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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 8, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> announcer: live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> it's saturday, august 8th. good morning everyone, i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a quick look at the forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. waking up to low clouds and fog. in fact, there is plenty of it. all the way across the east bay. winds are breezy in some spots. we are looking at temperatures in the 60s from concord to oakland. 61 fremont and 61 up in novato, 60 at the coast. throughout the day today we will see plenty of sunshine. and temperatures really not too warm. in fact, typical, as you headic lapped, with mid-and upper 80s. at the coast mid-60s to the low 70s and pleasant around the bay at low 70s to the low 80s. we are talking about minor adjustments for the second half of your weekend and, of course
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for the week ahead. we will have them all for you coming up. >> lisa, thank you. our breaking news comes from sonoma where one man is dead and another injured after their car crashed into a tree. the accident happened just after midnight on 7th street east just outside of the city limits. car also overturned, leaving it so badly crushed it took firefighters longer than usual to extricate the victims. one person who didn't want to be interviewed on camera said both men had just left a wedding party. out of san jose investigators are at the scene of a fatal shooting. police responded shortly before 11:00 last night to fully road and capital express way. they found a victim with life-threatening injuries who later died at the scene. police say the circumstances and motive surrounding the shooting are unknown. the suspect remains at large. aldon smith is an ex--49er and his career could be in jeopardy.
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he was released friday after being arrested for dui and vandalism. it's his fifth arrest since 2011. the linebacker was with san francisco for four seasons, although he spent much of that time suspended abc7 news reporter katie marzullo talked with some of his teammates. >> they said even if he's not a teammate, aldon smith is still their friend. >> we are just making sure he's as a person burks as a team we have to move forward. i wish the west for him. >> players also denying reports there was trouble between smith and quarterback colin kaepernick off the field. >> i have to ask you about the reports that he and colin kaepernick were fighting over a woman? >> i don't know nothing about that. >> i never heard that until you just said it. >> colin kaepernick said himself sag off-camera it's not his car that smith hit. >> police arrested the 25-year-old linebacker thursday night on suspicion of dui hit-and-run and vandalism. they say he hit a parked car at his apartment complex in santa
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clara. smith said this on his way out of jail. >> it wasn't a dui. the situation i have could have been handled differently. i apologize for everyone i did let down and i apologize for how it all played out but as far as it being a concern, it will work out how it's supposed to work out. >> safety eric reid said in light of smith's previous problems it seemed like he was doing better. >> his attitude, just the way he talked, the way he interacted with people, he was making some real strides. i think this is just an unfortunate situation. >> head coach jim tomsula hopes the strides will continue. >> although he won't be playing football for the san francisco 49ers, he will be supported and helped. and he will not have to walk this path alone. >> smith is already on probation after two previous dui arrests and he could now face jail time. he's schedule to be arraigned october 6th. in santa clara abc news. the 49ers were invested in
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keeping smith out of trouble san francisco magazine also had a stake. the september issue was to have smith on the cover with the headline aldon smith is misunderstood. the editor-in-chief tweeted this picture yesterday. the article has smith saying he's ditched his party lifestyle for a one bedroom condo and more time with his two-year-old son. smith was also asked if he considers himself an alcoholic. the former 49er said no and that he just likes to have a good time. 5:04 is our time. the san francisco fire department is reacting after a crash victim dropped a lawsuit against the city. the person died in the aftermath of the crash two years ago. she was ejected from the plane, covered in firefighting foam and run over by a fire truck. her family isn't talking about the confidential settlement agreement, but yesterday a statement was released saying i am hopeful that today's dismissal will bring closure and heelings to our members and
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others of the flight 214. new this morning, a gunman shot at three people. and a surveillance camera caught the whole thing. police say some kind of confrontation occurred between the shooter and the sure wood man. he identified himself as being a member of an asian gang and began shooting. >> we went after him and shot him. shot him. very unfortunate. they ran but if they were closer it could have been much worse. >> officers quickly found the injured man and took him to the hospital. other bullets hit the side of a house and car but no one else was hurt. only one kidnapper in prison out of three in the hijacking and kidnapping from years ago. a 63-year-old was granted parole in yesterday.
