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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 11, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good thursday morning 5:00 a.m. and we are talking about hair. >> leyla has a new hair document. >> i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> and now traffic is ahead but, mike a better hairdo? or still humid? still very humid. you should see the hair spay being used here. >> giving away my secrets. stop it. >> not rainy. >> not rainy at all. it is completely dry to talk
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about your fog. 280 at 17 and look how thick it is in the south bay this morning. 12-hour day planner is also cooler, at 56 to 62 through 7:00 and it will turn sunny but for the coast where we have lingered clouds 62 to 82 inland and a warm wave will overtake us or wash over us at 62 to 86 and by 7:00 60 to 80 and not quite so humid tomorrow as tomorrow. next, it will be hotter and i will show you that coming up. >> thank you. now a check on traffic. leyla? now, san jose is 87 as you head past julian stree is quiet. cars are waiting at the bay bridge toll plaza and someone is digging around for change because the line has been there since 4:30. if you have a fast track you are
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in good shape. we have a bart closure on saturday and we will update you on doyle drive. remember that project? i have the details ahead. >> leyla, we have breaking news from san francisco. police have streets in the mission district shut down after an armed robbery. look at the scene on 23rd and bartlett street. you can see police vehicles are still there. they say a man was walking on 23rd near valencia and held up at gunpoint and robbed. two people were spotted running believed part of the robbery. they were captured. officers are still canvas area possibly looking for a third suspect. a trail blood was scene and police believe someone may have been shot in the process. amy hollyfield is at the scene gearing details. she will have much more for us in 30 minutes. >> the san jose police department wants more women officers and is taking steps to get them. matt keller is at san jose
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police headquarters with more. matt? >> yes the san jose police department has staffing issues and they want to increase the number of officers in the city but are having a hard time retaining and recruiting the any officers. now they focusing on getting more female officers in the --. according to our media partner the police department has 88 female officers, far below the height of 2008 and the lowive since 1993. they have been hit hard with retirements and resignations. the department has less than a thousand officers available to patrol the biggest city in the bay area and the department leaders are trying to recruit more women to make them more representative of the city. officers toll the newspaper that concerns of passing physical fitness tests poor pay and balancing personal and professional lives often cited as deterrent to keeping or recruiting officers. the seminar is open this saturday at the police
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substation on great oaks parkway and you have a chance to learn about the life of a woman in a police uniform and passing physical agility tests and understand the back group check process and speaking directly with officers in the department. we have information on tickets at >> the warriors will try to even the series against the cavaliers in game fur of the nba finals losing tuesday night in cleveland, 96-91. they desperately need a victory to avoid a 3-1 deficit because in team has come back to win the championship after being down 3-1 in nba history. with the win though would regain home court advantage and game five is back at oracle arena on sunday. >> a lot is ride on the series for the warriors and cavaliers. >> they are not the only ones with something on the line. we are in cleveland with wayne
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at fire station 7 with the story. and the bet. wayne? >> we did not just pick station 7 because we like the name but because they have a bet with fire station 7 in san francisco. these guys like basketball and this is a tradition. they play a lost basketball. take a look. yesterday they played basketball. cleveland, ohio station seven has a bet with station 7 in san francisco on the outcome of the finals including shirts, 40 showers. if san francisco loses they send shirts. here if cleveland loses shirts go the other way and they are special shirts "fire station," shirts. >> have to be a fireman to get a t short. >> we win we get theirs and if we lose we give up ours. >> do you have enough? >> of course. have to order them. >> you don't know these guys?
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>> none of them. not one. >> here we are at breakfast with the odds, again despite losing the last game 2-1, las vegas oddsmakers have the warriors if the slightly better chance of winning the championship assuming they win tonight. sorry, guys. >> boo. >> do you know the total the warriors have outscored your team >> like our game yesterday. >> funny budge of guys. >> talk about the indians and the giants, shall we?
