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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 4, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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ing police on a high speed chase, he took off with c.h.p. officers chasing him. driver crashed the pickup on highway 4 near interstate 680 but refused to come out. as you can see the officers had the vehicle surrounded and the man was taken into custody and to the hospital. >> police are still looking for a man would lit a daly city police officer and drag him with his car. sky 7 was over the scene at crocker avenue after 9:00 last night, a task force unit officer pulled a man over. he hit the officer and dragged the officer a short distance with the car and the man and officer fired shots at each other. neither was hit. man got away. the officer was checked at the scene but not seriously injured. >> happening today, the championship series, 40 careers in making with warriors and mvp steph curry and calf laters and
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the best player on earth lebron james and we are at oracle arena. it will be rocking there tonight, matt. >> it will be. it is weird to be here when it is quiet but what makes it feel real the fact they put the t-shirt on the seat and the back "finals, 2015." so long since we have seen the warriors play basketball it feel like the end of the end but this is one more series, for the championship and there are strength in numbers. check out all of the seats. it took 30 employees three hours to put all of these t-shirt on to the seats and every fan get as t-shirt. how are the players getting ready? >> the warriors have a shoot around at the practice facility but got if time at the oracle arena yesterday a long-term coming for the warriors the first time they have been in the finals in 40 years and surveillace camera surveillace -- steph curry doll what three can, hopefully getting a if night's sleep and a hair cut.
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the warriors know they have a tough matchup again lebron james and the star has gone to the nba finals five years in a row. >> he is getting wherever he wants on the floor. he is great. he is a gamer. he will be ready for big moments. lebron james and the cavaliered practiced at oracle arena. he everyone goods they will play hard and give everything they have. i checked the betting line for game one and one has the warriors favored by since points but the public is putting its money on the cavaliers, 68 percent of the money is going for the cavaliers and the warriors have been beating the odds all season. the tough thing for fans with tickets, getting to the oracle arena with the game starting at 6:00, during rush hour, so the parking lot opens at 2:30 and the first 3,000 cars get a flag to put on their car to clear for
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the warriors the let of the series after they leave the game tonight. you can take bart whatever it is however you can get to the game tonight and make sure you are in your seat because the became starts at 6:00 and everyone around the world is going to be watching. >> matt, you look comfortable there. >> oakland is peopling with pride as it relishes the national spotlight. the barbecue at the jack london square is covered with blue and gold. >> the warriors are in oakland and they need to bring the fund and bring everything to oakland. >> california senator boxer made a trendily boat with her ohio counterpart, and a case of oakland's brewery pilsner and
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ohio senator brown will send beer from a brewery when the warriors win. >> and the only place to catch the finals is game one tonight at 6:00 p.m. at oracle arena and game two at 5:00 on sunday, and also, in zoe followed by game these and four next tuesday and thursday in cleveland. here is the lineup or today on abc7: half hour addition of abc7 news at hurricane, followed by abc's world new tonight at 4:30 and 5:00 live from oracle arena with the pre-game show and at 5:30 abc7 is the only place to see the warriors in game one of the nba finals with the special after the game edition and then at 10:00 jimmy kimmel, game night, and then "jeopardy." >> breaking news police are at a home in pittsburg for a possible shooting. our reporter is at the scene in
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a neighborhood near several schools. amy? >> kristen, you can see the home still has crime tape in front it roping it off and there are police technicians here. still, they are gathering evidence. i will show you pictures of the scene from last night at this morning a man appears to be injured and put in an ambulance at the scene and there were several officers talking to people gathering evidence trying to put together exactly what it is that happened. officers this morning are being very quiet as far as answering our questions saying they need to refer us to spokes people not in the office yet so we hope to have more information. but right now we have the basics police activity we will follow through the day. reporting from pittsburg for abc7 news. >> caltran is saying a faulty
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steel rod failed because of a stripped connection and not cracked by corrosion. according to the "san francisco chronicle", the finding is "good news," assuring the public that the span is safe. an independent experts said it raised more questions of quality control of the new eastern span's construction and the dependability of bart's design to stabilize the tower in a major earthquake. >> oakland unified teachers start the year with higher salaries and for the first time, with a contract in place. teachers ratify their new deal this week including salary increases of more than 13 percent between now and july of next year. also, class sizes are reduced and a full-time substitute will be paid dental and vision benefits. >> the city of burlingame is asking the state to revise its water usage data for the month of april after finding an error reporting that burlingame's water use knowledge was up 38 percent but the city said it was actually down 6 percent.
