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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 7, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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abc7 news begins with breaking news. as far as fans are concerned, we will worker out. >> 49er linebacker aldon smith in trouble with the law. again. a news conference with more information on the arrest is just about to get underway. thanks for join up. >> a lot of questions this morning about aldon smith's future with the 49ers and with the nfl because this is his 5th arrest since 2012. the team stood by him through the early cases but no word whether this is the final straw. matt keller is at the santa clara police department with more. matt?
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>> eric, the santa clara police department is expected to come out and speak about the inaccident from last night and aldon smith's arrest. he was released from the santa clara county jail at 8:30 this morning. he bailed out. smith was ad last note by santa clara police for d.w.i. hit-and-run and vandalism. he was booked into jail. police have not released details about the arrest. he spoke to the media in front of the santa clara a county jail. this is what he said. [ inaudible ] >> i am sorry for anyone i let down and sorry for... [ inaudible ] >> i feed to speak and i want everyone to understand this wasn't a d.u.i., the situation happened differently and i apologize to much i let down and i apologize for how it played out. as far as everything is concerned, it will work out how it is supposed to work out. that is all.
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>> after speaking to the media smith got into a car with a friend and left the he is on informal probation for a previous d.u.i. he is not supposed to have any alcohol. our expert says this jeopardizes his season and career because of the nfl hard-line stance on alcohol and drug abuse. the arraignment date is october 6. we will have to wait to see watt district attorney does when it has the case. we will give you an update when santa clara believed spokesman comes out. >> here is a picture of santa clara police department that matt was talking about. you can see the stage is set for a news conference to start any minute now. it is still not underway but when it does, we will return to it and bring you the santa clara police comments as soon as it is under way. >> this is the latest in a long list of legal problems for the talented 49ers line becomer. last year he was arrested in loss arrange at the airport
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after an eighth said he claimed he had a bomb. the city attorney declined to press charges. he was arrested later for possession of marijuana and d.u.i. after a crash the he was arrested in 2012 for drive under not influence in memorial day westbound and suffered a stab wound trying do break up a fight at his home. after that he was charged for illegal possess of an assault weapon. >> aldon smith approached the 49ers in the off season asking to renegotiate the nearly $10 million guarantee salary. analysts feel that it was because he wanted to prove to the team he was rely am. >> he cut up the contract into a series of bonuses and for every game he is on the active roster he makes $325,000, a testament to the more i play the more i am around the more i make the he wants to she he is an ex egypt player because he is one of the boast in the league but he can be a reliable and depeppeddable
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member of the organization they would consider investing in long term. this is the final year of his c the 49ers have to wonder what can we count on from this player going forward? >> you need to make sure you find a way to get this guy out of this ruin, to find him help to not have this sickness and illness continue to derail his life and his career. >> this has been a difficult off season for the 49ers. in addition to losing coach harbaugh four decided to hang it up defensive end smith and pad trick willis and anthony davis and they lost star running back frank gore to indianapolis. make crabtree signed with the raiders. it is not sure what discipline he will pace and whether he will see the field. this week the general manager had said he hopes to keep smith lock term. >> we were the first to break the story. stay with us for continuing
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coverage of smith's arrest. the 49ers coach is scheduled to give a press conference at 11:30 and we will have more for you this afternoon on abc7 online at and follow us for any late-breaking details on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> the 49ers this morning are also apologizing to thousands of fans for canceling sunday's public practice. sky 7 was over levi stadium this morning. the feed lacked fine from the air but officials say problems with the sod will prevent them from practicing at the stadium this weekend. practice is being moved to the training facility next door. it is closed to the public. another public session will not be scheduled. sod problems have plagued the 49ers since before levi stadium opened. >> thousands of music lovers are headed to the three day music festival, outside lands in san francisco at golden gate park. janet o is there. this is going to have a huge economic impact.
