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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 26, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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. live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. good afternoon everybody. i'm larry beil. >> i'm ama daetz. nine people are dead after torrential flooding hit texas. it shows street parking lots, home and shopping centers all under water. 11 inches of rain overwhelmed the city last night. >> up to 700 homes in harris county which includes the city of houston have been damaged. this elderly woman had to be rescued from her flooded home. >> and check out this home in wemberley, texas that's south of austin and the blanco river ripped it from its foundation. the river went to 44 feet that's ten feet higher than the previous record and philip mena has a look at the widespread
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damage in texas. >> reporter: houston, the nation's fourth largest city is under water in many areas. >> this is a little bit of a situation of a tale of two cities. >> torrential rains triggered flash flooding on the city streets. forecasters say almost a foot of rain pouring down in just a matter of hours. >> probable like, underneath the beltway. >> the deluge sent cars floating down roads. some stranded motorists had to climb under their car roofs just to escape the deep water while waiting to be rescued. >> normally we had about 900 calls for service in a 24-hour period and as of 9:30 this morning we responded to 968. >> officials say last night's flooding claimed at least three more lives and city leaders are urging people to stay indoors. >> and if you can stay home please stay home. >> reporter: heavy rain in other parts of texas last weekend brought more flooding to the already saturated state. the governor declaring 37
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counties disaster areas. president obama says fema is on the ground coordinating with local first responders. >> i assured governor abbott that he can count on the help of the federal government. >> so far the storms have left at least nine dead and many more missing near san antonio. among those rescuers are searching for laura mccomb and her two children. >> she called me. she said i'm in a house. i'm floating down the river. >> and tonight there are at least a dozen people still missing. philip mena, abc news, wemberley, texas. >> more than a hundred houston rockets fans were stranded along with dwight howard. an arena posted the emergency flood advisory during the game last night. and 15,000 people stayed at least an hour and the number dwindled as the evening wore on. most of his teammates left because they live close by the arena, but he wanted to play it safe. >> i live far from here.
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they said that the road i would take to my house is flooded and i don't want to be on the highway stuck and i would rather be here sitting and on the floor and enjoying the scenery, so i'm happy about that. >> so many cars did get stranded. arena officials opened up the club level for fans to get food and refreshment and howard was playing ambassador and visiting some of the fans were staying there. >> that is nice and the warriors are back home playing against the houston rockets and steph appears to be fine. that's everybody's question. the team's charter landed at 1:15 this afternoon. as the players and coaches got off of the plane. as for last night the warriors, while they trailed from the start and this was the flight that scared everybody, mvp steph curry upended after crashing into the rockets' trevor ariza. doctors and trainers spent the last several minutes making sure curry did not have a concussion. doctors said he did not and he
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returned in the second half. >> not how i envisioned the game going and at this point we lost but all in all i came out of that relatively okay. >> james harden scored 45 points leading the rockets to a 128-115 victory. golden state still leading the series three games to one. >> many warriors are fans are wondering if curry's fall, so hard to watch, will affect him for game five. that was the hot topic of conversation on sports talk radio. abc 7 news is at 95.7 and callers were expressing support for curry and they think curry will be all right. >> you never know until you get a chance to rest and recuperate to see if there are lasting impacts from a fall like that. he landed awkwardly on his back and neck so there could be an impact, but in reality steph curry will be okay. >> chad ewing doesn't expect cur
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toe slow down his pace in tomorrow's game five and he says that's why he's the mvp of the league. >> game five is tomorrow at oracle and an interesting note for warriors fans and they clinched on the road every night and we look forward to that. if needed game six will be back in houston on friday and game seven ator beingael on sunday and you can catch the action our sister network espn and abc 7 is your home for the nba finals and the finals begin right here on june 4th. >> and warriors fans show us your pride. we want to see you cheering on the dubs and they're one win away from the nba finals and use the hash tag dubson7 and we are featureing your fan photos on air and online on abc 7 turning to the weather now and we may be in the middle of a drought and there may be a little bit of rain occasionally. abc 7 news was on howard street as people popped up their
