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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 18, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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you really get some of that haze near the surface. you need a strong wind. the breeze is picking up. things will get better. we're expecting an improvement in the air quality. we'll talk about the accuweather seven-day forecast in just a moment. >> thank you. a renewed plea for help from hayward police helping to find the killer of a teenager walking down the street. they appear to be hispanic and either 17 or 18 years old. this happened on august 4th. one of them shot the victim, - 17-year-old chianta murphy. murphy just graduated from high school and was hoping to join the marines, and then this happened. police are asking a suspect wanted in a murder cause to
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surrender. he's one of three suspects. officers shot and killed the 24 other two suspects in a 24-hour period. police see them terrorizing the victim before killing him. >> san jose police just updated us on this case. they have confiscated an assault rifle shown in a video taken at the scene of last week's brutal murder in san jose. that video is being held by a suspect who is the very same person shot and killed by san jose police here on kirkhaven court last evening. they plan to release that video later today in order to show the public how dangerous these suspects are. the san jose police are also trying to identify or will be releasing the name of the
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individual shot sunday evening on center road. that means two suspects out of three involved in that case have been shot by san jose police. police say the suspect realized he was being tailed, creating a commotion. when undercover officers caught up with him on this cul-de-sac. it was dark by the time officers explained why they shot the suspect. >> the officer chasing the suspect and the suspect reaches for the waistband area. the officer fires his weapon, shoots the suspect and he was prononced dead at the scene. >> a video still shows the suspect still alive with a wound to the right shoulder. his gun deployed on the steps of his house. relatives twice today declined interviews on camera. a cousin told me off camera the police targeted the wrong person. they believe this woman was going to be killed because she
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had information about a homicide in which the suspect may have been involved. new still photos surfaced today showing three men with guns and assault eiffel at an office building. the photos are contributed to the mercury news. one was killed sunday newt and another last night. the three suspects terrorized their victim, 38-year-old christopher wren. >> i watched part of a video that shows horrific encounter where three suspects are terrorizing the victim that they eventually killed. >> reporter: police are withholding details of that homicide as they hadn't for the third suspect. >> david, thanks very much. there's something called the little pink pill for women. many believe it will revoluti revolutionize the treatment of women with low sex drive.
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carolyn joins us from the newsroom. >> men have had more than two dozen pills designed to treat sexual dysfunction. this new one is designed to help women with low or no desire. just a short time ago they approved what supporters call a game-changer. the nurses at stanford's gynecology clinic have been busy fielding calls from patients wanting to know about the so-called female viagra. flibanserin is geared toward menopausal women who have low libudo. millheiser is the stanford doctor who did landmark research. she believes the new drug the
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fda just approved targets the chemical imbalance. >> the data speaks for itself. people doubled the amount of sexually satisfying events who were on the drug in the study. >> the fda advisory panel heard from women who want the pill and also received a letter of opposition signed by several health care advocacy groups, including the san francisco breast cancer action. >> we're concerned drug companies are trying to sell hope and hype. >> the benefit does not outweigh the harm. >> this is the drug you take every day that stays in your blood stream, reduces blood pressure, uncreases the risk of fainting and interacts with common drugs such as alcohol, birth control and other pills. >> to address some of those concerns, the drug will carry a warning label and will not be
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advertised on tv or radio for the next 18 months. a bay area man about to be deported to china has been released. he was detained. he spent two months in a holding cell but on friday, immigration and customs officials released him because the chinese government approved his travel documents. he'll remain under supervision by immigration authorities. he'll return to his job. a fire forced the closure of a road. you can see how smokey it was. it never threatened any homes. firefighters had to stretch their hoses several hundred feet away from the roadway to reach the flames. the highway patrol is letting
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drivers use the road again. a san francisco bar that's been open for almost 75 years is practically gutted by fire. this is video of the riptide. you can see the heavy black smoke billowing overhead. that fire started at 10:00 this morning before the bar opened. nobody was inside at the time. >> we heard a lot of sirens. we came out around the corner. >> a lot of smoke. the fire was deep seeded in the building. the fire needed oxygen and we got some visible fire showing. >> it took firefighters more than an hour to get the fire under control. the flames destroyed part of a small market next to the riptide. a sick sea lion rescued from alameda died today. the 300-pound animal died at the marine mammal center in sausalito. thus is video of rescuers
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rescuing him this morning. he was lethargic when they tried to rescue him and barely moved when a net was put over him. a necropsy will be done tomorrow. they are investigating another case of human plague at yosemite. plague is an infectious bacterial disease carried by squirrels and rodents. the campground is closed through friday to spray for the plague. two squirrels died there last week. 2 million trees have dried out because of the drought. one was likely this one near sacramento general hospital last night. abc 7's wayne freedman joins us with how water conservation has unintended consequences.
