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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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impact on used car lots across california. >> morning june 1st. happening you for joining us on mop. i am kristen sze. >> the year is flying by. >> i am eric thomas and leyla gulen is following traffic on this 2015. meteorologist mike nicco is here, to tell us why the weather is still disguised as something else. >> exactly. we are finally if june and it looks like it. but pumping the brakes on weather this morning. there is drizzle and it is affecting the traffic. we will get through this quickly. six miles visibility in napa and some areas could be getting drizzle like at the exploritorium and offer the bay bridge so it is a moist monday morning with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's and 12-hour day planner shows the drizzle ending by noon at 60 to 70 from the coast to inland and a stray shower is possible across the north bay and we are 62 at the coast and 74 inland and fall back into the 60's this evening with the stray shower tapering.
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>> leyla? >> we do not want to zip along in this. look right now at the macarthur maze and the bay bridge toll plaza, you cannot zip along here because the metering lights were turns on and traffic is already quite busy from the east bay. that is a look at the golden gate bridge you can not see the bridge because there is so much fog and we have a lot of drizzle in the area is quite wet conditions. we are hearing of car that slid off the roadway and i am talking napa valley closer to the jarvis winery off of 121 the car slid off the road, totaled itself with possible injuries. slick conditions. that should be a lesson to all to take it easy this morning. >> thank you leyla. california is cracking down on water use again rolling out a new list of restrictions today to deal with the ongoing drought and this time, the penalties are getting more harsh if you do not fall in line. our reporter is in san ramon to
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explain. matt? >> yes, east bay mud is handing out signs that say golden state golden lawn, that is the new reality if residents and city halls as mandatory water conservation rules hit in san ramon and across the bay area and state. starting today 1.3 million east bay mud customers face 20 percent mandatory water reduction limiting yard watering to twice a week and not between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. we met a homeowner said good by to her front lawn and hello to mulch. concrete pavers will replace the grass. >> it will not look so pretty but we have to do our part. >> this is a nice native of california. >> the average customer uses 75 gallons a day. if you do not comply you could face a fine up to $48 penalty on the billing cycle for those using four times as much water as the average customer. how much you conserve depends
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without live. in san jose, customers have 30 percent cut which is why suck suckulent plants have skyrocketed. >> stanford has decided to turn on the down tapes for commencement which are drained a year ago. 60,000 gallons of water will enhance the commencement and deactivate add day after the ceremony and then stored and used to water trees on campus. not just wasted. >> the industry is trying to call itself drought friendly with a campaign called let's tool together to encourage districts to stop pans on selling tools. >> while you are having fun at the pool you are helping to reduce backyard water use. >> that is because pools and spas use half the amount of water unanimous a lawn of
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similar sides. >> the agency claims that the average pool uses a third less water than a similarly sized irrigated lawn. a pool with a cover can save more water. in the bay area the city of san jose has approve add ban on filling or refilling residential pools as it tries to cut the water use by 30 percent. >> three moderate earthquakes struck off the coast of oregon with 5.5 magnitude earthquake at 3:46, 2 accident miles off coos bay. a 4.3 earthquake hit 1:00 o'clock a.m. ten minutes after a 5.8 magnitude earthquake in the same area. there were no tsunami warnings issued and no report of damage or injuries. >> from washington this morning, legal battle has let privacy win over security. the government can no longer collect phone records in bullet but that leaves an opportunity for terrorists. our protest is in the newsroom with more. janet? >> the senate failed to vote on
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a bill that would have extended three key provisions of the n.s.a. controversial program. those provisions expired at midnight and that means right now, the n.s.a. will not be able to collect known reports in bulk. the f.b.i. also is not allowed to use roving wiretaps to monitor a suspect who has multiple phones and officials will not be able to track what is called as a suspect not tied to a terrorist organization. senator rand paul forced a delay the. >> this is a debate over your right to be left alone. >> this n.s.a. bulk collection process was too far so that is why the house of representatives and i voted to get rid of it but they have then the baby out with the bath wart and america's intelligence community is flying blind starting right now. >> president obama and most republicans agree the surveillance program must be reforred soon. they say without it the country's safety is at risk.
