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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 14, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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alan? >> reporter: deputy carlos frances worked out of the sheriff's department here. his colleagues are learning of his death. to his friends and family, he was known as diamond. today, he is being called a hero after he jumped into lake tahoe to save a person who was apparently drowning. he got into some trouble and ended up drowning himself. this happened in south lake tahoe yesterday afternoon. it is unclear if the person he was trying to save survived that incident. we are told he lived in sacramento and coached youth football. sheriff david livingston called him a hero and he died doing what he was sworn to do, putting himselves in harm's way to protect the lives of others. he is survived by two sisters who are in law enforcement and a brother, coy frances, who recently retired from the oakland raiders.
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frances himself played football out of the state and the team, stockton lightning. i'm alan wong reporting live from martinez, abc 7 news. >> thanks a lot. it is 4:31 now. did oakland police go too far? that's the question from protesters that con thaend officers didn't need to use lethal force against a suspect shot and killed on wednesday. the head of the police officers association sayings they did nothing wrong. >> i don't know what people expect officers to do. >> reporter: oakland police officer association president, barry donnel lynn says the officers who shot and killed a gun wielding man wednesday afternoon had no choice. >> this gentleman went on a rampage. he robbed citizens, tried to car jack people, running around armed on a major thoroughfare oakland. what are we supposed to do here?
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they claim the suspect was running away. the police say a preliminary autopsy revealed the suspect was shot in the front of his body. the officers association says videos shows the man pointing a gun at them. opd released this photo of the gun they say was found at the scene. the protesters, who marched through oakland witness night, say even if the suspect had a gun, officers did not have to use lethalle when white folks shoot a cop, this he get taken in alive. when black folks have a gun, they end up dead. >> reporter: they told abc 7 news, we urge people to look at the actual facts in each case in particular the recent case in oakland. >> there are groups planning a
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vigil and more demonstrations for friday night. in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> they plan to meet in oakland at 27th and telegraph near the scene of wednesday' shooting. >> more than 21 firefighters are battling the jerusalem fir grown to 25,000 acres. it is burning towards the much-bigger rocky fire. they say the jerusalem fire will run out of fuel by the time it reaches the rocky fire zone. 50 structures threatened. officials expect to have the flames fully contained by monday. it's 4:33. a contra kosta county judge is scheduled to decide whether a violent predator will be released from custody. 71-year-old man was brought to the hospital after violating the conditions of his release. liberty health care, which tracks the release of the
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sexually violent predators, testified that he he recently made contact with an 18-year-old man and didn't tell his case worker. he moved to an area with objections from residents. we are learning more about the death of a young kidnapping victim. they said she was stabbed in the neck and vanished. middleton vanished on july 26th and her body was found the next day inside a recycling bin. they say a 15-year-old neighbor sexually assaulted her before killing her. adrian gonzalez faces charges as an adult. >> the san francisco police academy will graduate the 23rd class. this is video posted on youtube by san jose police. major sam riccardo will attend this afternoon's ceremony and speak to the graduates. it starts at 1:00 p.m. at the fourth street sommet center in downtown san jose. >> the san francisco police
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department will graduate its 244th class. 32 men and women will be sworn in in as full-time officers at the 6:00 p.m. ceremony. they will begin their field training tomorrow. >> the oakland unified school district is doing something almost unheard of. ten days before classes begin, it is holding a recruitment fair. 72 teachers to fill positions for the first day at school. the teacher's shortage is nationwide. oakland's situation is specially acute. they have even learned of retiring and a sharp drop in people entering teaching credentialing programs. substitute teachers are being pulled in to fill the gap. >> you may have to pull those in our central office back to the classroom. we are going to make sure every classroom is staffed. >> they anticipate a teacher's shortage for many years to come. the first recruitment is today. the next one is next wednesday. history in the making this
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morning. in about two hours, the american flag will be raised over the u.s. embassy in cuba for the first time in more than 50 years. secretary of state, john kerry, is in havana overseeing the last step in the obama administration to reestablish ties with the island nation. the next step for diplomates expanding economic ties between the two nations with measures like direct flights and mail service. >> the area workers had made the nation's most dramatic shift from commuting in a vehicle to using alternative transportation. according to a new report, there was a nearly 4% drop from 2006 to 2013. those results also include carpooling. however, even though the bay area had the most significant drop, it still ranks third in the number of workers that use alternative forms of transportation. >> new york city and ithaca, new york, came in first and second respect philadelphia. bicycling is the least popular
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method of commuting nationwide. here in the bay area, cycling is very popular. >> here is mike with a look at the forecast. warmth is going to be popular starting this morning. check out the temperatures. in san francisco, 5-6 degrees warmer than average. the cool spots at 60. we have ocean beach, mission district, 61 and everybody else at 62-63 degrees. we are in the low to mid-60s from richmond. san leandro, santa claire, pleasanton, tracy at 55. american canyon, 59. petaluma, 60. 59 in pacifica. as we head throughout the afternoon, a whole lot of sunshine like yesterday. a little breezy around the entire bay. 74-84 as you head into the south bay. the coast and san francisco, 67-74, warm sunshine. not as comfortable. 84 in the north bay to 93 inland