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>> thank you wayne. >> want to talk about the indian s? >> maybe next time. >> thought so. >> wayne we caught up with the crew at station 7 in san francisco. they say the warriors could be trailing but they are not nervous. they have seen this before. >> we were down 2-1 to memphis so it is not unfamiliar territory for the warriors. basketball is a game of changes. we have some adjustments to make. i am confident that warriors will do that. >> lieutenant scurry would no a seasoned ticket holder would said it has been a great season with a lot of great games for fans. >> game four is tonight in cleveland with coverage here at 5:30 with the countdown clock on the corner of the scene so you know how long before it starts. cave 5 is sunday at 4:30 and abc7 is the only place to see the warriors and cavaliers in
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the final. >> here is a look at programing: abc7 at 4:00 followed by world news tonight at 4:30 and then dubs on 7, the pre-game and special "after the game," follows game four. at 10:00, skim -- jimmy kimmel and then hour long addition of abc7 at 10:30. >> president obama and hillary clinton are both scheduled to make fundraising swings to san francisco next week. according to the chronicle president obama will host a roundtable to benefit the democratic national committee on june 19 and hillary clinton is arriving in san francisco the next day for a private fund razor adding to traffic congestion if the warriors face a game seven in the nba finals. >> a two-year old girl is recover at children's hospital oakland after being bitten by a rattlesnake. officials say this is a reminder to look out for snakes during
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the drought. david allen owns scott snakes, a snake removal company and does consultations all year checking properties for snakes. rattlesnake bites are very rare almost never deadly. >> they are very fearful snakes, fearful animal they would rather avoid people at all costs. generally if you come across a rattlesnake the snake will turn around and try to get away. >> if i corner a snake it will be scared and scared equals danger. keep your distance. >> if you are bitten by a snake keep the wound below your heart. do news apply ice and do not try to remove the poison. a mother did that this week and that is a popular misconcession. clean the wound but do not flush it with water. get medical treatment as soon as possible. more advise is on >> now a check on weather. mike?
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>> time to put the switch in and bring summer back in the forecast. morning, everyone, here is a look at temperatures, mild in san francisco, and west portal is cool at 52 and sunny side and lake merced at 53 and 54 in mission, downtown, and 55 in bayview coming through the ferry building and crissy field headed to the financial district. san leandro at 58, and richmond at 57 and otherwise right around 60 headed along the bay to saratoga at 63 and low-to-mid 60s inland east bay with walnut creek at 60 and pleasanton at 62 and cool spot is petaluma at 52 along with pacifica. headed through the day the fog will turn into sunshine but for the coast where we have a few lingering clouds and 64 to 70s in san francisco and inland from 85 in the north bay to 93 near brentwood and 74 around the bay to 84 in the south bay. this is how it looks from sutro tower, you can see how shallow the fog is this morning and that is 1,000' up. tomorrow saturday and sunday get used to 90s inland
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although the heat will peek tomorrow it will be around through sunday and 80s an the bay and still comfortable 60 at the coast. now, getting around is easier today than yesterday? >> it is. we are looking at doyle drive. do you remember when though were going to shut that down so we could use it? final testing is underway before the new approach to the golden gate bridge can finally open to traffic. abc was on doyle drive as crews tapes the drill inside the new tunnel to test the response yesterday. the drives are also testing out the parkway heat dedetection monitors and ventilation system and high capacity sprinklers that put out car fires. the new doyle drive is expected to open to traffic after the fourth of july weekend. we will keep you updated on all of those possibles and maybe changes. right now, as we look at current traffic, drive time southbound walnut creek to dublin is 14
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minutes on 680 and southbound 101 santa rosa to san francisco is 52 minutes and through the santa cruz mountains, north from highway one to los gatos is 21 minutes. >> next, the kick starter campaign now under federal investigation and the warning going out to people trying to make the quick buck. >> college courts are getting more popular and why you may be better off just reading the t textbook. >> is flow from a
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>> covering santa rosa berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. welcome back. 5:15. online courses at community colleges are growing in popularity but a new study suggests they may not be high quality. according to the public policy institute of california only one in nine online community college courses are considered successful. the report also found that only 16 percent of online courses had passing rates of 70 percent or higher compared to traditional courses with a 44 percent passage rate. >> 500,000 students who took the s.a.t. exam last saturday have until today to contact the college board if they want to retake the test with no extra charge. books contained an error that