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the senate will meet again today to discuss the issue even with the vote, though, it will take a full day for the n.s.a. to reboot the phone collection program. this morning, san francisco mayor lee will unveil his budget plan to the board of supervisors. the budget proposal for the next two years includes an extra $20 million in funding for 400 new san francisco police officers. the mayor is also proposing more than $48 million to upgrade muni with new buses and muni metro cars and bicycle and signal improvements and street improvements. the board will am the budget over the next month before voting on it. amy hollyfield will have more details coming up in a report at 6:30. >> dublin school district is looking for ideas to ease classroom overcrowding. they want your help. officials are inviting parents for a townhall meeting looking at several options including
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portable classrooms and capping enrollment. if you want a say the meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. >> oakland teachers vote on a new contract proposal on wednesday. the union is asking members to vote "no," on the latest offer saying it would not guarantee enough improvements. union leaders say teachers have received only 3.25 percent since 2003 and they want 14 percent to 7 percent raise the next three years. >> cal fire will me begin the first of three training days in east san jose to get ready for the dry conditions facing this summer because of drought. a total of five avenue -- of dry brush will be used for the training burn. people may see a column of smoke between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. this afternoon, today, wednesday and friday. >> firefighters will also start a controlled burn if snow may county today at the warm springs
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dam and will work with county agencies to torch and monitor 80-acre area starting tonight at 5:00. the exercise will help firefighters practice their tactical skills and water conservation. >> we will take rain, any rain but do not know if mike is seeing were. >> we are seeing on the golden gate bridge right mike? >> yes seeing some drizzle at the golden gate bridge and some other areas around right now such as the maze and toward the caldecott tunnel. i was talking to matt by twitter because he is in san ramon and he said it is dry right there. upper 50s up and down the peninsula. as we head into the afternoon hours we will want the north bay as the drizzles dries by noon and you will have a stray shower up there. inland, 70 to 75 most of the bay is 63 to 73 to the south bay and mid-50 to my 60's from the coast to san francisco and so far no delays reported at sfo but you
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can see the low clouds. i will let you know when we are reported and how long. watching the recommended camera leyla will show it to you. >> at look at traffic that is light and it is certainly gloomy and it looks like there is mist that is floating in the air. worry not seeing it make too much contact with the roads however, it could potentially become slick as the morning wears on and water collects. be careful if you head up to the rip -- richmond-san rafael poll poll. there is a major collision at sullivan underpass and detours are in place. there is in estimate of re-opening. we will let you know when we hear. 580 is about june minutes between tracy to dublin and highway 4, 19 minutes from antioch to concord and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is a wet 19 minutes. >> 6:09. keeping warriors pride going strong as we count down to the
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>> covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good monday morning at 6:13 am look at the bay bridge toll plaza you can see the backup is pretty deep. we will find out from leyla gulen what is going on in a couple of minutes. >> the pilot of the solar powered plane trying to circle the globe has stopped if japan after a storm cut short the trip from china to hawaii while trying to fly around the world without a drop of fuel. they want to promote the use of
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renewable energy. >> the trinity river in texas is rising but causing road closure and flooding concerns. dallas issued reverse 9-1-1 calls to residents. officials say there are 21 road closures right now because of high water. north of dallas a lake will crest tomorrow that was already at record level high of 537' yesterday. "good morning america" will have much more on the flooding in texas at 7:00 right here on abc7 news. >> federal officials are wanting consumers to be aware of used cars from texas because thousands of those cars have spent days underwater. they could look great on the outside but could be extensively damaged on the inside. federal officials are trying to identify and catalog water-damaged vehicles to keep them from being resold to consumers. >> a campaign is calling on the food and drug administration to approve and ping pill, vie agree for women.
