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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 10, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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abc7 news begins with breaking news. the bragging news is happening right now in berkeley, at least 15 people are injured after a bad accident involving that school bus and several cars on westbound 80 near ashby avenue an hour ago. the c.h.p. has issued a sig-alert along the east shore freeway and you can see why. >> 15 students and an adult on the yellow school bus suffered minor injuries. this is a look at what is going on. the car, the bus was involved in a chain reaction action with half a dozen other cars. it is a big mess as you can see, you can see all the emergency responders and the slow, slow traffic there. it will take a while.
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fire trucks and ambulances are sending all of the injure -- tending to the injured. most of the injuries are bloody noses and minor cuts. no word on what triggered the collision. >> we have leyla gulen monitoring the traffic on 80 as the accident continues to remain on the scene. leyla? >> good morning, everyone, we are looking from sky 7, and you can see numerous ambulances on the scene. right now they are blocking the ashby avenue onran with two lanes blocked westbound 80 because of the enjoy accident. we will look at what the backup looks like on the map, bumper-to-bumper traffic and i and tell you that much moving along at a very slow clip and as you pull in from richmond that is where you have backups from central avenue and the top speed is only going to be about three miles per hour in some places and the best way to get around this is to use san pablo avenue running parallel to westbound 80 or frontage road.
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can you get on at pour well street but the sig-alert is in effect until further notice. plan ahead. >> investigators in san jose are looking into two deadly insurance accidents which forced officers to drew their weapons much last night, officers shot and killed a map on east san antonio street and packing place. and this morning, a deadly stand off happened on san marcos and moss wood drive four miles away. janet o is on the scene. janet? >> our media partner "san jose mercury news" reports the suspect died five hours into the stand off but it is not clear if he took his life or if he died from gunshot wounds when officers shot at him this morning. investigators are still here on the scene gathering evidence. >> it is very close to home. >> they are not used to seeing this much police activity in the neighbor. she was out walking her dog and she found out about an officer-involved shooting that escalated into a stand off with
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an armed suspect. >> i slept through everything last nature but my husband at 1:30 heard a bullhorn and he does not know and he heard a helicopter. >> san jose police say after midnight they responded to a call of an intoxicated man would showed up to his sister's house with a shotgun threatening to harl himself. two officers shot at the suspect who hid in the house. police have not said what, exactly, led to the death or what prompted the shooting. >> right around the corner, kind of shocked to see miss blocking the way i go in the morning. >> six hours earlier another officer involved shooting, this time in east san jose. authorities shot and killed a stabbing suspect who was said to be armed with a knife. it was a threat to the public. >> we have been hearing of more and more crimes. >> this neighborhood behind us on sang marcos drive continues to be blocked off. all the officers involved in the shooting the last six hours have not been injured. the department recently gave
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officers equipment with body cameras and we have not been told if any of the officers involved were wearing cameras. thanks, investigators are looking into an incident on the old bay bridge that left a worker injured this morning. the person riding in the car at new span caught this video as a fire truck rushed along the old span, to help a 40-year-old labor foreman hit in the chest by a pipe. he fell back from the shock and hit his head. sky 7 over the scene shortly after the accident and caltrain said the pipe was part of the lighting system. he was bearing safety gear and should be okay. >> new details in a fatal crash in east san jose that brought the morning commute to a stand still. the california highway patrol said a 44-year-old fremont woman is facing d.w.i. and vehicular manslaughter charge after crashing into another driver. the accident happened on southbound 101 near tully road shortly before 3:00 this
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morning. the victim, a woman in her 20s, was in the blue toyota. her identity has not been released. the identity, carmen venegas, and three passengers were treated for minor injuries. all lanes re-opened at 6:15. sky was was over livermore after a big rig crash caused a huge backup after crashing into a concrete barrier around 7:15 this morning. the driver managed to escape unharmed. traffic at this hour is welcome to normal. >> investigators are trying to find what sparked a major fire in san leandro that destroyed a supermarket and damaged a medical supply store this morning. the fire break out inside the marina supermarket in san leandro. here is the latest. our right now firefighters are working to make sure that all of the hotspots are out. you can see them up on the ladder, still spraying the roof of the marina market. that is why there are still street closures at do little
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drive and marina, the alternate, now, is davis on dolittle and check what going on over my other shoulder, you can see crews working here because of a water main break that was likely related to this fire. the business owners that have shopped here are waiting to find out whether or not they will be able to re-open. the fire broke around 2:30 in the morning, flames dancing, 15 to 20 fire trucks arriving and doug the flames, including subsequent hotspots like this one. the flames engulfing the marina market and part of mohammed's medical supply story. >> so many emotions through my head right now. hard to doesn't feel like real life. >> firefighters are saying other businesses in the strip mall likely have smoke damage. >> praying to god that it hasn't affected my business. >> the flames so far reaching the firefighters not taking any
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chances. >> we had an apartment complex we evacuated early on as a precaution. >> there were no injuries even with an explosion at the marina market shooting glass and debris into the streets. >> it was scary. >> water main break adding to the overnight chaos and some cars nearly singing and after, dripping with the furniture on the curb showing how high the war was rising. a woman finding a use for the leftovers, saying she plans to water her plants. >> fire investigators say it could be several hours, if not longer, before they potentially determine what caused the fire. reporting live in san leandro. >> the red cross is helping a man who was displaced bay fast moving fire in oakland this morning. flames raced through flee -- three homes at 4:30 this morning near hamilton street. sky 7 shows us the damage in daylight.
