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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 9, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> customers lost electricity in the triple digit heat yesterday. matt is in gilroy after 109-day temperature yesterday. matt? yes, welcome to summer in gilroy, with a temperature of 109. you can get the air conditioners were cramping until some last power. look at the video from last night: san jose is seen as the sun is going down creating a black out across san jose with 12,000 customs losing power in san jose and gilroy. pg&e flames the temperatures for causing equipment failure and last night 3500 were without power this is a look at peg outage map and san jose has 305 without power in gilroy 500 have no power.
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peg has crewed to get power back on. some may not get power on until the sun comes up, though, and we will keep you updated right here reporting in gilroy for abc7. >> thanks. 4:31. the heat caused big delays for bart commuters during commute with track monitoring electronics overheated when the air conditioning failed in a criminal room causing the computers to falsely show trains triggering delays and passengers complained about no working air conditioning on the cars. >> weather played a role in a grass fire in san leandro. we were on the scene along interstate 880. the fire forced c.h.p. to close northbound 880 to southbound 238. it was a small fire but check out all of smoke. firefighters remained on the scene into the night. >> sheet to blame for a wild scene on 580 with emergency
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repairs after a patch of pavement crumbled in the high heat. several lanes of westbound traffic into san rafael were closed for seven hours triggering major lays across the richmond-san rafael bridge and beyond. >> you can track the high temperatures any time with the abc7 weather app free from apple app and google play. we have more information at >> 25,000 customers in the east bay wake up with power this morning after a brief outage blamed on...a squirrel. pg&e said the squirrel came into contact with electrical equipment at the substation and, move no more lights. the intercessions were blacked out forcing drivers and pedestrians to be center careful. a safeway used backup generators to keep open. the outage spoils a graduation ceremony with the stage having to be lit by eye phones. the power was restored to all
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customers around 10:30 two hours later. >> the warriors are waking up in cleveland for game three of the nba finals. the team flew to cleveland from oakland yesterday and worked out as quicken loans arena in cleveland. the worse will try to bounce back from the 95-93 overtime loss at oracle arena with the calf floors tough to beat in cleveland. they have the best home record in the nba since january 19 going 26-2. after sunday lebron james challenged fans to be as loud as warriors fans so you know they will step it up. wayne freedman will have a report for us this morning from quicken loans arena at the top of the hour. >> wayne will be live all week on the abc7 morning news. he is in cleveland with the team along with laura anthony and mike shumann. this is the only place to see the finals abc7. >> coverage of game let is tonight at 5:30 with nba count
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down followed by the tip-off at 6:00, and prior to that, we will have abc7 news at 4:00, followed by abc world news tonight at 4:30 and at 5:00 we are from cleveland with dubs on, the pregame slow and 5:30, game three. toyota after the game will follow game three and then it is jimmy kill people live and then hour long addition of abc7 at 10:30. >> novato police are voting a fire at a car dealership that destroyed several vehicles. our reporter is at the chevrolet lot. >> this happened in the very back corner of the lot. look behind me. you can see west damaged cars is still here and the back end of it is burned. you can see part of the car is melted from the fire. look at the vegetation when authorities the for the call they thought they were dailying with november station fire and they got here they relied they had something very different with the images taken overnight.
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it was 11:30 right here at the chevrolet dealership next to the china garden restaurant. they had two cars fully engulfed and two that were catching fire. they think it is "suspicious." they do not who did this or why but they think someone set it on purpose getting the fires out and towed a couple of the cars away. one is sometime here. now they want to figure out who did this and why and asking for the help of the public. if anyone saw anything suspicious novato police are asking for a call. >> happening today a big crowd is expected at the marin board board of supervisors to discuss medical marijuana hosting a public workshop to review a draft ordinance to allow dispensaries to rate in designated unincorporated areas. marijuana remains illegal under federal law but doctors
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routinely prescribe it to treat medical ailments. there are no locally operating dispensaries anywhere in marin. >> the east bay mud board will vote on water rate increases temporarily for 25 percent sir charge to get customs to cut water use by 20 percent during the drought. it will cover the cost of additional water supplies and the board is considering a permanent 8 percent water rate increase with the surcharge and penalties take effect judgment 1 if approved. >> the governor brown is in southern california to visit each part of the state to emphasize water conservation. last week he was in san jose and this afternoon he is attending the board meeting in los angeles, and after he will join the publisher and c.e.o. of the "los angeles times" for a forum on the drought. now a check on weather. here is a word i have not used "muggy." >> it is going to be muggy as