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umbrellas as a light mist covered san francisco. >> spencer christian with our first look at the accuweather update. hi, spencer. >> there is a slight chance we'll see more drizzly drops tonight and nothing significant and it may be enough to dampen the windshield or cause you to put up your umbrella and things are dry in the bay area and we have low clouds containing some moisture near the coast as you can see over the golden gate bridge right now and these are the wet spots over the next 24 hours and lahonda 500 and 300 at half moon bay and 200 in san francisco and 100 of an inch in watsonville and here's a look atom nows clouds and the current temperatures are 64 and 60 in san francisco and 67 in san jose and 72 at san jose and 61 in half moon bay and here's our view looking over san francisco into partly cloudy skies and in nap a 67 and pet lum a 61 and 72 in fairfield and 71 in
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fairfield. as he looked at clouds along the bay, here ate first forecast, we'll see low clouds much like last night and there may be spotty drizzle and mostly cloudy in the early morning hours and giving way to mainly sunny skies and it will be warmer inland tomorrow with the warmest inland spots and not much warmer than the coast and i'll give you a look farther into the forecast future. larry and ama? >> an apple facility caught fire in arizona. it started just before 11:30. the fire appeared on solar panels, not inside and the crews knocked them down in less than 45 minutes and there were no reports of injuries and the cause is under investigation. arson investigators in va vallejo are looking into the cause of a suspicious fire. it broke out on martin street arth 2:30 this mo of morning and it was fully engulfed. a homeless man was staying
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inside, but he wasn't hurt. this is the fourth fire in vallejo in the last 48 hours. a decades-old missing persons case is a step closer from being solved today. remains found five years ago east of fremont are indeed that of 21-year-old elisabeth martinsson martinsson, she was an exchange student from sweden. her family has been notified. the family she stayed with issued this statement today. elisabeth worked for our family as an au pair. she was a wonderful soul and very kind and she's still missed today. martinsson's cause of death has not been determined, but authorities suspect foul play and vic lee will have a full report on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> two armed robbery suspects are in custody in oakland following a brief search. sky 7 hd were on the scene around 10:00 this morning and police started receiving reports of two armed menñi robbing multiple victims near fruitvale and david street and no one was
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hurt in those robberyies and police tracked them to a vacant home on mitchell and arrested them. two burglars were caught on camera in this surveillance video. the burglary took place at 4:00 in the afternoon on harington court. they got away with electronic devices and jewelry. if you know these two men you are asked to call the los altos police department. >> palo alto's last remaining mobile home park could end but the residents promised not to go out without a fight. it is along el camino real and matt keller has more on the story from palo alto's city hall. >> reporter: welcome to the buena vista mobile home park tucked away in el camino real. it's the last mobile home park in palo alto. 12 studio units and one single-family home. in november 20 twechl the owner submitted an application to close it. the residents fought back and now sit in limbo wondering if
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and when the eviction notices will arrive. >> it's in god's hands man. this whole thing is in god's hands. >> even the city council has limitations. the council can't stop the owner from closing the park. they can only discuss the adequacy of the relocation benefits required by a palo alto ordinance. basically the residents need to be paid for the value of their mobile home, a rent subsidy residents were offered from $12,000 to $29,000 and others may be getting more or less however with rental and home prices skyrocketing in silicon valley residents may be forced to look outside the bay area. >> if he offered me $29,000, and i look in the same mountain view, the value is $200,000 is not fair. >> in today's meeting the council will decide if the amount of the independent a praiser is adequate. they can approve the closure or
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hire another a praiser, one is the palo alto school system has been included. >> one of the main reason people are here is because they want their school. they want a good education for their kids and want their kids to do better. >> city and county leaders have been buying the mobile home park for affordable housing and they don't want to discuss the deal until after the city council approves. in palo alto matt keller, abc 7 news. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 amtrak's new plan to keep passengers on the tracks after the deadly derailment in philadelphia. hundreds of east bay children may soon lose the school and the plea parents are getting ready to make tonight. >> a water mystery in the east bay. the leak creating a muddy mess that no one can seem to figure out. >> at 4:11, our first check of afternoon traffic and a live look at the san mateo bridge going to the peninsula and the exit at hayward was stacked up a
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little bit and the righthand side going back toward 101 south
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covering loss altos, petaluma and the bay area this is abc 7 news. a state-funded preschool in antioch may be forced to close leaving 300 kids without a free preschool preschool. tonight parents and administrators are taking concerns to the city council hoping they will help. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez is live in antioch with the latest effort to save this school. lyanne? >> reporter: hi, ama.
