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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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ichltd strong spring storm brought heavy rain and hail and even some lightning and thunder today. >> while the downpour left people drenched boy we can sure use every drop. good evening. >> here's a live look from the exploratorium camera. skies starting to clear up. >> 7 news physician here with live doppler 7 hd. >> it has completely quieted down from earlier today. look at of live doppler 7hd. few clouds left over here but when you look at what happened this afternoon we had kuwait a few lightning strike. hundreds of lightning strike around the state of california and some of those thunderstorms that moved through proud heavy rain. pen grove inch of rain inch in sunnyvale b-3 quarters inch at allen rock and move it field if
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you are/10s in san jose and life more. back with a look at the weekend forecast let you know if any more rain on hot rise. >> thanks very much. storm came through the south basement at about 5:30 tonight. no major problems but we saw some affects from the rain. if we are leif in san jose with a look at the downpour there. >> this business all that's left of it right down here. people tell that you say they were surprised because they weren't expecting this much rain to fall down. this afternoon. it came down during the rush hour. fortunately it didn't cuss any wide spread traffic problems. steady shower with thunder and lightning swept through san jose late this afternoon. abc 7 viewer snapped this photo of what appears to be a developing funnel cloud. but there were no reports of any tornadoes. >> it was unexpected but i'm glad that it raped. >> dawn visiting from boston says he was the only one walking with an umbrella. you
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brought an umbrella 8. i did. i brought an umbrella. >>reporter: why. >> because every time i come here it rains. >>reporter: we invited don to kilometer become to confidential soon. the rain began pouring in san jose around 5:30. >> it didn't affect traffic that much. we were on surface streets not on the freeway season joyed it. it was nice and pleasant. >>reporter: chp says san jose only had 3 more collisions than on an average dry day. partly because the rush hour was moving at slow pace when the showers hit and many other drivers were still in the office. in san jose, abc 7 news. the listen to. that storm also brought hail in the north by. you can see the hail coming down along highway 101 in novato. heavy rain and hail made for some tough driving. >> east bay got good soaking too. moderate steady rain slowed down drivers in concord along highway 4 this afternoon. really wet roads everywhere. >> storm even brought snow to the sierra. here's video of
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interstate 80 at soda springs early tonight. all the snow on the road didn't really do much to slow down drivers. when you get unusual weather where you live take a photo or video and share it with us using this hash-tag. >> breaking news tonight. sad to say. blue legend bb king has died. 89-year-old died today at his home in las vegas. musician had been in hospice care for several weeks. king has been on numerous list of the greatest guitarist of all time anden deducted into the r&b hall of fame last year. >> police in vallejo try to track down a killer as family friends mourn the loss of high school student. 17-year-old the boy was shot near the high school today. fv we are leif from the vallejo police department latest tonight. katie? >>reporter: police not releasing any suspect details or a motive in the shooting. max parents held vigil in the exact spot where their son was
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shot and killed and they beg the young people who gather there to stop the violence. >> he was such a good boy. >>reporter: dozens of people came out with candles and flowers to honor 17-year-old max rusk. he was shot an killed along a canal on ascot parkway near his high school. just last week he was posing for pictures with his girlfriend on prom night. >> ty you have to come with me it's my last year he said okay baby i'll try everything icap. >>reporter: naomi says machx max scraped together the money and made it happen. this vigil is the first of 14 they will hold. this is fran days of peace. >> nightmare in the day time. hope you can wake up from but you won't. >> never. >> max was good kid. >> very good kid. >> loved his life. >>reporter: police locked down 2 schools searching for whoever pulled the trigger. >> we had our entire police department throughout including several the k 9 officers an asked for help with the chp. they had a fixed wing airplane and helicopter.
