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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 17, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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we will tell you about the delays. >> now, we will see what also we can find about the earthquake as folks are tag about it. katie, what are folks feeling in piedmont, and we pulled up the picture of the map. we are getting more information from folks who describe what they felt. the consensus is sharp jolt followed by rolling motion. do not know if we have had after shocks yet. so far, it is 4.0 magnitude, and fairly shallow earthquake which is why we felt it so directly. >> according to this site there are a few more after shocks since the initial jolt which
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came 10 or 15 minutes ago in the last few minutes, though, a 1.7 magnitude earthquake in piedmont followed by 1.4 magnitude earthquake in piedmont and 1.8 magnitude earthquake in the half mile area of piedmont, after shocks along the fault line where we had the original fault 15 minutes -- original jolt 15 minutes ago. >> we have not heard of any injuries or damage. we would like to hear from folks in piedmont and what is going on with them and whether anything came off the shelves. 10 or 15 minutes ago 4.0 magnitude earthquake kilometer
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north of piedmont struck. you may have felt it strongly at home. >> if you can tweet us using # abc7newto #abc7newtotellushowyouexperience --#abc7newsnow. our director did not notice rolling in the oakland only a jolt in the hills area but folks in the bay area are having different expenses with the earthquake. mostly, in the piedmont area people are saying they felt it pretty good and bart is looking up information at the bart to see if they are holding trains and the system-wide issues, if there are any buses, perhaps, they could really out for commuters and leyla is working up zigging information on that and will get back to us. >> if you have access to the
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u.s. geological survey website you can go yourself and find out what they are saying. there is a big blue dot on the map of california showing a fault but cannot figure out what the fault is, since it runs through piedmont, it could be the hayward fault that runs through the university of california at berkeley. it used to affect the stadium. yes, it was quite a jolt and an eye opener. many folks probably felt it because they did not leave for work. >> there is a ten-minute delay system wide because of the earthquake system-wide, transit obviously related and we find out what system that is. here is a picture for you, another one, the u.s. geological survey showing the earthquake that happened this morning centered in piedmont just a small east bay community in
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alameda, not too far from oakland.
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haven't had any damage reports yet or reports of any injuries. >> i just pulled up on the ipad, our dan nois is tweeting about the quake. dan, you experienced that as well in mer rin. and mostly we have been getting folks from the east bay and san francisco and the peninsula. good to know what the situation was there in marin. thank you, dan. >> and one again checking areas around here where there may be been people who fult it more
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acutely than in other places, we're still checking. >> we'll try to get a little more information. right now all we can do is recap for you. a magnitude 4.0 earthquake, happened about 6:49. we want to get to mike nicco with a little more information. >> we see this come up on the ipad. this star area, the red area is where people may have felt the earthquake more acutely. this was centered near paid month. and of course most of the felt area would be in alameda county. but here in san francisco, yeah, we felt it pretty well. a pretty sharp jolt. let's check in with mike and find out what more he's learned. >> here's the shake map. if we pull up the weather graphics what you'll see is it goes all the way up to skroes, out to vacaville, down to free month, cupertino and into some of the higher elevations of the
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santa cruz mountains. underneath the banner, is the breaking news banner. i'm going to move this up. you can see the color coding. it goes from nothing to a little bit of a nothing or sea foam green and that's going from week to moderate at least on this scale. so it was a fairly quiet earthquake, i guess. we've seen in the past when somebody has been over the epi center of a 4.0, they will have minimal damage, stuff will fall off the shovelves. maybe a mayor crack in the wall. but that's from past 4.0 earthquakes. i imagine that's what we're going to be seeing when the people in that area start to survey their houses and walk around to see if there was any damage in the piedmont area because that is the closest city
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to where this happened. it happened .6 of a mile of the paid i don't area. close to the caldecott tunnel. that would be interesting, going through the tunnel and have the earthquake happen. what you're seeing right there is a weak to moderate. the shaking was, as we mentioned, it kind of came in two waves here. you guys noticed it before i did because u was doing the weather forecast. i could see your head pop up and the lights start to sway and we felt the floor start to shake. it was a little bit of a rolling nature. >> i would saw that's what it was. but different people, different areas, different recommend innocences about what actually happened. one thing we all agree on is the big jolt in the seismograph reading, the large flow of
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energy from the earthquake and the fault that it is on. we're continuing to monitor this situation. no major damage reports yet. no reports of any injuries. but we'll follow up on this. we do have another news break at 7:25 and we'll bring you the latest then. >> you'll want to tweet us using the #abc. 7 now. we're going to send you back to "good morning america" in progress. but we'll continue to follow up on this another 500 delayed. some for hours. turns out, according to the faa, it was a software update that actually caused the problem, leading to the system going down. that meant sunday, airlines scrambled to get their jets in the right position for the beginning of the workweek. >> crews that have to be scheduled. people have to get places. it has a terrible effect on the whole system across the united states, not just one small sector.
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>> reporter: kind of like an app on your phone, you update it and then your phone doesn't work. that's what happened. george, it looks like most of the planes, pilots, crews, are in place this morning. should be back to normal. >> they're lining up right behind you. david, thanks very much. now to a big announcement about female viagra. the fda set to announce tomorrow whether they'll approve the little pink pill for women. rebecca jarvis here with the latest. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: this could be a game-changer. experts estimate that if approved, 16 million women might want to take this pill. it is a drug that would be the first ever of its kind for women. in the big industry of pharmaceuticals, this little pink pill could start making waves across the country this week. the fda expected to announce tomorrow whether they'll approve, deny, or postpone the pill dubbed the female viagra. >> this is the age of taking action. >> reporter: but where vie ago
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viagra are treats problem was blood flow in men, this drug which works with key chemicals in the brain is specifically aimed at treating hypoactive sexual desire disorder, hsdd, which affects one in ten women. this june an fda advisory panel voted 18-6 in favor of the drug. the panel hearing testimony from this mother and daughter. >> i had a wonderful, loving husband. and no sexual feelings whatsoever. >> my marriage has suffered greatly. so much so that the conversation of divorce is on the table, stemming from my low sexual desire. >> reporter: if approved, the once-a-day pill would be the first of its kind available to consumers. but it has already faced backlash, some questioning its effectiveness and safety. for some women, this impending fda announcement could make all the difference. >> no negative side effects. only positive ones. really good ones. >> reporter: now, if the drug does win approval, you shouldn't expect to see a lot of advertising for it. at least not at first, because the maker of the drug has
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promised the fda that to curb potential misuse, it will not advertise on tv or on radio for 18 months, robin and george. >> thank you, rebecca. to amy. >> all right. george. and we begin with breaking news for our west coast viewers an earthquake hitting the bay area moments ago aditi roy is tracking this. what do you know? >> reporter: good morning. that it earth quake 4.0. hit around 6:00 a.m. local time. 13 miles east of of francisco. b.a.r.t. trains were stopped. it appears no one was injured, and no major damage, just an early wake-up call. >> that's good news, thank you very much. we appreciate it. it was felt in down town san francisco. damage unclear at this hour but we'll have the very latest throughout the day on abc news. also breaking right now a it
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deadly explosion rocking thailand's capital. cautioned by a bomb and it was caught on it camera. people fleeing in terror. there are reports of 12 dead and many others wounded. also breaking right now. a search plane spotting wreckage believed to be from the passenger jet that went missing sunday with 54 people on board. the trigana air service flight was 7 miles from the airport before it disappeared. we learned overnight it may have been carrying a million dollars in cash to help h villagers. back here at home, a deadly midair collision between two small planes near san diego. five people were killed when the planes collided as they approached the airport. the pentagon is reportedly that a 32-year-old it testify
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decorated veteran it who served five tours in iraq and afghanistan, has died in an accident. pe suffered a broken leg, the one that he hit. the pentagon is reportedly planning to dramatically expand its drone program. sources tell "the washington post" the number of drone flights will jump 50% over the next four years for surveillance of global hot spots like iraq, syria and ukraine. a bizarre scene captured by a dashboard camera. look at that. those blaring horns not enough to stop that dump truck running through those signs, this happened in saudi arabia. luckily nothing fell on to those vehicles and rockably no one was injured. certainly frightening moments overseas all captured on camera. history made in the nfl over the weekend.