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>> definitely so and people have been walking in the gates are now on at outside lands but people arrived were earlier to try to find a packing spot. speaking of parking it is a big money maker this weekend. thanks to outside lands and other businesses they are reaching the -- -- reaching businesses. >> all the people mean a lot of money for the local community. ait is crazy. >> simple pleasures save has downed up their staff in anticipation of the surge in customers that return the slowest time of the year into the busiest. >> i could not tell you figure wise but it is really crowded. it is awesome flow of people to the door all day. >> outside lands is said to generate $70 million each year to the local san francisco economy. it also happens to be the biggest fundraiser for schools
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would recognize parking is scarce so they open up their lot for a flat fee. >> this is a great way for us to raise money for our school p.t.a. and there are many ways we spend money on art and music supplies and other things the budgets cannot afford. >> lafayette elementary expects to sell out every spot over the weekend and has made up to $16,000 in the past. this year, it is expected to be no different. >> we are super lucky and greatful we have this area to do that. >> he days of fund food and music at golden gate park. tickets sold out if an hour. vendors are lined up to feed the masses and the stage is set for the first performance today. >> it will be fun. >> some big headliners include elton john and mumford and sons. since outside lands first started in 2008 it has given the city's recreation and parks department $10 million.
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a lot of money all the way around. >> janet thanks. we getting our first bird's eye view of the damage after lightning struck a tree in san jose. you can see what is left of the giant redwood. it used to be one of the tallest trees in the neighborhood. the entire top of the tree exploded into hundreds of pieces. the people who live in the house say lightning and the thunder have hit both at the same time around 9:30. it was hit by lightning and the large splinters were left behind around the neighborhood >> the lightning strike was one element in a spectacular light show away the bay area. >> there were up to a thousand lightning strikes throughout the night producing quite a show. beautiful and potentially dangerous. are we if for more? >> great question. when you look at the lightning we are not used to happen. good morning, everyone. that was a very unusual system
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that quickly moved law and check out live doppler hd it is empty of radar runs. until we get to the sierra and into novato that is where the strongest of the storms and the thunder is right now. for us, we have winds that we will be dealing with, the biggest concern moving forward with small craft advisory from 1:00 o'clock to 9:00 and that wind will kick up at the outside lands day. 67 at noon. 67 at 3:00 a 65 with increasing clouds at 6:00 and low clouds and 61 a chill in the air by the help the i will have stats on why the lightning is so dangerous and a look at the weekend forecast. all coming up. >> remember, if you have pictures of weather or video where you live, please share it by posting it on sole media with # abc7now. some of evacuees chased by the rocky fire in the north bay are getting to go back home. evacuations were lifted the past hour for highway 16 and 20 and the spring valley community.
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last night authorities let those in morgan valley and wilbur spring areas return home. 13,000 people were chased out by the fire burning which now 45 percent contained with nearly 70,000 acres burned. 43 homes and 53 outbuildings were destroyed. >> in danville firefighters evacuated employees at costco because of a gas cloud coming from the warehouse refrigerator unit. the store was closed at the time with no customers inside. the gas cloud was caused when the oil and refrigerator's free beyond mixed today. >> a 44-year-old san francisco woman was charged with the murder an 18-year-old high school student in may. cilia montoya pleaded not guilty to shooting the teen. they w together and in a romantic relationship.
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a motive has not been determined. >> this morning, after the big debate, donald trump is back on the offensive >> the questions asked of me much of more difficult. >> he said he was treated unfairly. >> a look, again, at the santa clara police department, a press on 49er aldon smith's latest arrest will be underway at any i'm caridee. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most of my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara® it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses... ...stelara® helps me be in season. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara® your doctor should test for tuberculosis.