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>>reporter: they didn't find anything. loved ones can not make sense of the sudden loss. >> i guess i'll just see him in my dream. >>reporter: anyone with information on the shooting should call police. this is abc 7 news. >> new development in the deadly train derail in the meantime philadelphia. one of the 8 people who died has bay area ties. he used to live in walnut creek. friends tell us he and his wife well known in the community because they did so much for those in need. >> before in the house since 2008. of very good person. not just for us for all community. >> they did dinner every month in oakland for the homeless. pishtion work in san francisco until 2008. he and family then manufactured back east where he worked for wells fargo. >> investigators say the train accelerate from 70 miles an hour to more than 100 just seconds before it derailed. engineer brandon boss agreed to
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speak with investigators in the next few days. 8 people died. and 43 people are still in the hospital tonight. >> police lacking for possible victims after recording device was found in bathroom at uc berkeley. found last week staff restroom in residence hall. police believe it's been there since april. uc police invest 50th ago possible suspect who is no longer at uc berkeley. >> just week after high school baseball player lost his scholarship because of racial slur caught on camera, the 2 rival teams met again. the they played at st. mary's high school in berkeley. as katie reports, there was more on the line than a leg championship. about. >> it was destined to good this way. >> pinole valley high school and st. mary's of berkeley no choice but to address racial tension head first in the home plate. >> still big issue and still topic around our school. >>reporter: two week after racial slur caught on camera
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caught the pinole valley player college scholarship. >> i understand he was wrong. he understands he was wrong. >>reporter: the team met again at leg championship app the father spoke out notch way he could get through this unscathed. he has to learn a lesson and he did. >>reporter: the lesson is perhaps twofold. >> the words the words have power. >>reporter: and words may be posted to social media that can't be taken back. >> could have been a better way to handle all this. >> social media created wildfire around this so everybody had an opinion. >>reporter: conversations happening in person too. >> we have to learn and grow in different ways. this has been a good example and good stepping stone for the school. >>reporter: step towards sports manship on and off the feechltd. >> his apology was sincere. >>reporter: this is abc 7 news berkeley. >> more to come here. housing feud that has crossed the line. >> l dan has been investigating threats racial slur and intimidation. tenant gone too
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far and why captain the landlord evict him. what he found is coming. >> local lingerie store for plus size women vandalize for the third time. why the owner thinks her shoyps being deliberately targeted. >> healthy handshake could mean more than jaws good first
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♪ ♪ ♪ you're only young once. unless you have a subaru. (announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. >> south bay business has been hit by vandals three times in the last two months. the owner thinks it may be because of the type of business. each time someone has thrown rocks that the store. crystal runs curvey girl and she may be targeted
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because the store is for plus size women. police say there have been a number of similar incidents in the area. >> san francisco firefighters has been trying for two years to the move his mother-in-law in a building he owns where he lives. >> but he can't get a tenant to leave. this is the case study about the other side of the rent crisis and this battle has become very nasty. >> it really has. dan is here with a story you will see only on abc 7. >> tv we hear all the time about big landlord taking advantage of 10 apartment and jacking up the rent. but consider what this firefighters lawyer says. that the pepped lump has swung too far in favor of tenants and small property owners are having a tough time controlling their own buildings controlling their own buildings. >> for 20 years dan lee has put his life on the line as san francisco firefighters. he received a commendation for rescue rescuing a woman trapped under a muni light rail car in 2004 and injured his back falling from a ladder during this inferno 4 years ago. >> i fractured my l 5 s win.