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the drug which is rejected twice by the f.d.a. is up for consideration again on thursday. some groups accuse the f.d.a. are gender bias for approving bias and other drugs to help men but not for women. >> sometimes we need a little kick to get moving especially on a monday. >> now a teen has come up with just the hinge so you can wake up and smell the coffee. literally. >> check out the sensor wake alarm clock, you can choose which familiar scent you would like to wake up to, cup of jo candy rush which smells like speech and strawberries and it is eco grandly used recyclable pods for the smell which have 630 pumps. >> did you see the dollar option? the money scent? a dollar option. fresh money scent. >> if i smell a cup and there is no coffee i will wake up in an
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evil mood. >> you want an alarm that tricks you. >> could it trick my metabolism i am for it. >> with you there. >> if i have bacon and eggs and have my protein shake in the morning it is a let down. >> already juan 1st can you believe it? >> oh, my. morning, everyone, what sounds more impressive, 90 percent of the days in san jose in may were below average or 28 of 31? it is the same but one sounds more impressive because it is impressive. only the 1st the 2nd and 27th were at average or above. we start off june the same way with visibility at 1.5 miles and petaluma at three miles, and winds are light but for hayward probably not right at 21 because everyone else is at ten miles
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per hour. the mist and drizzle is hanging over the maze this morning. when you get around the bay it will be much wetter than our inland neighborhoods. a stray sure is possible across the north bay this afternoon. i highs are cooler-than-average all week and breezy tomorrow and wednesday and scattered showers are possible on saturday. today, though, we will have low-to-mid 70's for the south bay and the exception is milpitas 69 and to .is 65 more indicative of the peninsula and mid-to-upper 60s today and 62 at half moon bay and we drop to the upper 60's sunset, daly city colma, south san francisco, sought latte at -- sausalito at 62. the green around cloverdale and clear lake, those are the scattered showers across the north bay. mid-to-upper 60s and partly sunny along the east bay with oakland and san leandro and hercules at 65. pleasanton and concord at 71 and
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brentwood at 75. tonight is mild, cloud cover and mid-to-upper 50s again with drizzle and a better chance at the coast and not so heavy as it is this morning. fast forward to saturday and watch north of us, east of us, right over the top of us in the morning, more likely drizzle and to the south during the afternoon hours we have a chance of showers. we are the doughnut hole the center with nothing. here is my seven-day forecast, a degree or two warmer today and wednesday and more sunshine but it will be tempered by the faster breezes and we will jump a couple of dead on thursday and friday before the low comes in and brings us an unsettled and cooler than average weekend. have a great day. how is the drizzle affecting the morning commute? >> it is affecting it a little as you look at walnut creek it look like dry here, southbound 680, however is loading up, 11 minutes gets you between highway 4 and the 24 junction with necessity actions to report in this area.
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that is good news. we will take you into fremont where we have an update from fremont police with a fatal action at mission believe. southbound mission boulevard is should down until noon today and there are detours in place and it was a solo crash involving 100 person who hit a tree. they were taken to the hospital where they died. 580 right now busy at 54 minutes from tracy to dublin and 680 southbound from dublin to mission boulevard south a 23 minute commute and highway 85 northbound from 101 to cupertino, a short five minute >> while we celebrate the warriors we are celebrating the best fans in basketball. >> number one uki grabs that spot. look at the game face and you can see why uki is the fan of the day.
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eat will a popsicle for the warriors look. >> you can get in on the action and share your warriors fan picks using #dubson7. include the city on the post so we can give. >> proper shut out. the next fan of the day could be you. >> abc7 is the only place where you can see the worse and cleveland face off at oracle arena on thursday starting at 6:00 p.m. >> search is on for a bay area woman who stands to make a lost cash. >> the rare item she tossed out the trash for recycling and worth more than she bargained for. >> moviegoers are helping to spur the latest blockbuster.
