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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  June 4, 2015 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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all right. live right now over oracle arena in oakland. game day has finally arrived. the time is now. we just two hours away from the team's first appearance in the nba finals in four decades. all across the bay nation, the thags is in a frenzy. good afternoon. >> thank you so much for joining us. the warriors hit the hardwood this morning for a light practice. steph curry and teammates say they are ready for lebron james and cleveland cavaliers. it's a game you can only see on abc7. we do have live team coverage for you this afternoon. >> abc7 reporters are talking to dub nation fans about the excitement ahead of this
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historic match-up. let's begin with sports director larry via live at oracle arena. larry, here we go. >> reporter: how are you doing dan? i'm on the baseline right here. matthew, former st. mary's star. they call him deli. we are right. we're in the belly of the beast, right by the cleveland baseline here. warriors are practicing on the other side. i just got to tell you walking into this facility today i've seen people that have worked here for 20 years and they are looking around like we're hosting the finals. i can't believe we're in the finals. and that's the sense that these people have after working here so long, so hard, and never knew this day was going to come. so here we are. we've had a week layoff and ready to get it on in the 2015 finals between the golden state warriors and cleveland cavaliers. lebron james he has been in this situation before. so have the cavs. back in 2007.
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it did not go well for the cleef cland cavaliers. they were swept by the san antonio spurs. for the warriors, a much longer period of time as you look at the old film days. 40 years of waiting and dub fans are not the only ones anxious for this series. >> i mean because a lot of emotion. everyone is start took here. there's going to be -- probably going to be some wild moments. coach kind of acknowledged that we as players you know trying to stay as relaxed as possible. try to approach it like a normal game. this is a bigger stage. there are going to be jitters. >> this is what's all about, you know. so finally to be here where it's time to play. it's what we've been waiting on. this is what you prepare for all year. so work all summer to try to get better. this is what you're prepareing for. to finally be here is definitely a relief. >> reporter: i tell you this place is going to be electric tonight. if you're wondering, cheapest
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ticket price, face value up in the sky, $450. that's the cheapest price. around $700 $800 after market. if you want the high roller dan ashleigh seats, $36,250. somebody got a courtside seat for $50,000. all i need is a credit card number and security code. >> you're good to go? >> i got a guy. i got a guy who will take care of you. >> what do you think i'm doing sitting here in the cheap seats on the set? >> that's the most expensive seat in the house. >> so sweet. thank you larry. see you in a bit. the endorsed oracle arena opened up to fans just a few minutes ago, at 4:00 but dub nation has been celebrating all day long. >> of course. vic lee is live from oracle arena. hi. >> well, i'm not a high roller. that's why i've got the cheap seats here in the parking lot. but you know, this parking lot
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is starting to fill up and the grills are starting to come out. let me tell you the day's first tailgaters were not here they were across the street. food, drinks. the first tailgaters you can find grizz jones and his group called the m.o.b. for make oakland better. their stand on the sidewalk across from the arena. aside from food they have satellite tv, all of this for free. >> you can't go into the game which is out priced come here. >> reporter: hard core members of the raiders nation but today they're warriors fans approximatelyalthough not completely. by midday when the parking lot is opened those who paid showed off their outdoor culinary skills. this an open restaurant of sorts. >> today we've got aville vin sent sausage. >> reporter: street vendors began setting up shop today. more than the usual number. >> well, the best-seller is number 30.
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>> of curry's number. >> any cavaliers? >> no. >> you don't think they would sell? >> i don't think so. i have not tried that yet you know. >> again, you can see the lot is starting to fill up group don't see a lot of cavalier fans here. what you do see some might say are the best fans in the nba. go warriors. vic lee, abclessabc7 news. fans lined up to buy official gear if black and white version sold out in two hurs after the warriors won the western conference finals. white and blue ones are still available. the fans do not seem to mind. they just want something, anything with warriors colors to show their spirit and team pride. dub nation, deep into the south bay as well. >> abc7 news reporter continues our live team coverage from santana row in san jose.
