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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 8, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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cleveland. he has bay ties. >> a lot of fans have no more fingernails left on their fingers after the nail baiter. this is the first time, ever, an nba finals history that games one and two went interest overtime. last night the cavaliers beat the warriors. now, klay thompson has a hot hand and 34 points. lebron james was huge for the cavaliers with triple double, 39 points, 16 rebounds. and steph curry tied the game at 87 and only had 19 points. in overtime james jones missed and matthew was fouled he played at st. mary's and made both free throws with no time out and steph curry turned it over and warriors did not get a chance and lose 95-93 in overtime and the series now is tied 1-1. >> that is a classic thing you practice as a kid growing up down one you need to make both
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free throws and i have been in that situation a million times before. >> i not let one game change my confidence. as a team we do not let one game change our belief we will win the series. nothing we can do about tonight. we have to move on. >> the nab finals moves to cleveland and the cavaliers left the bay area last night to go back home and the warriors are expected to fly out this morning. game three is tuesday. cavaliers have won 26 of the last 28 games in >> whoa. awin or lose, you can watch with fellow fans, with family friendly viewing parties for warriors games, the 1975 nba championship trophy was on display during the viewing party. we are the only place to catch
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the nba finals games three and four tomorrow and thursday in cleveland. game 5 is back in oakland next sunday june 14. >> now 4:32. a 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck off the eastern coast of northern japan last night. it happened at 11 o'clock our time. the usgs up said it was democrat over -- was deep over 27 miles. >> bart is telling riders to get ready for a major disruption: no service between san francisco and the east bay for five days this summer. bart will stop all transbay service the first weekend of august and again during the three day labor day weekend in september. the agency said this they must do critical track machine near the entrance to the tube with a bus bridge set up but bart carried 98,000 passengers through the tube last labor day weekend. >> two men are in the hospital after being shot outside the liquor store in east oakland. the shooting happened at 3:00
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p.m. yesterday near the four star market. a man was walking to his car and another man shot him several times. the short time later police tracked down the gunman who shot himself. both person are expected to survive. >> oakland police have not released the identity of the man they shot and killed on saturday, the first deadly police shooting in oakland since 2013. police were called of a man sitting if a stalled car on the off-ramp of lake shore at 580 unrespondive and a loaded gun in the passenger seat. an officer used a taser against the man and another officer shot him. >> video recorded by police body cameras is being used in the investigation. >> 4:33. friends have identified the bicyclist who died in a collision with san francisco police 23-year-old d.j. pinkerton was hit and killed on friday night when riding in the
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park. here is more. >> when they say can you give us a call, i knew i knew something was wrong. >> rebecca got the horrible news when her boyfriend 23-year-old d.j. was hit and killed by a san francisco police car while on his bicycle in the park. a known risk taker he rot rode on a fixed gear no brakes. >> this is how he would prefer to die. >> he was riding down this service road moments before he was hit. friends are wondering if the loose gravel played a role. he skid and flew into the path of a cruiser. there is a memorial at the site in memory of him. >> it was the circumstances of how that corner is no light, no one expects someone to come from the service road.
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>> pinkerton was an organizer of the event and the community will miss his passion for bicycling and it personality. >> he took the lives of so many that it is crazy to even think he is gone. >> a tragic death that pinkerton knew would likely come sooner than later. in san francisco for abc7 news. happening today, the san francisco fair department will represent its findings into a deadly fire that claimed the lives of two of its own. 48-year-old vincent perez and 53-year-old antory vallereo died battling a fire. officials will discuss the findings of the department and lessons learned starting at 9:00 at the train facility at 19th. >> today congresswoman jackie speier will host the conference in burlingame to promote groups that pair come budget veterans with service animals.
