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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  May 21, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> breaking news is in the north basement magnitude 4.1 earthquake struck wine country. >> here's a look at the situations month graph. rattled nerves as people from the about last earthquake from last august. >> it hit nip miles north of napa and 16 miles north of last year 6.0napa quake. >> we have coverage for you fit. we begin with alan who is live in napa tonight where people really felt a good jolt there. the. >> yes. here in napa 30's definitely a difference if the degree of shake that go people felt. people in do you want napa say they barely felt it while the people up in the north part of town say they definitely felt the earthquake. the shps and stores along redwood road near highway 29
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people say they felt the quake that lasted between 5 and 10 seconds long. rattled bottles and food items but we haven't seen neglect that fell off the shelf. it appears the quake water felt by more people the further north towards yountville that you go. sz. >> i thought i saw wobble coming along and i saw the lottery accept within el a little bit and grab that and grab the stationary counter and did a little ride. >> it was good enough shake where you could feel it sitting on the couch. yes. >> knock anything off the shelf. >> no wasn't that violent. it was more a gentle rocking f.definitely noticeable. >> 2 jolt. first one i got up out of the chair had time to say that was an earthquake. heard the metal pans hand me start to make noise an second jolt came. like a relevant jolt but enough to make everything here rattle. >> so far the napa county sheriff's department sits has no reports of damage or injuries. this was nowhere
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near the magnitude 6 near the magnitude 6.0earthquake that struck back in august and caused wide spread damp but definitely enough to realities some nerves out here. this is abc 7 news. >> the quake was widely felt throughout the north bay. thinks the usgs map the start epi-center and green blue color indicate where people have reported feeling the quake. >> we continue our team coverage now with if katie who is live from the usgs in menlo park. >> you spoke with an expert about the earthquake possible connection to the much larger earthquake last august. katie. >>reporter: yes. some interesting stuff come out of the usgs. i talked with research geo-physicist inside not listening ago and he says it is possible there is a cause and effect relationship between tonight earth quick and the beg napa earthquake. couple differences though tonight earthquake happened north of the green valley fault. also north of the napa quake and further east into the hills but
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it did have the same strike flip motion consistent with the area. possible it's just another quake or the napa earthquake could have actually set the stage for tonight shaking. >> the stress did change as a result of the napa earth quake. at this point we don't have the model updateed to see whether this was an area where the stress was in ceased or decreased. >> tells me more than 2000 people have reported feeling the quake on the web site. mostly in the north bay but also few in richmond and berkeley. they report weak shaking that would you expect with this yaibing. >> also with the magnitude quake often anything in the 4 quake often anything in the 4.region will see 2.or 3 point 0after shock. so far none reported tonight. which is also something that is typical for a 4.1 quake. go either way. this is abc 7 news. >> thank you katie. >> 300 people suffered injuries
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in the quake last august. more than 1,000 buildings were damaged. wane industry was hit hard. winery in napa county suffered at least 50 million dollars in damage. >> now you can depend on 7 news to follow the story bring you any new information during the newscast. also follow us on our twitter feed at 7 news bay area for continue area for continuing coverage. >> you will find guidelines for stocking a survival kit and emergency plan for your family at our web site under prepared about nor cal. >> do that now. our top story tonight. shaking going on at oracle arena as warriors take game 2 in the championship series against the rockets. >> good time. live team coverage. this is katie with the fans but first mike is there with the game itself. >> what a game we had. warriors win 99-nature. of course steff and james 1 and 2 in the mvp voting. there is
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somebody that stands out beside the two and tonight it was andrew for the warriors with the play off game of his life. tlau down 14 points. had he a career high of 5 block shot and had 8 rebound along with 4 assist. he has been battling the flu since game 1. not feeling well. and of course the humble australian never talks about himself but after the game we asked him how he felt. >> i feel like i'm getting of it hopefully 3 or 4 day thing and not an excuse. dwight is playing hurt. i have to suck it up and mav on. try better and i.v. couple nights ago so had more energy to move around. >> men a lot for the team. he's our big guy and he showed up tonight and got some bucket on the offensive end and defensive end that's what we needed tonight. >> warriors had had you stop game 3 for 2 nothing lead
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f.larry has more coming up in sports. reporting life at oracle, abc 7 news. >> great night there warriors hard fought battle kept everyone on their seat but not everyone than gets to sit around. we talk to the people who are cheering on the team the while working fivrjts it was such a close game many people catching glance at the television monitor couldn't be in the arena to see it and you could feel the sense of relief and the excitement as people walked out tonight if. >> warriors the ♪ ♪. >>reporter: but these folk are only part of the nation. this is behind the scenes warrior who make oracle the best fan experience. >> hi. how are you? if same old same old. >>reporter: pre-game jitter. cool by danielle downey. >> same drink. same way trt same bar 10er. before they walk in. >>reporter: after working as
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bartender at oracle arena for more than 15 years. >> thank you guys. >>reporter: she's ready for the play off pay off. >> i have been waiting a long time for this. the very listening time. if i was telling them i need a championship. >>reporter: she want the war yrs to bring it home. for the family. the fans. the staff. >> they turn that family like this guy. >> same seat for so long you note ushers and give them high 5 when you see them. tell. >>reporter: joyce an usher for 26 years and counting is leak the renna mom. she make sure you are dressed right in gold and blue. if helpful in fashion and function. pl and just plain friendly. fight you get to know everybody. it's more like a home. tevshl family out here. that's what it's all about. >>reporter: oracle is a home with a lot of if the will have.
