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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 18, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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leads. in the meantime, sosa's family wants justice. to have that, they need the public's help. a borage the gunshots. when it ended, 14-year-old brianna sosa's mother lay dying. >> i grieve for my mother. she loved everyone. >> reporter: the afternoon of january 27th, near ingalss street, maria sosa, a bystander killed in a cross fire of a drive by shooting. murdered as her children played outside of their home. today, her grieving father and his family pleaded for witnesses. anyone to come forward and help police find their killer. >> she was running to her children to protect her children
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when this happened. >> reporter: shawn richard founded brothers against guns says those who have information may be reluctant to come forward. >> they don't want to talk about it. they're afraid of losing their lives. >> reporter: police believe the shots came from this dodge ram pick up and the shooter was firing at an suv. inside of that car, one man killed and a female passenger wounded. police cordoned off the area but the killers got away. a source tells abc news the shooting was gang related. details that don't matter to the sosa family. >> i just want to find that person, whoever shot my mom. and i want justice, for my mom. >> reporter: vic lee, abc7 news. a correctional officer is recovering tonight after an inmate at the california medical facility in vacaville tried to kill him this morning in the
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psychiatric unit. officials aren't sure what motivated this attack. two men have been charged with murder in a fatal shooting of an 18-year-old woman in the fruit veil district in july. officials filed charges against dwight bradford and 36-year-old jermaine godfrey in the murder of i aana dominguez. she died in a parking lot in a wendy's on international boulevard. two men working in a waste water treatment plant had to be rescued after the cable system used to hoist them failed. officials say they were called to the plant on socal ferry road about nine krn 15 this morning. they say they were 10-15 feet in the tank which holds waste solids.
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cal fire used a rope system to rescue the men. they were not hurt. this fire closed a road in and out of a novato neighborhood this afternoon. it broke out around 1:45 this afternoon. that road is now open again, fire crews had to stretch hoses several hundred feet to reach the fire in a marshy area. no homes were threatened. check out this heavy black smoke covering an outer sunset neighborhood this morning caused by a fire at the rip tide, listed as the most romantic in san francisco. firefighters are investigating how it started. the flames destroyed part of an adjoining market. well, take a look in your yard, no doubt it's browner than it used to be. and now, look at your trees. they're also suffering in this california drought. it drags on.
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abc7 news reporter wayne freedman is live tonight with the story. wayne? >> reporter: good afternoon, dan. experts tell us when a tree gets sick, nothing happens fast. that is especially the case when a tree gets thirsty or dies of thirst. if we have trees in the yard we may be contributing. >> you're looking at a coast redwood. this tree is in trouble. >> reporter: a tree that isn't alone. not in 2015 and the california drought. note the peeling bark, brown branchs and ability to see sky through a canopy. if you're to ask what it's say something. >> i was dying of thirst. that is what the tree is saying. i am dying of thirst. >> reporter: call it a symptom of the crisis. in yards across the state, many of us are making that worse than it needs to be. when turning off water to the lawn wez forget to water trees.
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it's a common mistake. >> i was underwatering. >> reporter: gail put three decades of love and care into her backyard. this drought has been the biggest challenge yet. she's had more than a little help from her gardener. >> the drought this year is serious. it's a four-year drought. we had a drought in the 80s, 90s and 70s. these trees had to get through those. >> reporter: these methods are tried and true, from building a well to enriching the soil with mulch to watering at night. the yard responded in this difficult summer, and without overwatering. >> it's okay to have some things not look as attractive but maintaining trees is almost the most-important thing. those are long-term investments and i believe it helps the environment to have the trees survive. >> reporter: nothing is perfect,
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not even in a drought year, except finding a balance between water conservation and holding on to trees and lawns we love so much. a report out of uc davis says the drought is tightening it's grip on california agriculture. the report predicts farmers will lose $1.8 billion this year. 10,000 farm workers will lose their jobs. half a million acres have been left idle this year. the losses are 30% higher than last year but because many farmers have been able to tap into ground water, the state's agriculture economy continues to expand. there is warning if the drought continues into next year, the reduction will begin to erode. the state agency that oversees stem cell research is leaving san francisco for an all too familiar reason, rent is expensive. the california institute for
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medicine was not paying rent thanks to an agreement with then mayor gavin newsom, but now, staying would cost $1.5 million per year. so it is moving to oakland. the rent will be half of that. >> i think one of the reasons this neighborhood is going up so fast is that biotech companies moved in. we helped create this as a center for biotech work but we don't need to be here to do that. >> the institute provides grants but does not do research itself. a big honor tonight for a san francisco restaurant. bon apetit named allen's place the nation's top new restaurant. we're live with leanne melendez. >> reporter: locals have been stopping by and asking if it's the new top restaurant.
