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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  June 16, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> thanks, here is what we so far: five people have died, eight were taken to local hospitals including eden hospital in castro valley and highland in oakland. we will bring you more information as soon as the victim arrive. >> you can stay with us for continuing come of the deadly balcony collapse in berkeley. if you are headed out the door there are updates on abc7 news app or following us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. now the traffic and weather. we start with meteorologist mike nicco. >> thank you, morning everyone tracking the fog around santa rosa you can see it on live doppler hd at half a mile and 4 1/2 but the ceiling is low at 900' so you are getting compressed. around the bay you can see the clouds on our roof cameras, temperatures are start chilly in the mid-50s but headed to noon at 50s and 60s and 70s and at 4:00 60s and 70s and 80s from the bay and 70s and
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some 80s inland but 60s at the coast. >> where the accident happened in berkeley we have street closures i will take you to that area. around kittredge it will be shut down at shattuck but this is a block away from berkeley and the berkeley high school. we have street closings an the area with detours in place. police do not know when the streets will re-open. >> 4:31. tonight the warriors will try to close out the cavaliers in cleveland and become nba champions for the first time in 40 years with 17,000 fans packing the arena in oakland for game six want party and the city is preparing for a possible victory parade. if the dubs win tonight a parade could be held by friday morning. if they go to game seven and win on friday it could be monday. and the mayor schaaf said they will celebrate "oakland style,"
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3 1/2 miles of light bulbs are blue and gold and allen wong has more. >> wherever you look oakland is beaming with pride confidence is so high that businesses are preparing for the inevitable. >> it will not be a one-day celebration. local bars are expecting big crowds to celebrate well and the week. >> in preparation we have a little extra security, we are getting extra booze. >> bartenders believe the rituals are pushing the warriors to the first nba championship in 40 years. >> i get my pedicure with warriors on each of my feet and i go blue on one and gold on the other. >> i wear the same stuff as steph curry every game of the series. >> optimism is fueling the economy and the owner at the art bar is preparing to reward his loyal pay drops. >> when we started we were getting 25 percent off when they
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won the first round and we upped into 50 percent and tomorrow it is 100 percent when they win. free drinks for all 200. don't show up now the place is sole out in oakland. >> abc7 is the only place for catch finals with coverage in cleveland starts tonight at 5:30 and if we need game seven it will be back in oakland on friday at 5:30. we are following the warriors and mike shumann is in cleveland along with wayne freedman and laura anthony. wayne will join us at the top of the hour on the final station abc7. >> warriors president and c.o.o. will be honored as ground marshall for the san francisco pride the first openly gay sports executive in the 4th seasons at the warriors president. this year the pride celebration will be juan june 27 >> there is a missing
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95-year-old man. richard mor." l was last seen on north henry avenue at 6:30. his wife found the front door open and her husband, gone. he has alzheimer's disease and is considered at risk and was last seen wearing a blue fisherman's hat. >> tensions are escalating in sunnyvale after all 25 teachers were told they have to re-apply for the jobs and this was a meeting. parents say neither kept in the dark about what the ten is about but the district said it is simply cannot elaborate. >> when i start to get into a description of the tension in any detail i'm going right for the issue of personnel and i cannot talk about that. >> you do not treat teachers like this. they take care of your children and with your children all day. you do not tell them on the last day of school about this and to
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pack up. not okay. >> teachers are not talking about the details and will know by the help of the month if they stay or are transferred to another school. >> concord police are looking for a man who robbed a woman outside a hospital pulling a gum on the victim as she got out of the car in the pack lot at john muir medical center. he took the money and drove off. she was not hurt. police hope to find surveillance video of the robber. >> a fremont man will be back in court today to speaker a plea on homicide charges in the degrees a mother and her toddler in livermore. friends and family of the victims confronted brian jones walking into court. he now is held without bail. the prosecutors say he was drunk when he lost control his corvette hitting a woman and her 14-month-old daughter, juli on may 3. >> officials are expected to approve a plan to bring a big change in san francisco prohibiting cars from turning right on to market street between third and 8th street.