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the city said it also reduced water usage by 18 percent in 2014 compared to 2013. >> sewer rates are going up in concord by up to $50 a year for two years and $45 the following two years. that is a total of $190 over the next four years to help pay for upgrades to the sewage treatment plant. the city's current $402 rate is one of the lowest in contra costa county. >> in southern california, clean up crews are back out to remove tarballs washing ashore along the long beach coastline. four miles of beaches were closed yesterday over fears that tar could cause health problems. the coast guard is testing samples to track the source and determine if they are from last month's oil spill in santa barbara county. >> speaking of the oil spill the state attorney general will tour the clean up with 100,000 gallons of cute spilling into
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the pacific ocean near san pa santa -- santa interior what with the faulty pipeline corroding where it ruptured. >> the city of dublin is standing behind the decision to build a water park in the middle of the drought. the construction is already underway on the $36 million 31,000 square foot water park. some people are calling for the project to be scaled down or scrapped altogether because there is ambassador emphasis often water conservation right now. the city said it is too early to worry about the park's impact on the water splay and they insist the community gives outweigh the risk. >> we will see how good our chances for showers today mike? >> not very good really. it is june but there are a couple of chances across the north bay this morning and, again, this afternoon. for the rest of us we are waking up this morning mainly in the low 50's and crissy field is 51 and ocean bench is 53.
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we have june any side at 50 and glen park is 55 and west portal is 59 and ferry building is 54 and low-to-mid 50s up and down the bay shoreline and inland east bay pittsburg is warmer at 58. waking up in fairly, morning, at 55 and american canyon at 48 and petaluma at 47, and pacifica at 50. that is how it looks from sutro tower an area not covered by clouds right now. as we head into the afternoon hours we will go inland a stray shower is possible across the north bay and mid-70s to mid-80s, and coast and san francisco brighter and breezy upper 50s to mid-60s and below average around the bay and mostly sunny mid-60s to mid-70s. walnut creek is getting warm inwere that, low-to-mid 80s tomorrow through the weekend and some 90's are coming in the seven-day forecast. those are coming up. how about the north bay commute? >> it is clear just like everywhere else in the bay area we do not have a single
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accident. we have construction projects taking a look at the golden gate bridge, we have not seen a zipper truck yet so if you are traveling between san francisco and marin you should not see it and it would not be a problem but on the road make sure you get to the far right-hand side because it is large and it can be an interesting drive if you drive beyond it. looking ahead to the weekend be as well we have big construction protects heed. that is going to affect people traveling on the peninsula, 101 freeway, saturday and sunday there is going to be a full closure on saturday with the northbound side and sunday the southbound side between midnight to 6:00 a.m. between broadway and anza boulevard with construction in the works. drive carefully. detours will be in place. kristen and eric? >> the defending world series champions are honored at the white house the giants, of course. president obama will welcome the manager and the san francisco
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giants for the third time in five years. former giants left fielder will be with his former teammates for the ceremony and now is on the marlins disable list with a sprain of the finger and lincecum will not be there because he had to get an extra day of rest ahead of tomorrow's start in philadelphia and he will fly separate to philadelphia. >> face-to-face with a ferocious apartment fire and what firefighters want you to look for in this video. stay tuned.