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stated 25 michigans were allotted for part of the test which caused confusion. the college board said that the misprint gave the students an extra five minutes to complete the section will not affect test scores. >> j. crew is making drastic changes amid slumping sales. here is america's money report. >> morning everyone. slump sales at a popular store. >> j. crew the popular chain is cutting 200 corporate jobs by 10 percent. shoppers no longer want to pay for the high price j. crew merchandise. >> we have a new superstar of the moment in the nba cleveland guard matthew dellavedova is a hot commodity right now so hot he has the best selling gnash jersey. >> more jerseys have sold during the finals than the regular season. you can also see the action tonight. >> that is america's money. have a good one. >> just have to get the jersey
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in an extra large because the that imis so long. >> not were can wear that. i am among the lucky ones. >> mike? what is going on? >> in more rain were plenty of moisture is seeping out in the form of fog. i start with the winds on live doppler hd you can see how light they are indicative of the high pressure starting to take over our neighborhoods and sfo at 10 is the fastest and here is a look at our visibility we have improved in mountain view to 2.5 and same in half moon bay at two and met plume is decreasing the length of what you can see ahead of the car this morning as you commute in petaluma at a mile in san jose still holding at three mills and this is 101 at 880 the fog and the reduction in the visibility. check out this beautiful absolutely gorgeous picture from our east bay hills camera promise then mt. diablo in the distance and a ray of colors and
5:18 am
a few low shoulds starting to develop in this area. we will use this as a backdrop to talk sunshine and warmer but, still, muggy by our standards for the afternoon with the fog reforming the next few nights and a heat wave inland starts today and will last through most of the weekend. here is a look at the low pressure while we were sleeping moving on. rapidly. after it took so long to get out of here. year, the moisture is moving on and we are going to see total sunshine in the south bay. we will focus on the warm spot morning to you in gilroy, los gatos at 90 and morgan hill at 88 and low-to-mid 80s elsewhere like cupertino and santa clara at 84 and santa cruz is 75 with sunshine. mid-to-upper 70s millbrae, san mateo, menlo park check out redwood city and palo alto and mountain view and los altos at 80. the clouds are stubborn and mid-60s and more sunshine on bay side and low-to-mid 70s and sausalito.
5:19 am
80 is the cool spot at petaluma and up to 95 in cloverdale. most of issue in the mid-to-upper 80s in the north bay valley. castro valley and union city and fremont 80s in. to get owe the humidity, in the 90 degree temperatures you may run the air conditioning inland east bay neighbors. if you are going to the game, take the sunscreen full on. very high u.v. index and low-to-mid 70s ranger and as wrap up the series. my seven-day forecast shows fog tomorrow morning to a lesser extent on saturday? look at the mid-to-upper 90s inland and mid-80s around the bay and still sick at the coast. go there for free air conditioning and closer to average next week. >> as you mentioned, the fog in the north bay you can see it here on 101 heading through san rafael and mill valley and waldo tunnel, be cautious when you make the commute into san francisco because it could impede your visibility.
5:20 am
but right now traffic is handling it well, indeed and as we move further to the south you can see how things are moving along headed into larkspur. we are still at top speed 101 northbound and southbound. sliding over to the east bay if you are making the travels along 80 to oakland to macarthur maze still at top speeds and 580 has no accidents to report and on highway 13 through piedmont out of the caldecott tunnel, no delays 580, tracy to castro valley 45 minutes from san jose airport, 11 minutes and 280 through daly city into san francisco northbound at ten minutes. straight aheads seven things to know as you start your day. >> heart warming birthday surprise for a third grade girl. >> until now, original humans are known for this what scientists say this children is doing. >> as you get your day into gear and keep on top of weather and
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traffic with news now with things backing up on the bay bridge toll plaza and we will check traffic and
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>> here are seven things to know before you go. the breaking news from san francisco where police are accepting for a possible third suspect in an armed robbery this morning. two memorial have been arrested. police say the victim was held up at gun point while walking on 23rd near valencia. >> the warriors are looking to tie the finals in crucial game four. they trail 2-1 in the best of seven after losing on tuesday. our coverage from cleveland starts at 5:30 right here at abc7. >> danville is offering a $6,500 reward to find whoever vandalized the all wars memorial. vandals used black and red spray payment to deface the areas around the memorial.