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schoenfeld is the second of the three kidnappers to be released, his brother richard was paroled three years ago. frank woods remains in prison. he comes up for parole gap this fall. governor brown was granted parole to a transgender inmate fighting to have the state pay for sex reassignment surgery. in april the judge ordered them to provide 51-year-old rachel with the surgery. it's up clear whether she'll still be able to have the surgery before she is released. there's a lot of concern over the steady rise in crime. a student was recently robbed at gunpoint while walking on campus. alan wang tells us what police and school officials are doing to keep the campus safe. >> the campus of u.c. berkeley offers a certain sense of security. >> i generally feel the campus is pretty safe for me to walk around. >> but just after midnight a 20-year-old male student was robbed at gunpoint while walking
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down speaker plaza. the two men took his wallet and cell phone. >> u.c. berkeley police say armed robberies are not that common on campus but people have been getting robbed about once a week in the neighborhoods just south and west of campus. >> in the outskirts in berkeley it is more common. it is now come on to campus more. >> with the semester about to begin and more students populating the campus, uc police are afraid the crimes of opportunity are on the rise. that's why they recommend bare walk. bare walk is a free door to door safety walk for students. >> they make you feel maybe i should. >> police also recommend walking in groups and put ag way the electronic devices. open the u.c. berkeley campus alan wang, abc7 news. >> for students who want to with a bare walk, we have a link
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posted on our website >> oakland police are investigating a crash involving three cars and a building. despite the major damage to the cars, only one person was hurt. there are some skid marks in the area but so far it's not no one if it is related to a sideshow. a burning car held up yesterday evening's commute on the 280 connecting ramp and southbound 87. fortunately no one was seriously hurt. and take a look at this picture. this car exploded yesterday evening. the image was posted on instagram which ray with our media partner the bay area news group. it happened on seventh avenue in oakland. no word how the convertible caught fire. crews were able to put out the fire but the car was destroyed. 5:08 the time. evacuations have been lifted for most of the 13,000 people forked
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out of their homes from the massive fire in lake county. people in wilbur springs and morgan valley can head back to their homes. the rocky fire destroyed 43 homes and 163 other buildings. it is now 350% contained. crews are hoping for full containment late next week. >> fire crews rescued an injured and very dehydrated dog from the tire. he was found suffering from minor burns. they gave him food and water and waited until animal rescue arrived and took it to a local animal shelter. it is appear action-packed weekend in san francisco. thousand are going to at&t park for the pastor james alttein. abc7 news reporter sergio win
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takenna has more. >> fans by the thousands streamed out of the first night of outside land. during eat vent emergency crews had their hands full of several calls of possible overdoses on marijuana, edibles and other drugs. and a new online medical marijuana delivery service is looking for new customers. >> the first day kids, elton, of course. >> christian is here for the first time with his mom and sister. mom has been here before so she's learned the logistics. >> i just hopped on air b&b and looked for a place that was close and we could walk. >> booking local homes online is a popular option. we spotted bedrooms on air b&b going for more than $400 a night. >> we had a $3,000 air b&b right near the park, but we are like okay we didn't have -- we only
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have four people. it's like a ten-people house. >> they gave up that place and went for a less expensive option in daly city. clearly this weekend's music fest can be a pricey affair. daily passes started at $135 and all tickets are sold out. >> i don't have money for a ticket. >> so he and a friend are perched on a tree stump that provides a glimpse of the events inside. abc7 news. and you can head to san jose to enjoy the music this weekend. the san jose summer jazz fest has taken over downtown. 100 shows on 12 stages provides toe-tapping tunes for music love he is ever all ages. it's the 28th straight year for the festival. at 3:15 a sambe parade will snake its way down the street. what is happening with the weather? >> still enjoying summer with
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highs in the low 80s. everyone has the clouds this morning. in fact, right now as we take a look from our exploratorium camera, 6 is degrees san francisco, 63 in oakland with low 60s in san jose. we talk about the summertime days ahead and the outlook for a slightly cooler week ahead. that's coming up. >> thanks, lisa. also next glass raining down on unsuspected drivers. the new investigation into why sun roofs are spontaneously exploding. plus big changes coming with the popular soda. why your next pepsi may taste a little different for the looking for one of these?
