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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 12, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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half time, they had the lead and never lost it. it was great. >> meteorologist mike nicco is here with the weather. >> another step. another growing step. now, what is going on. we have had mature winds. how about that, up to 25 to 35 miles per hour in our neighborhoods. that is chased away any chance of marine layer clouds but for along the peninsula coast. through the east bay hills and valleys there are no clouds and fewer clouds than yesterday. it is chilly with the temperature dropping to 41 at 15 miles per hour it feel like the 30s. there is a wind chill. the day planner showing total sunshine until the evening hours when the high chows come in before the mention storm is bringing us rain. that is ahead. >> this morning could the winds be a factor? >> possibly. but since we have been trafficking traffic at 4:00 to 4:30 this morning we have not
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had a single accident reported either through the c.h.p. or by our wazers. that is a great way to spend tuesday morning commute. we have seen extra volume on the roads. on the early side. this is the san mateo bridge between hayward and foster city across the water and it will only take you 14 minutes but that is the bay bridge toll plaza with the metering lights turned on. packed and stacked. out of the maze. >> we have breaking news in nepal. the death toll is climbing after another major earthquake. >> this comes less than three weeks after a killer earthquake that cost more than 8,000 lives. our reporter is in the capital of katmandu and you are joining us by phone to explain what you felt this morning with the initial earthquake and after shocks. right? there has been a series of after shocks for everyone here in nepal it was just before 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon. a lot of people were going about their daily business.
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we are a day ahead. when the earthquake struck there were a lot of people in the street. i was in my room work on a story when the first tremors happened and it started getting more violent, the group was moving a lot and i went to the very big open patio area of our hotel complex and waited out this. it was probably about 30 seconds worth of violent shaking and then it slowly started rocking very weird rocking and that lasted for several minutes longer. it was weird to ride out two different speeds of an earthquake. >> relief workers were already overwhelmed with the previous 7.8 earthquake and this has to be doubly difficult for them. >> the thing about now is there are not just nepal government
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resources available because of the earthquake this is an international contingent of other people who are helping, as well so it could turnout to be better of a response. today there were people killed and some of the numbers we were getting were from a field hospital set up by a european group, a european red cross group that had the field hospital in operation because that community hospital had been destroyed. there is an international group of people who are here trying to help out who are medically trained and, in fact, i was talking with a member of the united states embassy here who is coordinating the military response from the united states and we have assets on the ground to help out so the timing the government will have a lot of help. >> sergio thank you for the
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update. we will talk to you thousand the day is looking forward to the reports later today on how bay area resources are being used to help in nepal. the relief and recovery efforts are going in nepal and will be needed more with the latest earthquake. if you want to donate text to contribute $10. >> there are other ways to help if you want to take part we have a list of the organizes working in the area along with links to help you donate. go to in other news, if you live in the south bay you are about to feel the impact of the drought. for the first time in 20 years silicon valley is rationing water. our reporter is in san jose to explain. matt? >> it has been a long-term since we have seen something like this in the south bay mandatory water rationing with fines for people would do not follow rules. according to our media partner
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the valley's largest water company will impose mandatory water washoning next month, bigger cut than the 20 percent asked for by the state. always business owners are giving a monthly water allocation based on the amount used in 2013 and you have to cut water use by 30 percent from that none. people say they are conserving already. >> have you cut 30 percent since 2013? where are you? >> we have cut a lot since several years ago. i don't know what we are going to do but it is a great idea. >> a spokesman from the san jose water company does not give details of what kind of penalties customers pay if they go over their water allocation. the daughter company serves a million people in the greater metropolitan area including los gatos and saratoga and campbell. the paper reported the water company will be releasing a
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similar plan for mandatory rationing starting in mid-june in the state approves it. >> activity is now picking up at the port of oakland after a labor dispute slowed it down. the port report shows traffic increased for the second month in a row after a drop when tensions peaked between the long shoremen and shipping companies slow down a lot of shipments from overseas. the two sides reached a contract in february that face as vote by union members and votes will be counted next week. >> this o warriors fans feeling more confident after the best of seven playoff series against the grizzlies in fm -- in last night with steph curry shooting 60 percent from the
