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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 1, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> this is the first mandatory evacuation that we've had on the northern edge of the fire along highway 20. >> new evacuations in that massive fire burning in lake county. two dozen homes have now been destroyed. and thousands are in danger. good evening, everyone. i'm katie marzullo. the biggest fire burning in california right now is the rocky fire in lake county. and it continues to grow tonight. it has now burned more than 27,000 acres. it is still just five percent contained. 24 homes have been destroyed. along with 26 outbuildings. another 6,000 buildings are threatened at this hour. abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow is live in clear lake with the latest. >> reporter: the top priority for firefighters overnight will be to make sure that this fire does not jump highway 20 or
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highway 16. firefighters tell me they are treating those two highways, the enter section of them, like a box, and they want to keep the fire inside. the rocky fire can best be summed up as unpredictable. >> one day it was blowing to theest. another day it's blowing to the east. it's been a tough fight. >> reporter: as the fire makes its way towards a major thoroughfare in lake county, officials are stepping up an advisory to a mandatory evacuation for a dozen homes. also, highway 20 from highway 16 to highway 53 is closed. missy clark who drove here to help her friend pack up and get out finds herself stuck. >> you can see the fire just at the crest of the hill. but i tried to get back out in time and that fire was just too quick. >> reporter: weather conditions, expected to help,k have not. >> even with cooler temperatures and higher humidity, look what we have noit now. active extreme fire behavior. >> reporter: while firefighters are surprised how hard the fire is pushing they say they are
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prepared. >> as needs arise, morp resources come in. they get moved around the incident. >> reporter: 1500 firefighters are here from all over the state. there is strong aerial fight as well. firefighters are pretreating the ridge line with retardant so if the fire bumps into it it won't go anywhere. >> it is a beautiful country. it's nice out here. but at the same time it's dangerous. firefighters left documenting the fire's path, trying to anticipate where it will move exin. in lake county, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> one fire has turned deadly, a fire management officer was killed in modoc national forest while surveying an air to decide the best way for crews to handle the crimes. 38-year-old david ruhl of rapity stid south dakotaa died battling the frog fire which started on thursday. firefighters are getting the upper hand on the rag fire. it has burned more than 8,000 acres sin it started july 22nd.
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the fire is now 95% contained. let's head to meteorologist due tuma for first check on weather. >> this is the time of night firefighters really enjoy. the temperature goes down. the relative humidity goes up and the wind generally calm down. it helps firefighters fight these forward-looking statements. the temperature right now at 75 degrees. the relative humidity has been on the rise. right now at 44%. still have a light breeze. out of the southwest current low at 4 miles per hour. latest gusted to 12 miles per hour. here's the next 24 hours in lake county in terms of the win gusts. overnight tonight, the winds will calm down. the gusts to about less than 5 miles per hour. but then we get the heating of the day later in the afternoon tomorrow. that's when winds will pick up, to right around 15 miles per hour out of the southwest. now, that win is going to be an on-shore wind of that's going to keep us cool across the bay. would' look at the numbers if full aek weather seven-day forecast in just few minutes.
