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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 21, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> it is smoking. and smoldering. the pictures of the fire show a huge fire lit up the night, a huge glow that started before midnight at the metal skirt ron barge warehouse on mare island in vallejo. the roof collapsed in 62, square foot warehouse. there was the fear of it spreading. it caught some of the grass on fire. that was a big scare they got the vegetation fire out quickly. it took a while to get this warehouse fire under control. they are still watching it carefully. it is still smoking. they had to close highway 37 for a short time. some of the off-ramps are still closed. it is dark but i would love to
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show you the aftermath, and this is heartbreaking to see, look at this lake of water that has collected here. all the water they used in the fire. now the investigation will begin when the sun comes up they will see what started the fire. especially interesting is there has been a first here before. a couple of years ago. something they will be looking into. >> 4:31. developing news alameda, sheriff is recovering after the patrol car was hit by another car in castro valley. it happened around midnight open castro valley boulevard. investigators say the deputy's car was parked when hit. the deputy went to the hospital with not life threatening injuries. the driver of the other car was detained for questioning. official say they are not sure if the driver was under the influence of alcohol. >> a bizarre accident leaves two
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with severe injuries. a map in a pickup parked on the trumps to launch his jet ski into the delta and ran back to the truck when he saw the train coming that slammed into the truck and ejected him into the water and planned on a woman if a raft in the river. a man said that people often launch watercraft from the train tracks. >> the two victims were airlifted to john muir medical center. officials say they are expected to recover. >> developing news from downtown los angeles where investigators are looking into an explosion that sent two people to the hospital. it happened last night at the base of a 19-story commercial building. the explosion caused structural damage and may have involved the generator of the building. the blast spark add fire. it caused a temporary power outage at the shania twain
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concert. >> now, a natural gas explosion caused damage to a new york city high school blowing out walls and windows. bricks and glass and other debris covered the sidewalks injuring three construction workers. they are expected to survive. the school is still on summer break. >> the 2,500 acre fire livermore is 45 percent contained. it has involved hundreds of fire departments. resources are thin because of the number of fires. >> watching the fire approach the home was scary and they saw the aftermath. >> it was terrifying to think it was that close to the house. >> it broke out on wednesday afternoon, the close of the crews, these units from livermore were the first to go. >> that is 30 percent my department. >> the chief is in charge of managing the fire resources in livermore and pleasanton. >> i move engine companies up to
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cover livermore from pleasanton area. i initiated a recall. we were lucky enough to get eight people to come back to usual would. >> these crews have been working daily and when not enough can work overtime, staffing is simply thin. >> there is always someone. what happens is the response time. it will change. rather than being from 3-5 minutes it could be a-minutes. >> there were 250 firefighters on job at the height the fire and then move on to the next fire. the longs will not forget those who saved the home. >> if not for the firefighters we could all be homeless, my neighbors and i and we are thankful for that. >> there are 11,000 firefighters battling continue fires across california. >> one wildfire continues to move quickly in the southern sierra nevada with the fire only 3 percent contained. it has burned 32,000 acres of forest including part of the sequoia and kings canyon national park.
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it broke out july 31 and flared up this week pause of the very dry conditions. thousands of campers have escaped. >> this procession is a reminder of dangers faced, with ambulances carrying the bodies of three fires killed in washington part of a special team trained to size up the fires before the other crews get to the scene. fore ours suffered serious injuries. a series of fire has charred 140 square miles in washington. >> this is now a criminal investigation into a burlingame woman caught on video abusing a dog. some of you may find this video very disturbing. the city said the up identified woman you see was running illegal dog sitting and boarding business out of her home and the video shows he grabbing a dog by the neck and throw it to the ground. the woman's attorney said she was just trying to stop the dog from barking. after our story aired on wednesday, new video surfaced where the woman is stomping on a dog. the humane society has seized eight dogs in her car and put
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her three personal dogs in protective custody. >> it is 4:36. this morning, dozens of passengers are stuck in oakland after the spirit airlines flight to houston was canceled. these are pushes sent by a frustrated passenger who said the airline canceled the flight after an eight-hour delay because of of audients on planed the airline said the next available night is not until saturday. spirit airlines as is not offered stranded passengers hotel vouchers and we are waiting for a response from spirit airlines or the oakland airport. >> today, golden gate bridge officials are going to agree to money for a suicide fence. the $76 million net will extend 20' below and 20' from the sides. officials approved the barrier in 28 but not the funding.
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>> former president majority will take a newly approved drug to try to destroy the cancer in his brain. he revealed yesterday that doctors had detected four melanoma spots on his brain. he had the first round of radiation treatment yesterday after making the announcement. he said he is grateful for the life he has lived and he remains optimistic. in fact, he is hosting an 88 birthday party for his wife on saturday. >> bay bridge metering lights get a makeover according to the san jose mercury news the upgrade will allow the lights to instantly respond to minute by minute traffic patterns. work will me begin next year and be completed by 2017. they were installed in 1974 and have only seed minor tweaks despite major glitches, a huge surge in traffic and installation of fast track and complete the new span. >> leyla will update the metering lights, but, first the forecast.
