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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 31, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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weekend too. good morning, america. breaking news, record heat. scorching temperatures from seattle to boston. almost two dozen all-time highs. the heat fueling those wildfires in the west and powerful storms slam the northeast. breaking news, in the crosshairs this morning, the minnesota dentist who killed thatamous lion now under federal investigation and for the first time we hear what his guide is saying really happened on that hunting trip. it's an abc news exclusive. new this morning, dramatic rescue. the hero bystanders and police racing to save a little girl left in a van in a sweltering parking lot. >> i'm sorry. >> no, sorry. she could have died. >> the dramatic new video of the moment they confronted her mother. >> banding together, what one town did to try to get their favorite rock band to play a concert there, a thousand musicians "learn to fly" and wait till you see how their heroes are responding this
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morning. ♪ good morning, america. happy friday. got to take another look at that video right there. this whole town comes together. look at all those musicians out there all to get the foo fighters to their town. we'll tell you if it worked in a little while. >> the foo fighters ha heard. >> they practiced for a year for this. >> come on, foo fighters. >> come on. we'll have much more on that in just a bit. first we have new developments this morning in that missing plane mystery. the wing that washed ashore now being moved for forensic investigation and it's offering new clues about what might have happened. to that doomed plane. was someone trying to land it? >> might be getting close to unraveling that mystery. the extreme weather. heat and misery from coast to coast and ginger starts us off. >> the hottest and driest day they've had this week in the pacific northwest. there are heat advisories, even excessive heat warnings for portland, oregon and fire
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watches from montana to northern california. we could see records broken again. you put that on top of the fires already burning, 21 large wildfires in the west, 20 of them and get this, 30 wildfires were started by 150 lightning strikes in just one national park. that's where you see a problem. a lot of the rain in those storms not making it to the ground because of this, the relative humidity, look how low it gets. walla walla, washington 7%. 9% there. and some moisture coming in. getting up to 80% relative humidity and some cooler weather here but it's only a little bit of help. rough wildfire weekend. >> george and amy. >> thanks. to the latest on the mystery of the missing malaysian airliner, the plane part that washed shore is now on its way to france for a complete forensic investigation. it arrives this weekend but already offering up clues about what may have happened. abc's jim avila is at reagan national airport with those details. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, amy. the australian lead investigator
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saying this morning he's increasingly confident that the 777 piece of the plane is from mh370 and where it was found means the search 3500 mile as way is in the right place. this morning the first critical piece of evidence into what happened to malaysian airlines 370 being gathered by local police on reunion island packed into an evidence van on its way to france for forensic investigation. a reliable u.s. government source telling abc news that boeing has seen the numbers, 657-bb on the recovered wing part that identifies it as a 777. a key finding. >> it's white as the malaysian airplane was and we know of no other missing 777s in all the indian ocean or anywhere else in the rest of the world. >> it's called a flaperon and part of the wing and helps the plane turn and slow down on approach for landing by pivoting down. because it is largely intact,
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experts say it's already telling us a story. >> what i don't see is a severe nose down impact. the flaps were deployed which would be normal if you're trying to fly the airplane slowly. >> reporter: trying to land it? >> you're trying to land it. >> reporter: possibly you're trying to land or ditch the airplane. the barnacles and other sea creatures telling us the part was in the water for some time and possibly offering clues to its journey. >> it may be able to identify specific species growing and identify those, are those warm water or cold water? >> reporter: the man who found the piece of the plane on the beach and what looks to be a tattered piece of luggage speaking out to abc news, telling us he was just looking for stones, saying, i feel maybe it's god that sent me, so that people that have lost their loved ones can grieve properly. this one piece of wreckage not telling us the whole story of
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mh370 but perhaps making it clear this may not have been an accident. >> there are two scenarios that the end game of this flight, everybody was unconscious, the airplane went in at a steep angle. what we're seeing on the debris is something intact which opens the very chilling possibility that there was somebody alive, conscious and trying to land that airplane after it ran out of gas. >> reporter: it's early in the investigation and there are still conflicting theories about how this airplane may have gone down. investigators saying this morning they don't think that the suitcase is from mh370. it's not battered enough, but the wing part is encouraging, george? >> okay, jim, thanks. we go from that to two airline scares here, both at the dallas airport. the tire on one caught fire when it touched down. another flight evacuated because of smoke in the cabin. abc's clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: this morning another day of triple-digit temperatures in dallas/ft. worth where airport firefighters were kept busy thursday with two scary scenes just hours apart.
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first after a spirit airlines jet from orlando touches down. >> hope that's not ours. >> reporter: its brakes overheat, a tire erupting in flames. >> the fire department had to come out and everything and sprayed the wing with water and had to put the fire out. >> reporter: no one was hurt. but a few hours later -- >> there was a lot of smoke and said, everyone, please leave your belongings and evacuate immediately. >> reporter: smoke in the cabin cutting short an american airlines flight to chicago forcing 146 passengers and crew down emergency slides. >> it was really disconcerting but we all pretty much exited orderly and quickly. >> reporter: three people were slightly injured. americans saying the cause of that smoke, under investigation. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> our thanks to clayton for that. now to new developments in the fatal police shooting during a traffic stop in cincinnati. this morning the officer charged with murder is out of jail on bond and two other officers who responded to the scene have been
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put on leave. abc's tom llamas has the latest now from cincinnati. good morning, tom. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. the lawyer for that police officer tells abc news he was fielding calls from all over the u.s. from strangers who wanted to donate to help get ray tensing out of jail. it's unclear if they accepted any of that money but they did raise the necessary portion of that $1 million bond to get out. this morning, former university of cincinnati police officer, ray tensing, is a free man, bonding out of jail after more than 24 hours behind bars. tensing on a suicide watch while locked up. >> officers literally sitting in the unit with him, documents every ten minutes, we do that for high-profile prisoners when they come in. >> reporter: on thursday he appeared before a judge pleading not guilty. his attorney telling us he plans on fighting the charges. >> you understand you've been charged with one count of murder and one count of voluntary manslaughter. >> yes, your honor. >> reporter: tensing accused of killing 43-year-old samuel
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dubose during a traffic stop. the whole ordeal caught on body cam. >> how's it going? but in only two minutes, things escalate. >> i didn't even do nothing. >> take your seat belt off. stop, stop. >> reporter: after tensing fires another officer's body cam showing him on the ground. then he gets up, chases the car which rolls up a hill then crashes. >> i almost got run over by the car. he took off on me. i discharged one round. >> reporter: tensing telling an officer on the scene. >> he was dragging me. >> yeah, i saw that. >> i thought i was going to get run over. i was trying to stop him. >> reporter: something dubose's family disputes. >> no, he wouldn't have run from the police. >> reporter: this wasn't the first time tensing pulled a weapon during a traffic stop. documents obtained by abc news in 2012 he tased a suspect who allegedly assaulted him and in may of last year tensing captured on cell phone video allegedly giving two people a hard time about a loose bumper. >> are we free to go? can you write the ticket so we can go?