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the changes will reduce traffic on the street by up to 50 percent and make it safer for pedestrians and worstists but uber said it will make it difficult for people to get a ride. >> certain fares on muni go up starting july 1 with the discount chair for children and seniors and disabled go from 75 cents to a dollar. monthly passes increase a dollar to $25 and cable car fares go from $6 to $7 and pick adult is $.25. >> tonight, santa clara county workers will rally during the board of supervisors meeting as contract negotiations continue. the union members 521 will hold a strike vote today. union leaders accuse santa clara of not hiring enough 9-1-1 dispatchers and claim the, faces potential labor short average. 2,000 workers will reach retirement in five years.
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>> walnut creek city council will focus on ways to pay for expanded hours at two local libraries that had 646,000 visits last year. the county paid for them to stay home for 35 hours but walnut creek branches are open 56 a week. >> right now, we will check with with meteorologist mike nicco and see if there are morning clouds. >> cloudy out there. in the south bay, 50 at saratoga the cool spot. cupertino and campbell at 51. santa teresa and alum rock 55. a lot of low-to-mid 50s around newark is an exception at 57 and same in brentwood and bodega bay and calistoga around 47 to 48. beautiful picture of gown with the blue and yell he. it will be a great night. 80 to 92 climbing highs inland
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and breezy along the coast in san francisco and 60 to 66 and average around the bay at 70 to 80 headed into the south bay. we will see sunshine, an hour quicker than we did yesterday and you can see the cloud cover over 87 down in san jose as we head to tomorrow inland warming, it will continue and we will have a brief cool back and the secondary push begins on friday and i will tell you how much warmer in the seven-day outlook. but, first, the traffic. any issues? >> we are taking you back to downtown berkeley where amy hollyfield is reporting on the deadly balcony collapse near downtown berkeley bart station. we do have streets should down around kittredge and berkeley hive is near and uc berkeley is a couple of blocks away so there are landmarks around the area and police say they do not know when it will re-open.
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detours are in place until further notice. as we look at drive time traffic westbound 580 tracy to dublin is 26 minutes and from antioch to concord is 14 minutes. 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 18 minutes. we are following the breaking news in berkeley where the balcony packed with people collapse asked five are dead and eight are injured with coverage coming up. >> stranded cars and buses glad streets and the weather danger facing millions of people this morning and why it is about to get worse. >> abc7 bay bridge toll plaza light and moving along early on this tuesday they make little hearts
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>> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> morning everyone, 4:41.
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this is a look at the bam cone in berkeley that collapsed on the 4th floor of the building at kittredge, five people knell to their deaths. we have reporters on the scene with more information as it is available. >> and the irish government has confirmed that several victims in the california balcony collapse are indeed, people from ireland. we will follow that. eric breaking news in fresno? >> investigators are looking into a fire at a church that claimed the life of a man that started in a bus parked outside the church last night. the flames spread to the east side church of god on the southeast side of the city. the fire damaged a third of the church moves at tick. so far no word on the man's identity or what led to the fire^. >> authorities are trying to determine what made a dozen passengers sick on a flight from fiji to los angeles.
