that or warmer than that i should say thursday and friday and we is several lovely, almost summerlike days coming our way as we approach the end of the week. larry and ama? >> thank you spencer. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, see what happens when marvels avengers assemble for jimmy kimmel live. first, rookies with robots and the unlikely team from a bay area high school now getting ready to compete for a top prize. >> i'm 7 on your side's michael finney, does your family spend
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covering fremont, palo alto, north bay and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. apple has set a date for its annual worldwide developer's conference. the event will be held june 8 through 12th. this year's conference will feature 100 technical sessions and more than 1,000 engineers
4:47 pm
supporting hands-on labs. tickets will be issued through a random selection process and developers can apply in the wwdc website, and as many as 350 scholarships will be available this year for deserving students. >> speaking of deserving students and kids from andrew hill high school are about to go on a trip of a lifetime. >> the school's robotics team earned a spot in st. louis in less than two weeks. >> yeah. as abc 7 news reporter we're both so excited and they explain the rookie team beat the odds to compete amongst the best. >> it was 89 pounds. members of andrew hill high school's robotics team are deciding what to pack. >> their upcoming trip is about wires and gadgets and stuff these teens have long had a passion about. >> i used to like boating stuff and i used to boat a lot when i was a kid. >> they earned a spot at the
4:48 pm
world championship is remarkable. it had no mentors and no money but senior keenan winn was determined to get the program started. she applied for grants and found people with expertise to help. i thought it was a great idea to try to show the students here that even though the opportunities aren't there you can start that opportunity. >> this is the robot they're taking to the world championships in st. louis. it stacks plastic recycling totes and some of my students think of being a policeman or teacher and now they're seeing other options for them thinking about college and that's what the program offers them. >> reporter: the team is getting lots of support. hundreds of people have donated to their go fund me page to help pay for the trip, a trip they wouldn't be able to afford otherwise. >> the team says they're not sure how they'll do. >> we're not the best in mechanics, but we have team spirit. >> but they know they'll be giving it their all. in san jose lilian kim, abc 7 news. >> that will be a great
4:49 pm
experience for them. >> if you want to help we have information on the website abc 7 if you've been thinking of buying an electric car now may be the time to get a deal. 7 on your side joins us with that and more. how easily we forget while we're following this story. as gas prices drop, electric vehicles are becoming less popular. >> already? >> already. so chevy is dropping prices of its spark electric vehicle. today chevrolet announced the spark will cost $1,650 less, that will drop the sticker price to just under 27,000. last year ford announced a similar deal with a price cut with its focus electric car and honda cut lease sizes for its fifth. and here's the first for americans. we are now spending more money eating out at restaurants than we spend on groceries. bloomberg news crunched commerce department data and said restaurants and bars rake in
4:50 pm
sales in march than grocery stores. millennials are still in college and just entering the workforce. their favorite places to eat are fast food spots, delis and pizza places and from my observances, anywhere i want to eat. >> maybe you attract the crowds michael. >> it's all finney driven. thank you, michael. >> all right, trending now what happens when you get the cast of the avengers together with jimmy kimmel? you get a very special game show is what you get. >> name the worst place to turn into the hulk? >> porta-potty? >> porta-potty? do we have porta-potty? >> the cast played family feud and they were divided into the americas and the mans. the winning team, the mans got a special three-person bicycle. the losers, $15 gift cards to applebies. the avengers age of ultron comes
4:51 pm
out may 1st. >> that group of talent that's enough money to buy applebies. i don't know about gift cards for them and we're not the only ones who do not like being spied upon. >> no. this video shows a chimp at a dutch zoo and the resourceful animal decided to swat it out of the guy with a stick. >> you go! i would do the same thing. researchers were operating the drone to observe the ape's behavior. after these very intelligence apes discovered the spying plane they armed themselves with long sticks. let's amp up with weapons. the chimp destroyed the drone once it got on to the ground. >> had enough of that. ? yes. abc 7 news at 4:00 does continue. up next, waterfront worries. the concern a san francisco home is causing longtime fans and now here's cheryl. >> coming up next an increase
4:52 pm
in suicides has bart taking action. the agency's new crisis intervention campaign and snoop dogg doubles down. he invests in a second bay area company. find out how he's putting his money where his lyrics female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children a pair of shoes is a small but important gift. my shoes have a hole in them. i can barely fit in these anymore. i hope no one would notice. they hurt my feet. i never had new shoes before. to help, sleep train is collecting new shoes of all sizes. bring your gift to any sleep train, and they'll be given to a local foster child in need. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child.