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aaron london is the chef, the owner of al's. his initial, al, if you're trying to make a reservation, well, good luck. >> . >> reporter: this morning, chef alan london was waiting for the call. >> it was a huge surprise. i was waiting by my phone for the call from new york. >> reporter: "bon apetit" named it the new best restaurant in the country. the 31-year-old decided to settle away from the popular valencia corridor. the restaurant is known for it's french vibe. he he had been named a rising star. >> this is still my baby and i'm going to cook the best food i can. >> reporter: in the mission district is a japanese
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restaurant, on 14th and folsom street also made the list. the owner says it's a nice way to acknowledge his work. >> for me it's a validation of insane hours and difficult times for everybody in order to get to the place where we are. >> reporter: the economic development agency helped the local businesses deal with ongoing changes in the neighborhood brought on by gentrification. >> they'd advocate we continue to support what is here. >> reporter: she says there are plenty of hidden gems in the mission. in san francisco, abc7 news. a lot more still to come here, still ahead on abc7 news at 6:00, a south bay teenager starts her senior year with a new objective. can she unseat a politician in
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most seniors are preparing for essays one is planning to run for public office.
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>> reporter: 18-year-old monica may seem like a average high schooler. >> i started very soon. >> reporter: but a look reveals an ambitious spirit beyond her years. >> i'm running for district five supervisor. >> reporter: it spans across northern santa clara county, and includes saratoga where she and her family have lived for the past few years. for malin, her hope to ensure voices of her generation are heard. >> i just want to influence politics in silicon valley and just help with the problems going on. >> reporter: she will tell you she knows her chances are slim. the current supervisor joe
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simidian looks forward. >> i myself was 22 years old on my first run so who knows what will come in the future. >> reporter: malin is insisting she doesn't doing this to beef up her resume. >> i just wanted to be able to sadly a sick feline rescued from alameda beach has died. this is video of volunteers rescuing him this morning. they say he was >> if you have an alarm system
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protecting your home, you know how expensit it can be when they go off for month reason. >> and in some cities, you can get fined for that. this vallejo woman says she was forced to install an alarm to keep out squatters. it raises issues about the rights of the hearing impaired. barbara shows us the new fence in her backyard. she erected it to keep squatters out who entered through an easement next to her rental. the squatters left cigarette butts, a pillow and mirror inside of the shed. barbara had to rip out the rug in the living room after squatters got into the house and had to install a fireplace after the squatters destroyed it. >> can't break that. >> reporter: barbara replaced an entrance to her garage with a steel door.
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squatters broke through the old one. she activated an alarm system from adt but it was prone to false alarms and barbara requested adt text her before sending police or fire. two false alarms brought fines from the city for $348. adt normally calls a home phone first, but barbara is deaf and can't hold a conversation on the phone. adt agreed to text barbara instead after we contacted them at her request. it gave her a free upgrade to a more-advanced system, but she couldn't text back. >> that doesn't solve my problem. i need to get a text and send back a text. i can't hear on the phone. >> reporter: barbara demanded that adt pay the fine. saying police and fire would not have come if she had been given at built to community indicate with adt. they refused. the city of vallejo agreed to
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rescind the fine. >> adt needs to be accessible to me the same as any other person to have access to their system. >> reporter: barbara might have a case against the americans with disabilities act. abc7's legal analyst says it's unclear whether the act applies in this case. >> ada applies to public accommodations, to facilities. and adt is a service provider. >> reporter: he suggests barbara might have better luck asserting her lights under california law, he calls more generous. adt did not return our request for comments. adt offered barbara the opportunity to cancel her alarm contract. but she refused say sheing wants alarm protection just like everyone else. >> thank you, michael. >> well, you can really feel the change, thank goodness, in the weather today. >> that is right. spencer christian is here with what is going on outside.