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>> you're not free to go right now. >> what are we doing then? what are we doing? >> you're being detained right now. >> reporter: two additional university officers who first responded to the shooting seeing their body cams here on paid administrative leave, as a result of the school's internal investigation. now, the university won't tell us what exactly those two officers did to be put on leave but we do know they made statements that don't exactly match what we see on their body cams. george. >> thanks, tom. we move to the race for president now. "your voice, your vote" and with less than one week to go before the first big debate jockeying and jabbing to make the cut and donald trump will be front and center. scrambling everyone's strategy. so let's bring in jon karl to break it down. trump says he's not a typical politician but he is playing that old expectations game. >> reporter: he sure is. trump wants you to know he has never been in a debate before and he is up against politicians who he says debate all the time, but even so, trump does not seem to be too concerned about preparing for the big event.
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when you're a front-runner named trump you can afford a little detour. trump is spending a couple of days in scotland in the critical week before the first gop debate checking out a big tournament at one of his golf courses and taking a shot at hillary clinton. >> the world blew apart during her reign. now she wants to be president. >> reporter: shouldn't he be preparing for next week's big debate? >> as far as preparing for the debates i am who i am. i have never debated before. i'm not a debater. i get things done. >> reporter: trump is uncharacteristically downplaying expectations for how he'll do against his more experienced opponents. >> i have no idea how i'll do. maybe i'll do terribly. maybe i'll do great. >> reporter: others don't seem to know what to make of him. an aide to one of trump's rivals tweeting, imagine a nascar driver mentally preparing for a race, knowing one of the drivers will be drunk. that's what prepping for this debate is like." trump's rise left other republicans starved for attention and fighting amongst themselves.
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the latest, ted cruz who came under fire for saying this -- >> the obama administration will become quite literally the world's leading financier of radical islamic terrorism. >> reporter: now cruz is going after jeb bush. >> one of the reasons republicans keep getting clobbered is we have leaders like mitt romney and like jeb bush who are afraid to say that. >> reporter: and senator rand paul is the latest to take a shot at donald trump and his status and attention he's getting. rand paul referred to trump's front-runner status, quote, as a temporary loss of sanity. george. >> okay, thank you, jon. everyone is looking forward to that. of course there will be much more on this week's politics sunday on "this week." now to chilling new details on that movie theater shooting in lafayette. newly released surveillance video showing the gunman calmly walking through the theater just before opening fire.
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and we're also hearing the 911 calls for the very first time. ryan owens has that story. >> we were in the movies and someone just started shooting people. >> reporter: these are the panicked voices of moviegoers who witnessed the unthinkable at the grand theater in lafayette, louisiana. >> what are you reporting? >> there's a shooting at grand 16. >> how many shots you heard? >> like six or seven. he shot right at people. >> he was shooting at people? >> yes. >> we need more ambulances at the grand theater. >> reporter: moments before those calls newly released surveillance video shows an eerily calm john houser buying a ticket for the comedy "trainwreck," walking right down the concession stand, and down the hall to theater 14. inside, the 59-year-old drifter from alabama, killed these two young women and shot nine more. >> he has reloaded. he has a weapon. we have an active shooter here. >> reporter: new dash cam video shows police speeding to the chaotic scene. one officer with his gun already drawn. >> i need units and i need units with rifles. >> reporter: houser who had a long history of mental illness
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shot himself as police arrived. this morning detectives say they are no closer to understanding why he walked into this theater and started shooting. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, new orleans. >> all right, thanks for that. let's head now to dan with today's other top stories. starting with breaking news, historic news about the olympics. >> indeed, good morning, everybody. good morning. the olympic games are returning to beijing just seven years after hosting the summer games. this morning beijing, china, was awarded the 2022 winter olympics. this will be the first time that one city has hosted both the summer and winter games. a scare on capitol hill this morning. a car crashed into the security barrier. the driver was questioned. we're told he's being cooperative. nobody got hurt and the capitol was never placed on lockdown. that car is now being towed to a local crime lab.
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a major drugstore chain accused for overcharging for generic drugs. a federal lawsuit says cvs submitted claims to customers insurances, they charged $20 co-pay for drugs only costing $4. no response yet from cvs. tens of thousands of tires are being pulled off the road this morning because their tread could separate potentially causing a crash. hercules is recalling its all-trac a/t tires from 2008 to 2010. dealers will replace them. authorities cleared this bridge in oregon of protesters trying to block a ship from leaving on an oil drilling operation to alaska. the protesters faced a fine of $10,000 an hour. at one point a sheriff's boat ran into a kayaker who was quickly rescued, we should say. violent explosion in long beach, california, for the second time in two weeks, an underground electrical vault blew out manhole covers knocking out power to thousands of people. although it looks very dangerous
7:15 am
we should say nobody got hurt. a shocking attack at the famous venice beach not far away in l.a. a crowd brawling with this lifeguard. he claims somebody flicked a cigarette at him. a woman claimed she was harassed. three people are now in custody. finally, a lesson in perseverance and peacefulness from an owl. this in new video, going viral, showing an owl minding its own business, and under attack repeatedly, kamikaze style, from angry little birds. does the owl lose its temper? no. does it even react? barely. let that be an inspiration as you deal with your boss, the oppressive heat or your children. there are a lot of theories about why the owl isn't reacting. one is that he is the reincarnation of an ancient zen master. the other theory is owls are nocturnal and simply too tired to deal with it. >> namaste.
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>> namaste, back to you. >> thank you, dan. we turn now to that dramatic hot caress skew caught on camera. a little girl was left in the back of a van while her mother shocked. when the mother returned she was under arrest. abc's reena ninan is here with the story. >> good morning, believe it or not children's body temperatures heat up three to five times faster than adults and it only takes about 10 to 20 minutes for a car to heat up to a deadly temperature. this morning, new video capturing the chaos in this new jersey costco parking lot. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: bystanders discovering a toddler locked in this minivan alone while her mother shopped inside. officers in disbelief breaking the van's window to reach the crying 2-year-old. >> where are the parents? >> shopping. >> are you kidding me? >> reporter: before pulling the little girl out drenched in sweat. temperatures soaring into the upper 90s. >> soaking wet. >> i know. >> reporter: just moments later the child's mother approaches with another child and a
7:17 am
shopping cart in tow. >> is this your kid? you left her in the car. >> i'm sorry, sorry. >> no sorry. she could have died. >> reporter: the child taken to a hospital and later released to the custody of her father. just this year ten children died because they were left behind in cars. that's why many are taking matters into their own hands. last week in kansas a woman smashed a car window with a tire iron to rescue a 2-year-old girl. >> i was thinking when i hit the window, what if she dies? i thought i did what was right. i just kept hitting the window until it broke. >> reporter: earlier in kentucky watch as a man sees a child alone in the backseat. >> are you okay? >> reporter: then confronts the child's father when he returns. >> is that your kid in the back? >> yes. >> do you think that's a smart thing to do, buddy? >> reporter: as for that mother she was arrested and charged with child endangerment. with more and more situations like this four states recently passed what is called good samaritan laws that allows people to rescue a child from a hot car without facing legal challenges.
