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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  June 16, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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abc7 news begins with breaking news. i have breaking news this morning in berkeley where five people were killed and eight seriously injured wren an apartment building balcony come planted overnight. >> weigh have coverage and we will begin with amy hollyfield at the scene. amy? yes i will show you the balcony first and the top of the apartment building. you can see it is of newer construction and the balcony folded over. it appears it bloke apart from the stucco and just collapsed. folded over from the weight of ail the people would were on it. we have five people who fell to their deaths here in berkeley and eight others were taken to the hospital with injuries. we spoke with a man flagged down by twovilles who were wanting a ride. he said they were very upset but
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he was able to figure out that the victims are irish and are in their early 20. >> two desperate students waved me down and i took them to the highland hospital. they were friends of the people who were on the balcony and a couple of minutes women did not have shoes and one had blood on her knee all from ireland and very young and they all knew each other. >> he said he accident me if they are students at uc berkeley but because the victims were scattered among different hospitals they were all open their phones trying to figure out where their friends were and if everyone was okay. this happened at 12:41 kittredge and police are trying to put together would the victims are and how this happened. >> taking a closer look at the apartment complexity is called the library gardens on kittredge
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street located between berkeley high school and the campus of uc berkeley. it is close to the berkeley bart station, as well. there is no word if any of the students were involved in this accident talking about uc students. it is promise momented at a safe and convenient location for students with easy access to campus amenities and mass transit. we continue our coverage from eden medical center in castro valley where several of the injured victims are being treated. our reporter is there. what is the latest? >> kristen, we have confirmed that four people have been brought here to eden medical center and fore others taken to the rochester high school including highland and this was the scene this morning as people were being taken away by ambulance. berkeley police say that the eight people injured sustained critical life threatening injuries with the balcony collapse on the 4th floor of the apartment building before 1:00 o'clock a.m. there are
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several distraught and emotional friends in the e.r. waiting room here for the summer from ireland. they say they were hanging out when the unthinkable happened: they are frantic and do not know the area or american hospital procedures. a young man has not called his parents because he doesn't know what to tell them. irish foreign minister charlie flanagan has confirmed a number of young irish people is died or been injured and said "my heart goes out to the family and loved ones of the decease asked those would have been injured in this appalling accident." my department in dublin stands ready to provide all possible assistance to the irish citizens affected by the tragedy. friends who rushed over here by taxi to get here to hospital to check on their friends say they found out that five of their friends died when the news became widespread on social
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media. as the story develops, stay with abc7 and we will continue to bring you up-to-the-minute updates on air and online and we could follow us on twitter twitter@abc7newsbayarea. back to the breaking story shortly but first traffic and weather. meteorologist mike nicco? >> yes morning, everyone, we will take a look at live doppler hd and you can see no radar runs and plenty of cloud cover and marine layer sitting on continue of us but it is not quite climbing over the east bay hills but making its way there as the sun comes up. 47 do 56 is what our temperatures are on the 12 hour day planner, and 86 inland and expect sunshine quicker today. how about commute? >> we will take you to streets that are closed around police activity and you can see that shattuck avenue is a major thoroughfare and it is should down and
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closed a couple blocks from the university of berkeley. walnut creek southbound 680 is moving along just fine up to highway 24. thank you leyla, plans if place for a victory parade in downtown oakland if the warriors beat the cavaliers tonight in cleveland. >> the dubs are a win away from becoming nba champions for the first time in 40 years. mayor schaaf will not use the "p," word but say they would celebrate oakland style. if golden state warriors beats the cavalier as parade could be held friday morning. >> before anyone can march in a victory parade of course, you have to win the game and the dubs nation are hoping tonight will be the night. game 6 is in cleveland and abc is the only place where you can see the warriors and the calf laters in the nba finals. coverage of the game begins today at 5:30 with the nab count down. the game starts at 6:00. >> happening today, contra costa
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county supervises will look at limiting sales of sugary alcoholic drinks with supporters believe curbing the sale of these drinks reduced underage drinking which taste like fruit juice or enjoy drinking. they are marketed we aggressively with a proposal calling for displaying them away from sole drinks in the stores. >> a plan to add 500 officers for the san francisco police department have clear add hurdle. a board of supervisors sent a proposal to the board. not everyone is happy of increasing police staffing of the san francisco sheriff said that his department can take over some of the police funds at the gaols and he deserves more deputies. >> year was cool and breezy, too, we will check with meteorologist mike nicco to see what today holds. >> told is breezy go, in the same spots as yesterday but the sun will come out quicker and it will be warmer. good morning, the afternoon an
