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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 20, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> we begin in the east bay, fires are battling tough weather conditions in livermore a fire burning there since yesterday and threaten homes. >> crews made progress overnight containment just from 5 percent to 25 percent breaking out near tesla road south of the altamont pass. amy hollyfield is in livermore with the latest. amy? >> they are feeling better today about fire, feeling good about work they if got done. some homeowners are say this came way too close. the only thing between the tesla
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near and this livermore home were firefighters, determined to save it. they did. the thought of what could have happened is too much for nicky to handle. >> by backyard, front yard, my house... >> she said the family had just gotten home from a camping trip and she saw the smoke billowing outside. she said when they saw the flames and could feel the heat she knew it was time to pack the car. >> i lived here for almost eight years. i have been through two fires on this side and... [ inaudible ] my house black all around it. we are not from here. i am from oklahoma. this is what i call home. >> the wind driven file started at 2:45 yesterday afternoon and by evening it burned 2,pawn acres and destroyed an unoccupied building. firefighters say although it was spread quickly they could not
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get all the help they needed because there are so many fires burn in california. >> we should have had two or three cruise on the initial attack but we had one out of the gate. i asked for additional five and they said, not available. >> this is the 33rd day of work. he did not sleep last night. the chief said local firefighters have been a huge help and they are proud of the homes they did save and the progress they made. >> we did a lot of good work with reduced resource. >> nicky came to the briefing to say how much it meant to her and her family. >> i thank you for saving my house, and the other houses because the other people who live out here they put their life on the line like the police officers much 300 firefighters are here. they will be attacking from the air. again, the chief asked for more resources today and he was told there are none. they are worried it will try to test the containment lines this afternoon when the winds whip up.
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if they can hold it and get it circled they hope to have it fully contained by saturday. there are no enjoys and no idea on the cause. thanks. meteorologist mike nicco has been look at the conditions facing the firefighters. >> mike, the flames are moving to the altamont pass. >> it is always windy in the altamont pass the first place to show signs from winter to summer getting brown. elevation is the key. in the valley 700 feet of livermore, northwest wind at ten miles per hour but in the altamont pass it is coming from the southwest at 20 for 31 miles per hour so it has calmed down but it will blow the smoke away from us to tracy and stockton. the winds are pentagon to pick up again this afternoon. this is in the floor of the valleys so add about 10 or 15 miles per hour to this and that is the wind you get in the altamont pass. hopefully they can get it
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contained. >> if you have any pictures or video of the fire or any news happening where you live you can share it with us by posting open social media with # abc7now. formerpresidentjimmycartersai-- said the cancer has spread to his brain. it was first in the liver and now spread to his brain. former president majority was still smiling at he detailed his melanoma diagnosis. the cancer was found during liver surgery this month. doctors discovered it spread. >> it is in my brain. so i would say that night and the next day physical i came back up to emory...i thought i had two evening woos left. but i was surprisingly at ease. i have had a full life. >> he spoke at the carter center
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if atlanta and said he starts radiation treatment on the brain today. >> i feel good. i have not felt any weakness or debilitation but the pain has been very slight. >> his father and all three sin helpings died of cancer of the pancreas. >> my name is jimmy carter and i a running for president. >> and his regrets. >> i wishly sent more hill corporate to get the hostages and i would have been rewill legged -- and been re-elected but that may have interfered with the project. >> they are stepping back from the humanitarian work and focusing on faith as they take on this health battle. >> i am at east with whatever comes. >> he will teach sunday school atly hometown in plains, georgia, and he plans to teach
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as long as he is able. this afternoon a funeral is held for a contra costa county sheriff deputy who died while trying to save a friend in lake tahoe. a week ago he jumped into the water to help a friend who fell in and that friend survived. but he drowned. he will be buried in sacramento. he was with the contra costa sheriff department for four years. >> woman is in custody after leading c.h.p. officers on a chase cross the bay starting before 3:00 a.m. when she was spotted betweening. she hit speeds up to 120 miles per hour. across the bay bridge, into san francisco. she ran over spike strips near treasure island. got off the bridge and crashed into a hydrant. she bailed and tried to run but the officers arrested her a few moments later. >> and now a large water pipe
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that burst at 4:00 a.m. flooding the intersection of oakland and santa clear near interstate 580. crews were able to reduce the flooding by 7:00 a.m. and one lane of eastbound oakland avenue will be closed while the repairs are made. >> san francisco supervisors and the municipal transportation agency are unveiling a new protect to keep pedestrians safe. it is called the upper market street safety project including safety improvements on upper market including painted safety zones and no right turn on red restrictions to end traffic debts by 2024. the corridor has the highest collision rates. >> school has started in a lot of bay area counties and today is moving day for thousands of students at san francisco state university. melanie woodrow is there. >> i will tell you the foot
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traffic is coming and going in waves here but i assure you there are a lot of freshman here on campus and a lot smiles so there is bound to be a few cheers today, more likely than not, some parents this is the biggest freshman class and filled with many of our neighbors to the south. >> there is just something about firsts that are up forgettable. >> first day of college. >> i am so excited. >> first troop mate. >> what are you excited about? >> meating new people. >> first in the family to attend. >> we are so proud of him. very, very proud of him. >> michael gets to have all three. >> my dad pushed to get her but i am here. it physicals good. >> he is one of 4,000 students starting the journey at sf state. >> a lot of people across california want to come to san
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francisco state. not only is this the biggest freshman class yet there are a last students from southern california. >> i picked it because it was not too far, but far enough. >> some want the perfect blend of freedom and security. others are motivated by the nearness to the technical companies and start-ups. >> hoping for intern help? >> yes. >> with smiles and the new experiences, steers, also. more likely than not, from mom. >> i will let the water works come out were we leave. >> along with letting go. thank you is part of life. >> perhaps for the first time. >> i tell you my of frommer are feeling a good deal of college nostalgia. classes start on monday.
