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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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live from the kgo broadcast center. this is a -- abc7 news. >> a police chase ends in a hit-and-run. now the arrest of three murder suspects. >> i and family and friends feel a sense of closure. >> i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. >> she was struck in the street in early april. >> cornell better -- bernard brought you the story. cornell? >> dan, the arrest is definately bringing relief to 235e78 -- to family and friends. she was crossing the street at kearney and california when a speeding car took her life and kept on going. dramatic police case through san francisco on april 10th. three armed robbery suspects on the run in a stolen car. 42-year-old bridget was struck
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and killed in the crosswalk at kearney and california by the suspects who kept on going. now more than a month later san francisco police arrest the trio for the murder. 19-year-old robert, 19-year-old hunter and 18-year-old fivesi. samuel was bridget's friend and roommate. >> it does bring a little closure. i am glad they caught them so they don't kill anyone else. >> we spoke with john clecker from north carolina. >> it is not going to bring my daughter back, but we're appreciative that the folks were involved are not going to be able to do it again. >> bridget was a long-time san francisco resident who loved her dog and her job managing restaurants on the campus of mountain view. >> bridget didn't have a mean bone in her body. she was highly intelligent. she could not get enough of the city.
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>> san francisco police say the dangerous felons were arrested with the help of police in hayward, santa rosa and the fbi. abc7 news. a small kitchen fire had a tremendous impact in oakland. it happened at a house on 89th avenue in the webster neighborhood. a woman in her 50s died. two men are in grave condition all overcome by smoke. firefighters say it is surprising because the house has three smoke detectors that appear to be working. investigators are thought sure why the victims couldn't get out sooner. tonight a big change. public pressure is forcing the library system to stop throwing away thousands of books it deemed unuse believe a. abc7 news first reported the story in february. our facebook post got nationwide attention on this subject, and with more than 76,000 people sharing the story with their facebook friends. alan wang is live in fremont with new details. alan? >> dan at issue is the value
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of a book. this was one of the books that was thrown away. library officials say the information in this book and many others is outdated or they simply weren't being read so they had to be dumped. this video of alameda county library employees throwing away thousands of books forced administrators to find a way to preserve them. tonight the library advisory board found it was a good idea to contract discover books, a nonrost that collects -- nonprofit that collects, resells and gives away the material. but they are upset that an estimated 172,000 items got dumped. >> many books are pulled off the shelf without consideration for their value. jay it is information that is four years old. it is financial information that is four years old. i wouldn't want to give this to somebody who was trying to rebuild their finances. >> every book has historical value and they criticized the policy that trashes books that are not being used enough.
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>> they guarantee the dumbing down of our cultural and intellectual heritage. >> they say the public library is not an archive. its mission is to provide books that people want to read. the difference now is the books won't be immediately thrown away. 234 alameda county, alan wang abc7 news. new details tonight. a window washing company faces five safety citations after a worker plunged 11 stories. he is still recovering after falling from a roof in san francisco last november and landing on a car. today cal-osha announced nearly $13,000 of penalties against century window cleaning in redwood city. it cited the lack of fall protection equipment and training. >> a massive oil spill has prompted the governor to declare a state of emergency. oil has left muck across nine miles of ocean near santa santa barbara. a broken pipe spewed oil down
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the drain and into the ocean. it took three hours to shutdown leaking up to 105,000 gallons. an estimated 21,000 gallons reached the sea. local beaches and camp grounds are expected to remain closed through the weekend. >> we deeply, deeply regret this incident has occurred at all. we apologize for the damage that has been done to the wildlife and then -- and the environment. >> they are shutting down operations because of the spill. >> the proclamation helps speed up the state resources. >> for the first time in years state regulators are ordering farmers with century old water rights to stop pumping from the san juaquin river. this must have stunned growers who today volunteered to cut the water use by 25%. those orders will be sent out this friday. more across the board cuts are expected for california farmers as this drought gets worse. the family of an elderly san francisco woman is
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pleading for help to find the person who attacked her. she is in a coma after being hit in the head by a stranger on mother's day. abc7 news reporter is live in chinatown where the attack may have happened. katie? >> because the victim didn't get help right away police only know that it happened as she was getting off a bus maybe here on stockton street. now i talked with a member of the chinese benevolent association and he is not at all surprised that this particular victim didn't call police. >> in their generation the law is not there to protect us. it dwoas back to the -- it goes back to the chinese exclusion act. >> he -- she didn't call police after she was hit twice in the head by a woman as she got off the bus on mother's day. the tragedy is it took a fall down the stairs days later to get help and by then it was too late.