5:24 am
the shiite is dedicated to awaying men and women who served our country. of record-setting rain yesterday plenty of moisture is lingering in the form of fog if the morning commute. i am looking at a lot of sunshine and a mini heat wave. we have 70s and 80s and 90 coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> it is quiet across the bay area with the exception of this. we have a major accident reported in san francisco in the tenderloin district between and eddie. >> drivers could be forbidden from turning on to san francisco's market street. muni officials will approve plan if an effort to make market street safe cher is the busiest and most dangerous streets. >> a new study said that non-hispanic whites with american indian ancestry make up half of the current population of milked race americans. according to the pew research center, this population is will
5:25 am
we the least likely to consider themselves "multiracial." >> humans close of the living relatives could is a drinking habit researchers at the university in japan say they have confirmed for the first time that wild apes drink alcohol. if this video wild chimps are seen soaking up palm wine and squeezing it into their mouths that averaging 3 percent to 7 percent alcoholic content the same as beer. until now only humans were known to consume alcohol. >> wonder if that was a good year? >> a massachusetts girl knew her birthday would be a big deal but had in clue how big. the third grader's teacher has a celebration with family, friends and tv news camera but the extra surprise came when dad showed up. her father came home early from a nine month deminute in korea
5:26 am
and it was the best birthday ever she said. >> sharks are known to do a lot of things but give someone a high five is not something you see every day. check out this video showing a great white spark approaching a shark cage and it gives the diver a high five. let's see that again. this video was posted on facebook saying it is the biggest white shark he has ever seen and was spotted off mexico's baja peninsula. the video has been viewed three million times. stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. we have a big basketball game coming up tonight with more on that ahead. >> i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> it is humid mike? >> humid but we have fog and a high frizz factor if you have a new hair cut use extra hair spray. it really look nice. >> the visibility is 1.5 miles in petaluma. half moon bay is four. mountain view is four. just be careful this morning. it is not wet. this is what you will see, reduction in the visibility, san
5:30 am
rafael, 12-hour day planner...and by unanimous we are going to be 62 at the coast and we transition to sunshine and look how much warmer it is today, 62 at the coast and 86 inland. 10 to 20 degrees cooler today and humidity. thanks to the moisture in the ground if you are want on the go with the small screens it is leyla with the lovely hair cut. >> thank you very much. >> we have heavy traffic backing up from the east bay as you make the transition from 888 there
5:31 am
are 42 trains in service right now with a big closure right now and i will tell you how that will impact coming up. >> we have breaking news from san francisco where police are on the scene of a shooting in the mission district. abc7 reporter is at scene near 23rd and bartlett. amy? >> yes eric, they have two men in custody. but police are still out here on the scene looking for evidence. they say that it started as an armed robbery at 23rd and valencia at 3:00 this morning and the thieves took off running. a couple of san francisco police officers saw them and started chasing them. they believe one man accidentally shot himself in the leg. both men were caught and the one with the gunshot wound was taken to the hospital. police say that robbery victim is okay. >> good thing is, he was not injured. in that sense. that is good. but like anyone else who has
5:32 am
been a victim of a robbery you have to be terrified having a gunpointed in your face early in the morning and 3:00 a.m. it is not fun. we caught the guys. that is must important. >> officers did recover a gun, a high powered semi-automatic and are canvassing the area for anymore evidence in case this were more people involved. they have shut down bart health street here at 23s are and they continue to search for evidence so they are work the case and say they feeling good they got the two men off the streets. hayward police are investigating the city's largest ever illegal marijuana growing operation. our reporter joins us from the newsroom with the latest. >> hayward police confiscated a record 13,000 marijuana plants that had a street value of $15 million. these are some pictures showing the complex indoor pot grow operation that cost $100,000 to