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east bay. a look at sfo. cloud cover. we'll keep an eye on it. the heat still peeks saturday and sunday and starts to ease on monday. after thinking about going to the coast and enjoying that warm sunshine, i'll show you those warm ocean temperatures and a little bit on el nino. >> a look right now as the san mateo bridge. travels heading across the water. it is going to be nice. 12 minutes to get between 880 and highway 110. as we take you over to san jose and pass by julian street, traffic in the southbound direction, it is a breeze. i am going to take you right over to dublin where we do have an accident. this area shaded in white, some cloud cover and fog in some areas. the darker, the light, the heavier the fog. as you are pushing westbound on 580 and come up to 680, we are going to see the accident hopefully blocking one lane and trying to get everything over to the shoulder. we'll take a look at the south bay commute coming up in a few minutes. >> the rescue in china that is
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giving searchers new hope of finding survivors and the devastation of a massive warehouse explosion. >> ready to do it again? what people around former vice-president, al gore, are saying this morning about a possible 2016 presidential sflun. >> taking a live look outside, nice and easy. nice and easy. we are
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covering los altos, pe ta lieu ma and the bay area an intense thunderstorm rushed through los angeles prompting flash flood warnings. sheering off the top and tossing equipment to the ground. the rain affected gambling. water leaked through the ceiling. pg&e says it has paid a
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million doll fifine for the dea explosion in san bruno. it is part of the penalty levied by them. it requires pg&e to pay $850 million for gas system safety improvements and requirements the utility to refund $400 million to gas customers. >> rescue crews in china have pulled a 19-year-old survivor from the wreckage of a warehouse district leveled by wednesday's explosion. explosion. the video from this. over 1700 injured. it is the largest port. the explosions and aftermath are affecting china's economy. 4:42. moving on to politics. word the democrats may see a
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blast for the past joining the race for president given hillary clinton's perceived lack of momentum. a one-time, high-ranking political adviser to the former vice-president said a group of friends and former aides are having conversations about gore 2016. a gore spokesperson told the tennessee and newspaper, the politician is not exploring a run. this comes as current v.p., joe biden, spends time thinking about his own bid. concern is growing in the democratic party about hillary clinton's candidacy. for the first time, a major poll has the embattled former secretary of state trailing bernie sanders in new hampshire. meanwhile, gop front-runner, donald trump is taking a one-two punch from rand paul in a new ad claiming trump is not really a republican. >> donald trump is headed straight for iowa this weekend to the state fair. he and the other candidates, democrats and republicans, will
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shake hands, talk to voters and eat all the deep fried food they can handle. kenneth moden, abc news. the raiders will play the the raiders will play the first game of the preseason owe d coliseum. >> the game kicks off at 7:00 p.m. the niners play the first pre-season game tomorrow night in houston. >> also, today, giants and javier lopez will be serving coff coffee with 5% of proceeds going to the giants community. affeldt will be at the building and lopez is at in the marina district. both at the stores from noon to 1:00 p.m. ferry building, noon.
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we can go and meet affeldt. how exciting is that? >> and get some coffee. >> i wonder if affeldt could bring us some now. >> oh, yeah. can you serve it up. can you serve it up. that would be awesome. >> it is going to be warm. we are going to talk about el nino off the top. so far, el nino running warmer than the 1997 el nino. 3.4 degrees warmer than average compared to 3.2. what we are seeing, the significant el nino continues to strengthen. 90% chance of it lasting through winter. 85% it could last through spring. that dofcovers all of the seaso. for us, 3 of the 5 stronger el nino weather events have been better than average. only 5 of 17.
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the odds go down a lot. the key, though, is the drought will not end this winter. the reason why is this is the fourth year of the drought. we are 56% of our average precipitation across the state. we need 250% of average for the next three years. our wettest year ever was only 190% of average. so we're trying to do something that's never been done and then trying to do it over a three-year span. just not going to happen. so, yes, we are excited el nino is developing but know it won't break the doubt this winter. >> here is a look at the golden gate bridge. it is much clearer than yesterday. i expect some cloud cover to sneak down as we head throughout the morning. sunshine everywhere today. the warming trend warmer than average over the weekend. winds, less than 10 miles per hour just about everywhere. if you are going out anywhere on the bay, in the delta, we have small craft advisories, going to be rough this afternoon. temperatures are running pretty close to average. low to mid-80s down in the south
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bay. los gatos, morgan hill and gille roy, up in the peninsula, mid-70s to mid-80s. mid to upper 80s through our north bay valleys. santa rosa, one of the warm spots at 88. mid-70s to low 80s along the east bayshore. our warmest weather, m low 90s. look at our temperatures this weekend. it peaks at the coast tomorrow and starts to ease through monday. >> a live look at north bay. 101 traveling at 280. golden gate bridge, traffic there quite quie we haven't seen the zipper track yet but i will certainly let you know as soon as we do. we are taking a look at our
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weather layer here. the shades of white, indicating some cloud cover. we don't have any spa to speak of. will keep us updated on that front. west 580 at 680. we have an accident. over the altamont pass, 30 miles an hour. only checking out a couple minutes for your commute. 32, tracy to dublin. 16 minutes, highway 85 from 101 to samsung has unveiled two new devices. their big new phones. >> the galaxy note 5 and the x 6 featuring nearly 6 inch screens that have built-in, wireless charging that will go on sale next friday. >> unveiling the mobile payment system like apple pay. it is called samsung pay.
