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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  June 4, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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at oracle arena this morning, crews rolled out the gold carpet and dressed the streets with shirts. the stage is set for tonight's game one of the nba finals the warriors first chance to capture the title in 40 years. good morning. >> we have team coverage from oakland. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield at the warriors practice facility with how oakland benefits from all the excitement. >> first matt keller outside oracle arena with a look at when's happening hours before the big game.
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matt? >> reporter: oracle arena is ready to rock. this is the 132nd straight sellout at oracle. the team and fans are excited. everybody walking in on the north entrance under this giant draymond green sign and the cavaliers find out yes, there is strength in numbers. the final touches at oracle arena for the nba finals. game one brings a lot of excitement and brand new nets, tickets are being resold by ticketmaster. the cheapest about 700 bucks. most expresencive, $58,262. espn tweeted a person paid $36,843 on ticketmaster for courtside seat. gary list isn't worried. he's been a season ticket holder since the warriors arrived here in 1962. >> waiting all this time. i didn't think it would take 40 years but it did and i'm here. >> reporter: fabns like gary and
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others make the oracle live up to the name war-acle. >> i have to do battle with 19,500 of the loudest fans anywhere in the world. >> reporter: several fans came early to the team store to gear up. this black and white nba finals hat sold out two hours after the game last week. no luck on restocking. all white or blue finals hats. either way they're buying in. >> i'm excited because it's been 40 years for the warriors. and it's history. >> we are going to win. we are coming after lebron. we got it in five. that's my prediction. >> reporter: the warriors giving away a lot of gear tonight. they're giving way the sleeves if you check in on facebook and when you come in the first people who come in with the cards get the flags for their cars. parking lot for the prepaid parking passes opens up at 2:30. arena doors open up at 4:00. reporting live at oracle arena, matt keller nbc 7 news.
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>> thanks matt. the warriors recommend bart to the game to avoid rush hour traffic. the parking lot opens at 2:30 p.m. for guests with prepaid parking lots. cash lots at 3:30. doors to the arena opens at 4:00. all fans will have to pass through security before making their way to arena entrances. >> happening now the warriors are at their morning shoot around before game one against cleveland. fans are also getting their game faces on today. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live downtown today. amy? >> reporter: hi eric. the warriors on the court for an hour shaking off the cob we believes. look who's behind me looking relaxed and very confident. that's head coach steve kerr. doesn't he look great? his fans, however are a little opposite. they're hyper. we caught up with some who got
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very early this morning and they're full of energy. enthusiastic warriors fans lining up this at 2:00 this morning to be in the audience show of "first take." >> the crowd's amazing. the fact that they came out here so early, ten hours before the show. we normally see people four or five hours before the show. so this is incredible. it really just shows their dedication. >> they're not only dedicated to their team. they also love their city. and are thrilled to see it finally getting some attention. saying lake merritt is a much more appropriate backdrop than the golden gate bridge. >> oakland we have been waiting for a long time to be on the national spotlight. even when they show the playoffs, they show images of san francisco. this is oakland right here. you know? we got something going on here. we're just trying to keep it going. >> reporter: during these playoffs you hear golden state. they don't mention golden state asking them where they're from. >> oakland, california. they don't really recognize that a lot.
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everything is golden state. >> oakland is a good place. you know? i was born and raised here, a good city. >> reporter: the fans look good on the national show and literally head to toe blue and gold. not everyone here will get in. there's not enough room. but that's okay. the real show they want to watch is coming on later tonight. >> i think we're going to win it. i think we take it all the way. >> reporter: the players wrapped up their shoot around about 30 minutes ago. they'll go home. they'll eat and rest a little bit before heading to the coliseum for the big game. team officials say they're ready to get the show on the road. after a week of waiting they say they're tired of the wait and ready to just get this going. reporting live in oakland amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thanks. you may have already noticed we're showing our warriors pride there on the screen. on the lower right corner of your tv, you'll see our logo in the colors and alongside a countdown clock. that's counting down to 5:30
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when the nba coverage of the finals begins. mayors of oakland and cleveland didn't bet on the series but not stopping museum directors in both towns. people running the oakland museum of california set up what they call a community wage we are a cleveland art of museum. >> when the kaf leerls lose, they sponsor a visit by 100 kids and families from the east bay ymca for a visit and art experience to the oakland museum of california. and if by chance the warriors don't make it this year which we know of course, won't be the case, the oakland museum of california will sponsor art experiences and a visit to the cleveland art museum by the cleveland boys and girls club. >> the oakland museum of california opened in 1969. and has nearly 2 million objects dedicated to the art and history of california. abc 7 is the only place to catch the nba finals. game one tonight of course at 6:00.