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>> convicted colorado movie theater gunman james holmes will find the rest their life in prison. >> we, the jury, do not have a final unanimous verdict. >> jurors were dismissed yesterday after failing to agree on a sentence for gunman james holmes. that was after less than seven hours of deliberations. one. jurors said there was one lone holdout that didn't want the death penalty while two others weren't sure. >> there was nothing further to discuss at that point. it only takes one. >> several aurora police officers burst into tears when the verdicts were read. victims' families were not happy. >> i think it's outrageous. i still think death is justice for what that guy did. >> that's not justice. he's living, he's breathing and our loved ones are gone. >> twelve people were killed and 70 others were injured while watching the movie batman in
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aurora, colorado three years ago. now to an abc news investigation. a danger right in your own car. sun roofs shattering without warning with shards of glass raining down on drivers. hundreds of complaints are coming in and now a federal agency is investigating. >> indicate said her sunroof spontaneously exploded while waiting at a stop sign. >> sound like a gunshot. >> he said his sunroof shattered while he was driving on the highway. >> what is going on? most sun roofs are made of tempered glass which breaks into smaller rounded pieces instead of sharp dangerous shards. spontaneous shattering can happen if there's a manufacturing defect. according to glass expert. >> this glass is completely broken. >> abc news finding nearly 400 complains in the national
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traffic highway safety administration's database across all makes and models. some auto safety experts are calling for new safety standards for sun roofs, requiring them to be made of laminated glass, the kind used in windshields, to make sure the driver is protected. abc news new york >> an increasing popular way to get cash if you are in debt is coming under intense scrutiny. here's michael finney with why some are calling it a trap. >> he recalls the excitement captured in this commercial we found on youtube. >> i won a car! >> she was one of the lucky winners of the casino's car a day giveaway. the sonoma resident who has since become bedridden could barely walk up to claim her prize last year. >> here she's coming. she's right here!
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the car was free but tony was responsible for paying $4,000 in taxes and for the extended warranty she bought. it's money she didn't have. so tony got auto title lone. >> all you have to do is go in there with the title to your car and your i. d.. >> a new state report released found the number of auto title loans released in california between 2011 and 2014 went up 179%. consumers borrowed nearly $382 million during that time. consumer action said such loans are a bad idea. >> auto title lenders have little resemblance to mainstream lenders and are more like a ring of car thieves operating with the blessing of the state. >> some had interest rates of 70% or higher. half charge the interest rate of 100% or more. >> like all predatory lenders car title leppedders claim that they are giving you a life
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preserver at the time you are in financial difficulty. what they don't tell you is that life preserver is made out of concrete. >> loan mart, who lent her the money, said they try capital for those who may find it difficult to obtain it. all fees and costs are closed to the appear plans. tony admits she should have read the agreement before signing it. when she realized she would be charged more than 85% interest, she decided to sell her car to pay off the off the loan. >> i could have gone to a loan shark and got a better deal. >> the financial protection burro he is drafting new federal regulations of auto title and payday lenders. the proposal is expected to be released by the end of the year. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side" >> your next diet pepsi may taste a little different. the popular soda has started
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using a new sweetner that's a form of splenda rather than aspertame. consumers have been turned off by it because it is linked to cancer. we will see if it's good for all the people who masterd that request. remember what coca-cola changed their formula? >> oh, yeah >> anyway, what can we expect heading into the weekend? >> well, it will be kind of on the mild side. still august and still summertime so it will feel good by the average, but everyone is really in the clouds this morning with the marine layer up to 2500 feet. and we are looking at some very breezy winds where you would expect it by the delta. and we will look for the cloud cover to pull back and not everyone is going to see the sun. so the typical summer sun weather in san francisco. you know what that means. it will be cloudy at the coast and even for you at outside lands you will number the clouds, golden gate park.