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>> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale by bay. >> sacramento firefighters are trying to raise awareness of fire safety by releasing footage of an intense apartment fire this week. crews responded to a fire on monday with helmet cameras rolling. you can see how intense and dangerous the flames are as the firefighter approaches the building. >> fire department said they released the video to show how important it is to have working smoke detectors. >> a veteran firefighter has filed a lawsuit against the port of oakland over a fire safety drill at oakland international airport that left him badly hurt. according to the "san francisco chronicle" 56-year-old swerved and rolled the fire truck he was driving to avoid a plane that was landing in june. the lawsuit accuses the port of gross negligence and failure to properly advise others of the time and location of the drill. he was critically injured and has not returned to work. >> copper thieves are stealing more than just wire in the south
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bay, leaving the san jose police field in the dark and almost rue ended a youth playoff game in the process. our reporter has the story. >> yankees versus the braves, a big playoff game under the lights at the san jose police activity leagues sports complex but at right field it is lights out. >> we may not be able to see but we will try our best. >> the thieves stole the copper wire leaving the field in a dark. >> we have a very important game today and this could put the playoffs in jeopardy. >> my games are awesome with the lights, it is bright the boys love it and for someone to problem them of that it is terrible. >> it is not clear how they got in but this is where they stole a lot of the copper wire worth about $100 on the streets. replacing it? a lot more. >> the estimate we got to repair
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that, the lights is between $20,000 and $25,000. city will be stuck with the bail. a parent has a message for the copper thieves: i hope you have a conscience. and that your conscience bothers you enough to bring it back and look it at the door step or the front gate. >> in the end the game want interest extra innings leaving this field extra dark for the youngsters. there will be a public workshop in martinez ten to debts -- refinery presenters will discuss proposed amendments to step regulations to protect the communities an the refineries and slain what air monitoring is available to detect emissions from refineries. the meeting starts tone at 6:00 at the board of supervisors chamber. >> san francisco's cliff hotel will celebrate the 100th
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birthday party providing a look into the next 100 years in san francisco and a look back with a display of vintage cars, performers and musical acts, and festivities run from 5:30 this evening until 2:00 a.m. and it is free and open to the public. it has a special place to my heart when to the junior prom there. a long-term ago. >> a couple years ago. >> give years ago? >> something like that. >> you can pay me when show is over. >> mike? >> painting a picture of wetness, especially across the north bay, this morning and in the afternoon hours speaking of the forth bay napa is the pick city and what to expect during an average june, we warm from 79 to 83 on the high seed and the low side from 52 to 55 and our extreme is 34 nearly some forecast to 113. ouch rainfall .19".
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the most we have had is 2" which is healthy for june. here is a look at the shower we have been watching on alexander valley road to the northeast of healdsburg. you can see they are just not moving much. we will keep an try on these and so far they are not hit any reporting stations so i am not sure if the rain is making it to the ground but when you have orange and red it is a good bet it is making it to the ground. >> ins part of the fixture this afternoon and fairfield is 15, same in concord, and oakland is ten and half moon bay is at 12. the winds are fastest along the coast and we have the small craft advisory until 10:00 tomorrow morning and i believe they are going to issue one for san pablo and grizzly bay and all those areas for the afternoon hours also 21 to 33 notes coming from the west. here is a look at the upper pattern stuck in the trough this morning an area of instability with the moisture in the north
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bay and that is where it is this afternoon with showers and the north south you head more likely you will see sunshine and low-to-mid 70s. heading up the peninsula, a lost low 70s until san mateo at 69 and millbrae at 64. upper 50s to low 60s along the coast and mid-60s in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and we will have mid-70s to upper 70s through the north bay but lack where the storms are must likely, santa rosa calistoga north, low-to-mid 80s and it makes the air more buoyant. berkeley is 68, and san leandro and newark is 69 and everyone else in the low 70s and we have mid-to-upper 70s through the san ramon valley and low-to-mid 80s on highway 4 and, also livermore. as far as what will happen tomorrow partly cloudy temperatures are mainly in the my 50s. the north bay is going do keep an eye for a shower this morning and, again, as we head into the afternoon hours and thunder there is an outside chance of that happening. so temperatures today
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tomorrow, about the same, look at what happens over the weekend, we get back to average, low-to-mid 60s at the coast and mid-to-upper 70s around the bay and 90's possible monday and tuesday. >> we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza and look how many cars are backing up as they try to get and san francisco without, we are trying to figure out what is going on here, maybe something is wrong with the tollbooth and we have plenty of traffic. a look at drive time traffic, 580, westbound, tracy to dublin is 28 minutes. highway 4 westbound antioch to concord is 14 minutes, a delay headed through the north bay from san rafael to san francisco, just 19 minutes. looking ahead, to tonight gates open at 5:30 at oracle arena. expect plenty of traffic. it is going to be jammed crowded, right around the coliseum and oracle arena particularly away the streets. you want to use mass transit, that will help you a lot.
