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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 2, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> it's great to have you with us this sunday, august 2nd. i'm chris nguyen, in for carolyn tyler. let's start with meteorologist lisa argen who is tracking the weather >> good morning. a little green on the screen for the sierra nevada and the northern sacramento valley where we could have some showers isolated thunderstorms. but otherwise back home we are looking at our typical summertime weather. some partial afternoon clearing at the coast. the steady onshore flow bringing temperatures anywhere from the upper 60s at the shoreline to the upper 80s inland. the 90s a bit out of reach. that will be the case for the next southwesterly days. we will talk about the cooler weather coming up in a few minutes. chris. >> lisa, thank you. developing news in lake county where a massive wildfire continues to grow. two dozen homes have been
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destroyed. thousands more are in danger. 12,000 people have been evacuated. the rocky fire is the largest of the 21 major fires burning in northern california. the largest is the rocky fire. it's just 5% contained. 24 homes have been destroyed along with 26 outbuildings. and at this hour another 6,000 buildings are threatened. abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow has the latest. >> the rocky fire can best be summed up as unpredictable. >> one day it was blowing to the west, another day blowing to the east. it's been a tough fight. >> as the fire makes its way toward a main thoroughfare in lake county, officials are stepping up an advisory for a mandatory evacuation for a dozen homes. always highway 20 to highway 26 to high bay 53 is closed. missy clark, who drove here to help her friend pack up to get out, finds herself stuck. >> you can see the fire just at
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the crest of the hill. i tried to get back out in time and the fire was too quick. >> weather temperatures have not helped. >> even with cooler temperatures and higher humidity, we have active, fire extreme fire behavior. >> firefighters are surprised by just how hard the fire is pushing. they say they are prepared. >> as needs arise, more resources come in, they get moved around the indent. -- the incident. from all over the state. 1,500 firefighters are here from all over the state. there's a strong aerial fight, a well. firefighters are pretreating the ridge line with retardant so if the fire bumps into it, it won't go anywhere. it's a beautiful country. it's nice out here. but at the same time, it's dangerous. >> firefighters left documenting the fire's path, trying to anticipate where it will move next. in lake county, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> some encouraging news about the wragg fire burning. that's burning in napa and solano counties. that fire is 99% contained. it's burned more than
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8,000 acres since it fired july 22nd. full containment is expected by thursday. you can download our free abc7 news app to get the latest information on the fires burning across california. just enable the "push alerts" for instant updates. the abc7 news app is free to download for smartphones, apple and the apple watch. and also tablets. 6:03. crews are working on the transbay tube before it reopens tomorrow. regular bart lines are running but the tube shut down means you can't cross the bay. however, abc7 news reporter sergio quintana said there are plenty of alternatives. >> bart shuttles easily made the ride over the bay bridge. traffic for everyone else eased a lot but shuttle riders had an easy trip. >> super easy, only 20, 25 minutes. they have a whole lane dedicated just to the bus. everybody in traffic on the busy roads i feel bad for because it was so easy and it was free. >> he came in from oakland and managed to make it into san francisco before friends. >> you said you actually had
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friends who were carpooling? >> yeah, and they will be stuck on the bridge for a while. >> bart dispatched a small army of street guides to direct passengers who stopped in downtown san francisco to the temporary transbay terminal and they were you also in oakland to make sure passengers got on the right bus. >> i asked are you going to san francisco? and they said yes, so i said get on the bus. >> marcus forgot the trains weren't running through the transbay tube today, so instead he got a free bus ride. >> it was cool. instead of driving i got to look off into the water. >> this is video provided by bart of the work being done this weekend. crews are replacing aging rail. in order to ease as much congestion as possible, they have interesting advice to transbay commuters this weekend. >> so far the ridership is down by 50%. we want to get the message out if you don't have to travel across the bay, then please don't do so.