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the moisture comes in. look what it does to the temperatures blessants hill is 71 degrees. we are in the mid-to-upper 60s through our inland east bay neighborhood to 73 in brentwood and you can see why the air conditioning was humming dug the overnight hours. we are 60 right new in newark and still that in milpitas and cupertino is 63 and calistoga is 62 and everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 50s. financial district is 54 and alameda is 57 and half moon bay is 54 degrees. this is how it looks in walnut creek this morning, and what we are seeing is clear conditions as the sea breeze has not made it there. this afternoon we are still going to have hotspots especially inland at 92 and the cooling breeze along the coast in san francisco at 63 to 70 and around the bay the warm the is going down but the humidity is going up around 70 to 85. you can see the cloud cover across the golden gate bridge as we have a west wind at ten miles
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per hour and temperatures are going to be all over the scale today and a less are citizen, tomorrow, and notice the warming that comes back on thursday and friday. leyla? >> we start here at the bay bridge toll plaza and we have cars waiting to pay cash to make it into the city. the rest of the drive from the east bay is smooth as silk and we are not fining any delays moving into the san francisco area. as we take you to drive time traffic if you do make your travels away from albany i-80 to the maze for a quick four-minute commute southbound nimitz between fremont and san jose is 15 minutes and 280 northbound from 101 to cupertino is live minutes. we have mostly green conditions so green means go and we are at top speeds with pockets of construction particularly through oakland and san leandro and we will give you the details and the peninsula is moving along at top speeds on 101 and
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280. it is almost 4:39. happening today the oakland skin is holding a second public meeting to discuss the fate of the convention center from sky 7, you can see the 114-year-old building has been closed by the city to cut costs. the city has been working with two local developers and will choose one to restore the building. officials are debating whether it should be converted to office space or preserved for concerts conventions and other evens with the addition of a hotel. the public meeting is at 1:00 o'clock p.m. at oakland city hall. >> next, cracking down on illegal fireworks in santa clara county. the new fines proposed against homeowners whether they know it is happening on their prosecute. >> a wish come true for a bay area girl battling a live threatening disease. we were there foe a surprise announcement that nearly brought her to tears. >> a look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza as seen from
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>> covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back at 4:42. the fallout continues from a police pool party confrontation in next with hundreds gathering in the dallas suburb to protest the actions of a white police officer against a mostly black group of teenagers. in the cell phone video an officer looked to be throwing down a teenage girl in a bathing suit and drawing his gun on other unarmed teens. the officer has been placed on leave pending an investigation. >> california court leaders voted unanimously to stop courts from charming -- charging drivers bail before they challenge a ticket. you no longer have to pay upfront as a condition of getting a hague on a ticket. a traffic ticket in california costs about $500 and that amount
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escalates rapidly when deadlines are missed. five million drivers have had hair licenses suspended because of inability to pay. some judges are concerned the new rule could flood the courts with people seeking trials on tickets. >> for the fourth of july the board of supervisors in santa clara will vote on a new ordinance to crackdown on illegal fireworks. the measure affects property owners who know fireworks are discharged. you could be cited for future violations. prosecute own are could be fined $350 for the first violation and $up for the second time and $1,000 for the third time. >> a 12-year-old girl with life threatening illnesses is getting her wish from make-a-wish foundation leaving today for orlando wherefore a weekend slow can focus on being a kid. our reporter has that story.
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>> surprise. 12-year-old knew she got her wish when her childhood friend from los angeles opened dart and asked the make a british foundation if she could go to or land do with her best buddy. >> i am very excited to go and i'm happy i'll stable enough to go. >> she has been diagnosed with a rare immune disease and she and her mother drive each week from dublin home to southern california for treatment. she gets to lebanon it all behind. she is heading to disney world and seaworld. >> she has home you can keep going and persevere and moving forward without feeling like there is no hope. >> after the wish, she will have something else to look forward to: a new center opening in the fall in southern california. it is called tea perk where specialists are under one roof. >> when you are in a place where there are people who are worse than you, you realize this are
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other people struggling and this are other people like you. >> for now, the focus is on fun two best friends going on a trip of a lifetime. in dublin for abc7 news. >> the warriors community foundation is hosting several official watch parties around the bay area for the game, three of the nba finals. fans will clear on the dubs at the food park in san francisco. a portion of sales will be donated to the warriors community foundation to help underserved youth in the bay area. we have a list of all the official parties on our website and . >> a cleveland artist has created an amazing tribute to lebron james using an etch a sketch. this video took two days to foreign. george's art earn add trip to the white house and appearances on jimmy kimmel.
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he make as living selling t-shirts and prints using the figures he created on the etch a sketch. i did not know it was possible. >> look at this you can see lebanon's scowl during the game right? it is a thing. now it is your town. send us your lebron james selfies on twitter or facebook or instagram using # dubson7. we can use your photo on the air. >> anyone have a caption? >> we are feeding the beast because that is what a lot of people have a beef on him, crying about everything. >> he throws powder in the area before the start of the game. it is kind of messy. >> new our forecast. >> not so messy as yesterda forecast.
