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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  June 29, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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a fast-moving fire in san francisco sends two people to the hospital. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm cheryl jennings. eric thomas is there. eric? >> reporter: they sent two people to the hospital. this is what a three-alarm response looks like. a lot of equipment, a lot of firefighters out here because initially there were report that is at least two people in this house were badly injured maybe somebody had expired. but that turned out not to be the case. everyone got out of the house safely. but the house itself was gutted here on plymouth avenue between ocean and holloway.
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this is some of the tape. the fire went from two to three alarms because of reports of those two people trapped inside. turns out, again the news was good and there was no one trapped inside. there were, however four frightened and confused pit bulls and that's not all firefighters had to face. >> crews worked really hard and the conditions were really terrible inside. a lot of black thick smoke for most of the time that they were in there. but they were able to keep the fire from severely damaging the buildings on either side. >> reporter: that was the good part. you can see the proximity of the buildings on either side. they kept the flames from spreading to there. a resident of the home went to the hospital as a precaution because of the thick smoke. another person, a passer-by erer-by tripped over a fire hose. that person was injured and had
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to be transported to the hospital. and a firefighter was treated for heat exhaustion. this all turns to finding a cause for the fire. live in san francisco eric thomas abc 7 news. meanwhile today, new rilz rules are in effect in the case of three california counties. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in dublin. >> reporter: it's that time of year. fireworks are now on sale just as firefighters are issuing warnings and it is getting hot outside. fires have already started blackening hillsides. this one in livermore. firefighters say with temperatures heating up and the dry conditions from this drought they are expecting more. >> we're anticipating a busy weekend over the fourth of july. >> reporter: cal fire just issued a burn ban in place for parts of alameda, contra costa
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and santa clara counties. firefighters say the ban will help but they need everyone to be extra vigilant. >> for the most part, we're trying to encourage folks to clear brush around their house be careful with the hot weather and stay hydrated. >> reporter: volunteers at fireworks stands say they, too, will do their part to push safety. >> we're recommending they have a bucket of water standing by, they do it away from their house, away from shrubs and grass. >> reporter: these fireworks are legal in dublin and are carefully monitored. they're also big fund-raisers. >> one year we raised over $40,000 for someone to get new band uniforms. >> reporter: but this year is expected to be busy especially on the holiday. >> we usually stay open till 9:00. and some will come back and restock. they'll come back to get more. the evening of the fourth will be quite good.
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>> reporter: they're also directing customers to the parks in dublin where it's legal for them to shoot off their fireworks. and we want to do our part to get out the word. so go to our website. we've provided a list of which fireworks are safe and sane and where it is legally to buy and shoot them. reporting live in dublin, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much. a devastating wildfire in washington state has leveled homes and forced more than 1,000 people to run from their homes. the sleepy hollow fired destroyed a dozen homes in the town of wenatchee. a helicopter over the scene this morning showed how the fire just swept through one community burning many homes to the ground. four firefighters were treated for minor injuries. rain this morning has helped to slow that massive blaze. the chp is investigating the death of a driver on northbound 880 in milpitas this morning. the chp says a man in a prius crashed into another car after
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midnight. he got out to check on the other driver and that's when he was struck by at car. that caused a second two-car crash. no one else was seriously injured. more than 2,000 workers who provide essential services for santa clara county are threatening to strike for the first time in 40 years. they include 911 dispatchers and public health nurses. abc 7 news reporter matt keller joins us. >> reporter: officials filed an injunction with the court to try to stop those sshlessential employees from striking. but that may not be needed as both sides are currently at the bargaining table trying to come up with a deal less than 24 hours away from that strike deadline. this comes after the county held an emergency meeting yesterday afternoon to discuss what to do about the plan by workers to strike tuesday morning. they agreed to file the injunction this morning to keep the employees they see as essential on the job even if
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there is a strike. the county says it has identified 2,106 of the approximately 9,000 employees that work in positions that are essential, soccer workers 911 dispatchers, public health nurses, administrative professionals and clerical and blue-collar workers. a judge is expected to issue a ruling on the injunction this afternoon. last week members of the union voted to go on strike after the current contract expired on june 21st. the union said the county is not taking adequate steps to meet the challenges of multiple crises facing santa clara county like a 911 dispatcher shortage, a public health nursing shortage. union workers say if they don't have a deal by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, they will go on strike. matt keller abc 7 news. the latest setback for spacex and nasa are not deter