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>> regular transbay tube service will resume monday morning. another shutdown to complete the work will happen labor day weekend. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> bart has a fleet of 94 buses available for commuters. they say the buses are running about once every minute. to move things along the buses will have priority through the bay bridge toll plaza. the alameda oakland ferry had a 25% jump in ridership yesterday morning because of the transbay tube closer. for help navigating around traffic problems, get waze on your smartphone. >> turning now to our other top stories of the day. in hayward, a woman was killed last night and investigators want to know why she was on the track. it was happened before 6:30 near industrial parkway. firefighters tried to revive the woman, but she died at the scene.
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witnesses say she was pushing a baby carriage, but only had her belongings inside of it. she may have not heard the train coming. in emeryville two people were hurt when a car crashed into the side of the building. it happened around 5:15 p.m. yesterday. it was at 40th and horton. police say this car crashed into another car before hitting the building. we are told everyone involved is expected to be okay. a search is on far a parolee expected for robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. concord police are looking for this man, 52-year-old james bolden a registered sex offender. he's 6 feet tall. he has recently been seen driving this gold 1991 honda accord, california license plate number 6cgg337. hundreds of people gathered in modesto yesterday to remember amanda cruz and her two daughters, 6-year-old elizabeth
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ripley and 6-month-old martinez who was murdered two weeks ago in their home. the baby's father has been arrested, 34-year-old man, suspected of killing them, their mother and another five-year-old girl. he's also charged with the death of a two-year-old son, christopher, who died from head injuries last september. >> i want to represent her. i want him to see my face. and i want him to see her face with my face. >> cruz and her daughters were laid to rest friday during a private service. 6:07 is our time. happening today, san mateo county mosquito and veteran control workers will begin spraying in menlo park to control the spread of the west nile virus. mosquitoes carrying the virus were found last week in the area between menlo avenue, creek drive, san mateo drive and waverly street. the spraying begins tonight at 9:00 and runs through monday morning at 5:00, weather permitting.
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historic el nino system could bring a lot of rain to the state, but california officials believe it could be too much. they are now getting ready for worst-case scenarios. emergency officials say california faces many challenges due to its elevation range variety of topography and climate. wildfires bring an added complication because they bring debris from mudslides in heavy rain. national weather experts won't know until early fall if this year's el nino will be strong enough to bring intense rainstorms. >> in higher elevations you are certainly looking at snow and slurries happening. you will have a different type of debris flow, and possibly land collapses because the ground isn't used to the weight of the snow. >> state emergency officials say they have already begun the process of talking with local and state agencies so they are all on the same page in terms of procedures. they say the faster their response times to events like floods, the more they can contain them. >> lisa it's an interesting conversation to start having now, especially given our
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drought information. >> definitely. and we are looking at slightly cooler weather today but more so in the next several days. that's certainly what we need with higher relative humidity. many fires burning in the state. right now we are looking at 62 degrees in san francisco. cloudy skies san ramon, 60 for you. 64 cloudy in livermore. we will detail your average forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks, lisa. also ahead, a deadly confrontation. why a northern california man says he was force today kill a bear. plus, the changes sparked by the killing of a lion in zimbabwe. new questions about what may have happened
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. >> welcome back. the time 6:12 on your sunday morning. it's 63 degrees. a live look from the exploratorium camera pointed at the financial district. a check of the full accuweather with lisa argen in a little bit. a man said he shot and killed a bear in self-defense. in happened in auburn, northeast of sacramento yesterday morning. the man said the bear killed at least six of his chickens and was at his doorstep, ready to attack him and his dog. >> a lot of chickens around here, a lot of chicken coops and i don't know if they are just looking for food? >> the man said he called authorities, but claimed they didn't get there in time. neighbors described the man as an animal lover and said he would not have shot the bear
6:13 am
unless he was in fear for his life. now to the follow-up by cecil the lion by a minnesota dentist. it was a case of outrage. international outrage. and a lion protecting the cubs may have also been killed. we have more. >> conflicting reports from zimbabwe that cecil the lion's brother, jericho, may have been shot and killed by a hunter. jericho, protecting his cubs after his brother's death one month ago. the news comes as cecil's killer the american doctor, walter palmer, is facing increasing scrutiny. he hasn't been scene since closing his minnesota dental office five days ago. protesters now joined by zimbabwe's environment minister, calling for dr. palmer to return there to answer for killing the lion. >> the processes are started, and we are looking forward for his extradition. >> even if dr. palmer isn't extradited, experts say a u.s.