7:18 am
five other states working on similar legislation. >> that's a good thing. thank you, reena. let's go to ginger now. i was one of the people who got caught in the storms last night. >> did you? the flash flood warning, you could hear it go off on everyone's phone in new york city. this was in queens. not just the heavy rains, but the damaging winds, and some of the trees toppling. look at this video on the fdr. i know you take this sometimes. it's not pretty. got that taxi stalled there. people really struggling to get through. that's about what it looks like on so many new york streets. fortunately that line that went through much of the northeast has now moved off to the east and it is drier and a little cooler behind. not a lot. still warm but a lot drier and less humid.
7:19 am
>> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco, the cooling trend continues today. we will peel back the low clouds and high clouds hang around and the humidity is going up a little bit with a stray chance of a thunderstorm. fog increases keeping the heat an through next week. as far as today 60 at the coast into san francisco and 70s and 80s everywhere else until you get inland east bay lingering 90s. my seven-day forecast shows temperatures are below average monday tuesday and wednesday. have a >> we have a >> we have a lot more coming up this morning. the dentist who killed that famous lion still in hiding but the controversy heating up. he could be facing charges overseas. the feds investigating and we hear what his guide says really happened on the hunt that
7:20 am
sparked worldwide outrage only on "gma." also ahead, caught on camera. the master jewel thieves who escaped with millions. matt gutman is here to tell us how they used everything from a jet ski to a chihuahua to pull off some stunning crimes. you don't want to miss that. >> not that chihuahua, though. he's innocent. brandon thinks best foods is heaven in a jar. that's because our ingredients come from... farmers committed to responsibly sourced oils... blended with ingredients like cage-free eggs. mmm. heaven. real ingredients. that's how we're working to
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commuters shuttle buss will run between the terminal and the 19th street oakland station. not too bad for the commute this morning. this is mobile 360 heading northbound on 680. traffic in the northbound direction really nice. southbound side as well, no delays. let's go to other parts. a little farther to the north, that's where we have this crash near monument. take a look at the jam it's causing. you have backups up to highway 4. >> we'll check out your forecast with
7:26 am
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good morning, you can see the push of cooler marine air
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into our east bay valleys and hills. that's one of the areas that's going to see a cooldown today. we have 59 in santa rosa. indians and a's wrap up a series with fireworks tonight. 6:35 first pitch dropping down to 36 to 63. the sea breeze lingers
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and good morning, america. right now, bracing for another day of record heat and fires in the west. seattle hit an all-time high for most 90-degree days and the heat stretches all the way to boston. also new, a newly released tape showing a teenager confessing to that killing of a las vegas mother earlier this year in what was initially thought to be a road rage incident, he said it was a case of mistaken identity. and take a look at former president george h.w. giving the thumb's up thanking everyone who wished him well after his recent health scare. he sent out this tweet. who knew jumping out of a plane was safer than getting out of bed. >> nice to hear he still has his sense of humor. good morning, america. we have a lot to get to this friday morning, including the mastermind thieves caught on camera, escaping with millions
7:31 am
of dollars of jewelry. we go inside their crime ring to show you how they pulled it off and how a simple error they made helped police track them down. >> that is coming up. but first, the latest on that minnesota dentist who killed a world-famous lion in africa. dr. walter palmer in hiding, now faces a federal investigation, extradition to zimbabwe and this morning we're hearing exclusively from the lawyer of one of the men that helped him on the hunt. david wright is tracking the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the pressure is really mounting on this minnesota dentist for killing cecil the lion. this morning officials in zimbabwe making it clear they will request extradition, meanwhile, authorities here in the u.s. starting their own investigation and today we're learning new details about the hunt itself from the lawyer of one of the hunters. the minnesota dentist blames his african guides for luring the celebrated lion outside the protection of hwange national park. so that palmer could kill it. this man professional hunter, theo bronkhorst faces poaching charges in systemzimbabwe.
7:32 am
bronkhorst's lawyer givemore muvhiringi spoke exclusively via skype to "good morning america." did walter palmer know he was shooting cecil the lion? >> certainly not. >> did mr. palmer pay your client to break the rules? to lure this lion out of the park? >> no, it was a usual hunt trip. and according to my client, nothing was illegal about the hunt. >> reporter: he says only after palmer killed cecil did they realize that this was a known lion wearing a gps tracking collar. >> my client didn't realize that this lion was a collared lion until it had been shot so it wasn't his intention to kill such a famous lion. >> reporter: are you saying that dr. palmer had no idea that this was a famous lion when he shot the bow? >> according to my client, yes, he had no idea. >> reporter: the u.s. fish & wildlife service opened its own investigation but so far has been unable to reach walter palmer, officials now asking
7:33 am
palmer to contact them immediately. so where in the world is palmer? not at his dental practice which is closed due to the hundreds of protesters outside. a similar situation in his home in the twin cities and now his vacation home in marco island, florida. he hasn't been spotted in public since the news of cecil's death. some of palmer's former patients are aghast at their dentist's passion for big game hunting, ramona kay quit seeing him because of it. >> i don't agree with some of the things that ethically that he's done which makes me question what did he do in his dental practice and what was i supporting? >> reporter: do you understand that anger. >> yes, i do. a lot of people are angry. let's allow justice to take its course. >> reporter: according to palmer's guide shooting the lion wasn't enough for this guy. bronkhorst also says that palmer told him that he wanted to shoot a very big elephant on this trip too. obviously not to be. now it's the dentist who is being hunted by authorities in zimbabwe and in washington.
7:34 am
amy, if only they could find him. >> more to come, i'm sure. thank you, david. now to the manhunt for a sophisticated gang of jewel thieves carefully planning a cross country crime spree yielding millions in diamonds and jewels all caught on tape before police cracked the case. abc's matt gutman is here with the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. they were so good, police called them the ocean's eleven of diamond gangs, so smooth it took years for police to catch on to them and their m.o. casing a store for week, winning the hearts of clerks, and dashing with the diamonds so well, they did it dozens of times. meet the bling ring, police say masterminded a series of intricately planned jewelry heists it sunny florida to the rainy northwest. >> this was a case of a lifetime. >> it was almost like it was a tv show or a movie. >> reporter: 25 heist, 9 states and lots of security cameras. lots of them.
7:35 am
their m.o., the grab and dash. watch as victor lupis posing as an architect enters this portland jewelry store. >> he was clean cut, wearing a nice shirt and tie and jacket. >> reporter: ring shopping romeo seems to immediately put the staff at ease. >> he said, may i compare the two rings and see them both together? >> reporter: in the video the stone cold crook dashes off with the hot ice. seems like he's acting alone but portland detectives eric mcdaniel and brian hughes have a hunch he's not. >> got to be more than one guy. from our experience there always is. >> reporter: in this case the suspect dubbed the runner has been told what to say, how to say it and who to say it to. investigators say, the man sitting outside is orchestrating the entire symphony of stealing. he's called the risk reducer. >> preplanned it to the point where the risks were reduced and the likelihood of them getting caught was zero. >> reporter: case number two standing nearby is called the hero stopper.
7:36 am
>> the person that stops the hero will have pepper spray on them, something to try to incapacitate a good citizen trying to stop the thief. >> reporter: and around back the getaway car is getting in place. >> very successful but i do have to give the guys credit. >> reporter: down to wiping the fingerprints from that door. the gangs hit stores in vegas, phoenix and sarasota with a distraction of a chihuahua, stealing the hearts and minds of employees while they steal the diamonds. >> in sanibel island, florida they make like pirates and scoot off on wave runners. good at stealing, better at spending and showing off on twitter. pillows of cash, bedspreads of franklins and not much sense. >> i'm always amazed at what people put online. it's all there for the world to see. >> and without the showboating pics police say they never would have nabbed them. those methods like distracting clerks with a chihuahua. now, timmy here is just an actor.
