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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 16, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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firefighters. temperatures are rising.
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broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> dangerous bay area heat. the sign says 103, but it was even hotter in someplaces as we hit record highs across the bay area. and smoky san francisco skies as wildfires rage to the north. a thick cloud of haze that brings its own dangers. good evening, everyone. this is a look from our emeryville camera where things are finally starting to cool off, and we have team coverage on the hot weather. melanie woodrow is in the east bay tonight, but we start with meteorologist drew tuma and a look at live doppler 7hd. >> incredible warmth felt on this sunday afternoon. 14 cities hit record highs. napa, santa rosa, high of
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104. downtown san francisco got to 90 on this afternoon, 92 in oakland and a warm 97 degrees in san jose which was a record high. there was a void of cloud cover and much of the western half of the u.s. high pressure is firmly this control over las vegas bringing us the heat and the stagnant air. that will be the pattern again for monday. it is a spare the air day and it hasn't put into effect the north bay and the santa clara valley. if you can use public transportation, carpool, bike or walk to cut down on emissions. talk about a brief cool down before relief hits us on tuesday . the full accu-weather seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks, drew. >> a swimmer trying to cool off had to be rescued. he had to be pulled to safety after he tried to swim from china beach, but couldn't make it back. his friends called for help after losing sight of him after 5:00 tonight.
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they said their friend was a good swimmer, but they were concerned because he had been drinking. the man was not hurt. lots of family spent the day outside, but there is a hot weather concern beyond sunburns and dehydration. melanie is live in walnut creek with the details. melanie? >> katie, anyone who has ever walked across a beach knows how hot sand can get. the same is true for surfaces here. we found play ground equipment as hot as 140 degrees fahrenheit. the consumer product safety commission warns that the thermal burns can happen even on plastic playgrounds. >> you won't find the metal slides on most modern playgrounds. >> this is plastic. >> but it turns out metal is not the only material that can cause thermal burns. according to the consumer product safety commission as long as equipment is in direct sunlight for an extended period of time there is a risk. >> we are running 130 right
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here. >> that's 130 degrees fahrenheit. he is a certified infrared inspector. he is helping us measure the temperature of this playground equipment. >> if a child decides to climb up the ladder they could get burned. >> the lighter colored equipment is less dangerous, but still very hot. >> it looks more shaded, but she is still going down 110 degrees, 160 degree slide. >> and it is not just the play ground that is heating up the rubber rised surface. it is at least 130 degrees fahrenheit, and the bottom of my shoe is at least 120 degrees fahrenheit. the results are surprising to mom amanda here with her son, walker. >> you don't really hear people talking about it, not the way you hear about sunscreen. >> they warn a young child's skin is more susceptible to thermal burns. and also that some children haven't yet learned to react
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by removing themselves from the hot surface. the swing reads 115 degrees. the hottest surface on this play ground is the most popular. >> 148, 150 degrees. >> our temperature readings are at 5:00 p.m. they estimate the readings would be at least 20 degrees hotter. in walnut creek, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> the heat is also behind some power outages across the bay area. right now 2600 customers are without power in gilroy. 1200 in san jose and 220 people are in the dark in walnut creek. there is no estimate right now as to when the power will be restored. the officials at water world, california in concord tell us they have close to record breaking ticket sales. the park could not release the numbers, but from splashing in the wade pool to splashing in the lazy river it was a
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popular place to cool off. for dogs and people alike it may have felt like you were under a heat lamp in san francisco today. the normally chilly inner richmond heated up early. plenty of customers at the farmer's market c said it was a welcome change from a normally foggy and cold weather. you can see how hot it will get where you live with the abc7 weather app for your smartphone. it is free on apple's app store and google play and we have more information at the soaring heat is making things difficult for firefighters throughout the state. we have a map that shows you the major fires in california right now. the latest is burning in los angeles county. abc7 news reporter lilian kim is live in the newsroom with more. >> it is called the warm fire. it is growing fast and last we checked there is zero percent containment. >> it is now 500 acres which firefighters say could quickly grow to 2,000.