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>> download our news app. enable the push aall right for instant updates. the abc7 news app is free for smart phones, lets and the apple watch. it to be a tricky commute between san francisco and oakland this wooktd. bart has shut down the transbay two. regular bart lines are running. if you want to cross the bay you are going to need an alternative. sergio, buses of course one option? >> reporter: yeah. and bart tells us they have seen bart ridership drop by about what have of half of what it is on a sachlt that still means about 50,000 peoplery relying on the bus bridges that connect downtown san francisco to downtown oakland and a lot of the commuters are going to have to take that trip again tomorrow. by evening, bart shuttles easily made the ride over the bay bridge. traffic for everyone else also eased a lot but shuttle riders
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had an easy trip all day long. >> it was super easy. only took 20, 25 minutes. they have got a whole lane dedicated just to the bus. everybody that's in traffic in their cars i feel bad because it was so easy. and it was free. >> matt spencer came into the city from oakland and managed to make it into san francisco before friends. you said you have friends car pooling? >> yeah, they are going to be stuck on the bridge for a while. >> reporter: bart dispatched a small army of street guys to direct passengers from trains to the templeary termle in a. there were also in oakland to make sure passengers got on the right bus. >> are you going to san francisco? and i was like yes, they are like get on this. >> reporter: he and his family got a surprise bus ride. >> cool. something different. instead of me driving, i this time i got to look off in the water. >> reporter: this is video provided by bart of the work being done this egd would. crews are replacing aging
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transition rails between west oakland bart station and the oakland entrance to transbay two. bart has advice to transbay commuters this ooegd. >> show far our ridership numbers show that's down by 50%, which is great because we warranted to get the message out, if you don't have to travel across the bay, then ples tent do so snor regular service resumes monday morning. another shut down to complete the work will happen labor day weekend. part has a fleet of 94 buses available for commuters. they say the buss are running about once every minute. and the move things along, the bus also have priority through the bay bridge toll plaza. san francisco bay ferry just ended its extended service for the night. it had a 25% jump in ridership this morning because of the transbay tube closure. extended ferry service continues tomorrow for help getting around
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traffic problems get waze on your smart phone. doesn't load it for free. in hayward, an amtrak train hit and killed a woman tonight. investigate oorts want the know are she was on the tracks. it happened just before 6:30 near industrial parkway. firefighters tried the revive the woman but she died at the scene. witnesses say she was pushing a baby carriage but a only had her belongings inside of it. in emeryville, two people were hurt when a car crashed into the side of a building. it happenedarounda 15 today at 40th and horton streets. police say this car crashed into another car before hitting the building. but we're told everyone involved is expected to be okay. the search is on for a parolee suspected of robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. concord police are looking for 52 yearly bellydancin a registered sex offends he. he is six feet tall, 18 # pounds, brown hair, hazel eyes.
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he has been seen driving this gold 1991 honda accord, license plate number 6 cgg 337. hundreds of people gathered in modesto today to remember amanda cruz and two daughters who were murdered two weeks nag their home. police have arrested the baby's father, 30-year-old martin martinez, suspected of killing them, his mother, and another 5-year-old girl. he is also charged in the deft kroous' 2-year-old son christopher who died of head injuries last september. >> i want to represent her. i want him to see my face. and i want him to see her face in my face. >> cruz and her daughters were laid to rest yesterday during a private service. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00. a deadly confrontation.
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a wild animal dead. why a northern california man says he was forced to kill a bear. and the changes spark by the killing of lion in zimbabwe and tonight, new questions of what may have happened to the animal's brother. later an investigation into a piece of plane found in ocean. why security experts say it is likely from the
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covering movado, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a man says he shot and killed a bear in self-defense. it happened in auburn, northeast of sacramento this morning. the man said the bear had killed
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at least six of his chickens that morning and was at his doorstep, ready to attack him, and his dog. >> a lot of chickens around here. chicken coops. i don't know if they are just looking for food. >> the man says he called authorities but claims they didn't get there in time. neighbors describe the man as an animal lover and say he would not have shot the bear unless he was in fear for his life. now to a follow up about the killing of cecil the lion by an american dentist, a case that sparked international outcry. abc news has learned his brother, who had been protecting cecil's cubs may have also been killed. abc7 news reporter fillin mena has more. >> reporter: tonight, conflicting reports from zimbabwe that cecil the lion's brother may have been shot and killed by a hunter. jericho protecting cecil's cubs after his death one month ago. the news comes after cecil's killer, american walter palmer
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faces scrutiny. he hasn't been seen since closing his dental office five days ago. calls for dr. palmer to return to zimbabwe to answer fo tore to the can iing of its famous lion. >> the he to cess has started and we are looking for his extradition. >> reporter: experts say a u.s. law called the lacy act could spell trouble for mime here at home if he is not extradited. >> it allows the justice department to bring criminal prosecution against people who imported animals that they have taken in violation of a foreign face's law. imprisonment is possibly. >> reporter: last year, a texas man paid $250,000 to hunt a black rye nosz rouse in in a anybodyia. authorities in zimbabwe suspending big game hunting in the area where cecil was killed.