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>> a woman dropped off what she thought was junk in the bay area but it turned out to be quite a goal. >> people are trying to find home because it included a valuable apple one computer in april the woman dropped off computer at an east bay recycling center. cleaning out her garage. later, employees realized she dropped off one of the first apple computers ever made. the company sold it for $200,000 to a private collector. they want to find her because their policy is to give the owner half of the proceeds. >> $100,000 waiting for you, lady. >> you did not know you had it. >> in southern california plans to build new nfl stadium for the rams are moving forward, and yesterday the we 75-year-old ram stand were imploded. the racetrack closed in december of 2013. the rams owner announced in january he plans to build an 80,000 seat stadium on the site and the programs have not said
6:25 am
if they plan to move back to the los angeles area. >> hollywood's latest disaster flick has struck a nerve with those in california. if san francisco, movie goers spur add blockbuster weekend raking in $53 million earning the number one spot. it is set if san francisco with a passive 9.1 earthquake ravaging the city. 19 of the 20 top grossing theaters in the nation were in the bay area and los angeles. >> kim kardashian is pregnant. again. the 34-year-old reality star said she is expected her second child with her husband kanye west. this came after the mid-season finale of "keeping up with the kardashians," and no word on the due date of the first child northwest, will be two years old net week. a lost jokes about the new name.
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>> i am sure. bruce jenner is taking steps to prepare to become a woman. >> more user friendly for google with changes so i can take more control of your privacy. >> fighting facebook: what the giant is doing that has protesters planning a showdown in menlo park. >> times are good. the city of san francisco has an extra $400 million in its budget for this next year so what would you spend it on? we will tell you what ideas the mayor has next. >> we leave you with look francisco international airport where you can expect arrival delays.
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♪ we came in station wagons, campers, on planes to see what walt had built. ♪ forever young ♪ and what we found was a place that was always growing, but never grew old. ♪ forever young ♪ and now comes a celebration 60 years in the making. the disneyland diamond celebration. ♪ may you stay ♪ with dazzling, new experiences for the young ♪ may you stay ♪ and the young at heart. ♪ forever young ♪ come remember that feeling. ♪ forever young ♪ come feel forever young. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good monday morning. hope you had a great weekend. the start of a new month. we are looking at the embarcadero, in san francisco, and the bay. and the bridge looking like it is getting backed up.
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>> what bridge? exactly. june gloom. deliver on its promise. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. alongside leyla gulen who is our promise expert. and mike nicco with the weather forecast. >> i promised and delivered from friday. >> the postman. delivered. >> delivered. >> delivered. >> here is a look at what is going on outside. our radar is shooting over the drizzle. we know that it is drizzle and not rain. here is a look at the golden gate bridge with many areas around the bay that is wet. it is mild, mid-50s to 60 through 7:00 and well hang in the upper 50s to low 60's throughout the day and the coast. mid-to-upper 60's at the bay and low-to-mid 70's inland. a stray shower is possible across the north bay i have more showers in the seven-day forecast. >> how is it looking? like a soaker. but it is not.