5:33 am
built. the willing is set to be a huge warehouse where this was an area for harvesting pack an and a place where people live and it had an advanced security system. police say after a lengthy investigation they served a search warrant on friday in hayward. three men have been arrested. they are 22-year-old tony hong of alameda, and troy a.t.m. of oakland and 28-year-old man tran of hayward charged with felony marijuana distribution. >> the warriors tonight have their backs again the wall when they battle the california leaders in game four of the nba finals and held a light work out at quicken loans arena yesterday in cleveland. they also studied film of game three 96-91 loss looking for ways to overcome the defense. this is a near must win for the warriors who do not want to fall
5:34 am
behind 3-1 in the best of seven series. the key? getting off to a good start. >> we just need to act like we are down 20 rather thanening tied and coming out and playing with more fire. >> cannot come in after every game and saying we just missed the shot. we have to make them and play better. we will keep playing the same way and play harder. more aggressive. make it happen. >> no team in the history of the unanimous has come back from 3-1 deficit to win the nba finals. they do not want did lose tonight. >> fans are invited to several watch parties around bay area tonight including one at oakland's tribune tank. a portion of sales are donated to the worse community foundation to help underserved youth. we have a list of the watch parties at we are the only place to catch the nba finals with coverage of game four in
5:35 am
cleveland begins tone at 5:30 and game five is back in oakland on sunday with coverage going at 4:30 and if there is a game six, it would be next tuesday in cleveland at 5:30 and game 7 would be back in oakland friday at 5:30. if there 10 game seven friday at oracle arena traffic could be a big challenge and at night the a's host the angels next door and that stars half hour after the warriors start and a fireworks night an estimated 6 630,000 -- 60,000 people in the area. >> we are in cleveland with wayne join us live at the to which the hour on abc7. >> danville is offering $6,500 reward to find whoever vandalized the all wars memorial. extensivia feet was found on monday at the memorial in oak hill park photos of some of the
5:36 am
damage. vandals use the black and red spray paint to deface the areas around the moment the site is dedicated to honor all men and women who is serve our country. >> it is one of the biggest firearms seizures in history including a,000 rounds of ammunition and 38 guns and the two men are suspected in a string of burglars in san francisco. >> homeowners are reminded of the policy that bans watering of lawns 48 hours of rain with drinking water following the rain. to get around the rule an average of 500 people a day have been visiting the recycles water fill in pleasanton available to anyone even if you are not a local customer. you can get as much as you want and it is free. it has minerals. it helps the lawn. you do future have to fertilize.
5:37 am
>> the number of recycles users has doubled in the past few months. >> year you saw cities reminding people about that. >> remember that i saw people irrigation systems running this need to know that. >> three to mine degrees cooler than it was 24 hours ago. but, still very humid. temperatures are still warmer-than-average at low-to-mid 60s through the south bay and we are seeing temperatures cool off into the mid-to-upper 50s just about elsewhere until you get to newark at 60 and brentwood at 63 and a cool spot is bodega bay and san francisco is 54 and novato is 55 and san carlos is 57. in san jose, the thicker fog here is 87 near the shark tank as we head into the afternoon it will be warm inland with the extra humidity in the air you are going to notice 85 in the north bay to 93 inland east bay
5:38 am
especially brentwood. 64 along the coast to 70 in the downtown san francisco and 74 around the bay into the south bay hitting about 84 degrees. this is how it looks and you can see the low clouds and fog from our roof camera, we will have a repeat of the fog the next couple of mornings until the ground dries out but high pressure is coming in and a little bit of a mini heat wave with 90 inland through sunday and 80s around the bay and still, 60s at the coast. leyla? >> we have 43 bart trains on time. muni has in delays. ace train one and three are move along. back to bart for a second, this is no service this saturday between fruitvale and coliseum station. all day saturday. all day. it will be bag in service on sunday for the game. now, the bay bridge toll plaza shows meeterring lights just turned on.