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>> the illegal wildlife trade is a $10 billion business worldwide. this warehouse near denver, colorado contains just a fraction of what the fish and wildlife service recovered. shipments of items made from endangered animals left for dead come in every day. the items have been smuggled into the u.s. to be sold overseas, where people believe they have special powers. in vietnam, grounds up rhine or horns are given out as a party favor thought to cure hangovers. >> of their status symbol and of their wealth and their ability the provide this to their guests. >> the u.s. department of justice says illegal species trade is driven by mostly asian buyers willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars. more than 250,000 student will be prepared for school thanks to today's stuff the bus
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event. the teenager has raised more than $10,000 in school supplies through community donations. motorcycle officers from the bay area and across the country got revved up on the embarcadero today for the third annual san francisco international police motorcycle competition and exhibiti exhibition. abc7 news was at pier 30 where participants performed u-turns, circles and rampid accelerations, all timed for bragging rights and for safety training while on the job. let's sends it over to drew tomba to check on the forecast while we enjoy nice mild normal weather is that if first day of august comfortable. temperatures were comfortable. slightly above normal at sfo and oakland at 75 respectful life.
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san francisco coming in at 81. one degree shy of normal. 82 is where we should be this time of year. right now, 60s. 66 in concord. 63 in san ramon. 66 at mountain view. 63 in movado. 64 in downtown san francisco. san jose currently checking in with a temperature of 66 degrees. here's live doppler 7 hd. this morning we had clouds. >> yeah sunshine. the clouds are pulling back in. what we are noticing, see this swirl of energy off the coast of northern california? it is a weak area of low pressure. and the circulation around it is bringing us that southwesterly breeze, that on-shore flow that kept us cool today and will keep us comfortable for sunday as well. so future weather has you covered early tomorrow, mo. clouds right around the bay. there may be a spot area of drizzle early on sunday. won't be widespread. the clouds pull back to the coast by sunday afternoon. a delightful day on the way. lots of sunshine and comfortable temperatures for the second day
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of august. into the pacific, an update on hurricane guillermo. winds gusting to 125 miles per hour. it is tracking to the west-north right now at about 12 miles per hour. put future weather into motion. you do notice by early wednesday morning around 11:00 a.m. it's getting rather close to hawaii. it is downgraded, weakening to a tropical storm. but still rough surf could be expected and some showers. watch the track of guillermo brushing the northern side of the island chain. if you have travel plans to hawaii next week know there could be some showers and rough surface. overnight tonight, upper 50s to lower 60s the name of the game. we will see the clouds moflg move in from west to east. for the day on sunday, a really nice day on the second half of the weekend in agriculture august. 79 in santa clara. 79 in redwood city. zoint san francisco tomorrow 70.
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65 for daly city with afternoon sunshine. into the north bay. 81, son at that rosa. 77 in san rafael. oakland tomorrow in the east bay. 73. 890 in freemont. 72 in berkeley and richmond. 85 walnut creek and 84 the high in ples nt ton. accuweather seven-day forecast shows mild the warm today. cool on monday. below normal on tuesday. wednesday, clouds the sun. one day on thursday where the heat bounces back. but everything goes back down to normal friday and saturday. saturday calling it nice for august. >> very good. thank you drew. do you like sweets? >> love sweets. do you have some? maybe not anymore. >> don't ruin it for me. >> don't ruin it for me. >> >> don't ruin it for me. >> the buttery jack was a huge success. people went crazy for a burger with melted garlic herb butter. now, here's the sequel... ...with portobello mushrooms.
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a san francisco zoo tradition continued today with the march of the penguins. this video from the zoo shows two of the newest chicks shuffling through a crowd headed to their colony. the march commemorates graduation from what the zoo calls fish school. >> drew, this one is for you. want an insect with that milk shake? a connecticut restaurant -- wait for it -- is serving them up in powder form in their new oreo mud pie contradict shake. they say customers love it since contradicts are packed with protein. two heaping teaspoons amount to 24 grams. you have got the oreos, milk and sweet syrup mask the contradict flavor. but also counteracting the health benefits. it comes down to the vandle who brought a hitchhiking
11:25 pm
robot's cross country trip to screeching halt today. canadian researchers created hitch bot and set it off on an american tour two weeks ago in massachusetts. the goal was to reach san francisco. hitch bot's creators say someone in fill if vandleized the robot, damaging it beyond repair. come on. why? >> exactly. >> there is your social experiment. people -- >> case closed. >> lshs are horrible. >> not you. present company excluded. >> giants away from home. they are not hitchhiking. belt with not one but two of their four home run
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this abc7 sports report is brought to you by xfinity. >> the giants are leaving town for ten games. rangers up first with cole ham elts in arlington. texas two step here before the game. join score three in the third let by brandon belt. first hit off cole hamels since july 19th. hamels gets a no decision. even though the g men found themselves trailing all night, seventh inning posey with a solo shot and scored the tying one in the eight. pence on a single. sends this game into extra innings identify at 7-7. game decided in the top of the 11th. solo shot. joonts first four homer game of
11:30 pm
the season. dodgers taking on the american league rivals, the an jaels, clayton kershaw extending his streak. grandal with a two run shot in the sixth. donors now 1.5 games up on the giants. 3-1 the final. a's and the indians. aaron brooks making his second career start. struck out five in 7 1/3 innings of work. fifth inning tied at 1-1. polywith a base hit. systemian scores from second. trying to get sogard at third. he scores. 3-1. simian had an rbi in three long games. ninth year. brooks gets his first career win. tears in mom's eyes.
