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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  June 22, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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t obama says this nation is not cured of racism. that it still casts a long shadow. he apparently meant to be provocative when he used that racial slur. the white house says president obama is not surprised there's controversy, but doesn't regret using the "n" word in a frank discussion about race on comedian mark marin's podcast. >> that's not whether the measure of whether racism still exists or not. >> at the u.s. conference of mayors in san francisco we talked with baltimore's stephanie rawlings-blake, who believes president obama was making a point one that's been lost in the focus on one word. >> he's talking about the very real issues of overt racism, and the progress that we made. but also in some areas, we have not come that far. >> race issues are in the open in her city baltimore, following rioting in april after the death of freddie gray an unarmed
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black man in police custody. now the spotlight is on charleston, south carolina. scene of the horrific church shootings by a white suspect that killed nine black worshippers. the mayor from columbia, south carolina, steve benjamin believes the use of any racial slur is inappropriate, but says it's important for americans to have a dialogue about race. >> the president is leading, even in a very provocative way. >> do you think what happened in your state could be a tipping point? >> i pray so. it would be a travesty not to use this as an opportunity to effect real, meaningful change in this great country of ours. >> mayor benjamin says he was close friends with state senator clementa pinckney, one of those killed at the charleston church. president obama is scheduled to deliver the eulogy on friday. in the newsroom, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news.
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>> thank you. restaurant co-workers of a young east bay man killed by a drive by shooting on highway 4 are mourning his death as police try to figure out who shot and killed thomas mendez and why. vick lee is live in bay point near highway 4 with the latest. >> reporter: that stretch of highway 4 near bailey road is where it happened. thomas mendez was shot and killed saturday afternoon at 3:00. after the shooting, this freeway was closed for six hours. didn't reopen until 9:00. there's been no word on any arrest, nor any word on who that killer is. >> he had big dreams. he had a huge personality. he was so funny. >> this is where thomas mendez worked katie's corner restaurant in san ramon. next to the cash register, his picture on the donation bucket. the last picture of him taken just before he died. the 22-year-old had just celebrated his father's birthday
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saturday afternoon when the restaurant closed. >> they had cake and presents and they all sang for his dad. >> his dad jose has been the head cook here for 16 years. the owner says as a child mendez would come to work with his father. >> he just wanted to be like dad. be in the kitchen. and learn the cooking. >> when mendez grew up, he was hired as a cook, working alongside his dad. the young man adored him. even commuted with him. but on saturday, the young man drove his own car. >> usually thomas drove home with his dad. they would usually drive together. but that day jose had to go see his father so they drove in a different car. so, you know. >> reporter: just before he left, thomas ordered hot chocolate, which he was bringing to his 2-year-old daughter. >> he used to always bring her a hot chocolate. when he was leaving, he would get a to-go hot chocolate and
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bring it home for his baby. >> thomas mendez never made it home to his baby, nor to his longtime girlfriend. he died here on highway 4 when someone opened fire, causing his car to crash into the center divide. he died the day before father's day. vick lee, abc 7 news. now to the latest in the berkley balcony collapse. many questions remain unanswered about why that balcony failed nearly a week ago. a memorial continues to grow at the scene of last tuesday's tragedy. six people died. seven others were hurt. city officials have released few details about their investigation into what went wrong. >> clearly there are investigations. clearly there are questions that they want answers to that the families want answers to. that has its place. right now what is most important to us so that the families have their space to grieve. >> at berkley city hall officials have made the buildings' blueprints from 2002
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available for public viewing. abc 7 news was in san francisco's west portal neighborhood. construction workers were digging along forest side avenue near vicente street around 12:30. the fire department asked people not to go outside and to keep their doors and windows closed as a precaution until that rupture was sealed. >> new details tonight on a suspicion death in antioch. police say the victim, 46-year-old patricia potley, was messing around with a gun when she accidentally shot herself. she was found dead inside a home on d street saturday afternoon. oakland police have strong leads in the search for the person who killed 18-year-old ayana dominguez one year ago next month. they released a composite sketch and the image of a vehicle used during the crime that was taken from surveillance video. dominguez died following a double shooting on july 10th last year in the parking lot of a wendy's restaurant on international boulevard. her 22-year-old boyfriend was wounded in the incident.