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six structures have burned so far. like elsewhere they are dealing with triple digit temperatures, steep terrain and dry vegetation. >> we have steep terrain and heavy vegetation in the area. the fire hasn't burned in quite a number of years. that's going to be a challenge. >> the fire is burning northeast of castaic lake. it broke out as 18 major fires were raging in california. the jerusalem fire near clear lake is one of them. it is now 85% contained. full containment is expected later this week. firefighters are doing everything they can to strengthen and finish the line by thursday. >> as well as making sure that we take care of any issues such as hotspots. it could carry an ember across the line. we want to make sure we get the hotspots taken care of. >> no doubt a long, hot summer, testing the state's resources. lilian kim, abc7 news.
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a two-alarm fire destroyed a home in san jose tonight. it happened here on bird avenue around 5:30. the man who rents the house arrived just as firefighters were knocking down the flames. his son and his girlfriend were in the house when the fire broke out. >> he said he heard a boom or a bang or something in the garage. he investigated it and he opened the garage door and flames and smoke were coming out. he grabbed the fire distinguisher and used it all and it didn't help. >> his son, girlfriend and dog got out unharmed, but he did lose his construction tools that were in the garage plus two vehicles. >> sunnyvale police are searching for an armed suspect who was with a man that an officer shot and killed yesterday. police were responding to activity at the motel 6 when two men ran from them. one dropped a high capacity magazine and another shot one
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of the suspects and the other kept running. investigators say they don't know if the suspects fired a weapon, but the officers did find a second gun in the backpack that the dead suspect was wearing. in sonoma county, the chp is trying to find anyone who saw a motor home burst into flames trapping and killing the man driving it. a smoking pile of debris on highway 116 between petaluma and sonoma shows where it happened. investigators think the motor home may have exploded. this was about 8:00 this morning. and then they think it crashed in a hillside. the cause could be mechanical. now to a story we first brought you on abc7 news five years ago. an east bay elementary school that was on the brink of closing is reopening tomorrow. in 2010 we reported on the bond measure to rebuild coronado elementary school in richmond. one year before that the school was on the chopping block. it required them to rebuild the school and the district kept its promise. the students will report for
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the first day of school in the morning. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, on the campaign trail in iowa today. tradition takes a backseat to donald trump. how he is shaking things up at the state fair. and the trouble with air b and b. a woman fighting a huge fine and her battle has just begun. and the unusual problem this toy created at an international airport.
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technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. country and all of the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> presidential hopefuls spent the weekend looking for support at the iowa state fair. the maverick republican front runner took the fair by storm as iowa ans turned out in
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droves to see the donald in the flesh. here is abc news reporter. >> at the iowa state fair they are buzzing about donald trump's whirlwind campaign stops. >> i am not even supporting, but i am talking about it. >> trump was treated as a conquering hero. at times he could barely move. he what so moped by -- mobbed by admirers. the billionaire republican front runner is making illegal immigration his showcase issue. >> we are building a wall. it will be a wall that is -- nobody is going through my wall. >> today in his first policy paper, trump said he will force mexico to foot the bill by steeply hiking fees on the u.s. visas for mexicans. he tripled the number of immigration officers and end birthright citizenship which she calls the biggest magnet for illegal immigration. as iowa ans voted their
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presidential preferences with corn colonels, a new national poll shows trump holding on to the big lead in the gop field. jeb bush now shows up in fourth place and ben carson has now jumped into second. unlike trump carson doesn't have a helicopter so he had to fly over the fair on this sky glider ride. >> can you catch trump in iowa? >> i don't look at it in terms of catching him or not. it is a marathon. it is not a sprint. we have plenty of time to sort that out. >> hillary clinton is the favorite among democrats. >> i am having a good time. we are four months into this. i feel positive. >> donald trump will be off the campaign trail on monday. he has been called to jury duty in new york. >> the candidates have been on social media to talk about their time in iowa. the gop contender thanked the crowds and said we can work together for a common sense solution.
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at the fair the democratic candidate hillary clinton unveiled a plan to help students through college. she said students should never have to take out a loan to pay for tuition at their state's public university. the national security agency spied on people's internet use. the "new york times" reports between 2003 and 2013 and at&t collected and handed over to the nsa billions of e-mails. the company also helped wiretap all on-line communications at the united nations. at&t says it does not comment on issues of national security. not to be indelicate, but there was a bit of a situation with a fart blaster at an airport in ireland. they seized this toy, a minion blaster of a boy trying to brothered the plane. it makes noises and emits a banana-like scent.