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here's a look from the roof camera. numbers range on the mild side from 59 in morgan hill, 65 in mountain view. look at all the low 60s from san francisco to oakland and even 06 at half moon bay. it was in the mid-70s yesterday. pretty mild at the coast. emeryville, cloudy start and more 70s for you this afternoon. 6 is in novato right now and 64 in livermore. so we will wait until the early morning hours until we see the sunshine in the east bay valleys and then it pulls back and we see partly cloudy skies in san francisco. about 70 degrees today. that will bring us on the mild side. warm numbers inland. and it looks just a couple degrees warmer tomorrow, maybe two or three, them we look for the cool trend to start the work week. it's not going to last the entire week. so we dealt with the cloud cover and that lightning from the area of low pressure that has pulled out of town. so now we have weak high pressure building over the area and an area of low pressure to the north.
5:22 am
so that means that steady onshore flow, low clouds and fog, and the summertime days with us for the next several days. it's going to be rather quiet cloudy to start, and to finish. but in between it should be pretty nice. for example, today in san jose, we are looking at the high of 82. forecasting a high of 81. we perhaps will get their tomorrow and then there's the dip monday, tuesday and then by wednesday a slight bump up and you will notice the temperatures come down again on thursday. next weekend, though, looks to be on the warmer side as high pressure builds back in. today how about 81 in san jose? 80 santa clara. 79 in sunnyvale. peninsula numbers in the afternoon, sunshine, upper 70s for redwood city and palo alto. 80 in mountain view. look at 70 for san francisco and financial district some sunshine. it will be cloudy mid-60s for outside lands. not too hot. we will have the sunscreen.
5:23 am
83 in calistoga. certainly getting a break with the firefighting efforts. and newark 77. looking at a pretty nice afternoon for you in pleasanton. 84 degrees. the accuweather seven-day forecast, highs in the inland east bay and out toward the delta about 90. 80 around the bay. mid-60s with the clouds at the coast into san francisco. slightly warmer tomorrow. you see the cool-down and slightly warmer come wednesday and thursday and the end of next week. you can see what is showing up at anytime. we have more information at no rain. >> great weekend for those people heading to outside lands. >> yes. >> up next close encounter with the harry kind. the creature is being credited for scaring off a potential big
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. >> welcome back. yahoo's iconic billboard is back. the yeah that billboard is greeting drivers heading east on interstate 80. the new advertisement for the third largest search engine in the u.s. is back in the same place it was for ten years before coming down in 2012. sunnyvale's yahoo is celebrating their 20th anniversary and said they wanted to reconnect with one of their most
5:27 am
recognizable marketing initiatives, as well as bay area commuters. >> oh, my god oh, my god, oh my god, come see! >> here is something for you out there. he said he caught something unusual on camera while vacationing in north carolina. he was on a watch when his pet yorkie started barking and ran away. there was something moving in the distance, but what was it? walter swears it was big foot, but not many people are buying it. much more ahead on the saturday morning news. the outspoken televangelist has brought his message to the birthplace of his movement.
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>> live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news >> it's great to have you with us open this saturday morning.