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>> it felt nice. drizzle. there could be a frizz factor. wish we had drizzle over the tesla first but it is bone dry. 2,500 acres, and 45 percent contained. it did not expand much. 5 right now, humidity 100 percent and winds gusting to 35 miles per hour staying gusty through. we could dip down between 11 o'clock and 2:00 outside at 20 miles per hour and they will pick up again during the evening hours. up in the 25-35 miles per hour range. west wind at 17 at the golden gate bridge and it is cloudy and 60 degrees. san francisco this afternoon will be partly cloudy and 66 and the warmest temperature on the peninsula is 77 and the south bay is sunny and 76 and east bay sunny and 75 and inland east bay, 84 and north bay sunny and 80. clouds at sfo and looking at our peninsula camera. 59 degrees. we are going to jump up a couple of degrees tomorrow falk back
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today's level on sunday and jump up on monday and i will show you if the baby roller coaster continues. leyla has an update. >> and i will tack about the metering lights next report but walnut creek on 680 is very light. we do not have very many vehicles on the roads as you head between pleasant hill and highway 24. mostly green on the map. and over the altamont pass we are starting to see the traffic building from tracy and all in all you are still moving along in the 40-50 miles per hour range. that is quite good. the areas shaded in white is an indication of we have the cloud cover and no fog to spoke of. nothing to impede the visibility and mostly green on the map. we have a big event on sunday starting at at&t park and it ends at at&t park, a giants race starting at 7:00 a.m. and 10:50 am with several relay races and half marathon and a 5k.
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expect street closings around the area of at&t park, embarcadero up to the golden gate bridge. this will start around late saturday evening. make sure you prepare and stay away from the areas if you can. >> garlic fries for all of the runners. >> a bay area man sold a dresser on craigslist and his wife's wedding ring was inside. the quest to fine the ring. >> students return to campus for the new school year but the wanting they are getting from police.
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>> walnut creek, burlingame, cam
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pbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 19 of 18 soldiers in for the black are hospitalized after working on an exercise. they were in a huddle evaluating performance and lightning struck. no injuries were life threat being but one social was taken to a cardiac unit for monitoring. >> two female soldiers will make history when they become the first women to graduate from the army's legendary ranger's school. captain kristen griest and loot hoot shaye haver will have the new special ceremony one of the toughest programs for soldiers. they usually go on to front line infantry but the army batches women from combat. >> this weekend we see cal students moving into dorms and there is a warning for kids would want to party before classes me begin. officers will crackdown on
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alcohol and pa will fromming neighborhoods around campus to keep it sober. it is fine to celebrate by you have to be responsible. that means no open alcoholic beverage in public and no underage drinking. >> a campbell man sold a dresser on craigslist and realized his wife's wedding ring and jewelry were inside. here is how they found it weeks later. >> wedding rings, family hair looms and a lot of sentiment am value stashed away inside this dresser. >> we are on the way to nepal to do volunteer work. >> in a rush to move out of the home, mike sold the dresser two weeks ago on craigslist. >> we realized shortly after a drawer was not emptied. >> the price? his wife's jewelry. calls and text and e-mail to the buyer were unanswered. >> a lost cause. i got a 15 call from the officer
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it took me by surprise. >> the couple filed a police report weeks before. the officer worked the case the whole time. >> i was able to come up with a maim and address based off of a phone number. >> the address was for an old apartment but a few leads later the officer was able to find someone would knew the buyers and it turns out they had a death in the family and they simply were not running phone calls. >> there is good in everyone and hopefully they saw it and had the intent to return it. >> good people and a good day's work. >> when i get people their property back, that is worth more than putting people in jail to see the look on their face. >> perhaps good camp ma. as mike and his wife leave for volunteer work in nepal. >> that restores my faith in mankind the buyer had a tragedy
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and could not respond not hike they were taking the stuff and running. >> how is the weather this morning? mike? >> we will talk about clouds. a look at the drizzle. it is possible as we head through the morning hours. looking at san jose. it is 59 degrees. under mostly cloudy sky. near the shark tank. more drizzle this morning. not enough to run the windshield wipers unless you are near the coast. it will be comfortable of the temperatures are below average. low clouds. fog is rolling in tonight. more low clouds than fog. we have stagnant summer pattern. through the extended. you wake up in san francisco, west portal is 9 cool spot at 57 sunny side is 59. heading to ocean beach, 60. same in ferry building and downtown and bayview. 59 in mission, too.
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61 in the financial district. richmond and pittsburg, a last 60s. across the bay in belmont, 63 in palo alto and union city. 59 in petaluma. waking up to the same temperature in american cannian. ask can has drizzle and 57. pointing east. it will be brick. if you take out the poet from 2:00 to 9:00 all bay wear into the delta is shoppy. there is a small craft advisory. it does not look like a different pattern. low is closer and closer. the many layer is deeper and deeper. that is why we have close to average to below average temperatures from the coast inland. our average high is 82 and 83 in san jose and 76 degrees at 9 shore. low-to-mid 70s on the peninsula until redwood city and los altos at 77.