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flames completely engulf one house under construction and totally destroyed homes with each side burned. the situation wage even more dangerous, after power lines came down and open gas line prevented firefighters from putting water on the fire. fortunately, no one was injured. >> happening now in lake county, a new fire bun near the rocky fire has glenn to 5,000 acres in less than 24 hours. it is called the jerusalem fire that break out yesterday afternoon. mapped inventory evacuations have been ordered and it is burning just a few miles from the rocky fire. red cross workers are in evacuation shelter in middletown and were closing up when they got the fire on the jerusalem fire and openedded it backup. >> now, ferguson, missouri, a gunfight broke out on the anniversary of michael brown killed by a white police officer a year ago. today, more demonstrations are expected. our reporter is watching the latest developments. >> today, more protests planned
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in ferguson after a chaotic night. a black teen shot by police after they say he opened fire on officers. the violence and looting following a weekend of peaceful protests and marches. >> give all my love to my family. >> commemorting the first and was of the shoot death of 18-year-old michael brown by police officer darren wilson. >> there is a small group of people out there that are intent on making sure that we don't have peace prevail. >> police say the 18-year-old shot last night, tyrone harris, was not part of the roast but in the crowd when gunshots ranks out at 11:15 between two rival groups. investigators say harris ran and started shooting at a police s.u.v. with four detectives inside. authorities say as the detectives got out of the vehicle, harris continued shoot at them with a stolen 9 millimeter semi-automatic
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weapon. all four detectives fired back. eyewitness posting this video to twitter of what appears to be harris on the ground with an officer standing over him. >> backup. backup. backup. backup. >> harris is hospitalized listed in critical condition. at least three officers are recovering today after officials say two were pepper sprayed by protesters and one was hit in the face by a rock. the pivotal meeting that could shape the future of the oakland raiders. >> mustard colored muck at the same timing the colorado river and now the problem is far worse than originally thought. >> plus, the new movie raising eyebrows in santa barbara county and petitioning to keep it from being released. >> multi-car accident in berkeley with a crash involving a school bus.
