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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 10, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da da da da ♪ ♪ da...♪ sorry brenda. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source. da da da. an effort to stretch the water supply means a change at the tap for more than a million people in the bay area and might mean a different smell and taste. hello everyone, i'm katie marzullo. we begin with this developing news. the california drought is causing east bay mud to switch its water supply and they're be some complaints. cornell bernard is live in emeryville where the new water is on the way. >> reporter: right now the water coming another of the fountain here at doyle park tastes pretty good but by mid-week, i might
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have a different opinion. smell and taste will change. nothing to worry about though. it's all part of the drought. susan likes her water right out of the tap. the taste? >> fine. >> reporter: but the taste is about to change for 1.3 million east bay water customers. >> it's all drought-related. >> reporter: abby at east bay mud says the agency is starting to pump water from party dam in the sierra at higher depths and save colder water for fisheries downstream. >> constance subsequently what happens is the water going to be coming into the east bay, starting in a few days, because it take's a few days, will be warmer, more sun-lit and water like that has more algae. >> smelly but safe to drink. east bay mud first changed the valve monday march and got a thousand complaints. >> i did start smelling some sulfur rotten egg smell and i
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called the superintendent. >> reporter: the water agency will reduce the shock by slowly changing the valves. >> this is not preferable to have a difference but the alternative is not having under water. >> a carbon water filter will eliminate ode e odors and improve taste. susan hopes people will skip the filter and smell the drought. >> having a really tangible reminder every time you turn on the top that we're in a bad drought, can be really helpful. >> reporter: a reminder to save water in emeryville, abc7 news. >> some simple changes at home can help you save gallons of water every day. we have a link with details at abc7 more than one wildfire broke out in the bay area today in south san francisco, three-alarm grass fire burned eight to ten acres on san bruno mountain. the fire started just after
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3:00er in dolores way and hillside boulevard. fog prevent cal fire from making water drops but crews put out the near an hour. investigators are looking into what spartanned a brush fire in hayward and started to spread in the trees but crews kept the flames to half acre. a fire in san jose quickly spread from one house to another. it began around 2:00 this morning on south second street near interstate 280. the first crews on scene called for additional help. residents were able to escape the flames. >> i looked out the window and seen the fire. i got everybody out. >> so we actually had two working structure fires at the same time. our crews did an amazing job of making entry extinguishing the initial fire and then moving into the other building and putting the fire out in that one as well. >> a total of two homes suffered
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damage and the red cross is helping eight people. new details on a shooting in marin city. we now know the victim has died. investigators say the man was killed after a memorial service for a recent homocide vic in sacramento. it happened at 2:00 this morning. the manhunt continues for the shooter. four people are in custody tonight for the shooting deaths of two police officers in mississippi. the gunfire began during a traffic stop. here's details. >> i heard six loud gunshots. >> reporter: a quiet mississippi community shattered by the sound of gunfire. >> was loud, it was no return fire. and i told my husband something is wrong. >> reporter: minutes later when police made it to the scene they found two of their fellow officers gunned down and dying in the street. the suspects on the run. >> the promise today we'll find them. we'll catch them. within hours.
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the public help us do that. >> the grief-stricken mayor faces the cameras sunday, starting as traffic stop quickly escalated to murder. one officer called in backup, both ended up dead. >> we know he called for backup for a reason, and we'll find out why. >> today marvin banks is charged with two counts of capital murder and a count of grand theft auto. joanie alway also charged and banks brewer the victims are rookie cop liquori tate, decorated k nine officers benjamin deen. the 34-year-old husband and father of two was officer of the year in 2012. it's been more than 30 years since the hattiesburg officer has died in the line of duty.
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>> pray for all these men and women that allow us to have a peaceful day and come home. >> abc news was at san francisco city hall on this mother's day where family members gathered to remembered loved ones lost to gun violence. the group healing for our family and nations, held the mother's day rally recognizing families have to visit the grave site of a loved one rather than enjoy a hug or a meal on mother's day. >> i lost my sun in 2008. that's when it really hit home for me. and it became something that i decided i had to do in order to show mothers that even though we last -- lost our children we can get through it. >> 50 mothers gathered during the event. slow going for thousands of drivers dealing with the san mateo bridge closure. here's a live look from the bridge camera. work began on the span friday night. we were on the bridge during
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today's work and caltrans says the work is on schedule. the span is set to re-open tomorrow morning at 5:00. the bay bridge has been experiencing very heavy traffic all weekend. you may note a little extra space if you take caltrain. the system is adding an extra car, providing 150 seats in response to growing ridership. the six-car trains will run on the most popular loins. 16 new cars go in service tomorrow. and another 12 after repair work. >> a day of rest for the warriors after the lost to the grizzlies in memphis. golden state down two games in the series, adding extra pressure to game four no rest for sports anchor mike shumann, live in memphis right now. shu, how are you? how is the team mood today? >> reporter: well, the team is a little shell shocked.