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the bay it will be 70 to 80 in the south bay and start at 80 in the north bay and end up at 92 inland and the coast for san francisco 60 to 66 with our best chance of sunshine from the golden gate bridge north and in san jose it is cloudy this morning as we look at 87 near the shark tank and as we move forward we will see our inland temperatures warm again tomorrow with a few high clouds and not is sunny as today. we will then have a cooling trend for thursday and we will drop back interest 60s and 70s and 80s the coast, the bay and i land and another surge of warmth starting on friday and 90's are back. and now an update on the morning commute. leyla? i will look a bart and 36 trains that are in service with no delays as a result of the police activity in berkeley. ace trains one and three are also on time and we have a lot of construction around bay area, and we are starting here in san
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jose with the drive along 280 near 880 we will find construction crews and that will last until 6:00 with most of the construction actually in oakland. right now, as we hook at mostly green in the south bay you are in fantastic shape no matter if you are traveling along 101 away from the 280 and 680 beyond the airport and 280 to cupertino and highways 85 17, 87 all at top speed. if you are traveling sound from san francisco to sfo it is live minutes northbound 880 from 238 to the maze is 14 minutes and northbound 101 from highway 85 to the san jose airport top speeds. >> working moms could be giving our daughters a boost if life. >> the public plea that the f.b.i. is making this morning. >> and a picture of the tonight eastern span of the bay bridge and it is cloudy and
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>> covering los altos, antioch petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> morning at 5:11. before anyone can mark in the victory parade you need have a victory. >> tonight we hope for the win for the dub nation to become the
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champions. >> wayne greed man joins us in cleveland with the latest. wayne? >> morning would you believe the people in cleveland have the absolute opposite hope from san francisco and bay area people. this is a dawn a wet morning in cleveland and cleveland fans match the mood and this could be the dawn where the warriors win the first nba championship in 40 years. when the fans streamed out the oracle arena last weekend after the victory, the warriors fans were hoping to fly to witness history and if they made it, congratulations, travel yesterday was incredibly difficult. rain in the northwest delaying flights and canceling flights and airline system that may now have gotten them here yesterday and may not get them here until today the despite the warriors 3-2 lead, most fans here in cleveland and warriors fans for that matter, still are having
5:13 am
high hopes. >> playoffs have made a run every game and you need [ inaudible ] >> we had a hard time, never winning and losing lebron james and getting him back. it is our time. >> they say it is their time but the time is coming tonight to see what happens. game four in cleveland, a reminder of what the warriors have in store when they get here in the loud and unfriendly confines of the quicken loans arena they can expect 20,000 loud and strong all in as clevelanders like to say and they will remain "all in," until it is over. there is a bit of controversy, also, in the local newspaper about lebron james commends that he is the best basketball mayor in the world. payments of commends. a comment from a fan saying well if anyone can say it why
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can't lebron say it, if he doesn't, who well and the second fan said lebron has a new colony named "hubris." he is in the middle of the headlines as are the cavs and the weather is in the middle of the head lines. we will see what were whats it is still 13 hours away starting late at 9:00 people eastern. >> he wears a lofts that colony. -- perfume. >> the hackers who broke into u.s. government files exposed private information of people with top secret security appearans and their families making it harder to deploy and almost most intelligence officers especially those with diverse backgrounds and special language skills. officials blame china and china is denying any involvement >> the f.b.i. is turning to the public for help in finding the
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vandals would cut fiber optic cable lines to five bay area cities. in april of last area someone intentionally cut the any better cables near the berkeley restaurant. since that time there have been nine other similar cases. the vandalism knocked out phone and credit card lips to some businesses and usually the days were in vaults covered by manhole covers. >> the stock market opens trying to bounce back from a big sell off after losing the games. here is america's money report. >> morning, everyone, topping america's money, stocks are back in the red loading 107 points putting it at 32 below the start of the year and the nasdaq was off by 21 and s&p 500 lost ten. >> investors worry about greece. >> the word on working moms, it is good for the kids. >> women whose mothers worked tend to be more successful than