6:14 am
law, called the lacy act, could spell trouble for him at home. >> the lacy act allows the justice department to bring a criminal prosecution against people who have imported animals that they have taken in violation of a foreign nation's law. imprisonment is a possible penalty. >> big game hunting is big business. just last year a texas man paid $350,000 to hunt a black rye months russ in libya. and authorities are now suspending big game hunting in the area where cecil was killed. abc news, new york. >> a lion researcher in zimbabwe is casting doubt from jericho is dead. he said the satellite tracking collar on the lion has been sending normal signals indicating he is alive and moving around. >> meanwhile, zimbabwe officials say a second american killed a lion in an illegal hunt several months ago. well, this might come as a
6:15 am
surprise to some, but the illegal wildlife trade is a $10 billion business worldwide. this warehouse near denver colorado contains a fraction of what the u.s. fish and wildlife service recovers. shipments come in every day, anything from a jewelry to a pencil holder made from a foot. the items may have been smuggled into the u.s. to be sold overseas where people believe they have special powers. in iran ground up rhino horns are given because they believed to cure hangovers. the u.s. department of justice said this type of illegal trade is driven mostly by asian buyers, willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars. new this morning, a man who posted this video of himself jumping a fence at the columbus ohio zoo to pet wild cougars will soon be camed himself.
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he was fined more than $300 for his stunt. he said he was an idiot for jumping the fence, but the nearness of the cougars was an opportunity of the lifetime. he also added that he hopes it will not get him fired in his job as a bar tender. 6:16 on your sunday morning. more than 250 students will be prepared for school thanks to yesterday's stuff the bus school supply give you a way in antioch. the program was created to help fellow students stay focused in class with necessities like pens and paper. the teenager has raised more than $10,000 in school supplies through community donations. motorcycle officers from the bay area and across the country got revved up on the embarcadero
6:17 am
yesterday for the third annual san francisco international police motorcycle competition and exhibition. abc7 news was at pier 30 where participants performed u-turns circles and rapid acceleration all for bragging rights and safety training while on the job. >> doing a presidential escort or doing special events like the giants winning the world series where we have to do this on real surface streets. it's better to have a practice here versus learning the hard way and making errors out on the street. the event also offered a bicycle obstacle course for the kids. >> always happening today, nearly 1500 cyclists will take to the streets for the 24th edition of the tour de peninsula in san francisco. it's considered one of the bay areas longest-running fun bicycle rides. it starts and finishes at eucalyptus picnic area at coyote point recreation area. there are three route options based on experience level. ride gets underway at 7:00 a.m. so 40 minutes away from that ride lisa. how are the conditions shaping up in san mateo? >> it's kind of mild. in the 60s right now and going for some mid-to upper 70s around that area today.