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happening now, angry parents are gathering at a sunny veil elementary school to voice their support for 25 outgoing teachers. a rally was set to gun a few minutes ago at west valley elementary. all of the teachers there were told late last week they'd be transferred to another school in the district this fall. district officials say the school is plagued with tension and morale issues. the district superintendent is behind the change and says she can't explain the reason because it's a personnel issue. the south bay's homeless population is getting smaller. new census reveals it's fallen to the lowest level over the past decade. santa clara county officials counted more than 6500 homeless people, and that marks 14% drop since 2013. some elected leaders credit local governments helping the chronically homeless a priority. that's including pushing people towards longtime housing. residents of san jose are voting in a special election. the seat vacated when chu was
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elected to the state assembly. neither tim orosco nor man nguyen won the election and that forced a runoff. a woman is falling victim to the blessings scam. the surveillance video shows the scam in progress. it involves convincing the victims, primarily elderly chinese women, that bad spirits are following them. they're persuaded to put money into a bag to cleanse it of the spirits. the thieves then secretly switch that bag for another. city district attorney says victims must step up and ask for help. >> when you believe that someone is stealing from you don't feel ashamed. report it. >> gascon presented a check for $26,000 to margaret wong after she was victimized by the scam. june is elder abuse awareness month. people saw the smoke for miles after a fire broke out in a junk yard in livermore this afternoon. you could see some of that smoke
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rising thanks to sky 7 hd. this afternoon's fire raced through a field where scrapped cars were stored. this was on hawthorne avenue. the flames also damaged a house on the same property. it appeared that nobody lived in that house. firefighters have controlled three brush fires in los angeles county. in malibu, one started by a deadly car crash burned two acres. in west covina, a brush fire burned ten acres. in santa clarita, a house fire spread to the brush nearby before it was contained. conditions are hot dry and windy in southern california. a fire that's been burning just south of yosemite is now 60% contained. there are more than 600 firefighters trying to hold the line. tonight, some good news. reporter joey barra says evacuation orders are being lifted. >> ryan mackenzie is on his way back to a christian camp to take a look for the first time since the sky fire forced him out. >> i was hugely relieved. you drive away and you have no
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idea what you're going to come back to. >> when he left, flames were sweeping through the forest just a couple of miles away from camp. it's been four days since then, with fires burning out. there's still a small column of smoke in the distance but the camp is fine. >> so relieved. >> calvin quest is still under evacuation orders, along with another camp and a wedding venue higher up in the mountains. the evacuees were staying here at a church in oak hurst. there was roughly seven of them and more people at another shelter closer to the karin fire. >> a lot more resources, and to facilitate both places. that's what made it more challenging. >> we were sent pictures of empty cabins and benches. all of it spared by the sky fire. but he says there will be some money lost due to the closure. >> because we had to cancel the week. it's a pretty strong blow. >> still, he's looking on the bright side. there's no damage. nothing to clean up. the camp is ready to reopen as soon as firefighters clear the road. >> another larger fire is
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burning about an hour south of this one, near aubrey. it has spread to 920 acres. firefighters have it 75% contained. hundreds of firefighters are battling this fire 20 miles south of lake tahoe. so far it's burned 9,500 acres near the small town of markleyville. the wind-driven fire has forced the closure of highways 4 and 89. the flames broke out friday night. officials say it was sparked by lightning. the battle over the 1960 winter olympic ski resort near lake tahoe is heating up tonight. the village wants to build a year-round indoor rec center and almost a thousand hotel units. it would go up around the former site of blithe arena where ice hockey and figure skating competitions were held during the 1960 winter games. environmental groups say the expansion's impact on traffic and scenery threatens to destroy the charm of the site. >> a beautiful house in oakland can be yours for free.