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they don't allow any gun replicas on the planes, but the boy can pick it up on his return trip home. in vallejo, a farewell party to mark the last day of service for a rollercoaster at six flags discovery kingdom. the rollercoaster closed with a couple of guests including a couple that got married on the ride the opening year. they were pronounced man and wife with 20 of their friends and family. >> yeah, that was us. >> the park closed the rollercoaster to make room for future expansion. the last ride was at 7:00 p.m. with six flags employees there as the last riders. maybe being on a rollercoaster with a breeze helped cool people down today, drew. >> we were certainly getting a
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breeze from mother nature. it will be a couple of degrees cooler, but you will notice the difference on tuesday. that's when the marine layer will come back. a live look showing you gorgeous downtown san francisco. it is going to be a warm night after a record hot day. the temperatures are falling into the 60s tomorrow. it will be hot on monday and another spare the air day is in effect. we will cool off come tuesday. out there right now, just a very warm day in some spots. it is 83 in livermore. 73 in hayward. you look to the coast and half moon bay 58 degrees. downtown san francisco 68. there is a light on shore flow so the coast is where you will want to be to beat the heat. future weather will show a shallow marine layer developing tomorrow morning. fog is right along the immediate coast will mean cooler numbers there, but elsewhere we are warm to hot as we go around the bay. it is on tuesday, and watch as the marine layer punches into
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the heart of the bay area. on tuesday morning we will wake up to low clouds and cooler numbers and that will set the stage for a refreshing tuesday afternoon. the heat wave will finally break on the seven-day forecast. overnight it will be warm. mainly clear skies and the temperatures are mainly in the 60s around the bay area. the only exception is the north bay will fall into the upper 50s. it is a school night for some. yes san francisco unified is back in session tomorrow morning at 7:00 in the morning. the temperature is about 61 degrees. partly cloudy by 3:00 in the afternoon. it will be mild. lots of sunshine and warm temperatures of 78 degrees. highs for monday, microclimate in the south bay. 91 san jose. 90 santa clara. 88 the high in sunnyvale. 89 san mateo. fog in paw sesk caw. it is -- pacifica. it is still mild. 82 tomorrow and 75 for sunset district. 91 in santa rosa and 90 in
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novato, 89 in vallejo. 85 in oakland. 81 in hercules. inept in -- 90 in fremont and inland it is hot. 94 pleasanton and and 102 in brentwood. the heat wave ends and this is what we want to see. temperatures are generally in the 70s. no triple digits and warmest spots in the 90s. relief is coming. one more day where it is hot. hazy by tuesday. the heat will back off and our air quality greatly improves by wednesday and thursday. friday and next weekend it is nice for august after the hot weekend we just had across the region. >> thank you, drew. for more reasons than one. still to come, a special honor tonight
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jose where there has been a police shooting. this is happening just north of east capital expressway. we are working to get more information on whether there are any fatalities. follow us on twitter at abc7 news bay area for updates. the seven kingdoms have gone from the small screen to a scholarly pursuit at uc berkeley. yes, students at cal can take a "game of thrones" class. it looks at the popular hbo mideach -- mideach fantasy drama. it is part of the film studies program and it includes religion, poverty and how the show portrays women. the winning doesn't stop for steph curry. the mvp won choice male athlete at the teen choice awards in l.a. he beat outlaw bron james, soccer star renaldo and golfer jordan sprite. this -- jordan spieth. this is the beggest award
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as -- biggest award decided by teenagers. i think the area people would agree with them when it comes to steph curry. >> he deserves it. let's talk baseball with a legendary pitcher watching from the stands. bumgarner gives a legendary life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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and kitchens where every meal is bill's got a very tough 13lie here...... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here.
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my wife and i are both from san jose. my kids and their friends live in this community. every time i go to a customer's house, their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me. one of the most rewarding parts of this job is after you help a customer, seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california. life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. brought to you by xfinity. >> he was the only giants pitch tore strike out 10 plus in a complete win. until bum dward neither did it today as they completed a four-game sweep. the three-time cy young award winner at at&t park and watching bumgarner looking in the mirror.