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field and the warriors opened up 26-point lead in the third and cruise to victory. the home court advantage in the process with series ties at two each and game five is tomorrow at oracle arena. >> game five is 7:30 tip-off and shifts back to fedex in membership first on friday night. you can watch that gale on espn at 6:30 p.m. and a deciding game seven would be back at oracle arena on sunday. if needed. >> the warriors are hot but the weather, not so much. >> it is may. it does not feel like it. >> what happens with spring? it is supposed to be warm. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40s in the south bay until mountain vow at june degrees. you have that at redwood city and half moon bay at 50 and everyone else in the money 40s until you get to brentwood at
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june. as we head through the afternoon hour we have a ton of sunshine but the coast is mostly sunny at 5 to 60 and around the bay 65 to 74 and as we head through the next couple of days showers. timeline and how much to expect all ahead in the seven-day forecast. >> we hit the road and are traveling through mountain view northbound 101 and traffic is good. southbound direction you can see barely any cars but there have been a few spots with more vehicles than not. check correct is not so much. southbound 680 we are flowing nicely away from treat boulevard to main street but the closer to highway 24 that is where the traffic is bunching up. mass transit, bart, we have trained running on time with no delays reported on muni or ace but some spots of construction
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eastbound highway 4 from arnold industrial place to railroad avenue. >> a story of heroism save as boy doctor would be attacker in a split second decision that is a lesson to every parent and child. >> vehicles that go the distance, "7 on your side" pans with "consumer reports" for which models give the best bang for your buck.
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>> covering walnut creek burlingame campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning it is 6:12. this is a nice picture to wake up to. >> beautiful. >> sun is rising over the mountains. and the bay. and a thin veil of gorgeous clouds. >> and fog. >> and fog.
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>> tonight on abc7 at 36 the smartest people are worried that machines with artificial intelligence will take over the world. >> it is going to happen. the question is, where do humans wind up? >> well, what can we do about it? that is don't at 11 o'clock and perhaps we should be concerned. >> any number of movies have that at the center premise. >> a four-year-old boy's quick thinking saved his life. the mother left the car running when she ran up to say goodbye and a car thief jumped into the driver's seat and sped off with the woman's son inside. police say when he realized he did not know the man he opened the side door and rolled out. he suffered minor cuts and bruises but mostly was just shaken up. officers are still looking out for the carjacking suspect.
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>> mountain view has a contest to build a smartphone app for the city and top prize is $2,000 open to anyone over the age of 14. organizers say you do newt need to be an app developer or know how to code in order to enter but you do need to have a working prototype by altogether when residents can vote on their favorite app proposal. >> we have been there, a song stuck in your head that keeping playing on repeat. >> did you know there is a way to stop the song that never ends. researchers say it is as simple as chewing a piece of gum. scientists reveal that people who chew gum will listening to a song after 33 percent greater chance of shaking it because you may not be able to hear a song while moving your jaw cutting down on short-term memory.
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so grab the gum. >> just sayin'... >> if we talk a lot we will not snore so much but if we chew a lot will that help the snoring? >> i see many scientific studies being commissioned as a result of this newscast. >> we need a commission to find out where the spring went. >> the eastern two-thirds of the country having spread storms and heat and we are below average. look at the winds, double digit its but san jose at three miles per hour and livermore at eight and santa rosa at seven and 129 at sfo and we could have gusts up to 40 between 3:00 and 9:00 this afternoon and evening so which is an airport weather wanting. winds are gusting to 45 miles per hour now on mount tamalpais at 2,600' with clouds trying to
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ride the wave wind across san francisco and make for a beauty picture in sutro tower. light showers tomorrow evening through thursday and a quiet weekend with pattern of below average temperatures continuing and mid-to-upper 60s most of the santa clara valley and santa cruz is 64 and los gatos is 70 the exception and low-to-mid 60s for most of the peninsula and palo alto is 67 and millbrae is 699 exception and mid-to-upper 50s along the coast to nearly 60 in downtown and south san francisco and across the golden gate bridge to sausalito and mid-to-upper 60s most of the north bay and a few 70 cloverdale and santa rosa and california stoke and along the east bay shoreline at 63 to 65 with oakland and castro valley having 65 and in the mid-60s in san ramon valley and a few low-to-mid 70s inland. with the cloud cover we are going to drop into the mid-40s to low 50s so it will be cooler-than-average again.