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those whose mothers did not work outside the home. they earn more and are more likely to be bosses. >> setting a good example. aindeed. >> and now the weather forecast. >> thatten miles another chance if mike to spray do not forget about father's day. >> exactly. i am equally mother's day. >> and diplomatic. >> the usual suspects have half mile visibility in santa rosa. on live doppler hd, as tough as it gets for the morning commute and you can see only a few of the clouds streaming through the east bay hills to the valley as we look at what already is looking like a warm sky inland hitting the upper 80s to low 90s and warmer than yesterday and a reason is faster sunshine today i for the warmer afternoon and clouds and the cool air will come back in tonight and if you
5:17 am
did not use the air conditioning yesterday maybe you can hold off today and wait if the cool air to hit. a stronger warming trend friday through father's day. you may want to turn on air conditioning. our wind speeds are fastest along the coast and they will pick up in the same spot they did yesterday with south bay probably seeing the slower wind and you can get around double digits this afternoon but look at that, 20 miles per hour wind pushing across san francisco and that is why even with faster sunshine we will hold our temperatures where they should be this time of the year. the atmosphere has potential to be a lot william irbut not with the sea breeze. we go from 7 of at milpitas to 80 in san jose and cupertino and los gatos and gilroy make the surge into the mid-to-upper 80s and we are in the mid-to-upper 70s on the peninsula at 71 degrees and sunset is mid-60s around downtown and sauce least is touching 71 and ten degrees
5:18 am
warmer in san rafael and young and petaluma is coolest at 78 and santa rosa is 85 as we head along the east bay shore, berkeley is 70 and castro valley and fremont is 7 a and we have mid-80s in the san ramon valley and low 90s out highway four. at the game tonight 60 and dropping down to about 56 degrees. it will be cool like it was last might and you can see the cloud cover coming in today or tonight and low-to-mid 50s again. my seven-day forecast shows warmer tomorrow, and the winds are stronger on thursday and the temperatures are cool especially inland and it will be warmest on friday saturday and sunday. dry all seven days. leyla? >> we have at&t park with the giants taking on the mariners at 12:45 at first pitch but expect to see heavy traffic in and away the area along 80 and 101 to king street you name it.
5:19 am
if you take the ferry make sure you give yourself plenty of extra time and get an early start with the ferries filling up quickly. sliding over to oakland, we do have a watch party con completely sold out. we may not have a game at oracle arena but we have a watch party and 880 is going to be busy coliseum way and cheaper parking. that is enticing for folks to drive rather than using bart. drive time traffic westbound i-80 from 4 to the maze is 17 minutes commute and westbound along the bay bridge is eight minutes and metering lights are not turned on and 101 southbound from san francisco to the airport is 11 minutes. >> throughout the nba finals we have been celebrating the best fans in basketball. each day we schaefer your fan photos and choose an abc7 "fan of the day." we have a great one for game day, check this identity.
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a hair fashion total dub nation commitment. thank you for sharing this great shot of your new "do." and no doubt it is getting a lot of kudos. use # dubson7. include your city in the post so we can give you a proper shout out. stay tuned.
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5:23 am
closed right now as officials determine the stability of the building. >> many victims in berkeley are irish students we knew each other. the irish foreign affairs minister confirmed the deaths eight injured were taken to two hospitals many with life threatening injuries. >> check out this beautiful picture from the east bay hills camera that looks warm outside. it will be, summer starts on sunday and it could be one of the warmest days and that is father's day. by the way. >> we have been reminded a hundred times. >> number four, it is light early. commute and this is what we like to start with, no accidents, and that is a look at 101 tail lights in the northbound direction toward mineta san jose international airport and we have street closures in berkeley with details ahead. >> five, a win to go for the warriors tone as necessity try to knock off the cavaliers in cleveland to become the nab champions. the dubs lead bet of seven 3-2
5:24 am
with coverage starting at 5:0 and the game starts at can only open abc7. >> in san francisco, muni officials are expected to approach a plan that will prohibit cars from turning on to market street between third and 8th street but uber is against the plan saying it will be difficult for memorial to get a ride especially because taxis can still make the towns. >> number seven millions of americans face potential danger from heavy rain and flooding today and this comes as tropical storm bill moves toward texas and schools are closed in the houston area and the forecast calls for several inches of rain across several states. >> trans fats are on the united states food and drug administration chopping block with a final ruling bans trans fats from the diet. the move could prevent as many as 20,000 heart attacks and 7,000 deaths from heart disease a year. trans fats are mostly used in fried and baked goods and
5:25 am
microwave popcorn and nondairy creamers. >> a study from england found a link between heating 15 to 100 grams of congress lat and low risk of heart disease and stroke. 100 grams equals two hershey bars or five godiva trust peoples which is 500 calories after look at habits of 25,000 over a dozen years. chocolate cannot take all of credit though, and some volunteers in the study did not see any benefit at all. but it tasted good. >> a tiger got fir treatment after a six-year old left the tiger behind and it was taken to the tarmac for ice cream and documented it in a photo book and on the return trip he was reunited and delighted to get his tiger back along with a new book.