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i'm chris winn. we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. here's lisa argen. she's track the conditions where you live. hi lisa. >> good morning. we are starting out with low clouds and fog. the marine layer up to 2500 feet. we still have the warmer than average sea temperatures, so overall it's a pretty mild start. upper 50s the cooler locks with the breezy winds by the delta. otherwise low 60s to mid-60s from mountain view to hayward this morning. mid-60s from antioch. we are looking for the low clouds and fog to pull back to the shoreline today. that will allow for a cloudy coast. san francisco partially in the sun. typical summertime conditions. 60s, 70s and some 80 ace. a slight moderation for your sunday. we will look at more of a cooling trend to start the work week. i'll explain coming up. chris. >> thank you. a killer typhoon is head for mainland china in morning after leaving six people dead and hubs
5:31 am
injured on taiwan. it hit the island with aveeno veg, downing trees and with our lines and causing 3 million households to go dark. an 8-year-old girl and her mom were swept out to sea and the girl's twin sister is missing. all 279 domestic flights from taiwan has been cancelled, as well as 37 international flights. new this morning, president obama is asking congress to pass new legislation to make sure every american has equal access to the voting booth. in his weekly radio address the president pointed to putt this week is the 50s anniversary of the landmark voting rights act of 1965. mr. obama describes the act at eliminating hurdles put up to prevent blacks from voting. >> the voting rights act broke down legal barriers that stood between millions of african americans and their constitutional right to cast a ballot. it was, and still is, one of the greatest victories in our country's struggle for civil
5:32 am
rights. >> earlier this month a federal judge ruled that a new voter i.d. law in texas violated the voting rights act and was discriminatory to minorities. happening today protesters are planning a rally and march in san francisco to mark the one year anniversary of the shooting of michael brown in ferguson missouri. protesters held a similar rally in oakland yesterday. the shooting of the unarmed person launched the black lives matter movement and sparked protests across the country. a grand jury later decided no the to bring charges against wilson and a department of justice report said he did not violate federal civil rights laws. 5:32 is our time. at&t park will be full of fans tonight but the giants aren't playing. thousands are coming to see megaminister joel osteen for a night of hope. we have the details. >> you just get people's hopes up but you can't have faith if
5:33 am
you don't first have hope. >> he's the megaminister from texas with a megafollowing. you may have seen him on tv. >> its exciting. >> joel osteen is bringing his message of hope to a sellout crowd at at&t. san francisco was no scheduling mistake. >> we like to go outside the bible belt because that's where the message resonates with people. >> god doesn't want us to be in the same place next year as we are right now. he wants us to move forward. >> osteen said the message he delivers alongside his wife victoria is not overly religious but inspirational. >> if i can let somebody forgive or let go to the past, see this day as a gift, even though something is not perfect, i believe that's what i hope to do. >> osteen still opposes gay marriage, but said everyone is welcome at his events. >> i'm not here to come bashing people. i'm for everybody. >> what is the largest venue you
5:34 am
have sent your message to. >> probably yankee stadium. >> it's great being back in new york. >> he sold out yankee stadium last year. his estimated worth is about how million dollars. >> i don't take a salary from the ministry. i have been blessed with my book sales. >> he says connecting with fans is what blesses his spirit. >> not one of is going to go out of here the same way we came in. >> happening now is a san francisco resident is trying to become the first woman ever to swim from the islands to the golden gate bridge. there was this video of her swimming. it's a 30-mile stretch of water that she's trying to conquer. she began swimming at 11:16 last night and right now is past the marine sanctuary. four men have completed the golden gate swim but no women yet. chambers is being tracked in the water.
