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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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still out of control right now. it has already destroyed one building and the crews expect to battle the flames all night and into tomorrow. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. the fires burning near tesla road south of the altamont pass. we take a look. >> we start with katie who is live in livermore. katie? >> dan and ama, this fire has burned 2500 acres so far and it is expected to grow. it is a wind-driven fire and it is very windy in this area, and there is plenty of this, tall, dry grass and that is fuel. if you look at this varied yow shot earlier -- video shot earlier, you can get a real feel for how large this fire is and how mass 7 the flames are. there are 250 firefighters on the job here and more on the way. and still this fire is only 5% contained at this hour.
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as bad as conditions are, only one home, one structure has been lost and it was an uninhabited home. look at this video on the ground. we shot this just within the last hour. you can see the darkened hills dotted with hotspots and flames. and there are several homes and ranches in these hills and they were threatened. the fire burning up to them, but they were saved. >> the residents that were already evacuated. the fire had burned up, but we have operations the way we attack that and where the fire burns up and we bump it off of the structures and bump the fire around the structures. crews did a very good job on that. >> on top of the dry grass and the wind, the geography is a problem as well. there are steep hills in this area. the fire chief tells me that's how the fire is able to race up and down them. crews will be on the scene all fight. they are continuing with structure protection, although they don't know of any homes that are currently threatened right now. they are working on structure
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protection and getting more containment overnight. abc7 news. >> thank you, katie. and we have received photos on social media. dillon sent us this picture. you can see how much smoke the fire has produced. thank you to everyone who has shared their pictures. if you have any video or pictures share them now. >> abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel has a look at the conditions firefighters are facing. >> the winds are starting to ease up. let me show you the current conditions near the fire lines. 65 degrees as the relative humidity is coming up. the wind is now westerly at 8. cal fire tweeted me a short time ago saying the early better winds were steady in the 20 plus range. air quality is becoming an issue on the tracy side of the
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san juaquin valley. obviously if you live out that way or work out that way that will be problematic. remaining breezy at midnight. dropping off considerably during the morning hours and then picking back up in the afternoon. hope they can get a handle on this. we will certainly see an increase in the humidity continuing as the low clouds that you are looking at in the east bay continue to advance toward the livermore valley. a look at the forecast coming up. a wildfire in the central valley has taken a dangerous turn. today it forced more than 2500 residents, campers and hikers out of the area near fresno. some are stranded. alex posted this photo. she said she will have to make a five-mile hike out of the area tomorrow. the evacuation order came after the fire was pushed across highway 180. smoky conditions are limiting an aerial attack of the fire that started with a lightning
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strike on july 31st. flames have burned 50 square miles. three firefighters died while battling one of the many wildfires burning across washington state. four others were injured. they became trapped amid the flames when the winds shifted. washington's governor has requested a federal emergency declaration for the state where more then 40 wildfires are burning. moving on, a shocking case of animal abuse on the peninsula tonight where a pet sitter is caught on camera mistreating a small dog in her care. we will show you that video, but know it is disturbing. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live in san mateo with the story. cornell? >> disturbing is right. the woman you are about to see has not been charged. the humane society wants to fiend the dog in the video to make sure it is okay. and a warning that this video is graphic. >> this dog knew what was coming. >> the video is hard to watch. a little dog which looks scared grabbed and carried by the neck by this woman.