5:26 am
>> a dutch punk robber did something amazing someone throughout a church beer through a cup of beer and the singer grabbed it, and threw the empty cup back out and does not miss a beat and the crowd when notes and so did social media. caught it. drink it. millions around the world have viewed this video. you will probably see imitations coming up. >> our breaking news coverage from berkeley continues next with more on what we are learning about victims of a deadly balcony collapse. >> and an extended summer break that dozens of sunnyvale temperatures do not want and the drama over reportedly putting their jobs on the line. >> the embarcadero center in san francisco with the blue and gold for the warriors cheering them on to
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> in berkeley an apartment building balcony collapsed and five are dead with self several injured. >> amy hollyfield is at scene with planned new details. amy? >> yes i spoke with some residents of the building and the victim on the balcony were set brighting a 21st birthday party. let me get out of the way so you can take a look at the collapsed balcony. it broke away from the stucco and folded right over from the weight of all of the people five people fell to their deaths. eight people were taken to the hospital and they were scattered among more than one hospital and that has been stressful for the survivors trying to find their
5:30 am
friends and find out if they are okay. police are talking to the building manager right now and trying for put together what and why this happened. >> it looks like it may have collapsed on the 4th floor and struck the third floor balcony just below it. we do not know specifically how it has happened at this point. that is all part of the investigation. >> residents of the building say the victims are college students from ireland and they are here on j1 visas to work here for the summer. the residents we spoke with who also are from ireland on j1 visas say their families have been calling from ireland in tears very worried about them and everyone on the scene is shaken up by what happened both by talking to their families and also knowing what happened right here if their apartment building. very emotional here at kittredge happening after midnight in
5:31 am
berkeley. we are told that the victims just got here in the past month. >> we continue our coverage now from eden medical center in castro valley where several of the injured victims are being treated. we are there on the scene. what is the latest? >> we have confirmed four people are still being treated at eden medical center. we do not know the exact condition of their status but we know that many of them suffered critical life-threatening injuries. four others have been taken to local high school including highland. irish foreign minister confirmed a number of individuals would were injured and those who died are from ireland. it was chaos on scene as people were taken away by plans. i spoke with friends in the e.r. this morning would say they are here for the summer from ireland. they were hanging out last night to celebrate a happy occasion when it turned tragic it turned
5:32 am
devastating. five of their friends passed away and eight friends are scattered throughout the east bay at different hospitals so they are just trying to come to grips with what happened and also find out the condition of all of their friends who suffered from injuries when the ball cold collapse -- when the balcony collapsed in berkeley. they have yet to contacted their parents. the foreign minister issued this statement saying it is still too early to know the full extent of this dreadful accident but i have opened up my departments chrysler center and activated our emergency response line to provide assistance and guidance to those affected and to others would have concerned. we will follow-up on conditions of the patients treated here at eden medical center. thank you, stay with abc7 throughout the morning for continuing coverage of the balcony collapse.
5:33 am
if you are headed out the door you can get updates on the news app or by following us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. right now a look at traffic and weather starting with meteorologist mike nicco. >> morning everyone, live doppler hd died down to santa rosa where 101 and some of the places that can have a quarter-mile visibility of left and we have breaks in the cloud cover and quicker sunshine and warmer temperatures. most of us in the low-to-mid mid-50s, and 50s and 60s and 70 for our coast, and bay and inland by noon and 60s and 70s and 80s by 8:00. improve a coat this morning especially around the bay and inland we are back in the 50s and 60s in the bay and the coast and 70s inland. >> we are keeping our eye on street closures where the tragic accident happened and it looks like we spoke to berkeley police department and it is unchanged.