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here's a look at tonight's prime timelineup on abc 7 at 8:00 "fresh off the boat," then at 8:30 "repeat after me" and a special prime time edition of jimmy kimmel live with the cast of the avengers at 10:00 and join us back here for abc 7 news at 11:00. >> our san francisco giants are back at home tonight for another game against colorado one day after the home opener and in need of some offense. tonight the first 40000 fans will get madison balm garner bobble heads.
4:56 pm
tonight's first pitch 7:15. >> we'll turn it around. the giants will soon have new neighbors, the warriors and we're getting a better look at what the team's new home will look like. the warriors' new arena set to be built at third and south streets south of the at&t park and abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler has the details. >> this is the overhead view -- >> warriors president rick welch showed a rendering of the new arena expected to break ground early next year. this is a shot from sky 7 hd of the 12-acre plot. in the developing mission bay neighborhood near at&t park and the new ucsf hospital complex. the warriors believe the $1 billion show piece will entice the league's top players. >> i think most of our players are in their 20s, right? the future of the world is being determined by 20-somethings in the day area right now.
4:57 pm
>> the arena may also attract national political conventions and big-name concerts but it's the die hard warriors fans that need to buy in. >> and you just worry that it's going become kind of corporate. >> i'm happy to see it come here because i'm a native san franciscoan, and the fan base is about evenly split between san francisco and the east bay. those demographics are now fueling a lively debate. if the hottest team in the nba wins the championship where will the parade be held? >> if you say the p-word i'm not talking to you. >> where is the parade going to be? >> that is a jinx. i have no idea what you're talking about. >> but you bet they're thinking about it. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> we could have a warriors game on abc 7 this weekend. as soon as the playoff schedule is set this week we will let you
4:58 pm
know. it might be saturday. just a guess. >> thank you so much for joining us at abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins with dan and cheryl. breaking news demonstrators protesting police brutality take to the streets of the bay area. they swarmed the outside of a san francisco police station. and trying to take over a freeway in oakland. we have live team coverage coming up. >> also ahead, east bay water officials declare the highest drought level possible but is even that enough? >> cleaning up broken glass. why cars are being targeted in san francisco? >> abc 7 news meteorologist, sandhya patel, temperatures are expected to rise. >> abc 7 news starts right now with live breaking news. a freeway showdown in oakland between chp officers and a handful of protesters rallying
4:59 pm
against police brutality. >> across the bay, protesters in san francisco blocked traffic on market street and on the move again. i'm dan ashley and i'm cheryl jennings. we have team coverage on this breaking news and wayne freedman is in san francisco. we'll begin with lyanne melendez in oakland. >> reporter: there were a lot of issues going on here in oakland. we are at franco gallo plaza. that is calm right now. the protesters gathered here earlier, had their demonstrations and then proceeded to move out of here and that's when the trouble began. >> now from sky 7 hd we're going to show you what they did next. some marched on to i-880, the onramp at harrison street in oakland where they managed to interrupt the flow of traffic for just a few minutes. police were able to herd most of the protesters to one side. they walked several protesters
5:00 pm
off the interstate. from there, the demonstrators ran and then dispersed and that's been happening all afternoon. they simply pop up in different locations, but at one point we want to show you this next video. they regroup and landed at the oakland p.d. where they denounced police violence and proceeded to write on the exterior walls of the police department offensive words profanity that we can't even show you on tv. now no one there was arrested. police just allowed them to do their thing. following that a small group returned here to frank ogawa plaza and that's where we are right now. i see police to my right here and just making sure that nothing happens in case they return. i'm live in oakland lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. sky 7 hd is live right now


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