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>> i believe in the were your. strength in numbers. >>reporter: at oracle if abc 7 news. >> series to houston for game 3 and 4 saturday and mochbilityd you can watch all the games on our sister network and of course this is the home for the nba finals. hope the were yrs good all the way. catch exciting action beginning june fourth. the other news tonight. 24 year veteran of the santa clara police department is accused of theft tonight. it happened at the target store westgate center in san jose. police say store security spotted officer the winn using burglary tool to unlock a smart watch valued 250 dollars. he's on paid administrative leave. salmonella out brick in southern california spread now to 8 other states. there are 31 illnesses here mostly in the los angeles and san diego area los angeles and san diego areas. most people ate sushi
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with are you tuna. patient include an infant. health investigators trying to find the source. they have identified 5 cluster where sick people ate from the same places people ate from the same places. symptoms of salmonella include diary a-fever abdominal cramp l painful and uncomfortable and if not treated potentially death. >> mainly weekend traffic nightmare in san francisco is on hold. engineers say the may 28 closure of doyle drive has been postponed because fire ventilation communication system i hope the new tunnel in the ready. tunnel part of the new pre-situated why parkway connect the marina in san francisco to the golden gate bridge. new closure date announced when soft which are finished. >> closed for the memorial day weekend. live look from the bridge camera. cal-trans true continue to resurface and treat the deck as well as perform maintenance repairs. closure starts tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. and it ends 5:00 o'clock monday morning. >> another commute note.
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there's bart service this weekend between the fruitvale coliseum airport station because of whale replacement project. bus bridge set up but bart says riders may experience delay. >> don't forget help and a half debiting around traffic program get the ways app on the smar phone. join our group for free on a el app store or information google play. charity diaper drive ruined by dirty thieves. next on 7 news. how the community is rallying to get the good cause back on track. >> plus. move over tell houser >> plus. move over tell houser. prodegy just made the grade in very big way. he's only 11. >> and him if magic. big party at disneyland tonight. fight cloudy drizzle start to the morning but it's going look very different as we hit the weekend
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jeans sawsz. >> suspect in that quadruple murder in dc has been arrested after a day long man hunt. 34-year-old daryn wind arrested few hours ago. he was accused of killing an executive, wife, of killing an executive, wife, 10-year-old son and housekeeper before setting the house on fire. wind a former welder had previously walk for the victim previously walk for the victim's company. >> community is rallying around a charity hit by thieves. we are in oakland as donation stack up. 1,000 donated diapers stolen out of the car after she picked him up from a church diaper drive after posting about the theft on facebook. friends strangers alike really stepped up donating more than 8,000 new
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diapers. >> people started responding quickly and compassionately and saying like that's so sad i'm so sorry. be great if we could help. next day i got 8 box office diapers. >> it's nice when kindness wins out she said. happy mother out is non-profit organization that helps distribute type investigators family in need. if you want to help we have a link at our web site. >> good cause. he can't drive or vote but one northern california boy already has 4 degrees. in the middle of all the college graduate in sacramento. tell abraham 11 years old. at 10:00 he graduate ateed high school. year later he earned 3 associate degree. he did it by taking college courses while still in high school. >> about math and physical science and i get general science and also foreign language studies. >> he now plans to get the bachelor degree. some day he
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hopes this become nobel praises winning doctor then president. >> some day. we think by 17 or 18 is that before he gets his license. distracting. >> the good for him. in just hours disneyland will kick off the diamond celebration. >> doors first open at disneyland on disneyland on july 17 1955 and now if 50 years later there is a party like no other. >> going to be a lot of new stuff to see including fireworks show and the paint the night parade feature the night parade featuring 1 million led lights. >> disney chairman and ceo says it's historic celebration. >> building opening disneyland probably one of the most important most historic moments in the 90 plus history of the company. so celebrating the 60th anniversary is obviously celebrating something that is so meaningful fight abc 7 news traffic reporter got the very cool assignment of going to disneyland for the 60th celebration. >> she will be live on the
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morning news as the park opens for 24 straight hours to kick off the event. join us at 4:30 off the event. join us at 4:30. >> she's already at the park. tweeting pictures and update leading up to the celebration. here's pack it she posted tonight showing the crowd of people lining up for tickets. you can follow her at this site. >> staying here. >> weather is nice this weekend >> weather is nice this weekend. >> the the foyvrjt it is pleasant this upcoming weekend. look at live doppler 7hd. this is pretty familiar to you. quite a bit of cloud cover. and we will be seeing some drizzle for the morning commute. snow showers in the sierra close down so nor 0pass. now just in case you are heading there the snow showers are tapering off but redevelop tomorrow really mixing in with written and slate chance of thunderstorms if traveling to yosemite to did some camping for the long holiday weekend expect mix of snow rain. chance on saturday and stay