5:34 am
kittredge street is still closed with police activity and cars detoured in and around the area. downtown berkeley bart that is where the station is located and library, berkeley high and a couple of blocks from uc berkeley so a lot of happen manage and around that area with detours in place. the macarthur maze shows travel is light out emeryville and berkeley into the bay bridge toll plaza. our other big story of the morning, tonight the warriors will try to close out the cavaliers in cleveland and become nba champions for the first time in 40 years. in oakland 17,000 fans will pack the arena for game six watch party and the city is preparing for a possible we victory parade. mayor schaaf will not use the "p," word but only say the city would celebrate oakland style. if the dubs win tonight a parade could be held friday morning. oakland is beaming with ride 3 1/2 miles of light bulbs around
5:35 am
lake merritt are blue and gold. >> if warriors win there will be we crowded bars and some are ordering center booze and additional security. the owner of the arts bar wil repay the loyal patrons. >> we are givee giving reduced bar tabs during each game and tonight it is 100 percent reduction. >> but they are all sold out. >> >> game six is tonight at 5:30 and game seven if needed would be pack in oakland on friday at 5:30. >> we are following the warriors every step of the way and wayne freedman is in cleveland connecting with him at the to which the hour and you can catch sports reporters mike shumann and news reporter laura anthony
5:36 am
through the day on the final station abc7. >> at 5:35 in the south bay police are asking for the public's help to find a missing 95-year-old man. he was last seen at his home on north henry avenue at 6:30 and his wife said she found the front door open and her husband was gone. morell has a disease and considered at risk last seen wearing a blue fisherman hat, a gray and white striped shirt and blue jeans. >> this morning, tensions are escalating at a school in sunnyvale after all 25 teachers were told they have to re-apply for the jobs. the school district held a meeting at west valley elementary and parents are frustrated because they are kept in the dark of what the tension is all about but the district said it simply cannot elaborate. >> when i start to get into a description of of the detail i cannot talk about the personnel.
5:37 am
>> this is not okay to teach teachers live this. they take care of your children, are with your children all day long, you do not tell them on the last day to pack up and pull this. not okay. >> teachers will knock -- not talk about details either. >> a fremont man will be back if court dead to enter a plea on homicide charges in 9 deaths of a marry and her toddler in livermore. friends and family of the victims confronted brian jones as he walked to court. he now is held without bail. prosecutors say he was drunk when he lost control of the corvette hitting a mother and her 14-month-old daughter, juli may 3. >> muni officials will approve a plan to bring a big change in san francisco prohibiting cars from turning right on to market street between 3rd and 89th reducing traffic on the street by up to 50 percent and make it safer for pedestrians and
5:38 am
bicyclists. uber launched a petition against the land. the company said it will make it difficult for people to get a ride. >> speaking of getting around in san francisco, certain fares on muni go up starting july 1. the discount for children and seniors and disabled goes great 7 a help whys to a dollar with passes increasing a dollar as well to $25. cable car fares go up from $6 to $7 and the wake adult father is at $2.25. weather and traffic. mike? inland east bay if the windows are open it could be chilly inside. we are in the low-to-mid 50s but pittsburg is 58 and brentwood is 57 and mount diabolo is 72 where it is warmer than this time yesterday. that coincides with the forecast of warmer temperatures for all of us headed into the afternoon. low low-to-mid 50s in all neighbors and newark is warmer at 57, and redwood city and
5:39 am
pinole at 55 and novato is 53 and the financial district, half moon bay at 54 and notice calistoga and basketball and bodega bay the usual suspects in the upper 40s you can see the cloud cover a great start to the day that will see quicker sunshine and chinaing highs 80 in the north bay to 92 inland east bay, and 66 in san francisco and 70 around the bay and 80 in the south bay. walnut creek will have sunglasses in half an hour and warm more tomorrow and we will pull back with a stronger sea breeze on thursday and stronger warming on friday, saturday and father's day on sunday. now how is the commute leyla? morning everyone. here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza can you guess, the metering lights are just turned on leaving with heavy backups from the east bay. into san francisco, it will take you 14 minutes, maybe 13
5:40 am