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this is called "veterans best friend," takes place at the humane society and will be join by psychologists and veterans to match veterans with dogs. >> none can speaker the mobile home until building inspectors declare it safe after a car included for it in fremont. the car lifted part of the home from the supports. crews used odden beams to support the home so it would not collapse when a tow truck moved the car the no one was home. no one was hurt. >> new details on a story we broke, the co-pilot of a plane that crash landed on highway 101 said he and three others were flying back from a dinner at an inn southwest of fresno when the engine sputtered and died midair. he made the call to land it on the freeway the plane narrowly missed power lines and traffic. >> we went to emergency procedures. we decided highway 101 was the bet best and we decided to make
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the best out of the worst possible situation. >> no one was hurt. michael said that it was actually one of his smoothest landings. >> today, apple's annual worldwide developer's conference kicks off in san francisco at the mascone center. there are lines already growing. people are eager to hear c.e.o.'s key note. they have used the conference to introduce major upgrades to products including several big announcements that are anticipated including a new streaming music service a refreshed apple tv and grand new i.o.s. features. >> now weather and traffic starting with weather. was it warm enough for you yesterday? >> it was. it was nice at the san jose earthquake games, although the temperature was warm there was a necessary breeze. neat stadium. i got home, and boy i was glad the air conditioner was on. ocean beach and crissy field and
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san francisco downtown bay you have 53. mission at 55. glen park at 57. ferry building at 56. the financial district is at 54. 60s in san leandro and union city and 66 in walnut creek and we have pleasanton and fairfield at 64 and tracy right now at 70. pacifica though, at 52. from the east bay hills, check out the temperatures as we head and the afternoon hours quite a spread, almost 40 degrees like yesterday. inland mainly the east by 96 to 104, coast is up to 76 and around the bay, 78 to 94 in the south bay and some the north by. as far as what will happen the next three days we have an area of low pressure to the south bring in the moisture so there is a chan of a shower or thunderstorm from monterey bay south, and the extra cloud cover will help ease the sting of the heat before it comes back on wednesday were i will let you know if it lasts through the weekend. >> heat? did someone say heat?
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a miracle. >> now, the golden gate bridge shows we are under very thick fog so reduced visibility coming from marin to san francisco. make sure you use the low beams. we have high wind advisory for the san mateo bridge with both hand on the wheel. checking over the altamont pass, if you are making it from tracy to dublin you can see the slowing building 205 at 580 but you are still at top speed through the pass into livermore. if you are traveling at sfo, san francisco, it is 11 minutes southbound on 101 and northbound on the nimitz from 238 to the maze a 14-minute commute and the south bay northbound 101 from 85 to the san jose airport, just 12 minutes. it is 4:39. happening today, california court officials are expected to approve a new rule that could change the way you fight a traffic ticket. curing to the sacramento bee the council will vote on a new policy that will no longer require driver to pay upfront
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when contesting a citation. many counties like san francisco usually do not require payment to fight some do including marin county. officials say the policy lets people have thai day in court while lessening the financial burden. >> next, a police officer's actions unscrutiny, what he did at a teen's pool party that led to a suspension from force. >> a clean slate for the weaponsington police department a new top cop aims to rebuild the scandal-plagued east bay agency. stay
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covering benicia, san ramon san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. chaos outside the stadium in new jersey last night as police tried to clear fans outside a
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sole out hip hop concert. the summer jam featured chris brown and many others with outburst when fans tried to get in without tickets hopping fences. fans would had tickets were not allowed in when the police blocked all entrances going into the stadium. promoters say those people will get i funds. >> a police officer in texas is on leave this morning after video showed him pulling a gun on teenagers in bathing suits. the officer was seen throwing a 15-year old girl to the ground and drawing his gun when young men began to yell at him. >> hands up don't shoot all lives matter. all lives matter. >> the officer drew the weapon.$t >> he did. >> at people in swimsuits. >> they were not doing anything criminal. they were at a party. >> officials say many of the teams escalated the confrontation by refusing to leave when asked. >> another indepth in texas has a city police department coming