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>> reporter: it does. there are unintended consequences. trees falling, branches falling. a lot of this is natural. some of it an unintended consequence and oversight. [ no audio ] >> all right. our apologies. a few technical issues. we'll try to get wayne's piece sorted out. for the meantime we'll move on. just ahead it can be all about choice and control. coming up, a new effort to give terminally ill people the right to die on their own. a nasty nuisance. and shopping and something called should ir surfing. con artists are
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happening now, a rescue mission in the pacific ocean. they took off in sun ninyvale aw hours ago to treat a man. they called for help because the on-board medical staff is not equipped to treat the man's medical injuries. consumers who cash checks at walmart have been ripped off by consu consumers. michael finney is here with something called shoulder surfing. >> reporter: it's back in a big way. it's called shoulder surfing because scammers are accused of getting right behind the customer. they record that transaction
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with a smartphone. check cashers at walmart are required to give their social security numbers. then scammers go to another walmart to use that number and cash counterfeit checks. they caught up with some of the suspects in las vegas. they believe they stole some 900 security numbers. when you are filling out a check, take a look around and make sure nobody is there. also do the same at an atm machine. target is still paying big for that massive data breach in 2013. consumers are right in the middle of it. did you shop at target and have to request a new card after that. it forced it to replace millions of credit cards with new ones. target agreed to pay visa $67 million for the cost of re placing all of those cards. >> if you know anyone who bought
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a night light from ikea during the last two years, listen up. ikea is recalling more than 400,000 night lights from patrol. they sold for about $4. and they came in a whole bunch of colors. the plastic cover can detach and put children at risk. consumers are urged to return the lights to ikea for a full refund. >> michael, thank you. we told you about how the drought is drying out trees and millions of them here n across the state. >> we have a report from wayne freedman on how water conservation is having unintended consequences. >> looking at a redwood and this tree is in trouble. >> reporter: a tree that isn't alone, not in 2015 and the california drought. if you were to ask artie kirk
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what this tree is saying -- >> i'm dying of thirst. >> that's what the tree would be saying? >> that's what the tree is saying. i am dying of thirst. >> reporter: call it a symptom of this crisis. many of us are making that symptom worse than it needs to be. when we turn off the water to our lawns we forget to water our trees. >> i was underwatering. >> reporter: in walnut creek, gail has put more than three decades of love and care into her back yard. this drought year has been the biggest challenge yet. she's had more than a little help from her gardner. >> the drought this year is serious. but this is a four-year drought. and a lot of these trees here today had to get through all the previous droughts. >> reporter: the message is tried and true from drip irritation to building a small well to keep water from flowing away to enriching the soil with
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mulch to watering at night. gail's yard has responded, even in this difficult summer and without overwatering. >> it's okay to have some things not look as attractive. but maintaining the trees is the most important because those are long-term investments and i believe it helps the environment to have the trees survive. >> reporter: nothing is perfect, not even in a drought year except foonding a balance between water conservation and holding on to long-term trees and the yards we love so much. from walnut creek, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. bon appetit magazine has named san francisco the best food city. and among america's top ten new restaurants 24 in the city's mission district. our place on valencia came in first. >> so let me point out, cheryl, the owner's name is not al.
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these are his initials. a.l., aaron london. he told me he was up ry early at 5:30 a.m. waiting for the call that would change his life. it's a classic example of boy gets into trouble, boy turns his life around. >> i always had a lot of crazy manic energy and super nuts n s didn't have anything to direct it into. when i was 14, i started cooking and realized what it was like to be inside a restaurant. >> reporter: the 31-year-old has traveled the world learning the ins and outs of the trade. he decided to settle in an area of the mission district away from the valencia corridor. it's known for innovative vegetarian dishes and heavenly french fries.
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he'd already been named a rising star and then bon appetit magazine visited. >> i still have my restaurant. this is my baby. i'm going to cook the best food i can for people. >> on the other end of the district is a japanese restaurant which also made the top ten list. its owner says it's a nice way to validate his work. >> we try very hard with the food. a lot of hard working people that have worked a lot to make this place what it is. >> the mission economic development agency, meda, has helped. the organization says this recognition is good for the local economy. >> maybe those that's can't get into those restaurants who will have larger crowds, longer lines, hopefully the spillover will have some affect. >> there are plenty of hidden
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gems in the mission. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> we'd like to try all of those restaurants. >> congratulations. and how nice is it out there today. what a change. >> it's absolutely beautiful. nothing like having a fresh ocean breeze. see the flags and trees situation in the wind. we'll keep it going. this cooling trend started. we'll show you a live doppler 7 hd and what's ahead. we do have fog all along the coast except for the san mateo coast where it has cleared away. and many areas are enjoying the sun but those temperatures are running lower than they were yesterday at this time. this is also contributing to the cooldown. it's an onshore breeze gusting to 30 miles an hour. and that's onshore breeze will keep that cooling trend going. live look from emeryville showing you low clouds. 68 in san francisco.