7:37 am
he's not a crook. he is up for adoption with the new york humane society, they work so well that police said they could have kept going for years. another thing you'll learn on our "20/20" jewel heist they used running shoes instead of weapons. so, their crime was simple theft. even the ring leader will be out of jail in just a couple of years. >> i feel bad. timmy is not a criminal. >> so note to self don't post pics with cushions of cash on twitter and adopt a whichchihuahua. >> oh, so sweet. back to hubris. it catches them every time. you can watch the entire story on "20/20" at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. and now to storms producing flooding in california. ginger is already in the park with more on that. ginger. >> oh, we have nothing like that here in new york city. at least not anymore. it's much more sunny and beautiful this morning but, yes, before we get the party started we got to talk about that flash flooding happening in parts of southern california all the way through to new mexico.
7:38 am
flash flood watches in place in las vegas and that goes through tonight and had hail in beaumont, california. >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the inland cooling continuing still a few 90s. 60s and 70s for most of the base. north bay and south bay some 80s. the seven-day outlook shows temperatures are cooling through >> all that weather brought to you by nationwide insurance. you guys ready to get this party started? all right. see you guys soon. >> we will be out in the park and a lot more coming up including this movie tough guy -- >> this whole [ bleep ] goes up. i don't. >> that's james woods on fire this morning suing a twitter user for $10 million. he was accused of being a drug addict in a tweet and he's not the only star fighting back against these social media attacks. what it could mean for how we tweet just ahead.
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7:42. back now with actor james woods taking a stand against a verbal attack on twitter suing an anonymous user for $10 million for allegedly tweeting out a malicious and false charge about the actor. abc's phillip mena is here with the details. good morning, phillip. >> reporter: lara, good morning. as we all know twitter can be a harsh place especially for celebrities. but now one celebrity is taking one of those trolls to court. this morning, james woods known for his tough talking characters in movies like "casino" and playing a villain against channing tatum and jamie foxx in "white house down." >> consider this my resignation. >> reporter: taking on an anonymous troll on twitter suing a john doe who goes by the name of abe list on twitter seeking $10 million for defamation saying the user accused the movie star of being a cocaine addict. in the lawsuit filed wednesday,
7:44 am
woods says the user started harassing him in december calling him a joke scum and clown boy, but says they crossed the line earlier this month when he tweeted, cocaine addict james woods still sniffing and spouting. abe list has since deleted his account but in the suit woods says he intends to unmask and reveal abe list for the liar that he is. >> this is going to be very difficult for james woods to win because this is a public figure he'll have to prove actual malice. you have to determine what the person's intent was and the only way to do that is actually track down the individual. >> reporter: it's not the first time a celebrity has taken a stand against hostile twitter users. actress ashley judd was on the receiving end of vulgar messages and threats while she was tweeting during march madness. she talked about the ordeal on msnbc. >> everyone needs to take personal responsibility. >> sure. >> for what they write and, by the way, i'm pressing charges. >> reporter: woods' lawsuit says he suffered shame, embarrassment
7:45 am
and injury to peace of mind and his action could change the way everyday people tweet. >> you're going to have more cases where people will be suing others based upon intentionally defamatory statements made about others online. >> reporter: abc news reached out to woods who declined to comment. lara. >> phillip, thank you so much. i do think it will make people think before tweeting. >> think twice. >> at the very least. coming up on "good morning america," the amazing stunt one town pulled off to get their favorite band to visit. the story behind this video and how that band, the foo fighters, responded coming up on "gma." ♪ i'm looking to the sky to save me ♪ e this expert negotiator to get a fair deal. i hate to haggle. when you go to a restaurant you don't haggle over the chicken parmesan. why can't car-buying be like that? ♪ ♪
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7:50 am
>> lara uttered a word in spawnish to describe it. take a listen. >> bueno. ♪ the video already has 3 million hits and counting. when the song ended, the band leader made his pitch. here it is in english. >> for one song, your song, so we ask you, the foo fighters, to come and play for us. >> and it worked. check out the tweet from dave grohl in italian. unlike lara. it says, see you soon. the this has been an incredible summer for the foo fighters. grohl broke his foot on stage at one point but returned with a medieval throne he sits on and designed it himself while in a fog of pain meds and he's been sitting on it during the show. they actually at one point brought the surgeon who fixed his leg. >> i did that on "pop news." >> on "pop news." great. >> great if they showed up there. >> i think they will. >> i think they will. >> absolutely. how could they resist? >> adios. when we come back at the top of the hour, the latest on
7:51 am
today's big headlines and a firestorm on a flight. a family kicked off a plane because of how their 2-year-old was sitting. what they are saying about it now. instantly, smoothe brought to you by the makers of dr. scholl's. the dr. scholl's dreamwalk express pedi look like this. feel like this. look like this. feel like this. with dreamwalk insoles, turn shoes that can be a pain into comfortable ones. their soft cushioning support means you can look like this. and feel like this. dreamwalk. you think things through and want to know if something's going to work for you. we get it. that's why university of phoenix offers new students a 3-week risk free trial. learn more at
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good morning i'm kristen sze. developing news in lake county. the national guard has joined the fight against a powerful wildfire. 15,000 acres have now been burned and the fire is only 5% contained. flames are threatening a community. e evacuation orders are in effect. kind of humid in the bay area. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> the surge in humidity look at this. some thunderstorms down to our south. stray shower or thunderstorm possible for us. temperatures near 60s near the coast. we'll be cooler than average by this time next week. looking clear, we have
7:57 am
friday light conditions. it's not a problem to make it up to the san jose airport. we have a fire that's burning near. hospital curve if you're heading into san francisco northbound side of 101. some delays. >>
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8 a.m. and outrage in the air. the family kicked off their flight they say, for just asking questions. why they're seeing red over jetblue. ♪ i could feel -- summer pest alert. so many ticks carry disease. what works to keep them away from your kids? ditch the dad bod. get off the couch and work it off. how they transformed their bodies in weeks and changed their lives. one direction trending huge overnight. the brand-new song just dropped and a big announcement from the boys only on "gma" in moments. all that and hozier saking over central park as we say -- >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