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under fire: video of an incident on saturday shows mounted police moving through a crowd as a police woman grabs a man's phone and another officer pepper sprays hip. the austin police department is now conducting a reyou have of the officer's conduct. >> east bay community of kensington is coming off of several rough months. the police chief was fired after being accused of mishandling a scandal involving a fellow officer. our reporter shows us how the new chief plans to push the town failure. >> kensington's new police chief knows he has a bit of a mess to clean up. the predecessor hard mop was ousted by the board criticized for how he handled a scandal involving a prostitute that stole a sergeant's gun. >> he made some mistakes. clearly he made a mistake in handling that matter. >> hart is looking at controversy as an opportunity telling me over the phone that there are a lot of questions and concerns in town with previous leaders. this was a period in kensington
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history that became public and we have to move past that. chart a retired sheriff's commander and is on the dublin city council. there is still debate over his position serving as police chief and interim city manager. >> some feel there is a conflict of interest. i don't think there is a conflict of interest per se in having the two positions but i do think it presents difficulty, they are very different jobs and it is hard to switch hats. ought board is looking at other options down the road. >> hart told mely goal is to make sure kensington is run effectively with the first order of business to tackle the budget. east bay mud's board directors holds a public hearing tomorrow as they consider adopting high are rates. a proposed surcharge would increase rates up to 25 percent and the extra money would cover the cost of additional services, extra water supplies and the enforcement of water use restrictions.
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the surcharge applies to all customers based on the amount of water they use and if approached take effect july 1. >> an athlete from florida set sail from japan to be first woman to row solo across the pacific ocean. the 29-year-old hopes to be in san francisco by late september when her cuss temperature designed boat with no motor or sail but has solo panels and high-tech communication cases and hopes the 6,000 mile trip will create a conversation about positive environmental change. >> something she does not have is a "chase," boat, most boats have a boat behind them if something goes wrong. >> how close is the nearest help? >> good luck to her. we hope to see her in >> it is starting to feel like summer mike.
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>> yes, my goodness yesterday the furnace came on yesterday. it will be running overtime today. just lick our nba series has been running overseas overtime. 1:00 o'clock to 8:00 is when the most dangerous heat is going to be you can see it is along the bayshore line into southbound bay, inland east bay, and up in the north by. remember, drink plenty of fluids by the time you are thirsty it is too late. hydrate early. try to stay in the shade. we have clouds along the coast. there is fog at the marine layer that is shallow because of the sinking air of high pressure and half moon bay is three-quarters of a mile visibility and we do have reduced visibility if you are coming across the golden gate bridge, also, so much with out for that. notice our winds are light and variable until you get to fairfield where they are 14 miles per hour. from the east bay hills, bay bridge, san mateo bridge, dumbarton, no issues there and it is just really the golden
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gate bridge is having a few issues with visibility. hot sunshine, dangerous highs today, and we will have a few more clouds along the cost and some of those spill into the bay and it will be warmer tonight and even this morning. the heat after a little bit of a reprieve tomorrow and wednesday, it is going to return over the weekend. down in the south by, 89 is the cool spot in i milpitas and everyone else is in the local 90's with dense fog around upon tray bay and it will take a while to burn off so we have 9 in santa cruz with mid-to-upper 80s most of the peninsula and los altos at 90 and millbrae at 82. more sunshine at the coast but mid-to-upper 70s downtown and south san francisco and sausalito is running only about 71 degrees but the mid-to-upper 80s through the not bay including santa rosa and napa low-to-mid 90's and the east bay her is comfortable at hercules and richmond and berkeley upper
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70s and low-to-mid 80s elsewhere. in castro valley we will feel it the most 96 is as cool as we get, san ramon and conquer well over 100 in many other areas and temperatures tonight in the my 50s to mid-60s. here is my seven-day forecast best chance of a storm will be to the south tomorrow and wednesday and the cooling breeze will fake our temperatures down to the 60s 70s and 80s and the 90's are going to return inland for the weekend. >> morning everyone, we are looking at walnut creek and traffic is light this morning. perhaps folks are pulling the blankets over their face after last night's loss. if you are headed out to bart, we have 30 bart trains run on time right now. yes, it was a close but, right kristen? we are making our way over to 880 and northbound nimitz at 29th and if that gums up the commute you can always take 580 and that is moving along at top
