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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  June 8, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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abc7 news begins with breaking news. we have breaking news in san rafael. sky 7 h.d. is over interstate 5 bathe at the west end the richmond-san rafael bridge where there is a major traffic mess going on right now. you can see the traffic is backed up and that is because caltrain closed two left bound lanes. the agency said the warmer than usual temperatures combined with a decease fuel have led to issues with the pavement of the the lanes are expected to be closed until at least 2:00 p.m. the toll plaza shows traffic is very backed up all the way
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across the bridge. we will bring in leyla gulen with a look at what drivers can expect. how can we get around the area? >> boy looking right now it is a mess. looking at sky 7 you can see what all of the road work is about: two lanes are shut down the one lane is squeezing by exiting the westbound 580 richmond-san rafael bridge. that is entering into san quentin. the drive is pretty slow eight miles per hour is the top speed. as sky 7 pulls out and we pan across so you can see the bumper to bumper track -- traffic, you can see it. what your alternates are until at least 2:00 p.m. this afternoon, highway 37 to make it over to 101. if you are traveling through berkeley that could be better to make the commute over the bay
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bridge. >> we will continue to monitor the traffic situation. we have other news, i am kristen sze. >> i am cheryl jennings. >> the worldwide developers conference is underway at moscone center in san francisco. tim cook took the stage to talk about new developments. amy hollyfield joins us with the latest. amy, sirry is going to be better, is that right? >> she will improve her skills as a personal assistant and they are saying that our bat try life on the ipads will be longer. those are improvements that have come from the keynote address going on right now at moscone center. more announcements are expected. c.e.o. tim cook took to the stage an sure ago to a packed and thrilled crowd. he pointed out that more than 70 countries are represented here today. cook gave an overview saying they would announce improvements to the apple watch and handed the mike to his software chief
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would explained improvements to the mobile system. they are saying siri will be a proactive personal assistance getting to know your needs. >> siri is capable of doing so much more. things like show me photos from utah last august. instantly show you the right photos from your photo library. and siri can take reminders. you can ask, remind me to grab my coffee off the roof of my car when i get in because she knows when you are in the car. >> attendees were excited to hear the speech. look at the line to get into moscone. those in the front got here at 4:00 yesterday afternoon. we met people from across the country, canada and even from sweden. i asked of the love for apple and what it is like to be inside for the key note dress. >> it is rather surreal.
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people are there for the same reason you are. >> an explosion of apps and building products an the apple brand and it is amazing. everyone is living apple. >> they will hold more than 100 sessions here this week but the keynote address is the highlight and that is what they camp out for. one big announcement is expected: a new streaming music service is still to come. maybe even a surprise. you know apple. stay with abc7 as we continue to cover the worldwide developers conference on twitter and later in the later broadcast. reporting live in san francisco for abc7 news. >> you saw the men in the video and a major change we can expect from apple in the future is more women. abc7 news reporter caught up with tim cook for an interview before the conference. cook said apple needs to do a
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better job of bringing women into the fold and met with 350 young scholarship winners some of whom including this senior at fremont mission san jose high school have created apps, a chess game, for example and a game called "colors." >> more people you get thinking about something coming from a different point of view you wind up with a better product. >> cook also hopes to expand the technical work first to include more neithers and people with disabilities. currently seven out of 10 apple employ ears men. >> warriors are on the way to cleveland in hopes of coming home with the lead in the nba finals with a nail biting loss last night. matt is at oakland airport. matt? >> the plane took off in the last 45 minutes from oakland international airport. they are looking to bounce back in game three of the nba finals.
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steph curry was the last on the plane. mvp came off a rough night with only 19 points in the overtime loss to the cavaliers. and clay thompson had a big game last night leading the warriors with 33 points. last night's loss was only the second loss at home during the playoffs and only the 4th all season. fans are optimistic when you consider they have the best road record this season. >> the warriors are really good and they can do it. i know. last note they did not step it up. maybe they took a rest. i hope. but they will win it. i know they will. >> still the best team in basketball this year. they still have a chance. they will do it. >> the warriors lost in overtime last night after matthew dellavedova hit two three throws. this is the first time that games one and two of the finals when to overtime. how about this? the winner of game three in a
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tight series goes on to win 84 percent of the time. warriors have a shot around today when they land in cleveland and a longer shoot around tomorrow at noon as they prepare for game three tomorrow night. >> abc7 is the only place to catch the nba finals and game three and four are tomorrow and thursday in cleveland and both games start add 6:00. game five back in oakland on sunday with tip-off at 5 o'clock. >> the warriors and cleveland for games three and four of the finals and we are there. you can catch live reports all week from mike shumann and wayne freedman and laura anthony right here on the only place to see the finals abc7. >> three people are out of their home after a fire in san jose. it started after 6:00 a.m. with the people living there waking up to the smell of smoke. they were able to get out safely along with their pet.