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>> the cool down is well into it's development phase. here is live doppler 7 hd. mainly sunny skies right now, just a few high clouds here and there and low clouds and fog at the coast. a cooling influence being felt around the bay and along the coast. it will be felt inland as well. we have winds increasing now, also, it's a bit breezy, winds at 16 miles per hour and 14 across the bay in oakland. so that is a uniform, breezy conditions around the bay area. and we have a beautiful western sky as you can see. sunlight off the bay waters. it's 67 degrees in san francisco. oakland, 70. 73 in mountain view. 81 morgan hill. 65 in half moon bay. here is a view of the blue skies over the bay. looking southeastward from the roof top camera, it's 77 novato.
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mid-80s in fairfield, concord and livermore. a lovely view of the skyline downtown san francisco from our exploratorium camera. fog will expand overnight, we'll cross the bay and locally, inland. average temperatures free veil in the next few days and air quality will continue to improve which is also good news. here is a live view showing just a few clouds in an otherwise blue sky. here is our forecast for the next four days. we'll have medium, or moderate air quality tomorrow and thursday, good air quality across the bay area friday and saturday. it should be good news. satellite radar shows a large ridge of high pressure dominated our weather picture the last several days. it's weakening just a bit now. it's dominating in terms of bringing us clear skies. the heat is receding so we have cooler, more seasonal average on this condition with us now and that pattern continues into the weekend. here is a look at the projected
6:20 pm
high temperatures in san jose for the week ahead. highs around average for this time of the year with no significant fluctuation one way or another. low temperatures under partly foggy conditions. tomorrow's highs from upper 70s to mid-80s. peninsula, mid-70s to 80s in palo alto. on the coast, mid to upper 60s, downtown san francisco, a high of 68 tomorrow. and bodega bay, low 80s, mainly. east bay, highs 73 in oakland. 78 castro valley. 86 in concord. 90oxu
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a consumer group is asking nasa to end a deal with google to test unmanned drones.
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according to the british newspaper "the guardian" they had been testing drones to see if cell phone signals can be used to control them, but the group consumer watch dog says it gives google an unfair advantage over competitors with little benefit to taxpayers. nasa has been grant aid waiver for the google field testing. a set back for walmart, saying in february it would spend a billion dollars to give workers higher wages. well, today, the company missed it's profit estimates and lowered the forecast for the rest of the year. walmart stock fell to a two and a half year lows a result. homeowners have been opening their wallets for home depot. more people see their homes as an investment. the profits are up but today, the company boosted it's outlook for the second time this year. wells fargo is opening branchs devoted to auto lending loans for car buyers and financing for dealers. u.s. consumers have taken up a
6:25 pm
trillion dollars in car loans, and it's less risky for the bank than home mortgages or credit cards. a former horse ranch is now off limits to developers. escr escrow closed on 16 acres of land known as sky ranch. because of the history as a horse boarding facility, the marin county parks department plans to develop facilities oriented to horse lovers. the head of the agency called it a victory for fans of open space preservation in marin county. just ahead a little pink pill to boost the sex drive of women. at what cost? a surprise from jared, the subway sandwich man. the plea he's expected to enter on a child pornography charge. donald trump topping the political headlines tonight without even making a
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abc7 news obtained pictures
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that show details of what happened when a homicide suspect shot and killed by san jose police in the span of 24 hours. cell phone pictures show an officer standing over one suspect moments after the unarmed man was shot last night. under cover agents followed him to a relative's home in south san jose. detectives identified him in a suspect of a man's torture and murder on thursday, they feared he'd kill again this, time, a woman who had been in his car. >> we know this person is suspected of having murdered someone else earlier this week. so the officers fired at the suspect once he did not comply with officers' commands. the suspect turned around, and the officer fired again. >> the suspect turned out not to have a gun on him and was shot in the back. sunday night, police shot and killed another of the three men suspected in the murder last week. this picture from the san jose mercury news shows the suspect
6:30 pm
confronting the victim. fda gave approval to a drug it's rejected twice before, known as female viagra. many say it will be a game changer for women. carolyn tyler is in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: well, men have the little blue pill, now, women will have the little pink pill as the fda approved a prescription drug for women with low libidos. dr. millhauser says it's an historic moem for women. she estimates one in ten suffers from the disorder. her patients are calling and asking for the so called female viagra. >> this is a condition where women, no matter what they try, cannot find that desire. >> reporter: millhauser conducted landmark research that found the brains of women with the disorder are different.