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they will work with visa, master card and american express. >> it will launch in the u.s. on september 28th. for those worried about wi-fi signals affecting your private parts. the wireless armor boxer shorts may be the answer. >> pure silver is woven into the cotton will the company claims will block the current from cell phones in men's pockets. women will have to wait for some solutions. >> major 4:49 now. a few clever ideas. coming up, the contest nasa hopes takes flight and changes business in space pass can. >> pesky peacocks that cannot take a hint time to leave. showing you the view from our roof top camera. our roof top camera. you can make out
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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welcome back. 4:51. south lake tahoe police are asking for the public's help to identify a missing man after a life jacket and items were discovered on the board. photos taken from the camera's memory card. he identified himself as moyim and paid in cash when he rented the paddle board and never returned. a water and shoreline search were conducted and so far, nobody has reported him missing they have come up with a speedy new way to make pain killers, using baker's yeast. they have bio engin make them in a few days. they have been working to make the process faster and cheaper. they seem to have succeeded. to are now, it still takes 4400
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gallons of yeast to make a single dose of pain medication. the team thinks that could be improved over the next several years nasa is looking for someone to design smart watch apps for astronauts on the international space station. specifically, they want an app to keep astronauts more organized and safe and it should let them know when they are in a position to communicate with ground control. the best app designer will receive $1500. if you are interested, we have posted all the details at abc 7 millions of americans say they haven't taken a vacation in a year. >> 56% of all americans, can you believe that? the alliance insurance company conducted the survey. they didn't ask why people are putting off vacation time. they are afraid of returning to a mountain of work. some say, no one else can do their job. the survey to find a vacation
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for a week off of work to a place at least 100 miles from home. 4:53, almost 4:54. a check on the weekend weather is heating up. >> a lot of can activities going on. mild, 68 at 7:15. your first pitch as we head towards 9:45, we'll drop down to 65. if you are head together sierra early this morning through 11:00. we have a high fire danger around tahoe and points northward. northward. temperature, 81, 95 114 at palm springs. that's heading our way. if you are going to taylor swift, working on that forecast also. leyla sf. >> taylor swift, you can expect major details around levi stadium. here is a look at the mace. the south bay, this drive also
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quiet. a little bit of cloud cover. 69 miles per hour as you pass by the airport on 101. not going to be a problem here. 280 as you clear downtown right into cupertino. top speeds if you are traveling along highway 85. thank you very much, leyla. new this morning, g.m. just announced a recall on more than 73,000 chevrolet covaults. the issue is there is improper wiring that could prevent the roof-mounted driver side air bag from deploying. it affects the 2010 model they will replace it free of charge the city of louisiana is using cutting edge flying technology to battle the west nile virus. drones are being used to find mosquito breeding grounds, standing water, swimming pools or tires with water inside are some targets.
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once they discover them, someone is dispatched to clean it up. the ultimate goal is to find infested areas and spray them as well. that is the next step a sacramento woman is wits end over an unwanted house guest. >> diana fong says a pesky peacock has taken residence on her roof. officials told her it doesn't fall under their jurisdiction. her neighbor tried to help. >> i have one neighbor that lives down the street who said as soon as she saw him, she called animal control they said they won't touch him, because he is not an endangered species. >> animal rescue cannot help. the local zoo even turned fong down. people in the neighborhood have named the peacock kevin after
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the peacock in the disney movie "up." >> she might want to put a calendar up there showing how close november is. maybe you will leave then. 4:57. are you a walking target for thieves? next at 5:00 a.m., the warning from police in two bay area communities and what the chiefs are after. the new battle brewing over the burned-out apartment in sfrag's missian francisco's district. >> we leave you with abc 7 news. a live look at the oakland maze a live look at the oakland maze where traffic is light same plan. new phone. or a new plan. and a just in case.
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this is abc 7 news. >> it is friday, august 14th. let me reiterate, friday, august 14th. thanks for joining us. >> i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen thomas >> i was going to invite you to say friday again. on this friday, good morning. a look at the golden gate bridge. winds at about 11 miles per hour. clouds lurking above it. they could settle on you as we head through the morning hours. mostly cloudy and mild. above average, low to mid-60s. your 12-hour day planner, up pe per 60s and 70 at the coast. we'll ramp up to 80 inland. quick warming to near 90 at 4:00 and back to 82 at 7:00. i'll show you the weekend heat wave coming up. here is leyla. the traffic wave, not much. we don't have too many cars


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