minutes. the drive is relatively accident-free with the exception brand if you crash westbound 237 and it is involving a van that spun out and we do have at least one lane blocked and so far, mike a slight delay coming away from 80 through milpitas and the rest of the drive through the south bay is clear and accident-free. in the east bay union city hayward, fremont 880, also, 680, no problems and just top speeds. drive time traffic 101 southbound from santa rosa to petaluma is 14 minutes and 580 westbound from castro valley to the maze is 14 minutes, and 12 minutes from northbound 101 from 280/680 to highway 85. >> continuing coverage of our breaking news in berkeley with five people dead and eight injured in a balcony >> stranded cars and buses and flooded streets, the weather danger are faces millions of people this morning and why it is about to get wors
5:41 am
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and the people we love. >> covering daly city, dublin los gatos and all the bay area,
5:44 am
this is abc7 news. >> back to our breaking news at 5:43 in berkeley: this is what remains of a balcony in berkeley after it suddenly collapsed after midnight. five students fell to their deaths. this is the 4th floor balcony. it is at kittredge library gardens farm. the students were irish students here on a work visa for the summer. there were eight injured, some with critical injuries and we will stay on top of breaking news. you can follow us at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> we have protecting news from fresno investigators are looking into a fire at a church that claim the life of a man in a birse parked outside a church last night that spread to the east side church of god on the southeast side of city. fire damned a third of the attic with no work on the man's identity or what led to the
5:45 am
fire. >> walnut creek city council will focus on how to pay for expanded libraries at two local libraries that had 64,000 visits. contra costa county pays if them to stay open 35 hours a weak but the walnut creek branches are open 56 hours a week. library tax has expired that paid for the hours of operation. >> this on, tropical storm warnings in effect from texas to galvaston to houston and tropical storm bill is expected to dump 4-8 itches of rain after recovering from the wettest month on record last month in texas. 200 speakers are monitoring the storm ready to mobilize. >> warriors are on the verge of winning the first nba championship since 1975. the locker room gear is in high demand if the team wins tomorrow in cleveland sports authority listens to stay open after the game to sell licensed warriors
5:46 am
nba champions hats and hoodies. stores will open at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow and the gear would also be available online. >> i will take a small t-shirt size medium adult cap. >> while you are getting that i need an extra large. >> i am the shopper? okay. >> isn't that known, you are the shopper. you will get us the best discount. >> absolutely. do we want the sweatshirt? at night it will be cooler. >> it will cool quickly this evening like last evening. our afternoons are about to heat up things are going to be cool in the evening and i will look at what is going on with billion. you can see it is about did come ashore at victoria but the massive rethe flooding could take over all the way in houston, austin, to san
5:47 am
tulsa, springfield, st. louis over to danville illinois, on the border with indiana. this is why it was so cool, the winds were blowing with the main layer and the cooling clouds looking to the west. on our type lapse. beautiful. absolutely beautiful. winds are 15 miles per hour in concord, 14 in fairly and not so fast as they yesterday but the potential is there for them to beef up again east of the golden gate bridge and north of the bay bridge through the delta communities until 9:00 it starts at 12 with winds at 21 to 30 miles per hour and northwest along the coast for the wind speed until 9:00 tomorrow. the flags are on pier nine still pointing east but more limp than yesterday. marine layer is 2,000 feet but not so much moisture. faster sunshine. warmer inland. clouds and cool air arrive tonight and a stronger warming
5:48 am
for friday, saturday, and father's difficult on sunday. watch by noon, how much more area is clear and the bay will still have a lingering clouds but not is many as yesterday and clearing is possible language the coast along the north bay coast. our spread is 60s to 90's and that is across the entire bay area and we will have 76 in milpitas to 88 in gilroy and the south bay in between san jose and cupertino at 80 and mid-to-upper 60s along the peninsula and palo alto at 76 and low 60s along the coast to mid-60s in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and upper 70s to mid-80s in the north bay and mid-90's. low-to-mid 70s along the east bay shore with oakland at 72. inland we have mid-to-upper 80s in pittsburg and antioch you could make a run into the 90's.