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wednesday morning, 8:00, notice the clouds are stubborn throughout the day and the showers starting to come in at the beginning of the commute on thursday morning through the end of the commute and they should cover all of our neighborhoods and by noon we will have a lot of showers out there and by action we will see the system pull away. this commuter model is being generous officer .2" to .5". we hope it happens. my seven-day outlook shows temperatures coolest on thursday 50s and 60s and dry air and more sunshine and warmer as we head into the weekend. leyla? >> we are continuing our northbound trek along the peninsula into redwood city with mobile 360 and northbound 101, traffic is smoot and we do not see much congestion. i will turn 360 to starting with the north bay 101 tail lights headed to 580 and
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the golden gate bridge it could be breezy so watch out if you drive a high-sided vehicle. as we continue into the south bay, mostly top speeds and you can see the green with the exception of highway 87, 36 miles per hour away from 85 up to 280 but 280 85 17 880 is looking great and all of you sweet carolines yes, neil diamond is at the s.a.p. center today at 7:00 for the opening doors. >> emotional evening on the semifinals of "dancing with the stars" last night. >> this is so emotional and exciting, war veteran deliver add prime time surprise that brought many to tears. >> will you marry me? >> i know you loved it so much.
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>> "dancing with the stars" and he proposed live on television to his girlfriend and she said "yes." setting the tone for the entire night. in were two pairs of tens and rumor -- rumour two points behind them. >> very exciting stuff. >> make a part buy on a new car so you get the most for your money. >> where do you start? >> you tell us. >> "7 on your side" partners with "consumer reports" for coverage on long lasting cars. stay tuned.
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a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix® ii. it's broad-spectrum protection k ills fleas ticks and mosquitoes too. k9 advantix® ii. for the love of dog™. capri sun. no high fructose corn syrup and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. those are your rules. there's five people who are it. their rules? you gotta hit the target. let them figure 'em out. i found tenth base! capri sun. push play. >> now a fill with what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good tuesday morning. coming up next, the nfl suspended superstar quarterback dome brady for his role in the deflate scandal and fines the new england patriots. does it send a message? we have michael strahan and
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jesse palmer with insight on that on "good morning america" next. >> buying a car is not a small purchase so you want did get the most miles from it that you can. >> some models are better than others when it comes to going the distance. we have panned with "consumer reports" for this exclusive coverage on long lasting cars. >> morning, the average age of cars on united states roads are over 11 years and passing the 200,000 mile mark is more common. "consumer reports" can tell you which cars are likely to go the distance. a ticket 26 almost exus is still going strong and it has 230,000 mimes. "consumer reports" asked people why they think their cars made it past the 200,000 mile mark. most credit tlc. >> i do an oil change every 5,000 miles i make sure the air pressure in the tires is good.
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i keep looking out for it. >> "consumer reports" reader survey covering more than a million vehicles identifies which models most often reach 200,000 miles. the top ten are devote or honda, the prius camry, corolla highlander and sienna. and honda according the accord, crv and the civic excluding the hybrid xi. owners spend $550 on maintenance and row pairs last year on breaks shocks and timing. still, "consumer reports" said by the time a car hits 200,000 miles you should think about replacing it. >> by 200,000 miles most cars hard life has taken a toll on the treasure and key component and older cars do not have the numerous safety advances that have appeared.