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sort of. it sits on the coroner of 52nd street and mlk jr. way on property owned by ucsf beniof children's hospitals. the house is free, but you have to move it, foundation and all. the hospital is expanding right into the lot where the house is so it has to be either moved or demolished. the hospital will toss in $20,000 to help with the move. a bizarre standoff ended today after 14 hours. coming up a man on a crane holds police at bay. the offer from officers that finally got him to come down and what he's saying about all this in a jailhouse interview. plus -- >> do you ever look at someone and wonder, what is going on inside their head? >> a movie that explores what's going on inside the minds of preteens. we're going to introduce you to the bay area man who helped the movie explain emotions, memory, and mind. >> we're going to have quite an intense warm-up in the bay area this week, with temperatures
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rising above 100 degrees in some spots. i'll show you when and where in my
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covering santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> it took 14 hours and the promise of food to finally coax a man down from a construction crane in downtown san jose. abc 7 news was on sixth street near city hall as the man climbed a 90-story crane and then hunkered down in a glass basket. he appeared to have a jug of water and a white sack with him. at one point we saw him wipe
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down the glass with a cloth. the construction firm canceled work today. that cost 100 workers a day of pay. the company estimates that stoppage will cost up to $200,000. as the hours dragged on and on scander got hungry. he finally surrendered to police. it was a breakfast burrito that got him to come down. police described him as despondent and incoherent. in a jailhouse interview with our media partners the san jose mercury news, he said "maybe i just need help." police have arrested sean combs, also known as diddy, on ucla's campus for assault with a deadly weapon. he is accused of attacking the football coach with a kettle bell like you use at the gym. his son justin is a red shirt player on the team. tmz reports the drama started yesterday after the strength and conditioning coach told his son not to come back until the end of summer. combs tried to talk to the coach today. tmz reports words were
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exchanged, and the coach went after combs and that's when combs allegedly went after that kettle bell. two people are recovering from injuries after an suv smashed into a pizza parlor in fairfield. police say the impact severed the restaurant's gas line and that forced nearby businesses to evacuate. the driver a 51-year-old fairfield resident was able to walk away from the crash. police say the man hit four other cars before ramming the restaurant. pixar's animated movie "inside out" grossed $91 million in its opening week the best opening for an original pixar movie. >> uh-oh. what did she say? >> oh sorry, sir. no one was listening. >> is it garbage night? >> the movie is about a young girl who learns to deal with five of her personified emotions. the film's producers consulted many psychologists and researchers, including a uc berkley professor. pixar, like abc 7, is part of the disney family.
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leanne joins us. >> reporter: when pixar approached the uc berkley department of psychology about getting into the mind of an 11-year-old through animation that professor said, are you kidding? anyway, it's a great movie to see. it took five years to get it right. the movie inside-out has five emotions living inside the mind of 11-year-old riley anderson, who now lives in san francisco. >> riley, i do not like this new attitude. >> oh, i'll show you attitude old man. >> no, no no. >> what is your problem? just leave me alone. >> dana murray was the film's prediction manager. it was a labor of love initiated by director pete doctor. >> most people that worked on the film had kids, so it was always an open discussion of my kid is doing this, my kid did that. so it was very -- lots of talk about family. >> understanding the emotional expression in an 11-year-old was not an easy task. pixar turned to uc berkley's
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psychology department for help. >> if people can embrace their emotions and just let them happen and not try to suppress them you do better. this film kind of tells us that. >> amy poehler was the voice of joy. >> you can't focus on what's going wrong. there's always a way to turn things around. >> the film has been an instant hit. >> probably gives a sense of legitimacy to a lot of kids struggling with emotional stuff. >> i try to, like calm down. and just, like bring myself to something else. >> it's an eye-opener for parents who at times try to emotionally rescue their kids. >> it's constantly a learning curve. >> we've always felt that this was something special. but for now, the world to be giving it this attention and response is -- it's amazing. >> pixar believes it is destined to be a classic. middle and high school
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students at the fast forward journalism school got a visit from the i-team today. dan shared stories from the front lines and even let them shoot this video. they're going to hear from lieutenant governor gavin newsom later this week. >> dan was not investigating them. >> yeah, that is good news. >> you don't want that. time to turn to our weather. we're now really officially in summer. >> we are indeed. we're going to feel some of summer's heat before this week is over. i mean triple digit heat. we have sunny skies across most of the bay area right now. a few low clouds. the fog can be found at the coastline pushing just locally in patches out over the bay. here's the view from our exploratorium camera. across the street from abc 7 look,inging at mainly blue sky. you see a few clouds off in the distance. it's 59 degrees in san francisco. oakland 62. 66 in mountain view. 67 in san jose. 77 at morgan hill.