6:31 am
we do have to be wasteful with all of the oil build up and it could be slick. here is a look at the macarthur maze in emeryville and traffic is stacking up 26 minutes from highway 4 to 580 and normally it takes 16 minutes. here is a look at san jose, much more dry. traffic looks like it is slowing headed to cupertino barely any traffic. >> the city of san francisco is preparing to do more to protect you and ease your commute. from more officers to more muni workers, may lee has plans for the big proposal review later this morning. our reporter is at city hall with a look. amy? >> yes kristen, the city is wealthy right now so the city is planning to spend $400 million more dollars next year than it did last year. here is a look a some of the ideas of how the money will be spent. san francisco will be getting new buses and muni metro cars
6:32 am
under the mayor's plan. the budget also calls for improving signals for bikes and pedestrians and grabbing the streets. his plan also has a big focus on police the police department would get $20 million more dollars than last area for new officers and another $3 million for body cameras. here is how the extra money and spending translates into jobs. if this plan passes you can expect to see an extra jobs including police officers and 198 firefighters and 55 emergency medical technicians paramedics. and 36 dispatchers. mayor lee will introduce the plan today and explain it in great detail. the board of supervisors then would have to approve it. thank you. 6:32. this morning the government's main legislation for fighting terrorism has expired but the
6:33 am
senate is expected to okay a house-passed bill to restore certain provisions. the senate failed to renew the n.s.a.'s controversial domestic surveillance program by the midnight deadline. that means the n.s.a. can no longer collect americans' bullet, phone records and comb them nor ties to terrorism. >> a man and woman are in jail accused of trying to run down san jose police officers. we were this when the car was towed near tully road and sherlock drive. according to our media pan, the san jose mercury news officers were trying to pull them over and they tried to run over an officer. and crashed into a police cruiser and ran off. they were found three hours later hiding in a backyard near actually and mclaughlin both wanted on felony warrants. >> a four-year-old girl is recovering from a head injury after falling from a second-story window. it happened in concord at an apartment at 6:00 last night. firefighters say the girl fell
6:34 am
between 10-29' but she was conscious and alert. paramedics took her to a trauma center for treatment. >> happening today jury selection begins in the trial of a san jose school district, yes a school district. parents want the district to fail for failing to stop reports of sexual abuse by a teacher. a jury convicted craig chandler in 2013 of molesting five students. he blind folded the students at whaley elementary school and assaulted them. four families say the administrators in the ever green school district ignored warning signs and reports of abuse. the school officials deny that. >> members of the late robin williams' family are scheduled to be in san francisco superior court. according to court records, his three children remain divided on how much money their step mother should receive over her lifetime. the two sides have come to an agreement on dividing williams' personal effects. he committed suicide last
6:35 am
august. back in march a san francisco judge said he would step in if the two side could not set out of court by today. >> protest evers are expected outside facebook headquarters in menlo park in or. the protesters are led by drag queen sister roma suing to change the "real name policy." facebook require as legal name to on an account but some members of the lgbt could like name that reflect their accounts and closed accounts under "fake," names. it is believed that some use this policy to target individuals. >> people use this as a tool to have anyone they find objectionable booted off facebook. if you see someone you don't like the way they look or you think their name is fake all you have to do is report them. it takes one click. >> the profit stars at 11 o'clock this morning. >> google is changing hit privacy controls to make them more user friendly and rolling
6:36 am
out a simpler approach with a redesigned "my account," hub so you can have a check down and find out which severals are gathering information about you. if you want to adjust that you are directed to a pro cons section. >> what bruce jenner is saying about what is necessary on his journey to become a woman.
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>> we are back at 6:39. pirates taking on the giants with clouds and dropping down to 57 and breezy at at&t park of the windy in the high country around lake tahoe and 15 to 25 miles per hour and gusting to 35 and 2-3' behaves from noon to 8:00. temperatures are 65 there, and 78 in sacramento and scattered showers. afternoon sunshine and
6:40 am
low-to-mid 70s around san diego and los angeles and we oh -- and 101 in palm springs. >> would says we have my yes climates in the bay area? i have no idea. you can see how wet it is at the golden gate bridge and you can barely see the towers from marin to san francisco the traffic is moving. by contrast, the sun is shining over walnut creek southbound 680, the traffic is loading up with slow-and-go conditions at highway 24 and 11-15 minutes between highway 24 and the junction. at 24 we have a new crash westbound at fish a road blocking the middle lanes with backups and slowing in the eastbound direction into the tunnel. >> starting today a ban takes effect on most styrofoam food containers that are polluting the local waterways applying to
6:41 am
restaurant take out containers and folk ice chests but prepackaged foods can still be in styrofoam. >> today, a san francisco board of supervisors committee is expected to look at three new measures to curb soda drinking. one requires soda ads carry warning labels and another bans soda ads on public property and the third prohibits funds from being used to buy soda. groups that spent $10 million to defeat the proposed soda tax in san francisco in november will fight the bills. >> public transit designed with your teen in mind. the south bay difficult making it easier for them to get around while school is out for the summer. >> secrets revealed by a big name retailer and the item costco will lose money on to keep you coming in the door.