a whole bunch of hozier fans in central park. look at them. they cannot wait. there he is. hozier about to play his huge hit "take me to church" live in central park. it's going to be a great friday out there. >> that is a great crowd and we'll be mock them very shortly. in the meantime, a "gma" parenting alert. as your kids head outside to play do you know how to protect them from ticks that can carry serious diseases. we put repellant, some with deet, some without to the test. now to dan with the morning rundown. the big story, the national guard helicopters joining the fight against the wildfires raging all across the state of california. overnight the largest fire about 100 miles north of san francisco blazed across another 5,000 acres, three homes have already been destroyed and this is only one of 14 major fires burning in the state. thousands of firefighters are enduring extreme heat and to the
8:02 am
north record heat is exacerbating the drought in the pacific northwest and ginger has your full forecast coming up. investigators leading the search for that missing malaysia airlines flight say they are increasingly confident that the plane part that washed ashore this week is in fact from flight 370. as the wing flap heads to france for analysis searchers are scouring the wears near the island in the indian ocean where it was found. hoping to spot more wreckage. some aviation experts say the condition of that wing part suggests someone may have deliberately crashed the plane. now to a dramatic confession from a teenager accused of shooting a mom in las vegas who lived only a few blocks away from him. on this videotape he tearfully admits to pulling the trigger but his lawyer wants it tossed out as evidence. more now from abc's ryan smith. >> it wasn't intentional. when i found out i [ bleep ] bacalled man. >> reporter: an emotional eric
8:03 am
nowsch admitting he killed her calling it a case of mistaken identity. the 19-year-old charged with murder in the bizarre encounter that police say started in this school parking lot and ended in a shootout outside her home. authorities initially believing the case to be a deadly road rage altercation but one week later arresting nowsch revealing he and meyers were neighbors in the new 2 and a half-hour-long video coming clean to detectives. he claimed he didn't know meyers was in the other car believing he was being chased by a group of drug dealers who had been threatening him. >> everywhere i went that car was there. like it was there. i just had threats. >> reporter: this phone confession to his mother also caught on tape. >> i'm going away for a long time because i did do it. >> reporter: nowsch's attorney now trying to get that video and confession thrown out. >> the fact that our client was
8:04 am
high and the police knew it compromises the result. >> reporter: nowsch has pleaded not guilty. for "good morning america," ryan smith, abc news, new york. >> the actress valerie harp ser in the hospital in maine this morning after she was found unconscious backstage at a theater where she was performing. the star of "rhoda" has been fighting brain cancer since 2013. she beat lung cancer three years before that. finally, a true test of the now famous phrase there's an app for that a businessman from texas, ben wilson lost his iphone whether it fell out of the door of a small plane 9300 feet up in the air. so he fired up the find my iphone app which led him to a pasture 50 miles away. he also had some help on the scene apparently from a donkey unclear what role the donkey played and found the phone under a tree and get this the phone still works. >> wait was it broken at all. >> it was broken a little. the battery was out but the phone still works, also this is important, the donkey got some
8:05 am
gingersnaps. >> better get a lot more than that from apple. >> here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." in our "heat index" we have a family who was kicked off a flight. how theirtheir toddler was sitting. ditch the dad bod. a new workout to reshape your life and body in weeks. a parenting alert. as your kids head outside to play how to protect them from ticks. all that and we're so excited. hozier in central park. are we going? are we going? ♪ "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by nexium 4 hour. available without a prescription. the face. nexgard, from the makers of frontline® plus. it's the only soft beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. vets recommend it. and dogs, well they're begging for it. nexgard is for dogs only. and hasn't been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs.
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8:10 am
welcome back to "gma." time for the "heat index" and this morning's hot button. join me there. jetblue is creating a firestorm online. questions seating their toddler, the airline said they refused to follow the rules and dan abrams will rule in after aditi roy brings us the story. >> reporter: this morning a controversy in the skies is sparking outrage online after a family says they were booted off a jetblue plane over their 2-year-old's seating arrangements. >> we were treated like we were criminals. >> reporter: mona doshi says she and her family were flying from boston to baltimore. her son milin was fussy so she put him on her lap. a flight attendant came over to tell them the toddler needed to be in his own seat according to the flight rules. >> not even one minute later another stewardess came by and told me you need to keep him in his seat and i said i got it. you know -- she said what.
8:11 am
i said i got the lecture from the other stewardess and that just set her off. >> reporter: the doshis say they put milin in his own seat but noticed the plane turning around and taxiing all the way back to the gate where they were escorted off the plane. >> told us to collect our bags and marched us off the plane. >> reporter: the incident causing a firestorm on social media. one passenger sitting in front of the family tweeting the only effect it had was to make us all late and less enthusiastic about flying jetblue. another passenger tweeted disappointed in jetblue. jetblue airlines said if a customer is unable to follow federally mandated safety regulations, it is our crew's responsibility to put safety first and may accommodate those customers on a future flight. they were back home from their vacation. the controversy around their experience seems to be just taking off. for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news, new york. >> let's talk about this with our legal analyst dan abrams. who knew how much power flight
8:12 am
attendants had? >> federally mandated -- the bottom line if it turned around because a 2-year-old was on a lap as opposed to a seat, that's awful. let's all agree that shouldn't have been the reason they turned around a plane. yes, flight attendants have a lot of autonomy and the airline's position is going to be this wasn't just about a child not properly sitting in the seat. this was because the parents got unruly. that the parents were aggressive i'm sure they're going to say in this context and that becomes the issue. the best advice someone can get, if you have a problem on an airline, do exactly what the flight attendants tell you to do when you're on the plane but the minute you get off, then you go after them. you can call the airline. you can threaten the airline. you can sue the airline. but they have so much power when you're on that plane that the minute they can say you misbehaved you're behind the eight ball.