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game two at 5:00 on sunday and also in oakland. followed by game three and four next tuesday and thursday in cleveland. here's the game day lineup today. we'll have a half hour edition of abc news 7 at 4:00 and then world news tonight at 4:30. at 5:00 live from the oracle with the pregame show and 5:30 abc 7 is the only place to see the warriors in game one of the nba finals or special edition of after the game will follow game one at 10:00. it is jimmy kimmel live game night and then jeopardy at 10:30 and abc 7 news at 11:00. new this morning in pitszburg, police say two brothers were shot in a home. one died and the other taken away in an ambulance. he is expected to be okay. it happened before 1:00 this morning. police say the shooter appeared to have known a victim. a woman and two children were
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also inside the house but they were not hurt. also in the east bay, a man in custody after leading police on a high speed chase starting 11:30 last night and officers trying to pull over a possible dui suspect and took off. chp aufrtss chased him through counties and the driver crashed on highway 4 and refused to come out eastbound lighting his own truck on fire at one point. as you can see officers had his vehicle surrounded. the man was eventually arrested and taken to the hospital. delaware residents are paying respects to former attorney general beau biden, the eldest son of vice president biden. his father behind the casket. biden will lie in honor in the senate chambers before a viewing tomorrow and a funeral mass saturday at which president obama will deliver the eulogy. the 46-year-old father of two died of brain cancer last saturday after doctors first discovered an lesion two years
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ago. a new trial for the man convicted of killing intern chandra levy. the man was convicted in 2010 nine years after levy disappeared jogging in the nation's capital. the case got a lot of attention after levy a san francisco state student was linked romantically to former california congressman condit and he was ruled out as a suspect at the death. the lawyers requested a retrial because they say a key witness gave false or misleading testimony. happening today, makers of a pill many call the viagra for women seeking approval today. alyssa harrington is why a little pink pill is so controversial. >> reporter: many advocates say it's breakthrough for women's health. it's known as the little pink pill or lady viagra. it's by sprout pharmaceuticals. its purpose is to stimulate
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sexual desire and to improve the sex lives of women with lowly libido. it would be used to treat female sexual dysfunction special cli desire disorder. hsdd affects 1 in 10 women. today an fda advisory committee is holding a hearing to discuss the pill its safety and effectiveness and if the drug should go on sale. if approved it would be the first drug of its kind on the market. advocates for female reproductive health trying to get it approved for years. they argue there's many drugs to treat sexual dysfunction in women and none for women. two other attempts to get it passed failed. some experts argue in recent studies there's not been a significant difference between women that took the pill and those who took a placebo. one thing to look at are side effects. these do include nausea and
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fatigue. live in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. if you've been waiting to buy an apple watch in the stores, you won't have to wait much longer. >> coming up how soon they'll hit the shelves and why it's taken so long. silicon valley tops a lot of lists but not this one. the city taking the lead with business start-ups. a live look outside right now. san jose seeing a lot of sunshine. mike is coming up with the
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after much anticipation, the apple watch will be available in stores in two weeks. until now customers order identity online. apple says high demand and supply problems are the reason it's taken so long to stock store shelves. there's so many versions that some are only available online. sill l con valley knocked out of the top spot according to new business start-ups. kaufman index looked at new businesses and declared the number one city for start-ups is austin texas. number two, miami- florida. san jose is number three. san francisco just missed making the top five. it is ranked number six. new york houston san diego and san antonio round out the top ten. >> wow. we are still at the top coming to weather. pleasantness anyway. >> absolutely. mike is ahead with the forecast. >> san jose 300 days of
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sunshine a year. we get a lot of that today. i have a chance of a shower and thunderstorm possible this afternoon. i'll show you where and if you're missing the warmth, that's coming up in the seven-day forecast, also. giants are celebrating today with president obama. a live look from the ceremony inside the white house. that is coming up. we see a little guy wearing a san francisco jersey or a hat. if you can't gate ticket to see the warrior this is weekend there's still plenty to do. more of some of the best art and food san francisco has to offer on display tonight in union squar
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it's game day and we're celebrating the best fans in basketball. >> throughout the nba finals, we're sharing your fan photos. meet today's fan of the day. eileen says, hey, the warriors are playing so i'm not cooking tonight. that's great idea. we'll order out as well here at abc 7. check out those lucky earrings. you see them? >> yes. >> with the -- >> blue and gold. oh! do you think my eyes are that good. >> number 30. for curry. we thank her. >> you can share your fan pics as well. include your city in the post to give you a proper shout-out. the next fan of the day could be you. >> fan of the day or just fan at home getting ready to watch on tv. you're missing some good weather if you do that. here's mike. >> hey mike. >> hey good morning. we're on top of the abc 7 news broadcast center basking in the sunshine. mother nature bringing us a