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the dog is then thrown to the ground. she then appears to punch the animal before taking it inside. >> what do you think when you see that video? >> we are horrified, absolutely horrified. >> the peninsula humane society investigator says the alleged abuse was recorded by a neighbor using a cell phone camera. even worse, the woman seen here was running a small dog boarding and sitting business out of her home in burlingame. investigators suspect abuse of other animals have been going on for 10 years. >> every time we would go out the dog didn't have any injuries so they couldn't act on their complaints. >> they were removed by the humane society and returned to their owners. the name of the business has been released until they have possible cruelty charges. >> anyone will immediately rec recognize her. >> they need to locate this dog believed to be a chough --
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believed to be a chihuahua-dachson mix. >> we showed the video to neighbor and dog owner. >> dogs are like kids and i have a child of my own, but that is unacceptable. >> the dog care business is now closed and investigators are asking anyone with information to call them. in burlingame, cornell bernard, abc7 news. san jose police are facing criticism after killing two suspects linked to the murder of a man in a warehouse last week. the beggest question surrounded monday's shooting of this man. he was unarmed. police shot him in the back. san jose's former independent police auditor plans to file a complaint aimed at launching an outside investigation. >> in my five years as the auditor i do not recall a single page where an officer killed someone who was running away from them. >> the police department needs to do what the d.a.'s office
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needs to do which is conduct a full investigation. i know they don't need plea meddling in that investigation. >> police shot and killed another suspect on sunday night. investigators say castillo had a gun and a third suspect is on the run. san jose police are defending their actions in another confrontation after a traffic stop turned violent. it was caught on surveillance video. the man is leaning against a patrol car when all of a sudden officers began hitting them with his batons. it happened on early sunday morning. >> i don't have the whole story and know all of the different nuances of what is going on. but just from what i object served -- just what i object served it was concerning. >> one of the officers attempted to take him into custody. the suspect tensed up and resisted. >> he went to the hospital before being arrested on suspicion of dui and resisting arrest. a lawsuit filed against
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uber accuses the company of misleading consumers by allowing convicted felons to drive for the ride service. abc news was in san francisco as district attorneys from both san francisco and los angeles say uber's background checks on drivers aren't thorough enough. george gascon said they found nearly two dozen uber drivers who were convicted of various felonies including burglary, sex crimes and murder. >> simply because the background process cannot tell if someone was convicted of a serious crime and it was more than seven years ago. >> drivers are scrutinized as thoroughly as cabdrivers and they disagree with the accusations. still to come, new details about former subway pitch man jarod fogle. why he plans to plead guilty. >> and the big change you could see next time you go to the movies. >> and a popular san francisco
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pleasanton and all of the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a guilty plea expected from jared fogle, the former subway pitch man. tonight a new image. he is leaving court here after being presented with charges involving minors. marcy gonzalez has more. >> i am jarod the subway guy. >> from famous tv pitch man.
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>> i weighed 425 pounds. >> to accused sek offender. >> today jared fogle has been charged and has admitted to participating in a five-year criminal scheme to exploit children. >> former subway spokesperson jared fogle in court in indianapolis after agreeing to plead guilty to paying for sex with a 13 and 14-year-old girl and receiving and distributing child pornography. >> and in so doing we will fully and completely acknowledge the responsibility for his wrongdoing. >> prosecutors claim from 2007 until june of this year fogle traveled and used social networking in pursuit of underaged girls. according to court documents he said in 2012 he met a 17-year-old prostitute at the plaza hotel in new york city and asking her to find him another underage girl saying the younger the better.
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they found pornography involving children as young as 6 given to him by the executive director of his charity, russell taylor. they say taylor now in custody on child pornography secretly recorded children and shared them with jared for years. knowing gel agreed -- fogle agreed to pay victims $100,000 each in restitution and faces a minimum of five years in federal prison. marcy gonzalez, abc news, new york. >> be prepared for a security check the next time you catch a movie at the nation's largest movie theater chain. regal entertainment group is inspecting backpacks as people enter the theaters. regal looks at 700 screens across the u.s. it is not known what they had on the decision, but many moviegoers certainly don't seem to mind. >> unfortunately there has been several of the mass
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shootings at movie theaters. i think we are there. >> i appreciated. it didn't take time out of getting into the movie at all. >> there are a few regal theaters in the bay area including ones in oakland and san ramon. >> vandals destroyed a popular labrynth of the this photo shows the outline after someone removed the rock that somebody carefully organized into several circles. here is what it looked like before. the caretaker of the project said she has been inundated and plans to rebuild it. it was originally created in 2004. if you have ever wanted to lose weight without working out, scientists may have found a solution for you. researchers discovered a genetic switch that works in fat cells rather than the brain. the switch tells the body to burn off the heat energy
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without moving a muscle. the switch may be flipped possibly leading to weight loss. >> i hope these scientists don't waste a moment. don't sleep. just keep moving. let's talk about the weather forecast. >> and sandhya patel is here with what is going on outside. >> definitely looking for the switch there. >> here is a time lapse of what is going on. it is a beautiful view of the crescent moon setting from our exploratorium camera looking to the financial district. you can see the low clouds coming toward us. the marine area went down in most areas for another several degrees. the highs came in the upper sigh 60s to the mid80s. hopefully you are liking this weather. the north bay is socked in. east bay is seeing gray skies. and really it is pretty overcast all along the coastline. so we are going to see all of this advancing. the marine layer is just over 2,000 feet deep. on shore winds are gusting to 37 .