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>> that includes collision avoidance and blind spot monitoring and side airbags and electronic stability criminal. >> "consumer reports" said another advantage of replacing your old car is newer models have advanced steel and structural architecture that absorb the impact of a crash better. >> morning news continues at 6:30. >> rising death toll in nepal after they are hit by another powerful earthquake and what we have just learned. >> a napa valley winery is off the grid and who is behind an idea to make the next battle of chardonnay more friendly to the environment. >> warriors won big and are on the bay home for game five. we have nervous on tickets by staying with us.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday morning everyone, at 6:29 a.m. this is about getting away from it all a cruise ship docked in san francisco. it is the golden we could do the newscast great there. >> and a swimming pool there too. although today is not the right day for a swimming pool. >> if it is heated...get ready to sell a lot of sweatshirts at the wharf today. breezy during the overnight hours through this morning and chased away clouds on live doppler hd. in 30 to 36 hours it will be active with rain. you want sunglasses with the day
6:30 am
planner in the 40s to low 50s. we are in the my 50s to mid-60s in the coast by noon and upper 60s at 4:00 and chilly this evening with increasing clouds and 50-degree temperatures. >> thanks, mike. >> on roads on the high seas, naval traffic is smooth sailing. >> i do cruise ship reports. >> san mateo bridge speaking of water across the water you can see the tail lights pushing in the westbound direction to fogs step city it is slower as you cross over the water and it will take you 17 minutes and in berkeley rehave a new accident at university avenue and i saw some flashing lights so we have possibly one lane blocked and jammed coming away from the hoffman split and we have 360 on the roads with a lot to get to. >> now the breaking news,
6:31 am
another massive earthquake rattled nepal killing dozens and injuring hundreds more three weeks after a deadly earthquake killed 8,000 people. here is the latest. many people are trying to rebuild from last in's deadly earthquake that killed 8,000 people. the shaking was captured on camera during a meeting in nepal that was in session. the death toll continues to climb. there are 42 confirmed deaths much the trimmer was centered near mount everest. it triggered rock slides. other buildings damaged last month have now collapsed. it was close to 1:00 o'clock p.m. in nepal when many were at work. five big after shocks including 5.6 and a 6.3 earthquake that is larger than the earthquake that
6:32 am
truck napa over the summer. three others hit minutes apart, all greater than 5.0. many east bay residents here were rattled by a 3.6 earthquake over a week ago. as you can imagine many residents in nepal or terrified staying in shelters because they lost their homes last time and aid workers are headed to help with search-and-rescue. >> the relief and recovery efforts in nepal are still going and will likely require even more help now. if you would like to donate you can text nepal contribute $10. our reporter sergio is on the ground in nepal right now and three was one of the first to tweet of the powerful earthquake. we will talk to him a limit later in -- little later in the
6:33 am
newscast. you will have coverage on how your donations are helping those in need. >> in other news, new details authorities have now arrested two suspects involved in a shooting of the same neighborhood where a man went on a killing rampage a year ago. the shooting happened before 7:30 last night at a home near campus with three men in their 20 taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. deputies went to the home for a domestic disturbance call a year ago, a 22-year-old killed six students and wounded 14 others before killing himself. >> san jose's mayor wants the entire police force wearing body cameras by next year. the mayor liccardo made the statement a day after the mercury news public accomplished analysis based on police data showing that blacks and latinos were stopped, searched or temporarily detained greatly outof proportion to their percentage of the population. liccardo said the department is highly trained but can do better
6:34 am
openly when it combs do race. >> we her the debate whether cells are a health hazard and well warp you of the possible risks tonight the city council will look at putting warning labels on cell phones and urge people to keep the cell phones a certain distance from your body because they emit radiation. it is not then if it increases the risk of brain cancer. >> thes would are headed home to the bay area after evening up the series at 2-2 with a win over the grizzlyies last we look ahead at game five. amy? >> we enjoyed the lights here and the sun is up and you cannot see it, but the embarcadero is lit up and the buildings in blue and gold including coit tower after a very big victory
6:35 am
last night. the team made it look easy doing a great job and steph curry looked like an mvp again beating the grizzlies 101-84. they lost two in a row and it looked like they were in a slump but they silenced talk of that. steph curry got 33 points. >> i have 100 percent confidence and trust if my teammates and they have the same trust in me. you saw that in the first quarter where we settled in. we did not force anything. >> look how good he was feeling giving the shoes to a fan last night. he looked and sound like he was an m.p. all over again. it is nice to come home tied and not down. the series now is tied at 2-2. the next game is tomorrow in oakland and you can still get
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tickets. we have searched the internet. we have found available tickets including this morning so go open our website at i found some that were only $122 each. some for a lot more than that. there is a range. check out our website if you want to go to the game. >> skip the lattes for a month and you can afford the ticket. >> game five is together at oracle arena with tip-off at 7:30. we want to see your warriors pride with fan photos on air and at by using # #dubson7. we fine the pictures. >> next home values shoot up further in the south bay and we have the staggering numbers that prove it is a sell other's market. >> a new style coming to a dress
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we will talk baseball. another breezy chilly night at the cove dropping to 54. we have a wind at 20 miles per hour crossing the bridge and air quality the same as yesterday. 66 if san diego. 70s if los angeles. low-to-mid 70's through the central valley and 55 and breezy in lake tahoe. kirkwood had 7" of snow and lake tahoe 5". leyla? >> keep the changes handy mobile 360 is across the bay and now up to marina boulevard we have truck on the road slowing things down if you head in the southbound direction through hayward you can see the traffic is fuller but, still moving along and other parts of the bay area are starting with the peninsula with an accident in the clearing stages, northbound 280 near millbrae avenue the drive through millbrae is dissipating and you get further into san francisco it is breezy.