6:31 pm
she believes the new fda approved drug known as addi effectively targets the chemical imbalance. >> the data speaks for itself. people doubled the amount of sexually satisfying events. >> reporter: the fda advisory panel heard women who want the pill and receive aid letter of opposition, signed by several health care advocacy groups, including san francisco's breast cancer action. >> we're concerned that drug companies are trying to sell hope and hype. >> reporter: corona jagger says the study is not much better than a placebo and there is potential harm from the little pink pill, designed for daily use by premenopausal women. >> it stays in your bloodstream, reduces blood pressure, increasing risk of fainting and interacts with alcohol, birth control and other pills in as yet unknown and some cases,
6:32 pm
known, ways. >> reporter: the pill will carry the fda's strongest warning on the label and the pharmaceutical company will focus on doctors rather than consumers. carolyn, thank you. the former pitch man for subway sandwiches is skekted to plead guilty to child pornography agents. fbi agents raided his home and seized electronics. at the time, subway released comments saying it was expected to be connected to the executive director of the foundation. and the company says it's cut all ties with jared. rosie o'donnell's 17-year-old daughter should be back at home after disappearing for a week. chelsea o'donnell had not been
6:33 pm
seen since leaving her home a week ago. she tweeted the teenager had not taken medication prescribe forward a mental illness. she was not hurt and refused medical treatment. >> the navy announced it plans to open it's elite field teams to women. they'll have to pass the training regime to get in. they plan to open all combat jobs to women. this after news that two women passed the army's ranger course. those two women will be the first female army rangers in history. this is the first time any woman completed this phase to earn the ranger tab. the army says it's the premier course that teaches students how to overcome fatigue, hunger and stress in small-unit combat operations. >> it's the toughest course in the military. i think in the military.
6:34 pm
not just the army. >> it includes scaling mountains and crossing river was fully-loaded packs as you just saw there. a graduation will be held this week. a new cnn poll shows donald trump maintaining his lead, and he's trumping other candidates on major issues. trump has support of 24% of likely g.o.p. voters followed by jeb bush and surgeon, ben carson. news reporter emily schmidt fills you in. >> we must keep you're people safe. >> reporter: it's foreign policy and domestic, too. >> we have to have stronger job growth. >> innovation, not regulation. >> reporter: but as much as 16 of the candidates would love to
6:35 pm
talk issues they keep getting asked about other candidate, donald trump, leading them in the polls. >> the angry candidate. one looking to divide and getting attention now. >> reporter: the majority of republican voters in the cnn poll say trump is their favorite. his 24% support is more than next two candidates combined and 22 points higher than rick perry, who points out at this .4 years ago, rudy giuliani was in the lead. >> this is a snap shot in time. these are very fluid races and it's a long time for the primary. >> reporter: poll show he's the top for issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage. more republican voters say chances to win in 2016 are better without donald trump than with him at the top of the ticket. >> thank you so much, ladies and gentlemen. >> reporter: so candidates are trying to leave their own impression on voters.