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in a few hour the city council chambers will be packed with parents asking for their support to help save their school. if that fails tomorrow the parents will face the school board. >> kids' club in antioch has served many families who can't afford to pay. it has truly been a preschool for all funded by the state and free for most families. >> it's helped a lot for my kids spelling reading, writing. >> for the past ten years the antioch unified school district his leased the space to the preschool for less than $5,000 a month. last year the district notified them it wanted the space back for their special needs kids. >> finding a similar space for that amount of money has been impossible, but recently the director of the preschool approached the city and the school district about two vacant parcels where they can build on. >> we have put in offers for both land that's owned by the city and the school district. both parcels are sitting vacant
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right now and we have requested use of them and we have not heard back from the city nor the school district at this point in time. >> abc 7 news did this afternoon. the city manager said selling or leasing any land would be a lengthy process. >> you have to declare it a surplus and we don't think there's anything the city can do in the short run to be very helpful. >> parents aren't giving up yet. this evening they will ask the city council to intervene on their behalf. >> we can't afford a preschool. this is the only way that our children can get the head start can have a preschool like all the other kids. >> the school has until july 31st to find a space or it will have to close. in antioch, lyanne melendez abc 7 news. >> amtrak says it will install video cameras that record the actions of trade engineers and this move follows the deadly derailment in philadelphia two
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weeks ago and investigators are searching for clues to determine what the train's engineer did just before the crash. he suffered a head injury and has told investigators he can't remember what happened. the owner of the ruptured pipeline in santa barbara county hopes to have the portion of the pipe removed by the end of the day. the pipe broke a week ago creating a 10-square mile oil slick in the ocean. brandy hit has the latest. the ruptured oil line that caused the devastating spill around santa barbara's coastline is in the process of being removed for further investigation. >> after we move the affected section of pipeline the remaining portion of the line will be completely purged with inert gas. >> reporter: that's not the only potential problem site. all-american pipelines has a preliminary report red flagged and four possible hazard areas along the 11-mile stretch of pipe. >> if not, we will cover it back up and go on to the next one.