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also sen some intense action at home. tenant nearly clipping him with a car and yelling racial slur through the front door. lee tells me he his wife and 3 young children feel like prisoners in their own home. >> we were to come home and 10 and leaving my kids would not venture out of the garage unless i'm escorting them. that's how afraid they are of him this began in 1999 when lee purchased this split level with tenant in rent controlled unit on the first floor. about daniel whittaker declined my request for an interview. but he has been very public about his battle with stanley. appearing at tenant rights rall appearing at tenant rights rally last fall. >> i make pretty good money in any other city i could probably own a house. here in san
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francisco right now if i had to be releebingted i honestly i don't know what i will do. >> stan lee tells me at first whittaker paid his rent on time whittaker paid his rent on time. but as the yourself passed some of whittaker checks started to bounce. >> looking back now he was late about 30 percent of the time. >> lee finally sued whittaker for become rent. the firefighters says his own credit took a hit as he tried to cover all the expenses with the rent coming superior add klichlt finally made a decision to get out of the rental business. and move his mother-in-law in the downstairs unit. he's not worth it any more being landlord in san francisco. we just want to live peacefully in our building. >> whittaker refused to move. lee tried he vex. law allows property owners to get out of the parental business but lee former attorney left out one clause about a tenant abandon property so whittaker won the case with free legal help from the housing clinic. >> i fought the man i fought them hard. i one pretty much every battle. >>reporter: now lee new
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attorney is trying a different tactic. allowed under the city code. relative move in. an drew tells me the case shows the pendulum has swung too far protecting tenant against landlord. >> current mayor and current folk in charge right now have really, really lost sight of the right to property owners. >> i'm sorry to hear of someone has felt that they have maybe an ordinance amount of steps toough. but we emphasize fairness. there are lights to be protected by both landlords and tenants. >> mayor lee tells me the answer is more affordable housing. to give 10 ants such as whittaker options. in the mean time we are left with angry and sometimes inaccurate rhetoric. >> my landlord about got bitten by the agreed bug. they did everything they possibly could. they made my life hell. because they stand to reap millions off this building. >> actually zillo place also the property value at 1.6 million. stanley tells me he has no plans to sell. and he
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will be losing money without whittaker rent coming in. but that's okay. >>. it's all about family. >> thinks a financial burden here. it's my mother-in-law. i'll be cooking for her. helping her do her laundry here. like she was part of the family she is. >> since i make calls on the case it looks like there has been some machlt. let you know how it turns out. tenant attorney from the housing clinic declined to be enter vawd. if you have an idea for my next investigation call this about number or e-mail me at this site. >> what a story. >> absolutely. >> thanks dan. >> thanks. >> experts say counterfeit product popping up everywhere and you could buy one and not even know it. >> we found situation where is our major retailers are actually getting counterfeit product returned back to them. >> then they could end up on store shelves. 7 on your side investigation with michael finney look at what retail
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doors to fight back. that is tomorrow night at 11:00 right here on abc 7. >> for now we check open our weather and the rain we got today. >> we got good soaking around the bay area. sandhya tracked it going in and going out. >> that's right. it is all quiet on live doppler 7hd very different from earlier today. you can see some clouds hanging around parts of the bay area. it has been snowing in the south like tahoe area the last few hours. light snow but switched over to rain again so we are watching that for you on radar here. and it was coming down pretty good. this picture was sent by viewer from ukiah. you can see the flooding on the roadway there. she said it was pouring for a while. sierra nevada temperatures in the 50's but half mp bay you already dropped down to 48 degrees. headed to consolidate morning from our sutro tower cam are, from our sutro tower cam are san francisco looking good. sun clouds tomorrow. dry for the weekend and we look at milder pattern next week. bringing the temperatures back
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up closer to where we should be for this time of year. here's the system that pushed through and that's what sparked all the thunderstorms. we are expecting the low pressure system and cold front to continue to work its way south ward. today southern california already saw its share of rain and you add to that this system heading into the area and they do have concerns for flash flooding tomorrow afternoon. i'll show you that in just a moment tomorrow morning and afternoon. 11:00 o'clock tonight you see the cloud cover around. tomorrow morning commute here in the bay area will include some clouds. maybe some patchy fog and then as we head towards the afternoon hours we brick out into some sunshine to make sure you have the shade with you. there is all the rain and thunderstorms potential for southern skoovl if heading in that direction keep that in mind. lacking at some snow for the mountains as well. snow in the sierra expecting couple more inches possibly. wenter storm warning remains up until tomorrow the evening at 5:00 o'clock. so you go up to tahoe you have to keep that in mean. temperatures first they think in the morning. 46 agree ins
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nap a.half machine bay 47 in santa cruz. santa rosa. cooler spots you bill need a sweeter or jacket. 49 in fairfield. right around the coast and bay. temperatures in the low 50's. now for your afternoon the numbers will remain close to today levels even though not expecting rain. still going to be cooler than average. 57 in half man bay. 58 san francisco. across the bay oakland low 60's upper 60's fairfield livermore san jose santa rosa 68 at clear like 64 in santa cruz. we call it partly cloudy in the accu-weather 7 day forecast for your friday and the weekend is dry. mid 50's to low 70's varying degree of cloud cover. we head towards next week the biggest thing you notice is after slight dip in the temperatures monday numbers start to rebound a little bit. recovering. coming up a few degrees which means by wednesday thursday hopefully we'll be back up to average for this time of year. or at least closer to it. this point no mainly swing in the temperatures. this was a as crazy as it gets today.