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lots of 7s there, appropriately enough. here's a view from emeriville looking at the western sky. you see some low clouds building up there. it's 72 right now in santa rosa. 79 at fairfield. 76 at livermore. we see mostly blue sky. these are our forecast features. morning low clouds near the coast and bay early tomorrow morning. a little bit warmer the next few days. a lot warmer as we get later into the week. we'll see triple-digit temperatures inland by thursday. here's the satellite image. an area of low pressure centered to our north. counterclockwise circulation helping to reinforce that on shore flow that continues to bring relatively cool conditions to our coastal areas. we'll start our forecast animation 7:00 this evening, at which point low clouds will be expanding, beginning to push locally out over the bay as they will during the overnight and early morning hours.
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that will be the picture around 5:00 tomorrow morning. later in the morning and by midday, we'll see clouds back to the coast and away from much of the coastline. the result will be high temperatures in the afternoon and the upper 50s near the coast. 60s and 70s around the bay. upper 80s in most of our warmer inland locations. a couple of low 90s. for the week ahead, we'll use downtown antioch as an indicator of the high temperature trend. upper 80s tomorrow. mid 90s wednesday in antioch. 104 the expected high on thursday. down to 94 on friday. and further cooling will occur over the weekend. we'll see other locations with highs approaching 100 degrees inland by thursday. overnight, a few clouds around. low temperatures generally in the mid 50s. tomorrow, mainly sunny, warm in the south bay with highs in the upper 70s to mid 80s. upper 50s on the coast. about 65 or 66 degrees downtown san francisco tomorrow. mid 80 this is the north bay valleys. upper 80s to near 90 in the
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inland east bay. here's the seven-day forecast. we'll get a little thursday sizzle with highs up to about 102 in some of the warmest inland spots up around 90 degrees near the bay. and we'll have gradual cooling going into the weekend and into early next week. >> it will be good after that. thank you, spencer. ahead, larger than life. we'll take you to the big unveiling at the state capitol. >> republican lawmakers with nostalgia. stay with us.
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stocks closed higher on optimism over bailout talks between greece and its lenders. >> the dow picked up nearly 104 points closing today at 18,119. the nasdaq closed up 37 points. the s&p gained 13 ending at 2,122. home sales surged more than five million existing homes sold last month. that's up more than 5% from april and above expectations. the national association of realtors says home sales are now at their highest pace since late 2009. >> airlines continue to collect record amounts of checked bags and reservation changes. in the first three months of this year, airlines took in $1.6 billion in such fees. that's up more than 7% from the same time this year. it's the highest amount for the
6:26 pm
first quarter since bag fees started back in 2008. this is according to federal data. >> general mills is dropping artificial colors and flavors from its cereals, becoming the latest company to respond to a growing desire with food made with more natural ingredients. 90% of its cereals will have no artificial ingredients by the end of 2016. a larger than life version of ronald reagan now graces the halls of the state capitol. reagan supporters unveiled an eight-foot 800-pound bronze statue today in the lower rotunda in the basement level. mr. reagan served as governor of california from 1967 until 1975 and is the only california governor to go on to become president. governor jerry brown authorized the statue's construction, but it was paid for with private funds. angry taxi drivers in san francisco are protesting against ride sharing services. ahead, why they claim uber is hurting more than business. and going gray, experts say using recycled water will become a lot more common as we deal with the drought.
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how a lawmaker plans to make it more acceptable. the win for over 60,000 california foster children, having necessary school supplies can mean the difference between success and failure. the day i start, i'm already behind. i never know what i'm gonna need.
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new school new classes, new kids. it's hard starting over. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies for local foster children. bring your gift to any sleep train and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child.
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this is abc 7 news. >> on their last day in san francisco, some city leaders attending the u.s. conference of mayors took a field trip to the headquarters of the ride sharing service uber. as jonathan bloom shows us, when they got there, it was not exactly a warm welcome. >> dozens of police officers stood guard as angry cab drivers greeted the u.s. conference of mayors. >> shame on you! >> cab drivers say there's no free lunch for them. uber's taken a chunk out of their income. >> more cars in the streets creating traffic and congestion. >> reporter: but the visiting mayors are drawing their own conclusion conclusions. >> i did have a chance to ride uber a couple of times when cabs weren't generally available and i found the whole experience to be wonderful. >> reporter: the mayor of johns creek, georgia, invited uber to
6:31 pm
come to his city. >> we don't want that to be overregulated. and we think that innovations should come before regulations. >> reporter: madison, wisconsin mayor wrote the failed resolution after an uber driver was accused of sexual assault. >> we would have had the name, the identification of the driver fingerprints. >> reporter: and he wants to make sure drivers earn a living wage. >> we're going to have a group of peasants who are not chained to the land, but chained to the steering wheel of their vehicle. >> reporter: uber knows they are in the minority. >> i think what we've seen time and time again is that ride sharing is something people want in their communities and something that we've seen across the entire united states that people are supporting. >> reporter: even here in uber's home city, the rules for the service are still in flux. next month the state law takes effect and a court ruled that one uber driver wasn't an independent contractor, but an employee of the company. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news.