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haven't lost two straight in the entire post season. down 2-1 and the first time they trailed the me playoffs. three-point shooting they were 6-26 and with steph curry's shots not going down or klay to son, the slash brothers, it's been hard to watch, and memphis has been imposing their will on the warriors and they're an inexperienced playoff team, golden state so haven't had an answer. game four is a must-win. they don't want to get down 3-1 come back to oracle. later on we'll talk with head coach steve kerr. he broke down the field and talking about game three and looking ahead to game four. request we're outside of fedex forum. university of memphis held their graduation so a lot of proud parent on mother's day. >> thank you mike. see you in a little bit. dub nation we want to see your warriors pride. we'll feature fan photos on
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airand at just use hash tag dubs on 7 and we'll find them. the improving economy is adding up for california. ahead at 5:00 how state lawmakers are considering spending billions in surplus cash. take a look, high water creates high drama where rescue crews spent the day plucking people from flood waters. >> i'm meteorologist drew tuma. despite sunshine on this mother's day afternoon there's a bit of a chill in the air, and even cooler air is waiting in the wings. the numbers when those arrive in the accuweather forecast.
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take a look at this a national guard helicopter rescuing several people today in texas after massive storms and flooding. more tornadoes swept through north texas and south dakota today. just a day after deadly twisters hit several other states. the texas tornado ripped the roofs off buildings and damaged trees. the south dakota twister injured nine people. storm chasers captured video. >> look at it all the way down. tornado. >> cold air behind the weather system has dumped snow on several states and along the carolina coast the first tropical storm of the year is coming ashore. take a look at a rare sight in colorado. a tornado and rainbow were captured on camera. much of the state is dealing with a blast of wintry weather. yesterday some areas near denver received more than eight inches of snow. a wide variety of weather
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watches and warnings are in effect throughout the state. a political battle is about to begin over what to do with california's $3 billion surplus. the governor is stole release his updated budget this week and lawmakers expect him to suggest spending more on public schools and community colleges. democrats want to increase funding for higher education, child care and other special programs. california's budget has benefited from the recovering economy and temporary tax increases. some mothers got a special call this mother's day from someone who is not their child. the story behind a special groating from president obama. heading live outside, mother nature is giving us a cold shoulder for the work week a look at how long our unseasonably cool temperatures will stick around. >> good evening. coming up on world news tonight dangerous storms, tornadoes snowstorms, even a tropical storm, also what the principal
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said the high school graduation that sparked an uproar. was is it racist? th
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there's a new push to allow beauty salon and barber shops in california to serve alcohol without a liquor license. >> we have licenses because this is a question of public safety and public health. >> the fight to get booze out of these businesses tonight at 11:00. some moms got the mother's day surprise of a lifetime today from a voice they did not expect to hear on the other end the
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phone. >> stephty? >> yes. >> this is barack obama, your president. >> i know how tough it is to raise kids, and do right by them and itself hadn't been for my mother i wouldn't be here. >> three mothers from minnesota arizona, and florida, had all written the president letters over the course of the year. the president's own mother died in 1995. today he told the women they're doing the most important work there is. as we share memories and show our gratitude here's a look at cheryl description as a child -- sheryl jennings as a child with her mother. too cute. very happy mother's day from us to all the moms out there. >> want to send over to drew for a check of the forecast. a lovely day for moms today. what is next? >> really after that morning fog it cleared out nicely and mom had tons of sunshine on this
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sunday afternoon and evening. live doppler 7hd will show you we are dry. no precipitation so we'll take you live outside. our santa cruz cam some families headed to the shore, just nice looking day from our camera, but with temperatures only in the mid-60s this afternoon you don't see too many people with their toes in the water on this mother's day sunday. right now you can see where the clouds lingered the longest along the coast. only in the 50s. 55 half moon bay. more sunshine in the east. 71 fairfield. 70 in antioch comfortable 69 in livermore and right now mountain view, 54. exploit radar, the store -- satellite and radar, you look to the north there's cold front on our door step. that's going to help to clear out that cloud cover earlier tomorrow morning and then we'll gate shot of reinforcing cool air as that front moves through. so the unseasonably cool temperatures continue for much of the seven-day forecast.