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mid-60s along the coast and downtown and 68 in south san francisco and sauce least. mid-70s to 80s and wine country and in the upper 70s. 78 in castro valley. inland. in san ramon and everyone else in the low-to-mid 80s and livermore is 83. do not worry about smoke in the wipe country, the smoke from tesla fire is going to the central valley. fluctuations in temperatures through my seven-day outlook. >> i was in sonoma last weekend and the smoke was suffocate. >> clear this weekend. >> if you head to work before you hit the when we are looking at mass trend it, bart has trains running on time with no delays reported on ate train and san francisco ferry at the terminal expect delays with construction on the berths so there will be from 10-15-minute delay through august and
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september. budget for the extra time you are waiting at terminal. they are making improvements. keep that in mind. from emeryville to the eastern span of the bay bridge it is bouncing up and down. we have winds but not anotting traffic. light conditions. we have construction. no accidents. construction is always nice. northbound 680 to wive 580, the ramp is closed. it will re-open. we have detours in police. delays are over the altamont pass at 24 miles per hour is the top speed. 580 tracy to dublin is 32 minutes. >> samsung is so confident that apple fans they will like the galaxy better you can get a free trail. >> samsung trying to lure iphone users with a new offer. >> it is a trial program that test drives the latest phones,
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free, anyone with an iphone can try it for 30 days and the samsung has to be returned. if you fall in love you have to by a new one. >> sony has the latest fitness tracker, which includes new heart rate and stress mop fors and l.e.d. indicator for calls and text working with droid devices. >> the white house is launching >> the white house is launching a new president obama, and he reads ten letters afternoon 90. >> i am sure they are all love letters. >> up to 60,000 women a year are diagnosed with usually breast cancer and why the treatment doctors recommend may be useless or dangerous. >> uninvited guests decide to go for a swim in a backyard and they would not take the hint to
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babies aren't fully developed until at least 39 weeks. a healthy baby is worth the wait.
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>> doctors say that thousands of women are having up necessary breast cancer surgery each year. researchers say most women diagnosed with stage zero, the early stage, get a lumpectomy and can remove the healthy breast but it mays no difference in outcome which could fuel debate over the increase in the surgeries. >> if you wear contact lens you could be hurting your eyes. a report finds nearly all contact lens users are at risk for eye infection because of poor lens hygiene. according to a national survey by the centers for disease control more than 80 percent of people would wear contacts admit using lens that were well past
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the expiration date. other offends include sleeping in them and using tap water. >> a man fishing in a kayak off the cost got a visit from a shark. possibly a great white. >> connor showed the bite marks on the kayak measuring 18". he felt the impact and came face-to-face with the attacker. >> i saw the shark's head emerging from the water with the front of the kayak in its mouth and i had a clear picture of the eye can was, like, something like that big around and big wide open mouth and the top of it was lick a real dark color like a deep, deep gray or a black. >> connor was not injured. his friends say there were sea lions in the area where the shark attacked. >> that is usually who they are going after. >> if you are on the boat you
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look like a sea lion. >> new, everyone, rays and a's 65 at 7:00 and dropping to 63. tomorrow, fireworks. we have the hot rods. good guys in alameda county fair ground at 64 low and low-to-mid 80s untotal sunshine. and the chinatown street festival 28th annual topping out in the low 70s. >> we start off at the san mateo bridge with travels headlights. the rest of the dry is nice and clear. drive time traffic 580 from tracy to dublin is 36 minutes. highway 4, westbound antioch to concord is 14 minutes and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is 18 minutes. >> tomorrow, the oakland zoo is
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celebrating lion awareness day after the outrage over the killing of the lion in visitors can learn about the big cats cats. less than 30,000, fewer than 30,000 are left in all of africa because of habitat loss and human wildlife conflict. lion appreciation day is from 10:00 to 3:00 p.m. >> a new jersey family will not for get this pool party. >> a mama bear and her five kids took over the pool yesterday in the backyard. they thought they want add drink of water but they ended up staying for an hour. >> they came in. they experienced the pool. they enjoy themselves. they did some damage on the floats and what not but all in all, i don't think it was a
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terrible experience. >> he called 9-1-1 but when police arrived they said there was nothing they could do. he said he waited for the bears to leave and he did not charge them! >> could you not blame the bears, the water was not too hot, it was not too cold, it was... >> i should have known that was coming. >> put up or shut up for the controversial coliseum plan and what it could mean for the effort to keep the raiders in town. >> breaking news in the north bay where fires are battling a bay where fires are battling a human warehouse fire. >> stay
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning, at 5:00 a.m., a nice mild start to the morning. i am eric thomas. >> i am christian. >> hope any that is how you like it with details from meteorologist mike nicco. >> here is a look at live doppler hd and mainly low clouds with eight miles in hayward and six in santa rosa. we will watch that. this is patchy fog around this morning and more wide spread than yesterday. we will hang in the upper 50s to low 60s through 7:00. the day planner shows a lot like yesterday, 64 at coast, 74 inland, with lingering clouds and more sunshine this afternoon. 66 at the coast. 74 around the bay. 80 inland. take a coat this evening the you are will need it, mid


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