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one was taken to the hospital and others were evaluated at lamb and released. the illness is consistent with a virus that is contracted from water and food contaminated by fecal matter. >> millions of americans are facing weather dangers from texas all the way to new york with flood advisory watchers in effect in 15 states as tropical storm pounds the gulf of mexico. here is the latest from washington. >> stranded buss, flooded streets this is the scene in texas still recovering from may the wettest month on record. now this morning, a new weather we: tropical storm bill. at command center every move is monitored of the storm and 200 people are tracking the storm in real time ready to mobilize emergency management. >> we expect to see torrential downpours in early morning hours. >> it is the latest in the rainy assault on the lone star state
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35 trillion gallons of water and $45 million in damage and now the worry this is more to come. >> everyone needs to pay special attention to the areas that normally flood. >> particularly the underpasses. we do not want do see a represent of the tragedy of three weeks ago. >> tropical storm bill is expected to dump 4-8" in texas and oklahoma and the wet and windy wet is affecting other parts of the country. in downtown chick this funnel cloud was spotted over lake michigan. still, the heavy rains could not keep away diehard hockey fans who may have been waterlogged but nothing was going to stop them from clearing on the blackhawks in the stanley cup finals. the storm will continue to move north threatening a large area of the country making flash floods likely later today. >> gap is taking action to turn things around. the san francisco-based retailer
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will close 175 stores in north america mostly by january of next year. the closures are based on location and performance. an list say more are shopping online and there is brutal competition from brands like h&m. >> brands have been struggling five quarters of decline in a row, and that is not good. they felt they needed to make a drastic change. >> it is a shame. i like the colleagues, they are fun and good price point. >> gap plans to lay off 250 workers in san francisco at the offices and in new york. >> the nba finals, the warriors on the verge of winning the first championship since 1975 so the locker room gear will be if high demand. >> if they win in cleveland sports authority will stay open after the game to sell officially licensed warriors nba
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champions t-shirts and hats. bay area stores open at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow and the gear is available online, as well. you can imagine the line after the giant won the world series, out the door all night everyone buying the gear. >> you are the best shopper i expect an extra lamb for me. >> i will take much moves orders. now, an order for the weather. sunshine and warmth? >> we have that today and texas, again, getting the wet weather we desperately need. the eyes of will are about to come ashore around victoria and that is houston in the northeast quadrant with the fastest wind and the heaviest rain. that is not good news. at home, look what happened, emeryville camera the time-lapse of the clouds running and the reason why we are waking up to mainly cloudy conditions, the sea breeze, again. 13 miles per hour in oakland and concord and 20 at fairfield
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and everyone else is lighter and cloud cover is not so thick so faster sunshine and remain aer temperatures today. however, we are going to have issues if you want to get out on the bay water today, east of the golden gate bridge, north of the bay bridge through san pablo bay to the delta communities from noon to 9:00 southwest at 21 to 33 notes - coast until 9:00 tomorrow evening. the cloud cover shows the fog that is developing around santa rosa and notice by noon, pretty much everyone is clear out and the bay is still a few stragglers but it is going to be prettier and remain wither and along the coast we will see more sunshine than yesterday especially across the north bay at 60 there and 70s and 80s dominating most of us and even 90 and i will show you where it is. it will be close in gilroy at 88 and 86 this morgan hill, and los gatos 85, and otherwise
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mid-70s to 84 and up the peninsula mid-to-upper 70s and pill bring at 71 and coast has cloud cover keeping half moon bay at 62 and dallas city city colma, circuit but deeper through the san bruno gap 66, and downtown is 65 and petaluma is 78 and otherwise low-to-mid 80s to mid-90's cloverdale and lake port and clear lake and low-to-mid 70s along the east bay more with oakland at 72 and 83 in san ramon is the cool spot to 92 in brentwood. with the 90's we will fall back into to 50s again tonight and warm a couple more deaths tomorrow and my seven-day forecast shows pulling become, especially inland a few degrees on thursday and the subject of warmth through father's day when it cools a bit and summer begins. >> cool enough for get behind the grimes then? >> no! >> no? >> that is mom's job. he gets to rest.