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it's a real medical condition. and while the exact cause is unknown, certain chemicals in the brain may play a role. b.e.d. is also the most common eating disorder in u.s. adults. hi, i'm monica seles. when i binged, i wasn't in control. i never felt satisfied no matter what the quantity was. afterwards i felt so upset with myself. to learn more about b.e.d. go to and talk with your doctor. >> covering correct, burlingame
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campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, coming up open 6:45. a crime ring that sold car keys from gym locker in san jose is busted up. employees at the ymca noticed two membership acting suspiciously early this month while one man distracted staff the other went into a restroom and stole keys and key fops from the lockers and stole the cars from the parking lot. when they tried it at a different location the same day, the suspects were arrested. police say the ring was made up of mostly transients. >> get ready to cut your water use. or else. >> tough restrictions take effect across the state today. our reporter is in san ramon. there are penalties involved. >> there penalties. today is the day for those new rules to go into place. that includes here at the san ramon city hall you can see you can expect to see a lot more
6:46 am
brown in the green lawns across the bay area. across the east bay many lush lawns are losing their luster and 1.3 million customers, 20 percent, mandatory water reduction limiting watering twice a week and no watering between 9:00 and 6:00 p.m. the average customers used 75 gallons a day. east bay mud put as $48 penalty on the bill if you use four times as much water as the average customer. >> we don't have the resources to send our crews out watching everyone's irrigation practices and we rely on the community to come together and work on this as a big team and get our consumption down. >> east bay mud wants to offer signs that say "golden state golden lawn," to show you are conserving. in san jose, customers are being asked to cut water use by 30 30
6:47 am
percent. >> happening today, san mateo county transit is starting the unlimited speaker pass program. a $40 pass lets riders 17 and end go wherever they want on the strict buses all summer. the pass can only be used on local and express routes at any time. >> cell phones are causing more and more crashes. >> millions of self driving cars could be on the road by 2020. >> jane king is at the nasdaq with those stories and more in the money report. >> good to see you jane. >> morning. we have a higher open on wall street today. a big deal is closing worth $17 billion. more than a quarter of all car crashes in america likely caused by cell phone use and the nation's safety council said crashes because of texting rose 6 percent in 2013. and 20 percent of crashes in 2013 were related to hand held or hands free phones.
6:48 am
companies like mercedes and bmw and tesla have released or soon will release self driving features that give cars ability to drive themselves but a if you report found that totally autonomous cars are ready by 2019 cars that can encounter the entire range of road scenarios without any interaction from the driver. costco misses on $40 million a year because of the $5 chickens. and that is okay. the chief financial officer said that the cheap chickens keep people coming in for 72" tvs selling 79 million of the chickens last year. >> have a great day. >> bruce jenner is on the fast track to becoming a woman. last night on "keeping up with the kardashians," the 6 35-year-old was preparing to
6:49 am
undergo facial surgery and grace the cover of "vanity fair," this summer. the shoot is expected to be the first since the former limp beyond revealed plans to transition from the male to female to diane sawyer in april. a full report is on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> now the weather forecast. how is the drizzle? it is moving around right? >> moving around on the coast and the bay but having a hard time getting inland. we used to get .16" of drizzle in san francisco during an average june. we have had up to 2" of rain back in 2011. we go from 66 and 52 a high can close to 69 and 54 and the extremes are 46 and 103. the low pressure responsible for dragging the cold front across the neighborhood and kicking under the wet weather this morning, you can see people using windshield wipers as they approach the richmond-san rafael
6:50 am