6:18 am
that's later in the afternoon. a good start out there for you. it is certainly milder or call it muggier than you would expect with everyone in the 60s. we should see cooler morning lows. and relative humidity is up a little bit and that's due to a southwesterly flow aloft. and that's also enhancing some of the moisture around the bay area. but for us, we still are looking at in a steady onshore flow. the marine heyer is at about 2,000 feet. so overall our weather will be fairly typical, and we will continue to monitor the activity in susanville, up towards the north and also near the sierra nevada where thunderstorms continue to go in the forecast today. so we are going to update you on the weather around clear lake. right now it's 71 degrees. the relative humidity is at 67%. very little wind and the wind continues to be erratic. it will increase throughout the day today from about 10 miles an hour to 15 throughout the afternoon and evening hours. so temperatures coming out of
6:19 am
the 90s by tomorrow and tuesday. so that's the good news. then we will get a little warmer come the end of the work week. mt. tam this morning, the low clouds and fog with 62 degrees. in san francisco 63 and oakland 64. mountain view, san jose, morgan hill. and good morning half moon bay, 61 for you. it was in the 70s yesterday near 75. today maybe a little clearing along the coast. 62 by the delta. another gusty morning for you, but we will look for numbers a little more comfortable. although it will be warm in spots in the inland east bay. right now cloudy for cop cord and livermore. in the low 60s for napa and santa rosa and for our roof camera looking at the clouds. with the mild start we will see a typical summer average with numbers ranging from the upper 60s coastside to the upper 80s inland. come down the temperatures about four or five degrees tomorrow. the coolest day of the week is tuesday where high temperatures probably won't get to near 80 degrees in the inland east
6:20 am
bay. there are the clouds once again through novato and northeastern california. talked about the southwesterly flow aloft that feeds the moisture. and with the heat of the day more thunderstorms are possible. then we look for things to settle down as we get our cool-down and the ridge shifts to the east. little change today overall with temperatures fairly comfortable. livermore today highs in the upper 80s. so that's fairly typical. here's your cool-down, monday and tuesday. perhaps some 80s for you, but then looking at the warmup it shouldn't be too hard to take because then we will: it back again by friday and next saturday. in terms of highs in the south bay, once again near 80 in san jose today, as well as cupertino. peninsula, the upper 70s from redwood city to palo alto. san francisco, some afternoon sun at 70. up in the north bay notice the oranges and reds. that's where we get to near 90. look for 79 for sonoma today.
6:21 am
pretty nice day up there. 76 san leandro, 80 astro valley 83 san ramon with about 87 pittsburgh and 86 by the delta. here's the accuweathersen day forecast. upper 60s to upper 80s today. about five degrees of cooling tomorrow from the bay to our inland east bay. tuesday should be the coolest day of the week. wednesday we slowly recover and still not too hot on thursday, but a little warmer and then cooler again next weekend. you can see what's showing up on live doppler 7hd anytime with our abc7 news weather app. it's free on apple's app store or google play, we have nor information on our website. >> lisa, thank you very much. coming up next, vanilla chocolate or another flavor? find out how one restaurant is shaking things up. >> i have your bart closer update. there are no trains run thug the transbay tubes while crews repair tracks this weekend. buts and extra ferries are
6:22 am
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hey there fellow californians i know you're staying golden by managing your energy use... which means managing water too sfx: rawr especially during a drought. learn to save water, energy and money at . >> paula joins us from new york to tell us what is come up on
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"good morning america." breaking news overnight. another piece of debris has been found on the tiny remote island in the indian ocean. this coming days after a piece of a swing suspect to go belong to the missing night 370 was found on wednesday. so are we getting closer to find out what took down the missing plane? and wildfires are still raging out west. in california 21 fires are tearing through the state and the heat are make things difficult for the 8,000-plus firefighters on the ground. one fire in particular has burned more than 25,000 acres. we are tracking it all this morning. and finally, proving why she remains the undefeated champ last night knocking out her opponent in brazil. it took all of 34 seconds. what she's saying about her win and the intriguing possible next steps for her. it's all coming up on gma this sunday. see you soon. >> 6:25 is our time. you want an insect with the milk shake of yours? a restaurant in connecticut are serving them up in powder
6:26 am
thunderstorm in the new oreo mud pie contradict shake. they say customers love it since crickets are packed with protein. the oreos may mask the flavor but most likely counteract the health benefits. an wild badger will be released back into the wild. wild care officials posted this video on youtube. officials say a badger has made a full recovery after first arriving at the hospital on june 6th with internal bleeding. the little critter was found in balinas near the body of its dead mother. the hospital staff was successfully able to nurse the badger back to health. much more ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. finally closer to answers. the investigation into the missing malaysian airlines jetliner. and also ahead, the fight against global warming. why the president's
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>> good sunday morning everyone. i'm chris win. we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen tracking the conditions where you live. hi, lisa.