5:39 am
traffic already is stacking up coming away from the macarthur maze. as we take you to the south bay everyone else is running at top speeds with in accidents to report. also the dumbarton and san mateo bridges, no problems in the westbound direction but one problem east bound. 580 westbound tracy to dublin is 38 minutes along highway 4, only 19 minutes between antioch and concord. eric thomas and kristen sze? >> thank you. time to celebrate the best fans in basketball. >> we are sharing fan photos and choosing a "fan of the day." >> juli you s takes the prize for in post running and steph curry at the airport and got a great shot with mvp thanks for sharing julious. >> you can use #
5:40 am
you can share with us. my goodness, people are having a lot of fun with this. include your difficult in the post so we can give you a proper shut out if you are the next "fan of the day." >> two escaped kills in new york with the new clue received in the intense manhunt. >> he has been court side for 50 years the advice this long time scope keeper has to get the dubs back on track. >> you are looking at san francisco airport which is cloudy with no rain helping the arrival delay
5:41 am
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there's a place online where you always get more than you pay for. brands you love, at prices that work for you... anytime. maxx life! shop covering daly city dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. it is 5:43. three international space station crew members are on way back to earth after a six month mission including an american. the crew undocked the spacecraft from the space station 2 1/2 hours ago and will land in kazakhstan at 6:40 our type. the run was delayed by four weeks because of a supply ship
5:44 am
problem in late april. >> new details in the intense search if two escaped killers in new york. blood hounds picked up a strong scent suggesting the escapees could be nearby. there is no physical sighting of richard mat and david sweat. officers canvassing the area and have extended their search for the men to vermont. the inmates escaped last weekend using power tools >> young people buying cigarettes have to wait. they are raising the legal age to buy tobacco from 18 to 21 because of health concern next year and applies to businesses in the unincorporated parts of the county including tobacco products and electronic smoking devices. >> this morning 48,000 suvs are recalled because of a possible problem with the automatic emergency breaking system. the recall involves 2014 and
5:45 am
2015rlx sports utility vehicles. a glitch in the automatic breaking system may cause the suvs to automatically applied breaks. dealers update software to fix the problem. >> for more than half a century the warriors official scorekeeper has seen all the action starting working for the team in 1963 after watching a struggle for many years he is excited although the warriors trail the cavaliers in the nba finals 2-1 he hopes you will see another championship since the last one came in 1975. >> the warriors' success mainly stems from the fact that they are uptempo team. >> that is what he said they need to do with a lot of momentos from the nab such as this gold watch he has never warn. >> our social media question: what adjustments do the worse need to make to win the series?
5:46 am
let us know what you think on twitter, facebook or instagram. >> i will go with uptempo? who is to argue with 51 years of watching the team, right? >> absolutely. >> what people do not remember is the first time team never wins the nba championship and they are lending on the fly that is why they are down 2-1 but i think they will win, when they figure it out. lebron james has been there five times he knows what it takes to win. we have a rookie head coach too. do not give up. i am predicting a win. >> not so wet as yesterday. that is going out on a him. big one, right? >> live doppler hd could put the umbrellas away, the rain is over and grab the sunglasses and the sunscreen, you will need it outside today. winds are height and variable
5:47 am
with high pressure taking over and it squashed our marine layer and we are seeing the fog because of the moisture and the ground. capture that and tweet it. i did. you can keep that one if you want. here is a look from mount tamalpais, also and we will use that as a backdrop to talk sunshine. you will need to run the air conditioning. this is a stipulate california heat wave where it cools off back into the 50s and 60s because of dry air, the moisture and the ground will keep our temperatures up and it will make you feel less comfortable so you may have to run the air conditioner when usually you would not when you hit these temperatures. 90 in los gatos and gilroy and 88 in morgan hill and low-to-mid 80s for the rest of the south
5:48 am
bay and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70s millbrae and men let park and everyone else around 80 and mid-to-upper 60s along the coast because of cloud cover and low-to-mid 70s downtown and south san francisco and sausalito pus of the sunshine and 80s is the cool spot in the north bay and petaluma and everyone else in the my 80s to nearly 90 in calistoga and cloverdale at 95 degrees, mid-to-upper 70s along the east bay shore and castro valley and union city and fremont at 80 and low-to-mid 90's inland east bay and temperatures tonight are in the mid-50s to low 60s but watch out for fog again, the low is pulling away as you were sleeping and it felt like it would never leave yesterday which was fine. we desperately needed the rain. from outdoor activities i know we are soaking wet once they got started, the strong quick heat wave is the key, a quick three help day heat wave but look what it does to the temperature, low 90 inland, upper 90s on
5:49 am