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firefighters say the fire starts in the back of a large ranch hope. the heat made it tougher to knock down. >> the high heat index this weekend makes fire grow faster exponentially because the humidity is down. for our crews we have to be cognizant they will work beyond their stress point quickly because of the temperature. >> the cause of the fire is still "under investigation." >> hot temperatures are expected again today prompting fire danger warning. >> right now from our camera at the east bay hills all of the dry brush there. >> meteorologist mike nicco joins us. the warnings are out to people pets and property. mike? >> it will be a hot one today in many areas of the unlike the firefighters we can take off our coat. it has been a long-term since i have been here without a coat. we are from two degrees warmer at half moon bay to double digits inland. if you stepped out today and you
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thought, without, it is warmer than yesterday and it is, 62 at half moon bay and 65 at san francisco, and 70s around the bay and 80s inland and to 92 already in livermore, and it is those areas you can see, not san francisco, not the coast and not the forth bay valleys, everyone else, at least five million of us are under heat advisory from 1:00 o'clock to 8:00 so find a way to stay cool during that time or heat-represented illness but take you. this is one and done. we will tack about cooler conditions and the possibility of a thunderstorm in the forecast. >> the watsonville police department will hold a news conference to discuss the deadly police shooting over the weekend. officers found an armed man on saturday night in a homeless encampment. investigators say he ran into a pressurey area and shot an officer in the stomach. police returned fire killing the hand. >> we her the shots. two or three shots.
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>> the officer who was wounded is expected to survive. he is described as a seasoned veteran with the department. it is the first time in more than a decade a watsonville officer has been wounded in daughter. >> white south carolina police officer has been indicted for the death of an unarmed black man in april. 33-year-old michael slager is seen shooting walter scott eight times as scott ran away triggering nationwide protests against racially motivateed police brutality. scott was pulled over for a broken tail light. the family things he ran because he had outstanding child support obligations. slager faces 30 years to life imprisonment if convicted. >> california court officials have approved a new rule to change the way you fight a traffic ticket. according to the "los angeles times" the state judicial council voted unanimously to approve a new policy that lets drivers fight a traffic ticket without paying the fine first. many counties like san francisco usually is do not require
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payment to fight tickets, some do including marin county. court officials say the new policy will let people have their day in court and lessen the financial burden. >> still ahead we are staying on top of breaking news in marin county: a major metro driver is on richmond-san rafael bridge as crews are repairing faulty pavement. sky 7 is over the scene with an update ahead. >> a police officer under fire and what he did trying to break up this pool party that led to his suspension on the force. >> why the number of cyber attacks again the u.s. government is only going to
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>> we continue to follow breaking news in san rafael where the heat is having an impact on traffic sky 7 is over interstate 580 at the west end of the richmond-san rafael bridge where crews are making emergency road repairs. two westbound lanes have been closed at 580 at main street and sir francis drake boulevard. warmer than usual temperatures could binded with the fuel spill led to issues with the pavement. this backup as leyla was talking about, the drive that normally takes seven minutes is now taking 40 minutes! standstill, practically. the lanes should be closed until at least 2:00 p.m. avoid this area if you can. follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea.