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>> it's believed up to 101,000 gallons of oil spilled over last week's break leaving no escape for wild life spilling through the blackened water. at least one sea lion and nine oil-covered pelicans have been killed along with countless amounts of fish. and with so much thick sludge washing ashore, hundreds of additional volunteers are now being given a crash course on safely removing oil from beaches that remain closed. >> now is the time for helping. right now i think we ought to come together to clean this mess up. >> governor jerry brown's emergency proclamation is freeing up state funding for immediate clean up costs and it is unknown how much that tab will total and it insists it will pay for everything. in los angeles brandy hit abc 7 news. >> delta air lines is expanding its service into the bay area adding a deadly non-stop flight in atlanta and oakland
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international airport. >> through hartsfield jackson international airport begins october 1st. port officials say atlanta is one of oakland international's largest underserved markets and the new service will help keep up with demand. >> we demand weather right now. that's what we need and more normal conditions today. >> a little more blue sky out there, spencer. >> that's true. it's getting bluer as we speak and it's going to be getting warmer in our inland areas steadily over the next several days and the coast not so much. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd and we have cloudy skies over the bay and we're cloudier than that at the coast and mainly sunny inland. let's move inland and take a look at stormy weather. remember those violent storms that hit eastern texas and oklahoma yesterday. it has moved on to parts of georgia and northern florida and another area of severe weather concern has developed in texas again, west of dallas and this entire area of yellow is under a
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tornado watch as powerful storms are rumbling through that area and a tornado warning is in effect in that area and our line is in the red box and east of kedo along interstate 20 and it looks like a very powerful cell there watching what develops in central texas for you. >> back in the bay area and breezy in some spots and gust ney others and 31-mile-per-hour gusts and 22 hayward and 25 at mountain view so the winds are blowing. here's a look at partly cloudy skies over the bay from the south beach camera here in downtown san francisco and he's are our forecast features and we will see cloudy conditions overnight with patchy drizzle likely and warmer inland in the next few days and the cooler pattern will settle in on sunday and might even bring a drizzle with it. here's a look at the water vapor satellite image and the disturbed weather beginning to push out of the bay area slowly right now and building in behind that will be a weak ridge of high pressure which means only weak warming.
4:21 pm
we'll feel the warming areas over the bay and not much on the coast and as we skip ahead for the weekend, by sunday it seems more drizzle is possible and sunday is looking like a sunny and warm day. overnight, lots of low clouds pushing inland and drizzle is likely along the coast and we'll see low temperatures in the low to mid-50s. mainly sunny inland with highs up to 80 degrees in the warmest inland locations and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast and notice the steady high temperatures and into the mid-80s and mid to upper 70s along the bay and only low 60s on the coast and a sharp cooldown on sunday and get back to a more -- to a steadier, more seasonal pattern and we still see no significant rainfall in the future. larry and ama? >> thank you, spencer. up next, meet the matriarch of dub nation and the prediction this 105-year-old hoops fan is making for her warriors. >> the championship?
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new after 4:30, the man who tried to unseat a longtime south bay congressman
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german chancellor angela merkel tops the list of the world's most powerful women. merkel has topped the list for five straight years and ten times in all. the women on the list represent various categories including politics, business and philanthropy. as for the rest of the top five hillary clinton is number two and melinda gates is third. janet yellin falls two spots to number four and general motors ceo mary barra is fifth. merriam-webster's dictionary is out with the new words and phrases. among the highlights net neutrality, dark money emoji and meme. msfw and meaning not safe for
4:25 pm
work and online discussions to warm people about the contents of a particular link. >> all right. let's go back and talk about the warriors more. the dubs not a secret weapon and the loyal fans in the game and you're about to meet one of them as abc news reporter katie udas explains she's been a fan for a long, long time. >> it's a long story and you don't want to hear it, but i'll tell it anyway. >> the dub nation has a matriarch. >> i love to get in there and fight with them. >> her name is sweetie. >> lord have mercy. >> reporter: she's 105 years old and can't say just how long she's been a warriors fan. >> it's been a long time. me and my husband used to watch it and we used to go to the games. >> reporter: now she watches at home. >> take it while you can. >> reporter: where she lives independently. >> we can't believe it. >> reporter: her daughter lily tony brings by meals and helps sweetie get in the game. >> it's amazing that she can