6:41 am
>> sergio is in nepal the only bay area reporter in the region with the earthquake and after shocks hitting this morning and we will have an update. stay tuned.
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>> covering walnut creek burlingame campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> we go back now to breaking news in nepal where the death toll now is climbing after a major 7.3 earthquake followed by numerous after shocks this morning. >> sergio is in the capital of katmandu and is on phone with what he saw and felt. sergio, you tweeted about people crying and frightened after the shocks. >> the people just went through the horrible earthquake a couple of weeks ago and when you get here you can see what they went through, buildings are top medical over. i am sure for the people who are in the neighborhood where i am feeling the earthquake was probably pretty terrifying. i am in a densely populated
6:45 am
portion of the downtown area that has 4-5 story masonry buildings and people were flooding out of the buildings and pointing at the roof trying to decide if it would topple over. it was shocking for a while. >> in the neighborhood you are in what are you seeing in the way of emergency response officials or relief workers? >> it is interesting. this is what would usually be a busy neighborhood in the afternoon and evening. that is what time it is now. it is a guest town. there is no damage here. i know there is damage in a couple of other neighborhoods of katmandu, the capital almost immediately after the earthquake i could hear the rescue helicopters and there are relief workers here. i saw a couple of big military
6:46 am
helicopters pass over. >> sergio we know you are doing great reporting and following a bay area relief agency doubt their help is >> the video was shot by sergio, folks. >> the median cost of a house in san jose? $900,000. >> batteries and wine go together at a local >> the dow is down 177 points with the s&p and nasdaq down and bond yields are going up and verizon buying aol in $4.4 billion deal. the price of a previously owned home in san jose hit $900,
6:47 am
11 percent from a year ago. this is the median price. the median. so some really expensive homes pushed the numbers higher. >> batteries and wine, jackson winery in santa rosa the first businesses to use tesla's commercial energy battery in its pilot program. >> also, smart fitting are helping so people can compare clothes side-by-side and it is helping the sales. stay tuned. >> the on-line market place is looking to bounce back after the stock tanked 8 percent yesterday. the reason is longed to concerns over counterfeit goods. cnn reports numerous instances where goods being sold violated copyright infringement for nfl and disney which is the parent
6:48 am
company of abc7. it just started trading publicly. >> ikea has a new approach to customer service hoping to boost sales. >> they will serve breakfast in bed to londoners. they will let people resident a bed in the store show room between 7:00 a.m. and noon. people would reserve a 45-minute time slot can relax snooze and be served a traditional swedish we breakfast but at noon it will be rented out for naps. >> only if they serve the swedish meatballs. >> for breakfast? >> yes. >> okay. >> the meatballs. the gravy. >> that good? >> yep! >> now a look at the weather
6:49 am
forecast. now, the winds are the big story. only santa rosa and livermore and san jose are less than ten miles per hour. the fastest is 29 miles per hour and through the evening hours we have airport weather warping for gusts up to 45 miles per hour and we are seeing that on mount tamalpais and a reason why we are great 3-9 degrees cooler-than-average with more than 14 hours of sunshine today. on the peninsula, we are 48 in menlo park and everyone else at 50 to 52 degrees and same on the east bay shore at 47 in san jose and los gatos is 42 and san ramon is 46 and a lot of low-to-mid 50s for the neighborhoods and napa is 45 and san francisco is 49. it will be a breezy day no doubt, chilled sunshine and light showers tomorrow through thursday and a quiet weekend with cooler-than-average conditions still 70s los gatos and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 60 throughout the south bay and mid-60s for most of the peninsula to low 60 and
6:50 am