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a santa rosa man died while diving in the pacific. he was with a friend at the timber cove boat landing. the santa rosa press democrat reports that he started feeling ill, so his friends used an inner tube to take him back to shore where an off duty paramedic who was at the beach did cpr. neither the paramedic nor volunteer firefighters were able to save him. he's the sixth person to die this year while diving off the northern california coast. in monterrey bay, a large algae bloom is releasing some of the highest levels of deadly toxins that scientists have seen in years. researchers say it's on the pacific coast from canada to southern california. when the algae blooms it releases acid, which can be deadly to some species. the use of gray water or recycled water is getting support from lawmakers during the drought. gray water is water from maybe your dishwasher or washing machine that's put through a filter and then reused for
6:33 pm
flushing toilets watering lawns, or other things that don't involve consumption. one lawmaker sees the use of gray water as the wave of california's future. >> i think we have to do everything from making sure that new construction has a recycled water option, to making sure that we streamline the ability to let businesses or homeowners or anybody who wants to water connect to the cities that have this wonderful source of recycled water that they otherwise just have to give away or run down the drain. >> facilities are set to be built statewide, including one in silicon valley. tremendous news for the state's raisin farmers. the federal government may no longer simply take part of a raise in crop for its own use. our report the reporter from our sister station has the story. >> reporter: marvin has been called a renegade raisin grower, but he says he's just a small farmer trying to survive on 100 acres of grapes. >> we always knew we were right. if you want my raisins, just pay
6:34 pm
us for them. >> reporter: in an 8-1 vote the u.s. supreme court ruled the practice of putting part of a farmer's crop into a national raisin reserve amounted to a government taking of property. >> it was just us defending ourselves against the raisin administrative committee, wanting us to pay them for our raisins that we didn't give them. they wanted to take them. ror >> this case has precious little to do with raisins. it is private property rights u.s. supreme court said it's a taking. >> it's absolutely great. we feel elated that we were able to prevail. >> reporter: when the usda demanded 40% of his crop in 2003 marvin thought to take the middle man, the handler, out of the equation. >> it was just the farmers trying to marvegt their own product. which is what america's all
6:35 pm
about. >> reporter: his legal team figured the usda sought $1.5 million for raisins he never gave up. marvin now walks away with an eye for the future. >> the taking issue, not complying with the marching order. >> so horn will now step up the online marketing of his raisins, which include chili and chocolate varieties. taylor swift took on tech powerhouse apple and won the battle. apple will roll out its new music service at the end of this month with a free three-month trial. the company originally agreed to share revenue with artists and record labels, but not during that initial trial. swift said she will hold back her latest album asking apple to provide artists with compensation compensation. apple responded and said it will pay artists for streaming even during that free trial period. ahead, some advice before
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you hit the road on your next vacation. >> it's
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the nba champions are in high demand these days.
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harrison barnes stopped by to meet some lucky250 first 250 customers to buy merchandise got their bling signed. >> it's extremely tiring, for sure. been celebrating a lot. like i said earlier such an experience such a journey. you want to win a championship in training camp, and to be able to finish that way was extremely special. >> he says one of the highlights with the team was a trip to las vegas over the weekend. >> i wonder if they're posting pictures of that. half of us plan to take a summer vacation this year. 91% of those traveling will be taking their personal vehicle. >> which means it's extremely important to keep track of your car's recall record. michael finney joins us with more. >> hearing about the recall, actually getting your car repaired are two very different
6:40 pm
things. one of the biggest reasons is we remain unaware that our cars are under a recall. when a car is recalled owners are notified by mail. the letters can sound pretty scary. >> the defect in these vehicles could kill or injure you or other people in the vehicle. >> 7 on your side viewer gina didn't much like getting that letter. do you know what's worse? not getting the letter. and it happens a lot. so, many recalled cars don't get repaired. california leads the nation with the most recalled cars on the road without being fixed. an estimated five million cars. it is a serious issue across the state of california with people driving these recalled cars that have been fixed, but also buying them with potentially not knowing that there's a recall on them. >> a half million cars were bought last year that have been recalled and not fixed. so, how do you know if your car is recalled?