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>> the result is that she will not recover from this injury again. the likelihood of her waking up is not possible. >> they are hoping someone saw something that can help solve this crime. she did manage to tell her family a good saw -- good samaritan came to her aid. >> he may have seen the suspect. he may have seen the incident happen. >> community leaders in chinatown are hoping others can learn from this. >> when there is an incident you should make a report right away. don't wait until this lady here and we feel bad. >> they are looking through hours of surveillance. so far they only found this image on a sidewalk. in san francisco abc7 news. a moving tribute to cyclists injured or killed on public roadways. abc7 news was in san francisco for the ride of silence. people road their bicycles for 10 miles and held brief
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moments of silence at locations across the city where cyclists have been killed. one mother got on a bike for the first time since her son was killed. >> drive like it is your son or daughter on the street. if people drove that way there would be a lot less death. >> participants want drivers to share the road with cyclists and make sure everyone is safe. well, do you check out reviews before trying a new restaurant or maybe a doctor? how do you know they are real reviews? >> michael finney is here with an investigation. it is interesting. >> on-line reviews are big business. what you need to know to avoid getting fooled. >> why a popular grocery chain is pulling some ground beef from storms. >> and the tumble that took center stage. why this family will never forget this day at the lake. >> i am meteorologist sandhya patel. you will be seeing slick streets for your morning commute.
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a grocery outlet is pulling harris ranch brand ground beef off its shelves because of a concern it may contain glass. this comes after an oakley woman says she found glass chards in her meat loaf. they pulled all of the packages of meat from the 185 stores. 31 are here in the bay area. store officials say they are trying to determine where that glass actually came from. there is a thriving industry right now around the posting of fake reviews.
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people are getting paid to write glowing reviews leaving you to wonder which you can trust this. >> michael finney shows us what we need to know to protect ourselves. >> offers from both those who pay for reviews and those who write them are blatant. the intent is to get a positive review of a service. the reviewer may not have even tried it. >> she saw a posting involving social media and thought it would be perfect for her. >> social media comes easy for me. >> the oaknd la resident replied to a blind e-mail box and received a job offer to write a review for a plastic surgeon. courtney never heard of the doctor but she was sent a glowing review and told to cut and paste it on to yelp. >> i said i i am not doing this. 24 is crazy unethical. >> courtney may have turned down the job but there are plenty of others ready and willing. we found several people advertising their services to
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write positive reviews on a site. i will do high quality positive review wrote an dry yaw 89. i will write a 300-word product or service review for $5. i will review anywhere once for $5. you can also provide me your own review and i will post-it. >> that is unethical. they haven't purchased the product or they haven't had a experience with that product. >> jt is the head of authenticity. his job is to make sure reviews posted on a company site are legitimate. >> we flag 2% of content as suspicious. >> it goes through extra testing. if it is fraudulent it is removed from a fraudulent site. we asked newman to apply and see what would happen. the ad seemed inpho sent enough.
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innocent enough. get paid to post reviews in san francisco. it didn't take much to get hired. >> i just had to reply to the ad. what they want me to do is write a review. >> she was asked to review a diet supplement and that one asked if she tried the product. >> i never tried a weight loss product that was the form of a pill. they want me to write a positive five-star review. >> earlier this year yelp flagged 85 businesses with this alert. warning consumers that the company can be inflated. >> there is a description we found behind the scenes. they can read that and make their own decision. >> yelp says certain businesses use fake reviews. >> we have seen evidence of medical businesses and dentists trying to game our system and purchase and offer a review.