toll plaza and also the bay bridge toll plaza with the wet weather on the lens and wet weather on the window for the golden gate and we have drizzle around sfo ceding 45 hint arrival delays. as leyla mentioned, sunshine on walnut creek. stray showers in the north bay and cool highs all week and it will be pleasey tomorrow and wednesday we get more sunshine. the temperatures will be warmer with scattered showers possible on saturday today in the south bay we are partly cloudy and low-to-mid 70s and milpitas at 69 and partly cloudy on the peninsula and mountain view at 70. clouds along the coast upper 50's to low 60's and partly sunny downtown and brisbane and south san francisco mid-60s and partly sunny through the north bay mid-to-upper 60's best chance of showers to cloverdale and clear lake and lake port and
6:51 am
partly sunny in the mid-to-upper 60's and san leandro at 65 and clouds and low-to-mid 70s inland. clouds everywhere and drizzle is possible but not so heavy or as wide express add this morning and mid-50s. the showers are dancing an us and we are in the doughnut hole right here. they will be to the north, east, south. the best chant is drizzle in the morning. the seven-day forecast shows a degree or two warmer tuesday and wednesday with the extra sunshine and another couple of degrees on thursday. the warmest back to average on friday before it is cooler with the unsettled weather saturday and sunday. leyla? >> the drizzle with precision is pinpointing where it wants to fall and san rafael 101 is dry. traffic is moving nicely between mill valley to sausalito and you get to sausalito and over the golden gate bridge this is what you have, pretty wet conditions
6:52 am
so you may want to make sure the windshield wipers are work when highway 24 at fish ranch road a backup approaching the caldecott tunnel and it eases up with the incline wet. slow down your speed. warriors and cavaliers on thursday. plenty of traffic will be in and around the oracle arena so we can expect traffic on 66 avenue and san leandro street and coliseum way and 880 and edgewater drive and we have bart and capital corridor, the mass transit agencies can help you out. on sunday, bart is planning on closing the station until noon so by the time the game starts at 5:00 p.m. everything should be back in working order but you have to dry to get an early start. >> we are back with 15 thins to
6:53 am
know before you go.
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6:55. seven things to know before you go. mandatory water cuts start today across california. most residents have to cut water use by 20 percent. >> two, san francisco mayor lee unveiling a $9 billion budget proposal for the city today to hire hundreds of new police officers firefighters and 9-1-1 dispatchers. >> these, no damage reports after three earthquakes off the oregon coast all in the five range and hit between 1:00 o'clock a.m. and 4:00 a.m. 270 miles off the coast of coos bay.
6:56 am
>> tough to finding a parking spot in san francisco and 1,600 spaces will disappear over the next two careers. >> warriors practice as they prepare for the finals against cleveland. clay -- klay thompson should be ready although he had a concussion. >> waking up to drizzle and a stray sure is possible in the north bay there afternoon. mid-50s at the coast and mid-70s inland. >> the maze is wet and it will take 40 minutes an from highway 4 with an accident on highway 24 westbound side and eastbound side at broadway an overturned vehicle. >> thank you hail. we continue now online and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. >> a look at a mickey mouse balloon in sacramento, to celebrate juan 1st disneyland day for california coinciding with the building of a playground by volunteers like we did last
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, washout. dangerous flash flooding slams the east coast. that powerful pattern of storms that put texas underwater turns roads into rivers in an instant. drivers lose control of their car, some vehicles completely submerged and take a look at this. a bolt of lightning strikes and more storms on the way. abc news exclusive. security shocker. a frightening new report revealing dangerous weapons making it through airport checkpoints. screeners failing to spot almost every explosive and gun in a new sting raising serious questions about safety in the air. crane crash. a cable snaps on this huge crane over manhattan sending a massive four-ton air-conditioning unit plunging 30 stories to the treat taking a huge chunk out of this building and crushing cars below. >> cars destroyed.


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