11:29 pm
3,646 strikeouts. he struck out the side in the first. victimized three times. he only needed one run of offense. a liftoff in the fourth and a two-run blast and 3-0. he helped his own cause in the seventh. the fourth homer of the year. he hit 12 in his hall of fame career. escobar with the final out. bumgarner is the first giant since tim lincecum threw a complete game win. three hits and goes the distance for his 14th win of the year. >> i felt pretty good. i felt like there is always something you can do better. for the most part it is tough to beat. >> he is fun to play behind. it is remarkable the way he throws his pitches and the different pitches he has. it is fun to watch. >> could the giants gain any ground on the dodgers today? l.a. is hosting the reds.
11:30 pm
embarrassing results. the seventh strong and he improves to 13-2. the game winning run is a homerun that he hit in the fifth. 2-1 dodgers and they stay two and a half up on the giants in the nl west. the white sox put a halt to the nine-game win streak. he took a no hitter into the 6th before a now better -- a fowler base hit. the sox win it 3-1 and the giants are three and a halfback of the wild card spot. the american league east was not kind to the a's. swept by the bluejays they have lost three in a row with the series finale happening tomorrow. walkoff homers on friday and saturday. the late heroics not needed. adam jones and company, four home runs in the game. they hit 10 in the series so far. they blasted today in the fifth. they add nine more runs on 10 hits.
11:31 pm
freight train mode and two runs score. he continues to be a bright spot for the a's though. the seventh inning and thinks he has a two-run shot. he has other ideas. he robs him at the wall. here is how bad it got. the the first base man only got one hit. a's embarrassed 18-2 and losing streak at 16 and 17 games under 500. this sports report is brought to you by xfinity. >> your favorite. thanks, colin. just ahead, searchers spot the wreckage of a missing plane out of indonesia. the latest on the rescue efforts. and a crackdown on air b and b. the high cost for a southern californ
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broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> good evening. we have breaking news happening right now in the south bay. it was just after 10:00 a police officer shot someone on center road near east capital expressway in san jose. we are working to find out that person's condition. stay with abc7 fuse and follow us on twitter for updates. we will also have the latest on abc7 morning news at 4:30 tomorrow morning. from san jose to santa rosa and san francisco to concord 14 bay area cities set record temperatures and another scorcher is on top for tomorrow. drew will be along in a few minutes to tell us if it will be hot enough to shatter more records. >> with the heat cooperation a danger for children you may not think about. plastic play ground equipment
11:36 pm
can reach temperatures of more than 130 degrees and that can cause thermal burns on a child's skin. there are 24 active, major fires across the state. the latest in los angeles county. smoke from the fires in lake county is expected to drift down to the bay area again tomorrow prompting a third straight spare the air day. a search plane has spotted the wreckage of an indonesian passenger jet. it disappeared after leaving papua this morning. the plane carrying 54 people crashed seven miles from its destination. no word if anyone survived. the transportation ministry said there was no indication that the pilot made a distress call. >> this particular airline has more than a spotty record. the european union won't let them in because of their safety compliance record in the past. >> rugged terrain and weather have hampered rescue efforts on foot.
11:37 pm
five people were killed in a midair collision in san diego this morning. the crash sparked brushfires in an area two miles from brown field municipal airport. four people were on board the twin-engine jet leased by a military contractor that collided with a single engine cessna. the planes caught fire when they hit the ground and broke apart. a hot air balloon ride turned to horror after it crashed into a power line in pennsylvania. all three people on board suffered injuries from the electrical shock. one person was in critical condition. karen travers has the latest. >> with darkness setting in. chaos and confusion. >> a hot air balloon crash over the wires. >> the balloon landed safely in the field. when it was deflating, the top blew over hitting electric lines. the impact is sending a surge down into the basket. >> there is one woman in cardiac arrest.
11:38 pm
>> by that time all of the ambulances were coming. >> there were three people in the balloon and all three were injured and suffered electrical burns. >> it is the latest terrifying incident involving a hot air balloon and power lines. a balloon with six people on board crashed into the electric lines setting off two explosions. a similar incident in virginia killing three. accidents are rare. over the past decade government statistics show 120 involving hot air balloons. the f.a.a. is investigating this weekend's insurance department. it left one passenger in critical condition and the other stable. the pilot treated and released from the hospital. abc news, washington. like many people looking to make some extra cash you may be considering renting out your place on air b and b.