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hi, chris. >> happy hour has begun. if you look behind me the bar is open for business. this should get packed within the next hour or so. some already staking their claim to one of the coveted bar seats for the game. other people throughout the places are excited to show some pride. over at carrots cupcakes and santana row employees have never seen anything like it. >> walking around with warriors jersey, all over the car in the parking lot. people coming in getting warriors cupcakes. it's a hit for parties and everything like that. >> the special warriors cupcake is their classic sweet vanilla. on the merchandise side people have been trying to get their hands on special edition hat. we ran into a fan at sports base man in sunniville who got the last one in the entire store. >> they had the finals one. i was just expecting the warriors. i wasn't expecting the finals 2015. that's great. >> reporter: fans across the south bay proud to support their golden state warriors.
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back here live. as for those hats good luck finding one. retailers are having a very tough time keeping them in stock. we're live at santana row in san jose, abc7 news. back to you. >> thank you. here's the game day schedule for abc7. world news tonight will be next at 4:30. at 5:00 we will be live from oracle arena with "dubs on 7." beginning at 5:30 abc7 is the only place keep in mind, where you can see the warriors in game one of the nba finals. our special edition of "after the game" will follow. >> at 10:00, "jimmy kimmel live." and of course, abc 7 news at 11:00 where it always is. right now fans are making their way to oracle arena. the doors opened about seven minutes ago. let's check on your game day traffic. >> hi, lela. >> hi there. hello, everyone, good afternoon. if you're just about to head out
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the door you might want to think about grabbing the keys and getting out because abc7 just now getting into the thick of things using our mobile camera. we past 16th avenue. the traffic is loading up. a couple miles away from oracle arena arena. you can see how much traffic we have if you're heading in the southbound direction. swing 360 around 180 degree direction traffic is heavy behind us. let's look from sky7 hd over 880, you can see it is slow. if your bant to take b.a.r.t. we have 52 trains running on time. no accidents in the area as we pan to that southbound moving traffic. so it is going to be a packed house if we are going to be making our way to oracle arena. so i suggest you get out there right now. >> all right. thank you. what kind of weather can you expect if you're headed out to oracle arena? >> spencer christian is here now with our acuweather update. >> great here. we've got sunny skies all over
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the bay area. certainly if there are any traffic problems getting to oracle arena it won't be because of weather. it's mild and sunny across the area. but notice a little build-up of active weather around the mt. hamilton area. thunderstorms rumbling through the sierra and over into areas outside the sierra like over chico where we've got lightning strikes near over highway 95 moving over toward interstate 5. active weather outside the bay area but here calm. back in the bay area, 61 in san francisco. 67 at oakland. 70s in san carlos and san jose. along the bay bridge blue sky. temperature readings in the low 80s at santa rosa. fairfield and mid to upper 70s elsewhere. perfect weather for a drive and great conditions inside for warriors victory this evening as oracle arena. >> that's right. >> thank you spencer. abc7 news at 4:00 continues with some of the days other top stories as well. a camp counselor accuse of
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making child pornography. we're going to talk with a mother now forced to have a very difficult conversation with her child. it is my pleasure to pronounce you husband and wife. you may now kiss the bride. >> plus, the bay area wedding streamed live around the world today because one special person couldn't make it to the ceremony. welcome to the white house for these folks i guess it's welcome back. >> and for the third time in five years the world championship san francisco giants return to the white house. and another live picture from sky7 hd in oakland. abc7 is the only place you can see the warriors take on the cavs in game one of the nba finals. tipoff now less than two hours
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we have developing news out of washington this afternoon. the obama administration is rushing to assess a massive data breach that one u.s. official says could affect every federal agency. as many as 4 million current and former employees' records were
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hacked from the office of personnel management. officials say chinese hackers appear to be responsible. much more on this story is coming up on "world news" at 4:30. in the zhou bay hearing for the first time from a parent of one of the children allegedly molested by a counselor at a popular science camp. we are covering her face and altering her voice at the mother's request. abc7 news has this story. >> reporter: 27-year-old edgar me deeia is charged with molesting a 10-year-old boy when worked as a counselor at wall don west a camp operated by the county office of education. there may be others. jane doe's 10-year-old son attended a three-day overnight program at wall don west back in january. he immediately noticed a change in behavior when he returned home. >> first night he came home he slept in mine and my husband's bed, which he hasn't done for years. he would have nightmares. wake up in the middle of the night just you know, out of nowhere saying he had bad dreams, couldn't remember them.