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sarah thomas, the first female referee meeting the first female assistant coach, jen welter. that is the nfl's first female assistant coach. looks like they had a nice time but unfortunately they got together before welter and cardinals were beaten by the chiefs. and finally how is this for a rude awakening on a summer morning. >> one, two, three! yep, that's a five-piece jazz band helping wake up 10-year-old sophie. her mom was having trouble to get her out of bed preparing her for back to school. she worked with a local radio station to set up the prank. once sophie got over the initial shock, she took it in stride. she said she might get herself earplugs. but all captured on camera for all to see. apparently, her mom tried a softer approach. baking cinnamon buns. that didn't work. had the dog -- she just went all in. >> that wouldn't work.
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>> my dad would get a cold rag and throw it on us. >> how did that work? >> it worked better than that. i would have hated him. >> all right. everybody. now to the pga championship. an emotional victory for australian golfer jason day, the win coming weeks after he collapsed at the u.s. open because of vertigo. t.j. holmes, this was great, t.j., to watch this weekend. >> i watched it from start to finish. we're all accustomed to seeing athletes in all sports, break down crying after a big win. we don't see them break down before they've officially won. that's exactly what he did. jason day has been through the fire and back. in his personal life and career. actually held the lead going to the last day of the last three majors. before today, he was known as the best golfer in the world to never win a major. that title no longer applies. >> already starting to show a lot of emotion. >> reporter: emotions running high on the 18th green before the final putt. >> i hope he can see the golf
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ball true the tears. >> reporter: jason day fighting through the top players and his tears on the course sunday. clinching the pga championship. his first career major victory, surpassing the mark tiger woods set 16 years ago. his family rushing onto the course to join the long-awaited celebration. >> as sweet a scene as you'll ever see on the 18th green. >> i had no idea about the record. until after the -- after it was over. to be able to hold that record currently is -- is really amazing. >> reporter: the victory coming just weeks after his dramatic collapse on the course at the u.s. open after suffering a bout of vertigo. >> one of the competitors, jason day, who can't get up. >> did you slip and fall or collapse? >> reporter: this time, no such struggles. >> a phenomenal talent in a major championship. >> reporter: woods taking to twitter to congratulate day. game over. very happy for jason. great dude and well deserved. jason lost his dad to cancer when he was a young kid.
7:18 am
dad that got him into golf. he was drinking. fighting. calling himself an alcoholic at the age of 12. to get his family out of that situation, to get to that moment. that's why you see him so emotional on the course. this is a kid you want to cheer for. >> great story. >> good stuff. >> thank you, t.j. extreme weather all across the country. >> we have to go to the plains for this one. let's start in allenspark, colorado. there were at least 20 severe storm reports yesterday. i think there will be more today. i think hail like that could fall in places east of denver. so, yes, denver included. in that severe weather threat. colorado springs, eastern -- excuse me, far western kansas and later tonight into oklahoma and texas panhandles. let's get those select cities brought to you by chico's.
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good morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco with your bay area microclimate forecast. look at the murky smokey unshine today. it will be hot in many areas. the cooling that hits the coast in san francisco will reach all of us by wednesday and we'll have seasonal highs and cleaner weather this weekend. 70 in half moon bay, 75 in san francisco, 80s around the bay, 90s inland. here's my we have a lot more coming up this morning. morgan freeman is speaking out, emotional after his 33-year-old granddaughter found dead. her live-in boyfriend the chief suspect. we have the latest this morning. a prominent prep school under fire as a former student takes the stand, accused of
7:20 am
assaulting a young woman. what he says really happened. "gma investigates." what's in your neighborhood pool? you will want to know before you dive in again. and we went to the people in charge to get some answers. >> hi, we're from abc news. we've been trying to get ahold of you. are you the manager? >> what they did next just ahead. what they did next just ahead. botox® treats symptoms of leaking, going too often, and the strong sudden need to go. ask your urologist if botox® can help calm your bladder and reduce your daily leakage episodes. the effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, loss of bladder control or muscle weakness can be a sign of a life-threatening condition. don't take botox® if you can't empty your bladder on your own or have a urinary tract infection, or uti. side effects may include allergic reactions,
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7:25 am
francisco in the west. b.a.r.t. is hold services for track checks. here's new video out of piedmont where the fire trucks have been pulled out of the fire house. that's standard procedure following an earthquake. so if something comes falling down it will not affect their ability to respond. let's find out more about the commute. >> b.a.r.t. is still recovering from their earlier delay, a 10-minute delay system wide is expected because of the earthquake. they're checking the track. as we take a look at the bay area bridges, golden gate bridge check in without any damage, as is the bay bridge. you're
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all right. here's the center of the earthquake harbor drive up in the hills around piedmont just to the west of 13th. temperatures today much cooler along the coast in san francisco. still 80s around the bay, 90s inland but 100 inlands east bay. spare the air day but the cooler weather will get all of us. be much cleaner on wednesday. coming up on
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good morning, america. right now, more than 80 wildfires raging out west. thousands of firefighters working to control the blaze as they face record-breaking triple-digit temperatures. also right now, investigators searching for the cause of those devastating blasts in china as the death toll climbs to 114. 70 people still missing. and oscar pistorius getting ready to leave jail after serving ten months in prison for shooting his girlfriend to death. he's set to be freed from prison on monday. good morning, america. happy monday. a lot to get to. including this story. a high-tech rescue. a teenager in tennessee was pinned under his truck. he has siri to thank for saving his life. we'll get into that in just a little bit. we begin this half hour with the latest on the devastating
7:31 am
loss for morgan freeman. the actor's granddaughter was found dead this weekend on a new york city sidewalk. an investigation is under way. mara schiavocampo is here with the latest. good morning, mara. >> reporter: e'dena hines was an actress herself. telling friends she had just been cast in an independent film and her dreams are starting to come true but now her family is living through a nightmare. 33-year-old e'dena hines, a graduate of nyu's prestigious acting program, had a promising career. with roles on broadway and in film. including one with her famous grandfather, morgan freeman. but today, her promising life cut short. >> 3:00 a.m., i heard a guy yelling. and i heard a woman scream. >> reporter: found stabbed to death on a new york city sidewalk, not far from her home. >> i go to the window and i see him on top of a woman, and, i couldn't see what was going on. then the police came.