6:30 am
>> good morning, chris. the official sunrise, it was about 14 minutes ago. you can see it rising above at 2,000-foot marine layer. a steady on shore flow is intact. we are looking at mild numbers to start out, from 62 in santa rosa, 64 livermore. we will see just a little bit of clearing on the coast today. partly to mostly cloudy and with the on shore flow we will have the sip tal summer forecast today. i'll detail what that means in your neighborhood coming up. chris. >> lisa, thank you. we have new details on the search for a missing malaysian airlines flight 370. officials say a second piece of suspected plane debris was washed ashore. it belongs to a ladder and was not a plane part. it was in the same area another piece was found last week. the flapper was barely damaged,
6:31 am
and e. believe someone took is off course. >> if you want to minimize the best way of floating debris, the best way to do that is ditch the airplane, lapped it on the water intact, open the doors let it fill up and sink . >> flight 370 went down last march with 239 people on board and without a trace. the flapper is now in france and analysis will begin this wednesday. new this morning, president obama will impose even deep are cuts on emissions from power plants than previously expected. that's the word from officials at the white house. president obama calls it the most significant step the u.s. was ever taken to fight global warming. last year the president man date -- mandated a 30% nate wide cut in carbon dioxide emissions by the year 2023. it will require a 32% cut and it will be announced tomorrow at a white house event. vice president joe biden may be considering a run for the
6:32 am
president. he put his plans on delay with his son's illness. it comes amid signs of weakness for frontrunner hillary clinton. and lindsey graham said he's confidence he can win the presidential primaries. he was joined by john mccain yesterday in new hampshire. donald trump still leads the polls for the choice of republicans for 2016. he will be one several candidates to appear today on "this week." you can see it right here on abc7 at 8:00. so far just 60 donors are behind one-third of all contributions raised in the 2016 presidential race. friday night was the deadline for super-pacs to report their donations from the first six months of the year. super-pacs and other outside groups raised $250 million. the amount is quickly approaching the $374 million spent during the entire 2012 campaign season. 60 donors have contributed $1 million or more. the two largest donations were
6:33 am
$11 million and $10 million in support of republican ted cruz. five republicans are ahead of hillary clinton in super-pac fundraising. wildfires continue to rage across the west. right now there are nearly two dozen major fires burning in california. and the temperatures are making it extremely difficult to get the fires under control. abc's cana whitworth has the latest. >> two dozen large fires now burning across california, sparked by lightning strikes igniting dry ground. conditions so treacherous, they claimed the life of david ruhl a 38-year-old firefighter who vanished in the flames thursday. he became trapped after the fire changed directions because of the erratic winds. because of the drought-stricken vegetation, accompanied by the steep hills and winds. we are seeing dramatic increases in lightning strike fires this
6:34 am
year. >> thursday more than 400 lightning strikes reported in three north he were california county, sparking at least 60 small fires in the region. 91,000 acres have burned so for, that's over is 42 square miles or an area roughly the size of denver. the nearly 9,000 firefighters are battling these flames. the biggest fire is the rocky fire near sacramento. only 5% contained and has forced at least 640 people to evacuate. >> it's like being in another world. it's the smell, the embers. it's still burning here. governor jerry brown declared a state of emergency for california on friday. that means the national guard has been called in to help firefighting forces already stretched thin. >> as we look at a number of fires that have started due to lightning, we have that lopping road ahead of us. >> with no rain relief in fight and dry conditions, the fires are burning extra hot.