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>> reporter: her son said he wasn't happy there and had asked to go home early. her son told her that pedia, known as papa bear to the kids, would be with children at night alone and conversations between parent and child get painful. >> he was alone with him. >> has your son expressed any other details about what happened when he was alone with papa bear? >> honestly, i don't want to speak about that right now. >> but he has told you things? >> uh-huh. >> and do they disturb you? >> very much so. >> reporter: this parent and her husband have filed a complaint with the county office of education. they're seeking counseling for their son who they describe as scared anxious and sullen. he always had a computer with him, the child told his parents but he would never let the children see what was on the screen. prosecutors say he was making child porn. >> innocent children, why? >> reporter: in san jose david louie, abc7 news. >> the man convicted of killing washington, d.c. intern chandra
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levee will get a new trial. he was convicted nine years after levy disappeared approximately levy, san francisco state student from modesto was linked to gary condit but he was ruled out as suspect. the judge granted a retrial because of defense claims a key witness gave false or misleading testimony. people around the world watched a dream wedding in sonoma county on the internet today including the mother of the bride. abc7 news was at st. june winery as samantha and taylor sinclair thaied the knot. the paid for the high-tech event complete with drones and live internet feed. the mother of the bride has ms and stage iv colon cancer smep watched from her hospital bed. >> i am so happy today. and i'm happy because i know that she's watching and she knows that we're just so joy use and excited.
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>> so sweet. she had to cancel her wedding plans twice because she was caring toer herfor her mother. the giants paid yet another visit to the white house. never gets boring though. president obama welcomed the world series chachs schamping back today. third visit in five years. mr. president jokingly took credit for it. >> they've got that even year magic. they've got that championship experience. i seem to be good luck for them. >> the president also praised the giants for their part in building a multimillion dollar youth academy with training facilities classroom, baseball fields as well. congratulations to our giants. >> congratulations to them but i'm still watching. an hour and 12 minutes and the seconding hand is ticking down. >> tipoff will come for game one here in a little bit an hour and 15 minutes or so at oracle
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arena. what time is it now? >> one hour, 12 minutes. >> six seconds. >> five, four, three. we are counting down. >> beautiful day. a lot of people are crowding their way into oracle arena. touch base with the forecast again. >> we have spencer christian here giving us all the scoop on that. >> i don't care if you didn't tune in to my weather channel with your countdown. things are looking great. blue skies. live doppler. we are one spot of active weather and that is over mt. hamilton where there's a little cell there producing some showers but it's not affecting populated areas. on we go to a view from sfo with mainly blue skies and on-time flights. forecast features. isolated showers are possible tomorrow. show you why in a moment. warming trend begins this weekend. we will see temperatures in the low 90s inland. early next week. here's what's happening that may produce showers. upper level low. centered just to the east of the bay area with the wrap around
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moisture. some moisture could produce isolated shower or two tomorrow. we're looking at just some high and low clouds. 11:00 this evening. in the overnight conditions and into tomorrow although it will be a mainly sunny day by late morning to midday we could see some of the moisture. at least a chance for isolated showers tomorrow but not wide spread. they will be out of here by tomorrow night. on we go to over night lows tonight. we'll see mild pattern again. lows mainly in the mid 50s. there will be lots of low clouds at the coast. they'll push locally beyond the coast over the bay and inland spots. tomorrow, again, a mainly sunny day after a partly cloudy start in the morning. and again that wrap around moisture could produce isolated shower or two. generally working out of mainly sunny and dry afternoon. high temperatures ranging from low 60 to the coast to mid 70s around the bay to lower to mid 80s inland. check out the warmup. sunday, warriors day. again. highs in the upper 80s inland.