7:32 am
two police cars came and arrested the guy. >> reporter: police arresting her live-in boyfriend, lamar davenport, who allegedly attacked her in the midst of a drug-induced psychosis. >> he was screaming jesus christ is born. >> reporter: davenport taken to a new york hospital for a psychological evaluation. where authorities charged him with second degree murder. >> it's sad. it's scary. >> reporter: freeman putting out a statement saying the world will never know her artistry and talent and how much she had to offer. her star will continue to shine bright in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers. may she rest in peace. >> reporter: hines is the grand dauft his first wife. i spokesman for the movie star says, despite not being related by blood, freeman always considered hines his granddaughter.
7:33 am
she was rushed to the hospital but could not be saved. officials say it's unclear what triggered that attack. charges against the suspect are pending. this was a young woman who described herself as full of energy. life's cheerleader. a life cut so short. >> we're definitely thinking of her family this morning. all right. mara, thank you. we turn to the rape trial in new hampshire. it's put one of america's most elite prep schools, st. paul's, under the spotlight. the senior on trial accused of raping a freshman girl. he says it's part of a tradition at the school. gio benitez is here with the story. good morning, gio. >> reporter: this is one of the most renowned schools in the country. even john kerry was once a student there. now the stunning allegation students are having a sex contest. the accuser, the student on trial right now. this morning a potential sex scandal at one of the most elite prep schools in america. 19-year-old owen labrie heading to court, accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl when he was a senior. at st. paul's school in new hampshire. allegedly telling detectives about a contest known as the senior salute. claiming graduating boys at the school regularly try to take the virginity of younger girls even
7:34 am
allegedly attempting to keep a tally of their conquest in permanent marker behind the washing machines on campus. >> we believe this was a competition he was engaged in. it involved attempting to hook up with other female students on the campus. >> reporter: he allegedly told detectives some students take great pride in having sex with younger students before graduating. adding he was trying to be number one in the sexual scoring at st. paul's school. >> it's not evident so far in our investigation that other students were intent on targeting underage females. their motives may have been more innocent. >> reporter: this morning, labrie is facing multiple charges of sexual assault. and has pleaded not guilty, saying he hand the 15-year-old girl did not have intercourse. st. paul's school has a impressive list of alumni, like senators, congressmen. pulitzer prize win earps and
7:35 am
even secretary of state john kerry. the school says they have policies in place to ensure that our students are safe, secure, and treated fairly. current allegations about our culture are not emblematic of our school or our values. labrie was accepted at harvard. but the school says he is no longer enrolled. mean while his attorney happens to be the same lawyer who represented convicted mobster whitie bulger. a hot air balloon pilot and two passengers badly burned after hitting power lines when they landed. two of them are still recovering in the hospital this morning. linzie janis is here with the latest. good morning, linzie. >> hot air balloon crashed. down over the wires. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a picturesque hot air balloon ride over rural pennsylvania saturday evening. the passenger posting these photos to facebook right before their flight took a terrifying turn. >> very surreal event. i watch them all the time. flying across. you know, it looked like they
7:36 am
were moving at a very fast speed. >> reporter: the pilot landing the balloon in a hay field. but the ride didn't end there. according to police, as the balloon starts deflating it collapses on to nearby power line, shocking all three on board. >> we're getting reports that there's one of them in cardiac arrest. they're going to try cpr. >> reporter: the pilot and two passengers badly burned. and the electric shock stopping 48-year-old davis' heart. >> when the balloon crew realizes the female was in cardiac arrest, one of the members actually started cpr on the female in an attempt to revive her. >> reporter: davis and her fiance, 53-year-old robert spencer, airlifted to a hospital burn center for treatment. this morning, davis remains in critical condition. spencer listed as stable. the pilot, 55-year-old robert fisher, treated and released over the weekend. >> we hope they're able to make a full recovery. >> that's scary. thanks to linzie janis for that report. ginger, you're keeping an eye on the fires. >> so many of them. the pictures coming in are astounding.
7:37 am
look at this one. this is a smoke or fire whirl. in idaho at the soda fire and this one is right there on the oregon state line. that image is something that we've seen a lot of and will see more of, thanks to some red flag warnings that have gone into place. you know the heat is in the southwest but the heat is building in the northwest, too. look how hot in portland. spokane, 93, boise, 93. it's not just that, not just the heat but you've got those winds. red flag warnings again. all of southern idaho, winds up to 25 miles per hour. good morning, i'm meteorologist mike nicco. it's going to be hot inland once again, 94 in the north bay to 104 in the east bay. cooling hits the coast in san francisco. >> all that we >> all that weather brought to you by target. the storm photo in florida, looks like an alien invasion. >> it looks like "the exorcist." when that thing would come down. >> it's called a rolling shutter.
7:38 am
>> when the light shaft came through, it means you're going to die. >> so excited about that. >> someone out there knows my reference. >> she loves the scary movies. >> you never cease to amaze me. love it. keep it going, amy. >> thank you, ginger. coming up, what's really in the local pool you're using to cool off. "gma investigates" putting the water to the test with results you need to know. before you take the next dip. and later this morning, a sorority under fire for this recruitment video right here. what the university is saying about it right now. to school to learn now. ♪ ♪ things you never, never knew before. ♪ ♪ like "i" before "e", except after "c". ♪ ♪ why two plus two makes four. ♪ now, now, now, now. all you gotta do is repeat after me. say... ♪ ♪ a-b-c, it's easy as 1-2-3. ♪ as simple as, do-re-mi, a-b-c, 1-2-3 baby you and me. ♪
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back now at 7:42 with "gma investigates." how clean is the pool you're swimming in? according to the cdc, july and august are when water-bourne diseases on the rise and abc's phillip mena has what you need to watch out for in public pools. >> he's exposed other kids and that's very concerning to me.