6:35 am
take a look, you can still see ash on the ground and it's scorching rocks in its path. these are very dangerous conditions for firefighters. abc news, los angeles. >> some want governor brown to put a stop to fracking. there was one of 16 demonstrations yesterday across the state. fracking requires drilling underground and injecting rocks with water and chemicals to extract oil and gas. protesters say it hurts the environment but supporters prove to scientific studies proving it's safe. kraft is recalling cases of single-sliced cheese slices. the concern is that some of the wrapping may stay on the cheese after the wrapper is removed. it has a used date by december 29th through january 4th. in new york city a fourth person died from legionnaires' outbreak. it started in the bronx on friday at the opera house hotel. since then the bacteria has been found also at a hospital. 64 people have ended up in the
6:36 am
hospital. the bacteria is inhaled and can grow larger in air conditioner units or plumbing but it cannot be spread person to person. still ahead, a programming competition like no other. a hackathon with a healthy dose of nostalgia. but first here's a live look outside from our lake tahoe camera this morning. beautiful companies up there, as always. lisa returns in a little bit with a full accuweather forecast. hey foster farms! looks like you left these two west coast birds behind! foster farm's chicken's california grown. you guys aren't from here. wrong! we love yoga and sunshine and stuff. well foster farm's chicken has no added hormones. well i wish you didn't have any added negativity! ha! high five! yeah! he's not going far. they're local. introducing fresh and natural chicken. california grown with no added hormones. from foster farms. simply better.
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from our emeryville camera. we will have a full check of the forecast are lisa argen coming up in a little bit. an iphone helped catch a suspected burglar in utah. >> a woman in florida who was blind for 16 years now as the ability to see again. she had a condition that caused
6:40 am
her vision to decline at the age of 18. at the age of 45 she couldn't see herself in the mirror anymore. doctors implanted a new bionic eye and gave her a camera that captures images. it is cloaked in a small device atapped to her belt or purse and then the signal is sent back to the glasses and to the implant. >> i'm very strong. i didn't cry. i was happy, and i was laughing like crazy. >> she's the first person to get a bionic eye. she can you now see sidewalks and buildings and the stars above her home. >> we saw the fog on our camera earlier. >> we are looking at mild temperatures due to the insulating blanket we have called the marine layer. 62 san mateo san francisco and fremont. we will look for a beautiful afternoon today. in fact some cooler days ahead. not the whole week. i'll explain coming up. >> lisa, thank you.
6:41 am
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safeway's huge anniversary sale! it's just better. ? pell welcome back. a look at the golden gate bridge. just checked with the sfo and there are no major delays reported if you are traveling to
6:44 am
the airport to thinning. turning to sports, this morning american pharoah returns for the first time since winning horse racing's triple crown. he's the 1 to 5 favorite at the haskell invitational in new jersey. in june he became the first horse in 37 years to win the triple crown when he won the belmont stakes after his convincing victories. post time for the haskell is at 2:52 pacific. mike leake will make his first start for the giants against the rangers. he was traded from the reds to san francisco on thursday. first pitch is at 12:05 p.m. pacific time. last night the giants rallied for a big win in texas. here's mike shumann with the highlights of this morning's sports report. >> good morning. the giants on a brutal road trip to start off the month of august, leaving town for ten games. rangers up first. the g-men face newly-acquired pitcher cole hamels in
6:45 am
arlington. only in texas. giants score three in the first, led by brandon belt. first hit off hamilton. the solo shot. 11th of the year. hamel gets the no-decision. even though the g-men found themselves trailing all night seventh inning, down three. buster posey, a solo shot. 5-4. scored the tieing republic in the eighth off the single. johnson three runs on a two-out rally sends the game to extra innings, tied at 7. the game was decided top of the 11th. hunter pence. the game winner! solo shot. sixth of the year. brandon belt followed with back-to-back jacks. giants win in 11 innings, 9-7, your final. dodgers taking on their american league rival. he pitched 8 inning, allowed two hits, struck out seventh. angels pitcher won five consecutive starts, but the two-run shot in the sixth. dodgers up one and a half games on the giants with the 3-1
6:46 am
victory. a's hosting indians. pizza in one happened and still able to make the barehanded grab. aaron brooks came over to the a's in the ben zobrist trade. making his first start with the a's. struck out 5 in 7 1/3 innings of work. got plenty of offensive support. fifth inning tied at one. marcus simien scores from second. first baseman carlos santana throws it away trying to get ben at third. simien snapped the longest drought of his career for batting. solo shot in the 7th. his ninth home run of the season. brooks gets his first career win and that puts tiers in mom's eyes. 5-1, the final. this sunday is not a storm in sonoma but the national hot rod association's annual trip to the wine country. most the finals take place today. yesterday it went to eddy. and 191 miles per hour in quarter of a mile.