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future weather shows you early tomorrow morning 5:00, notice how the fog isn't as expensive as it has been the past few morning. by 8:00 we're already starting to see clear skies in the north bay and portions of the east bay. so it's a quicker clearing day and by the afternoon, everyone, even including the coast should see total sunshine by 2:00. so, a nicer day but cooler day on the way for monday. overnight lows, mixture of stars and clouds 50. overnight in san rafael 51, oakland. fremont, 48. santa cruz. then highs for monday south bay, six to eight degrees below normal. san jose, sunshine but 68. along the peninsula we'll see sunshine and pacifica and half moon bay still in the mid-50s. 68, palo alto. 64, millbrae. downtown san francisco high of only 60 degrees but sunshine. 73 santa rosa. 74 cloverdale. 70 novato.
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69 vallejo. east bay still cool. 63, san leandro. 61 oakland. 64, union city and one final spot 74, pittsburg and 73 the high for san ramon. the a's are home at tomorrow facing facing the sox. a cool game. first pitch 7:05, temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s and by the ninth inning we see temperatures falling to 53 degrees. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow, it's a quicker clearing day but the reinforcing shot of cooler air is felt inland on tuesday only topping out in the upper 60s, and then a chance of unsettled wet weather later in the week but it's light and scat nerd nature but a good sign. typically may is a dry month. >> over to larry now in for shu as shu is in memphis with the warriors. >> the warriors looking for answers in memphis and the last thing steve kerr needs right enough is an grilled sourdough, fresh tomato and
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good evening. if the wars are going to beat memphis the have to do it with marreese spieth who is spendinged to be out with a calf injury. after landing from a layoff he came um hobbling. an mri reveals a moderate strain in his right calf. he will be re-evaluated in a week and so is effectively out for the series and with the offense struggling it's not good news. warriors down 2-1 have one da to regroup from another
5:24 pm
disappointing game lag night. go to mike shumann live from memphis. shu, tech nick click game four is not an elimination game but a game the warriors have to have. >> no question. this is unfamiliar territory. the warriors have lost two straight and this is almost a must-win. they watched film today and had an optional shoot around. we asked the coach kerr is the team on edge? >> tremendous season and we're in a position now where we have no choice but to respond to the adversity, and we will. i'm confident. steph has a big burden. he is the mvp of the league and their defensive focus is on him. we have to do a better job of helping him, and he has to do a better job of trusting his teammates, and as a group, we have to just play and trust the
5:25 pm
process. >> seeing that it's mother's day, does steve's mom ever call trying to give him advice. >> she definitely calls but never offered any advice thank god. >> we all know mom knows best. maybe steve should be taking advice from his mother because some say he is been outcoached. we'll hear from draymond green at 6:00. reporting live, abc7 sports. >> i think mom wants the warriors to double-team on the post. that's what i would say but -- >> thank you. >> when we come barks, ninth inning drama for the giants. need a
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the giants and marlins finished up a series at at&t park. some ninth inning drama and fantastic at-bats help the giants. happy mother's day. look at that smile. that will make for a happy mother's day. 1-1 in the eighth. wild pitch. the marlins are up 2-1. bottom nine. giants load the bases. aoki a two-route walk so justin maxwell forced in. and we're tied. next batter, matt duffy. base hit. goodbye. game over, drive home safely. 16-16 on the season. a's trying to snap a kid facing felix hernandez and the mariners.
5:29 pm
marcus semen gets the best of felix. dustin ackley with the double of the head of san fuld. hernandez improves to 6-0 the sea of pink k's,the fourth youngest pitcher in history to strike out 2,000 batters in his career. six strikeouts. the losing streak of the a's is five. and lebron james a fantastic buzz are-beating three. >> thank you larry. at 6:00, a high-speed rail project from san francisco to l.a. could be a bargain. a new report compares ticket prices to similar trained. a dream space project of astrophysicist carl saggan is becoming a reality. join us for abc7 news at 6:00. that is going do it for us here at abc7 news at 5:00 thanks for joining us. remember you can watch abc7 news and all of your favorite
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abc shows live or on demand with watch abc and the watch abc app. it is welcome to "world news tonight." dangerous storms. severe weather on several fronts. powerful tornadoes. at least one dead. blizzard conditions. more than a foot of snow. flash floods and washouts. even a tropical storm. killed on duty. a rookie and veteran officers making a traffic stop when the shooting starts. the manhunt for multiple suspects and the new arrests tonight. what the principal said at the high school graduation sparking an uproar. families can not believe it. was it racist? tonight, the principal speaking out. and, the gift. on this mother's day what mom probably wants the most -- a hug, in person. especially if


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