11:39 pm
more and more cities are cracking down. one woman went from making money to owing thousands in fines. lyndsay janice has a look at what you need to know to avoid getting snagged. >> tonight rachel smith, a retired teacher and grandmother, is smack dab in the middle of debates across the country. >> i am a good neighbor. >> smith did what so many homeowners do to make extra money. she began renting out rooms in her san diego home on air b and b, charging $80 a night and earning $15,000 over two years. >> this is one guest room that was available. >> smith says she thought she was following the rules. >> we contacted the city tax office that occurred us we were covered. >> but the city recently shut her down and slapping her with an $18,000 fine for running a bed and breakfast without a
11:40 pm
permit. communities from coast to coast now scrambling to catch up with the vacation rental craze. santa monica, california cracking down too. requiring air b and b hosts to live on the property during a renter's stay and collect a 14% occupancy tax. and new york city considering fining hosts up to $50,000 for running illegal hotels. air b and b is telling abc news that it lists for -- the rules for some cities on its website, but it is up to the host to make sure they are not breaking the law. >> one office said one thing and another says something else and i don't know which way to go. >> as for smith she is fighting the fine. she is happy to play by the rules, if only they were made more clear. lyndsay janice, abc news, no. an ancient town in israel is being uncovered and they say it was home to a famous biblical figure. they say these coblentzed streets may have been home to
11:41 pm
mary magdalen. they found purification bathes, coins and a bowl that jesus may have used to wash his hands before entering the synagogue to pray. a local family is trapped in the middle of a mega merger. michael finney is back with their vacation nightmare. >> i am meteorologist drew tuma. after a record setting wick -- weekend we reached the core of the
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a new sea chance to tryew look. something different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. ♪ the 2015 cadillac srx. lease this from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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gatos and all of the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> american airlines and u.s. airways merged recently, but the reservation systems are not entirely integrated yet and a bay area family was caught in the middle. michael finney tells us how it ruined their vacation. >> robin ashley was excited to vacation in the caribbean this summer. it was to celebrate ashley's mom's 60th birthday with the entire family. they bought six tickets for themselves and their four children. they would be traveling on u.s. air and american that have merged, but still operating as separate carriers. when they got to the gate in oakland though -- >> they tried to scan my ticket and my three daughters' tickets and it wasn't coming up as valid. >> the ticket agents asked
11:45 pm
them to step aside while the stand byes boarded. as the family stood there watching the gate shut. >> they admitted they weren't able to get us on. >> they offered to rebook them out of sfo. >> they gave us tickets not only out of san francisco, but to go from phoenix to miami and miami to turks and caicos. >> they went over to sfo and were able to board, but they add 10-hour layover. >> the two little ones were crying basically the whole way through security. >> when they got to the gate in phoenix the ticketing agent had them step aside. >> we knew right then that there were issues again with our tickets. >> the gate closed on them again. now it was 3:00 a.m. >> we had been waiting and traveling for 20 plus hour and have four small children. each day we are basically
11:46 pm
losing money on vacation. >> they said there were no other options to get them to their vacation except stand by several days later. at that point they asked for a flight home. >> they couldn't even get us home. >> so they rented a car and drove home. >> my mom was in tears we weren't going to make it and i was as well. >> they stole that memory from our family. >> they asked american airlines to reimburse their expenses. >> we thought we would hear back in a reasonable amount of time. we didn't. >> finally they got an e-mail from american airlines saying basically they couldn't do anything for them. that's when the mullens called 7 on your side and we called american airlines. >> the next day american airlines admitted they made an error and given us invalid tickets. they would reimburse the money we lost on the airline tickets. >> american airlines says on october 17th, 2015, we
11:47 pm
will shift to one reservation system and transition all u.s. airways flights to american flights. this will eliminate the odds of this happening in the future as we will be on one reservation system. >> the airline refuses to reimburse the mullens for their prepaid hotel and car so they are out almost $10,000. "straight outta compton" headed straight to the top. itit herbed more than $56 million in its first weekend. "rogue nation" came in second. "fantastic 4" and" the gift" round out the top five. lucas film is showing off the first cast photo for the stand alone movie. the film ""star wars" rogue 1" will be a free well to the first film.