8:13 am
>> i guess that would cut against the possibility of a lawsuit here by the family even though you say it's a possibility. >> a lawsuit is going to be tough. particularly again, because the airline is going to say you were unruly. that's the reason that we turned the plane around. look, typically the kinds of lawsuits you see are discrimination lawsuits right? someone saying that you know, they were kicked off a plane because -- >> they were too heavy. >> or their child had some condition or something. those are the kinds of lawsuits just to say the plane shouldn't have turned around isn't really grounds for a lawsuit or they mistreated us. probably isn't grounds for a lawsuit, again, because the flight attendants have so much power when you're on that plane. >> and they are responsible for safety. >> they are responsible. look i'm not minimizing the significance of it. but it sounds like based on everything we know they really didn't need to turn the plane around. >> let's go to lara. next up in the "heat index" dealing with those summer ticks,
8:14 am
insect repel apartments can keep you safe but many families want to stay away from products with deet. there are alternative and we put some to the test. hi becky. >> you may be headed into the great outdoors but it is peak tick season and these are more than just an annoyance with the threat of lyme disease they pose a significant health concern. ticks, nasty, tine think and in some places 25% of them carry lyme disease so keeping them off you and your kids is serious. traditionally deet has been the go to repellant but experts advised against using it on children in concentrations higher than 30% and many adults would prefer an alternative too so good news. >> deet is a common ingredient in tick repellants but in our tests we found there are two chemicals that work better and are safer than deet. >> reporter: in fact consumer reports top three products for repelling ticks consisted of only one with deet. the other two used lemon
8:15 am
eucalyptus oil and synthetic compound. we wanted to try for ourselves. >> we collected it this morning. >> reporter: a fordham university lab dr. tom dams preps 25 ticks. see how many are attracted to me without any repellant. i have no insect repellant on my arm. this is our control test. two on me now. four beelining for me. five minutes, five ticks. this is all without insect repellant. ew! so now we try the deet spray. five minute to ticks stayed on me. next a repellant with no deet. ox i have the lemon eucalyptus oil on. it's really shiny but it smells good. two ticks jumped on but both quickly jumped off. five minutes with a deet-free repellant, no ticks. next -- i used both my hands to test the other repellant so i'm using my foot to try the third one. they have not come anywhere near my foot. it's made to recentral pepper
8:16 am
plants is a go-to deet all alternative alternative. now, i was just back east with my kids and used these sprays to great success. no ticks at all but this is important. you do have to do a nightly tick check and if you find one attached twist it off and then watch for that tell-tale sign of lyme disease, that red bull's-eye rash fever, chill, feel like you have the flu. if you have any of those simms go see a doctor. a round of antibiotics can make a big difference in staving off many so of those debilitating effects of lyme disease, lara. >> i think those are great tips. i worry about the deet. >> becky went all out. >> all in often that one. >> not sure i would do that. >> bad version of the hokey-pokey. >> thank you, becky. also on the "heat index" this morning. ditching the dad bod. a new workout plan may be able to help you do it once and for
8:17 am
all a story we read about in "the new york post" and abc's gio benitez has more. >> reporter: it all started with that photo of leo dicaprio with a bit of a belly. the dad bod trending worldwide but this morning the anti-dad bod workout. >> when you're out there promoting anything that leads in the direction of fat you're just plotting yourself for disaster. >> reporter: trainer rob fletcher has been putting dads on a grueling grind. kettlebells, sumo squats those intimidating sleds. all of the dads say they thought they were too busy to work out. people who have families and they've got a lot of commitments going on. what do you say to them? >> small gradual changes and it does them no good if you're not around. >> reporter: after weeks on the program they're all seeing results losing 4 inches from the waist. timothy, 44 in six weeks, 22 pounds gone. what made you think, you know
8:18 am
what i'm going to do this. >> every time i picked up my kids up at school i look at them and go that's my priority. >> reporter: jeff 39 dropping 18 pounds. what's your family saying now? they look at me and say, wow, you're not fat anymore. >> reporter: and tyrone 50 losing 16 pounds. what brought you here? >> actually i was rooted in my couch and it was my wife and my sister-in-law that got me to go join. >> reporter: what's their secret? high intensity resistance training five exercises for 30 seconds each as part of a back-to-back circuit. >> i drench myself in sweat and all the pain goes away. >> reporter: it's not just what's in here. it's also what's happening there. >> that's the biggest part in the kitchen. >> reporter: sorry leo. these dads are not celebrating the dad bod. gio benitez, abc news new york. >> nice work there, gio. here with me is celebrity
8:19 am
trainer and founder of body by mark. mark mark. you'll help us here. if you want to get in shape and don't have enough time what do you tell dads? >> well first of all, diet is the most important thing. without diet it doesn't matter how much exercise you're doing, so the biggest thing to remember if the food is packaged in a factory or processed and put this a box, get rid of it so that's the first and foremost thing? that's a tough thing. >> and now it's the exercise so there's three main exercises that are put together. that's going to work your whole body and elevate your heart rate. >> we have some very willing dads here who do not have dad bods at all but give them exercise if they want to firm up a little. >> great great so the first one we'll be doing, going to be lateral ice skaters. with lateral ice skaters it will elevate the heart rate and get blood moving through the whole body and take a big stride hopping to the left and right. do it for ten seconds. also's go. >> like you're hopping over a yoga mat into your butt.
8:20 am
>> you can do this anywhere right, mark. >> you can do it anywhere. in your living room. while your child is that napping. let's do more and rest. good so the next one is going to work your upper body but your core so we'll be down in push-up position now, after we do just a basic push-up you'll bring your right knee to your left elbow, down first, push-up and then bring that right knee across toward your elbow. you feel that working your abs. >> the last one in right now. >> bring the babies in for the last one so with this one you grab your child, be very careful. your child will think it's playing with it so fun. we'll sit down into a squat position here and smile at your baby then we'll press it up over your head right there so we're going to do these. do a total of ten of these right there. >> perfect, mark the great thing about these exercises they could be done at home. you don't have to have a gym membership. don't even need weights. thank you. something all the dads can do.
8:21 am
out to ginger whose husband is soon to be a dad. i know you'll show ben some of those tips. >> he doesn't need it yet but i'll totally show him that squat one. we're having a great morning here at "good morning america." before hozier gets down. we've got to tell you about what was happening, the blue moon many pictures coming in blue moon means rare. it does not necessarily mean it's blue by the way so this year 13 full moons instead of 12. a quick look at what's happening. beautiful and drier but still hot as we go through the weekend here in the northeast. >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco, the cooling trend continues today. we will peel back the low clouds and high clouds hang around and the humidity is going up a little bit with a stray chance of a thunderstorm. fog increases keeping the heat an through next week. as far as today 60 at the coast into san francisco and 70s and 80s everywhere else until you get inland east bay lingering 90s. my seven-day forecast shows temperatures are below average
8:22 am
monday tuesday and wednesday. have a >> on this gorgeous day in central park we are going to get cozier with hozier very soon. >> well done ginger. meantime yes, "pop news" time and a huge surprise from one direction this morning. i hope my daughter kate is up and listening. the boys up all night releasing a brand-new single called "drag me down." this is it. you're listening it for the very first time ♪ drag me down nobody nobody ♪ >> i like it. >> nice beat. >> might even be able to hear it live. i'll tell you why. the guys are very proud of it and fans are loving it. it's trending all over social -- in english on this friday. and another major surprise. make sure you're ready because next tuesday the boys will perform live on "gma," august
8:23 am
4th. a very special tuesday central park summer concert series. tickets available today starting at noon. >> noon 01 they'll be gone. >> all the details on our website, on yahoo! heading in the direction of central park to see one direction august 4th. which is my mom's birthday. also in "pop news" this morning, a cat with the eye of the tiger. everybody, we want you to meet skinny as he is now appropriately called. he was found abandoned this a dallas suburb back in 2012. he weighed a whopping 41 pounds. dan, for a cat is that a lot. >> four times what a cat should weigh. >> there he is doing cat sit-ups. he was very serious about his training. >> look at that. >> he worked in the water. >> in the water. >> cats don't like water but skinny wanted it badly. he didn't want that dad bod anymore. it all changed when he was
8:24 am
adopted by dr. brittany barton a veterinarian who worked so hard with him. we're seeing his routine and now, everybody, we want you to see the real skinny for a paw-p in. everybody here in the before. this is what skinny looked like and this is what skinny looks like now. >> oh so trim. >> skinny has slimmed down. he is on the move probably looking for treats because as i understand doctor he still is inspired by food. >> oh definitely. >> he goes on the straedmill but only if you drop a treat on it and then he runs to get the treat. and we do also have -- >> he's a little ravenous. he's on a diet. this is a cheat day and managed to find skinny's old jeans which obviously you can tell he does not need anymore. how did you do it? what advice would you have for folks who have overweight pets. cats can be docile and like to chill.