7:43 am
>> reporter: two las vegas pools closed and cleaned this spring. >> our quarterly sample showed positive for pass tieria. >> reporter: bacteria closed down this florida pool for cleaning. a cdc report found that 1 in 8 public pools nationwide were closed immediately upon routine inspection. in metropolitan atlanta, those numbers are higher. 1 in 6 according to an "atlanta journal constitution investigation." "gma investigates" wanted to know what was lurking in your pool. we went undercover to collect samples. at three metro atlanta public pools. our expert dr. amy kirby wasn't told which pools we were testing. >> we tested for six different bacteria types. >> reporter: fecal bacteria, e. coli, staph and pseudomonis.
7:44 am
all three pools contained fecal bacteria above the limits set. >> if you swam, there would be a risk of contracting any number of diarrheal illnesses. you might also be at risk for ear infections, skin infections, particularly if you have open wounds. >> reporter: her recommendation, each pool should be closed and shocked. >> raise the chlorine level, let it run about 12 hours, then reopen the pool. and it will be safe. >> reporter: after our producer called pool number one, it was closed, cleaned, and reopened. pool number two was already closed for the season. we called multiple times to the last pool which in dekalb county but not no response. so, ""gma" investigates" went in person to get some answers. >> hi, we're from abc news, we've been trying to get hold of you. are you the manager? this woman hides behind a pole. refusing to answer our questions.
7:45 am
another tells us to call a man from the pool management company. out of caution, would you close and shock the pool? he tells us since our test results were from four days prior, he's not closing the pool and it is safe to swim. our expert says that's a valid response if the pool is properly maintained over those four days. according to records provided by the company, the pool was well chlorinated. to protect your family, the cdc says you should ask to see the pool's inspection and maintenance records to see what's in that water. for "good morning america," phillip mena, abc news, atlanta. >> information we kind of knew but -- good to be reminded. >> i just swam yesterday. >> did you really? >> i'm so grossed out right now. >> extra shower today, ginger. >> yes, i will. coming up, siri, the lifesaver. how that iphone feature came to the rescue for a tennessee teen who got pinned under a truck. come on back.
7:46 am
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do it all. on us. get your first month's payment plus five years wear and tear coverage. make the most of summer... with volvo. my theory is pretty simple. happiness, before cleanliness. gooey. flaky. happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing. you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh we're going to get to the story of the tennessee teen thanking two women who helped save his life after he got pinned underhis truck.
7:50 am
one of them, a 911 days patcher. the other, siri. >> reporter: millions ask iphone's personal assistant, siri, for recipes. >> okay, here you go. >> reporter: directions. >> this organic market looks pretty close to you. >> reporter: and weather reports. sam ray had a much more pressing question. >> help me. i'm stuck under my truck. >> you're stuck in your truck. where are you? >> help me please! >> reporter: the 18-year-old was working on a pickup truck at his home in tennessee when the nearly 5,000-pound vehicle slipped off the jack holding it up, pinning him underneath. >> this arm was above my head. tangled up. >> reporter: with no one around to hear his screams, sam heard a familiar voice. >> siri here. how can i help you? >> reporter: he couldn't reach his iphone in miss back pocket. but was able to maneuver his body and activate siri telling her to call 911. >> a lifesaver. it's a really useful tool. >> reporter: he was trapped for about 40 minutes before help
7:51 am
arrived and was airlifted to the hospital with a bruised kidney broken ribs and cuts and bruises. over the weekend he was able to thank the rescuers and the 911 operator to took his call. >> the greatest thing he did was to keep saying his address. so we could get everybody there. >> reporter: he didn't have to reach far for one more note of gratitude. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: for "good morning america," marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. >> we only have ten seconds so we can't share ginger's reaction to this story. or, we can. when we come back at the top of the hour how to finally beat stress.
7:52 am
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all day strong all day long with 12-hour strength. . breaking news, no reports of injuries or damage from a 4.0 earthquake that hit the bay area this morning. there have been several aftershocks. it was felt across the east bay, north of napa and down to the peninsula. this is a live look over a safeway over montclair in coke land. there are sbn six aftershocks, the biggest one being a 2.4. let's check out your forecast. spare the air. the heat is breaking along the coast into san francisco. there may be a few records elsewhere and 100 still holding
7:57 am
on inland east bay. we're still dealing with residual delays on b.a.r.t. if you're going to be traveling, be aware that a ten-minute delay is in ♪
7:58 am
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8:00 am
♪ i know you're lying good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and the nfl dad taking social media by storm. why he took away his sons' participation trophies. the great parenting divide over how much praise is too much? ♪ if it makes you happy the hot celebrity trend that could trim your waistline. >> the waist trainer will help you get the figure you want. >> does it really shed inches? and is it safe? ♪ suddenly i see before you let that monday morning stress bring you down, why one expert says stress can make you stronger. how you can master the mindset reset. ♪ go big or go hollywood superstar zac efron and social media guru frankie grande both here in times square. >> good morning, america!
8:01 am
i'm telling you. frankie grande here in times square. he's breaking down what we should and should not post on social media. those are things you can post right there. he's having a lot of fun. i was just out there. >> he's shy. i got that from him. >> you're right. >> his sister, ariana grande. we're going to talk to frankie. he's so excited to be here. >> he's full of energy this morning. a lot coming up there. also, the sibling road trip racking up millions of views on youtube. you see it right there. this guy's got an amazing lip-sync performance. his sister doesn't seem to think so. she's completely unimpressed. and we're gonna show you what she does next. >> the things you can find on youtube. >> the best entertainment ever. if you hate that morning wardrobe indecision, how to transform one outfit into five different looks and radically simplify your morning. >> my mama called it her uniform. >> i like it.
8:02 am
>> she had that outfit and said it was her uniform. first to amy with the morning rundown. the big story for our west coast viewers breaking news from the bay area. a magnitude 4.0 earthquake rattling before 7:00. in piedmont, felt all the way to san francisco and along the p peninsula. p photos online showing broken dishes, commuter delays as b.a.r.t. held all of the trains on the tracks. there are no reports of injuries. and of wildfires torching homes and emptying neighborhoods, from california to idaho. take a look at this it superscooper fire fighting plane near l.a. as it fills up with water. ginger's forecast in a moment. a sorority is facing growing backlash this morning after a
8:03 am
recruitment video. that some say objectifies women. the video taking hits for a glaring lack of diversity. linsey davis has more. >> reporter: perhaps never before has a sorority recruitment video, complete with a cast of predominantly beautiful, blonde, bikini-clad college co-eds been responsible for such an uproar on the internet. this video, from alpha si sorority from university of alabama, featured 72, glitter-blowing, lake-leaping, football field-frolicking girls has gotten so much backlash that after getting more than 700,000 views on youtube in just a few days, they took it down. ♪ one op ed article writing the video is worse for women than donald trump. accusing the 2015 recruitment video of lacking diversity and objectifying women. saying the video is so stepford wives college edition. it's all unempowering. we reached out to the sorority and haven't heard back. the university of alabama says this video is not reflective of
8:04 am
ua's expectations for student organizations to be responsible digital citizens. the majority see nothing wrong with it. one posting, chill, people. it's college. ♪ it's you >> reporter: for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to linsey for that. and a warning for parents. back-to-school time is also headache time for your kids. as classes begin, emergency room visits for migraine and tension headaches increase. causes could be stress, new routines even more time in front of those computer screens. and finally, we've all seen those frightening scenes of a bear chasing down a vehicle. the latest bear scare. a koala bear. hearing the terrifying screams. get away. a farm worker in australia. she was riding a four-wheeler being chased. he did catch up. so she stopped, got off the bike. he ended up hanging on the back tire. now, australians are used to koalas.