6:41 pm
there's a government website, it's easy to navigate. the biggest problem is remembering to check. but this free app doesn't wait for you to ask. it sends you notifications. >> it's extremely easy. all you need to do is give us your license plate and e-mail address and we'll monitor your car continually for recalls. >> reporter: with the takata airbag recall under way it's extremely important to keep track of your car's recalls. 34 million cars made by ten manufacturers between 2002 and 2014 are on the recall list. a half dozen deaths have been attributed to malfunctioning airbags. our partners at consumer reports have put together a comprehensive guide on the takata recall that will be available on our website. so to check that out and to see all my reports online, go to, click on the
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sections tab and select 7 on your side. >> thank you michael. coming up, a look at a new trend in eating. farm to fork. >> people are going straight to the ?e
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okay kiddo, are you ready? yes. okay, here it comes chocolate!
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yeah! what about this one? mmm frosted! alright smarty, i'm gonna getcha for the grand prize... fruity and honey nut! yes!! that's not a cheerio! [laughs] no can we play again? yeah! close those eyes.
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covering dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc news. >> most restaurant, you sit down and they bring you the food. a growing number of people are doing the opposite. they're going to get the food and paying big bucks to do it. >> they certainly are. dan ashley reports it's an idea started here in the bay area that's now a nationwide phenomenon phenomenon. >> reporter: it's just after noon at the ranch in san mateo county. the table is set. the chefs are hard at work. and the race is on to get a gourmet dinner ready for 140 guests. the team is working in a temporary kitchen, put up this morning in the middle of a cattle field. >> we're the people associated with the food. >> reporter: chef jim dreamed up the idea of serving high end meals at farms 16 years ago. he named it outstanding in the field and has hosted more than 700 of these events. >> just thought it would be such
6:46 pm
a magical moment experience. i got my best girls and now we're here. >> reporter: none of the dinners are in the bay area, but they've also spread to all 50 states with some serious repeat customers. >> we've probably been to probably 16 dinners or so. every year we seem to add one more. >> the challenge is to use only locally grown ingredients so diners really see where their food comes from. meals are served family style at one long table. they are both popular and pricey. about $200 a person, including wine and tip. with some customers who actually follow the team around the country. diane terry flew here from connecticut. >> i'm really drawn to being outdoors and celebrating with fabulous food and great wine and new people. >> reporter: another draw is the chance to meet farmers. and future farmers. there's a tour with lots of discussion about producing food that's good for people and good for the planet.
6:47 pm
>> is it raised in a way that the animals are treated humanely, that the land is treated with respect, and the people that are working with the land, are they also treated fairly? >> reporter: the markagards specialize in grass-fed animals. the diners we talked with were impressed. >> really fantastic. it definitely tastes different. seeing the cows run around you understand why. >> reporter: by dessert, the sun is just about gone, but the chefs home the farm-to-table magic will keep shining. >> it made my world a lot smaller and a lot more special. >> reporter: dan ashley, abc 7 news. >> there are a number of bay area chefs now offering farm dinners with prices that go from 50 to more than $200. we have a list at and if you know of others just let us know. >> i'm not sure how comfortable i am seeing bessie shaking her head. wow. >> all right spencer's back
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with an update on our forecast. >> sunny skies across the bay area right now for the most part. going to get sunnier and hotter. later in the week it will be hot across much of the state especially interior locations. 110 down in palm springs in. the bay area a little bit warmer tomorrow, especially inland, where we'll see upper 80s to near 90. in the warmer spots mid to upper 80s. only upper 50s on the coast. check out the seven-day forecast. we'll see mid 90s inland by wednesday. over 100 degrees in the warmest inland spots thursday and back down to mere mid 90s on friday, and further cooling over the weekend. it's not exactly heat wave, but you'll feel a lot of heat one or two days. >> all right, thank you spencer. coming up in sports, abby wambach wants a world cup title more than anything. she may have wanted it a
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jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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this abc 7 sports report is brought to you by bank of the west. >> team usa entered the knockout phase of the women's world cup in the round of 16 taking on colombia in a match precede by some harsh words from the colombian star saying the u.s. team doesn't have the heart the colombians have. to canada we go. scoreless. early in the second half, when
6:52 pm
alex morgan takes a slide tackle from colombian keeper catalina perez, and the immediate red card was issued. that gives abby wambach a penalty kick wide left. morgan gets another opportunity here, and she banks it home. overpowering the backup keeper stephanie costano. they shut out colombia 2-0. next up, it's china in the quarterfinals. 1995 world cup champions norway taking on england. 54th minute. corner kick. gulbrand with the corner. the english would get the next two. lucy bronze with the golden strike in the 76th minute, and england advances with a 2-1 win. they'll meet the host nation canada in the quarterfinals.