6:47 am
finally jack betman sets the funny car national record for time. 3.58 seconds. reached top speed of 319 miles an hour. he's the number one qualifier for funny car. brown has the number one spot in top fuel. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. see you again at 5:00. have a great day. >> time for a full weather check with lease arm. what can we expect as we close out the weekend? >> it's looking pretty nice. nothing too extreme many we will keep the trend as we head toward the beginning of the work week. then a modest warmup. gradual cooling and modest cooling for the week ahead. we have clouds and a little bit of fog all the way into our inland east bay. we will look for some midmorning sunshine and temperatures will be comfortable. across the state looking at some showers and activity from the northern sacramento valley into the sierra nevada. and this will be mainly in lake tahoe. not so much in the southern sierra around yosemite. subtle changes there, as well.
6:48 am
let's get you caught up on the tropical pacific where hurricane guillermo continues to churn. gusts to 125 miles an hour. this will move to the west-northwest at 14. it weakens to a category 1. then a tropical storm as it edges closer to the hawaiian islands wednesday and thursday. way, way too early to project the rainfall, but certainly high surf and inclimate weather coming into the islands perhaps on wednesday, into thursday. but it should weaken. also we want to update you on the fires. east of clear lake now the temperatures is 71 degrees. and the rocky fire, 46,000 acres. only 5% contained. it is being held south of highway 20 and west of highway 16. the winds right now very very light. looking at perhaps at about 10 to 15 miles an hour throughout the afternoon and evening. so with that cooler weather on the way hopefully making a little bit more of an impact on that fire.
6:49 am
looking at san jose cloudy skies right now. 62 in the city. 64 mountain view. and san jose as well as morgan hill. 60s half moon bay. it's been really mild at the coast. it will continue today with a mixture of clouds and sun. mt. tam, you can see the sun above. a cloudy start for marin county. 672 nap few, 63 novato, and the gusty winds continue up by the delta, spreading the slightly cooler air your way. so temperatures probably not reaching 90 today around our east bay valleys. emeryville, it's cloudy for you and temperatures are also pretty mild. so mild and cloudy for everyone. a typical summer spread today with numbers just a few degrees cooler. but more cooling tomorrow, the coolest day of the week should be tuesday, and after that a slight warming trend as the ridge begins to build once again. as the radar and satellite picture really tells the sorry you have the brighter white clouds with the moisture, rain maybe a few thunderstorms here on the edge, the fringe of california.
6:50 am
but looking at a typical summer day today with very little change. the changes come more so tomorrow and certainly into tuesday. smoke in yosemite at 95. 75 with thunderstorms in lake tahoe. 70 monterey, 81 partly cloudy los angeles, and for san jose, forecasting once again in and around 80 degrees. that's about average. a little shy of average. temperatures coming down and modest warmup through thursday. cooler again next weekend. highs today 73 in oakland. 80 fremont, 87 livermore. look for 70 san francisco. up by clear lake near 90 degrees. and in oakland today another nice afternoon with upper 60s at 1:00 and about the same, a little breezy by 4:00. the accuweather seven-day forecast, morecology tomorrow with the coolest day tuesday. slight recovery on wednesday. the warmest day should be next thursday. but just as it gets warmer with he will cool it back next friday and saturday. >> lisa, we got an update from cal fire. the rocky fire in lake county
6:51 am
still just are a% containment. firefighters with a lot of work ahead. >> definitely. >> of all the video game characters, there may be none quite as famous as mario. it may be hard to believe, but this year he's turning 30, and that means he's older than the internet. but as jonathan bloom found out, that didn't stop him from throwing a party at one of the web's biggest companies. >> he may be a super mario expert, but he's never played this level before. >> oh, gosh! oh, no! >> because this level didn't exist. this is not super mario 3. >> this one is a new one that allows players to create their playoff series mario stages for the first time ever. >> bring mario over here. >> facebook has long been known for their hackathons, but this is a programming contest of a different sort. >> what enemies do you want him to defeat, what bricks to hit?