8:25 am
what did you do? your secret? >> the secret is basically the same secret for all of us it's about calorie intake and calorie burn. it's not just about the diet that we use but it's about trying to figure out inventive ways to get them moving. you know try not to love them with food try to love them with your attention and your time. so -- >> look at those sit-ups. his form is incredible. how much weight has skinny lost. >> he lost 22 pounds. >> half his size. "people" magazine do you hear that. >> i had an obese cat for awhile and the doctor put him on green beans. that actually worked. >> a great filler and i recommend like green beans and blueberries as treats in lieu of the commercialized ones. >> cats like blueberries. >> sometimes. >> you get him to like the exercise. >> i don't know that he ever liked it. >> she likes the treats. >> you have to motivate the cat with treats. >> exactly. and a lot of times you just do it at the beginning just when you're introducing it but you don't always have to do it so eventually we got to the point where we would just shake this
8:26 am
and he would go. >> music. >> you kind of work on trying to get the treats out and then get him working harder. >> i thought skinny was flairing with me but he's really just looking for food. thank you so very much for sharing skinny with us. he is a social media sensation. keep us posted on the progress. >> absolutely. >> and skinny oh darn it they just told me i can't do the third one. it was worth spending in extra time with this very special friend who will hopefully inspire cats everywhere. >> there you go skinny. >> that's a modified edition of "pop news" this morning with a very special paw-p in with the one and only skinny. thank you for rescuing an animal. >> all right. thanks lara. our finale to our lifeguard showdown coming up. and hozier live. ♪
8:27 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. bart is reminding riders about this weekend's closure of the transbay two. that means no bart service between the east bay and san francisco. workers will be rebuilding a section of track between the west oak station. after the work is done the agency promises a faster smoother ride to help commuters shuttle buss will run between the terminal and the 19th street station. leyla gulen you know the bay bridge will be busy this weekend. >> unfortunately your microphone is having an issue. we'll get some traffic later. in the meantime
8:28 am
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to the most homes, the company that keeps making fast faster is doing it again. introducing multi-gig speeds from xfinity. the future of awesome. good morning thanks for sticking around. current conditions 60s. now as we head throughout the morning, there's a slight chance some of this moisture could bring us a stray shower, maybe even a thunderstorm. that's how humid it's going to be today. we have first pitch at 6:35. 67 dropping down to 63. here's my seven-day forecast. cooling will continue.
8:30 am
not as dramatically as the last couple days. a couple degrees t ♪ welcome back to "good morning america" and look at that crowd, oh my goodness. it's all here for hozier. they are so loud it's amazing. his sold out u.s. tour kicks off in september. but the grammy nominee is here first in central park. >> so should we do this whole thing? let's get right to it. here is someone someone,new, the latest off "hozier." ♪ ♪
8:31 am
♪ don't take this the wrong way you knew who i was with every step that i ran to you ♪ ♪ only blue or black days electing strange perfections in any stranger i choose ♪ ♪ would things be easier if there was a right way honey there is no right way ♪ ♪ and so i fall in love just a little oh a little bit every day with someone new ♪ ♪ i fall in love just a little oh a little bit every day with someone new ♪ ♪ i fall in love just a little oh a little bit every day with someone new ♪ ♪ i fall in love just a little oh a little bit every day with someone new ♪ ♪ there's an art to life's
8:32 am
distractions to somehow escape the burning weight the art of scraping through ♪ ♪ some like to imagine the dark caress of someone else i guess any thrill will do ♪ ♪ would things be easier if there was a right way honey there is no right way ♪ ♪ and so i fall in love just a little oh a little bit every day with someone new ♪ ♪ i fall in love just a little oh a little bit every day with someone new ♪ ♪ i fall in love just a little oh a little bit every day with someone new ♪ ♪ i fall in love just a little oh a little bit every day with someone new ♪ ♪ i wake at the first string of morning and my heart's already sinned ♪ ♪ how pure how sweet a love
8:33 am
aretha that you would pray for him ♪ ♪ 'cause god knows i fall in love just a little oh a little bit every day with someone new ♪ ♪ i fall in love just a little oh a little bit every day with someone new ♪ ♪ i fall in love just a little oh a little bit every day with someone new ♪ ♪ i fall in love just a little oh a little bit every day with someone new ♪ ♪ i fall in love just a little oh a little bit every day with someone new ♪ ♪ i fall in love just a little oh a little bit every day ♪ ♪ love with every stranger the stranger the better ♪ ♪ love with every stranger the stranger the better ♪ ♪ love with every stranger the stranger the better ♪ ♪ love with every stranger the stranger the better ♪
8:34 am
♪ i fall in love just a little oh a little bit every day with someone new ♪ ♪ i fall in love just a little oh a little bit every day with someone new ♪ ♪ i fall in love just a little oh a little bit every day ♪ ♪ with someone new ♪ ♪ i fall in love just a little oh a little bit every day with someone new ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> oh let's hear it for hozier. i was hearing all these people sing every word of those songs. such a great performance, thank you for being here. such a beautiful morning in central park. we're very comfortable, aren't we? isn't it nice out here? that was pretty sweet, wasn't it? yeah wonderful. they're loving it. but let's see a place that was not so comfortable. the hottest in six year portland, oregon made it to 103. that bank sign says 104 at the car wash. thanks for scott ford for always sending those pictures. hot again, excessive heat warning. things will start to cool down a little as we get toward monday.
8:35 am
>> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the inland cooling continuing still a few 90s. 60s and 70s for most of the base. north bay and south bay some 80s. the seven-day outlook shows temperatures are cooling through >> all that weather brought to you by nexgard. >> we've got fun coming up. this is exciting. the grand if ifinale of the surf n' turf showdown. diving in for a $10,000 prize. before we kick off this morning's big event take a look at how we got here. ♪ shut up and dance with me ♪ >> reporter: from shore to shore teams of lifeguards certainly showed us they can -- ♪ shut up and dance ♪ >> reporter: three teams rose to the challenge of a surf themed
8:36 am
showdown. >> we got a spill but great job getting up. >> reporter: it was a tight times square race in the semifinals where two teams advanced. both one stroke closer to the grand prize. team red from gull shores alabama. >> when we win the $10,000 we will seuss that money to advance the fire science academy at gulf shores. >> reporter: and team blue. >> torpedo buoys, anything to help us guard the beach better. >> reporter: the action starts now. ♪ shut up and dance with me ♪ now we love all our lifeguards but it all comes down to this for that grand prize. >> big one, all right. you guys ready this morning's event is known as turf day. yes, it's a beach-themed relay. two team members will kick off for all of us the sandbox setup. they have to find a set of key, pass them off to their teammate. that person will have to hit the gas on their crazy cooler. wait till you see this thing, head to the stage and got to toss two tennis balls to their
8:37 am
teammate on stage then that person rushes over to our finishing belch the first one to ring the bell takes home 10 grand. >> it's going to be good. that's a nice piece of change. >> i got a tweet from milwaukee saying can you just put a little extra word in for them? no, it's a fair fight. >> no we got to count them in. are we ready? >> yeah. >> okay, everybody. three, two, one. [ whistle blows ] >> and they are out of the gates. all right, through the sandbox, red is taking the lead. >> red is totally taking the lead and off on the cooler. >> oh my gosh. >> they can go up to 13 miles per hour. they are all there. >> it's getting close. >> ah! that is gulf shore. >> that is red. red all the way. okay let's bring -- yes, this check is the biggest check i have ever carried ever. >> five-foot check. >> i'm helping. hold on. >> okay. >> you guys, we've got a big one
8:38 am
here. >> oh goodness. shopping retailmenot providing this for our surf n' turf champs $10,000 to take home to your community. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> outstanding. and the blue team we don't forget you, of course. you're going to get a nice surf n' turf dinner when you get home. it's a consolation prize but it is something. >> i'd take the surf n' turf meal. we have a big thank you too to crazy coolers to taking our race to the next level this morning and shopping site retailmenot, the go to destination for all your summer savings needs. >> congratulations. let's hear it one more time for these hard-working lifeguards. don't go anywhere everybody, we have more hozier coming up. they are going to take us to church. ♪
8:39 am
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♪ hozier just rocked central park with his new one, "someone new." now something else. andrew this "someone new" written by you and an ex-girlfriend. >> um yeah. yeah i suppose -- it's -- yeah it was kind of a jokey kind of thing at the time because the song is very much about a very imperfect love, i suppose. >> okay.