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speed if you head between castro valley to the maze, 14 minutes and southbound 101 out of santa rosa at petaluma, 14 minutes at this hour and 101 northbound from 280 to 680 split at highway 8512 minutes gets you through. >> we are allowed to mope and then pick ourselves >> apple fans a big announcement and pizza hut deliver as show with the delivery. >> a big announcement from apple. >> developer's conference, apple will unveil the music streaming service to be about $10 providing users unlimited access to tens of millions of songs. >> looking to upgrade iphone 5, you can fed a trade in to iphone 6 for $1 with verizon or sprint. >> there is some savings through
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june 20. another officer offered by pizza hut is giving you more than extra cheese on the pizza. especially designed pizza box converts to movie projecters slipping the smartphone inside the box and it blows up iphone display on the wall only available if hong you are in hong kong. >> vacant office building in southern pennsylvania is now just a memory. >> crews implieded the six-story building in hearings -- harrisburg yesterday, so it is relatively knew lost occupied by the state department of public we welfare making way for parking lot with 219 spaces. >> peace in the middle east
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could pay off. >> warriors fan who has every reason to brag this morning. can you make this half court shot?
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(music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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>> the warriors may have lost but one fan is a big winner jason valdez won a new bmw during half time with that impressive half-court shot. let's see that again through the net, right there the team science identity this tweet saying your friends will never question your long-range game again. enjoy your bmw. >> impressive back spin like he has practiced that's. steph curry showed a little love here, you can see him hugging security guard the two go we
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back she has worked at oracle arena for 20 years. steph curry gentleman on-and-off the court. >> it is 4:55. meteorologist mike nicco when you town on the heat you really turn it on. >> six to 14 degrees warmer-than-average today. we have been so cold for so long it will hit you harder than normal. livermore is the pick city today, starting off this month at 80 and 52 and we end up 80 and 56, and we have been 38 113. we will be triple digits through the central valley, palm springs san diego is 75, 81 >> we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza you the traffic is light from
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berkeley. there are in problems. we did have a high wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. >> middle east peace is not an end goal, perhaps prosperity is an end goal. a study from rand corporation said that israel and palestinians would gain billions great making peace. israel would gain $120 billion the next decade great a deal and palestinians would gain $50 billion. the flip side? a return to violence would cause israeli economy to lose $250 billion in economic opportunity. >> the second and final day of the group of seven summit is underway in germany without russia. world leaders including president obama are pushing russia to achieve peace with ukraine. a cease-fire deal was reached in february between the two countries but russia has not followed through on it. the leaders could extend sanctions against russia because of the aggressive behavio
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hundreds marched up to a security fence outside the castle where the leaders are meeting and necessity believe a trade deal between the european union and the united states could hurt food safety and does not address climate change and protester. there was a scuffle between protesters and police. >> new at 5:00, new developments in the hack attack on government employees where citizens and private citizens possibly compromised. >> high anticipation for the apple conference today we talk to the c.e.o. and what he is say about reciting more young girls interest technical. >> as we take a break we leave you with abc7 live weather and traffic including a look at i-80 through emeryville and
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yoplait! live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good monday morning at 5:00 a.m. and we all have a little bit of a basketball hangover but we will get back on track. >> no one has lot their spirit. >> meteorologist mike nicco boy, summer is back. >> be careful what you ask for. it is going to be hot. how hot? justify that there is a heat advisory for all neighbors but for the coast, san francisco and the north bay valley, at 90's to 100s. the exploritorium is quiet and the water could be inviting later today although it is in the 50s. we are 56 to 64 the 12 hour day planner and starting off


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