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them from launching more flights in the future. an unmanned rocket loaded with cargo for the space station exploded shortly after takeoff yesterday morning. and now the investigation today figuring out what went wrong. >> reporter: sources in mission control in houston say they don't know yet if this was an accident or if spacex triggered it because it might have gone off course. stakeholders have been in constant communication to discuss what went wrong and how to prevent it. the work continues today starting with another briefing between nasa and spacex, they're now hard at work trying to figure out what went wrong after falcon 9 exploded two minutes after takeoff. spacex is a private company owned by elon musk. he tweeted what they know for sure is there was an overpressure event in the liquid oxygen tank. >> it's a pretty important loss to us. >> reporter: the rocket was carrying food, research equipment and science projects
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including those from students at san jose's christian valley. officials are calling this an anomaly. >> there's no negligence here there's no really problem with this. it just shows the challenges that we have facing engineering and the challenges of space flight in general. >> reporter: at the international space station, three men waited for the precious cargo, including scott kelly who watched the explosion on tv. he tweeted, space flight is hard. two months ago, a russian cargo ship spun out of control. and last october, this rocket barely got off the launchpad before it exploded. >> this is a very demanding environment requires tremendous precision and tremendous amount of engineering skill and hardware to perform exactly as it should. >> reporter: for now, crews at the space station have enough supplies until october. aerospace experts don't believe the rocket's design is to blame since falcon 9 had flown a total of 18 times.
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the explosion was the first for spacex when falcon 1 did not reach orbit. officials expect the inspection to take several month. >> janet thank you so much. after more than three weeks on the run, fugitive david sweat is in custody and he's talking. sweat is under heavy guard at a hospital after being shot twice by a new york state police sergeant. sweat told investigators the plan was for a prison employee to pick him up along with inmate richard matt and then head to mexico. but when she didn't show up, the two had to improvise. matt was shot and killed by police on friday. sweat was caught near the canadian border yesterday. >> he had a bag with him that had a number of supplies. he had maps. he had a certain amount of tools, bug repellant wipe pop tarts. >> it's still not clear where sweat got those supplies. he said the two stuck together for a couple of weeks until sweat left matt behind because he was, quote slowing him down.
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the supreme court issued its final opinions of the term this morning. the high court ruled independent commissions can redraw congressional districts. republican lawmakers in arizona had argued the constitution gives that power solely to state legislatures. california already uses an independent commission to draw laerl electoral boundaries. and the court ruled that lethal injection is not a form of cruel and unusual punishment. and they ruled the epa unreasonably interpreted the clean air act when it decided to set limit on the emissions of toxic pollutants from power plants without considering the cost on the industry to do so. and after the supreme's landmark ruling on same-sex marriage, louisiana issued its first license to a same-sex couple this morning. it was the only state still holding out after friday's decision. clerks across louisiana refused to issue marriage licenses on
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friday until they could consult with their lawyers. gay pride pride resembled a rainbow colored dance as it snaked its way down market street. a record crowd came to celebrate. police estimate more than 1 million people turned out for the parade. it was appropriate, the man all the way to the supreme court was at the parade as a special guest of honor. >> i'm overwhelmed with emotion right now. it's incredible to see all this much love. i did it for my husband and i can't think of a better thing i could possibly do. >> along with the emotion comes the sobering realization the job is is not yet done. gay rights officials say there's still work to eliminate housing and job discrimination across the country. still to come get ready to see the calls --
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and how much more you'll have to pay to go across the golden gate bridge. why new facebook features may be look to familiar who use another popular photo sharing app. and how about a live look outside right now? this is the bay and the bay bridge. clear right now. we've got a warm-up in store.
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golden gate bridge, get ready to pay a little bit more. tolerates increase by 25 cents this thursday. commuters with fastrak will be paying $6.25. if you pay by license plate numbers, you pay $7.25. and folks in the carpool lane pay $4.25. it was approved last year and the money will help with the long-term budget shortfall. if you're a samsung phone consistently dies before you finish your day there could be relief in the future. lithium ion battery technology promises long-lasting power packs. batteries could last up to 21 hours. it could be years before samsung actually produces the better battery. looks as though facebook is stepping up its game to compete with snapchat. a new update is being rolled out. and it may look familiar.