11:31 pm
a's get the win. 56-1 the time. thunder, the national hot rod association's annual trip to the wine country. most of the finals take place tomorrow. today pro bike final went to eddie tray wick. 6.9 seconds. topping 100 miles per hour in a one quarter mile stretch. top speed, 319 miles an hour, the number one qualifier for funny car. brown has the number one spot in top fuel. this abc7 sports report bought to you by xfinity. little league play in the regionals this week. >> good luck to them. still to come, finally closer to answers. the investigation into the missin
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>> live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. good evening, i'm katie marzullo. we begin with breaking news in san francisco. police and paramedics are on a scene of a triple shooting in the western edition. it happened around 11:00 near buchanan and eddie streets. two of the victims are in critical condition. the third victim has nonlife threatening injuries. bart's transbay two between oakland and san francisco is closed all weekend. workers are replacing aging rails. bart customers can follow the bus schedule or additional ferry schedules. >> an amtrak train hit a woman. police are trying to find out why she was on the railroad tracks. developing now, in memphis, tennessee, a manhunt for a man who shot and is killed a police
11:36 pm
officer tonight during a traffic stop. the officer died at the hospital. wildfires continue to rage across the west. right now there are nearly two dozen major fires burning in california. the temperatures are make extremely difficult to get the fires under control. we have latest. >> reporter: two dozen large fires now burning across california sparked by lightning strikes igniting dry grounds. conditions so treacherous they claimed the life of david ruhl, a 38-year-old firefighter who vanished in the flames thursday. he became trapped after the fire changed directions because of the erratic winds. >> boughs the drought stricken vegetation accompanied by the steep terrain and winds, we're seeing fire activity that's abnormal for this time of year. >> reporter: dry lightning is the cause of most of these fires. more than 400 lightning strikes reported in three northern california counties sparking 60 fires in the region. over 142 square miles burned so
11:37 pm
far, or an area roughly the size of denver. 9,000 firefighters are now battling these flames. the biggest fire is the rocky fire near sacramento. only 5% contained and has forced at least 650 people to evacuate. >> it's like being in another world. it's -- the smells, the embetters. it is mean, it's still burning here. >> reporter: the governor declared a state of emergency for california on friday. that means the national guard has been called in to help fire fighting forces already stretched thin. >> as we look at a number of fires started due to lightning we have long road ahead of us. >> reporter: with no rain for relief in site and dry conditions the fires are burning extra hot. you can see ash on the ground and it's scorching rocks in it is path. very, very ding rouse conditions for firefighters. activists want governor brown to put a stop to fracking. abc7 news was at justin her man
11:38 pm
plaza for one of 16 demonstrations around the state. fracking involves drilling underground and injecting rocks to extract gas. >> reporter: the world is one step closer to knowing whether a piece of plane debris found in the indian ocean is part of a missing jetliner. malaysia airlines flight 370 disappeared more than a year ago. today that piece of debris arrived for testing. alex mar quart has the latest. >> reporter: what started here on the shores of a small island off the coast of southeastern africa has now travel more than 5,000 miles. carried off the beach on reunion island, flown to paris, then driven to a military lab in toe louis france today. there experts will analyze the eight foot plane part identified as a flab ron, the part of a plane that teps turn and slow it down for landsing. >> there are interesting
11:39 pm
forensics that can be done on metalle they can look at how metal bends, how it breaks. they will be looking for potential witness marks. >> reporter: so far we know this, the numbers 657 bb found on the debris matching this boeing 777 maintenance manual. fit turns out to be a match for flight 370, the fact that the piece of wreck alg is barely damaged could support that the u.s. believe that someone was at the controls and deliberately took the plane off course. >> if you wanted to minimize the amount of floating debris, the best way to do that would likely be ditch the airplane, land it on the water intact, open the doors, let it fill up and sink. >> reporter: but there are still plenty of other possibilities. and the families who have been agonizing for more than 500 days, this discovery may not provide the answers they want. >> almost everybody believes at this point that this was a murder/suicide. >> reporter: french investigators say that work to