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>> fresh off the first g.o.p. president am debate donald trump is accusing the fox mode operators of being unprofessional. this morning, the billionaire spoke to abc's stephanopolis about what he called unfair questions >> the questions asked of me were much much more difficult and unfair, than other people. that is okay. that is part of game when you are number one in the poll that is what happens. >> last night trump and the other republican candidates debated over hot but the done issues from illegal immigration and gay marriage to terrorism. something the candidate could all agree on was hillary clinton, the democratic presidential candidate. they all took aim at the democratic frontrunner. >> after nearly 2,600 shows over 16 years, the detail show host jon stewart has signed off for the last time. >> big news. this is it. >> thank you. now i believe your line, correct me if i'm wrong, is
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we'll be right back. >> i will go get a drink. and i'm sure i see you guys before i leave. >> show started with a gathering of the alumni and he provided long time until isis bill o'reilly a chance to say goodbye and bruce springsteen closed out the shore with a final moment of citizen. >> meteorologist mike -- of zen. >> a new study says time outs could be a valuable
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>> covering walnut creek burlingame campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> i sat in the garage and invented the future because i believe. >> a new look at the movie about steve jobs, universal pictures debut add new teaser trailer on the co-founder last night. during the republican debate, the film is made out of or based on the biography of steve jobs is slated to hit the theaters in october. he died in 2011 following a long battle with cancer. >> the next time you see lightning in the bay area you may want to reach for somebody's hand. it could save your life. two southern california teens say it happened to them. this is not scientific advise. they were holding hands walking down the street and were hit by lightning. doctors say holding hands diffused electrical current that window influence the bodies and
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rebel spared their lives. they are jobing they have electric love. >> i would not advise that as medical advice. >> it is better to not be where you can get hit in the first place. >> you heat the sap in the tree from whatever the environmental temperature is, to 50,000 degrees and it explodes. that is why you saw that tree exploding. >> calmer this morning. we will show you the video of the main layer. it came back during the overnight hours in the wake of the thunderstorms. you can see it climbs around 2,600 and 2700' and just rolling lazy around mount tamalpais this morning. we will talk about lightning quickly. here are some facts: 25 million cgs cloud to ground lightening is what we call it is the lightning that hits the ground and it is up to 50,000 degrees fahrenheit. think if we could harness that,
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or the electricity in it billions of watts and our biggest threat for fire danger which is why we are so worried about lightning in the bay area more than anything is mainly in the foothills and the sierra until 5:00 with the re-develop must storms taking place south of lake tahoe right now. for us on the back side of the low, you can see the down exploding and drying off point reyes with opening in the cloud cover. we will have pocket to sunshine along the coast and the rest of us are like this, mostly sunny looking from emeryville to the coast and lower humidity this afternoon. temperatures are close to average this weekend, but we will be cooler than average next week. we will look at what is happening now at the beaches everyone in the low-to-mid 60s still anywhere from five to eight degrees warmer than average. when the fireworks were happening last night here is the low but now it is losing its
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grip on our weather. it will kick up a wind around the rocky fire but other than that, we are going do have sunshine and calmer conditions, 9 at milpitas and los gatos and gilroy, my 80s there. we will have 74 in millbrae and 76 in san mateo and 80 in los altos, pool weather. mid-to-upper 60s along the coast, and nearly 70 in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and mid-70s to low 80s to the north bay until cloverdale and lake port low 90s. along the east bay shore we have berkeley at 673 and oakland at 76 and hercules at 77 and the castro valley and transmit at 79. inland east bay, 85 in san ramon, to 90 in antioch and none in brentwood. get used to those temperatures as we head through the weekend. we have, actually the summer jazz festival and it started at 5:30 tonight where temperatures in the upper 70s and dropping down into the my 60 before it ends. sorry, no fireworks at the game,
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first pitch is 67. last out, about 64. 7:00 is when the game starts. my seven-day forecast shows temperatures are equalized tomorrow and sunday with a little bit sunshine on sunday and we have a dip where the temperatures are below average mop, tuesday and wednesday but a nice weekend to be outside. >> love it. >> a polarizing topic for parents, showing light on the best method to discipline your toddler during a it down. >> oklahoma state university researcher interviewed 100 mothers to get some detailed descriptions of when they disciplined toddlers for hitting whining or being defiant. they need both punishment and more to fix the long term behavior habits. >> we will take a time out and introduce you to our pet of the week when we
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>> coming up at 4:00, continuing coverage of our breaking news the arrest of 49ers star am -- star, aldon smith. the news conference will be here in a moment. >> and a new push to give school kitchens more cutting boards and
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refrigerators fewer microwaves and can openers. >> now, friday's perfect pet. >> machine in has a new friend. >> new friend making herself at home. cindy, how are you? >> doing good. >> night to see you. >> first give everyone good news the adoption rate of all the purr picket soviets we have had. >> owl of our two years of pets every single one on the show has been adopted. >> thank you is awesome. >> this is really good. so hopefully today we will get sasha adopted. she is about ten years old and she is actually in very good health, loves her walks loves people. my gosh she cannot get a better family dog. >> she is good with other dogs too. >> good to know the she looks like she would be good with
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kids, too. if you are interested, you give the alameda animal shelter a call 510-33 7-0 565. nice to see you. >> you too thanks for the good news. hopefully we will have more for sasha. >> thank you. >> we will show you, again santa clara police department where a news conference is set to begin at any minute now about the arrest of 49er star aldon smith on d.u.i. charges. they have not begun yet but we will stream it for you on our website at have a great weekend.
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