4:26 pm
follow the game and she's really into it. >> reporter: her advice to the warriors. >> and they need to mind their ps and qs and don't be shopping with the ball. >> reporter: her longevity is clean eating and in her fridge, milk, orange juice and water to drink. >> sweetie isn't shy, her favorite player is green and she thinks coach kerr can be too timid on the side lines. >> i can have my opinion because i'm old. >> reporter: in two weeks she'll turn 106 and she'll hopefully celebrate with a championship. >> i want to see them do it and i hope they do and i think they will. >> strength in numbers means the weight of 105 years behind the warriors. katie udas, abc 7 news. >> love sweetie. >> she's great! >> she's right about the turnovers, he's sloppy with the ball and the warriors have to get into a sweep for tomorrow night. >> yes! >> fantastic. when abc 7 news at 4:00
4:27 pm
continues -- >> oh my god. >> the rock looking so worried there. california gets hit by the big one on the big screen. so what are the real-life lessons we can learn from the movie "san andre as". >> not what you want to hear during a drought. a mysterious water leak that has everybody scratching their heads in the east bay. >> up first, where do you go when floodwaters rush into your home and we'll
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live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc 7 news. in news making headlines where you live at 4:30 skeletal remains found in the east bay have been identified as those of 21-year-old elisabeth martinsson, a swedish exchange student who disappeared in marin more than three decades ago. abc 7 news reporter vic lee will have a full report coming up on the news at 5:00. a new study reveals homelessness is causing santa clara county $520 million per year. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen reports that this is the highest cost study of homelessness. san francisco port officials presented an update on theirfá plans to prevent mason. carolyn tyler will show you why
4:31 pm
on abc 7 news at 5:00 and devastating flash floods in houston, three people are dead and three more missing and dozens of homes, businesses and cars have been destroyed and reporter jeff ewing where the cleanup is just getting started. jeff? >> reporter: let me give you an idea of where we are. it's southwest houston and just beyond that tree line over there. that is one of the main drainage paths in our city for heavy rain. where i'm standing we got ten inches of rain in just one hour. there was no place for that water to go. so when it crested over the bayou homeowners started putting towels right along their doors to keep the water out but it was never going to be good enough because take a look at this. this is the debris line two and a half feet of water inside this home and left the people who live in this home scrambling to get to safe, high and dry areas inside their house and it's the same story in house after house along this street and in this
4:32 pm
neighborhood. at 1:30 this morning everything was nine and their homes were dry, but shortly after that the water came rushing in and filling up their homes. in some cases it came in like a torrent. >> i had to check the perimeters to see and it looked like the majority of the rain had passed so i thought we were safe and literally within the half an hour you can hear the water literally from all corners of the house was coming in with a speed to it, as well. >> the people who live inside this home are now cleaning up but when the water was rushing in they had no place to go except in their attic. they ran upstairs as fast as they possibly could and they had to stay up there for about three hours until the water started to come down later this afternoon. >> reporting live in houston, jeff eling, abc 7 news. >> thank you, jeff. while texas has more water than they know what to do with, we're still dealing with a drought in california. in the east bay one family is
4:33 pm
awash in water and the source is unknown. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is in san ramon to explain. >> reporter: hi ama. let's show you the problem here. while these folks watched their neighbors' lawn turn brown, these folks are awash in water and an overabundance in source with no clear source. >> it has turned into a full-blown mess for arlene gallegos and her family. it has to do with the incessant flow of water in front of her san ramon home and the soggy marsh that's become her backyard. >> it's what we call the mystery water because we can't seem to identify where the source of the water is coming from. >> for seven months the water has flowed from the hillside behind gallegos' home. >> east bay mud does have a
4:34 pm