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monday, low 90s inland. 80 around the bay. mid to upper 60s at the coast. high around 90 in inland areas tuesday and cooldown in the middle of the week. but things are looking good weatherwise and we certainly hope they're looking good for the warriors. basketballwise. >> thanks very much. >> all right. up next, meet the warriors good luck charm and a special role she will have at tonight's game. first, another live picture from sky7 hd over oakland. reminder, post your warriors fan photos on social media with #dubson7, the countdown now one hour 9 minutes 32 seconds. be sure to include where you live so we can giv
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. a warriors good luck charm will sing the national anthem before tonight's game. ♪ o say can you see ♪ >> that is 10-year-old nala damison practice fogger her paul ryan form mans at a playoff game last month. shes a sunk the national anthem about 20 times and warriors record is practically perfect when she performs. >> good for her. she's great, too. dozens of youngsters will
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get to go on a field trip if the warriors win the nba championship. it's a wager between the oakland museum of california and cleveland museum of art. if the cavaliers win the museum in oakland will sponsor art experiences for the claefeveland girls and boys club. but if the warriors win -- >> they will sponsor a visit by 100 kids and families from the east bay ymca for a visit and an art experience. >> now this isn't the only community oriented wager on the game. the mayors of oakland and cleveland are behind a fund-raising competition between food banks in both cities. >> good way to get competition going. yeah. abc7 news will continue. coming up celebrating the best fans in basketball as the warriors gear up for game one. tipoff at 6:10. but check your count down clock because we have less than that until our coverage kicks off outside 30. just a little over an hour to go. >> stay here. but first, let's take you back to oakland at sky7 hd abc 7
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news sports director will be tweelting during the game. he's at oracle. follow him on
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all right. we're ready for game one of the nba finals. warriors at oracle arena redifficultre ready to take on the cavaliers. >> hi, larry. >> hi there. i just spoke with national basketball association writer. big guy. eats and sleeps hoops. he said i expect the warriors to smoke cleveland in this series. i said, what are you talk about? they got lebron. she said, yeah lebron was the best player last year and spurs ran them off the court with the heat. we'll see what happens. we'll get all the thoughts perspectives match-ups on ". presents the dub on 7" coming up at 5:00 with me, mike shoe man and a cast of thousands right here on abc7. that will do it for now from courtside. dan, back to you. >> thanks so much. larry? >> countdown clock shows we have an hour now until live coverage of the warriors and game one of the nba finals so it's time to celebrate the best fans in basketball.
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>> today's abc7 fan of the day is eileen who says hey, this warriors are playing. so no cooking tonight. great idea. check out those lucky earrings with the number 30 painted on them for steph curry. thanks for sharing your fan photo, eileen. post your warriors fan photos with the #dubson7. include where you live so we can give you a proper shoutout. next abc7 fan of the day could be you. >> yeah. and reminder "world news tonight" is next here at 5:00. we will be live from oracle arena with "dubs on 7" and at 5:30, a bc7 is the only place you can see the warriors in game one of the nba finals. >> special edition of "after the game" will follow game one. at 10:00 it's jimmy quim mykimmel live, "game night." >> from all of us here, thank you so much for joining us. >> we will see you at 5:00 for "dubs on 7," the toyota pre-game show.
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so stay tuned. >> another live look at oracle arena. go warriors! >> bye for now. to tonight, breaking news at this hour. the white house rushing to handle what could be a massive data breach, potentially involving millions of americans. the fbi now involved tonight. they're looking at every federal agency, the hackers and what they got their hands on. also tonight, the news conference a short time ago. the worries over a possible serial shooter. the driver shot in the neck. the man on the bike shot dead, and now a 65-year-old gunned down on a sidewalk. the white house fence jumper for the first time, the arsenal, the guns, the machete revealed. will it be a game-changer? a major decision today for viagra for women. and the duggar family backlash tonight. the reaction to the interview. some accusing the parents of rationalizing the abuse.


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