8:05 am
they know it's mating season down under. and they know the koalas can get cranky. whoa, okay. i hadn't seen that video yet. it is mating season. >> the timing of what you said with the video. >> uh huh. >> all righty. >> he caught the four-wheeler. now what's he going to do with it? thanks, amy. to sara in the social square. here's a look at what's ahead. on the "gma morning menu." in our heat index, the nfl dad taking the internet by storm. why he took away his sons' participation trophies. plus, the waist-trimming trend taking off with celebrities right now. is it a safe way to lose inches? and declutter your closet with my favorite lori. simplify your life. one outfit worn five ways. we're showing you how to wear one outfit five different ways. all that and more coming up here live on "gma." in times square. whoo! come on. come on.
8:06 am
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8:11 am
trophy, harrison blew the whistle. i'm very proud of my boys for everything they do and will encourage them till the day i die, these trophies will be given back until they earn a real trophy. i'm not about to raise two boys to be men by making them believe that they are entitled to something just because they tried their best. ending the post with #harrisonfamilyvalues. responses lighting up social media. most in agreement. posting comments such as -- great message. kids today don't know what the reward for hard work is. few with calling foul, writing you're their dad. it's your decision. but i couldn't disagree more. >> for some children, participation was a struggle. so a participation trophy can be great for them. for other children, they simply need to learn sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. >> reporter: and while he clearly likes to have fun with his boys. he wants to teach them that life is not all fun and games.
8:12 am
>> this is the work we put in. >> reporter: for "good morning america," ryan smith, abc news, new york. >> they're doing a lot more than participating right there. >> we're joined by ericka souter. so, what did you think? >> at first, i thought it was harsh. parents want their kids to make the goals, make those shots. you don't want to be discouraging when they're young and they start to feel the pressure. >> it does depend, perhaps, on what age they are. in harrison's case, what he was saying -- it's gotten a lot of feedback. i put it on my twitter. people are taking his side a little bit. what are the pros and cons? >> this is a big debate. it can be a good thing that encourages kids to continue to participate. they feel they have a role. and their role is appreciated. when they're really young. that's important. 3, 4, 5 years old. it can teach kids the importance of teamwork. a lifelong lesson. on the other side, some parents feel it celebrates mediocrity
8:13 am
and encourages complacency. their kids expect to be lauded for every single thing. what about the kids who are outperformers? does it celebrate those kids who go above and beyond? >> what is your advice to parents who feel the same way as harrison? they don't agree with participation trophies. what can or should they do? >> you have the right to disagree with participation trophies. if that's the rule for the organization that your kid belongs to, you have to respect the rule. at home, you can tell them, look, i want you to earn a trophy by doing this, this, this. don't expect other parents to follow suit. what is your bottom line for parents who want to stay involved with their kids' youth sports? >> don't be a bleacher coach. parents run a fine line of being encouraging and critical. you don't want to yell at your kid. trust that the coaches are bringing them along. share the experience one on one with your kid. after class, after school, throw the ball around, take them to a sporting event. tell them about your favorite moves or skills. and that kind of thing. and lastly, follow your child's
8:14 am
interests. just because you were a football star doesn't mean your child is going to want to play football. perhaps they like soccer, lacrosse. whatever it is. if they love the game, it will show on the field. >> and remember, it's not about you. >> it's not about you. >> thank you. we asked what you thought at home. are participation trophies a good idea? here's what you had to say. 27% said yes. 73% said no. >> yeah, see there. >> very interesting. next up on the "gma heat index." the newest celebrity shaping up trend. they're called waist trainers. no exercise, fans say. just put one on and trim your waistline. but how well do they work? how safe are they? abc's linzie janis found out. >> reporter: kim, khloe, and kourtney kardashian have all joined the new trend. so has kim zolciak. mother of six kids. wife to pro football player, kroy. and star of reality show "don't
8:15 am
be tardy." >> three dog, six kids. no, no, no. isn't it cute? >> reporter: waist training. it claims to trim your waistline and give you that hourglass figure. >> the waist trainer will help you get the figure you want and help you feel sexier and better about yourself. >> reporter: zolciak shows us her favorite waist trainer. >> are you going to help me put it on? because this is major. >> reporter: a job that required us to kick off our heels. almost there, how do you feel? are you breathing? >> yeah. i'm good. >> reporter: she says her small waist and curves last. even when she takes the waist trainer off. >> if i don't wear it for two or three days, i still have the same shape. it doesn't go right back. i went to cabo with my husband. on our honeymoon. i didn't wear it the whole time. seven days. my shape was still the same. >> reporter: but this doctor from emory university says that's usually not the case. >> the results from these are temporary. so, when you take them off, you don't keep that barbie dimension that you have when you're wearing them. >> reporter: more than a dozen doctors say they're not concerned with short-term use. but wearing waist trainers over
8:16 am
the long term can have side effects. >> it can pinch a nerve. if the upper part pushes into your ribs, it can affect breathing. >> reporter: experts from the american academy of orthopedic surgeons tells us waist-training for more than a few hours and for a long period of time can cause deconditioning of the core. which can lead to back pain. the popular brand zolciak wears wearing, no waist clique, tells us all of our customers receive excellent, permanent results. our waist trainers have many benefits including improved posture, back support, tightens muscling in the abdomen, reduces inches off the waist, and flattens the belly. but dr. berquist disagrees. >> that's not substantiated in any type of clinical studies. >> reporter: we asked no waist clique if they have conducted studies on their products but we haven't received a response. as for as zolciak is concerned,
8:17 am
she's had no problem and she's hooked. >> i love it. i think it's worked for me. it's worked for a lot of people i've given it to. >> so bottom line. no quick fix. no short cut. this is just like high heels. if -- the doctor said it's just like high heels. it makes you look better, feel better. it has added benefits. it does give you better posture and some people say it makes you feel full really quickly when you're eating. >> because there's no room for food. >> back to the days of jane austin. >> there's extra support, if you know what i mean. >> it looks uncomfortable right there and it's not even on us. >> it took two of us to put on her. this is serious. it's really, really tight. >> i love it. we're all looking at you like, hmm. really. thank you. thank you. thank you, linzie. appreciate it. now to a new series we're kicking off. it's called stress rescue. by the end of the week, you're going to have a whole new outlook on life. this morning, we have the mind set reset. one psychologist suggesting stress can be a positive thing.