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72 in oakland. clearly 67 in half moon bay and a lovely view. 82 in novato. 88 in livermore. i know people are talking about how the haze and smoke is definitely tough to deal with. na hang in there. the air quality does improve. we're expecting cleaner air. still some smoke from south beach camera down below there. taking a look at the four-day forecast, moderate air quality for wednesday, thursday. good to moderate. by friday and saturday, all areas looking at good air quality. it does mean cleaner air is coming up but we'll have to wait for a few days. high pressure definitely weakening. we'll continue to see those temperatures drop off. and so we'll call it average august conditions. how does it look for san jose? take a look at the week ahead. average high is 83 degrees.
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really looking at low 80s across. pretty much near average for this time of year. tomorrow morning you may run into damp spots with drizzle around. allow a little extra time. mid-50s to low 60s. if your kids are back in school, the temperatures will continue to come down in some areas tomorrow. highs for wednesday in the soth bay, 86 morgan hill. 81 san jose. 79 sunnyvale. 81 in los altos. miss 60s coast side. fog there. upper 60s in half moon bay. downtown san francisco 68. daley city, 65 and summertime fog. san rafael 75. mid-60s coast side and once again fog lingering well into the afternoon. 73 in oakland. 72 berkeley. 73 fremont.
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inland, still warm. 86 concord. accuweather seven-day forecast, the cooling trend continues through the end of the workweek when temperatures will bottom out. mid-60s to mid-80s. staying within a few degrees. a nice mild to warm pattern. it's near average. we'll take that, right? after all the hot weather we've had. >> thank you. coming up next, the new caution sign in oakland.
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a stem cell agency is closing its doors in san francisco but already has a new home across the bay. abc 7 news was in san francisco where the stem cell agency has been operating rent-free for the past ten years. come november the lease from the space is up. space in san francisco is so pricey that'll move to a high rise. they are looking forward to
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their new space. >> moving to oakland is going to be fun, an adventure. we've had a great time in the city. a lot of us are looking forward to moving to oakland. it's an up and coming city. >> the 17-000 square foot space in oakland. we've spotted a picture from 39th and san leandro. some say it depicts the exodus from san francisco. a new study says head lice is now resistant to over-the-counter treatments. the states marked in red on this map were where lice treatments do not work. california is on the list. researchers claim the vast ma r majority now carry genes that are superresistant. they recommend
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prescription-based products could help. abc 7 news was at the civic center station where the new enclosed spaces were available for b.a.r.t. riders to keep their bikes locked up. only verified card holders are allowed. it's 3 cents an hour to park. b.a.r.t. installed 60 new spaces for bikers to park for free. just ahead, mid-air battle. coming up, the big leap. and incredible moment a shark tries to get a little something for dinner.
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santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all the bay area. >> i'm ama daetz. coming up at 6:00 -- caught in the crossfire. a bay area family makes an appeal in the shooting death of an innocent bystander. and the website that probably knows your neighborhood better than you do, including things like income levels and even toxic chemicals in half an hour at 6:00. the start of the annual summer feeding season for the great leatherback turtle is under way. >> look at it off the coast of pacifica this past saturday. these pictures were taken from a sport fishing boat. they migrate from indonesia each
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year to feed on jellyfish. that's over 600 miles. >> and keep in mind this shark sighting. leaps out of the water and tries to grab a seal. >> the shark missed and the seal was able to get away. they say it was pretty incredible to see. google invented a new robot. >> meet atlas. a 6-foot robot who can run through the woods and walk over rocks and balance on one leg. this is the first time they've shared video of the robot on an outdoor excursion. >> atlas is not ready to venture out on its own yet. it remains connected to a power source as it ran through the wood. once they turn on skynet, they'll take over.
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>> that's going to do it for us. "world news" is next. >> i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time. hope to see you again in half an hour. tonight, new details. the very close call. the passenger jet trying to land in charlotte. the wind warnings. we've seen what can happen before. this time, the jet aborting the landing. the tail, though, slamming into the ground. also breaking late today, the teenage girl facing her accused attacker. testifying about what allegedly happened inside one of the most prestigious high schools. were male students keeping score? the tornado just touching down. and the flooding in a major city in the east tonight. and the wildfires. you will see the smoke jumpers diving in for duty. terror in the streets. the deadly attack. foreign tourists killed. tonight, a second attack. the alleged bomber caught on camera. and rosie o'donnell and her ry


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