11:40 pm
conclusively identify that piece of debris will begin on wednesday. teams from boeing and the national transportation safety board will be arriving on tuesday to join that effort. the national highway traffic safety administration is investigating hare man car radio. happen hackers got into a jeep cherokee through an electronic opening in the radio and were able to take control of the car. kraft is recalling singles cheese slices due to concern that some of the film may remain on the slice after the wrapper has been removed. the recall plays to three and four pound sizes of american cheese with a use by date of december 29ths through january 4th. vice president joe biden may be considering a run for president. discussions for his candidacy was shelf following his son's
11:41 pm
illness and death this year. now he could be back in the running. the move comes amid signs of weakness for front-runner hillary clinton. lindsey graham says he is confident he can win the presidential primaries. he was joined by john mccain today for campaign events in new hampshire. in new york city a fourth person has died from legion air's disease. the outbreak started at the opera house hotel in the bronx friday. the bacteria has been found at a hospital. 55 people have ended up in the hospital. the bacteria is inhaled. it can grow in air-conditioning units or plumbing. it cannot be spread person to person. just ahead, an abc7 viewer discovers an unusual way to solve a delivery dilemma. fedex claims it deliver a package even though it never arriv arrived. on 7 on your side how one
11:42 pm
customer attempted to prove that package never came. >> i'm abc7 meteorologist drew tomba on this first day of august a gorgeous start to the month. but a cooler trend headed our
11:43 pm
11:44 pm
covering loss at owes, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. millions of homeowners are using security cameras to capture thieves breaking in or stealing packages.
11:45 pm
but a redwood city man used his camera to show something that did not happenful 7 on your side's michael finney has the story. >> reporter: this man relies on his backyard hot tub for stress release. >> i am going to use it for that because i am going to have surgery. >> reporter: with surgery coming up, the jets suddenly stopped working. the spa needed a new pump. >> i ordered a pump from a company in l.a. and they sends it to me through fedex. >> he tracked the shipment every step of the way until it arrived. >> it shows that the pump was delivered at 11:17. so i called my wife from work. >> his wife went outside to get the package, but nothing was there. he called fedex right away. >> and they told me that the pump was delivered at 11:17 that day. >> but his family had been home all day. no dhifrry person had come. >> we looked at the neighbor's house. we looked at my house because i live next door. >> reporter: he was convinced the package was never delivered. what's more, he could prove it.
11:46 pm
>> i have cameras, i have three cameras pointing at my front yard. >> he reviewed the security footage showing the front of the house at the time fedex said it delivered that pump. >> i don't see no employee from fedex delivering the pump or a package. >> reporter: he reviewed it over and over. no fedex truck no. delivery. >> they told me that the pump was delivered at 11:17, and that there is nothing they can to. >> he kept offering to show fedex the foot j. >> they didn't return my calls. they never returned my e-mails. >> i was talking about it with one of my coworkers. and she said why don't you call michael finney. >> reporter: so she did. and we contacted fedex. the company investigated and three days later, he got the call. >> i'm sorry, we misplaced your pump but we're going to pay pour it. >> fedex would not tell us what happened to the package but did buy a new pump saying we investigated this married and worked directly with the shipper to resoofl the issue. it is our understanding that the customer's needs have been met.
11:47 pm
they certainly were. >> yeah, it was great. thank you 7 on your side. >> reporter: someone out there as a jacuzzi pump that he says is probably is of no use to anyone else unless they have the exact same hot tub and it needs a pump. for now, whatever topped to that package remains a mystery. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. an iphone helped catch a suspected burglar in utah. the home security system was connected to the homeowner's iphone. when he arrived home, he saw lights on in his house, he turned on the app and saw a woman going through his mail. he called police. police said she had been this the house about an hour and was armed with a knife. >> back to drew for a final check of the forecast for you halfwaythrough this weekend. what is in store. >> do you have the pump? did you take it. i live dap letter 7 hd is quiet.