6:53 pm
darryl hamilton, the giants outfielder, but found dead in an apparent murder-suicide near houston. he played 13 years in the major leagues. including two years with the giants. police say he had been shot multiple times. the body of 44-year-old monica jordan was found nearby with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the couple had a 14-month-old child that was in the home at the time, but was not hurt. darryl hamilton was 50 years old. weeks after officially accepting the head coaching job with the new orleans pelicans alvin gentry held his introductory press conference in new orleans today. instrumental as steve kerr's top assistant this season, specializing on the offensive side of the ball takes over a pelicans franchise that was swept by the warriors in the first round of the playoffs. when referring to anthony davis today, gentry said we got the best player in the nba not named lebron james. >> it's like i said to a.d. you know, why can't this be our
6:54 pm
time? no one's more deserving than this city right here and i'd nothing more for us as pelicans to have a parade right down canal street and enjoy it, too. so that's our goal here. >> and somewhere steph curry is saying last week, alvin gentry said i was the second-best to lebron. andre iguodala will be a guest tonight on jimmy kimmel live. that's tonight at 11:35 right here on nbc 7. iguodala came off the bench for the entire regular season, then the warriors in kind of a desperation move inserted him into the starting lineup in game four of the finals and it changed the entire series. iguodala ended up winning the finals mvp. he gave us a glimpse as to what he's excited to discuss with jimmy. >> get a chance to talk about all my teammates. we had a great time since we won it, and can share with the world. i've been on kimmel once before. i had a good time. i did the mean tweets.
6:55 pm
it's a good, relaxing environment. you can just have fun with it. >> mean tweets always fun. sacramento kings center demarcus cousins victimized at his own basketball camp over the weekend. this little kid dribbled the ball between cousins' legs and then banked it in off glass. see if we've got it again here. cousins was a good sport about it. posted the video on his own twitter account. one more second. >> whoa! through the legs. >> he tried to block it but couldn't get it. and this from thursday night at yankees stadium. former oakland a eric byrnes tosses his cell phone in mid text discarded his kid spilled the beer in his right hand but made the bare handed grab with his left hand while lunging over five seats. that is eric burns. got his son, got the ball and that is classic eric burns i might add.
6:56 pm
abc 7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. >> wow. all right, well, be sure to join us tonight at 9:00. representatives from the oakland raiders are actually in los angeles tonight. what they're telling football fans in southern california, that's coming up at 9:00. then on abc 7 news at 11:00 the championship is in the bag, and so is the big money rolling in. how the warriors have turned themselves into shooting stars. and here's tonight's primetime lineup on abc 7. at 8:00, two hours of the bachelorette, the whispers at 10:00, and then join us for abc 7 news at 11:00. at 11:35 jimmy kimmel live the biggest warriors forward andre iguodala. that is going to be a lot of fun. >> that's a great picture. that is it for this edition of abc 7 news. for breaking news on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. >> for all of us here at abc 7 news, have a good night.
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a student from naples, florida... a psychiatrist from san diego, california... and our returning champion an operations analyst from malden, massachusetts... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, my friends, and welcome, ladies and gentlemen. our champion, brennan, has been enjoying a marvelous ride for about a week now and, as you just heard winning over $125,000. will he add to that
7:00 pm
today as he ta let's start finding out. here are the categories for the jeopardy! round today. a list we will give you. each correct response beginning with that letter, of course. some famous people. and, of course, if you do... alex: brennan, start. bible "b" boys for $200. kay. who is barabbas? he's the one. bible "b" boys for $400. kay. who is benjamin? correct. bible "b" boys for $600.


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