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>> three million gallons of the toxics muck from a punk fewer line at ban abandoned gold mine has filled the river. spill is triple the original estimate of a million gallons. a state of emergency has been declared and the waste is filled with arson ice and mercury and lead. the epa has not said how long the clampup will take. >> thousands of people have signed a petition to stop
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release of a new movie, portraying a shooting, similar to the 2014 attack near uc santa barbara. >> without like do go with me? >> i am going with someone else. >> the trailer shows a young man taking revenge after being rejected by women and bullied. the story line is similar to the manifesto left by elliot rodger before he killed six people. the movie aims to make money off of tragedy and filmmaker is a uc santa barbara alumnus. in a statement to the huffington post he apologized saying he hoped the film could be beneficial. >> nfl team owners meet in chicago tomorrow to consider competing plans to move the raiders or the rams to los angeles. the owners will get details on plan to build a new stadium in carson to be shared with the
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chargers. they will hear about the st. louis rams propose a.m. to build stadium in inglewood. the commission are said the updates are information a.m. with no votes to be taken. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast next. mike? >> good morning from the broadcast center. you felt the winds of change, absolutely cooler outside but that could be a problem for the jerusalem firefighters. we will talk about that and how long before the 80s, and 90s and 100s come back to the forecast. >> big job, getting this horse to safety a messy task to save a beloved animal. >> the high cost of back-to-school shopping with tips on how you can save big on classroom
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>> now our breaking news story in berkeley involving a school bus and a chain reaction accident involving several vehicles, a live image from sky 7. another school bus has pulled next to the damned one to off load the constitutes. 15 people were injured after this school bus and several other cars were hit on westbound 80 at interstate 80 that happened at 10:00 this morning. unfortunately, no injuries is serious so that is the good news and the remark is back up and monuments am we are told now by c.h.p. that only the slow line is blocked right new. slowly recovering. other news, of course, back on level ground for a horse after fall into a 14' deep hole. crews found the 1,000 pound animal yesterday afternoon on a rot and it took two hours for
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fires to pull the horse from the hole with a crane. the veterinarians say the horse was tired but otherwise okay. it stepped on wood that was covering a hole and it fell in. >> it is that time of year, back-to-school, that means hitting the stores to stock up on clothes and school supplies. this morning, the director of yahoo parenting is offering tips to save big recommending apps to search for favorite shore and get cash back on all purchases. if you stop online, check sites or retame sites for secret savings and the apps alert you to instore deals using g.p.s. locator on the phone. >> $400.98. >> i got 35 percent off so you saved $163 and the total is only $240. you saved a ton of money.
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>> next, signing up for e-mail or mailing lists is a if one. the lists often give exclusive sales only to subscribers. >> i heard where the average back-to-school shopping is $600 something dollars. why you need the discount. >> just ahead is meteorologist mike nicco. >> hello! >> injurying the sunshine. >> it is a beautiful day and nice breathe and feels good with the suit on it is comfortable in san francisco. let's on the weather window and look at the high and low clouds hanging around. we will call it partly cloudy and breezy today and felt it yesterday evening. it will last at at least through the week and summer will take a vacation but it comes back with a spring insurance and makes its to the coast. todays santa rosa is 81 and that is same as where you should be and the rest of us two to six
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degrees cooler-than-average and you could see the onshore breeze from live doppler hd for 14 at sfo and napa and, also, hayward, and concord at 17 and taylor at 24 miles per hour. in fact, we have a small craft advisory and golden gate bridge and bay bridge north and east to the west delta from 2:00, to 11 o'clock this evening and that is a long duration, nine hours of choppy water. here is what is begin on around the rocky fire. 79, not bad, relative humidity is low, and gusts at 11 miles per hour, and, thankfully during the weekend, it did not get bigger and it became 85 percent contained or the firefighters got it up that much but the jerusalem fire is up to 5,000 acres and the wind this afternoon and evening, around 20 to 25 miles per hour. so it will be cooler but the winds are coming in because of the parade of area of low pressure keeping us cool and the desert will send us heat on friday and then on saturday and
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taper on sunday. today, mid-to-upper 70s in the south bay and mid-80s in gilroy. 69 in millbrae and mid-70s for the peninsula and los altos 5978. clouds are stubborn at the mid-60s to upper 60s around downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. mid-70's 101 corridor, san rafael up to petaluma, and santa resolution and napa is 80 and vallejo is 78. some areas like richmond and berkeley may not escape the 60s and oakland starts at 70s and castro valley and fremont is at 74 and inland, enjoy the temperatures because some areas by saturday are pushing triple difficulties again and we are 82 in san ramon and pleasanton, and 88 in brentwood. if sleeping wet to, upper 50s on low 60s and cooler than this morning and maybe drizzle along the peninsula chest. here is a look at hill did, head, for hawaii but she is starting to weaken and she will hit an area of wind shear and by
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wednesday into thursday morning she comes in as a back system with some very choppy waves and possible flooding from rain. the winds will definitely be down. notice our temperatures are below average through wednesday and we move us slightly thursday and friday and then big jumps saturday and sunday so enjoy the nice breeze while we have. >> would killed the laughter? move over, lol there is a new way to express laughing on
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messages only the post. >> i have always used ha-ha anyway. >> ahead of the curve. 9
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