5:35 am
she had bp in an area notorious for a shark population. you see again she's past the sanctuary. we will continue to monitor her progress throughout the morning and keep you posted on the abc7 news at 8:00. new this morning, tesla has announced plans to open a dealership in dublin. it's the first store in the tri-valley for the palo alto-based electric car company. it will be located at the former jeep chrysler dealership on st. patrick day. they have again hiring employees but it's not clear how big the workforce will be. the company has not given appear opening date for the new store but it will be the eighth store in the bay area. the newest staff member at a south bay hotel is so hard working he doesn't sleep and doesn't ask for tips. jonathan bloom tagged along with the hotel helper that's creating a lot of buzz and a few beeps as well. >> it might take you by surprise. >> what just happened in the elevator? >> it was for the robot. and without a doubt you will
5:36 am
have questions. and more importantly, what is it? >> it's dash the robot. >> it's a friendly robot that can take items to your room. >> the front desk gets requests for all sorts of things, tooth brushes to toothpaste, towel. someone has to stop what they are doing to bring it upstairs unless that someone is a robot. now he comes from a famous family. >> what the pr2 is carry french frys to your room without someone taking them. this one can do that. >> he doesn't have hands. he call the elevator. he talks to it using wi-fi. >> it is built to be approachable and friendly. do you notice a resemblance to one of the most famous robots of? that's not an accident. >> remind you of anything? >> something out of a science fiction show.
5:37 am
>> r2d2. >> we did take a lot of motivation from it, ask and the size and the friendly noises. dash is built for safety, scanning the ground for obstacles and dodging them to get to your room. a phone call tells you the robot has arrived but he won't open his door until you have opened yours. after you grab that toothbrush -- >> it hangs out another 7 or 8 seconds before it leaves. >> robot selfies are the thing? >> it is definitely the thing. >> jonathan bloom abc7 news. >> still ahead on the abc7 saturday morning news. serving healthy meals at schools. how congress may be getting involved in overhauling the school lunch program here in california. but first here's a live look outside from our emeryville camera. you see it's pointed at the bay bridge. the camera is shaking a little bit. and these cars, drivers off to an early start on their saturday. lisa argen returns in a few
5:38 am
minutes with the full accuweather forecast.
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looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family. >> golden gate ferry riders should expect intermittent delays. ferry officials say construction projects and dredging in the bay will impact riders through september. delays could be up to 15 minutes. exact days and times of the delays are not no one because of the nature of the work. meanwhile, the bike path on the bay bridge will close for a
5:41 am
few days starting tomorrow. construction will begin at 9:00 tomorrow night and continue until tuesday morning at 6:00. after three years of preparation, demolition crews have gun tearing down the san clemente dam in carmel valley. the nearly 100-year-old dam was built in 1912. it was declared unsafe in 1995. a danger to communities downstream in terms of earthquakes or flooding. the project is to tear down the dam and restore the river will cost $83 million, most of which will be covered by monterey county water users. it was graduation day for students in the future graduate summer tech program in san francisco yesterday. abc7 news was there as students involved in the summer internship program received their certificates of achievement. 41 students were placed at 15 it eck companies for a summer job and they say it was a great opportunity. >> it feels good being part of
5:42 am
something that is really impacting people. like this is really going to change my life in the future. it's a good experience. >> getting an internship for the summer is a good way to get distracted from whatever he will is out there. >> congrats to them. this is the fourth year of the 8-week program in san francisco. 5:42 is our time. weather-wise, no triple digits in sight? >> no, not at all. very seasonal with temperatures near average this morning. a good dose of low clouds and fog. the golden gate bridge cloudy but we aren't looking at the low clouds. 61 degrees. high of 70 today. no sun right here. i'll tell you where you can see it coming up. >> thanks, lisa. also neck, more from the 49ers on the shocking release ofald done smith. were there any indications that trouble was lurking? larry beil has the details because 100% whole grain oats are incredibly good for you. because they're heart healthy
5:43 am
because they're good for kids. and granddads and everyone else in the family. everything we do is because of what really matters most. the goodness of oats and the people we love.
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looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family.
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>> 5:49 is our time. a live look at our sfo camera. there is fog in parts of the bay area. lisa will return with the full accuweather forecast. happening today with school just around the corner, 5,000 needy san francisco kids will be given new supplies to start the year. the backpack giveaway, similar to this one, is part of the tenth annual western traditional health and family day. today's event begins at 10:00 at the hutch community center on mcallister street. abc7 news was at the back a pack program yesterday. every year people fill the backpacks with school supply. yesterday kids got to pick out their favorite. >> the kids love it.