5:49 am
tonight, low-to-mid 50s. one to two degrees warmer tomorrow and the sea breeze strengthens and we will drop two- to four-degrees and we will hit 80s an the bay and 90's inland friday, saturday, sunday and monday. have a great day. >> we have bart trains running on time and no delays are reported in downtown berkeley near the scene of the tragic balcony accident. we have street closures shut down for police act inner loop further notice. ace trains 100 and three are not just on time but they are a couple of minutes early. we have one accident, however, in milpitas adds you start heading into san jose westbound 237, we have a shoulder that currently is blocked and expect delays because, next, we are seeing slow-and-go conditions pulling away from 880 and that is possible due to spectator slowing. tow truck and c.h.p. are headed out there. as we take you further to the south we have construction that is still in place northbound 880 at stevens creek and off-ramp is blocked until 6:00 and as we
5:50 am
head further into the santa cruz mount takes we see nothing but top speed please be careful if you are drying too fast headed up to the summit and into los gatos, keep it accident free. making travel between the bay area and los angeles lightning fast. the idea from tesla c.e.o. to get the public involved with the future of transit. >> technology now helping protect california beach goers from sharks.
5:51 am
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5:53 am
>> despite the drought we get word that bay area fourth of july shows go on. the only cancellation is cupertino that canceled when the city learned there was water tab as part of the requirement because it has to put out smoldering fires and shows over water do not need that. >> a drone is now helping life guards fine sharks off southern california coast allowing lifeguards in orange county to check large areas of the water quickly. in the past life fares have surveyed the water while riding on secret skis. that is a process that usually takes about two hours. the drones can get it done in 0 minutes. >> giants have a day game hopefully a different time will mean different luck.
5:54 am
>> we going to be high on the u.v. index is including at&t park in the low-to-mid 60s this afternoon under mostly sunny skies. a town of a breeze from time to time. the excessive heat will be from las vegas all the way down to yuma, bears, and palm springs and all the way through monday. quite a heat wave if you are headed that way. temperature at 112 in palm springs and 72 in san diego and 82 in lake of. >> we have top speeds between hayward and foster city. now, we are beginning to take you right pack into berkeley where streets are close down and berkeley police department not updating things because it is status quo. kittredge street is shut down at shattuck avenue near downtown berkeley bart with trains run on time. it look like the altamont pass
5:55 am
is busy at 24 miles per hour up to north flynn road. it will take you 48 minutes to head between tracy to dublin. the drive time traffic shows everything quicking in at green top speed. >> marin supervises take a step to okay the plan to ease the traffic jams inside muir woods in a draft report prepared by the national park service. parking is scarce and cars end up jammed into himmed space on frank valley road causing major backups and a traffic plan calls for eliminating 300 of the 400 parking spaces and encouraging visitors to use a shul service. a final vote on the plan to come june 30. >> a study fines children who have access to packs, playground and other green spaces do a better job in school. researchers tried 2,600 schoolchildren ages 7-10 on see how their peoplery and attention
5:56 am
developed and kids with access to green space did a better job retapingness. >> there is no place like san francisco the city is hope to the top tourist destinations in the united states. alcatraz is the number one tourist spot and the 7th most popular landmark in the world. the federal peni out statue of liberty. >> the top three of golden gate bridge number two, you would think it would be number one and the link come memorial in washington dc, came if at number three. >> if you at can, making air fare hikes a thing of the past but it does not noon you will save money the sneaky way airs are -- airlines feel like you are getting a better deal than you are. ♪ ♪
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and talk with your doctor. let's mobile. same plan. new phone. or a new plan. and a just in case. add a new line. or three. and unlimited talk and text for unlimited tweens. take a carrier store detour at target and upgrade to a shiny new everything. now when you purchase one of these affordable plans get a $100 gift card. all things mobile. all in one place. abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> we continue the breaking news coverage of a balcony collapse at an apartment building in berkeley near the cal campus five have been killed. eight have been injured. amy hollyfield has been on the
6:00 am
scene with more on what we know of the victims. new information, amy? >> yes kristen, let me show you the balcony still dangling from the building. you can see where it kind of folded over. it just gave from the weight. we have been told that the victims who were on the balcony are from ireland and they were celebrating a 21st birthday when it collapsed. just fowled over. it broke away from the stucco of the new construction. five people died in the accident. four people died at the scene and a 5th victim died at the hospital. >> this happened at 12:41 this morning on kittredge in berkeley. eight were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. >> man get out of the movie and saw to hysterical people waving them down and want add ride to the hospital. they were okay but frantic trying to find their friends. >> they tried to notify


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