pumping station nearby. >> this is where they have a giant sink hole. >> and they had extensive testing out there and they have detected no leaks so far so it is a mystery. meantime all the gallegos fa amly can do and channel it away from the home before it does more damage. >> it's very sad because we're in a drought here and there is excessive water coming from all these unknown places. >> there are natural springs in the area, but if that's the cause, so far no one has been able to find it. in san ramon laura anthony abc 7 news. >> former 49er ray mcdonald will be in court late in july a few hours after that arrest and is accused of physically assaulting a woman while she was holding a
4:35 pm
baby. it was his third arrest in a year. the niners let him go after the second arrest and the chicago bears cut mcdonald yesterday. family and teammates are praying for a miracle in southern california after a stand-out athlete suffered a brain aneurism on the field. 15-year-old dana housely collapsed in fontana. doctors say her progress has been kind of grim. >> the big bat, and she was spectacular. just a great kid. she had an off day. >> i hope she comes back. i hope she comes out of her coma. to hear her laugh or talk smile. >> we have a group convo going on with the team and we keep on hoping and praying that she'll be okay and we'll be able to see her again. >> a go fund me account has raised $41,000 for her family. a rematch is in the works for a congressional seat representing the silicon valley. will cota will challenge mike
4:36 pm
honda. cota lost his seat in 2014 to the fellow democrat by 3.6 percentage points. cot a an attorney and lecturer from fremont is set to make his candidacy official this saturday. there is a new democrat in the presidential race. vermont senator bernie sanders officially announced his candidacy away. he vowed to make revolutionary changes to climate change and the nation's economic structure. >> this type of raped economy is not what america is supposed to be about. this has got to change and as your president, together we are going to change it. >> sanders also promised to run a clean campaign with no personal attackers on gossip. the federal appeals court did not raise president obama's controversial immigration. if allowed to take effect, it
4:37 pm
could help as many as 5 million immigrants currently living in the u.s. illegally. the department of justice was seeking to overturn a texas judge's decision to temporarily block the president's border. coming up 7 on your side's michael finney will tell us about this latest data breach. a volcano that is now spewing fire smoke and lafrva and the fragile okay system at risk. >> from the coast and beyond, will they produce sprinkles? i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. and traffic has returned to the bay area freeways after the memorial day holiday yesterday. we are looking at the macarthur maze on the right hand side and that's 80 westbound approaching the bay bridge. slow, but not quite as slow as 80 eastbound on the left hand side of your screen.
4:38 pm
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4:40 pm
a volcano in the gallop goes on island is erupting for the first time in three decades. this is the volcano in ecuador spewing fire smoke and lava into the sky. unfortunately, also threatening a fragile ecosystem. the galgalapagos. as of now the lava does not pose any danger to the only population of pink iguanas in the world. >> that's boofrleautiful. >> yeah. >> keep the pink iguanas safe as well.
4:41 pm
>> beautiful at any distance spencer christian. a rough transition there. i didn't know where to go. >> i thought it was a great trancing. so accurate. >> let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd and we have sunny over inland areas and lots of clouds at the coast. what's changed? not much. let's look at the national weather picture and the eastern third and eastern half of the country from the great lakes and the ohio valley into the deep south and a few thunderstorms over parts of western north dakota and eastern montana, wz well and it will be hot in the desert southwest and mainly dry across the state of california tomorrow and look for highs of 88 in chico and 90 at fresno. 98 in palm springs and here in the bay area we'll see overnight clouds and maybe some overnight drizzle and mainly sunny skies right afternoon over the bay and inland and it will be cloudy at the coast during the day and highs will get up to 80 degrees in the warmest, inland spots tomorrow and here's a look at
4:42 pm
the seven-day high-temperature projection of livermore and an indicator of what inland can expect and a steady pattern of highs in the 70s and rising up to 80 or above on friday and saturday and temperatures will drop off a few degrees on sunday and monday and that's pretty much the pattern we'll all see over the next week here in the bay area. larry and ama. >> thank you spencer. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the cost of fashion and the injuries on the rise for women who wear a popular piece of footwear. >> and the emotional memorial day moment between a 4-year-old and his father is getting a lot of attention online. i'm 7 on your side's michael finney. the irs reveals it's been breached by hackers.