8:18 am
it's all in how you handle it. mara schiavocampo is back with more. >> reporter: stress. a common response to life's troubles. one survey finding 1 in 2 americans reported feeling stressed in the past year. what if there was a way to turn life's stresses into strengths? >> how you think about stress matters. >> reporter: stanford researcher and author of "the up side of stress," kelly mcgonigal says you can make stress work in your favor. making you smarter, stronger, and happier if you learn to think about it the right way. it's about a mind set shift. >> you don't have to embrace the situation that's stressful. you can embrace your capacity to rise to the challenge. >> reporter: pointing to a harvard study finding subjects who were told stressful feelings were beneficial before being put through a stressful public speaking exercise experienced fewer cardiovascular or physical
8:19 am
negative effects. now, she's teaching others how to put that into practice. >> tell me about the stress in your life. >> reporter: like laura murray. a wife and mom of two young children. she's no stranger to life's stresses. >> we start early in the morning. constantly running. stress is always there. >> reporter: look at the symptoms of stress, like a pounding heart, as empowering. next, channel your energy by asking yourself what specific actions you can take to respond and, third, use stress as an opportunity to bond with others either by sharing your troubles or helping them through theirs. >> stress is a signal that something you care about is at stake. whatever you're feeling, even if it doesn't feel great, it's your brain and your body trying to help you. >> reporter: finding an upside to life's downers. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> i do believe we have your attention. and now, dr. jen ashton is here to help us how we can do this. you have a unique way of
8:20 am
illustrating how stress can make us all stronger. >> it's all about perception. the sand pile model, we use it in science to talk about stress and adaptation. these life stressors, they're never going to go away. you keep piling them on, piling them on. look what happens to the pile as you pile on the stressors. some of it actually falls away. it's destroyed. you get microavalanches. instead of thinking about a negative, you see the pile as a positive. it's growing, it's evolving. there's an opportunity here. you might see this, close your eyes and imagine an incredible sand castle. same situation, same circumstances. different thinking. different outcome. >> i love -- i never really looked at it like that. that gives us something to look at. now, as far as -- it does affect our body. >> 100%. let's look inside at some physiology. we have stressors. a lot of the stress hormones come from the pituitary and adrenal glands. they work all over the body. they affect our blood pressure, our heart rate, blood vessels,
8:21 am
even our reproduction. if we have too much stress or engage in negative thinking, it can be paralyzing. what you're looking for is the sweet spot of stress where that stress is working for you, and not against you. >> that's the trick. the sweet spot. a little of this, a little of that. you had something in a mind set reset. tell us what that's about. >> this is a mantra. the start of it. it has to do with the placebo effect. we talk about it all the time. the mind-body connection. very powerful. i've seen it work wonders in my patients. have a positive phrase, say it to yourself when you're facing a stressful situation. mine is, you got this. listen, it is a very easy way to start the change in your reaction. >> i know, because i always say you have to change the way you think in order to change the way you feel. >> 100%. >> it's true. if you change the way you think, it will change the way you feel. it's a start. >> no question. it's not easy. but it's so worth it. thank you, jen. >> you bet. >> we asked viewers to share their own go-to mantras. what was yours? >> you got this. >> you got this.
8:22 am
you want to change the way you think to change the way you feel. share yours with us. dr. jen will take your questions on twitter throughout the morning. tweet her @drjashton. out to ginger. >> all right, robin. let's do it. i just spotted a fan. on this steamy morning. give me some of that. yeah, that feels good. yes, it will be hot here. much cooler in the midwest and great lakes. that's where we find that stationary front. rain showers. 4.25 inches fell in south central nebraska in just one hour. heavy storms can come with that. nashville to atlanta. going to get into the rain, too. there's the cooler weather. look at minneapolis. only in the 60s wi good morning. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco with your bay area microclimate forecast. look at the murky smokey unshine today. it will be hot in many areas. the cooling that hits the coast in san francisco will reach all of us by wednesday and we'll have seasonal highs and cleaner
8:23 am
weather this weekend. 70 in half moon bay, 75 in san francisco, 80s around the bay, 90s inland. here's my accuweather seven-day fo >> i'm not moving. i think patricia, you should stick around. this is patricia from sugarland, texas. shall we say good morning to this side? good morning, everybody. somebody is 50 and fabulous. i can't tell. i'm not going to do that. let's get inside. sara's got "pop." that is a safe bet. don't go with the birthday or the ages. we start with ellen degeneres. the talk of the teen choice awards. the star winning a surfboard for choice comedian. taking the stage, ellen thanked her fans, joking she happened to be on her way to the beach so the trophy was perfectly timed. i'd like to see her try to use that one. she used the speech to spread words of wisdom to her teen fans saying it felt good to be chosen because there was a time in life that she wasn't. >> fitting in is not really all that matters.
8:24 am
it's being unique and being who you are. >> ellen also thanked her wife, portia de rossi, with the couple celebrating their seventh wedding anniversary. >> already? >> congratulations. >> she really reaches out to young, old, black, white, gay, straight. there is something about her. >> so important to use that platform. i think teens have the biggest struggle. to remind them we didn't all feel or look this way for the majority of our youth. it's a good reminder. "star wars" fans getting a chance to visit a galaxy far, far away. with our parent company, disney, announcing two new star wars themed lands, in orlando and anaheim. 14 acres, taking guests inside a remote trading port on a never before seen planet. fans get chance to embark on a secret mission and take the controls of the millennium falcon. you'll need to feel the force with this one.
8:25 am
>> that will be something to fly that plane. >> that's when i wasn't even a huge fan but i played with all of my brothers's toys. so to see, like, a world of that. and the millennium falcon? come on, people. when it comes to long road trips, the driver picks the tunes. that's what brian anderson did when he and his sister ashley drove seven hours to san jose. ♪ walk by every night talking and looking fine ♪ >> just rolling her eyes. ♪ sail away sail away sail away ♪ >> i absolutely love this guy and want to meet him. ashley is having none of it. until one special track comes on. the rembrandts, "i'll be there for you." and finally, it looks like she's been there for him all along. here it goes. ♪ your love life's doa come on, everyone. [ clapping ] ♪ to one told you life was gonna be this way ♪ she does get it. she's feeling it. there we go! [ laughter ]
8:26 am
>> that's all you got? >> i know, really. >> oh, my gosh. >> a quick one. >> if you're going on a road trip, go with a guy with a sense of humor. you would have -- ben would do that the whole way. >> he would sing the whole way. i know no words. it would be a lot of fun. >> thank you, sara. coming up, declutter your closet and your life.