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we face west and it was 10 is and there is in way i would turn on the grill. i will grill everything today because it will be cooler. nothing going on right here, yet. but look at that. down to our south and let me throw the lightning on there over the last hour 357 lightning strikes out of this cluster of thunderstorms and they are just rolling right up the cost from san diego, los angeles, to santa barbara and some of these are going to come over our neighbor the next 24 to 48 hours. here we are this morning and you can see we talk about the clouds lining up the coast and pushing further to the east than they did yesterday as the low starts to near and here come the clouds during the afternoon hours and that is what will take a little bit of the heat out of our air mass the fact it will not be so sunny this afternoon as it was
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yesterday afternoon. notice it is quiet until we get to the overnight hours and this model could be slow. we will see a couch chances of scattered showers and thunderstorms this afternoon and look what it does overnight it scattered them across the north bay and as the low rotates to our east on the back side of that tomorrow during lunch isolated thunderstorms are possible and that will hang around law 5:00 and then fall apart. if you get caught under one of these you could get some brief heavy rain but the problem is probably 95 percent of us will not get anything. here is the mid-to-upper 80s and mid-80s on the peninsula, a far cry from year. my 60s along the coast to upper 60s and nearly 70 downtown. mid-70s to mid-80s through the north bay valley. along the east bay shore we will have low-to-mid 70s and we are all over the scale today. talk about the microclimates and upper 80s to low 90's inland east bay.
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tonight with the humidity it will be a stuffy night, not is warm as this morning inland mid-50s to mid-60s and another chance with the cool of the day tomorrow and 60, 80s, and 90's coming back for the weekend. with the heat out there, it was amazing to see the road buckle. i saw you working. >> i was working in the midday and it was a mess. it just melted. the asphalt melted. that is because of a fire we had a fedex truck caught fire and it destroyed asphalt because of that. with the heat we just had it did a number on traffic. here is a look at the richmond-san rafael bridge, speaking of which, a huge difference from yesterday. we are looking at clear conditions. they got everything repaired. moving over to the san mateo bridge is over the water through the woods, you can see clear conditions and we are not finding accidents this morning and nothing whatever in the
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entire bay area. we have construction however, and if you travel in the eastbound direction on 580, you will find construction crews dotting the roadway until 6:00 and the westbound traffic is starting to build through tracy up to vasco and it is clear to go. >> thank you. apple's worldwide developers conference continues after big announcements yesterday. not all business during the kickoff at the miscone center. >> new stuff from apple. >> a new streaming music service called apple music what else? offering access to all types of must ice like spotify. it stars in june 30 with subscriptions at $10 a month. apple announced the apple pay will include discover and loyalty cards from retail chains. >> i.o.s. nine will be smaller and more intuitive siri.
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>> it was not all serious business on monday. that is from s&l with key note video. he takes jab at the tech industry and even at apple and has coffee delivered from a drone. good time had by all. have a great day. stay tuned.
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>> if you are on the job hunt or know someone who is, today is the abc7 job journal hire event showcasing a variety of jobs from noon to 4:00 p.m. in san francisco. it is free. >> student may question college entrance exam scores after a mistake was discovered on the s.a.t. test. on saturday, the test maker learned there was a printing error in the test booklet and half million students who took the test that afternoon had an extra five minutes to complete either a math or reading section. the college board said it could throw out scores from those sections and still bring valid results but you can imagine there is a lot of anxiety with the parents and students. >> we have mug-zity because of the weather. >> it is muggy and it could spark an isolated thunderstorm.
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the rangers are in town to take on the amounts and dropping down to 63. high fire danger north of us to the oregon border but let me show you what is going on to the south by looking at the lightning strikes. here is a look at thunderstorms these are going to be marching north across the state and could get as far north as well, around chico at 100. 79 in lake tahoe. 82 and thunderstorms in los angeles. >> bart delay on daly city line and the east bay direction because of an equipment problem. we had big delays yesterday and another day of delay this morning. here is the golden gate bridge under very thick fog. you can hear the fog horns coming to work this morning. it is a soupy drive headed in from marin to san francisco. we have construction in the south by with mostly green and as we look at 880 in the
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southbound direction heading away from stevens creek the project will last until 6:00. >> june is lgbt pride month across the nation. happening today san francisco mayor lee will raise the gay pride flag at city hall. in celebration the lgbt community have evens for the month culminating june 27 with a pink triangle installation ceremony and not to be missed 45th annual gay pride parade. >> michigan man is a million dollars richer after ignoring warnings of playing lottery. the man wants to remain anonymous bought a much vary after the significant other told him not to and he felt lucky and bought a ticket. he hid it from the girlfriend and scratched the ticket in the bathroom. he won the game's largest prize $1 million. he took the limp sum of $635 and hopes his girlfriend will not be
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so skeptical next time. he got away with one ignoring her wins so do not press your luck again. >> still, the results were worth it right? >> yes. and no. >> nba excitement is building in cleveland and wayne freedman is there for it all. next wayne introduces us to the east bay man who first spotted lebron james' star power. >> the fight against surey -- sugary drinks in san (music) hey! let me help with that.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is a muggy tuesday morning. we thank you for being with us. >> i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> with leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco. >> a touch muggy translating into a chance of thunderstorm today and tomorrow. that is a big story. the second story, is the fact it will not be so hot today. live doppler hd is quiet right now. here is a look at the sea breeze. it will not touch all of us. it is going to hit the coast. and parts of the central bay. here is the day planner 56 to 66 and areas, still are at 70 and they should drop a couple degrees by 7:00. by noon, 62 at the coast to 80 inland and by 4:00, increasing clouds and


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