4:43 pm
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covering fremont, palo alto, north bay and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> in health news this afternoon, high heel injuries are on the rise. >> and californians apparently exercise the most. jane king has those stories and more in today's wellness report. >> an analysis of fitness youth found access to parks, trails and nature is a big factor in
4:46 pm
how much people exercise. the research from map my fitness said that is more important than weather. in this study california topped all states in minutes of exercise per week at 87. colorado washington oregon and arizona were in the top five. high heel-related injuries doubled from 2011 to 2012 and we're not talking about blisters. over 80% of the injuries were to the ankle or foot with less than 20% pertaining to the knee, trunk, shoulder or head andec in according to the study. meditation can make you miserable at least that's what one brain expert it is and the promises of inner peace and oneness with the world may come with possible confusion and depression according to researchers in england and baby formula is going gmo-free and the maker of similac advance says it will begin selling the mainstream formula without genetically altered ingredients and the most mainstream baby formula is made with corn and soybean products which is often
4:47 pm
grown with gmocs. from the nasdaq, here's to your health. charter communications wants to spend $55 billion to acquire time warner in a cash and stock deal if approved by the fcc. the new company will become one of the largest paid tv and broadband operators in the u.s. last month comcast's effort to merge with time warner fell apart after opposition from federal regulators. two more restaurant chains say they're getting rid of artificial colors and flavors. pizza hut and taco bell and the latest big food companies to announce plans to remove ingredients completely. others include panera, mcdonald's and subway. they're facing pressure from smaller rivals that position themselves as more wholesome alternatives. >> thieves broke into an irs website and stole valuable information about taxpayers. 7 on your side's michael finney is here and this is a concern if even the irs can't protect
4:48 pm
themselves. >> they have some very sensitive, personal data on 100,000 taxpayers. hackers broke into the is web service called get transcript. the site allows taxpayers to view their tax returns and w-2 forms and other data. the thief his to clear a security screen to get the transcripts, however, they did not gain access to the main tax filing system. the irs shut down the page temporarily and will notify each and every taxpayer whose information has been stolen. summer is on the way and with it a warning. accidents are on the rise, literally. we show youed this horrifying incident yesterday when a water spout lifted a bounce house carrying three young children along. it was 20 feet into the air, throwing the three children out. >> next thing you know, you see kids flying out of the bounce house. a girl hits the floor and the boy hits the floor and the
4:49 pm
bounce house takes off. >> the kids are okay and bounce house accidents are on the rise. about 11,000 incidents are reported each year, double the number back in 200. 8. is likely due to the growing pop laurity. it's continuing its crackdown on for-profit colleges and the agency charged ashworth college was misleading students about career prospects. the online offers classes like real estate and accounting and however, the fcc says the classes do not meet standards for certification in those fields. as for the greed to quit making false claims and to pay an $11 million fine and the action comes after corinthian colleges shut down amid charges it, too made false job claims. >> thank you michael. >> all right. >> trending now. a little boy's emotional day moment getting a lot of attention on the internet today.
4:50 pm
>>r to be here. i know you will be here, and>2ññr i love you. >> 4-year-old christian jacob paid tribute to his dad at arlington national cemetery in virginia. christopher james served in iraq and afghanistan and died in a training accident in 2011. >> that boy is so sweet. a chain store has pulled a shirt from its shelves after it ignited a memorial day controversy. >> a pacsun shirt saying an upside down flag is disrespectful. it's an unofficial signal of distress in the military. >> pacsun said out of respect for those that put their lives on the line we decided to stop selling the licensed flag t-shirt. >> a mother daughter picture is getting attention online. >> dancing with the stars champion rumer willis posted
4:51 pm
this with demi moore. the moment you realize you're becoming your mother. >> it is getting positive feedback with comments like who is the mother? an amazing picture. you have a beautiful inside and out. >> better she look like mom than bruce willis. >> there you go. >> abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. san francisco is destroyed in hollywood's latest disaster flick and up next we'll tell you why some city officials are taking the movie "san andre as" movie very seriously. >> a top police officer in san pablo is arrested. we'll tell you why and a south bay success story. how one of those women may be the key to solving a billion dollar problem. we'll have t