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and that will continue to raise the humidity in livermore that hopefully will help the firefighters. the temperatures are in the low to mid60s exept is around a -- except around a napa and santa rosa. if you look at what is coming up we are dealing with the low clouds there. the morning overcast and patchy drizzle. minor ups and downs expected next week in terms of the temperature. the air quality has been steadily improving. last night at this time there was still some smoke and haze in santa rosa and concord. now they are not reporting it so definitely a good sign. the air quality will continue to improve on thursday, and it is much better air, cleaner air friday through sunday. the satellite-radar showing you what is going on and why we are seeing the continuation of the cool down. it is a quiet summer pattern with the breezes continuing. it will be near or slightly below average in terms of the high temperatures the next several days. overnight tonight expect the clouds to fill in and the fog and we may even see some
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spotty drizzle tomorrow morning during the commute for the afternoon sunshine. clouds linger near the coast. a typical pattern for us in the bay area and not so typical in terms of summer temperatures. it will be cooler than average inland. mid50s to the low 60s out the door when you head toward work or taking your kids off to school. and then tomorrow afternoon it is a nice day. short sleeve weather inland and mild there. 85 in livermore and 85 antioch. 72 oakland and 70 in richmond. vallejo mid70s. 80 in santa rosa. san rafael 75 and san francisco 66 along with half moon bay. so this is where i would say you might want to hang on to a light layer especially with the clouds lingering and a pretty good sea breeze. the mid60s to the mid80s for a few days and then a little warmer in time for the weekend plans. 60s to 80s, so a nice range of temperatures with little fluctuation next week.
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>> thank you, sandhya. >> coming up striking gold. >> the multimillion-dollar treasure found in just a few feet of water.
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live -- >> sky 7hd shows us a grassfire in san leandro. >> the abc7 news team covers your neighborhood. >> in san jose. >> menlo park. >> milpitas. >> moraga. >> your story. >> 7 on your side got them into the game. >> it is not very old. >> sky 7hd. >> choose the news that matters where you live and choose the team that works for you. >> abc7. >> abc7. >> choose abc7 news. stay away goonies fans. that's the message a homeowner
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hopes the blue tarps convey. it is not just any old house. it served as the goonies house in the hit movie in 1985. the fans have flocked to it for the 30th anniversary. a you thousand visitors on sunday may have ruined it for everyone. will millions of -- millions of dollars in sunken treasure found 20 miles off the beach. containing hundreds of gold coins. nine of the coins are called royals, something worth $300,000 each. total value is $4.5 million. what a thrill that is. and in a couple feet of water. >> i know. >> three feet of water? >> oh my goodness. >> we missed out again. >> we were that close. >> we may have seen the best
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catch of the year by a giant in st. louis. i know he had a great pray, but was it better than juan perez on the wall at bush?
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brought to you by xfinity. >> this was an opportunity lost for the giants. they had the lead late in st. louis and couldn't close it out. they dropped two of three from bush. they had control issues, but plus a solid six innings. juan perez in the first inning and running up the wall to former stanford star. have no fear, perez is here.
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it 345eu -- it may be the best defensive play of the season. air mails the throw. cards tie it in the eighth and then go out as they take them way out. two down in the 9th. bruce bochy calls on madison bumgarner. if he homers here i will build a statue right now. instead trevor rosenthal strikes him out. the giants are two back of l.a. the dodgers finalize a trade for the six-time allstar for two prospects. the l.a. payroll is in the neighborhood of $300 million. and that helped not at all against the a's. the pride of alameda is launching off jesse chavez.
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that thing was crushed. lunging and connecting off of alex wood. that's where he is kicking the ball around to. we are tied at two. as' up 3-2. this time resistance is futile. he goes eight innings and wins his seventh of the year and burns a productive three for four at the plate and look at the diving catch. nice. they take both ends of this mini series with the dodgers. soccer tonight and earthquakes in kansas city and scoring early often. sets up kordell cado who buries it. the cross and to a diving rondolowski. he scored twice and his hundredth goal as a member of the quakes who win it 5-0. they get their first win in kc in 11 years. nfl news and legendary raider
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was named a finalist for the pro-football hall of fame by the senior committee. he won an mvp and lead the silver and black to a super bowl win. the downside is obviously the sphaik should have -- the snake should have been in the hall of fame long ago and passed away last month. abc7 sports is brought to you by xfinity. >> he should have been. >> one of those oversights. >> our next newscast is at
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>> have a great evening. see you tomorrow. >> announcer: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight queen latifah. john mcenroe. and music from mumford and sons. with cleto and the cletones. and now, buckle in, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank


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