8:27 am
the earthquake rattled the bay area around 6:39 this morning near berkeley and could be felt around the east bay, as far as north as napa. b.a.r.t. is experiencing systemwide delays. here's video over montclair where residents felt the rumbling. there are been several aftershocks, no reports of injuries ors right now. in fact this system wide delays are major delays. b.a.r.t. has experienced a couple of other problems in addition to track maintenance and checking out the tracks. they also had a medical emergency as well as equipment problems. major delays system wide. mun any we're finding
8:28 am
8:29 am
thanks for sticking around. have you ever been to the smokey mountains? they look like this. that's how they got their name. poor air quality today in the north bay and the santa clara area. temperatures in the 70s in fairfield, san ramon, the rest of us in the 60s. but some changes. look at the southerly surge in
8:30 am
the marine layer. break pg heat in san francisco. 80s in the bay, 90s inland and 100s inland east bay. but that ♪ we're breaking free falling flying ♪ [ cheers and applause ] i have to say that clip brings me back. my little girls grew up on "high school musical." that was the moment zac efron broke out, became such a big star. he's back in a new movie, "we are your friends." >> i just heard oh mirks god from someone in the crowd. he's trying to prove his talent in the world of electronic music. great to have him here. you'll talk to him. now make the at-home ma
8:31 am
manicure last. i knew zac was here because i heard the squeals from outside. could you pull off wearing the same outfit five consecutive days? we tried it out. and have easy ways to simplify your closet and your life. here's paula faris. >> reporter: it's the stress-filled refrain so many women say every morning. what am i going to wear? >> when you nail the fit of the outfit, it can increase confidence and boost your self-image. >> reporter: so to help you cut out the a.m. hassle once and for all, we asked lori bergamotto to try a five-day style experiment. wear the same basic uniform every day for five days. >> we chose this white button down and black pants combination because it's classic. >> reporter: lori, a noted fashionista bought two sets and
8:32 am
challenged herself to transform the look daily. >> if you're focused on the access ris, which are inherently less expensive, you can change up the look enough and save money in the process. >> reporter: the true test. tricking her co-workers and husband nick into thinking she was wearing a new outfit every day. for day one, she went with a polished professional look by adding leopard print pumps and a chunky gold chain. >> i got some looks. this necklace is a little bolder than i normally go. >> reporter: day two, a modern f erk mme look. a top and a belt with pointed toe heels. >> workday number two is coming to a close. we did well today. nobody noticed. >> reporter: day three, a '70s sleek throw back look with a black skinny bolero tie, black heels, and a black blazer. more than halfway through the experiment -- hi, lori, you look
8:33 am
great. she was feeling confident. how's it going? >> it's going well. i love waking up in the morning and throwing on what i have planned. >> reporter: on day four, the sophisticated lady look with stacked necklaces. a bright pink cardigan and ballet flats. >> so many compliments. >> reporter: and finally day five. a summer saturday theme. pairing sneakers and a denim vest. lori's uniform becoming a second skin. would she do it again? jt i did it. finished the whole week. pretty proud of myself. nobody noticed. i would do it again. i learned a lot. >> reporter: for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> and here to tell us all about her outfit adventure, style director of "good housekeeping" lori bergamotto. lori b. i'm so into this. i can think of my dear mom, she
8:34 am
used to have her uniform. as a kid, i gave her such a hard time. how did you find wearing the same thing? >> i was worried i found feel bored. it wasn't until day three, with this look here, that my husband noticed. the truth is, i think it's because he said, why are you dressed like charlie chaplin here today. >> exactly. >> it was a time saver. the average american spends $1700 a year on clothing. this was great piece to shop your closet. >> you're the expert. if you're at home, what do you do? >> i changed my outfit every day drastically. you don't need to. take ak saeszryes. take this skrar of. wrap it over. just wrap it like this. a different look. the other thing, is the obi belt. it will be trendy right now. we're going to untuck this. tie this puppy over.
8:35 am
>> need some help? >> i think i got it. if you'll grab the red jacket. look number two. we're going to shimmy it and -- thank you my dear. >> you're welcome. >> and we have look number three. in less than the time it takes to brush you teeth, we just showed you three looks. pop the collar. i need a little adjusting. >> i see that. i love that belt. i haven't seen that before. are there go-tos? >> two things. variability. choose something with variability. this has a collar, you can button up, button down. tuck it in, tuck it out. a lot of different looks. neutrality is key. black and white goes with everything. >> like i could wnt this. if you're wearing a bold color, it's more difficult. but accessories, they're not as much as everything else. what a difference. >> it is a game-changer.
8:36 am
it's an outfit game-changer. >> i'm so proud. she did it. she did it. thank you, lori. >> thanks, robin. >> lori b. right here. we have frankie g., frankie grande. a social media sensation. actor. you're taking the internet by storm. breaking down the best and the worst online in his new tv special, let me do this right. worst post ever. >> well done. absolutely. worst post ever. >> take a look. >> this next worst gift is a cautionary tale about a girl and her mother's booty. stay off the bhak area rug, kid. this is mommy's dance floor. baby got butt checked. boom. >> you have a lot of fun. >> this is the best room i have ever been in in my entire life. >> you surrounded by you. >> yes, picture of myself, videos of myself.
8:37 am
>> what can we expect from the special? >> it's celebrating the best of the worst posts online. you cannot expect anything. there will be so much unexpected things on the show. so many crazy things. >> you have more than 1 million followers on instagram and twitter. when did you become captivated by social media? >> i think it was gradual falling in love. i tested the waters. once i started to see i could connect with so many people at once, it became ingrand in my life. it was like, nope, this sit. we're hooked. >> you say your social media guru is your sister? >> absolutely. ariana taught me a lot. like be yourself and don't hold back. i like to be very calculated about posts and times and thinls. but i learned from her it's like, no, if you're feeling it, post it. just do it. the more the merrier keep going. >> you and ariana are very
8:38 am
close. what's life like with you? >> we're an extremely theatrical family. we love to sing. we're always singing around the house. putting on performances. recording them. posting them to the internet. they're all out there. >> we asked fans to send us their questions for you. this is from mel. she asks, how do you balance enjoying living in the moment versus documenting that through social media? >> for me, it's simple. it's a part of my wiring that i'm constantly thinking about what to post, when to post, if that's a good vine, a good instagram, or should this be a video. i made the marriage real. >> here's a big one that people struggle with. this is from sunshine. how do you avoid nasty people's comments on social media? >> as human beings, you can't avoid them. like fire, hot. you remember things that hurt you. so you'll always see them. the best thing to do is just
8:39 am
remember that that is someone else's opinion of you wp you can't control that's all you can do is know that you're perfect yourself and move past it. >> biggest mistake people make? >> overhash tagging. why so many? >> my daughter said, mom, stop wit the hash tag. >> #monday, #shopping #green shoes. >> okay. >> worst post ever with frankie grande premiers tomorrow night on oxygen. >> you're so beautiful. >> frankie can stay all day. >> i totally agree. this morning on ask zee. two silly, paige and lily. they have a question. >> why is the sky blue? >> it doesn't get cuter than
8:40 am
that. here's the answer. the light that comes from the sun is made up of all the colors of the rainbow. to us, it looks white. when the colors reach the atmosphere, they scatter. wavelengths from blue light are the shortest, they get statered the most. that's why we see blue most of the time. parents, submit your kids' weather questions by using the good morning, i'm meteorologist mike nicco. it's going to be hot inland once again, 94 in the north bay to 104 in the east bay. cooling hits the coast in san francisco. >> and all that weather brought to you by kwindows, george. now i know when my kids ask me a question that i can't answer, send it to ginger. we're koupding down to the
8:41 am
huge 5 seconds of summer concert. all week long we're getting ready for the concert. >> hi, we're 5 seconds of summer. >> reporter: they're the foursome pop sensation there australia taking america by storm. >> hi, i'm ashton. i play the drums. >> hi, i'm calum. i play the bass. >> i'm luke. i play guitar and sing. sno ♪ tell me i'm the only one when i come over tonight ♪ >> hi, i'm michael. i play guitar. ♪ that's what i like about you ♪ hey >> reporter: fierce on stage. full of fun behind the scenes. >> and i enjoy knitting. >> my favorite tv show is "good morning america." >> reporter: and they're bringing it all to "gma."