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>> back to courtney who was asked to review andrew barnette on yelp. dr. barnette has offices in wall net creek and five-star reviews from 46 of 51 people posting on yelp. we contacted dr. barnette and he declined to go on camera but said a company called future solutions media worked on his behalf without authorization and later billed him. he went on to say let me be perfectly clear. i did not and never have paid anyone or asked anyone to write a fake review. we reached out to future solutions and never heard back. >> he has four out of five and a half stars. which are real. are any of them real? >> yelp issued 300 alerts since 2012. the uh lertsz expire -- the alerts expire after 90 days. right now there are no active alerts on yelp. to distinguish a fake review from a real one don't rely on
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a single review. look for trends. compare reviews reviews and read sites such as expeaked yaw -- expedia. >> makes good sense. thank you michael. we are seeing widespread drizzle out there which we need. abc7 news was in san francisco where people had to pull out the umbrellas. >> meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the details. sandhya? >> reporter: -- >> we have seen some heavy dries wrel -- dash heavy drizzle. live doppler 7hd will show you how cloudy it is and how extensive it is across the bay area. as you look at the temperatures a look at what is ahead. well, more of this from the exploratorium camera. you will see more cloudy conditions and damp conditions for your morning drive. isolated showers could linger into tomorrow afternoon. we are looking at sunnier and milder conditions. here is the area of low pressure that is squeezing out
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a little drizzle. it is pushing out. another low will drop down. it will stay along the coastline here keeping us cooler than average this time of year. and then it will head into southern california. we will have another drizzly friday morning ahead. let's look at our computer animation. drizzle and light showers into the morning commute. you will see the wet spots so be careful. it is much needed moisture, but it could mess up the commute. a lingering chance of a few sours as we head into the afternoon and evening hours. especially toward the south bay and up toward the lake county area where we saw numerous showers and storms with hail. in the sierra nevada we will be talking about a couple inches of snow. if you are heading to. >> seem tee you will want -- if you are heading to yosemite you will want to pack according lie. people often ask what is the difference? it is getting wet. it is the size of the drops that is the difference between
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drizzle and showers. upper 40s to mid50s. the bottom line is it is good sleeping weather tonight. tomorrow morning may have a difficult time getting up because of the cool conditions. staying cloudy and cool in the afternoon tomorrow. 60 degrees in san francisco. 59 half moon bay. 70 in santa rosa and 71 antioch. concord 68. oakland 64. you will see a temperature of 65 in santa cruz. not exactly where you should be this time of year, but that will be changing. here is the forecast for the giants and dodgers as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. at&t park low 60s. mostly cloudy. pack a sweatshirt. a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast will feature a damp more than -- morning on thursday. a drizzly start on friday and then we will switch things up. you notice the temperatures coming up a few degrees bay and inland. then the temperatures will inch up mid70s inland and upper 50s to low 60s at the coast. the biggest thing you will notice is it brightens up a
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little sooner and we won't be looking at drizzly nights and mornings. nice to see those drops, but not great for the hair. >> i next on abc7 news family fail. >> how
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to look around ♪ >> go. oh my gosh. >> a proposal on the shores of lake michigan didn't go as planned. the future mother-in-law stole the show after she took a face plant in the sand. the soon to be groom got down on his knee and proposed to his lady. she said yes. the mom managed to laugh the entire time.
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>> all's well that ends well. now with sports. >> we will scrape mom off the sand. she will be fine. >> are you okay? >> timmy time is back to being fun time for the giants. a career milestone
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at subway, a great meal starts with a great sandwich on the new "simple 6 menu." with six of our best six-inch subs, like the tender turkey breast plus any bag of chips and a 21-ounce drink for just $6 every day. good evening. after a slow start the giants have played much better the past few weeks trying to reel in the first place dodgers with timlin tim lincecum on the mount against l.a. sandhya, ago tau vive -- activate live doppler 7hd. they end the 6th passing carl hubble for tort in the all time giants strikeout
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list. the giants are up 1-0 in the seventh. deep to center and timmy goes seven score less frames. bottom of 7 and here it comes and there it goes for buster posey. two-run shot to left center. and then peterson pops up and liens into the dodger dugout. he makes the grab. giants win their fifth straight. bumgarner versus kershaw. evan gatis got it all off jesse hahn. astros take a 3-1 lead. fear the beard. he gets josh red duck looking -- reddick looking. the a's lose again 6-1. steph curry is the mvp and according to the nba he may be
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in the running for best actor. the league fines steph for flopping in game one. upon further review no fine was deserved. terrence jones contested the shot. not a lot of contact up top, but jones' legs bangs steph's legs on the way down. the proper call is what the receives did no call and no fine was warranted. green was named to the first team all defense. they give up a lot in size and it makes up in tenacity. bogit earned a $1.9 million bonus. oh i wish i was 6-11. cavs and hawks and game one of the eastern conference finals. going baseline with authority. this game belonged to jr smith. six in the second half. jr feeling it. it was a four-point game.
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showing up and showing up angry. what a lovely day. he goes for 31. and the stanley cup playoffs. we go to over time and the wrister top shelf. that's your game winner. warriors are in action tomorrow night at oracle. >> thank you. abc7 news continues on-line, on twitter facebook and on all of your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. >> our next newscast is
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sandhya patel right now on "jimmy kimmel live," tim mcgraw >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- tim mcgraw and from "the middle", patricia heaton with cleto and the cletones and now, by the way, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. thank


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