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>> morning everyone, we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is building at the cash help paying lanes in the far left hand side and the rest of the traffic is moving nicely from east bay to san francisco. to moffett field we have a stalled vehicle blocking a lane southbound 101 you could see a slow down as c.h.p. and tow truck are on scene and hopefully they can move it over and slow down and you never know what lies ahead. always be carefully when it is so dark. 680 southbound from highway 4 to walnut creek is six minutes and westbound side of 24 out of walnut creek at the piedmont highway 13 and nine minutes and tracy to dublin is checking in at 32 minutes on 580. >> gamers are gathering in los angeles to see what is next for the industry and here is the tech bytes. >> a big week for gaming, sony has the last guardian set for
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release in 2016 open play station, better late than never supposed to congress out in 2011 and new times for xbox one >> and now, we have 4 there and are more secure that passwords and easier to remember. those are together bites. clear next the fourist tourist attraction rate top in the nation. >> some that protects beachgoers from sharks. >> in berkeley a balcony collapsed and five are dead eight are injured and the apartment building is near the ux campus with coverage. >> stay tuned.
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>> we are getting word that bay area fourth of july shows go on with 9 only cancellation is cupertino that canceled when they learned the show comes with 100,000 water tab putting out patches from fire works is part of the requirements and shows that are over water do not need that like in san francisco or berkeley or foster city. >> a florida county is closed off 21 miles of beaches after a shark sighting providing a video of two sharks switching very close to the shoreline in st. lucie county after people were cleared from the water. lifeguards will check the water before he decide whether to re-open the beach after sunday's shark attack on two young people
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in north carolina. >> a cone is now helping life guards find sharks off the southern california coast. it allows lifeguards in orange county cities to check large areas of the water quickly. in the past, lifeguards have surveyed while riding a jet ski which takes two hours. the drone can get it done in 20 minutes! >> another positive use for drones. >> now how is the weather, mike? >> the u.v. index is high today. you can burn in 10 or 15 minutes if you are not protected. what is wrong with the giants? they got another chance today. only june. 60 dropping down to 56 at 7:15 first pitch. no one is talking about the giants. big basketball game on the way. excessive heat until monday. down around las vegas headed that way and, also, headed to palm springs very dangerous heat and palm springs today is
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112 and fresno 100 and lake tahoe is 82 and 94 in yosemite. >> we will start with san jose if i can get my maps together. here we go: a look at san jose, 87 mere julian street and you can see the traffic is light as we pass by the shark tank so no problems for us there. we do have a lot construction going on in pay area, and it will take you into oakland where we have slab replacements until can gumming up the eastbound 580 connection toko westbound highway 24 so the connection near highway 24 is going to be block off. here is drive time traffic 680, 101 in the north bay and highway 17 through the santa cruz mountains checking in green and top speeds. >> 4:55 marin county supervises take a step to ok'g a plan to ease traffic jams inside muir woods in a draft report
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represented by the national park service. parking is scarce and cars are jammed into limited space on frank valley road causing major backups. one plan eliminates 300 of the 400 parking spaces and encouraging visitors to use the shuttle to get around. a final vote on the land comes june 30. >> governor brown touted california as a leader if reducing greenhouse gases when he met with the n chief for climate change and told the chief that california can be a polled for world leaders when they meet in november. the meeting cape as governor brown is pushing to cost the fuel use and generate more electricity from natural sources or resources. brown. speak during a climate senate next month in canada. >> there is no place like san francisco but a new report finds that the city is home to the top tourist destinations in the united states. >> which is your favorite? >> coit tower. >> my favorite is alcatraz and
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that is america's number one tourist spot, and was the 7th most popular lap mark in the world, the federal penitentiary beat out the statue of liberty. >> top three favorites, golden gate bridge is two lincoln memorial in washington dc came in at number three. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news in berkeley a balcony collapses at an apartment complex one block from the uk -- uc berkeley campus. >> now a quick break.
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. i have breaking news this morning in berkeley where five people were killed and eight seriously injured wren an apartment building balcony come planted overnight. >> weigh have coverage and we will begin with amy hollyfield at the scene. amy? yes i will show you the balcony first and the top of the apartment building. you can see it is of newer construction and the balcony folded over. it appears it bloke apart from the stucco and just collapsed. folded over from the weight of ail the people would were on it. we have five people who fell to their deaths here in berkeley and eight others were taken to the hospital with injuries. we spoke with a man flagged down by twovilles who were wanting a ride.


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