friday tomorrow, and mid-night on saturday and we will drop back to 90 and get clothier to urge a on sunday and monday. we hit the mid-80s away the bay and comfortable at the coast, in the 60. have a great day. here is leyla. hope you have some great news. >> we do not have the kind of accidents we had year. morning, everyone, here is a look at san jose, foggy here. normally it is clear in the north bay but we have a blanket of fog with impeded visibility at 880 and clear conditions, southbound particularly and northbound traffic is still moving at a nice clip. as we take you over to oakland, this afternoon expect heavy delays along 880 because the athletics will take on the rangers at 12:35 so expect heavy traffic on surface street, 880 and use bart, that is the best bet. drive time traffic i-80 westbound from albany to the maze is four minutes and 880 southbound from fremont to san jose is 15 minutes and 280
5:50 am
northbound great 101 into cupertino is 11 minutes. >> helping bay area buildings stand the test of time during earthquakes. >> new at 6:00, the technology promising to keep every home and office standing when the big one hits. >> the financial boost san francisco city leaders want to give people trying to boy their first home in the city. >> eating for two doctors say it could be a bad health move for protect women. stay tuned. make fit happen! fit me matte and poreless foundation from maybelline new york. beyond matching skin tone... it fits skin's texture... blurs pores and controls shine you look totally natural. fit me matte and poreless show us your fit ♪ maybe it's maybelline! ♪
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>> a national program designed to reduce sexual assault on college campuses has led to few incidents of rape. in the spring the white house issued guidelines directing colleges to address sexual assault including hosting sessions on risk assessment and self-defense. according to the new england journal of medicine the risk for rape for women who attended was 5 percent compared to 10 percent among women who did not attend the session. >> san francisco is taking steps to hope first time home buyers in the city known for pricey re. the mayor lee and supervisor announced a proposal to finance up to 1,500 loans for middle income families from an investment of $125 million over 10 years by the city employee pension fund allowing families making a little more to still be able to get assistance. >> mike? a much better day ahead with
5:54 am
san mateo county fair and gates open at noon and sunshine and 72. have the sun screen on, 75 by 3:00 69 and comfortable at 7:00 and cool by the time we close at 10:00, and 63 degrees. baseball to your living? we have the third game the last one, at the cove between rangers and as at low-to-mid 70s with a high u.v. index and the state is quiet. a few isolated thunderstorms are possible around yosemite at 89 and lake tahoe not so much at 79 but low 100s through the central valley. >> with the exception of the east bay we are seeing plenty of fog in the north and south bay. traffic is building through hair. -- through hayward. up to 880 45 miles per hour is the top speed headed between hayward into union city. as you continue to the south into milpitas, 880 jumps to 73
5:55 am
miles per hour and 680 is cleared and accident free. slow northbound 101 but closer to the airplane not fining any problems. 680, pour to walnut -- four to walnut creek is quick. steady between tracy to dublin at 40 minutes. >> expectant mothers, a study fines eating for two is not a if idea. researchers fine many gain more than weight than recommended which can lead to c-section and large babies and high blood pressure. >> you do not need to eat double the number of calories. >> a 16-year-old boy is recovering in a north carolina hospital after being attack by a bear in the middle of the night. >> gabriel alexander was pulled from the whom action while from the bed while camping with his
5:56 am
father. he was asleep and felt a pain. >> i started screaming was pull on my scalp. i hot it was a wild dog or something. i kept screamed. >> the screams woke up his father would fought off the bear and they get away from the bear and hiked to safety. park rangers ended up euthanizing the bear. >> at 6:00 how it is easier access technology without break the bank. >> easing congestion in san francisco's stockton tunnel and what the city is doing to make it safer for drivers bicyclives and pedestrians.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> now at 6:00, break news in san francisco, in the mission district, the search is on for a possible third suspect in a stickup much police say it unfolded and that is ahead the. >> beefing up the force in san jose with a special recruit police are after and what they are doing to draw them in. >> the warriors look to bounce back if game now and what the
6:00 am
chances are and the best happening here at home to show support for dub nation. >> good morning on thursday. thanks for waking up early and joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas with leyla gulen watching traffic but, first, a change in the weather today. mike? do not get record rains very often. it is a one and done. >> we will look at the after effects, quarter-mile visibility showing up on live doppler hd in petaluma, to 2 1/2 in half moon bay and one in santa rosa. this is 280 in san jose at 17 the fog is hanging in the air. it will be that way through the morning commute cooler this morning at 56 to 62 and as we head through the 12-hour day planner we stay 62 at coast to 82 inland where everyone will be sunny but are if the coast and you will be partly cloudy and that will keep you in the 60 at 4:00 while the rest of us are in the 70s and 80s. by 7:00, then, it will be comfortable at 60 to


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