6:52 am
that's the only questions. >> we should have like a bad guy walking around there. using the touch screen on nintendo's wii controller. they place the items in a way they once only dreamed up. >> growing up you have your idea of the dream job, and i want to make marios. >> more so than just about any hackathon, this one comes with a healthy dose of nostalgia. for many who work here, mario was practically a childhood best friend. as super plummer celebrates his 30th birthday, who can help but think of the time when they were smaller? >> i remember that airship. it was awesome. >> and the music triggers a lot of memories. >> but like any game, the contestants and hackathon are playing to win. >> the winning team will have a chance to upload their own stage to all of facebook. >> nintendo is releasing it on the wii you in september. but is this a fine of things to come on facebook? they said this. >> when we look for game
6:53 am
companies to partner with, we look for the best of the best and it doesn't get much better than nintendo. >> jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> time right now is 6:53. coming up, the annual celebration in san francisco, paying tribute to a man who just mmmm yoplait hello, everybody. milk cow here with an important announcement about how yoplait original now has 25% less of the sugar. less sugar?? yes. but don't worry it still tastes good. oh that is great news, milk cow. enjoy! i will. mmmmmmmm! it tastes good! i know.
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> welcome back, everyone. here's the winning number from last night's $110 million power ball drawing.
6:56 am
one ticket purchased at a market in south los angeles matched all six numbers to win the prize. wednesday night's jackpot resets to $40 million. the winning number from last night's $61 million super lotto plus draw. >> nobody picked all six, but a ticket purchased at willow market in san jose matched the first five numbers that. ticket is worth nearly $55,000. wednesday's jackpot now goes up to $62 million. happening today the jerry day festival in san francisco's mclaren park. jerry day honors the life and memory of the grateful dead singer jerry garcia. garcia, who died 19 years ago, would have been 72 yesterday. four musical acts are expected to perform during this year's event and admission is free. jerry day gets underway at 11:00. lisa, we know a lot of people will be heading out there to celebrate. >> definitely. it will start out cloudy, and by
6:57 am
the average some sunshine near 70. pretty nice day. more sun in oakland at 83. 74 in santa cruz, 80 san jose. the accuweather seven-day forecast, upper 80s inland. a cooler day tomorrow. the coolest day will be tuesday. below average and then a slow, but gradual warmup until friday we cool it back again. >> lisa, thank you. and thanks to you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. the news continues now online, on twitter facebook and all of your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. don't forget if you see breaking news where you live, be sure to tweet us using the #abc7 now. for lisa carolyn and the retail space of us here at abc7 news, "good morning america" is next. abc7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. we leave but a live look outside at the embarcadero this morning. hope you are having a great one so far. we will see you back here also throughout the morning for updates. see you then.
6:58 am
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good morning, america. breaking news -- is it another clue? more mysterious debris washes ashore on tiny remote reunion island. as investigators in france focus on this plane part. do these objects hold the answer to what happened to flight 370? the new hope this morning. wall of flames. california's largest wildfire bearing down on homes. evacuations, injuries and the state of emergency. will an improving forecast help them get the upper hand? ready to run. speculation is growing that vice president joe biden might throw his hat into the ring. >> hi, how are you? >> the latest polls that could convince him to launch a presidential campaign and the reported death bed plea from son


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