5:46 am
they come in and excited about school excited about the backpacks. they find their favorite character or a zip that fits their style and it's great to see them excited going back to school and helps the parents out as well. >> it takes more than two months to round up all the donations. >> many school calf -- cafeterias are challenged where healthy feels. but here's a new plan to make school lunches better. >> the 2010 healthy hunger free kids act demand that all schools serve healthier meals. to do that districts have had to upgrade some of their kitchens. >> tables, new floors, new of hes, hoods and warm boxes. >> most of the kitchen at this school in hayward has been modernized. it ensures students are given healthy meals cooked on site. but like the majority of
5:47 am
schools, the refrigeration system is out-of-date. >> when you are offering this variety at this vol i'm, you need more space to store the items to make it happen. >> it's both inefficient and lax necessary space to store perishable goods including fruit, vegetables and milk for an entire week. we don't have the infrastructure to to support what they say we are to do. >> there will grants to buy equipment and make upgrades. >> you need at least $50,000 to upgrade the high school kitchen to the standards. >> this kitchen dates back to the 1960's. the old giant refrigerator broke and now serves dry goods. they also need nor double ovens and warmers. the school district serves 15,000 meals ady. a task not easily achieved with
5:48 am
some of their outdated kitchens. in hayward, ian melendez abc7 news. >> a nice weekend ahead for everyone coming in for outside lands or maybe joel osteen tonight. >>. they aren't used to our weather they may need to bring a jacket. outside lands plenty of clouds. san jose low 80s. pretty much near average and what you would expect in san francisco for august. but we are looking at the onshore push bringing the clouds through the san pablo bay and the west delta, meaning a deeper marine layer and clearing to the coast. we around going to get too hot. a couple locks maybe out by the delta reaching that 90 degrees. right now from the roof camera it's cloudy in san francisco. the sun officially up at 6:19. just under 14 hours of day light. 60 half moon bay. you were in the 70s yesterday. mild at the coast. 63 oakland.
5:49 am
another 10 degrees of warming today. 61 in the city. 59 in morgan hill. here's a look at emeryville. pleasant in the afternoon. breezy at time. winds will be kind of gusty. you see the camera shaking right now. when the fog pulls back, that's when we get the breezy winds particularly around the coast. 54 livermore. and it's cloudy out toward concord this morning. here's a look at mt. tam. the sun not up yet. you can see a glimmer of that sunlight there in the distance. mostly cloudy this morning. looking at slightly cooler weather next week. but before we get into the work week, we will warm it up maybe two or three degrees tomorrow. so the second half of the weekend maybe won't be able to discern the change, but we could see a few more 90s. low pressure heading out of town. that brought all the lightning that was thursday night. looking at high pressure building in in the upper levels of the atmosphere. so that means a return for the summertime days and the really ebb and flow.