8:42 am
♪ on gma >> hey, hey, hey. ♪ good morning, america ♪ never want to let you go no you make me feel all right ♪ >> they're going to be a lot of fun. come the our concert on friday. get tickets on our website. up next, zac efron. ♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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back now with zac efron right here. he stars in the new movie, we are your friends. playing a deejay. >> hey, you know this party is looking a little stiff, cole. >> so what are you saying? hay need to amp it up? >> you could try. this crowd doesn't dance before midnight. >> okay. >> and zac joins us. you are a real muse you can guy. listening to music before the interview. >> i listen to music to get pumped up. >> what was it about the role? >> it speaks to our generation. it's an as operatip i rational . it follows a guy caught up in a tough generation. living a life of running clubs. he has this kind of dream in his back pocket, to be a musician and a deejay. and, he learns to sort of hone
8:46 am
that in with the help of a mentor and -- sort of -- like finds his dream. >> we know you can sing. you can dance. you love music. what about being a deejay? did you know anything about that? >> i knew virtually nothing. it's pretty difficult, i have to say. >> how do you learn? >> i got a crash course. pretty quickly. i was -- i got a deejay coach. he would come to my house more or less every day. we played with the dex. i learned. >> have a big crowd going. is it true you had to get out of shape for this role? >> the director asked me to lose weight for the part. because it was -- i mean, most deejays are skinny guys. they spend a lot of time -- >> not working out all the time. >> that was the first time i had been asked to do that. normally, it's, bulk up.
8:47 am
>> you have to go back to bulking up. coming back on "baywatch." >> yeah, yeah, i think so. >> you and the rock. tell us about it. >> not much to talk about. we're working on the script. i'm inpreblly excited about it. the rock is just the man. he's so cool. he's such a "g." we've been talking about it. we're figuring out the script. >> you finished another project. today is robert de niro's birthday. >> oh, happy birthday. i finished a movie called "dirty grandpa." he's crazy. this was such a great job. he's out of control. plays a great character of my grandpa. he is out of his mind. he's just kind of a lunatic. we go on a whirlwind journey through florida. it's insane. >> that's cool.
8:48 am
"we are your friends" hits theaters august 28th. thank you for coming in. coming it's a good looking car. ? this is the model rear end event. the model year end sales event. it's year end! it's the rear end event. year end, rear end, check it out. talk about turbocharging my engine. you're gorgeous. what kind of car do you like? new, or many miles on it? get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 passat models. or lease a 2015 passat limited edition for $189 a month after a $1000 bonus.
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welcome back. it is time to yahoo! your day. this morning, we have secrets to nailing the perfect manicure. we've been having fun with puns today. linzie janis is here to tell us how to get our polish perfect every time. >> reporter: really great tips. check 'em out. ♪ yahoo! >> reporter: nailing the perfect manicure can be daunting. i headed to nyc's 10 over 10 salon with senior beauty editor joanna douglas. her must have for any mani? cuticle oil. >> great to do before a
8:51 am
manicure. after. every day. >> reporter: keep it on your desk in your night stand. >> yeah, keep it everywhere. >> reporter: but keeping your cuticles hydrated, you can extend the length of your manicure for three days. whapt what about soaking? >> no. >> reporter: so long for soak. remover can be your nails' bff. >> you may have cotton lint. residue from a cuticle cream. get absolutely everything off. >> reporter: pauline is rolling the polish. >> you never want to shake a bottle of polish. it will create air bubbles. it will chip faster. >> reporter: another polish pointer. for base coat, polish and topcoat, always paint the tip. >> traditionally, the end of the nail is where you find the most chipping. >> reporter: and for those uh-oh
8:52 am
smudges, don't panic. remover is your best friend. >> you can take remover. dab the smudging area. smooth out the polish. do another coat of polish and a topcoat. you'll never know the difference. >> reporter: hand over hand, sure fire way for polished perfection every time. so my favorite tip from that was painting the tip of your nail. so there i was in the nail salon saying, can you paint the edge there. and also using a bit of remover on the nail before you paint it. >> or use my tip. clear nal polish the. >> that's what i
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
you going keep that vacation vibe a little bit. >> these guys are a little punchy for a monday. >> we're telling inside jokes from last week. you were in paris. >> have great day. thanks for watching everyone. >> take care.
8:56 am
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yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. good morning. i'm kristen sze. no reports of injuries or damage from a 4.0 earthquake that rattled the bay area at 6:49 this morning. it wu centered knot of piedmont open felt as far north as napa and as far south as the peninsula. there have been six aftershocks. well, b.a.r.t. a still experiencing major delays system wide all in all directions because of the earthquake. several trains for experiencing equipment problems and there was a medical emergency. that's adding to the pain in the commute. muni we're back to normal after a track inspection there. good morning, everybody. spare the air. be careful today is going to be unhealthy. most likely up in the north bay, inland and the south bay. the heat is going to break for the coast in san francisco, 80s
9:00 am
around the 90s inland. the cooler cleaner air will hit all announcer: it's "live with kelly & michael"! today, from the new film "american ultra" kristen stewart and star of the miniseries "show me a hero" oscar isaac, plus award-winning actress jane lynch performs and co-hosts. all next on "live"! [cheering and applause] now here are michael strahan and jane lynch! [cheering continues] carly rae jepsen: ♪ i really really, really, really like you and i want you do you want me do you want me, too? oh, did i say too much? ♪ jane: my! michael: you good? jane: thank you. i'm good. thank you. whoo! thank you!


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