6:36 pm
as trump scheduled no comp yan events tuesday and got press for leading the pack. coming up next, the website that probably knows your neighborhood better than you do. >> including the toxic chemicals
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federal officials are constructing a barge to help pump water out of folsom lake. state officials say the lake just north of sacramento is about half as full as it should be during a normal year. the drought, obviously, the barge has special pump that's will connect to a pump, then empty into a system of preexisting waterway that's deliver drinking water to the city of folsom. >> in the event there is no rain or snow, we then have to be prepared to continue to deliver and meet the needs required of us for water supply. so having the pumps in place allow us to in the need of an emergency, go ahead and provide water continually. >> it will provide less water than is currently flowing from the lake. how much do you know about
6:40 pm
your neighborhood? about toxic chemicals or noise from traffic? as eric thomas reports, the information is now at your finger tips. >> reporter: gazing out on yosemite, you might revel in the majestic beauty but look at the shore line, and you'll find pollution from heavy use in the bay view district. >> reporter: a new website is helping neighbors understand challenges like yosemite slew. it's called ej screen. environmental justice. users can pull up maps and charts with data on things like local air quality, waste water and location of industrial chemicals. >> these are facilities that handle chemicals that we're concerned about. >> reporter: information is drawn from epa's data base. the program manager says it
6:41 pm
provides an indepth snap shot of each neighborhood, including traffic, income levels and demographic breakdowns. >> information is power. >> reporter: like including what languages need to be included but things like air and water pollution could give a powerful tool for change. a full scale clean up project beginning at yosemite slew followed years of lobbying. >> we'd like to have dialogue with each other and other agencies about issues that are important to them. >> reporter: and possibly begin change with a click of a mouse. >> we have a link on >> how is this for a great deal? a car seat let's you know when you left your kids inside of the car. >> meet the bay area
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as bay area students are
6:45 pm
going back to school, the police are saying more most injuries happen during loading and unloading of the school bus and dangers of crossing the street. here is one mother's story. >> he went across the street in the crosswalk. three lanes stopped. the fourth didn't. she never even saw the boys. my son dented the front of her car and took the side mirror ro off. we got lucky but why are we leaving this up to luck? >> the san francisco school district identified ten schools with issues and will have officers nearby this week. if you know where to look there is plenty of tech for kids. there are things to inspire them, and things to keep them safe.
6:46 pm
amid engineers and business people, a somewhat younger face. >> how old are you? >> 13. >> reporter: we met alana at another tech conference when she was only 11. . >> i use it for every day things. >> she just started the coding club house. she's finding to show code is cool. >> there used to be not as much cool hardware. it's what kids are interested in. the hands on stuff. >> reporter: like this connected nerf gun, a smart mirror or a video game with your face in it. and there is this. just like any rock star, it goes on tour. >> we can show people what you can do in engineering. >> reporter: but perhaps the most important thing is one that will teach them faith.
6:47 pm
one mom made a device that will tell if your little ones come unbuckled or if you leave them in the car. >> on average, 40 children a year pass away from this tragedy. >> the clip connects to your phone, and alerts you if you get too far while your child is buckled in. like a true entrepreneur, she tested the clip with her own daughter. >> it's a rewarding process to get something out there that could save lives. >> reporter: inspiring tomorrow's innovators. >> kids are the future. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> all right, let's talk about the cooling trend. >> yes. spencer is here with that. spencer? >> it's well underway. we've got the cooling coastal fog, so that means a little heat spike we have had for three days or so is going away. high temperatures today did reach into 90s in some
6:48 pm
locations. 95 in antioch. 99 in lake port. other locations into 80s. tomorrow, looking for 101 in fresno. 111 in palm springs. here in the bay area, high temperatures 60s on the coast to mainly 70s around the bay. perhaps 80 into warmest bay shore locations and mid to upper 80s inland. a range of moderately mild to warm temperatures for the remainder of the seven day period. no rollercoaster ride this team. >> thanks spencer. >> okay. >> well, larry is here with sports. >> yes. 49ers news tonight. >> yes. we've been down this road before. niners dealing with another suspension. this time, it's their new wide receiver. how long is he going to be leave early
6:49 pm
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aa chance to try somethinglook. different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. take advantage of our summer offers. get this low mileage lease on select ats models, in stock the longest, for around 269 per month. good evening, 49ers say they knew this was coming but here we are again with another player being suspended.