5:50 am
the low clouds, the fog. really not missing a beat in the next couple of days. 90 yosemite. dryer in the north he were sierra at 75. the coast not bad but cloudy. 70 monterey, 77 los angeles. partly cloudy skies. we will be looking at temperatures for the week ahead in livermore pretty pleasant. advertised in the upper 80s. that's about where we will be for the weekend. here's the dip, monday tuesday, wednesday. looks like next weekend as high pressure builds in from the east we will warm it up a bit. so elsewhere around the bay in the city, plenty of 60s. mid-60s 2:00 this afternoon and plenty of cloud cover with 64. a little breezy by later in the day. 74 oakland, 79 fremont today. 81 napa, 86 morgan hill. and in oakland the sunshine 1:00. astros in town. 72 at 4:00 with plenty of sun. the accuweather seven-day forecast just a smidge warmer tomorrow. then we cool it back monday, tuesday, wednesday the marine layer deepens and the onshore
5:51 am
flow kicks up a bit. then the end of next week looks like the highs will build back and we will have slightly warmer weather. nothing too extreme. that's what i like. >> it's my type of weather. it's so nice when you cap go out and enjoy the music festival and not be drenched in sweat. >> should be great. >> thanks. tongue to spores, 9 49ers will be back on the field this morning for training camp one day after the team released star linebacker aldon smith following his fifth arrest since 2012. here's larry beil with reaction from the team in this morning's sports report. >> good morning everybody. if you had to identify the 49ers two most important players coming into the season, you probably would have said colin kaepernick and aldon smith.m3 now aldon smith is done as a niner after his fifth arrest in three years. what is shocking is until yesterday morning they were considering a contract extension forald ton smith who could have been look at a $100 million deal with he stayed clean and had a
5:52 am
big deal. now he's looking at the possibility of the inside of a jail cell and another nfl suspension. the reaction from an emotional head coach jim tomsula and his ex-niner teammates. >> people stumpel. some things are greater risk in things. but he is in that process of turning his life around. he is in that process. in temperatures of him playing football again, i sure hope so. >> it is a sad day for the team. he's obviously a huge cog in the wheel for us and we will miss him. it's more than just about football at this point on. he needs to make some changes and i think he will work on doing that. >> sad story. on to baseball. the giants are leaking oil on this road trip. they just lose pitcher mike lee to a hand injury. and it did not go well yesterday. friday matinee at wrigley field with a whole lot of giants
5:53 am
orange in the crowd. the rocket that took tomlinson. 1-0 cubs. no relief from jeremy affeldt. a giant killer. and cubs break it open with five in thesfifth and win 7-3. giants a game and a half back of the cubs for the wildcard and three back in the west. how cute is this? the ears on that little one there. great hat. a's and astros. sunny gray goes the distance striking out five. tagged in the third by danny valencia. his first homer. solo bomb made it 2-0. fighting fire with fire. that is crushed! the lone mistake by gray makes it a 2-1 game. bottom of five, waits on the pitch and drives it. down the left-field line. the double.
5:54 am
scoring brent. a's win 3-1. sunny gray is now 12-4 on the year. when you are 12-4 on a last-place team, you are a bad man. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend everybody. i'm larry beil >> 5:54 is our time. coming up next, how people walking in the east
5:55 am
looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family.
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>> welcome back. here's the winning numbers from last night's mega-millions draw. blank nobody picked all six. tuesday night's jackpot goes up to $25 million. there's a new reap to skip having toast or muffin for breakfast. a new study said too many cashes may have a negative impact on your moods. foods rich in refined cashes may cause fatigue, mood changes and
5:57 am
depression in post menopausal women. highly refined cashes like white rice, bread and junk food trigger a hormonal response that affects the glycemic index. a man is proving there's nothing-like a father's head. he shaved his head and got a tattoo on his head just so his six-year-old daughter would feel better about her real one. she has severe hearing loss. campbell plans to grow his hair out again but he will shave it if charlotte wants to see the tattoo again. ama daetz seen here during the masters walk will mc the event again. people will walk to remember loved ones or for all bay area wish children. money raised supports the make a wish greater bay area foundation. next on the abc7 saturday morning news at 6:00. the second day of outside lands
5:58 am
is here and fans are finding out just how expensive the festival can be. what prices people are staying just to stay the weekend in san francisco. and a dangerous climb on campus. a man held up at gunpoint. with school about to start, what is being done to keep cal gñ
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> good morning, i'm chris nguyen, let's start with a first look at the forecast. here's lisa argen, tracking live doppler hd. hi, lisa. >> good morning. we are looking at a healthy on shore push. the marine layer allowing for a cloudy start in the east bay. 60 san jose. 60 also is he shoreline. we will see the clouds pull back to the coast and very typical summertime


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