8:42 am
and it was imperfect but we're glad that the song worked out. the music video also features one of our favorites, "game of thrones" stars. >> yeah. >> natalie dormer is with you. how did you manage to get her in there? >> we had a show in berlin and she was there for -- she was filming "the hunger games" and came to a show we had in berlin and we just started talking and kept in touch. she's just an awesome wonderful person and was -- thankfully agreed to be part of the video. >> i know you're kicking off your tour after the iheartradio festival right? >> yeah, yeah? so big tour coming up. >> yeah can't wait. >> should we start a little more music? >> yeah yeah. >> how about we do it. you guys want some more music. all right. hozier again, this time with "jackie and wilson." ♪
8:43 am
♪ so tired trying to see from behind the red in my eyes no better version of me i could pretend to be tonight ♪ ♪ so deep in this swill with the most familiar of swine for reasons wretched and divine ♪ ♪ she blows out of nowhere roman candle of the wild ♪ ♪ laughing away through my feeble disguise ♪ ♪ no other version of me i would rather be tonight and lord she found me just in time ♪ ♪ 'cause with my midyouth crisis all said and done i need to be youthfully felt 'cause god i never felt young ♪ ♪ she's gonna save me call me baby run her hands through my hair ♪
8:44 am
♪ she'll know me crazy soothe me daily better yet she wouldn't care ♪ ♪ we'll steal her lexus be detectives ride round picking up clues ♪ ♪ we'll name our children jackie and wilson raise 'em on rhythm and blues ♪ ♪ lord it'd be great to find a place we could escape sometime ♪ ♪ me and my isis growing black irises in the sunshine ♪ ♪ every version of me dead and buried in the yard outside sit back and watch the world go by ♪ ♪ happy to lie back watch it burn and rust we tried the world good god it wasn't for us ♪ ♪ she's gonna save me call me baby run her hands through my hair ♪ ♪ she'll know me crazy soothe me daily better yet she wouldn't care ♪
8:45 am
♪ we'll steal her lexus be detectives ride round picking up clues ♪ ♪ we'll name our children jackie and wilson raise 'em on rhythm and blues ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ♪ cut clean from the dream at night let my mind reset looking up from a cigarette and she's already left ♪ ♪ i start digging up the yard for what's left of me and our little vignette for whatever poor soul is coming next ♪ ♪ she's gonna save me call me baby
8:46 am
run her hands through my hair ♪ ♪ she'll know me crazy soothe me daily better yet she wouldn't care ♪ ♪ we'll steal her lexus be detectives ride round picking up clues ♪ ♪ we'll name our children jackie and wilson raise 'em on rhythm and blues ♪ [ cheers and applause ] "gma's" summer concert series is presented by the makers of dr. scholl's.
8:47 am
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(vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. we have one little announcement. maybe it's like one epic announcement. ready? one direction, "gma," live central park the concert event of the summer happens live tuesday only on "good morning america." presented by the makers of dr. scholl's. ♪ take me to church i'll worship like a dog ♪ >> what a great crowd here in
8:49 am
central park for hozier. >> what a great song. we'll hear it "take me to church." ♪ my lover's got humour she's the giggle at a funeral knows everybody's disapproval i should've worshipped ♪ ♪ her sooner if the heavens ever did speak she is the last true mouthpiece every sunday's ♪ ♪ getting more bleak a fresh poison each week 'we were born sick,' you heard them say it ♪ ♪ my church offers no absolutes she tells me 'worship in the bedroom' ♪ ♪ the only heaven i'll be sent to is when i'm alone with you i was born sick ♪ ♪ but i love it command me to be well amen amen amen
8:50 am
take me to church ♪ ♪ i'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies i'll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife ♪ ♪ offer me that deathless death good god, let me give you my life ♪ ♪ take me to church i'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies i'll tell you my sins ♪ ♪ and you can sharpen your knife offer me that deathless death good god, let me ♪ ♪ give you my life if i'm a pagan of the good times my lover's the sunlight ♪ ♪ to keep the goddess on my side she demands a sacrifice to drain the whole sea ♪ ♪ get something shiny something meaty for the main course that's a fine looking ♪
8:51 am
♪ no masters or kings when the ritual begins there is no sweeter innocence than your gentle sin ♪ ♪ amen amen amen ♪ ♪ take me to church i'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies i'll tell you my sins ♪ ♪ and you can sharpen your knife offer me that deathless death good god, let me give ♪ ♪ you my life take me to church i'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies i'll tell you my sins ♪ ♪ and you can sharpen your knife offer me that deathless death good god, let me give ♪ ♪ you my life ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:52 am
♪ ♪ ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. ♪ [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... ♪ [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. ♪
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plus get a free security camera. call 1-800 xfinity or go online today. ♪ take me to church i'll worship like a dog ♪ >> want to thank our friend hozier, and also want to say, we are at a maxed out capacity here in central park. couldn't get another person in
8:55 am
if we wanted to so great sellout crowd, thank you. >> had to turn people away because of the amazing music and so how about one more song. how about if hozier plays us off with "work song." >> have a great weekend. [ applause ] ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ♪ ♪ boys workingin' on empty is that the kind of way to face the burning heat ♪
8:56 am
8:57 am
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good morning, i'm kristen sze. developing news in lake county. the national guard has now joined the fight against a powerful fast-spreading wildfire. 15,000 acres have been burned and the fire is only 5% contained. flames are threatening the community of hidden valley. evacuation around are in effect. it's a humid morning. let's get some details. >> let's hope the humidity will help them because the showers won't. they are fall inging apart. but there's still a slight chance of a stray shower or thunderstorm as we head throughout today. temperatures will run from the 60s along the coast. 70s elsewhere. 80s to 90s inland. my seven-day forecast it just keeps getting cooler through tuesday. if you're hoping to get to the east bay through san francisco, you're going to be met with a cig alert for a jam just before you get to the
9:00 am
bridge. we have an overturned vehicle. 6 miles per hour is the top speed. >> now it's time for "live with >> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new film, "cop car," kevin bacon. and singing her big hit "x's and o's," ellle king. and a math teacher from new jersey helps us wrap up "live"'s "picture-perfect makeover" week. plus, the last semifinalist in our sergei lavrov takes over the sidewalk grill. all -- search for the next america's grill star takes over the sidewalk grill. all next on "live." now, here are emmy winners kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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