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facebook users can add text additional filters and stickers to the pictures you upload. facebook tried to buy snapchat but the company rejected the offer offer. mike is off today. but leyla, it's busy out there. >> it really is. i have something for you to take a picture of. it is absolutely breathtaking. this is a look from our mt. tam camera. makes you want to sing "the hills are alive." look at the green, just gorgeous. we have dissipating clouds right now. that chance of thunderstorms is nothing but history right now. equally as sunny in san jose. i'll have your full accuweather forecast coming up in a few minutes. back on track to make history, how long will it likely take this solar powered plane to complete the next step on his
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is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store. don't miss the lowest prices of the season, with the c4 queen mattress set only $1499.98. know better sleep with sleep number. new this morning, a solar-powered plane is back in the air after a month-long delay. this is video of the solar impulse 2 taking off from japan this morning. it's attempting a 120-hour flight to hawaii in hopes to eventually go all the way around the globe without fuel. just solar power. the plane started this leg of its journey on june 1st. but had to stall in japan while waiting for the weather to clear. mike is away but leyla is doing double duty for us.
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>> yes, indeed. it's going to be really hot tomorrow. get your ice packs, make your plans for tomorrow and drink plenty of fluids. triple digits are expected. we're finally going to get some thunderstorms. the updated models for our weather conditions is showing all those shower activity is moving to the east. right now, as we take a look at our sfo camera you see the clouds are dissipating, melting away. lots of sunshine. we don't have any delays right now. looking towards the embarcadero sunny as well. san francisco, 61 degrees. oakland, 63 degrees. 67 degrees in mountain view. san jose, 66. 73 already in morgan hill. lower 60s for half moon bay. staying cool and cloudy. the satellite not picking up any returns. all that cloud cover is going away. this area of instability over the four corners states is moving its way to the east. so it's just brushing us barely along the sierras. but that ridge of high pressure
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will eventually continue to move east bringing in a low just behind it. that's going to cool things down ever so slightly by the time we get closer to the end of the week, the weekend is going to be a little bit on the cooler side. i'll have your accuweather forecast in just a moment. but the highs for today, hot in most places. cool along the coast if you want natural air conditioning. but if you're going to be in the north bay, you'll see temperature readings in the mid-90s to mid-80s. also upper 70s to low 90s for the east bay. our lows for tonight pretty comfortable and mild in the upper 50s. mid-50s. and our seven-day forecast, triple digits by tuesday and wednesday when things peak. then it will start that gradual cooldown, but for the fourth of july, you might see a temperature reading in the 90s in our inland areas. 62 degrees around the coast. >> lots of popsicles. >> that's right. we are just a few days away from that very busy travel
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weekend. but as you head to the airport you may want to keep an extra eye on your luggage. take a look at this man at baggage claim. he lifts luggage out and walks away. he was one of nine different people disguised as travelers caught on camera stealing bags from the airport. investigators they say may be part of a baggage theft ring. >> they're here all hours of the day. and sometimes when we get an individual that's done this multiple times, they will get a certain pattern that we will address. >> i believe very deeply that the world will be a better place when men run half our homes and women run half our organizations and our companies. >> by the way that was facebook ceo speaking in beijing at a commencement for a university of beijing in china this past weekend talking about the importance of lifting up women in the society. and coming up next, basking in fame.
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the world's ugliest dogs makes an appearance on "good morning america."
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coming up on abc 7 at 4:00, one man got this custom keg which we're about to show you.
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it's the cake he was refused that really has him upset. and at 5:00, the big fix. a group of lawmakers set to reveal a plan today to dump millions into road repair. find out how they plan to pay for it. that's at 5:00. finally the ugliest dog and we mean that in the most complimentary way, in the country made an appearance on "good morning america" today. >> this is quasi modo. he captured the notorious title at the snowonoma county fair on friday. >> never a bark, never a moan. >> he's a charm. thank you for choosing. i don't like the name of that contest. quasi modo is a beauty. >> yeah. quasi was born with short spine syndrome missing some vertebrae vertebrae. >> she was abandoned by her first owner but rescued by a woman in florida.
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you can see quasi modo is a winner. >> totally. we saw this entries. there are definitely more interesting-looking ones shall we say, that deserved the title more. >> short spine, big heart. >> there you go. >> thanks for joining us.
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