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>> a police officer in texas is on leave this morning after a video showed him pulling a gun on teenagers in bathing suits much the officer was seen throwing a 15-year old girl to the ground and drawing his gun on young men who were yelling at him. >> hands up, don't shoot all lives matter. all lives matter. >> he pulled the weapon kids. this swimsuits. they were not doing anything criminal. it was a party. >> police say the teens escalated the confrontation by refusing to leave. our president obama said the problem of cybersecurity act will accelerate. the president is addressing this after a massive hack as government employee personnel files, the most significant fiber attack in history. the spot in germany attending the g-7 summit and said part of the problem is the united states is very old systems for
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detecting intrusion. he said the united states is upgrading old systems agency by agency to ensure technology is up to date. >> a big warm up. meteorologist mike nicco shows us how high the temperatures will climb coming up in the full forecast. >> a welcome home fit for a king. what american pharoah will be doing after racing into
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>> american pharoah returned home to a hero's welcome with police escorts guiding the horse back to churchill downs in
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kentucky. american pharoah was the first triple crown winner in 37 years sweeping the kentucky derby and the preakness and belmont. >> the opener will keep american pharoah in training. >> i thought he would become a stud...let's move over to the weather. >> it is a beautiful day but there is high fire danger. >> we will talk about that with mike. >> you have to watch out for the pets as you head through the next couple of hours. make sure they have plenty of water and will be taken care of. this is how it looks this morning from the east bay hills camera fog trying to sneak across the golden gate bridge and there and in half moon train frisky travel because of the compressed layer, the main layer was down to a thousand feet and below that we found most of the clouds. this is the way it looked and the clouds climbed all the way back to the coast and they are trying to make another subject as we heat up inland and it
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draws the cooler air and heavier and more dense air in from the coast. however, it is not going to be there very long because it will be a warm one today. in fact, the panthers are graduating this afternoon. into the evening. it will start at 81 and drop down to 72 degrees. congratulations. there is a little bit of a brief if some areas and less than ten miles per hour but for sfo where it is ten and half moon bay at 13. do not count on the breeze to keep cool. you need to find the shade today and drink plenty of liquids with the areas in burnt orange where we have the heat advisory from 1:00 o'clock to 8:00. you can see a little bit of an offshore breeze at the coast and you will be in is out of the cloud cover so we will call it partly cloudy and the rest of us are going to be scorching, in the sunshine as you can see from mount tamalpais with temperatures running anywhere from about six to 15 degrees
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warmer-than-average. remember may? not anymore, now, union is feeling like summer. the forecast is hot sunshine today, today and tonight will be the warmest 24 hour cycle and tomorrow clouds are increasing and showers and possibly a thunderstorm or two the next few days will bring cooler conditions and the heat will return at least inland as we head to the end of the week and into the weekend. today low-to-mid 90s in the south bay until gilroy at 97. san jose 93 and milpitas at 89 and what is the difference between 89 and 92? 90 in los altos and warmer as you head south. mid-to-upper 70s in downtown and south sausalito, and mid-90's through the north bay and sonoma in the mid-90. 77 at hurricane bees and berkeley and mid-90's to low 100s with the air conditioning running full blast inland east bay. tonight mid-50 to mid-60s and the clouds will make a deeper
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penetration into the bay than last night but they will quickly go away again. here is a look at what will happen as they notice the sierra where the thunderstorms are going to be and tomorrow morning, look at the high clouds and the moisture and scattered shower or thunderstorm by noon, a few more around us during the 5:00 hour and in the north bay during the evening hours, it will calm down overnight and wednesday we do it all over again. with high fire danger, that is something we are going to keep an eye on were the temperatures are dropping 10- or 15-degrees by wednesday and 90's are back on thursday 70s around the bay and 60s at the coast and we will head that way all the way into the weekend. today it is going to be the warmest and a fire threat tomorrow and wednesday with the thunderstorms. we will keep an eye on it. back to you. >> it is time to celebrate the best fans in basketball. during the nba finals we share your phone pictures and choose a "fan of the day." the fun continues with isabella
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and matthew sporting their steph curry gear. thanks for submitting that picture to us. >> can you share your worse fan picks using # dubson7. include your city in the post so we give you a proper shout out if you are chose as the next "fan of the day." >> so many cute ones so
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>> a reminder, major traffic delays still on westbound 580 on the rip rich bridge, look at stand still, caltrain closed two westbound lanes, i-580 near sir francis drake boulevard for emergency pavement repairs partly related to heat. crews will not be finished until 2:00 today. for up-to-the-minute updates follow us on twitter twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> a reporter david louie will have the exclusive sit down with apple c.e.o. tim cook as the cupertino company takes center stage at the worldwide developers conference. at 5:00 a new computer does not run on batteries or solar. what makes it go, coming up tonight. >> 49ers quarterback kaepernick posted this video on instagram, knocking one over the fence at a celebrity softball game in he. it was three hope runs.
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this is for charity. it is not a surprise for those who know him they know he could have been drafted into major league baseball. he is good at everything. he is something else. thanks for joining us.
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