palo alto is 67 and milbrae is 59. we are in the mid-to-upper 50s along the coast to nearly 60 downtown san francisco and sausalito. 65 in petaluma to extent in santa rosa and saratoga and the range in the valleys and 63 to 65 along the east bay shore with oakland and castro valley at 65 and san ramon is cool at 66 and all the way to 74th warm spot in brentwood. tonight, with the cloud cover in the mid-40s to low 50s for the low, below average again. i will show you what is going on on wednesday morning, at 8:00 cloudy for commute but fairly dry headed into wednesday evening with drizzle along the coast and showers moving in as the rush hour begins at 5 o'clock through 10:00. if you are not touched by then at noon you will have a touch of wet weather through 5:00 and by 9:00 it is over. the commuter model is generous
6:51 am
so wishful thing we can get from .1" to half an inch. it will be coolest on thursday with 50s and 60s and friday we are seeing sunshine and 50 at the coast and 60s around the bay and 70s inland through the weekend. >> we did a 180 with mobile 360 and are headed southbound on 880 through hayward and where we are fining the bulk of the traffic. southbound side you will find tail lights and you have a bright sun so pack the sunglasses, northbound traffic looking decent at 1238. starting with san jose that is 87 near julian street and the bulk of the traffic is closer to highway 85, capitol expressway, and the rest of the drive is moving smoothly and we will take you back into millbrae where we have an accident that is clear the northbound 280 and the rest of the peninsula is at top speed along 101 and 280 and this
6:52 am
sunday looking ahead it is, course zany bay to breakers starting south of market area up to ocean beach. big traffic impact. >> back with seven things to know before you go. stay tuned.
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6:54 am
officials are warning people to expect traffic delays at the exciting amgen tour of california rates through livermore today. 143 of the best bicyclists in the world are taking part starting sunday in sacramento and moved to the foothills today. stage three today is the only one in the bay area for the race and it started at 10:45 at the community center and they will ride up to livermore and back down to san jose finishing near the motorcycle park at 3:00 p.m. >> check out the race and clear on the bicyclists. >> it is now 6:54. here are seven things to foe before you go: the death toll in nepal continues to rise following another earthquake in that country overnight. at least 42 people have died. more than a thousand are injured after the magnitude earthquake 7.3 earthquake hit. >> a group involved in the
6:55 am
recovery effort was on the ground in nepal when the earthquake hit along with our reporter, who says that the group of motherland nepal check merchandise and is safe. sergio will have a report on how the effort is help those in need tonight at look. >> the 31-year-old man accused in two sexual assaulted will be arraigned today according to the sheriff. mohammad khaliqi is accused of trying to sexually assault a san jose teen in her home after following her home from school and accused of attacking a woman at a market last month. >> a biggest water provider in the bay area wants to impose rationing and the rationing could could by next month based on customers' water use in 2013. regulators still need to sign off. >> the warriors return to oracle arena tomorrow to take on the grizzlies tied at two each.
6:56 am
they won last night in a nearly must win game with dozens of tickets still available for game five. >> middle 40s to low 50s in most our bart stakes and the breezes are making it feel cooler than that and that is the theme today breezy conditions and cooler-than-average conditions. 65 to 74 inland and up to around the bay. >> a look at san mateo bridge 17 minutes turned into 30 and we do have high winds and a sign that is lit up so that is causing delays and breezy over the golden gate bridge but no accidents. a great tuesday. >> we continue on-line and twitter and facebook and all the mobile devices and back in 25 minutes with news and weather and traveler during "good morning america" and see you
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good morning, america. and breaking news. hit again. another deadly earthquake rocking nepal this morning. people rushing into the streets for safety. the country still reeling from that devastating quake that killed thousands. the very latest right now. new this morning brady bombshell. tom brady benched by the nfl for cheating. his team also hit hard in the deflategate scandal. overnight brady's agent vowing to fight. star players react. did the league go too far in suspending its best player, not far enough, or get it right? belly landing. sparks flying during this emergency landing. >> there is no left main gear. >> it's up and locked. >> the plane skidding to a stop. passengers quickly evacuated. how the pilot got everyone on the ground safely. ♪ what doesn't kill you makes you stronger ♪


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