6:52 pm
this time, it's jerome simpson, the gm says they knew he was likely to be suspended. is he looking to make the team as a back up wide receiver. a keckered past with previous violations for marijuana and alcohol-related incidents. it's believed this stems from an incident in 2014. the 49ers keep repeating their man tra is win with class, but they've had too many of these headlines. they do say simpson has been a good citizen since joining the team, we'll see. 49ers had eight tight ends in camp so they dumped one of them to new england. they get offensive lineman jordan defy. you lose guys like patrick willis, justin smith that, opens the door for former practice
6:53 pm
squad players to step up and maybe make the roster. mike brassel is a candidate. you'll know mike is there when you see his hair, his long locks. he has a big goal line stand, plays most of the game registering tackles. >> i will be battling until my career is over. every day is a challenge. they're looking for your replacement. so i'm fighting and scratching and clawing and so is every other guy in the room. eyes are on us. some of the players have heft and everything. it doesn't, you know, makes us want it even more. on to baseball, it was ryan
6:54 pm
vogelsong on the mound tonight. the game delayed 31 minutes by rain. johnny peralta, look at justin maxwell, making the catch and bangs into the railing. right now, scoreless in the fourth. hunter pence is having an mri on his obliques. no word on how much time he may be out. cannot afford to lose hunter pence. dodgers are in the bay area, taking on a's tonight in a two-game set. a's coming off an o and seven road trip. it's just not going to get easier tonight facing clayton
6:55 pm
kershaw. >> we had a tough road trip. we're in, you know, out of the seven games we're in five of them. a chance to win, didn't get it done. you know? we know or face one of the best lefties in the league. we've got to find a way to get it done. it's good to come back there. you feel comfortable. you know? being in your home ballpark. we're expecting to have a good game tonight. >> last night hailey dawson threw out the first pitch. she did it with a robotic prosthetic made by a 3 d printer. she has a rare condition and is just the cutest little girl. it affected the growth of her right hand. look at that toss out there. she got to throw to her favorite player on the orioles. that was a precious moment.
6:56 pm
abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. >> i got chills. >> yes. >> the 3 d printer sit -- it is amazing what you can do. >> join us tonight, mona lisa's smile. the mystery. >> and how a man jumped into action when he passed this accident scene. tonight, back to back episodes of "fresh off the boat" followed by "extreme weight loss" and stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. and stef curry is live on jimmy kimmel live. kelly clarkson will join them. >> that is this edition of abc7 news at 6:00. appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. from all of us here, thanks for joining us. we'll see you later tonight.
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's kids week contestants -- he wants to study physics and unlock the mysteries of the universe, from bensalem, pennsylvania, let's hear a big bang of applause for... her love of helping her community and her interest in politics has her campaigning for a seat in congress, from indianapolis, indiana, taking the floor, it's... and he wants to be a sportswriter so he can combine two of his favorite things -- writing and sports, from greensboro, north carolina, let's cheer for... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" --
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alex trebek! thank you, all, and thank you, johnny. hello, folks. gosh, i hope you saw our show yesterday. today is game two of kids weeks -- kids week, but we got off to a great start. cerulean winning more than $25,000 and bragging rights. remember, he's only 11, and he beat two 12-year-olds. okay, ryan, krissy, and adam, good to have you with us today. pick up those signaling devices because you're going to work right now in the jeopardy! round. and here are the categories, first off... maybe you have visited there. you have to tell us is it... it'll be one of those three as a correct response. then, uh-oh, you have to... yes, you have to spell the correct response. that's followed by... and finally, we want you to...


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