11:48 pm
tom it's rather quiet. we have one storm system moving through the great lakes. warm in chicago, 89 degrees with afternoon thunder showers. also in the sunshine state, florida seeing a high of 89 in miami with afternoon showers as well. hot up and down the east coast. moving to california, tomorrow lots of sunshine in southern california. 82 in l.a. 111 in palm springs. 95 in yosemite. northern california, isolated shower. 95 the high in chico. bay area, clouds early on. lots of sunshine by the afternoon. comfortable sunday in terms of august numbers. 73 the high in oakland. 70 in san francisco. 81 in santa rosa. san jose a high of 80. accuweather seven-day forecast those tomorrow mild to recall with a. cooler on monday. trend continues on tuesday before we bounce back on wednesday and thursday.
11:49 pm
>> over to should just in time for football. >> ready? >> raiders have a new attitude under new head coach jack del rio. >> first practice tonight at levi stadium.
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this abc7 sports report is brought to you by x inty. >> the raiders have question marks on both sides of the ball as they head into the 2015 season. one thing for sure, they are changing their culture under the new hoed jack del rios. this coaching staff knows what it take to be successful. it starts with second year quarterback derek car who has several weapons. including amar'e cooper and michael crabtree. they will put on the pads tomorrow, get out of the
11:53 pm
underwear, where you find out a lot more about your team. >> the amount of contact we have in today's nfl is limited. and so we have to be very purposeful when we are in pads that we get the work we need and that we prepare ourselves fundamental to be able to do the blocking and tackling that are necessary to be a good football team. >> meanwhile the 49ers start camp tonight with a 7:00 p.m. practice at levi stadium. they have a new head coach in jim tom sylla, jimmy t. players leaving via free agency or retiring. the coach is being up front with his players. >> i think we have got a lot of guys here that aren't faking it. roll up your sleeve, it's the day to day. who shows up every day? if you show up every day with a smile -- if you show up every day, and you are an angry man -- okay, be an angry man every day. you know what i mean? just be that guy. don't fake it. be who you are and let's go. >> down to the real test.
11:54 pm
giants leaving town for ten games. rangers up first. giants score three in the third led by belt. first hit off hamels, solo shot. 191th for the year. 5 for 35, hamels in that stretch. g men trailed most of the night. seventh inning, down 5-3. posey couldrd the tying run in the eight of the, johnson, three runs on a two out rally sends this game to extras tied at 7-7. the game woos decided top of the 11th. hunter pence. see you. solo shot, six of the of the year. brandon belt followed. second of the game. 12th of the year. four homers for the giants. first time all year they have done that. they win 9-7. dodgers taking on the angels. clayton kershaw extendsis his
11:55 pm
scoreless streak to 37 innings. angels pitcher had nine consecutive shots. dodgers 1.5 games up on the giants with a 3-1 victory. >> a's and the indians. brooks, second career start, first with the a's. struck out five in 7 1/3 innings of work. only one one. plenty of defense work. simian scores from second. santana throws it away trying to get sogard at third. he will score. 3-1, a's. simian hasn't had an rbi in 17 games until now. longest trout of nis career. solo shot in the seventh. nine of the year. brooks gets his first. tears in mom's one. a's win, 5-1. pag tour in virginia. tiger's event, quicken loans
11:56 pm
national. he made the cut. in the mustn't after two rounds. back to earth today. finds the water off the tee on the par 3 11th. double bogued. 3 over 74. tied for second. chappell fires a 14 under here. birdied five of his last seven. 14 under is the lead. sunday should be interesting. rain and wind is the forecast in the british open in turn bury skodland. here on 11, even par 72, she is one back of the leaders, jen junko. three under on the day, birdie on 17. shares the lead at eight under with lease audio lieu on their way to a three under 69.
11:57 pm
this abc7 sports report is brought to you by xfinity. good to see the guys up in training camp. >> good see you. >> nice to be back. that is it for tonight. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. i am a katie marzullo, for drew and should, thanks for watching. our app is sable for the apple watch. you can use the app to get breaking news and personalized alerts right on your wrist. free to download from frommal's app store.
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