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take bart. take capital corridor. on sunday, at 5:00, make sure to use mass transit as well, however, keep in mind that track repair will be done until noon and the tracks are going to re-open between fruitvale and college station so that will affect you for an early start. >> you may notice in the bottom right corner of your screen we have the time until the playoff game finals starts and we have 12 hours and nine minutes, that is the coverage because the game starts at 5:30. >> be sure to look for that and a voluntary recall issued for a popular apple product. here are the tech bytes. >> we have a recall to tell you about involving a popular apple product. >> apple issued a voluntary recall for the speaker that can overheat and catch fire. >> so consumers can return it for a refund or a credit of
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$325. >> the nfl is teaming up with yahoo to stream a regular season game online, and it is on sunday, october 25, the first time a game is stream live in its entirety by an online outlet. >> a 93-year-old betty white is on instagram raising a glass of champagne with the cast of his comedy saying "ien whatted it say how much i love these girls dearly and what a great time we had." >> those are tech bytes. >> for those confused by the fact we have playoff basketball we will explain the timing. another contender for the white house is ready to though his hat in the wing and what rick perry will do differently this time. >> and riley curry has won our hearts and could be why the dubs are winning so many
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>> in 12 hours and 35 minutes we have coverage of the nba finals game right here on abc7 and you can enjoy that and we will have after the game with more on that coming up. today, former texas governor rick perry will announce the second presidential run. he is expected to make the announcement at an airport in texas, the campaign said the presidential written will be different because he is better prepared after travel extensively overseas and study policy with experts and economists. >> a lot of people are asking, where is the summer? i said i don't know but the guy who knows is right here. asummer is on the way inland neighborhoods. it will come in as we head to next week, with possible 90. until then if you are traveling away the state today, we are
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going to have temperatures in the 80s through the central valley and it looks like thunderstorms are going to develop along the sierra this afternoon at 58 at lake tahoe and 77 at yosemite and, still, cooler-than-average, san diego at 67 and los angeles is 71. if you are headed to mexico, especially cabo next week look at that nasty hurricane of southwest of acapulco hitting cab bewith a direct hit early part of next week. >> we have 35 bart trains on time. if you are going to jump support car, walnut creek is smooth sailing headed away from highway 4 to the 24 junction. at highway 24 you can seeing in but green heading from walnut creek through lafayette, orinda and into oakland and i-80 if you are traveling between highway had from hercules to the hoffman split through berkeley at top speed if i can get out of way nothing but green and no accident so far this morning.
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>> back to the words arrest they are ready no the big game and reveal a presidential secret weapon. we were at oracle arena at steph curry talked to reporters yesterday saying the 2-year-old daughter who is winning hearts with her cute antics may also be helping him win games. >> she is british down film with me and she is being a father gives you something more to play for. >> riley grab the attention of the nation during post game news conferences when she was being...riley. >> next, breaking news from the east bay, the while chase that led to a stand off and take down of a man who tried setting his own truck on fire. >> the high school prank that led to a year book recall on a bay area campus and the upsetting message that made it to print. >> we will look you with abc7
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looking at the eastern span of the bay bridge where traffic is flowing pretty well but it seems heavy with
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 5 o'clock a.m. on thursday. and isn't there an important sporting event in town? >> the only sporting event if town. the warriors and the cavaliers. >> i forecast a win. >> for the warriors? >> i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. leyla gulen hopefully has winning traffic conditions and meteorologist mike nicco has the fo


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