11:48 pm
forest whitaker and felic tie y jones will star in the movie. it will be released next december. lots of "star wars" news. it takes the sting out of the heat. >> a little bit. it comes out in december. >> you get the popcorn. >> and you get the drink? done. widening out, there is a lot of unsettled weather. a cold front is moving east. so showers from atlanta to new orleans and up to chicago we are in the 80s. 96 in dallas and even the four corners are quiet. it is hot in california, but right now it looks like monday's record high is not in jeopardy as it cools off after the heat wave we have had over the weekend. 114 palm springs. 73 monterey and chico. we will zoom into the bay area. it is hot in a lot of spots.
11:49 pm
97 concord and 99 in livermore. san francisco 82. accu-weather seven-day forecast showing you hot in 1309s -- in spots. wednesday it is fog to sunshine. >> thank you, drew. we should invite colin to our movie party. would you like to come? >> i am here too, everybody. like sour patch kids. >> we saved the best for last. >> let's talk golf. no player in the history of major championships finished 20 under par until today. jason day exercises the demons after years of close calls. he is a major champion in record setting fashi
11:50 pm
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brought to you by xfinity. >> jason day had his day. he held off the masters to claim his first major. the 97th pga championship. the low scores there for the taking. once again at whistling straits. three under including a chip in for eagle. lefty finished tied for 18th. day two up on spieth. he is a 14 under and seconds later and woe.
11:53 pm
no he didn't. brandon grace playing in the second to last group. gets a 16 under. 49 spieth. this was the week it was. the 27-year-old australian back at 19 under. meanwhile crumbling on 10. double bogey. as for rose, major win before the u.s. open. two holes later and bunker issues on 13. solo fourth at 14 under. as the final round began, within three he is at 16 under. up and down and to stay at mns mns6 -- minus 16. he has a birdie opportunity. still good. he finds the right edge to 20
11:54 pm
under a four-shot lead. quadruple bogey. he had six birdies. day would close the door by the time he hit this putt on 17. he doesn't go. he gives him the thumbs up as he comes to rest a foot from the hole. formality from that point on. it is a walk up 18. it is the best score to par in major history. and then his caddie like a father figure for day as he claims his first major championship. >> i didn't expect i was going to cry. a lot of emotion has come out because i was so close so many times and fallen short, just really close. to be able to play the way i did today especially in tough
11:55 pm
conditions and jordan in my group, i mean, i could tell he was the favorite and just to be able to play the way i did and finish the way i did was uh paying. >> good stuff. you think day had it going this week? brooks henderson blitzed the field. the canadian registers her first victory and she wins by eight strokes. she is the third player to win before turning 18. final pre-season game of week one, colts and eagles. andrew luck frief of 6 for 43 yards and hits andre johnson there. the usc product mark sanchez and this is one of them. we have a tim tebow sighting. six of 12 passing, but that's what he does best. seven yards for the touchdown. eagles win beg 36-10.
11:56 pm
a tough day for jimmie johnson. his crew is behind him. he finishes 39th out of 43 cars. he lead 14 sick -- 146 of 200 laps. 48 degrees celsius and isn't that 120 fahrenheit? am i right? i know my centigrade. roger cup finals and murray lost eight consecutive matches and that streak is over. top ranked player in the world loses for the fourth time in 56 matches. the u.s. hope starts two weeks from monday. it has been a crazy summer for andre since winning the nba finals mvp honors. he was a guest on kimmel and a presenter at the espys. saturday had to be up there. >> do here by proclaim that
11:57 pm
saturday august 5 -- 15th is y go do law day. >> he starred there in high school. the abc7 sports report is brought to you by xfin tie y. >> pretty good. >> pretty good. >> that is it for tonight. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. for colin and drew, thank you for joining us and have a good woke. good do you like the passaaadd? it's a good looking car. this is the model rear end event. the model year end sales event. it's year end! it's the rear end event. year end, rear end, check it out. talk about turbocharging my engine. you're gorgeous. what kind of car do you like? new, or many miles on it? get a $1000 volkswagen reward card
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