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>> classes start today at san jose state university with the interim president martin hosting a welcome reception for the fall summer step with students and faculty and staff and community members. this year, san jose state is welcoming 9,000 new students including 3,500 freshmen. >> still ahead frighten moments for fire crews in maryland and what caused a barn to explode as crews responded. >> new technology tracking times at the airport and some may not
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>> terrifying moments for firefighters when a bought exploded while putting out a fire. tappings inside the barn were exploded. amazingly, no one was hurt. >> happening today pg&e has a new $40 million electric distribution center in concord. utility said 38,000 the square foot center will make power more reliable. pg&e said it will help respond to outages fast are. previously the utility relied on customers calling the centers to report power be being out and now smart meters can contact pg&e. >> get through airport security is a pain but john f. kennedy said it is time to make it less annoying installing 13 screens leak these throughout terminal 4
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shows estimated process, times which are at t.s.a. and customers checkpoints. they are concerned because the signs upstate by amop miscellaneously monitoring mobile devices as passengers move through the airport. officials say the new system is more accurate than the old system which used security cameras and stop watches to estimate wait time the >> two hotel operators are in the running to operate a luxury hotel at sfo. the airport plans to build and occupy the $160 million property a rendering of what it could look like. it is slated to have 32350 rooms. right now, hyatt and fair moment are the stop two. construction will be completed by 2018. it look like the international terminal. >> it will be interesting to see what happens. meteorologist mike nicco has some weather. >> we will show you the grayness causing 1 hour and 16 minute
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arrival delay. cloud deck is dope. sun is harder to fine. cooler conditions, too, but it may not last. >> plus, nasa goes green, and the space age is now recycling parts to keep the international space station running. >> explore where you live, a look at events happening in the bay area this because 100% whole grain oats
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>> santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> nasa is towning to recycling to keep the international space station operating. engineers were taking part in
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the retired space shuttle "endeavour" at the science center to use the water storage tappings on the international space station. they took the schultz tanks from "atlantis," in place because they are in good working go. >> recycling is good everywhere. >> it is looking different up there. >> we will recycle this pattern a if you days so it will be cooler than average with warmer weather on the way. not tremendous changes when you have mornings like this. you can see the bay water was still this morning, although the clouds were moving at a great pace with the marine layer deepening to 3,000'. we have sun in the south bay and in san jose and inland east bay where temperatures responding and we are get in the 60s and 70s. check out this picture looking back to san francisco.
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it is still socked in with the deeper cloud deck. that will bring us cooler than average highs away from the coast in san francisco. that is where the worm ocean water will keep you warm together. minor fluctuations through the seven-day outlook. 70 in los gatos and concord 71 and 73 in livermore. the cloud cover shows san francisco and santa rosa all cloudy and 61 and same with novato and half moon bay at 63 and oakland at 65. good news not much haze in the air because the winds are blowing west to east and live more is blowing the smoke from the tesla fire to the tesla valley. you do not see it on the satellite but you see the fire and smoke to the north and, also, near yosemite and lake tahoe and yosemite is hazy, look at this, poor air quality in the
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high country today pause of the weapons and with the two areas of high pressure keeping the storm track to the north, there is not much in the way of clean air or any rain to help with the fires and you could would expect that. the low is taking more of a presence of our weather and that is bring us near to below average with temperatures on the strong offshore breeze. 78 in san jose and cupertino the average is 83. on the peninsula, 70 in millbrae and mid-to-upper 70s elsewhere, and redwood city has the average high of 812. half moon bay is 68, and same in downtown san francisco. to the north bay, mid-to-upper 70s in most neighbors. santa rosa is 80. napa is 78. you should be in the low 80s. the east bay shore, oakland is 72. more sunshine around fremont and castro valley, 76 and 78. inend that, below average, 80 this san ramon, 85 in livermore, and 87 in brentwood. clouds are coming back tonight
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to all neighborhoods and comfortable weather, mid-50s to low 60s. my seven-day outlook shows i am expecting the marine layer to be deeper tomorrow maybe a degree or two cooler away from the coast. we rebound back to seasonal amendments on saturday and sunday and monday. >> you know it will be a great weekend in the bay area with a lost things to do. >> leyla gulen has suggestions on how you can explore where you live. >> giving a presentation is not everyone's cup of tea but what do you get when actors are giving random power point slides and have to imrow vice? "speechless," where performers are armed withing in more than a laser pointer and their wit. >> big top is back in the bay area, ringling brothers bebeginnings the run if san jose through august 30 with circus extreme with a human cannonball and clowns and trapeze artists and comes to san francisco september 3rd.
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>> 28 years and going strong, the oakland chinatown street festival hosts tens of thousands with more than 200 baths selling everything from jade to authentic cuisine. cultural activities will be offered. for more information about these events go to >> happening tonight, the warriors dance team is holding final auditions for next season in livermore at 7:00 point and will announce the 4 young women who make team. they are streaming the final and we have a link on website at >> a employer to be showing you can still have fun while in labor. still ahead, a boston woman fought labor pains along with some moves in her hospital
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which gets top marks. >> the quiet one. >> this morning, hat ooze of to mom to be who decided to dance away the stressful pain of child birth. >> you can see me laughing but she wanted to be famous, this is how you do it, doing the tootsie roll while you are in labor. >> clearly the woman from boston is in good spirits. her husband shares this video open facebook showing his wife dancing to "tootsie roll," by the 90s rap group. >> she sings "my water is breaking," but she dancing anywhere. they say when you exercise during labor it can speed up the process. shes just planning ahead trying to quicken the process.
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>> we need to know what happened. >> we am sure she had a baby with the ability to dance. .
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