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>> here is tonight's prime time lineup on abc 7. at 8:00 500 questions and two hours of extreme weight loss at
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9:00 and join us for abc news at 11:00 and on jimmy kimmel live,. >> we're using the instagram feed to recognize significant events where you live. the jenny lynn foundation was established in 1994 following the senseless murder of 14-year-old jenny lynn. her parents wanted to honor her life by promoting youth and music education. since her death more than 4,000 students have enjoyed music camps and work shops provided by the foundation. by now you've probably seen the previews for "san andre as," local disaster officials will be there when it hopes on friday. wayne freedman live at vista point. wayne? >> yes. they're looking at that movie as a teaching moment for the rest of the city and not that this disaster in the movie is actually a disaster that could
4:56 pm
befall our city and vista point in san francisco all of these tourists blissfully ignorant of the trauma to come at least according to hollywood. >> are you worried? >> no. >> didn't you see the coming attractions? >> no, i didn't. >> you will right. we have to get over it before it crests! >> reporter: clearly they didn't because come friday the golden gate bridge will be wiped out by a tsunami. elsewhere, the san andre as fault will crack open leaving san francisco in ruins. wait a minute! stop n. if it's reassurance, experts have told us that such damage and effects from a quake on the san andre as fault are virtually impossible unless hollywood gets involved. >> so you're grateful for this movie. >> yes, we are and that's why we
4:57 pm
want to ride the wave. >> that is dan eberley, a man whose name you should never hope to hear again because while actor dwayne johnson plays him in the movie he does it in real-life from the department of emergency management. he'll be seeing the move owe friday and considers it a good excuse to remind locals about being prepared for earthquakes. >> they need a 72-hour supply of food, water cash medicine and a man how to communicate with the rest of the family outside of the area. >> reporter: because when the big one really does arrive your iphone watch will probably not be working. david eberley will though with some help from his friends. >> is that life size? >> absolutely. >> reporter: in san francisco wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> we need one of those in the newsroom. >> body double. >> we do have a list of resources and tips for you to help you prepare for any type of
4:58 pm
disaster including earthquakes and just go to our website abc 7 and look for the prepared nor cal logo. >> thanks for joining us for abc news at 4:00. i'm larry beil. i say justice for her and her baby. >> a family turns out in force after a mother and daughter are killed by an accused drunk driver and the promise they're making to each other. >> plus looking for a killer and a decades-old murder gets a brand new lead. >> a top cop in san pablo gets busted. >> the battle to keep preschoolers learning in antioch. >> i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel and i'll let you know about changes coming up. >> live from the kgo tv broadcast center. this is abc 7 news. a family carries signs asking for justice after a mother, aed to the toddler killed by a suspected drunk driver in livermore and they gathered at a
4:59 pm
courthouse where the defendant faced a judge. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm cheryl jennings. it has been an emotional day for that family and the court appearance was today. esperanza morales and her 14-month-old daughter julie three months ago. >> david louie joins us. >> cheryl and dan, the family is obviously heartec broen over the loss of two lost family members. they're convinced that the driver of the car that caused this fatal accident should pay the price and the district attorney has filed two counts of homicide which could result in two life sentences. >> the more the family learn, the more resolved they are to seek justice for 46-year-old esperanza morales and her-month-old daughter. they were mowed down by a corvette just weeks ago while attending a family gathering. the husband, son, sister and cousins ss drove from monterey county for the arraignment of
5:00 pm
brian zachary jones of livermore shown here going to an earlier court hearing. the judge did not allow cameras in the courtroom today. the district attorney's office says jones was driving at high speeds with a blood alcohol of .14%. >> he went up between 75 miles and 99 miles an hour and i mean, and it's on a 35. that's why my sister and my little niece they didn't have any chance, you know? they didn't have any chance to survive. >> jones' attorney says in alameda county bail is not allowed on homicide charges. >> we always have the right to ask for a bail hearing and ask for bail. in a case like this whenever there is a murder charge and bail is granted it's usually in the millions and frankly, i don't think we're interested in posting a bond that high. >> the defense attorney asked for a three-week delay for jones to enter a plea. >> esperanza morales vowed to return to every court hearing. >> esennia morales is ha


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