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treat today as the treats heading into oracle right around 70 degrees. as you leave in the low 60s. hopefully you'll be all worked up from a great win. the crowd will be awesome. take a look at what's going on. no thunder an end no threes raining down like they will in oracle. quiet right now. let's look at the graduations. homestead high school in cupertino, 3:00 the mustangs let loose. temperatures in the mid-70s. up the road, menlo, the bears running wild. don't be worry. they'll be happy friendly bears. and a couple of more. the south bay we'll go in to westmont high school the warriors at 5:00. temperatures mid-70s dropping into the low 70s and then the last one we'll go down to saratoga high school, the falcons taking flight at about 6:00. 75 degrees and dropping into the upper 60s by the time ceremonies are over. here's a look at that dry air
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that's sitting on top of us right now. and the lack of wind. only 10 miles per hour at hayward and small craft advisory at the coast and ocean until tomorrow morning. you can see the area of low pressure over top of us. look at the clouds at lake tahoe heading north and clouds over us heading south. wrap around mois xhur on the backside of that and that's why it's mostly sunny today with a stray shower possible across the north bay and feels like spring this weekend. inland may get some summer heat next week. today we are in the 80s santa rosa, where the stray thunderstorm could hit and fairfield and livermore. otherwise 70s until you get around san francisco, san mat owe and half moon bay. that's where we'll have 60s. tonight could be mostly cloudy as the marine layer tries to return thanks to high pressure to take over. the temperatures mainly in the low to mid-50s. here's what's happening.
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look up northward. that's the best chance for any showers and thunderstorms and once that sun sets about 8:30 it loses the heating of the day and showers go away. look at when'sat's going to happen. high pressure building in from the west and tomorrow about the same as today. look at saturday. couple of degrees warmer. mid-80s inland. mid to upper 70s around the bay and coast. so there you go. little bit of spring. a little bit of summer. temperatures today though with the sunshine a little bit below average. have fun this evening. >> thanks mike. guess what. paint the white house orange and black. right now, president obama's greeting the 2014 world champions the san francisco giants. this is a live picture of the big group there. about to congratulate -- oh. >> there it is. the commander and chief and skipper.
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you know, they're celebrating the third world series title in five years. see the giants players there. you have baumgartner behind him. terrific. >> hello, everybody. have a seat. have a seat. welcome to the white house. for these folks, i guess it's welcome back. >> so they have been there what three times? >> that's right. >> this is the second time in last three years. >> at the white house right now. >> i just said that. if you don't hold a coveted ticket to the nba finals at oracle, there's still plenty to do this weekend. >> news reporter has some suggestions on how you can explore where you live. >> reporter: this saturday marks the start of the all-time favorite san mat owe county fair. rides concerts, science and good old-fashioned pig races,
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fun for everyone. you can even try alligator on a stick. the fair runs through june 14th. and the hills are alive with peter pan. after more than a century mownty play association continues to bring classic theater. audiences have time to catch the last four performances of the favorite. 39 years and going strong. the union street festival features fashion, technology, arts, crafts and food. six fun filled blocks. traffic will be affected in the event saturday and sunday. meanwhile, union square is having a party tonight and you are invited. art plus food is a showcase for local restaurants wine tasting and art exhibitions. rsvp and be a vip with access to exclusive deals and treats. for more details gorks to >> so much fun.
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coming up at 4:00 continuing coverage as we count down to the nba finals. we'll take you back live to oracle arena as the warriors gear up. team's 105-year-old super fan on 5:00 how sweetie is spending the day before watching her faem in person at game one squirks now
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back live to the white house where president obama is still speaking congratulating the giants. >> veteran all-star tim hudson. joe panek. rookie last year. of course, we have hunter pence. i told hunter i was going to talk about him a little bit. he was not only named to the all-star team he inspired a craze of signs from opposing fans like hunter pence eats pizza with a fork. hunter pence likes godfather iii. >> congratulations to the giants. third visit to the white house in five years. thank you f
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[dramatic music] ♪ ♪ >> yo! yo! [laughs] hey! hey! hey! i'm terry crews, and i can't wait to start giving some money away today on millionaire. [cheers and applause] for years, today's returning contestant has been envisioning the millionaire confetti raining down on him. now he's only four questions away from that becoming a reality. from oakland, california please welcome dorian johnson! [cheers and applause] my man, my man. uh. >> thank you. >> dorian, here we are again.


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