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unceltsed on sunday and like i said slight chance of thunderstorms during the time period. slit chance of some lingering showers on memorial day but certainly getting a little bit warmer for the afternoon hours. that's what we see here as well for the holiday weekend. temperatures right now in the 50's. as you look at what is ahead for the morning commute. exploratorium camp are showing you really over cast skies over the financial district. damp area in the morning. sunny mild this weekend with near average condition expected for next week in terms of our temperatures. one low moves out another low moves in and this one is heading that southern california but until it moves inland this weekend we are going to continue to see the cooler than average condition going that tomorrow. some 80's of drizzle towards the morning commute. you have to watch out for some damp spots and then for the afternoon and evening we see some sunshine breaking through but not everywhere cloud still hang around interthe coast and around the bay. here's where the changes begin on saturday a little bit warmer. as we head towards sunday it will be the warmest day with some 80's
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showing up in our inland community then cooler on memorial day as the sea breeze comes in and cloud cover a little bit heavy but still very please apartment for any plans you might have. tomorrow morning temperatures in the 50's. drizzle in spots so you mate need the wipers then tomorrow afternoon you look at some lingering clouds coast side sunny break-in land. 72 antioch. 71 livermore fairfield. 68 agrees mid 60's around oakland free mont. 67 in san jose. palo alto 060 san francisco. 59 half machine bay. look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast we feature dryer conditions as we head into the weekend and certainly brighter weather. warmest day of the long holiday weekend. coast side a little cooler for memorial day and in case you fire up the grill i believe the barbecue is at dan's house. temperatures will drop a little bit and then we see recovery wednesday thursday near average upper 70's inland low 60's coast. so i think we need to
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find out what tame dan is invited. >> i'll not be there because i'll be here. but. >> all right thanks. >> coming up next 7 news. big surprise from the father of the bride.
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. >> weddings are usually steep in tradition of course but one father daughter forge their own father daughter forge their own. in ohio instead of father daughter dance jim surprised his daughter can gas a game of catch. she view about up as tom boy playing sports. he says he couldn't immanuel a traditional dance with her. kind of fun. >> that is neat. i like it a lot. >> she has good arm. >> she can catch. >> i like that. very good. >> in other sports news. the
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lasso fence locking up james harden with the
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. >> good evening. warriors eek out a 1 point win. splash brothers combine to make the big play on defense that won the game. really sloppy first half. but it was all warriors early. the steal. andre with authority and warriors build a 17 point cushion on and steff looking for somebody to hug. roar back a run. james harden a bad man. dwight howard bad knee and all had 19 points. tied at 55 at the half. andrew huge in the game with 14 points huge
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in the game with 14 points. a little off. shimy there. curry and hard than. man to man. baby face assassin goes for 33. warriors blew an 8 point lead under 2 minutes left. harden had 38 10 and 9 assist. howard there and 1 point game. they double team harden with seconds left. he lasts the bull. don't everyone get a shot off. the splash brothers smother him and take it away. let's not bust up the furniture. okay. warriors game 2 99-98. >> at that point just don't let him get a shot off. try to be the hero. so we were able to get it done and keep about the fix!next next game protect our lead down the stretch of the fourth quarter. >> at this point take a win any way we can get it and went out and we still got a lot of things to improve on. start to play better but feels great when you get a win. fight never seen if i team go through the play offs just with ease. it's hard. play off games are
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hard. right where we need to be. on the 2 at home. let 2 slip away so now we good back to houston. take care of best at home. just because we good home doesn't make it easy. >> game 3. saturday nature in houston. on to baseball. giants sweep the done percent madison bump garner homering off clayton kershaw doesn't get better than that. he said pitchers should be able to hit. oh, he can hit. high. deep. aloha. means goodbye. first pitch tore take kershaw deputy as the mad bum legend continues to grow. he went 6 and third innings. struck out 6. improved 5 on the year. blank l.a. 3 straight games in the sweep. 4 nothing. 10 zip in the series. 6 consecutive win and close in a game and a half of the dodgers. alex styling and profiling. taking the time to get the cap just right. chavez. he pitched well but if
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had the no. 2 for 4 in the game. solo bomb in the seventh. the curse continues. tibl the a's fall 3 nothing. and bad news on the neck injury suffered by cocoa crisp. a's have announcement on that but the ominous note on social media. more serious than they had feared. >> they were hoping he would be able to come back. doesn't sound good. learn more about it tomorrow. >> thanks larry. >> abc 7 news does continue now on line on twitter facebook and all the mobile device on the 7 news app. >> next newscast at 4:30 tomorrow morning ♪ ♪
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sf. >> all right that is our
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report. we appreciate your time. >> for all of us here thanks for joining us right now "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- howie mandel. ray liotta. this week in unnecessary censorship. and music from zedd. with cleto and the cletones. and now, all of a sudden, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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