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>> all right thank you sandhya. >> coming up next on 7 news. security problems brewing for starbucks. >> how criminals are cashing in
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cilts breaking into the star box app. you can buy coffee from your phone and charge the account. gift cards are added to accounts an reloaded them. company blames the breach on weak pass words and promises to reimburse customers. >> well forget cholesterol levels or bloop. researchers say handshake may be the best indicator of heart health. doctors at the university in ontario canada followed 140 patients and reduced grip strength was linked to heart attack and stroke. >> there you go. >> interesting. >> all right. let's see.
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>> not that i don't trust you. >> larry not trusting. >> buzz error something. >> in sports. >> i thought of that. >> tv i don't doubt it was on your mind. tim admitted it was in his head tonight. not the reds. it was the mound. that
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>> good evening. giants open 4 game weekend series in cincinnati tonight. tim didn't so much lose to the reds. he was beaten by the mound. if timy trying to scrape the mud out of his cleats. but not effective. he slips on the
11:29 pm
throw here allowing todd frazier to steal second base. both pitch hers issues on the mound. balk called. 2 nothing giants in the fourth. tim stumble again. goes to a knee. he said the mound just got in his head he couldn't get his fatting. walked him and giants down 3-2. angel in the eighth knock and 3-3 game. here it comes and there it goes. it's the bird flying. solo shot off romo. 3 rbi in the game here. had been slumping that's over. reds win 4-3 and the a's had the day off. if the warriors were watching the clippers game tonight i bet they were they got a lesson in exactly how hard it is to close-out a good team. get to the other highlights in a moment but first the warriors back in memphis a and looking ahead to game 6 tomorrow night. after lose twoing in a row in a series they realize they needed to turn up the intensity. especially on defense. green says that is what changed the
11:30 pm
series. >> we turn up the physicality and pch just focus level everything was just 100 percent pwetsd. and that's really when the series turned and i think we start being at the time aggressor instead of us being on our heel. we put them on their heel. that's what that made the difference the last 2 games. >> clipper eliminate the rock net game 6. griffin. 360 spin net game 6. griffin. 360 spin. no look backward flip. are you sear us? bad shot in the game of horse. 28 for griffin. clippers blow a 19 point lead. rockets on a run. the jumper and josh smith on fire. rocket out score the clip 40 to 15 in the fourth. force a game 7. 119-107. how about game 6. cavs bulls former st. mary's star matthew the l with a spin move. he had
11:31 pm
19 points in 34 minutes on 7 of 11 shooting. tom eliminate the bulls 4 games to 2. 94-73. it was the best scoring game for him this entire season and he took over. not lebron james. matthew and lebron said that's my guy ichltd good work. >> the deli. >> good games this whole series both sides. >> this is exciting and what happens tonight to the rocket and clippers. clippers stung. we had pencil them in to the west final and fell apart
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>> that's our report. >> thanks for joining us right now. amy schumer is on "jimmy kimmel live". >> ♪ from hollywood! amy schumer, chris "ludacris" bridges, and music from jose gonzalez! here's jimmy kimmel! ♪


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